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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 2, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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big ten team, michigan. >> melissa: minnesota gophers? how was your bracket? >> kennedy: mine committed suicide this weekend. >> melissa: we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. his harris. >> harris: we come in with the fox news alert, democrats are stepping up their demands to see the full miller report. the white house is branding them sore losers. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the sixth democratic house chairs warning attorney general william barr that if he fails to turn over the full miller report by today's deadline, that they set, they will subpoena the deferment of justice. this, after william barr said he would turn over a redacted version of the report by the middle of april if not sooner. democrats say they consider today a hard deadline. white house press secretary sarah sanders had this reaction a short time ago. >> secretary sanders: i think it just shows again what sore losers the democrats really are. they got beat in 2016 because we had a better candidate with a
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better message and a better vision for america. now we are seeing that they've gotten beat again when it comes to the mueller report. they were convinced. not only were they convinced, they went out and lied about what they expected the mueller report to tell america. and they got it wrong, they got it wrong in 2016, they've gotten it wrong again. >> harris: meanwhile, top democrats are requesting the attorney general testify as soon as possible to talk about his decisions regarding the mueller report. two congressional correspondent mike emanuel now with more on capitol hill. this is heating up. >> no doubt about it. good afternoon tea. a key conservative at the house is democrats are getting desperate. >> i don't know whether that may be reduction. they are and cover it. they've already question the very intention and basically at the ethics of the sitting attorney general, which is abhorrent. they didn't like the ruling. they didn't like that they came out their summer report and barr pass information along. >> president trump weighing in on twitter, writing, "there is
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no amount of testimony production that satisfy jerry nadler or shifty adam schiff. it's time to focus exclusively on properly running our great country." adam schiff fired back, "the house voted 420-0 the american public would overwhelm think the same. what are you afraid of, mr. president ?" he says he intends to give the report to congas by medieval dog april if not sooner. barley not reasons for reductions and says he is working with mueller to make sure sensitive information related to intelligence or grand jury testimony is protected. they say waiting to release the report does not pass the smell test. >> this is the attorney general who took less than 48 hours to determine the president was completely free of criminal implications and obstruction of justice. but we are supposed to believe
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he needs weeks to read the report that presumably already read and make a substantive decision on a matter of law. >> the battle continues as this is the democrats deadline day, and the attorney general says he needs more time. >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much for joining me now is congresswoman val demings, florida democratic sets of the house judiciary, homeland security, and intelligence committees. good to see you, congresswoman. i want to start off with the attorney general barr, that he would release a redacted form according to rules and regulations. as much as he possibly could. so why subpoena for something? >> let me say this -- tomorrow the judiciary committee will be voting for authorization to subpoena the report and also supporting documentation. this has been set before in 1974 and a 1994. we are not asking that the report be released to the public. we understand that sensitive
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information may not need to go to the public right now. but we are asking for the report to be released to congress. so that we can provide the proper oversight that, quite frankly, the law allows us to d do. we are hoping -- i mean, the day is still -- is not new nick, barely noon -- we are hoping the attorney general will abide by today's deadline, but if not, tomorrow we are moving forward for the authorization. >> harris: the deadline is arbitrary, correct? it's a deadline on the counter. he says he needs a couple of weeks or maybe sooner to go through this. you were present when the house voted 420-0 to release this report. i'm confused about why you think republicans and democrats are not in sync on wanting to get this out. why do you need to press this customer gets drawn criticism that may be democrats are having fake outrage. >> harris, let me say this. thanks for bringing up the fact
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released.ouse voted 420-0 to that means it received unanimous support to have it released. what we are saying is that precedent has already been established for the report to be released in its ent >> harris: we've got that. excuse me one second, i don't by reductions pair that's what we are hoping for a pair that's what we have asked for. >> harris: but that wasn't the 420 vote. the vote was to release the report. they are adding words to it without reduction. i want to remind you that even jerry nadler, the chairman arguing now, that you need to do this without reductions, 1998 when it came to the starr report on the >> its grand dream. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses. salacious material. all kinds of material that would be unfair to release.
