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before your wedding, you are midnight heroes, a beautiful picture. a busy newsy day. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your evening with us, good night from washington, see you tomorrow for friday night. i am shannon bream. >> the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere in the 2016 presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts. >> words and actions just he has been disingenuous and misleading in saying the president is clear of wrongdoing. >> multiple times they dangle before been fruit in front of people associated with the trump campaign and they didn't bite. >> no collusion, no obstruction. shannon: friday, april 19th.
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mueller mania. >> taking a victory lap, the special counsel's report. and >> democrat who demanded the release are still not satisfied. rob: you thought the fog was over, it has only just begun. [applause] >> ♪ >> capitol hill. >> you make a good point. you are watching "fox and friends first".
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let's get to a fox news alert. two years of investigating, comes down to this. there is 0 evidence, and there is no evidence the trump team coordinated with russia. >> he heads to tomorrow law go. far from case closed. >> congressional testimony. and even impeachment. jillian: team coverage covering every single angle. rob: how the white house is reacting. >> 1600 pennsylvania, the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani calling it a knockout,
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hundreds of witnesses, the president and the american people know the findings and it was good news to donald trump. >> i'm having a good day too. it is called no collusion, no obstruction. there never was and there never will be. we have to get to the bottom of these things. this should never happen to another president again. this folks, it should never happen to another president again. >> reporter: the mueller report broken down into 2 volumes, first dealing with findings of no russian collusion. let me take you to the text from the introduction, the investigation did not establish members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government, or activities. it is more damaging to the president, 10 instances, the
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president's actions, finding the evidence was not sufficient recommend charges but not clearing them. volume 2, based on legal standards we are unable to reset judgment, the president committed a crime and did not exonerate him. any way you cut it, and that was not lost. >> we are accepting apologies in offering them. there was no collusion and no criminal conspiracy with any russians. when i needed to find negative information on how to be here. >> reporter: are democrats apologizing? far from it. democrats the obstruction unanswered. as you mentioned in the open things are just getting started.
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rob: s the trump administration claims victory unsatisfied democrats calling on the special counsel to testify, some are considering whether the president should be impeached. jillian: more on the democrats push for action. >> reporter: new day and brand-new battles for democrats courtesy of the mueller report. >> attorney general did a great disservice to the country by misrepresenting significant parts of the mueller report. >> i requested special counsel mueller testify before the house judiciary committee. >> he should resign. jillian: calls for robert mueller to testify before congress, jerry nadler saying he has unanswered questions about that report and wants to see mueller no later than may 23rd. there is the call for attorney general bar to resign. 2020 hopeful eric swalwell
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claiming donald trump hired bar to bury the facts and bar should have recused himself of all oversight of the mueller investigation. >> whether he mischaracterized the mueller report he is seeking to help donald trump. he should resign. we need an attorney general who has could ability with the american people. >> reporter: the mueller report reigniting call to impeach the president, democrats like alexandria ocasio cortez vowing to sign an impeachment resolution, tweeting many know i take no pleasure in discussions of impeachment but the report squarely put this on our doorstep. some democrats actually think that is a waste of time. house majority leader hoyer is trying to get them to shift their focus to the election just 18 months away saying that is when the american people will make a judgment against the president. attorney general william barr taking heat for using the mueller report to back up the
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president's claims. rob: kim strawser of the wall street journal editorial board says he's doing what he was hired to do. >> we have an attorney general representing the united states, the attorney general has been talking about the fact the we do not convene grand jury's and go down this road for the purpose of putting out innuendo and that is sort of what mueller did today. he had a gym comey moment, remember the press conference in july 2016 where he be rated hillary clinton? that is the second half of the mueller report. it is him admitting up front he cannot bring charges against a sitting president but engaging in 200 pages of mental exercise about what it would look like. bill bar was the grown up and said i am making the decision, no instruction charges. >> reporter: the russia probe
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coverage earning her a shout out from the president, kimberly strawser should get the pulitzer. he is a treasure and i don't know her, correctly called the russia hoax from the start. others who were so wrong, fake news. kellyanne conway addressing the mueller report saying the trump administration is ready for an apology. >> we are accepting apologies from anybody who feels the grace in offering them. the big lie you let 5 or two years is over. this is the success of the democrats first 100 days in congress, here it is. >> single about the new york times on twitter saying the paper should printed, quote, 16 page apology. jillian: the president responding to the mueller report with this game of thrones inspired tweet, no collusion, no
