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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the good news is, a good samaritan stopped the man. fritz parked his car in front of his and blocked the path of the carjacker. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: did you hear this? the chinese are using our own american satellites against us. it's a stunning new report on satellites built by americans that beijing is using to help its police and soldiers. plus, lori loughlin's areas asking the government to turn over the evidence. her and her husband facing the possibility of decades behind bars if convicted. and now bob saget is weighing in. reporting begins now. and our reporting begins with breaking news this hour.
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hillary clinton speaking out about the special counsel robert mueller's final report on the russia investigation. the former secretary of state and one-time candidate calling for the justice department to release the unredacted version and save -- and saying the mueller report is just the beginning. >> i'm really of the mind that the mueller report is part of the beginning. it's not the end. maybe as churchill said, it's the end of the beginning. there's still so much more that we should know and that we should act upon. obviously that's what the congress is trying to figure out, what to do right now. >> shepard: president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser claimed the russian investigation has been more damaging to the united states than putin's meddling in the 2016 election. jared kushner speaking publicly for the first time since the special counsel robert mueller's
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redacted final report came out last week. jared kushner said he thought the whole thing was kind of nonsense. that's a quote. here's what he said today during the time 100 summit. >> you look at what russia did, buying facebook ads and trying to sow dissent, it's a terrible things but the investigations and all of the speculation that has happened the last two years has had a much harsher impact than a couple of facebook ads. >> shepard: jared kushner's diminishment of russian interference is deceptive. from the mueller report we now know, russians made contact with multiple members of the trump campaign, including jared kushner and attempting to promote russian objectives. they received campaign polling data from the trump team and
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discussed business deals and policy goals and getting dirt on hillary clinton with the now president's son and others. they conducted cyber espionage, stealing e-mails and distributing them to help candidate trump and hurt trump's opponent. they sent russian operatives in america in person to learn the landscape and sow division in america. that i broke into state and local election computers and invaded our nation in the cyber and physical worlds. the united states indicted 26 russian nationals and three russian companies and the mueller report make crystal clear and all u.s. intelligence agencies concur the russians are still trying to thing our nation, interfere in or affairs and influence our elections. special counsel prosecutors interviewed jared kushner for his contacts with the russians including the infamous trump tower meeting with donald trump jr. and the president's campaign chairman, paul manafort.
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mueller report while there's evidence of communications with the trump campaign and moscow, there was no coordination. on the matter of russian interference, the facebook ads jared kushner references were but a sliver of russia's attack on america. john roberts with more. >> good afternoon to you. it was interesting to hear from jared kushner for the first time since the mueller report. mueller's pain point of interest with kushner was the june 9, 2016 meeting at trump towers. in the report, mueller suggested that he was considering whether or not that meeting might have construed an illegal campaign contribution from a foreign source. but ultimately mueller's investigators could not figure out whether there was anything of value that the russian operative was saying. here's what kushner said or what else he said about the mueller report. with the whole notion of the
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russia collusion narrative came up, i was the first person to say happy to participate with any investigations. at this point, i've down three hours interviews, nine hours of special counsel. look at many statement from july, i put out about a 12-page statement explaining all of these things. everything i have said is true and very, very thoroughly investigated. the one thing the mueller report was conclusive on is there was absolutely no coordination or collusion with the trump campaign. not to say that the russians did not try. the white house has tried to figure out what it's going to do about the subpoena that came down late yesterday afternoon from the chairman of the house judiciary committee, gerald nadler seeking testimony on may 21 from the former white house counsel, don mcgahn. in a statement, gerald nadler saying --
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>> mcgahn met with investigators more than 30 hours. it's unclear what more congress could learn in a hearing than mueller did in 30 hours of questioning. it's unclear whether the white house will allow mcgahn to testify or exert executive privilege. might be difficult to make that claim in a court of law. they did not claim any privilege over anything in the mueller report that had mcgahn's name on it. they also did not assert attorney client privilege and not allow him to do an interview with robert mueller. putting the genie of executive privilege or attorney client privilege in the bottle may be difficult. the former chairman of the house committee darrell issa said that he believes mcgahn will testify but with a member of the white house counsel team in attendance. listen here. >> so bottom line is, don is a very smart lawyer. he's already testified. the president has been open and transparent in the way the two
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previous presidents were not. so i expect him to come but i inspection him to insist on having people behind him that can advise him as to when to answer a question and when a privilege night be appropriate. >> mcgahn has been asked to provide documents by may 7. the testimony tentatively scheduled for may 21. we'll see if he goes. >> shepard: john, jared kushner is close with mohammed bin salman, the crown prince of saudi arabia. he's accused by american intelligence and others of ordering the murder of "the washington post" columnist jamal khaishoggi. what did kushner have to say about that? >> he did not dispute that at all. let me give you the quote of what he said. he said look, i'm not going to dispute american intelligence services recommendations. i'm also not going to talk about anything intelligence-related. kushner was in riyadh on february 26 and met with mohammed bin salman about a number of different issues. at the time 100 forum, kushner
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was asked if the khaishoggi murder has affected his relationship with mohammed bin salman and other saudi leaders or what advice he might have given bin salman. kushner said the advice i gave was to be as transparent as possible and we have to make sure there's account ability for what happened. it's not the first time he gave him advice to be transparent. in october, as the investigation got underway, the national security, john bolton, talked to mbs and asked him to do that. >> shepard: thanks. sources tell fox news that the former vice president joe biden will announce this thursday that he is running for the white house and make his first appearance as an official candidate next week on monday in pittsburgh. peter doocy reporting. live in washington. peter? >> joe biden is set to become 2020's 20th candidate. he will explain why he's the best bet to topple trump.
