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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 3, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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and to get his manner car, to seal the deal. you are amazing, totally our hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> to me the most important job i have is the security of our country. >> a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. heather: it is "fox and friends first" at 4:00 am on the east coast. fox news alert, homeland security secretary kirstjen and promising donald trump will do everything in his power to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. more military resources next, we are live from the ground in the texas border.
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alyssa milano standing behind joe biden saying we can't assume he is guilty. isn't that exactly what she did with judge brett kavanaugh. the sweeping tsa changes that will have travelers going high. "fox and friends first" starts now. ♪ heather: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, pretty good morning to wake up and do a little dancing. we appreciate you waking up and joining us on fox news. we begin with a fox news alert.
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gang members arrested at the southern border is they brace for an overflow of illegal migrants. the secretary of homeland security heading to the border today to get a firsthand look. griff jenkins, people feeling the crisis firsthand. >> gang members you mentioned last friday, saturday, sunday, monday, three gang members, two confirmed ms 13 gang in addition, one with a minor, to the border, within an hour, we were already witnessing apprehensions going down. a helicopter overhead, agents on atvs, chasing illegal crossings, that is in addition to the ones who want to because, a top
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station in the nation, we got last night's numbers, 1400 arrests in total. the problem is they only have capacity for 3000. they have 6000 as of yesterday, nowhere to flip them so they are releasing them to catholic charities. and their running distance 2013, she said it is not like anything she has ever seen. is what she said. >> those numbers have been so different and so high in comparison to any year before that, unbelievable. they are in great numbers. >> as these apprehensions pool in you have secretary neilsen coming down just west of here to el paso where the family unit apprehension is up 1700%. is what she had to say.
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>> this is one of if not the biggest crisis this country has faced in a decade but we are not treating it like a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. >> behind me this is one of the many ports of entry folks here locally are not only feeling the crisis of the apprehensions and the surge for single american families and the concern the president may shut the border down if mexico doesn't do more of their part in stopping the flood that is coming. shannon: thank you so much, appreciate your work out there and thank you. senator lindsey graham says there is proof we need a wall but the wall will work on its own. is calling on congress to fix the broken system. >> i asked the head of border patrol do you need a wall? the president stood firm. he has more money for a wall
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than he ever had because he's willing to declare an emergency and there is one and he said if you don't change our laws the law won't work, right now if you step 1 foot into the united states to claim asylum you're entitled to a hearing, we have no place to put you. if you come here with children you can only be held 20 days. we will release you because we have no place to put you. that is being overrun by people from triangle countries because we can't deport you back to those countries. if you don't change that, democrats will help us. shannon: the border agency union says there are 1600 unfilled positions and more money is needed to hire an additional 1900 in order to curb the crisis. much more on this coming up. funeral services being held today for the south carolina college student killed after getting into a car she thought was her who. amanda josephson stabbed by the
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driver of the car, the murder sparking a new bill in south carolina that would require ride share drivers to have an illuminated sign on their car. a debate on the measure is expected today in the state house of representatives. los angeles police have new rules for visiting the memorial of murdered wrapper nipsey hussle. people must keep moving as they pay their respects. after a stampede at the memorial injured 19 people. police say the cow started after someone pulled out a gun. you see people running. no one was shot. the suspected killer of the grammy nominated musician, eric holder, is in custody. police believe he shot the wrapper after personal fight. actresss lori laughlin and felicity huffman stepping into the boston courtroom today. dozens of people facing charges in a massive college admission scandal known as operation varsity blues.
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they bribed rules to get their children into the country's most elite universities. laughlin and huffman could face 20 years in prison if convicted. today house democrats are expected to vote to subpoena the fool mueller report that donald trump says it is a waste of time while blasting jerry nadler for playing politics. leland is in washington with what to expect today. how have you been doing? >> reporter: good morning to you. this will be more complicated than a vote on a subpoena and the mueller report becomes public tomorrow but here is the state of the judiciary committee. we hope to avoid and resort to the compulsory process, if the department is unwilling to produce the report to congress in an rejected form we will have little choice but to take such
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action. donald trump thinks he has a bit of leverage here, and the 1998 star report and bill clinton. >> the fact is jerry nadler was on the opposite side of this. the mueller report is much tighter. there is a big difference. the starr report got out of control. now they limited it to the attorney general. it is hypocrisy and a disgrace. >> the attorney general enjoyed some support from james comey who said bill bar deserves the benefit of the doubt but debate continues whether the report will be public. calls by republicans to investigate the fbi, doj and fisa warrant process did not sit well with the former director. >> investigate what? investigate the investigations that were conducted? what would be the crime your investigating? a terrible cycle to start.