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obstruction, for the haters and radical left democrats, game over. hbo not that something they don't want their intellectual property used for politics. the president's supporters love it. this guy, game of thrones and i love this, you the man. winning. i read that. rob: i like that. the mueller report revealing no collusion. is this proof investigators like andrew mccabe and james comey were out to get the president from the start? jillian: the president of judicial watch has been on this from the beginning and says it is not over yet. he joins us live next. ♪
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these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! >> the russian government sought to interfere in our election. we now know the russian
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operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of donald trump or the trump campaign. rob: welcome back to a fox news alert, the released mueller report vindicating the president on collusion. jillian: is it now time to investigate the investigators? rob: tom fitton joins us now. let's start with what we learned yesterday. interesting to hear the president feel vindicated and at the same time a lot of members of the media and a lot of democrats saying we see evidence of obstruction in this and something we see collusion as well. >> it was an exoneration of the president, there was no collusion and the attorney general concluded there was no obstruction. if there was obstruction case it could have been pursued, mister mueller would have been explicit about it. instead, this is where the media
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is grasping and opponent of the president are grasping, mueller put in hundreds of pages of innuendo suggesting there was obstruction. that was not appropriate. another abuse by mister mueller but at the end no case made against the president and i don't even think an impeachment case could be made against the president even though mueller tried to help that along in an abusive way. >> what do you make of the argument people are making that the president was cleared of obstruction even though other people read the mueller report and say he was saved by his inner circle because they refused to carry out his orders? >> the president was being targeted talking about investigating the investigators but there was no collusion and he was concerned the justice
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department and fbi which he oversaw as president of the united states was abusing his authority and harming the presidency. he had every right to complain and take the steps he did take to try to reign them in and staff could have implemented everything he wanted to do including firing mueller and it still wouldn't be obstruction because he had every right under the law and under the constitution and mueller is running this argument, complaining publicly could be construed as obstruction. the first amendment, the president is elected president, has every right to defend himself and manage the administration and the justice department and mister mueller seem to think they are laws to themselves. that is not the way the constitution is designed.
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rob: if nothing else it gives democrats a lot of ammunition, what is in the report, looks very damaging. let's a quick excerpt from the report, the investigation did not establish members of the trump campaign conspired a coordinated with the russian government and its election interference activities. you are talking collusion right there. you say no obstruction, let's go to the genesis of this thing because this is incredibly damaging for the president, a lot of ammunition for 2020 democrats, does there need to be an investigation how it started? >> the democratic party doesn't come off, you got to drop everything that happened over the last few years to suggest this would be helpful to the democrats, the democratic party - rob: there is a lot of ugly in this report. >> i don't deny they will try to use this but on the other hand the democratic party, the democratic national committee and hillary clinton campaign and obama administration continue through congress in allegiance
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with these folks concocted a knowing lie that donald trump colluded with the russians. i don't see much in this report about the dossier. to the degreed is mentioned he talks about it being unverified, talks about the dishonesty of the mueller operation, didn't want to confront the dossier so the core underpinning of the spy effort against donald trump, confirmed the corruption behind the spying on trump and formation of the mueller campaign, how was it mueller was appointed, mueller has hundreds of cases talking about donald trump objected to his appointment. mister mueller was a witness, he sought the position, interviewed for the position and then hired a special counsel, interviewed himself about his meetings with donald trump and the potential
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of the position opening. jillian: what happens next? >> i do hope the attorney general conduct a serious criminal investigation and starts bringing people before grand juries to pursue the ig referrals that have been coming for some time. we have additional ig reports coming out circling on the fisa court abuse and hillary is still sitting out there seemingly immune from any questioning despite the doj and fbi being caught in a sham investigation, would do well to take a look at that. rob: we will dig deeper into what was missing from the mueller report. there are things to be said about that. jillian: 18 after the hour.