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>> harris: why have a different take on it? >> did you play something he said in 1998? >> harris: right, he was talking about the starr r >> the protocol on this, the precedent on this has already been established. we are not acting for anything that is not already happening in the past. we know that, for example, can start released the report and all supporting documentation. were under the grand jury authority. today's the deadline. we fully hope that the attorney general will abide by the deadline. if he does not, we are fully prepared to move forward with the next step. >> harris: what with the next step because tamaki talk about a subpoena situation. i think we are talking past each other in terms of this. it was released to congress. in 1998. the examples you gave were
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previous to that. what nadler was saying then is that it needed to have those reductions, or don't release the full report. how can you make the argument then, afteralready been set? and did not make the same argument today, to let william barr work with reduction? >> what i am telling you is that the report in its entirety was released, with all the materials that were under the jurisdiction of the grand jury in the past. so we are saying that, if today the attorney general does not need the deadline, if we are moving forward with the vote on authorizing our subpoena power. >> harris: congresswoman, real quick before let you go -- when you see this report, if it actually has further evidence that there should be no more charges against anybody, let alone the president of the united states, will that put it to rest for democrats? >> let me say this, harris -- and i think you know this.
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i worked 27 years as a law enforcement officer. i am committed and dedicated and focused on getting the truth area of the overwhelming majority of the american people said they want to see the full report. but i think you and others would be interested in knowing exactly what the special counsel meant when he said his report does not exonerate the president, either. i would think the president of the united states would be very interested. >> harris: he says to release it. >> exactly. so i'm not quite sure we've gone through the back and forth here. but i would think everybody, including your audience, the president, his administration, and all of congress would be interested in knowing what it meant. >> harris: it's april 2nd. as you said, it's after 1:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see what happens the rest of the day on this deadline. congresswoman val demings, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> harris: we come in with this fox news alert. president trump is backing off his push to repeal and replace
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obamacare for the 20 election. the president tweeted this. "the republicans are developing a really great health care plan with far lower premiums, cost, and deductibles than obamacare. we will be taken after the election when republicans hold the senate and win back the house." chief white house correspondent john roberts outside the white house now. >> harris, good afternoon to you. it was a surprise among a lot of republicans at the precedent done my president decided to go all in on obama repeal and replace, especially after what happened last november the 2018 midterm elections. democrats were ecstatic to hear that the president wanted to fight the obamacare battle all over again. now he is pushing back the horizon for any vote on health care until after the election. that until then republicans will work on a new plan to replace obamacare. the president tweeted this morning, it will be truly great health care that will work for america. also, republicans will also
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support pre-existing conditions. the republican party will be known as the party of great health care." meantime, the u.s. is doing better than ever and is respected again." last week they threw their full support behind the texas district court decision that found obamacare unconstitutional. the president seemed to indicate an urgency to get back into the fray, but today the white house was taking a more deliberative approach. listen to sarah sanders here. >> i don't think the election has to be a referendum on obamacare. he needs to be a discussion about what works on health care, and that's with the president is doing. he's laying out the things that we need to see in a good health care system. whether that's more quality care, whether that's more affordable choices. bringing those costs down. >> the democratic senate minority leader said that talk is code for "we don't have a plan." listen here. >> president trump confirmed that he will hold americans
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hostage through the 2020 election when it comes to health care. he promises, "reelect me, and maybe you can take a peek at my backup plan after that." which they don't have. what a ruse. what a shame. what a disgrace. >> the press secretary today acknowledge the political reality we pointed out last week, and that is that democrats control the house so the chances of any republik and plan on health care getting passed in the house are slim to none. we saw them catching a bus out of town early today. harris custom xp when [laughs] albright, john. thank you very much. the senate feeling to pass a bill by 41-49. most immigrants voted against it, saying it didn't provide enough money for puerto rico, which is still recovering from hurricane maria. president trump went after that result, tweeting this. "$91 billion to puerto rico, now
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the dems want to give them more. taking dollars away from our farmers and so many others. disgraceful. cannot continue to hurt our farmers and states with these massive payments and so little appreciation." and this is happening. a second woman coming forward now accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriate touching. amy lappos telling a hartford television station that biden made unwanted contact with her during a political fund-raiser in 2009. >> it's not rape, but it does need to be rape to not be right. he walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that, pulled me in, and started rubbing noses with me. it wasn't, like, an eskimo kiss and then stopped. it was for, like, a good 15 seconds. i remember thinking, "is he going to kiss me?"