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he heads to pennsylvania, which trump won for a campaign event at a union hall in pittsburgh on monday. he plans to quickly go public with a long list of high profile endorsements. there's no indication that barack obama who he serves as v.p. is ready to back biden. the 76-year-old flirted with a campaign in 2016 as hillary clinton struggled and never announced anything and continuing grieving if loss of his son in private, this will be biden's third official bid. the first time he ran in 1988, he boughed out before the caucuses amid a plagiarism. the next time he ran, he boughed out after a poor showing in the iowa caucuses. bowden has been accused of making women feel uncomfortable with touching and kissing. nobody accused him of sexual assault and the allegations don't appear to have impacted his effort in any way. there's questions about comments
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biden made in ukraine where he joked about pressuring a ukrainian official that was investigating a company his son worked for. it's all part of a decades long report that is about to be re-visited. shep? >> shepard: thanks. the debate about trying to impeach president trump has spilled over in the campaign trail. the 2020 democratic candidates got questions about whether they support congress moving forward with impeachment last night on town hall meetings on cnn. nancy pelosi is urging her party to hold off on those efforts and focus on investigations into the president, his campaign and businesses to as she puts it to see where the facts lead. that's according to sources briefed on a conference call led by speaker pelosi last night. peter, sounds like she's testing the waters with the american people before jumping in head first. >> and so are multiple democrats hoping to replace president trump at the ballot box who are advocating for congress to impeachment before that.
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>> i believe that every person in the senate and the house ought to have to vote and to say either yeah, that's okay with me. yeah, let him step in the way he did when he told the white house counsel to go fire mueller. >> i think we have very good reason to believe there's an investigation that has been conducted which has produced evidence that tells us that this president about his administration engaged in obstruction of justice. i believe congress should take the step towards impeachment. >> joe biden said he didn't want anybody talking about impeachment until after the mueller report. we'll see if he changed his mind soon, shep. >> shepard: peter, there's the debate on felons voting. bernie sanders defending his
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position that all felons should be allowed to vote. >> he told a crowd from new england that he thinks the boston bomber should vote from prison, too, a few days after the region marked the sixth anniversary of the marathon attacks. >> my follow question goes to this like you're writing an opposition ad against you. you think the boston marathon bomber should vote not after he pays his debt to society but while he's in jail. you sure about that? >> chris, i think i have written many 30-second opposition ads throughout my life. >> later agreed, she said she supports having a conversation about that. >> peter doocy live in washington. thanks. >> shepard: big news from the campaign trail. fox news will host a town hall with pete buttigieg. the mayor of south bend, indiana. the date, sunday may 19, 7:00 eastern time, 6:00 central. chris wallace will moderate live
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from claremont, new hampshire. pete buttigieg and chris wallace may 19. prosecutors often go after drug dealers and try to target their suppliers. those at the top. now they're a playing the exact same procedure to a pharmaceutical company and its executives. the form of its kind criminal charges in the opioid crisis coming up. first, the fox urgent and the nasdaq right now is the highest it has ever been. well on its way to a record close at the end of trading in this hour. we'll watch it closely and see if it hangs on. over on the s&p, it is shaping up to be a buzzer beater. it needs to close above 9,230. sorry. 2,930. we're there at the moment that could be an all-time high as well. keeping track on the markets and the breaking news as our reporting continues on this tuesday afternoon.
