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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 20, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it would be a case of people modest decline for republicans fled for high taxes but now even the middle class is while among democrats a nearly fighting the cost of living too much in these strongholds. 25% decline. in new york, lauren green, fox >> thank you dan. that is it for this week's show. think it's my panel and all of you for watching. i am paul gigot. news. eric: it's hard to believe but have a happy easter. we hope to see you right here 20 years have passed since the columbine high school massacre next week. in littleton, colorado. you're looking at a special remembrance ceremony taking place right now there. we'll have more live coverage of >>. arthel: a political battle this special event when we come escalating in washington. back. this is huntsville, alabama. aka, rocket city, usa. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler issuing a subpoena for the unredacted this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option. mueller report. although with the underlying evidence by the justice department is pushing back on the move quote - premature and more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. unnecessary. if you're stressed out financially at home, however welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. headquarters", i'm arthel i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. neville. eric: thank you for joining sima eric shawn.the latest put your employees on a path drama to consume the nations to financial wellness with prudential. capitol and our country.the justice department now saying bring your challenges. that chairman nadler and other limiters can review the report with fewer reductions are
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assumed. they say it is not good enough. and he wants robert mueller to testify in person on capitol hill. today congressional democrats are echoing that very call. >> you read the report, that is when you hear they want robert but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown mueller to testify. the end of the report he says that while he did not find evidence of obstruction, i to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. don't have a right for me, the report does not vindicate him. eric: and we will likely have the for mr. mueller if indeed he does testify. ellison barber joins us now from our washington bureau. reporter: the offers for 12 members of congress to view a list but not totally unredacted version of the mueller report. the lawmakers permitted to see it would not be able to discuss it with other members of congress. even those with security clearances. people who are approved to see
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more sensitive material and democrats say that is unacceptable. there are six lawmakers that have now sent a letter to attorney general, william barr, telling him that their current proposal is simply not workable. the letter says this in part quote - as a special counsel stated, the conclusion that congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president, corrupt exercise of powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law. the department now has a duty to submit the full report and underlying evidence to congress so it can fulfill its constitutional responsibility. republicans say that democrats are essentially throwing a political temper tantrum here. senate majority leader says that the so-called gang of eight will not be able to see things prohibited by the law. when it comes the idea of
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impeachment, impeachment proceedings, the progressive wing of the caucus is talking about that and some of their most recognizable, high-profile members are supporting a pre-democratic leadership is not on board. most democrats say they want to hear from the attorney general, bill barr, special counsel, robert mueller, and see the full report before they really go down the road. listen here. >> and let people keep asking about the question of impeachment. we may very well come to that. very soon. but right now let's make sure that we understand what robert mueller was doing and safe drivers shouldnt have to pay understand what -- is doing as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! that's why esurance has drivesense.® the safer you drive, the more you save. into the report and unredacted although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. form and all underlying documents. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. >> are not there. >> chairman another has asked for mueller to testify in front of his committee as soon as possible. he wants him in front of the committee no later than may 23. but so far, no word from mr. mueller when it comes to the exact date.
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eric: thank you so much. arthel: thank you. meanwhile president trump is arthel: we want to take you back you now with more from keeping up his attacks against littleton, colorado as the the special counsel over the columbine community remembers holiday weekend tweeting this morning, the end result of the the souls lost in the high greatest witchhunt in u.s. school massacre 20 years ago political history is no collision with russia. and no obstruction. pretty amazing! today. let's listen to president bill phil keating is live in west clinton. palm beach no the president's >> 2002 graduate, shawn grave. arthel: the president just wrapped up. it has been a day to remember and celebrate the memories of mar-a-lago estate. reporter: the president is back those lost on that tragic day at mar-a-lago, his winter white house. after spending about 5 and a there in columbine. half hours nearby got trumpets national golf club for the eric: 12 students were killed, second straight day. one teacher, of course there two issues have been really been dominating the three-day have been more school shootings weekend for the president. down here in palm beach county. since that time. we honor and remember the golf and of course, the reductive mueller report. victims. while concluding there was no jon: right now, a vigil rush or collision between the underway in littleton, colorado, campaign and russia, the report marking 206 20 years since the did leave open the possibility that donald trump could be indicted unobstructed of justice.many supporters call massacre in columbine high school. you're watching the fox report. the community gathering to honor the report, full vindication. apparently his figure for 13 lives lost and to lift up donald trump 2020 reelection families and survivors who have campaign. according to the campaign there lived with the trauma for two
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release the mueller report led decades. one of the students who was there that day told neil cavuto to the campaign raised more than $1 million. about the moment that changed relative to our recent daily average, the mueller news drove his life forever. >> i dismissed it as fireworks a 220 percent increase in fundraising from grassroots or construction noise. from the moment i realized what was happening was real, it donors. here is the presidents motorcade leaving the golf club wasn't until i saw the just about one hour ago. perpetrators that i accept sed a quick drive back to what was happening was real. i completely disassociated. so i've always been able to mar-a-lago. this morning, more tweets about recall everything that happened that day. the reductive mueller report and his reception tweeting the it was almost fake news media is doing everything possible to stir up and her anger the polls. and as many people as possible. seldom mentioned that there was no collusion with russia. the russia hoax is dead. donald trump also starting retaliation. meanwhile democratic leaders are now weighing whether to elevate their partisan battle with impeachment proceedings. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, who is running for president, wants to. >> i do believe that the evidence is just overwhelming. that donald trump has committed
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these offenses and that means we should open proceedings in the house. and then the house can take a vote. reporter: the president played golf yesterday with rush limbaugh and professional golfer, lexi thompson. no word who he may have golfed with today. a public event schedule for the rest of the day or tomorrow. however, we are expecting him to leave mar-a-lago tomorrow morning to attend easter services. arthel: phil keating, thank you.eric? eric: with more or less bring in a fox news radio white house correspondent and attorney, john always good to see you. chris good to see you, eric. eric: he had the request for the full and reductive report. you think it will get it? >> it will be a court battle. after all, bill barr, the attorney general, will likely rebuffed a request from the house judiciary committee. there may be a vote to hold the
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attorney general in contempt and then we are heading for a court battle. with the attorney general has said, and he is right, that is that as far as grand jury material, rule 60 of the federal rules were civil procedure, there are exceptions and in the past actually we've had examples in which grand jury testimony has been seen by the public. most recently in 1998 with the starr report. ken starr at the time, the independent counsel, what he did was petition the federal judge to allow the grand jury material to be seen by congress and then congress in turn eric, voted to make the starr report available to the general public. >> there can be a bill. what are the chances that it will exactly happen? a judge will decide yes, the american public, they have the right to see with these
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witnesses say even though it was in the grand jury. >> there is a possibility if you have the right federal judge. this past week on a completely unrelated case, federal judge appointed by george w. bush, reggie walton and the district of columbia, seemed to be leaning in that direction. when this issue came up, regarding the mueller report. the reductions that were placed upon it. it is quite possible that a federal judge may indeed side with the judiciary committee chairman, jerry nadler on this particular issue but we are a long way from that and of course, even if a district court judge rules that way, eric, is likely to be challenged. perhaps all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. eric: we could see this in the supreme court. and how all the star, the dossier alleged fisa abuses, the doj, the report due sometime in may. investigated that and the attorney general said he has