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>> harris: some high-profile democrats are standing by joe biden, including house speaker nancy pelosi and senator dianne feinstein. peter doocy with the story in washington and the latest. peter? >> harris, joe biden's decision not to apologize to his first accuser, lucy flores, inspired his second accuser -- a former congressional aide named amy lap post -- to come forward with a story about when she thought he was going to kiss her. >> i was pretty grossed out by statement. i was actually more offended than by his statement than what he did. because i feel like that is not accepting any responsibility. b, we all know that he does tha that. >> she says she doesn't think your interaction with biden was, just that he invaded her space. but that is still a problem for some republicans, even those withholding judgment on the particulars of this case. >> this is america, you have a right to due process. on the other hand, this is no country for creepy old men. >> we just got new background an
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old photo that has been floating around. you see on the screen, it's joe biden whispering in the year of a teenage daughter of senator chris coons. he just told us biden was simply trying to calm the nerves of a young girl intimidated by dozens of news crews. >> joe, who knows her, leaned forward and whispered some encouragement, telling her she was doing great, but she looked wonderful, that he knows how hard it can be to be a teenager and have a dad who is a senator. he suggested if she wants to talk to his daughter at some point, that would be fine. she reacted in a somewhat awkward teenage way. "where are you talking to me?" because she was nervous and uncomfortable. >> chris coons still talks to biden a lot, and he says that despite all this he still thinks biden will run for president. harris? >> harris: peter, thank you very much. one state is now on the cusp of enacting a bill that would allow authorities to seize people's guns if they are deemed to be a threat.
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one surface of the post to this, he says he would rather go to jail then enforce that law. a live report coming up. plus, police release a cause of death in the murder of university of south carolina student who they say got into the wrong car thinking it was her goober. the president of her school , university, joins me next to talk about a new campaign to keep students safe as lawmakers say the message needs to go national. >> this could happen to anybody. that's the point. we have to be vigilant, we have to stick together, we have to be determined. we have to teach the young people how to be careful. ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate...
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>> harris: a wisconsin driver is arrested after careening across a roundabout and right into a taco bell.