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he already started at with the locking up of his political opponents including people like me. it would be more of that dangerous step. >> reporter: lindsey graham spoke to this last night as he believes top officials of the fbi and doj wanted hillary clinton to win the 2016 race and promised comey would be testifying about it. shannon: interesting the james comey just referred to himself as the political opponents of donald trump. that is a slip. thank you so much. history made in chicago, electing its first black female and openly gay mayor. lori lightfoot ran a campaign on shutting down government corruption. >> out there tonight a lot of little girls and boys are
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watching. they are watching us, seeing the city reborn, a city where it doesn't matter what color you are, where it doesn't matter who you love just as long as you love. >> reporter: he defeated chicago establishment candidate, rahm emanuel decided against running for a third term. donald trump expected to name morgan ortagus as the new state department spokesperson. the naval reserve officer was previously an intelligence analyst at the treasury department of the george w. bush administration center most recently a fox news contributor. she will replace heather nauert who stepped down earlier this year. homeland security secretary kirstjen and heading for the border after selling this alarm.
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>> right now this is one of if not the biggest crisis this country has faced in a decade but we are not treating this like a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. heather: at 2020 democrat unveiled a new immigration plan and our next guest says there is no way it will work. flying solo. how this guy ended up getting a plane to himself. ♪ ♪ all by myself ♪
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>> the president is in meltdown mode as relates to the situation at the border. >> my guess is cooler heads will prevail. >> this is one of if not the biggest crisis this country is faced. we are not treating this like a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster.
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>> the southern border at the breaking point with customs and border protection estimating they arrested 100,000 illegal immigrants in march alone. why does congress seem unwilling to act? joining me is congressman michael crowley. we appreciate you joining us. you know what you are talking about. let's talk about the district you were present. you did a podcast talking about two highways that come through your district, go to houston, bring in drugs, you call it the fatal funnel. describes that. >> law enforcement call this the fatal funnel, drugs, human smugglers, they come through two highways and head towards houston whether it is human trafficking or not, that corridor, those core doors are
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littered with you talk to ranchers, i find dead bodies on my way and all the time. and so this is a serious situation in south texas. we've known for years it is a serious situation and it has escalated recently. it is good that it is getting the attention it needs. >> what would that serious action be? you heard kirstjen and saying she would compare this to the response needed following a hurricane or natural disaster. >> on top of that the cartels controlling the other side of the border should be treated like other hostile actors at the border. they are not kind, they do not have the best intentions in mind for the nation, our people, migrants they are bringing to the border. customs and border patrol released a video of them
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dropping some young girls into razor wire so our border patrol agents would leave their post, attend to them for care and funnel drugs and people through the border. this is the kind of callous regard for human life a have. shannon: when you talk about dealing with those individuals and treating them as hostile actors do you mean we need additional military at the border? >> we need infrastructure, immigration judges, customs and border patrol are overwhelmed, they don't have the resources or manpower. i would be for more military at the border if that is what it took to stem the tide of what these cartels are doing. heather: the democratic presidential candidates have their proposals coming forward. we know one of them, the first one so far has been released.