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>> shepard: fox urgent. for the first time, bill pharma executives are facing charges in the opioid crisis. federal prosecutors say a former drug company ceo instructed his staff to ignore red flags, including suspiciously large orders from pharmacies that supply pill mills. places where patients could get many more painkillers than they needed. the former executive's name is larry dowd. here's his retirement announcement. he worked for rochester drug cooperative which distributed oxycodone and fentanyl. his former chief compliance officer is also facing charges. the former ceo's attorney said that mr. dowd is being frayed by others to cover up for their wrong doing. the government has it all wrong
12:19 pm
and is being used an manipulated by people looking for a scapegoat. doud will defend these charges to his last breath and will be vindicated. the company itself is admitting it "made mistakes." rochester drug cooperative spokesman said the company has reached a criminal and civil settlement deal with prosecutors agreeing to pay a $20 million fine and launch a compliance program. let's turn to katie. she's a former federal prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney. the federal charges are new, but the pay the penalty and you're scot-free, this is a part of a pattern, isn't it? >> it absolutely is. there's been civil enforcements against these pharmaceutical companies for a long time. the criminal enforcement is a new thing and probably long overdo you for the folks that are responsible at the top end for this opioid crisis. >> what is this executive and his compliance officer, what are the two of them being charged
12:20 pm
with and what could happen to them upon conviction, if it happens? >> they're being charged under the controlled substances act, which essentially places a lot of responsibility on distributors of dangerous drugs to ensure that they are making sure that their customers are using them for legitimate persons. so they're charged with conspiracies to illegally distribute these substances to pharmacies that they new had red flags and selling these drugs elicitly. so for the folks fighting the charges, they can face a significant amount of jail time. there's been a settlement agreement reached for some of the individuals involved that is a deferred prosecution. so they will not be immediately facing that assuming they supply. for those fighting it all the way through, this could be significant consequences on the civil side and criminal side.
12:21 pm
>> shepard: the charges mirror the kind of charges that a drug kingpin would face. >> absolutely. i think it's very long overdue. there's people that sell these drugs in small amounts on the streets and they face jail time without question. these folks at the pharmaceutical questions are doing essentially the same thing. but from a corporate perspective. on the defense side, you can look at it and say they're not directly distributing. they're being held responsible for other people's actions. but that's part of engaging in business and selling a dangerous protect. you're held to a high standard. that's why they're responsible for that, even though they're not directly selling the drugs. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. the new charges are out. we'll keep you updated on what happens next. now, coming up, dozens of folks say that they were recorded while getting massaged in the
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spa in the robert kraft prostitution sting. they said they did nothing wrong and they're trying to keep the video from going public. and actress lori loughlin demanding to see the evidence in her college admissions scandal trial. ether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6708.
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12:27 pm
this month. trace gallagher has more. >> the evidence is key. loughlin and her house are facing money laundering charges for funneling the $500,000 bribe through the ringleader's charity and the wire fraud changes because some of the money was brought in outside the united states. the charges indicate the feds have things like bank records, cash checks, wire transfers, et cetera. for now, loughlin and her husband have pleaded not guilty because the plea deal includes significant jail time up to four years. they initially passed on a more lenient plea deal and another charge was added. experts say the couple's attorneys will need to see how damaging any potential evidence is before deciding the next move. loughlin is reportedly concerned that her daughters might be charged as willing participants because it's hard to believe when they got recruited for the
12:28 pm
crew team they didn't think something was up. shep? >> shepard: now bob saget is talking. >> he's not saying much. he's worked or "full house" with loughlin for eight years. when he was asked about the college scandal, he said "it's personal and that's where i'm keeping it and there's 30 years of love there." more than that. that's all i got. saget joked that he's staying in touch with loughlin via carrier pigeon. while bob saget said little, some of her other friends said that this is putting unspeakable press on loughlin because they're fair game for jokes and means. she's outrages saying that she's a cheater. if she cuts a plea deal, cheater would be the appropriate word. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. live in los angeles.
12:29 pm
hidden cameras at a day spa in florida are said to have reported the new england patriots owner bob kraft and others paying for sex. that video is part of court proceedings and will be released to the public. here's the thing. there's others that claim all they did is get a massage. the video recordings of their massages and nothing more may become public and they're fighting to keep their video private. how many people we talking about here? >> the count has jumped from 17 to 31, john and jane does who said their privacy was stripped down when they got caught up in this. the three dozen men and women that filed the class action lawsuit allege prosecutors and police unlawful l lly videotape
12:30 pm
them in a private setting. orchids of asia was one of four spas in an eight-month investigation which uncovered prostitution at a total of five spas. there's been an john going legal tug of war with prosecutors saying they had to release the videos under the florida sunshine laws. the judge ruled this afternoon the video will not be made public for now siding with kraft's attorneys arguing that releasing the video would harm his chance for a fair trial. kraft has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors said they found no evidence of trafficking at the da spa. >> shepard: but another person was rested? >> yes, monday.