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a traffic camera in appleton caught the entire video of the incident, around 3:00 in the morning on sunday. you can see the car speeding through and flattening a sign before traveling out of the picture. police say the 25-year-old man slammed into the taco bell drive through and the side of the building. the driver got treatment for his injuries at the hospital. he is now charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and also reckless driving. this is happening -- disturbing new details coming in now about the murder of university of south carolina student. police say multiple injuries from a sharp object killed samantha josephson. the body of that 21-year-old student was found hours later. police say she got into an uber that she believed was hers. jonathan is live in atlanta. jonathan? >> harris, very sad story. authorities have yet to reveal the type of the weapon that was used in this attack, but they do say that samantha josephson
10:21 am
suffered wounds to her head, her face, her neck, upper body, leg, and foot. police also confirmed there was a female inside the suspect's car when they arrested 24-year-old nathaniel david rowland. they released no further details other than to say the woman cooperated with law enforcement. meanwhile, the president of the university of south carolina -- which the victim attended -- is asking students to take a pledge to never get in a rideshare vehicle without first comparing the car and driver to the description provided in the app. police believe samantha got into the wrong car when she requested an uber in downtown columbia early friday morning. governor henry mcmaster is calling for increased awareness. >> we have to look out for the others, and understand that the state authorities, law enforcement, cannot be everywhere. we need to communicate, to collaborate, to find better ways to prevent these sorts of
10:22 am
tragedies from happening. >> today, democrat state representative seth rose is introducing legislation to require ridesharing vehicles to carry illuminated signage. the idea is it will make the correct car is easier to spot at night. this proposal is named after the victim, and is enjoying bipartisan support. harris? >> harris: jonathan, thank you very much. you mentioned him, i want to bring him in now. university of south carolina president, harris pastides. he will join me by telephone. you are with? >> yes i am, thinking, harris. >> harris: obsolete. take a pledge. what you want students to do in terms of taking a pledge? >> we are concerned this could happen again. the outpouring of group and a motion for samantha josephson is because she stands for any student and any student on any night, on any college campus, across the country. although there are many other
10:23 am
precautions that can be taken, the one i believe in many believe is a fail-safe is to make sure that the writer knows your name. do not get in the back of any rideshare car without first ensuring that the driver knows your name. say, "what's my name?" and if they know your name, that is your ride. we want students across the country to take a pledge to guarantee that they will do this. just like they would put their seat belt on before getting behind the wheel of a car. >> harris: what has the response been from students in terms of doing this? having basically -- the rules keep up with the technology, at this point. >> they are buying into it. they want to be part of the movement. they know that it has to be automatic. late at night, you're in a rush, you can't wait to get into your vehicle, you want to get home or go where you are going, but it's quick. it's three words.
10:24 am
"what's my name?" with that, you can get in the car. other things, of course. the color of the car, the license plate. there are the things, as well. we do worry that this could happen again, because this student was waiting right on the sidewalk. right where she should have been, waiting for the rideshare to come. the car pulls up, she gets in. the rest, of course, is the tragic history that we know about. >> harris: in that video, we can see that. where she was, so on and so forth. what has been the response across the country? i was reading other law enforcement and universities may be taking a look at this. how are you hearing from? >> it's been overwhelming. i also worry that this could be a 48 hour news cycle, and we can't let it be that. but i received an official call, from a very high uber official today saying that huber wanted to cooperate because it's in their interest that writers and drivers meet in the middle.
10:25 am
safety is not only responsibility of one party or the other. so i'm excited that we may be looking at a national campaign called "what's my name?" and we got to spread this. i will certainly be talking to college presidents and other public health and safety officials during the week and month ahead. >> harris: that new detail about a high official from uber reaching out is interesting, as well. i want to just ask, what are you doing as her university to remember samantha? >> these things are best done and usually done by the students themselves. they organized a vigil on sunday evening when her parents were still with us. we are moving forward, of course, as we get closer to the commencement season. we will be planning more activities. this is not one that this campus -- and i would argue, that any college campus across america -- should get over too
10:26 am
quickly. we need to honor her memory and have a lasting impact. remember to ask, "what's my name?" >> harris: it'll be interesting, too. if uber can help out with the campaign. we'll see what happens. harris pastides, the university of south carolina president, on the phone with me today. thank you very much for telling us about "what's my name?" in response to what has happened to samantha. thank you for being with me. >> thank you very much. good day. >> harris: please have named an undocumented immigrant is a suspect in a shocking death of the new jersey nanny. a live report on that, coming u up. plus, president trump says he wants to see the election play out before attempting to repeal and replace obamacare. is that the right strategy, or is the white house taking too much of a gamble by waiting? ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.