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started or will start a task force on these potential abuses. what else will we see? will there be an investigation on the scope of the mueller report and dealing with those allegations on christopher steele. >> the ig is already looking into this matter to see whether the steele dossier was relied upon for a fisa ward which looked into a campaign aide or the president during the presidential campaign. in addition to that you also have what we have seen from lindsey graham. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he's indicated he wants to look into this as well. and he has the power to do so so i will be surprised lindsey graham uses his authority as the the ig and what they already do. >> they will say bunch, let me give you some highlights. read along with everybody for ken. went to the fbi first learned
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that the dossier was spotted by the clinton campaign and democratic party and written by a person who -- why were the biases and ties the clinton campaign never disclosed to the fisa court as required by law and court practice? anna, did the cia, fbi or obama administration user encourage friendly spy agencies in great britain, australia, ukraine, italy or elsewhere together evidence on the trump campaign? the evidence or get around u.s. restrictions on spying on americans? you would think that those are the questions that will be asked. and then lindsey graham, do you think that we will get any of those answers? >> is a good question. i don't know. it depends who the witnesses are. phrases, if christopher steele is brought before the committee, perhaps you'll get those answers. perhaps he will plead the fifth a minute. we don't know that but it is
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quite clear based upon what you've just read, lindsey graham most certainly is leaning in this direction and he's getting a lot of pressure to have this kind of investigation being conducted by the senate judiciary committee. andrew reeser the other republicans who sit on the committee as well who would like lindsey graham to pursue this effort to find out all of those answers to the questions that lindsey graham has raised. eric: at least three investigations if not more than on the beginnings of carter page as we say this is not over. john decker, what has corresponded for fox news, always good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you, thanks a lot. arthel: in less than an hour there will be a community remembrance and color to mark 20 years since the deadly shooting at columbine high school. 12 students and a teacher died on that horrible day two decades ago. we are live with the story. reporter: hi arthel. remember, reflect, recommit.
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that is the theme for today's service here. this is a park right next to the columbine high school. we will give a closer look right now of the set up behind me. former colorado governor, john hicken looper, is expected to attend the service today. as well as 350 people who are supposed to be in attendance in the seats in the area. the memorial service is designed to allow survivors and family and friends of those killed to have a more private area to sit. the public is allowed in behind them to also pay respects today. let your snow vigil was held by members of the community. we are simple some video by various branches of law enforcement marking the state remembrance. the child students in high school math teacher, dave sanders, were killed april 20, 1999 went to classmates into the school, walk the halls and rooms shooting. the killing came to an end when they turned the guns on themselves and the campus library. today is about the families and survivors. the principal at the time,
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spoke with fox news leading up to today. >> 20 years later, i still have that survivor skill and i'm trying to do everything i can that unfortunately the kids lost their lives. every morning i wake up i recite their names and mr. sanders. >> he was on the campus last week when it went to lockout after the fbi determined there was a credible threat by florida teen obsessed with the shooting and traveled to colorado and bought a weapon. the security here is substantial. as you can imagine. the memorial service gets underway at the top of the hour and will bring parts of that to you. arthel: alicia acuna, thank you very much. we will look forward to remembering those that lost their lives 20 years ago. a little bit later in this hour, i will speak with a survivor of columbine who also suffered a terrible loss that day. >> we look forward to that in a few minutes. meanwhile in paris protesters
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added again. yet another saturday, as those demonstrations yet again turned violent as they clash with police. while the massive fire notre dame is given new life to protesters. and the mueller report responses are coming in on the campaign trail. elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts, she has become the first candidate to demand the president trump be impeached. >> you cannot be an american -- to say it's okay for the united states president to try to block investigations into a foreign attack on our country. i, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car?
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this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . visionworks can do more than the right pair of glassesat. can make you look amazing, too. get two complete pairs of single vision glasses for $59 or two progressives for $99. and choose from over 500 frames. visionworks. we're here to help you. you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. arthel: the mueller report
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getting plenty of attention the 2020 race with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren becoming the first democratic contender to call for president trump 's impeachment. this coming head of the most highly anticipated campaign launch happening next week. our political panel will join us on that topic in a bit. but first, this garrett tenney in washington. reporter: the democratic field was about to get a little bigger this week with the addition of former vice president joe biden.
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two sources with knowledge of his plans to fox news is expected to declare his candidacy on wednesday though they said it could slip to thursday. the theme of the announcement will be the battle for the soul of america. and the cam payroll occurs the philadelphia inquirer will be charlottesville virginia. for months, the 76-year-old has led nearly every poll even without entering the race. he gave a preview of his pitch to blue-collar workers union rally for grocery store workers on strike. >> that is just a simple fact, it is a fact. gina who built the middle class? you did, you did! reporter: is inches the race one of the leading questions facing democratic hopefuls is whether congress should impeach president trump following the release of the mueller report. democratic leaders have largely resisted the effort but a number of candidates are now calling for. earlier today senator elizabeth warren double down on her call that in order -- organizing an
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event to request a lot offolks say this is politically charged , just stay away from it, there's an election coming up. but there are some things that are bigger than politics. i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings.reporter: we been reporting for weeks at the biden team has been prepared for him to enter the race for reaching out to dona sandy must make a big splash with donations in the first 24 hours after he enters the race will be something to keep an eye on. arthel? arthel: thank you! spirit for the spring in our panel, former general counsel to the national public and senatorial committal. lori work as a former florida policy director, from the 2012 obama campaign. welcome both. laura, let me start with you. you know people are staying that the mueller report is a roadmap for impeachment. do you agree? >> i agree that it could be a roadmap for impeachment should
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the full congressional delegation, both houses be able to view the full unredacted version of the report. there are over 900 actions, several full pages that were completely emitted excuse me, omitted from view and those need to be produced and it needs to be under review by congress so they can then move forward. eric: and we'll see if they get that. we just saw elizabeth warren calling for impeachment proceedings to begin. do you think they will? >> i saw senator warrens comments. i don't think she is the last of the 2020 candidates. i think a lot of them will go there and i think they'll be dragged there by aoc and many on the left. and the real issue is, you have speaker pelosi arguably, the maybe the most powerful democratic speaker modern history. who is forced between making very bad political decision and
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rolling her activist base. it is not an enviable position from her side. it is not clear which way they go but there's a lot of cross pressure. even mr. mather-- nadler . -- eric: here about discussing the very issue. >> we do not need the country to criticize the president of the united states. we may have differences in policy and that but we are not there to criticize. we believe that the first article, article 1, the legislative branch, has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy. and we will exercise that. >> you don't think impeachment procedure unless you think you can prove the president has committed impeachable offenses and they are serious offenses. not just you know, and three, i don't think you should bring a
1:23 pm
impeachment proceeding unless you believe at the beginning when you're starting that you have such strong evidence of such terrible deeds that once it is laid up for the american people, and appreciable fraction of the people who supported the president, will agree reluctantly to do that. eric: they both be very diplomatic. the speaker is another island which she said she won't offer criticism watch some of the country. do you expect a battle royale each of the progressives, aoc and others the child support impeachment. the democratic establishment seems to resist it. >> have co-faucets and speaker pelosi and her ability to lead the party, lead the caucus. i know that she has having a democratic caucus telephone conference on monday. where possibly, that's where they're going to start to hash this out. and i know she's always willing to listen to those sides.