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he lied about his time in iraq and brian williams is resorting to name-calling after the release of the mueller report. >> would not be surprised if some headline writer somewhere came up with baghdad bill bar from what we saw today. rob: the comments sitting social media ablaze. carly is here to discuss that.
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rob: attorney general bill bar shutdown a reporter questioning him about protecting the president. >> what do you say to people on both sides of the aisle who are concerned about you trying to protect the president? >> the statement about his
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sincere beliefs are recognized in the report, that there was substantial evidence, saying that i'm being generous to the president. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with what everyone is saying online. >> the fireworks started during this half-hour press conference, william barr faced a barrage of questions from the media and in one heated exchange cbs news's paul are read brought up the concern that barr was going above and beyond to cover for the president and he quickly shut that notion down. conservatives on social media have his back, this twitter user criticizing the press for their coverage of the mueller report and another twitter user saying the favorite moment of my day, bar facing just as much criticism from democrats as he is facing support from republicans, the line everyone will here is the accusation that
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william barr is acting as the president has personal attorney as opposed to attorney general of the united states. that one will be repeated. jillian: a lot of people had something to say including brian williams. >> brian williams ripped into william barr and compared him to the infamous propaganda for saddam hussein who goes by the nickname baghdad bob. listen to this. >> we would not be surprised if some headline writer somewhere came up with baghdad bill bar for what we saw today. jillian: he told outlandish lies for saddam hussein but that comment sparking a lot of critical reaction from folks on social media who brought up the lies williams told about his reporting in iraq, this person saying one of the people whose tweet made up war stories about
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iraq and it wasn't bill bar, other folks on twitter saying i will take baghdad bill bar anytime over liar brian williams and lastly brian williams, that bastian of integrity and truth telling, a lot of critical comments there. rob: what about the means, the bill bar mueller report means. >> a lot of people were making jokes about how much was going to be rejected. this is a tweet from a physicist who said now that is what i call a sharp image of a blackhole. take a look at this tweet. it shows an entire page rejected except it shows the lyrics for that rick ashley song never going to give you up. i think people were surprised how much was not rejected. rob: 87% or something like that, a lot longer than i hoped. jillian: that one in the music
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video wearing the denim jacket? rob: it might be. ♪ never going to give you up ♪ that one. the earworm one. rob: democrats appear to be unsatisfied with what they see in the mueller report. jillian: they are demanding the special counsel testify on capitol hill. city? our next guest says absolutely not. stick around for this.
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>> this hoax it should never happen to another president again. jillian: donald trump claiming victory after the release of the redacted mueller report. rob: the president landing in florida to the cheers of usa and no collusion, he says it is back to business, democrats say not so fast. to maybe drag out their own investigations. are having a ha
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time hearing griffin. rob: do we want to go to griff or moveon? jillian: let's move on. >> the trump administration claims victory, some unsatisfied democrats are calling for his impeachment. >> i like that accent. >> game over, game over, folks. back to work. jillian: texas congressman our green hasn't changed his tune since his impeachment speech in 2017. don't have that either. jillian: rob: alexandria ocasio cortez tweeting many know i take no pleasure in discussions of
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impeachment but the report squarely puts this on our doorstep. impeachment, a lot of stuff in that report, that is impeachable. democrats who demanded the release of the mueller report many appear to be unsatisfied. jillian: they have another demand. >> requested that mueller come and testify. we want to understand what was found. >> he did come before the committee, testify. >> i anticipate mister mueller will testify in the next couple weeks. rob: that is what nadler wants what should bob mueller testify before congress? jillian: here is trump 2020 advisory board member jenna ellis. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, a lot to talk about. do you think mueller should testify? >> good morning, absolutely not. the democrats have proven over and over they are not interested