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back to our top story -- or one of our top stories -- president trump is moving away from obamacare repeal efforts for the time being, saying voters will have to wait until after the 2020 elections to see how the g.o.p. plans to replace the affordable care act. this, after some congressional republican signals and unwillingness to reignite the health care debate before next november. true to me now, chip roy of texas, who sits on the house oversight and budget committees. good to see you today. >> good to see you, harris. how are you? >> harris: fantastic. is this good news for republicans that this will be a delay until after the election in 2020? >> i think what's good news for the american people as the state of texas and 19 other states are continuing to challenge obamacare in the courts. i'm proud of my former colleagues in the texas attorney general office and the public policy foundation for taking this litigation forward. obamacare is problematic, it's driving up premiums, increasing costs, pushing people off of
10:33 am
their health care. president obama said he would be able to keep her doctor, it was a lie. people lost their coverage, they lost their doctors. republicans ought to go on offense and own health care. we ought to get out in front of the american people and say, "you can have the best health care in the world if you get government out of the way." instead of allowing the democrats do what they are going to do this week, which is a sham resolution. going against the president because the president was right to defend the state and not obamacare. >> harris: that sounds like an urgent matter. can't it wait until 2020? >> nobodies health care could wait. we are working hard to improve health care. you got a democratic congress that refuses to take action to drive down people's premiums. we ought to be doing that to be doing. i think the president agrees with that. i think what the president is recognizing that the house democrats have no interest in actually working with us to solve any problems, at the border or in people's homes and with their doctors. i would suggest that we should move quickly. this congress should take action. but speaker pelosi is the one
10:34 am
who needs to do that. instead she's playing games, putting resolutions on the floor of the house while millions of people fled across our border and millions of people don't have affordable health care. >> harris: i want to hear from senator tim kaine, democrat, on this very issue. >> from the first day in office, his main goal has been to get rid of obamacare. primarily because of his insecurity about president obama. he just wants to get rid of it. he'll get rid of it with no plan in place. they still don't have a plan, after so many years they still don't have a plan. but the actions they are taking, which would take health care away for millions. >> harris: is that fair? the president, just as recently as last week, was finding ways to keep existing conditions. he is pressuring republicans to come up with the plan. >> you notice what senator kaine didn't do, he didn't offer democrat proposal. what they will put forward is medicare for all. they put forward a bill that will cost us $34 trillion and take away health care coverage.
10:35 am
i think we got plans. we want to make sure they can access their doctors. direct primary care. health savings accounts, health sharing organizations, portable insurance. we can make sure people can keep their insurance from one job to the next. all of that is possible if we just get busy doing the work of governing. making sure we do our job. the democrats on the other side of the aisle don't want to do that. they want to keep that has an issue and scare americans into believing that they will lose their insurance, which is not true. it's a lie. >> harris: of course they want to keep the issue, because by their estimations that help them win in the midterms last november. so i get to the politics at play here. when i think i hear you saying is that you are willing to work with what is there right now to fix it. my understanding, is that correct? >> obamacare should be scrapped at its entirety. we should go back and grade system that spells on market principles so people can go back to the doctor the choice come out of the insurance coverage before they use it.
10:36 am
saying that they want to create a system where we lose the insurance come take what we had, and then create a system that's broken. nobody ever loses their insurance. that's all built on a fabrication to scare the american people. 191% of the american people have insurance through medicare, medicaid, or their employer have been health care, or the individual market -- we've got obamacare out of the way, the make up he would neatly have affordable health care insurance in a they dealt with obamacare the one the president as a way of getting people to come together on these big issues. you think he's done that with health care? he's looking to congress. which i often say -- it seems like congress has a really hard time getting things done. speak of the framers also gave us a system where we are not supposed to move things quickly. that's okay. we need's what we need is a conversation instead of what the democrats want to do. the president's right to stand with the state's court
10:37 am
challenging dislocation, which is flood. it's a flat piece of policy. we want to make sure we stand up for the american people's they can afford health care instead of pulling politics and scaring them about losing coverage when nothing could be further from the truth. >> harris: congressman chip roy of the great state of texas. think you are bitten with me the program. new details now to tell you about in the murder of a nanny whose body was found dumped in a new jersey lake near where she had gone jogging. authorities now say the 33-year-old suspect is an illegal immigrant from honduras. he has been charged with murder, can i become an aggravated sexual assault. laura ingle has now from new jersey. lower? >> hi, harris. we are at liberty park. this is where 45-year-old victim was seen coming here to go jogging. at 5:30 in the morning, march 24th. you can see here this path that hugs the league and goes around
10:38 am
it. this is also the park where she walks through every sunday from her own just two blocks away to go to church. where investigators believe that she was raped, strangled, then submerge. there's not a lot of shrubbery here, all the trees are barren. he concedes very wide open. they believe the suspect is 33-year-old jorge rios. fox news currently working with ice to confirm if he was here in the united states illegally. according to several reports, he was here in jersey city without proper legal authorization from honduras. cano's body was discovered hours after she left her home for the run. divers have been continuing to search this lake for evidence after she was found partially unclothed. investigators were able to track rios down after reviewing several surveillance cameras, showing cano entering the park alone. the footage shows rios around the time and location her body was discovered, and they were able to locate him and arrest him at a local diner.