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julian castro, some of the element in his immigration plan would change illegal border crossings, criminal violation to a civil one, wasteful border wall construction, pathway to citizenship for dreamers and it would increase the number of refugees allowed in the us, talking about increasing the number of refugees when you are telling us we have uncontrollable amount of people crossing the border right now. >> we do. they are claiming asylum but 90% of them are coming for economic reasons which is understandable but the thing is the way we heal the world isn't through immigration. we cannot -- talks with people who are persecuted, been around the world, people who live in abject poverty, we cannot integrate half the world's population into our country to solve the problem. the founders gave us a good prescription for this, to be the city on the hill. if these nations live by the principles this nation was founded upon we would see the
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same prosperity. shannon: with the president is talking about in terms of cutting off all funding, all laid to several of these countries that all these people are fleeing, would that work? providing them aid doesn't work so far. >> it is one of the tools in the bag. for many years we continued to give countries aid the don't have our best intentions. why are we providing the made whether it is iran or countries who are not helping us in this situation which is a serious situation. we had some people in our district and the border on a completely separate issue but the conversation went toward they have clients, a daughter and husband taken by cartels and held forensic. we have landowners on the border continually told to stay off their own property because
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cartels are using it. heather: it is terrifying. >> in the united states of america. time for congress to act. heather: we appreciate you joining us, thank you. much more to come throughout the day. 20 minutes after the top of the our. beto o'rourke or robert calling the electoral college a historic mistake. >> let's abolish the electoral college. this is one of those bad compromises we made at day one in this country. heather: did he just compare it to slavery? alyssa milano standing behind joe biden saying we cannot assume he is guilty but isn't that what she did with brett cavanagh? social media calling out the hypocrisy. carly shimkus with that coming up. ♪
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. >> 2020 hopeful beto for comparing the electoral college to slavery. >> let's abolish the electoral college. this is one of those bad compromises we made at day one in this country. there are many others we can think of and they are all connected, including the value of some people based on the color of their skin. >> carly shimkus is here with the online reaction. >> reporter: what he's talking about is the notion this electoral college was created so southern states with a heavy slave population still have to say in the presidential election
1:25 am
but back here in 2019, democratic candidates talking about total institutional reform, changing the electoral college, lowering the voting age. some of these ideas, changing the constitution. shannon: wildly unpopular among some folks was look at this small sibling of social media reaction, johnny says the electoral college is the most democratic thing you can do, evening the playing field for the few despite the many. democrats make no missense. that is what is happening when you're better at pandering than history. donald trump famously flip-flopped on this issue before he ran for president, he said he did not support the electoral college. after he ran and saw how challenging it was to run he supported now. >> it shows the importance of candidates, to go out and campaign. >> the president said it was easier to run if we had a
1:26 am
positive vote. to california and new york instead of having to go to iowa and smaller states and the presidential election, and a completely different take, joe biden versus brett kavanaugh. >> he was one of the supreme court justices multi-vocal critics. even went to the senate to work with christine ford and live tweeted it, i believe doctor christine ford because there is the notion that we should believe all women. there was a different take with joe biden. she tweeted this saying in part i respect lindsay forest's decision to share her story.
1:27 am
you must pay attention to it. just as we must believe women that decide to come forward we cannot assume all women's experiences are the same. social media quick to point out the difference. mark tweets i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed the huge hypocrisy. this is further proof the rules apply when the liberals say they apply. the allegations are very different. we are talking sexual in nature, the others, creepy touching, her opinions on both men are extremely different. did she have a response? has she responded her critics? a friend of joe biden's, she believes we should listen to all women but she has taken a much softer approach to joe biden as she did to brett kavanaugh. heather: we will see what comes of all of it. 27 minutes after the top of the hour. colorado given the green light to the red flag on law. one sheriff is firing back.
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>> to carry out a law. finding or holding a contempt hearing. heather: that sheriff joins us live next. group of kids take a patriotic timeout from playtime. the story behind this photo that will make you proud to be an american. ♪
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report today. it would provide them with underlying evidence from the special counsel's investigation into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election. attorney general william barr plans to release a rejected version by mid april. the south carolina college student murdered after getting into a car she thought was a new burr. samantha josephson will be laid to rest in her new jersey hometown. three ms 13 gang members are charged with murder accused of gunning down a rival in broad daylight. that brazen attack happening on a subway platform in new york city in february. the three men from queens are charged with murder and kidnapping and pleaded not guilty. the ice agents must identify
1:33 am
themselves to deputies in philadelphia court rooms. sheriff williams announcing the new policy after reading a local report about ice agents arresting illegal immigrants in court rooms. the sheriff saying if ice agents don't identify themselves, law enforcement could mistake them for intruders during court hearings. agents will be allowed to make arrests. it will be weeks before a judge will decide if the public and get a look at the sealed court file in the jussie smollett case. a media organization including the associated press arguing for the release, a judge it's agreeing saying he will decide in late may. the fire was sealed when prosecutors dropped felony charges against the empire actor and they have not explained why. colorado's red flag gun bill, a signature away from becoming law. the bill would allow judges to seize guns from anyone viewed as
1:34 am
a potential threat but one of colorado's sheriffs is taking a stand. he refuses to enforce it claiming it violate citizens constitutional rights to protect themselves. he is even willing to go to jail over it. joining us is sheriff steve raines. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. if you could tell us what would make this law specifically in colorado so different from others? >> this red flag law is different from every other state that passed it in that a person who is going to have a red flag order placed against them doesn't get a chance to appear in court. the person having their guns taken away won't find out if the process has occurred until law enforcement shows up to serve the order and take his weapons.