1:24 pm
this is a political issue and could turn into a real battle. she is all the other democrats have to decide how they want to play is for 2020. eric: and they of course have hearings, short of impeachment as they likely will when a call others to testify. early go to these issues, they can go through the 10 points that robert mueller said as possible evidence of obstruction of justice by the president. >> i agree, leaders in congress should continue to push for robert mueller and full open release, unredacted version of the report. members of congress, whether or not it was the full public or not, members of congress deserve see that entire unredacted report. >> there likely will be hearings on this. what do you expect? >> what i expect is that they'll keep dragging this out
1:25 pm
as long as they can. the problem they have is thanks to their own messaging along the way for the last two years, money spent by people arguing that it was just there for the mueller report, have the facts and will be able to work on this. now they will be forced to say well, lists can have this conversation and dig a little deeper. i would think the american people have any more confidence that mr. nadler or adam schiff or others on the partisan side are going to be do a better job investigating what mr. miller did. i think is a fools errand and one that ultimately will be politically damaging. eric: and the president's behavior revealed in this retreat supposedly ordering the white house counsel to fire robert mueller, telling lewandowski about sessions, misleading the white house press corps you know on the one occasion specifically and the fact that the president was not
1:26 pm
exonerated. i will review the exact words. this report does not conclude the president committed a crime. there is the good news. it also does not exonerate him. but very clear and they did not bring charges, not because they said they did have proof, they didn't bring charges because of the department of justice rules prevented that. >> i think the key language is what you started with there which is deeply troubled. that is not the standard for impeachment. if the democrat said that politically speaking, they of the evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors as they would like to pursue they are within their rights to that. it is clear based on leadership traction and some of the more cooler heads that nothing that is a productive mechanism for them and in light of the mueller investigation and how is likely to play out. eric: and lori, deeply troubled, deeply can be something voters could consider when they go to the polls. >> deeply troubling. i agree with alex, it is not
1:27 pm
cause for impeaching a president. that is why again i will say that it is imperative they, the full unredacted version be viewed by members of congress and they have access to that and have special counsel can't testify before congress.any questions that they have they can ask of him and they can get them answered there. if no one is afraid of the information, then they should be more than happy and willing to open up the kimono and let everyone see what's inside the report. eric: we'll see if he will appear which he likely will. all eyes will be on that session. take you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> thank you. arthel: another weekend of yellow vest protest in paris. what the fire at the notre dame cathedral has to do with it. and a remember ceremony for the 13 lives lost at columbine high school in colorado.
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20 years ago today. but first we spoke to a man that survived the shooting and ♪ ♪ is making it his mission to ♪ help troubled youth. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ ♪ arthel: a somber day in
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littleton colorado. the community marking 20 years since the deadly shooting at columbine high school. which killed 12 students and a math teacher. people there honoring and remembering those who lost their lives on that tragic day. will bring in craig scott, a survivor of the columbine shooting and creator of value up.i want to hear about your story and your life now. you lost her sister, rachel that day. how do you remember your sister? meaning is there something in particular that you did or do to keep her memory present and alive in your life?
1:33 pm
>> thank you, arthel. yeah, i, 11 times the anniversary days can be down and depressed but now i don't allow that to happen. i just remember her for life and what she stood for. also remembering just the good things and not letting this be too heavy, today, i got to spend a lot of time with friends, family, people have not seen in a long time. old alumni, i came over from the school and saw a lot of faces. our principal shared an assembly together. we all talked about remembering the good that we had a very awful day that happened in our community and brought us closer together but we believe what we place our attention we give power to. i want to give power to the good times as well. arthel: absolutely we don't
1:34 pm
focus on the dark, we celebrate the light. you now mental rituals with aspirations to take him to school and harm, maim or kill some students. tell us about that. >> the biggest lesson that i learned is the value of human life. had two friends were killed right next to me underneath the table and i later learned that my sister was the first killed. and i saw two guys coming to my school and treat life like it was a game. and these two were very negatively influenced by a lot of negative media. they looked for the negative in the world. and focused on it. when i talk to kids today, i talked some about valuing themselves, choosing visit master value and valuing the other people. i share my story and my experiences. talk about my sister. she left an incredible legacy behind. a lot of journals and writings. one of her writing she marches the month before she was killed. she said i have a theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion, it will start a chain reaction of the same and people never
1:35 pm
know how far a little kindness can go. i talked to kids that they can start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. and talk to them about this message valuing themselves. these shooters had self hatred and malice and it didn't value themselves. so treat other people with value. arthel: you believe that that might be a commonality in these kids that you're working with? that they don't you know value themselves, their families, tell me a little more about that. with the common thread. >> i have met, i spoke to over million teenagers across the country and of thousands of teenagers that come aftermath representation in their school and talk with me. i'm finding there's a lot of students that do not believe they have this worthiness, then how this an inherent value. it is not based on their looks or one of -- what other people
1:36 pm
say about them. there is always value just because they're a person. if they can see themselves of being a person of value, when a student feels valuable usually choose things that match the identity and choose more valuable things in their life. life choices. and how they treat others. right now across the country we have suicides happening. i meet with students all the time having suicidal thoughts. and i always take time for the students are having those depressing down thoughts, test them about finding a quiet place, unplugging from all the tech, social media and finding a quiet place and listen deeper than to voice that will tell them they are valuable. and i take time to hug on those kids, pray with them, love on them and i just get to see this as i share my sister story with them. arthel: your website is value ã
1:37 pm in some ways is it therapeutic, do find solace in changing these troubled and disturbed minds? >> yet, it has been therapeutic to see so much good. i meet a lot of people like with the tragedies of their own and do not seem to be good powerful men. i talk to people about taking pain and if you deal with it right you can turn into purpose in your life. i can take negative emotions and translate them into something positive. you take anger that i felt very rushed toward the shooters at columbine. you can turn that into determination. you can turn sadness into appreciation for life. it is healing for me to get to see so much good come from it and i'm hoping that people that are dealing with tragedies of their own, i've met with a lot of students from parkland and sandy hook.that they can be able to see in the midst of all
1:38 pm
their chaos and all their charges that they can place her attention something good. because what you place your attention on you give power to a rose that. that's what i've seen with my journey. arthel: i believe that. craig, you are the most intense scene, the library where 10 students were killed. you mentioned earlier how you watch us to your friends were killed, once you left antjuan seawright. although susan handed face-to-face with the shooters. you are one of five that survived. when you ask, why me? 20 years ago, what answer came into your system? and when you ask, why me? in the present time, what is the answer? >> that question did country up first with the why, why me? why did i live and why did my friends die? but i learned to stop asking why and start asking what. and what is the purpose in this
1:39 pm
for me? i believe i survived for a reason.i believe that my friends would have wanted me to live and not dieted that table with them. and so i stopped asking why and i started asking what. what is it that i want through this experience that is in it for my purpose? and i had a lot of peers that struggled with the question. why? and there are a couple of different questions. why did the shooters do it they did?why did i survive? i learned about the shooters and what they did and they focus on everything negative in the report but the personal why i survived, i told people anytime i meet someone that survived something, i say that you survived for a reason. i can say that i'm here for a reason. arthel: absolutely and you are right. the question is, what is my lot in life? and how do you want me to be used for the good of our community as a whole.