10:39 am
this last sunday. >> our understanding is that it was a stranger, that he frequend the park, and we feel comfortable that we have the right person based on his statement. >> rios is expected to be arraigned on all those charges this coming thursday morning, and police have been adding extra patrols, which we have seen here at the park, to help ease the nerves of those here who frequent this part. a lot of them with children, harris. >> harris: you were saying the customs officials are looking deeper into his being here in the united states. >> that's right. >> harris: laura ingle. >> we are trying to confirm that, we've heard from several people he was here illegally. ice has yet to get back to us on this one. >> harris: laura ingle, thank you for that report. colorado's controversial new gun bill which would allow authorities to seize people's firearms if deemed a threat moves closer to becoming law. but opponents say that legislation goes too far.
10:40 am
keep watching. >> if the bill becomes law, i don't have the option to enforce this. i think it violates the constitution, and that in turn would force me to violate my oath of office. ♪
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>> harris: we are taking a live look now, this is crosby, texas. just northeast of houston. a fire at a chemical plant, as you can see, is billowing black smoke. it is raging right now. we are learning multiple schools have been asked to keep students indoors for their safety. in fact, they are telling people within a one-mile radius to shelter in place now. police say at least two people have been hurt. one remains unaccounted for at that plant. local news is reporting one person has died in this. the fire broke out at a different chemical facility outside -- a fire i should say come outside houston just two weeks ago.
10:45 am
we were watching this one closely and crosby, texas paid one fatality we know of so far. as colorado's red flag bill awaits the governor's signature, backlash is growing against the controversial legislation designed to keep firearms out of the hands of people considered a threat. many gun advocates say the bill goes too far, and one colorado sheriff is calling it unconstitutional. alicia acuna live in denver with the latest. >> hi, harris. that colorado sheriff is getting a lot of attention because he says he's willing to be put in his own jail if it comes down to it because he insists he is not enforcing this law. county sheriff's even dreams the red flag bill government overreach, and tells fox news that many of the folks who live in is very conservative district did not agree with its premise. it will allow judges to order the temporary seizure of guns from persons considered a danger to themselves or others. families, friends, and law enforcement can petition to remove that person's guns and a
10:46 am
hearing. afterward, the owner would have the option to protest. otherwise he or she would not be able to purchase or own a firearm for up to year. after which the rep weapon must be returned in three days. speak of the person whose gun rights are being taken away, they don't have a chance to argue their case at that initial hearing. so the tipping of the scales is pretty easy for the petitioner. >> 14 states and the district of columbia have a version of this law, and 21 have proposals. more than 200 counties nationwide have vowed not to enforce, with 132 declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries. in colorado, half the states counties have said they will not enforce it. it passed both chambers of the colorado legislature without one republican vote. >> colorado really took a step forward in protecting the public, trying to prevent future gun violence.