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in fact or truth, they are interested in the outcome. what could robert mueller possibly testify to in front of congress that he hasn't explained in over 400 pages? all this is is for them to call him into testify just to try to extend this and get something on the record that they can possibly still rebut. we have absolute fact and evidence that there was no collusion, no obstruction, there are no open, legal or prosecutorial questions. there are only political questions and in the court of public opinion that is our commerce wants to do, to have this circus and charade like the brett kavanaugh hearings. rob: i'm sure they politically look forward to having somebody coming to capitol hill and get the cameras in front of them and talk about this but in regards to obstruction it is confusing for us nonlawyers what exactly
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happened. he didn't charge it but didn't exonerate the president and kind of punted the thing out legally to the attorney general and politically to congress. the attorney general says there is no obstruction, now congress could choose whether or not to have impeachment hearings, they want guidance from bob mueller before making that? >> a dirty move for mueller to kick this to the attorney general but because the special prosecutor and all these rules changed under the clinton administration because there is a special prosecutor that now is beholden to and works for the attorney general, that was the proper legal decision. there was no reasonable prosecutor looking at the plain fact and saying there was any evidence of obstruction so impeachment, there is no legal basis and of congress really wants to go there for the democrats this is going to be a losing matter in 2020 because there is no one scintilla of
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evidence beyond their political talking point of hating donald trump that would justify any impeachment of the president. that was very clear in the over 400 pages of the report. jillian: this tweet from nancy pelosi says ag bar has verify the staggering effort by the trump administration in public review of the mueller report with acknowledgment the trump team received a sneak preview. it is more urgent than ever that special counsel mueller testify before congress. what would you say to nancy pelosi in response to that? >> i would ask at what point on what basis is she making that claim? the white house has bent over backwards to make sure robert mueller had everything he needed, never asserted executive privilege, there is no evidence that there was any sort of thing the white house did in order to control robert mueller. they absolutely participated in
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and were helpful in cooperating with the investigation. the fact that nancy pelosi is saying somehow robert mueller needs to testify is a political stunt and she just wants to parade in front of the cameras. there is no legal reason for this and look at the legal because equal protection and due process means the investigation is absolutely close to. there are no prosecutorial questions. only political stunts for the democrats. rob: many republicans complain how little was in this report about the genesis of this and how it got started. we have an investigation coming up soon and will conclude, should be more into that. what do you expect to hear from that investigation? do we need another investigation? >> absolutely. we need to understand what the inception of this was, judicial watch has filed a request for turned into a lawsuit and we
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need to understand what was presented to the fisa court to obtain these warrants. we know there was the trump campaign and we need to know what the obama administration, the clinton campaign and the steel dossier was up to, what the fbi was doing because this is not just about looking into republicans. that is closed but democrats want to move on and say their own camp shouldn't be investigated for potential breaches of the law and collectivity, they are absolutely hypocritical. rob: do you think the inspector general will get that done? >> i think the ig report will be significant but also bill bar is going to make sure the department of justice does its job and has equal protection if you are republican or democrat. jillian: thank you so much. it is 36 after the hour, 675 days, 500 witnesses, no collusion. why can't democrats accept that?
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rob: could pushing this narrative hurt their chances of winning back the white house in 2020? ned ryan and democrat strategist jonathan harris on deck to debate that coming up next.