1:40 pm
>> that's right. arthel: i am so grateful to talk to you. you are an inspiration on multiple levels. a couple of times just hearing your answers, and me goosebumps. they make us all think and really have gratitude and i'm sorry for your loss. but i also celebrate your remembrance of such a vibrant young spirit sister that you had at one time. craig scott, thank you so much. >> thank you, arthel. eric: thank you. such an emotional day. in paris, the levesque protesters are back at her for yet another saturday today. another riot and demonstration. they set small fires throughout the city. the demonstrators are up in arms claimant of the baynor donors who want to rebuild the burns at notre dame, they are spending their money and that we should be fixing other problems. molly is the
1:41 pm
latest. hi molly. >> hi eric, good evening. the first government called trump the levesque protesters took to the streets again for the 23rd saturday in a row. literally. thousands of them on the streets of paris today. police responded with water cannons, teargas, stun grenades and the past week they have trashed businesses, most notably in the champs-elysses. they are forcing fury of the economy, high taxes and the leadership of the french president, emmanuel macron. now some reportedly are missed by the billion-dollar outpouring to save notre dame. >> essay what happened is a tragedy but humans should be more important than stones.
1:42 pm
if humans have a little bit more money, they too can help finance the reconstruction work at notre dame. i find this disgusting. macron was slated to speak of the concerns of the protesters and their movement earlier this on. that was postponed when the cathedral of court fire. leaders have expressed to continue to fill unheard. their concerns is still unjust. the levesque never made it to notre dame cathedral low some threatened to come this direction. tonight it remains pretty peaceful on the streets around this cathedral. tomorrow, -- arthel: easing tensions on the southern border to get into a heated argument with mexican troops. plus, developments in the case of a journalist killed during a riot in northern ireland. those stories ahead. more than half of employees across the country
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arrested two teens in connection with the death of a journalist, shot covering the disturbance there. it'll happen that a fiery riot on thursday in londonderry. when a journalist, lyra mckee was shot and killed by a stray bullet picture standing near police vehicle that authorities say was targeted by the teens. they were 18 and 19 years old and are part of group. they are taken into custody. they issued a joint statement saying the murder was an attack on all of the people of the community. an attack on peace and the democratic processes. arthel: and tense moments on the southern border. we letting mexican troops recently question u.s. soldiers in american territory. jeff paul's following this from the west coast newsroom. phyllis in, please. reporter: the exchange involves
1:48 pm
u.s. army soldiers who were conducting border support operations. one week ago. the incident happened in texas about 23 miles southeast of el paso, the soldiers were in an unmarked cbp vehicle when they are stopped and questioned by five or six mexican military members. in a statement nor the command says though they were south of the border fence, u.s. soldiers remained in u.s. territory north of the actual border. at the end of the u.s. soldiers followed all established procedures and protocol. officials after a brief discussion between the soldiers from both countries, the mexican military members left the area. arthel: president trump said that he is sending more and military to the border but what else is being done to deville with-- to deal with the high numbers at the border? >> they have facilities, they say the processing facilities already breaking point.
1:49 pm
officials are hoping these shelters help with the unprecedented number of families and unaccompanied children crossing the border each day. those who live in the impacted border towns, had mixed feelings about the shelters. >> i think it's a good idea because at least they don't, then on the street. >> we can't accept everybody coming in seeking asylum as much as we want to. we need more, we need immigration reform. reporter: the facilities are each expected to house up to 500 people and could be up and running may 1. arthel? arthel: jeff paul, thank you. eric: chaos in london. hundreds of arrests today during a protest. we have more on that straightahead. plus, colorado commemorating 20 years of the shocking shooting at columbine high school which killed 12 students and a teacher. in a few moments will take you there for the remembrance ceremony about to get underway.
1:50 pm
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is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. eric: london police say more than 700 people have been arrested and dozens charge. climate protests. it started last month and at
1:54 pm
parts shut down parts of the great britain capital. they are urging the british government to make fighting climate change its top priority. arthel: says the first set of wheels was invented, america has had a love affair with cars. and nowhere is this more evident than at the new york international auto show where more than 1000 of the latest trucks and cars are on display. we are live on the test track at the javits center in manhattan. hi jackie! reporter: hi arthel! we are at the rav4, the new model, and a professional driver is here to give us a spin. right! >> we are going for a spin. >> let's check it out show me what is copier. >> 203 horsepower. are you ready? >> i'm ready, i think! you feel it. you totally feel it! okay this is a lot of fun. [laughter] my goodness!