1:35 am
heather: they could appear at the second court hearing which would have to be held within 14 days, right? >> that is correct. at the second hearing the same person would have to present a higher level of evidence to prove they were okay to own their weapon at significant risk to themselves or others. the initial hearing requires preponderance of evidence against the person. the second one is clear and convincing evidence they are not a significant risk. heather: as we continue our conversation let's bring up this information where we can say right now there are 14 states and dc that have imposed these red flag laws. they are proposed in another 21 states. what are the potential problems you see happening specifically with the one in colorado talking about people not having a chance to have this first initial court hearing before law enforcement comes in and takes these guns? >> people routinely buy firearms to protect themselves and their
1:36 am
homes. having a law enforcement officer come in the middle of the night to serve one of these orders, you can see potential for a violent encounter that could occur by law enforcement trying to take the right approach and going and carrying out one of these orders. it is more a flagrant attack on our constitution. we are making this about the second amendment issue but truly this is an attack on the fourth, fifth and 14th amendments, that is due process turned upside down in this particular bill. it puts the onus on the innocent person to prove they are innocent. they are guilty until proven innocent and firearms can be taken away. 364 days, they get one chance of appeal in that timeframe after those initial two hearings. that is not what our country was
1:37 am
founded on. heather: you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and this reverses that. 33 colorado counties declared themselves sanctuary from the red flag gun law including your county as well. what does that mean? what would that entailed? >> more of a symbolic measure telling legislators at the capital that we don't agree with this law. my commissioners have reaffirmed they don't want budgetary dollars spent on enforcing an unconstitutional law and they are leaving it up to me to decide if that law is unconstitutional. you know where i stand on that issue. they are standing shoulder to shoulder with me and understand the predicament our legislature has put us in, violate a citizens constitutional rights. heather: you are willing to go
1:38 am
to jail to stand up for that. >> that is not where i would want to be. that is not my first method of trying to figure out how to resolve this issue but that is a method that would create standing in the courts and if that is what is required that is what i will do. i would much rather violate a court order than someone's constitutional right. we need to focus on mental health and that is what this bill sorely misses and that is unfortunate. we are kicking the can down the road. heather: we don't care a lot about the mental health in these situations until after the fact and then it seems to disappear and we go back to this. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. heather: have a good day. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. either too many democrats running for president in 2020?
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science says yes. it tips the scales in favor of donald trump. does the party need to intervene? political panel will debate it. flying solo. how this guy ended up getting a whole plane to himself. ♪
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heather: 13 democrats have declared a run for the white house in 2020 but could there already be too many? politico claim science says yes and our brains are not wired to handle that many choices, tilting the scales in favor of donald trump. here to debate is jonathan harris and former trump data director matt brainard. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. as we begin let's bring up the list of the democratic presidential hopefuls. as we said, there are 13 and we
1:43 am
had one that has launched an exploratory committee. you say the science is wrong. >> they are trying to fly an abstract scientific theory to something the can't afford to the complexities of the democratic primary. saying there are too many choices. we are not at the point people are making up mind up over candidates. the fundraising phase, by the time people do start making up their minds, political darwinism, aluminate the unfit candidates who countries me, couldn't build organizations, had a horrible gaffe or something was discovered in their history. having a lot of candidates is a great thing. number one, the primary is harder meaning by the time the person gets to be the nominee who secures the nomination, there is more valid test and the trump campaign face a large field that forced us to campaign harder, smarter, to adapt and made it so much better fighting state after state. the second thing is, establishment consultants.
1:44 am
a new talent to rise, deputy directors, that brings new energy and new visions of the party. heather: the gop presidential candidates, take a look at that as well. going into the debate there were a total of 16 gop candidates at that point. what do you say about this in terms of the science of all this? >> there were 16 candidates on the gop side, democrats are taking a page from the gop playbook and it -- i would disagree, we know that we had that wide-field on the right-hand took the white house through the electoral college. the more people you have running makes it also more difficult for the other side to target one individual. we had roughly five candidates
1:45 am
running in 2016, no one knew hillary clinton would be the front runner. it was easy to sharpen the attack against one particular person. heather: did it matter there were a lot of other candidates or if there's already the cinderella or chosen one? at this point in terms of the chosen one i will stick with you. if you look at polling numbers they are all polling below 10%. >> right. a lot has to do with the width of the field and the amount of people running, breaking it down among so many different people. we have donald trump's approval rating is 39%. running against that is a good thing. when you have diversity of ideas on the other side it will have a similar effect for the gop. >> what do you think of that? >> i agree with the general idea. the interest suggests the democratic party might need to do something about this problem.