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jillian: donald from declaring victory after the russia report found no collusion and no charges of obstruction. the president is anxious to get back to business but democrats say it is not over yet. rob: let's try this again with griff jenkins in washington. >> reporter: i think donald trump slept well last night. he's not entirely out of the woods but it is clear this is a victory for a man his presidency has been under fire since before taking office. after 22 months, 25,000,500 witnesses interviewed, the rejected mueller report states for the american people that
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there was no russian collusion by the president and his team. let me take it to volume 1. the investigation did not establish members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with russian government in its election interference activities. the second volume dealing with questions of obstruction of justice was more damaging to the present because it raise ten instances where the president's actions are questionable. robert mueller finding the evidence was not sufficient to recommend charges. he writes based on the facts, the applicable legal standards we are unable to reset judgment accordingly while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. any way you cut it, it is good news for the administration. kellyanne conway is sticking it to democrats. >> we are accepting apologies today for anyone who feels the grace in offering them. there was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any russian. >> reporter: while the white house wanted to close the book
1:42 am
and move on democrats see an opportunity to raise obstruction questions as we head into 2020. we will spend all weekend hearing about section questions that weren't fully answered. jillian: is this the weekend? rob: a few months, something like that. jillian: democrats reacting to the mueller report's release, many demanding the investigation into donald trump continue while others like eric swalwell took aim at bill bar saying he should resign but is that what 2020 voters want and will damage the party's chances of taking back the white house? here to debate it is jonathan harris and republican strategist ned ryan. thank you for joining us. what do you think? >> amazing to watch, to see the meltdown taking place on the
1:43 am
left in regards for the last two years they held out hope that bob mueller was going to find collusion, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and magically this fairytale was going to be true and trump was going to be removed from office. now some of them are calling for impeachment, just a couple problems with that. nancy pelosi and steny hoyer, leaders of the house don't think it is worthwhile to pursue. the second question, i don't think they have the votes in the house and go to the republican senate, do they think they will get 66 votes to remove trump from office based on spurious charges? they would be well served to focus on the issues. then you have that problem, creepy uncle joe and the communist sympathizer and pushing socialism right now, the green new deal and medicare for all. jillian: let's take a look at this tweet from alexandria ocasio cortez and i want your
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reaction on this, she talked about the fact she's signing on to impeachment resolution and goes on to say many know i take no pleasure in discussions of impeachment and she goes on to say we prefer working on our priorities pushing medicare for all, the green new deal, but the report squarely put this on our doorstep. what do you make of the democratic party pushing for impeachment now? it was trending on twitter yesterday. >> there is a difference between different representatives of different district saying this is what they want to do. ned pointed this out clearly, the leadership of the democratic party saying that's not what they want to do but these people were elected, many of them pushing for impeachment of trump come a that is what they are doing but the leadership has been clear that is not something they are going to do. i would stop short of saying this is an entire generation of trump. this is, the result of this is not as bad as it could have been
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but certainly indicates, saying this is the end of his presidency when he finds out a special counsel has been appointed is not the actions of someone who doesn't feel they were doing something at least questionable to be found out by an investigation. i would not say was completely a good deal for him. jillian: a quote from bernie sanders it is clear donald trump wanted nothing more than to shut down the mueller investigation. we have more detail from today's report than before, congress must continue investigation into trump's conduct and any attempt to influence our election. the question is what type of investigation should be "happening now"? >> the real investigation would be how did this joke start in the first place? go back and look at the genesis, the 5 applications and steel bossier. i went to see the original memorandum from rosenstein that
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laid out the scope and justification for the entire mueller investigation. let's go investigate the investigators because when all is said and done as i pointed out yesterday i think people abuse the surveillance state and law enforcement over policy differences, against political opponents. that is the investigation i want to see. what will happen, democrats are not going to let this go. we will see investigations until the 2020 elections to undermine trump's reelection chances. jillian: this kamala harris tweet, william barr is acting like trump's defense attorney than the nation's attorney general, his press conference was a stunt filled with political spin and propaganda. is this the right path democrats should be taking leading to 2020? will both heard them? >> i don't think this will hurt them and what we have to look at is a foreign government tried to interfere in our election and did it successfully. we know that as a result of this report and they were favoring donald trump because they felt they would benefit from his presidency. jillian: should we be happy there was no collusion from the
1:47 am
trump campaign? >> if there was no collusion, sure but trump's son was taking meetings with people who were former government officials from russia to get dirt on hillary clinton. it is not clinging, that is the fact. are you disputing that is a fact? you know it is a fact. it is not clinging. >> there is no there there. collusion conspiracy theories. >> what i just said -- jillian: a couple seconds to each of you. >> what i said was a fact, a foreign government tried to undermine our democracy in favor of trump and we know trump's son was meeting with russian officials to get dirt on their opponents. that is not clinging, that is something that should alarm anyone who loves this country unless you love trump more.