1:55 pm
>> the acceleration is plenty for getting on new york for freeway on ramps. and the breaking. it is 2.0and we have antilock braking. a longer wheelbase and lower center of gravity. you can go on a side tilt here. >> look at the camera. i feel a sideways. >> were kind of tilting over. there's a lot of good stuff on board. it's probably not dissimilar from the aggressive potholes you get in the city. >> we have plenty of those. >> indeed. overhears a patch of ice. i live in california as you know, >> you don't deal with ice out there.>> not nearly as much. but a lot of features on board. we have all-wheel drive. it will make sure that we have the proper amount of traction of each of these we also get over these crazy scenarios like ice. a lot of features. we were on that iphone a little bit earlier. we have eight inch multimedia
1:56 pm
touchscreen, let's have some fun. a lot of folks can come out to enjoy and hop in the seat that you are in. >> anyone can do this. >> exactly, have some fun with this. let's switch on the rearview mirror. a nice feature. but i'm tricking you. i'm getting you to look away from what we are about to do. >> you have to wrap it up actually. we will have to come out here. whoa! [laughter] you have to come out and see more of this. most people come out actually plan to buy a car the next 12 months. a lot of reasons to try out a toyota. >> it looks like a lot of fun. i have to check out the rav4. jackie, thank you! we will be right back. [farmers bell]
1:57 pm
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eric: it is a day of remembrance and emotional reflection in colorado, a ceremony about to get underway to mark the deadly columbine massacre. remember that shocking school shooting, it claimed the lives of 13 people, 12 students and a teacher, and left 24 others wounded, 20 years ago today. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. a community coming together to support survivors and family members who lost loved ones that day. two gunmen forever altering p countless lives when they opened fire inside l columbine high l school. arthel:school.
2:01 pm
eric: allysia is live near where the ceremony is about to take place. >> reporter: hi, eric. hi, arthel. things are about to get underway at klemmmon park. the park abuts columbine high school. we'll give you a closer look at the stage and i do want to explain, the ceremony gets under way and we get a tighter look at this, what you will not he see are the faces of the survivors, family and friends, who were invited to sit in a cordoned off area. this is at their request. this is a day the nation remembers one of history's worst school shootings, for those you do not see, i was the worst day of their lives, personal, and they want to keep the acknowledgement of that day theirs alone. members of the public are in attendance as well as you can see in an open area of the park. that crowd has been growing for the last hour. here are the teenagers and their teacher, dave sanders, who were
2:02 pm
lost that day. every year, the community remembers and honors them, the l school closes on this day each year when it's on a weekday and the students participate in a day of service, volunteering in their community. this is the permanent memorial, also located in the park. that was the site of a quiet vigil last night as well. one of the people in attendance was the principal of columbine at the time of the shooting. >> it's like coming here and reflecting and reading what the parents wrote, you get to know about their children a little bit and who they were and what they believe. >> i wish we made more progress, stopping this kind of violence. >> reporter: the principal is expected to speak at the memorial today. also in attendance former call o governor. eric: it is so painful for the survivors and families who look back at the day. what can you tell us about the
2:03 pm
security and security today and how that is going. >> reporter: we've seen mounted deputies patrolling the area. we've seen substantial security actually in the entire area of the park and the school and safety is even more on the minds of folks today after this week, a columbine and surrounding schools were put on lock-out after the fbi determined there was a credible threat. a florida teen who authorities say was infatuated with the shooting flew to colorado and bought a weapon. most schools were closed on wednesday out of an abundance of caution. authorities later found the young woman in the foothills. she had taken her own life. back here at the park, the service looks like it's getting under way and it's expected to go for about two hours. eric: since that horrible event 20 years ago we've had parkland, sandy hook, virginia tech and so many others, as it tragically continues.
2:04 pm
allysia, thank you. we'll get back to you as the ceremonies begin. arresarthel: congress gearing r a fight over the mueller report. jerry nadler issuing a subpoena for the unredacted report, along with any department pushing back, calling the move premature and unnecessary. meanwhile, many republicans are rushing to the defense of the president. >> the president has done nothing wrong. he has been totally vindicated. he basically found him guilty of absolutely nothing. arthel: that's not entirely true. allison barber is following all of this live for us from washington. hi, allison. >> reporter: the justice department, that's for 12 members of congress to review a less redacted version of the mueller report. the lawmakers permitted to see it would to not be able to discuss it with other members of congress, even those with
2:05 pm
security clearances to see sensitive material and democrats say that's unacceptable. six lawmakers sent a letter to attorney general barr telling them the current proposeal is not workable. this letter from the six dem lawyers, they began in part by quoting the mueller report. they write as the special counsel stated, the conclusion that congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of the powers of accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law. they write the department has a duty to submit the full report and underlying evidence to congress so that it can fulfill its constitutional responsibilities. republicans say democrats are essentially throwing a political temper tantrum. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the only thing he and the other approved lawmakers won't be able to see are things prohibited by law. arthel: allison, are democrats seriously considering impeachment proceedings at this point?
2:06 pm
>> the progressive wing of the caucus is, some of their most recognizable, high profile members are supporting it. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says that he she will sign ontos congresswoman ray shyda tlaib's impeachment resolution. house leadership is not on-board just yet. most democrats say they want to hear from attorney general barr, special counsel robert mueller and see the full report before they go down that road. listen here. >> a lot of people keep asking about the question of impeachment. we may very welcome to that very soon. but right now, let's make sure we understand what mueller was doing and understand what barr was doing and see the report and the unredacted form and all of the underlying documents. >> reporter: house judiciary chairman jerry nadler asked for mueller, special counsel robert mueller to testify in front of his committee as soo possible. he says he wants him there no
2:07 pm
later than may 23r 23rd. so far, no word from mr. mueller on that request. arthel: eric. eric: as for the president, he's spending his first weekend after the release of the mueller report in his estate of mar-a-lago. he will be there for the easter holiday. he is keeping up his attacks against special counsel, tweeting against it. phil keating is live in west palm beac beach near mar-a-lago. what is the president saying. >> reporter: he's saying quite a lot. he's been spending both mornings and afternoon as he did today at the near by trump international golf club. two issues dominating the weekend, reacting to the redacted mueller report and playing golf. the first lady and first family have joined the president down here at mar-a-lago. the winter white house. for likely the last time as the season ends at the end of the weekend.