12:31 pm
a woman is 58 years old. police say she was caught on hidden surveillance performing a sex act on the patriots owner. after warts, kraft paid her and the manager of the spa in cash. according to her arrest report, the woman was captured on video performing illegal sex acts on six other men. she charged of offering to commit prostitution. shep? >> shepard: thanks, laura. the chinese reportedly using american satellites for their own benefit. we'll hear how they're doing it coming up. plus, isis claiming responsibility for the bombings in sri lanka that killed more than 300 people and wounded more than 500 others. the country's prime minister has a new warning for his own people. but first, the nasdaq on track for a record close today.
12:32 pm
gerri willis is live at the new york stock exchange. >> shep, that's right. you saw the levels there. if the nasdaq closes above 8,109, it will set an all-time record. highest high ever. that's very big news for the nasdaq. what is interesting about this, normally the nasdaq has been led by the five stocks, facebook, amazon. but now the semi conductors, 5g wireless. gives at lot of confidence to investors. meanwhile, we're looking at high expectations from facebook, microsoft and amazon this week. that should propel them further. weaker volumes. this won't last forever. more to come later as shepard smith continues after this. ♪
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>> shepard: the supreme court hearing arguments on whether the 2020 census should ask people if they're legal citizens of the united states. the citizenship question has not appeared since 1950. the trump administration is fighting to bring it back arguing it will help enforce voting rights. critics say the question could actually discourage millions of immigrants legal and otherwise for participating in the census, which lead to an inaccurate population count and result in some areas losing seats in congress and losing federal funding. according to our team in the courtroom, the arguments were at times heated. self justices intercepted counsel several times. the high court's first latina justice said there's no doubt many in the immigrant community would skip the census if the citizenship question is on it.
12:38 pm
john roberts argued the survey has asked demographic questions in the past, questions including gender and age. officials at the census bureau said they need a decision on the citizen sip question by the month of june so that they can start printing the forms. china is taking advantage of american-made satellites using those satellites for everything from spreading chinese state messages to helping chinese police crack down on anti-government demonstrations. analysts warn beijing's military could use the united states technology to guide chinese missiles to their targets. all of that according to an investigation by the "wall street journal." the journal's parent company and fox news share common ownership. there are lones that ban china from buying u.s.-bit satellites. according to the reporting of the journal, there's no law regulating use of our satellites frequencies. so china is essentially renting
12:39 pm
our services in space and could potentially use them against us. let's bring in kate o'keefe, a reporter for the "wall street journal." kate, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> for those that understand satellite technology, it's like a bunch of windows on the satellite. you can use them to bounce things off. information and otherwise. what exactly are the chinese capable of doing with our satellites? what we found in this investigation is that china is basically making use of a fleet of u.s.-made satellites to achieve strategic goals that run counter to u.s. foreign policy. in one case, we found china was using some of these satellites to connect chinese military uncontested outposts in the south china sea. in other cases, we found the satellites were being used by china to bolster their police
12:40 pm
forces in regions like tibet where international groups have documented human rights abuses. >> has the united states weighed in on this? >> so one interesting thing about this project that we learned is that all of this actually appears to be legal because the u.s. bans american companies from directly selling satellites to china. there's no regulation on how the satellite is used in space. so that's a really work around that china has found that has enabled them to take advantage of this u.s. technology without actually buying it. it's very important for china. their satellite technology is inferior to u.s. technologies. >> shepard: understanding the law, has the united states commented on the fact that this is happening? do we know if the u.s. was aware? >> u.s. officials have been aware of this general dynamic because they have approved the
12:41 pm
export licenses for these companies. >> shepard: it's a fascinating article. kate o'keefe for the "wall street journal," our corporate cousin. you can read it now at thanks. the prime minister of sri lanka is warning that more explosives and more attackers are still out there after suicide bombers killed more than 320 people on easter sunday. isis now claiming responsibility for the bombings. sri lankan officials say they had suspected links to the terror group. the country's defense minister suggests that the attacks were in response to last month's mosque attacks in new zealand. he didn't offer evidence to support that. more in just a moment. first, take a look at this video new to it. it shows the suspected bomber walking over to the st. sebastian church north of columbo. that is the church that you just saw. you can see he's wearing a
12:42 pm