1:46 am
even if the science is right it will create not merely the problem it does if the dnc chooses the winner. that is going to backfire. that will sit back and let the process run and have a nominee. and a strong candidate. heather: you wonder if they learned that last time around. >> exactly. >> with hillary clinton as the assumed front runner, made it so bernie sanders or donald trump could sharpen their attacks on her whereas it was broken down with different ideas. bernie sanders running as a democratic socialist, kamala harris making it clear she is not a socialist but considers herself a progressive democrat. it will be hard for donald trump to target any one person specifically.
1:47 am
heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate it and we will see you with what happens and who drops out first. thank you. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. flying with more freedom. the new tsa tech that could allow you to keep electronics tucked in your carry-on. >> the green new deal done by a young bartender 29 years old. heather: donald trump taking aim at alexandria ocasio cortez, what he has to say about the green new deal. ♪
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heather: alabama lawmaker standing up for my sentences in the bill to ban all abortions. the bill would make any abortion at any stage of pregnancy illegal unless the mother itself is in jeopardy. several states are considering bans on abortion once a heartbeat is detected. and unvaccinated student just lost the battle to go back to school. jerome sued after his kentucky high school band him from class and basketball due to a chickenpox outbreak. he didn't get the vaccination for religious reasons. a judge ruling the health department has every right to ban him. he has been home since mid-march. getting through airport security is about to get easier. new tsa will at you keep more stuff in your carry-on. tracy carrasco is here with the changes. >> reporter: the tsa announced they are bringing out more 3-d
1:52 am
security scanners so the next airport trip could be a lot smoother. the tsa began testing these machines in june 2017 in phoenix and boston and they expanded that tested 12 other airports. now we will see these 3-d scanners at 300 airports nationwide so this means you may not have to unpack your laptop, your liquids or other items in your carry-on. unlike the standard 3-d technology the airport scanners will be able to digitally rotate any item in your bag that may seem suspicious, without unpacking your entire bag. expect to see these this summer. unclear which airports will get them. heather: will that impact the price of tickets? it make the lines a lot shorter. let's talk about hangover free alcohol, could be liquor stores by 2024.
1:53 am
how is that possible? >> a researcher from in euro college in london has been testing this for several years, closer to hit store shelves very soon and could even replace traditional alcohol so this is synthetic alcohol without the toxin so that means no hangover, no nausea, no headaches, no not dry mouth, you can go out and have good evening the next day and not have to deal with the side effects. the researcher says the product, we could see this very soon. not sure how it would taste if it has a significant taste that is a lot different from the other traditional alcohol. heather: would it depends on what you mix it with? >> very true. heather: have a good day. speaking of flying. a man is shocked when he shows up for his flight the only passenger there. the traveler taking a selfy with
1:54 am
completely empty jumbo jet. he was the only person who bought a second on the flight from lithuania to italy. he had the cabin and the crew all to himself. the plane can hold 188 passengers so a lot of seats to choose from and his story going viral. how do you choose a seat? you move around a lot, that is what i would do, from one seat to another. patriotic moment caught on the playground, some young students stopped playing to honor the national anthem and the kids even putting hands over their hearts without being asked. this happened when they heard the and him playing at softball games near their indiana school. nice to see. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and they say there is no crying over spilled milk but they didn't say anything about crashing over it. how this milk truck ended up in a wild wreck. ♪
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your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. heather: donald trump blasting alexandria ocasio cortez and her proposal to combat climate change, the president speaking at the national congressional republican committee dinner. >> the green new deal done by a young bartender 29 years ago. first time i heard that that is the craziest thing, senators
1:59 am
that are professionals that have been there for a long time, white hair, everything perfect and they are standing behind her, petrified of her. >> the green new deal calls for a multi-trillion dollar overhaul of the nation's economy and energy use. it failed in the senate last week. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, the high school robotics team builds a creation the changes a little boy's life, the teen from minnesota building his own wheelchair because his family couldn't afford one. only took a few weeks to put it together. now the bad. a tanker truck filled with milk crashes through a barricade on a texas interstate. officials say the driver went off the overpass. thankfully only suffered minor injuries. the ugly, could be a lot scarier than getting a ticket in virginia.
2:00 am
warning drivers to slowdown or they will call their mom. offices getting funny reaction, but the meaning behind it is very serious, slowdown. that reps at this hour of "fox and friends first," great to be back with you, "fox and friends first" continues. >> the president is in meltdown mode as relates to the situation at the border. >> we are not treating this as a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. >> homeland security sounding the alarm while democrats downplay the disaster at the border. rob: joke -- griff jenkins live in the rio grande valley with the latest on what is happening there. democrats demanding bob mueller'


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