2:08 pm
they'll probably return thanksgiving week, as they have since he became president. this morning, trump did send out several more heated tweets, including one lashing out at the media. i'll quote that one. the fake news media is doing everything possible to stir up and anger the polls and as many people as possible, seldom mentioning the fact that the mueller report has as its principal conclusion the fact there was no collusion with russia. the russia hoax is dead. trump also is threatening retaliation against those who pushed for the two-year investigation. on the obstruction of justice probe, mueller listed 10 things that happened which could be considered obstruction. but he declined to indict the sitting president but also writing within the report that while he tried, he could not in the end ebbs othe end exonerateg furthefurther steps to congress. elizabeth warren is now calling for impeachment. he she tweeted the evidence is just overwhelming that donald
2:09 pm
trump has committed these offenses and that means we should open proceedings in the house and then the house can take a vote. the white house press office has now shared photos of yesterday's celebrity round of golf. rush limb bougrush limbaugh paih trump and a professional l golfr with trump. they say they should have invited the cameras for these incidents but they have not. the travel pool has not been notified to mobilize for an outing for dinner. we expect the president to break away tomorrow morning and attend easter service as he did last year. and then head back to washington in the afternoon. eric. eric: we don't have details on what happened with the golf game with rush but we can expect updates on the sports action with the i.e.b. network on monday so we'll see. thank you. >> reporter: nobody's claimed victory. eric: the president always
2:10 pm
wins. put it that way. >> reporter: that's right. arthel: all right. for more, we'll bring in scott wong, a senior staff writer for the hill. scott, hi. first of all. in the wake of the release of the redacted report, mueller report, what are the burning questions that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle must ask, must they contend with? >> well, the democratic party really is wrestling with this huge question of impeachment. you have the liberal fire brands of the party, aoc and rashida talib and elizabeth warren saying democrats need to go down this path, they need to begin impeachment proceedings. on the other hand, i think you have the leadership, democratic leadership, nancy pelosi and as well as chairman jerry nadler who are saying hold your horses, you know, let's hear from robert mueller, let's hear from bill barr in the coming weeks.
2:11 pm
we need to see this full, unredacted report in order to make a determination whether impeachment is proper and necessary. and so you have this sort of tug of war happening within the party. the concern i think from pelosi and others is that if democrats overreach ahead of the 2020 election, it could put the party in serious jeopardy. it could alienate a lot of voters and so they are -- pelosi and others are concerned and don't want to turn off a number of voters ahead of the election. >.arthel: congressman elijah cummings, he's on-board with the rest of the democratic leadership in terms of wait and see, let's get all of the -- try to pull back all of the curtains before we make decisions. what about the obstruction of justice case that special counsel l sell mueller laid out in his report. will congress pursue that trail? if that, will that pursuit be bipartisan or partisan?
2:12 pm
>> well, nancy pelosi is going to be holding a conference call on monday with fellow democrats. this will be sort of the first gathering of democrats since the report was released and i talked to some of her aides and what she is prepared to say, according to her aides, is that yes, we need to hear from robert mueller, we need the full, unredacted report. we also need to have republicans join us in this effort of pursuing and investigating some of the 10 potential episodes of obstruction of justice that robert mueller laid out in his very extensive report. and so you will hear nancy pelosi calling on republicans to join them. i doubt, though, that any republicans will be joining them. you heard kevin mccarthy, the minority leader, saying it's really time to move on. everyone is-in the republican party are taking their cues from president trump and saying case
2:13 pm
closed. it's time to move on. arthel: bu is that the right ? isn't that the job of congress to make sure that the executive branch doesn't just kind of run the table, if you will? >> well, i think you're exactly right. there are a number in the party who say it is -- this is about checks and balances. this is congress' responsibility to hold the president accountable. i think jerry nadler and others in the democratic party, especially in leadership, say we can continue to investigate. we don't necessarily have to go down the impeachment path but we can continue to investigate. we can explore all of these different avenues that robert mueller has laid out in his report and from a political standpoint, i think it's actually very smart because when you have a number of these investigations that will be going on for the foreseeable
2:14 pm
future, heading into the 2020 elections, i think that puts democrats in a very strongplace. democrats in launching a number of these investigations know that that will probably weaken president trump and so i think they are more than happy to have these investigations go off sort of in a number of different directions, heading into the election year. arthel: one final quick answer, if we could. how crucial will mr. mueller's public testimony be to alleviate misinterpretation of his report? >> i think it's really unclear. we have not heard in these 22 months since robert mueller launched his investigation, we have not heard and we have rarely seen robert mueller in public and so i think it will be very interesting to see what questions are asked of him, you know, wil will he tray contradie
2:15 pm
sitting attorney general, bill barr, will he contradict the president, will he fully explain why he did not come back with a recommendation to indict the sitting president of the united states? all of these questions have been left unanswered up until this point and i think it's going to be a fascinating hearing. arthel: scott wong, senior staff writer at the hill. thank you. >> thanks so much. eric: well, north korea is at it again. new bluster and bombastic missives making new demands as commissions to resume denuclearization talks. we'll tell you what they're saying. candidates for the 2020 democratic nomination are reacting to the mueller report. how massachusetts senator elizabeth warren call for impeachment could resonate with democratic voters. >> we cannot be an america that says it's okay for a president of the united states to try to
2:16 pm
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eric: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was speaking to early primary voters in new hampshire this morning. she repeated her call for the house democrats to begin
2:20 pm
impeachment proceedings against president trump, this of course following the release of the mueller report. this comes as we are being told another big name democrat is set to officially jump into the race next week after a lot of speculation. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> reporter: the democratic field is about to get a little bigger this week with the addition of former vice president joe biden. two sources with knowledge of biden's plans tell fox news he's expected to declare his candidacy on wednesday, though it could slip to thursday. the theme of his announcement will be the battle for the soul of america. and the site for his campaign rollout according to the philadelphia enquirer will be charlottesville, virginia. for months he has led nearly every poll of 202 2020 democratc candidates without officially entering the race. this week in boston he gave a preview of his pitch to yo blue collar workers who are on strike. >> it's just a simple fact, it's
2:21 pm
a fact, the middle class built this place. you know who built the middle class? unions. >> reporter: one of the leading questions is whether congress should impeach president trump following the release of the mur report. democratic leaders have largely resisted the effort. a number of candidates are now calling for it. earlier today, senator elizabeth warren doubled down on her calls at an organizing event in new hampshire. >> there are a lot of folks who say that democrats shouldn't go here, just stay away from it. there's an he'll election coming up. but there's some things that are bigger than politics. i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. >> reporter: we've been reporting for weeks that biden's team has been preparing for him to enter the race b by reaching out to donors.