1:48 am
jillian: doesn't everyone try to get dirt on each other? >> the fact of the matter is russians have been trying to middle in our elections for decades but knock me over with a feather when they tried to meddle with the 2016 election. it is an issue moving forward, foreign countries trying to middle in our elections. we have a lot to do, why not focus on the real issue, the american people care about big questions, the answer on both of those, they want to hear real issues in 2020, democrats have nothing to roll off of the american people. jillian: thank you for a spirited and lively conversation at 4:48 on the east coast. have a good day. rob: now that the mueller report is out what happens next? after a 2-year probe into been ghazi, trey gowdy gives us a preview. >> the next few years will be worse. if he thought he had a cloud over the last two years at least mueller is confidential. congress will not. mueller had an open mind going into the investigation. congress does not.
1:49 am
mueller, i was shocked at the possibly of leaks from the mueller investigation. congress leaks all the time. i'm sorry for my fellow citizens most of whom russia is not number one or 2 on their list of concerns, the russia investigation, they will be living with this except in a worse way. rob: six democratic teachers preparing to launch an investigation to determine whether the president obstructed justice. time for you to weigh in. what do you hope to see with this investigation going forward? send your comments on facebook, twitter, instagram, send us an email, everyone will share your responses in the next hour, we want to see what should congress do? jillian: 10 minutes until the top of the hour. the media melting down over the mueller report. >> i find william barr's behavior inappropriate. he is defending the president. >> we see a reduction. >> is this what i am seeing?
1:50 am
rob: at the press conference and the decision to not charge obstruction. are those criticisms fair? we debate next. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family.
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.. at
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>> am i nuts? >> i find william barr's behavior unconscionable. he is defending the president. >> then we see a redaction. i don't have x-ray vision. i can't see through black ink. >> william barr, as political operatives do come put a spin on this that was favorable to the president. rob: the mainstream media melting down over the release of the bob mueller report.
1:54 am
jillian: can they regain the people trust? rob: visiting fellow with the independent women's form and beverly holberg. one of the biggest things, the prerelease press conference, they said william barr was talking about the president like he was his own client rather than being attorney general. >> let's not forget this is somebody the president has nominated. any president will nominate the agn this is someone that works for the bush administration. i don't think we can say he has always been in the trump camp and let's not forget the other side as well. he said from the beginning that he was going to give an unredacted version to congress and said that mueller should testify so everything we learned from mueller yesterday has been
1:55 am
good and the complaint prior to this was he was going to give a version with too many redaction's. we are not talking about this to say saying he did his job well. jillian: what do you make of the fact that for almost two years that we have been talking about this some in the media said we have evidence of collusion and where is the evidence? how do you regain trust for the american people? that is a hard thing to do. twos is this was collusion. there are things outlined here that are not favorable to the president that we can talk about but to focus on the obstruction side and not say we were wrong about collusion does a disservice to the public but people are self-selecting what they want to hear. if you don't like the president you will listen to the mainstream media that go with
1:56 am
them, if you do like the president they are not going to read much into it. rob: they really point on the meeting at trump tower where they say that is all the evidence of it and if that was just political novice they had no idea, we have dirt, politics is so filthy dirty, such a filthy dirty game, everyone is trying so hard to win, if you're donald trump junior, you have never been in politics and with obstruction they really felt vacated. cnn was beaming with pride reading this report. >> give them something to talk about after couple weeks thinking there was no collusion. talking about the office of the president even if you don't like donald trump, to run on the stories for so long is a problem.
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>> we now know that the russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of donald trump or the trump campaign. >> the big lie you let 5 or two years is over, we are accepting apologies from anyone who feels grace and offering them. >> the attorney general did a disservice to the country by misrepresenting significant part of the mueller report. >>


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