10:47 am
>> the colorado governor has said that sheriff senator in on a lawmaking position, but in a law enforcement position. harris, as you mentioned, they are expected to sign this bill into law. >> harris: thank you for the latest on that. now a new reaction to the growing controversy around former vice president joe biden. two women now alleging that the former vpn appropriately touched on. will this mean for biden's potential 2020 run? the power panel slides in. ♪
10:48 am
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10:52 am
>> i don't think it's disqualifying, because i don't think -- with what your intention is. i do think it's about communication in general. i've known him a long time. my grandchildren love joe biden. he's an affectionate person. to children coming to senior citizens, to everyone. that's just the way he is. spew on the power panel now, judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute. dent and egger, "wall street journal" editorial page debbie editor. both fox news contributor. judy, i will start with you. there's whole conversation going on about personal space. if you let that sound bite roll, speaker pelosi says, "just pretend we all have a cold." [laughter] >> exactly. if he's everybody's friendly grandfather type, nancy pelosi has given joe biden some very good advice from a real grandmother, which is be a member of what she called the "straight arm club." that is, handshakes.
10:53 am
pretend you have a cold. just don't get -- >> harris: why do you think you need to tell joe biden this at this point in his career? this can't be the first time this has come up in terms of the inner circle. "he's he's a hugger." because he is. he's famous as being a hugger. in our day and age, as speaker pelosi is suggesting, hugging is out-of-bounds. the real question here is, will joe biden survived this question what are more women going to come forward to say he rubbed noses with them and haven't had them and so forth? will he stay in the risk estimate i think nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein are very concerned about which this will do to the democratic party if he former vice president pulls out of the race and decides not to run. >> harris: is not eating and they get. >> that's the point, they're trying to drive him out, i'm sure. >> harris: g.o.p., senator g.o.p. senator kenny weyden. let's watch this. >> some to get close enough to sound smell my hair, they may
10:54 am
lose some teeth. this is no country for creepy old men. leaning in and smelling a guy's hair, or a woman's hair, is a little bit too close. for my judgment. >> well, one person's affectionate display is another person's creepiness. i will say this, i think it's really an effort by bernie sanders and his supporters to prevent job biden from entering the race. a centrist candidate. if people don't believe -- >> harris: please explain, that's a huge charge. why would you say that? >> the first woman to come forward with someone who was actually supporting bernie sanders, in the last go round. this was an ancient incident, as is the second nose rubbing issue. five years, come on. i was in washington a long time. i never heard a scintilla of rumor about joe biden and
10:55 am
extracurricular activities. ever. i think this is a question of trying to keep them out of the race. >> harris: marie harf and jessica tarlov, we had them on "outnumbered" yesterday and today respectively. and they both have argued that they might be a part of the democratic party, progressives, who joe biden's not right for. >> there is tension in the party now between two choices. some who are against donald trump who are electable, joe biden is the front runner. >> harris: even though he's not in yet. >> or their progressives feeling this is their moment. their moment has arrived and they want one of theirs to run against donald trump. >> harris: can one of those beat donald trump? and who is one of theirs? is that kamala harris, beto o'rourke? >> i think it's bernie sanders, aoc's group. that crowd. >> harris: she can't run, but i understand what you mean. >> you know what i'm saying p
10:56 am
this is a fight within the democratic party over that issue. you can win? >> harris: thank you both. i'll be right back with our service.f va benefs but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va, and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. need money for your family? call newday usa right now and use the va home loan benefit you've earned and deserve. go to, or call 1-833-844-6701
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>> harris: thank you very much for watching this hour of outnumbered overtime. i'll see you tomorrow. >> dana: your daily briefing starts now. three big stories we are following. speaker nancy pelosi weighing in on the accusations of joe biden. to capitol hill where there is a contentious hearing about a whistle blower. and president trump now has a new timeline for a vote on replacing obamacare. this is the daily briefing. the white house is blaming democrats as president trump considers closing the border. sarah sanders telling fox news it is not the first choice but might be the best decision, as democrats resist


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