2:22 pm
that will be something to keep a close eye on this week as well. eric: a big week ahead. arthel. arthel: a somber ceremony is under way in colorado to remember victims of the columbine shootings 20 years later. the president of jefferson county board of education ron mitchell is speaking right now. let's listen in. >> with confidence and hope, because of the shared experien experience. on april 20th, 1999, the forces of evil did not win. this community would simply not a allow that to happen. instead, forces of good have triumphed in the last 2 20 many students have left this high school, found their place in society, got married, returned to raise their families and work, here. they do this because they want their children to experience
2:23 pm
this special community. in one of my early conversations with our new superintendent, i was trying to give him a feel for jeffco and i shared with him that one day he would hear the phrase, we are columbine. i told him that although it might sound like a cheer to him, that it is not. it is rather a mantra to the strength and courage and culture that makes columbine special. i assured him that when he heard it, he should remember they mean it. it's a commitment. 20 years ago our school district inherited responsibility to lead the state of colorado and the nation in the area of school safety and security. i think it appropriate to think about some of our collective work in this area, even though we know there is no limit to what we could and want to do. a few of the positive things over the last 20 years are the
2:24 pm
state-wide safe to tell program, school safety protocols, improved law enforcement partnerships, protocols, and greatly enhanced communication, improved school building security across jeffco, the frank deangels safety center used by police and fire departments from all of over the country is a step i'm really proud of. expanded and better trained school resource officers. and another one i'm proud of, increased school-based men l tall health programmentalhealthg people. next year we'll have a learning specialist in every elementary school. we have expanded greatly district security forces and training. this is a continuous effort for our entire district. i believe an important key to our success, though, in the area of safety and security, is the
2:25 pm
training of our students and the solicitation of their assistance. our students play a critical role in keeping all of us informed and safe. it's hard to manage paper up here in this wind. while the loss of lives -- arthel: he started out by saying the forces of good triumphed. the entire ceremony is streaming live on (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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2:29 pm
we'll continue to work, to negotiate. still in shac charge of the tea. president trump is in charge of the overall effort. my team will continue to lead the u.s. efforts to awhat achiet chairman kim committed to do, which is to denew hnuclearize.
2:30 pm
eric: the north is demanding that they should no longer be in charge of the negotiations. they don't want someone who they say is, quote, they want someone who is more careful and mature. the talks have stalled since the president walked out of the second summit with chairman kim back in february. what does this mean? jamile jafrey joins us. the north koreans made an art form for years of the diplomatic insult. why have they turned on the secretary of state. they say every time he puts his, quote, nose into these mettings things go wrong. he's also attacking john bolton. >> they're upset about the way the negotiations have gone since the president went to singapore in june of 2018. when they negotiated with the president, they thought they got a better deal than they've
2:31 pm
gotten before. while they talked about denuclearization, it was about working towards it which is even better than what they had gotten back in 1992 and 1994 with clinton. they thought they were about to get a good deal. when mike pompeo went back in september and the recent summit in february, the president, steve begin, mike pompeo and john bolton told the north koreans told complete denuclearization means give up everything. kim jong un doesn't want to hear that. it's unfortunate for him. it's the right position to take. eric: steve beacon is our man on the ground, the guy who is leading negotiations there while the secretary of state is in charge of them. they also went after john bolton saying he is dim-sidessed. what you're saying basically is they're upset because they're not getting what they want or expected. this is an administration that is not rolling over, that's not a pushover for them and they're mad about that. that's why they want someone
2:32 pm
else to deal with. >> that's exactly right. the problem is, they thought they could manipulate the president. he's not going to give in and walking away from the summit, they say it was a failed summit. the u.s. asserted the right position and walking away was the right move for the united states. the position is no nuclear weapons on the north korean peninsula. eric: what do you think of what the president said, that he was given the word, that they will denuclearize. doesn't that include us evacuating our troops from south korea. >> when they see denuclearization, they mean america out completely and not them giving up their you nuclear weapons but everyone vacating the peninsula and leaving it up to whatever happens you without our troops there. that's not something we will accept. what has to happen here is kim jong un needs to understands he's in no position to really
2:33 pm
negotiate and not give up nuclear weapons. if he wants to deal with the united states that's going to come at the expense of one thing, that's his nuclear capability. he may get economic normalization. he may get an economy that works and saving his people. if he's not willing to give up nuclear weapons, there's no deal on the table for the united states and the president shouldn't make one. eric: the analysts say he has -- he will not give up his nuclear weapons. we're seeing troubling new different advances. he went to a missile base the other day, then they test fired a missile, not a ballistic missile. those haven't been fired since sometime in 2017. that's the good news. what do these small provocations mean when he goes back with the military, when they test fire a missile and kim jong un declares himself the, quote, the supreme representative of all the korean people, all the korean people, not just north cre korea but ins mind south korea too. >> he wants unification on his terms. which is him in charge of a
2:34 pm
unified korea. that's never going to happen either. and he's upset about the way the negotiations have gone thus far. at the end of the day, i think your point is the right one which is that if kim jong un is going to get a deal that he's going to be able to actually succeed with here, we've got to come to a middle position here. the u.s. has played 2. >> arthel: years of the -- 25 years of the game of lucy and charlie brown with the football. we're not going to play anymore. we need to put our foot down and say either no nuclear weapons or no deal. eric: why doesn't he do somethinhe dosomething that is o do, not nuclear related but try to bring to justice those people in his regime who killed otto warmbier. he was tortured to death. why doesn't he do -- that's a small step. that could be a sign of goodwill if -- this evil dictator doesn't have any but it could be a sign of goodwill from his regime.
2:35 pm
why doesn't he do that instead of playing these games? >> the thing about north korea, nothing happens in north korea without kim jong un's say-so. otto warmbier was tortured not because of anybody else but because of kim jong un. he would bring close advisors and potentially family members to justice. we saw what he did recently to a family member. here's the situation, he probably directed what happened to otto warmbier. if anybody's is to be held responsible for it, it's him, kim jong un. eric: absolutely. arthel. arthel: a tense confrontation at the southern r border after mexican troops questioned u.s. soldiers who they mistakenly believed had crossed over the southern border. jeff paul is covering this for us from l.a. jeff. >> reporter: arthel, the exchange involved u.s. army soldiers who were conducting border support operations one
2:36 pm
week ago. the incident happened in texas, 23 miles southeast of el paso. the soldiers were in an unmarked vehicle when they were stopped and questioned by five or six mexican military members. in a statement, northern command says though they were south of the border fence, u.s. soldiers remained in u.s. territory, north of the actual border. throughout the incident, the u.s. soldiers followed all established procedures and protocol. of icials say after a brief -- officials say after a brief discussion between soldiers from both countries, the mexican military members left the area. arthel: president trump said he's sending more military to the border. what else is being done to deal with the high number of migrants at the border. >> reporter: we're learning there has been some help asked for by las cruecs, new mexico. the city is asking for help from volunteers. they've said that they accepted and served about 1300 a asylum
2:37 pm
seekers and they're expecting more this weekend. we're learning around 230 migrants were transferred from some of those local shelters to las cruces high school. >> the reason to bring them to the high school is to give volunteers who have been working nonstop since this began a week ago today, a much needed break and an opportunity to reconstitute the shelters that fell. >> reporter: meanwhile, we're learning u.s. customs and border protection just awarded a contract to build a soft sided temporary shelter facility in el paso and donna, texas. cbp says its processing facilities are at a breaking point and they hope to have the facilities opened by the first of may. eric: it's an afternoon of remembrance and honor. we follow le the emotional cerey in colorado that's going on right now, they're gathering to remember and honor the memberly
2:38 pm
of 12 -- memory of 12 students and one teacher who were gunned down at columbine high school one year ago today. coming up, we'll show you some of that ceremony as they honor those who died. 't easy. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. i comparison shop for everything. big stuff. little stuff. floaty stuff! everything. i even comparison shop loans - right here. a lot of people forget to do that, they just go to their bank. but going to lending tree is like going to hundreds of banks. it's so easy!
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the power is exhilarating!! hahahahahaha! hah. ha. just got something in my throat. yea... marvel studio's "avengers endgame." in theaters april 26. eric: one of the great untold stories of the first world war is coming to life in spectacular new documentary. it is called the millionaire's unit, about a private air militia formed by wealthy college students who came of age as the world was going to war. this is the story of their service and sacks nice. sacrifice. with us now is the director. let me start with you. what is the story, first and who are the rich yaleys who decided to take this upon themselves and what did they do? >> they were wealthy sons of men
2:43 pm
of business, true b. davidson was the leader. it was his idea. his father was jp morgan's business partner. he got his friends together and said we should learn to fly. they were quite wealthy, these guys. and so they could afford to purchase a plane and learn to fly and they get trying to get the navy to get interested in them. but the navy couldn't quite see how airplanes were going to help them. they were rather flimsy. this is a dozen years after the wright brothers first flew. the planes couldn't carry anything. the guys persisted. they had real vision, i think, of what was needed in world war i. eric: why did they do this? they could have spent their time playing polo, sipping drinks and chasing girls. they started our naval air force basically. >> they really did. i mean, these were guys who really cared about what was going on in the world at that
2:44 pm
time and they were a little bit ahead of the curve in terms of where america's mind was at at the time. president wilson was basically elected on the notion that keep the u.s. out of the war, we don't want to participate in it. it's europe's war. but true b. davidson was aware of what was going on over there. he had served as an ambulance driver and he felt that the united states was going to get involved in the war sooner or later and they wanted to be ready. there was a preparedness movement going on at the time and a certain segment of the population was getting ready. and so that's really what it was. they felt they had a service and duty to their nation and they were ready to act on it and indeed they did. >> we can't discount the aspect of adventure. these guys really could have done anything. but the frontier was pretty much closed in america. the gold rush was over in alaska. but airplanes, i mean, imagine a
2:45 pm
world where airplanes are brand-new and these guys really wanted a piece of that and of course the cataclism of world war i starting was the largest thing in the history of the world. eric: that war changed our nation's position in the world as well as the global map. ron, we just saw bruce dern's name mentioned. he's a great grand no fe no fewe of -- nephews of one of the guys. tell me about that connection. >> that was an interesting discovery that we made along the way. one of our favorite people in the movie is a young man named kenny mcleash. and his brother was a guy named archibald mcleash, was he the poet laureate -- >> uh huh. >> of the united states. bruce dern is related to the
2:46 pm
mcleashs. he actually grew up -- when we were recording his narration, he showed us a photograph of the home where he grew up. his room was the same room as kenny mcleash, who was one of the three off yateser off yatese -- aviators from the yale unit. >> his grandfather was a member of the first yale you' unit. mark wortman wrote a book that came out in 2006. ron saw his grandfather's photograph on it and gave me a phone call. eric: that's fantastic. we're out of time, i'm sorry to say. thank you for your grandfather's service. thank you for the millionaire's unit as we remember those and hope that we all still have that spirit for democracy and independence. >> indeed. eric: congratulations. >> i agree. thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you. eric: arthel. arthel: a community gathering in grief in colorado to remember the lives lost in the deadly
2:47 pm
columbine high school shooting. 12 students and a heroic teacher were killed, 24 others wounded, 20 years ago today. speaking right now is mandy cook, a columbine teacher and former student. let's listen. >> a great community. thank you for letting me share my story. whether you live nearby or came here today to honor and pay tribute to our community and the lives lost that day, know that columbine will always be home for so many of us. because you are a rebel for life and no one can take that away from you. [applause] >> i would now like to introduce a columbine teacher that has meant so much to so many of us. a teacher who knows how to inspire our students and our community, to use our voices,
2:48 pm
our strengths and our love to make this world a better place. here he is, our own mr. ivory moore. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you. thank you so much. [ cheering and applause ] >> everybody up on your feet! hello, columbine! [ cheering and applause ] >> we are -- [ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] >> we are -- >> [ indiscernible ] >> we are -- >> columbine. >> we are. >> columbine. >> we are. >> columbine. >> we are. >> columbine.
2:49 pm
>> we are. >> columbine. >> and we love you, columbine! [ cheering and applause ] >> give it up for ivory moore one more time. [ cheering and applause ] >> give us a minute or two. you it will take us a moment to get our next performers set up. so talk amongst yourselves. arthel: okay. want to remind you that you can visit where the ceremony is streaming live. a very spirited cheer there. much needed, led by ivory moore, i believe he said his last name is. we'll be right back. this is not a bed...
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arthel: christians around the world will celebrate easter tomorrow. as churches in the u.s. prepare to welcome massive crowds, a new gallup poll is showing a troubling trend for church membership in the country. senior religion core upo correst lauren green has more. >> reporter: while pews may fill up for the holy days of easter and passover this weekend, a new
2:54 pm
poll shows the membership roles are declining. >> it's pretty disappointing. >> reporter: the gallup survey shows between the late 1930s and late '90s the percentage of americans who belong to a house of worship hovered around 70%. in the last 20 years, that percentage dropped to 50%. a generational trend much of the driving force, for millennials who make up the biggest percentage of those who don't identify with a specific religion. baby boomers and older make up the bulk of members and those who attend regularly. >> people in adulthood are much less interested and attached to religion than the generation that's passing away. >> reporter: the drop in membership doesn't necessarily mean americans are not religious. three quarters of americans, 77%, still identify with some organized religion. >> god still means something to me, being devoted and taking the
2:55 pm
time to do that is the difficult part. >> reporter: new york's archbishop is confident the trend can be reversed, if church leaders can tap into what they believe is the longing in every heart. >> we've seen trends come and go in the past. if we can re-emphasize what i think is the natural and officer supernatural connection between belief and belonging, we'll be back up there. >> reporter: the decline in membership is greater for
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