backpack here. as he makes his way to the church packed with lots of people. investigators say the attacks killed people from 12 countries and 45 children. a spokesperson confirmed four americans are among the dead. sri lanka on the state of the emergency allowing the military to enforce its wartime powers. officials can search property without a warrant. there's a curfew in effect. no movement overnight. even before curfew, a reporter found the streets of sri lanka's capitol nearly deserted. >> a lot of fear in sri lanka. a lot of security including what you see at this hotel. that's the case across the city of columbo, sri lanka's capitol. >> shepard: the prime minister says people will likely lose their jobs because of
12:43 pm
intelligence failures. catherine herridge reporting on all of this live from washington. catherine? >> we've had several claiming responsibility throughout the day, beginning with the terror's official news agency. that reads -- >> this statement did not offer evidence to back up the claim and there's no direct evidence the terror group was involved. it's important to note unlike al-quaida, isis has made false claims in the past. about three hours later, a second claim of responsibility came in listing seven individuals and identifying them as bombers as well as their alleged targets. finally an hour ago, another claim including alleged video of the attackers swearing loyalty to isis's leader whose whereabouts are unknown in iraq. tom johnson writes about
12:44 pm
al-quaida and told fox news that the video is significant because it may be the attacks were more than inspired by isis. >> shepard: catherine, a sri lankan official said this was a retaliation for the shooting at mosques in new zealand. do you have details? >> the preliminary investigation suggests the coordination attacks were retaliation for two new zealand bombings at mosques. the last 48 hours, the attacks bears the hall marks of isis or associated terrorist groups. it was attacks on places of worship, tourist sites which damage the economy. this morning the sri lankan prime minister seemed to qualify those defense secretary's comments saying it was possible the attacks were linked and emphasized the likely role of external forces.
12:45 pm
>> we have news coming in from cairo that is superior has claimed responsibility. all that we knew earlier. >> new zealand's prime minister has been reluctant to support this connection saying the investigation is in its earlier stages and has not seen intelligence that support that conclusion or the that link, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. another lawsuit in the case involving the empire actor jussie smollett. this time from the two brothers that say they helped smollett stage the attack on himself. that's next. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt
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>> shepard: the two brothers that say jussie smollett paid them to stage a hate crime attack are suing the actor's attorneys for defamation. i said their names wrong before the commercial. they're the osundairo brothers. smollett's legal team has insisted the attack was real even though the osundairo brothers confessed to police and told a grand jury that smollett orchestrated the whole thing. the brother's lawsuit claims that smollett's lawyers made
12:50 pm
false and vicious remarks about them including they wore white face when they attacked the actor. >> we want to end these malicious attacks and ensure that those responsible for continuing to destroy the reputation of the chicago police department, the city of chicago and that of the osundairo brothers are held accountable. >> shepard: smollett has admitted that he did write a check to the brothers, but he claims that check was for a nutrition and workout service. mike tobin reporting from chicago. we just heard from smollett's attorney about this lawsuit, right? >> yeah, mark garragos came out swinging. here's the statement.
12:51 pm
>> now, the brothers do admit that they executed the attack but claim the hoax was conceived and directed by jussie smollett. their attorneys say they're just trying to clear their name. >> they were asked to do something by a friend they trusted and at the end of the day, the friend named the truth. >> the suit does not name jussie smollett. it claims the osundairo brothers that said that things that weren't true and that they executed a hate crime or wore white face. the brothers claim their personal training business was damaged, they suffered emotional distress and that is according to the suit, shep. >> shepard: mike, what sort of damages are they seeking? >> an unspecified nothing. they're looking for punitive damages and they want the geragos team to pick up their legal costs.
12:52 pm
>> shepard: thanks. imagine you hail a taxi, the car pulls over and there's nobody driving. tesla's ceo elon musk says that's his goal for next year. teslas everywhere with no drivers. up next, the details on his planned fleet of robo taxis. human drivers, not included. but first, this just in to fox news. you may know his face but may -- may not know the face but know his name. his name, he's one of the founders of the tax preparation company henry block died. he died of natural causes in kansas city. difficult job. failure is not an option. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work.
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>> shepard: now professional mountain climbers are helping to put tarps over notre dame cathedral. parts of the roof are obviously
12:57 pm
missing after last week's fire destroyed it. and paris is expecting rain this week. so officials say protecting what is left of the centuries old building is the highest priority right now. investigators are still looking into the fire. they have said it's likely an accident. likely related to renovation work. the billionaire entrepreneur elon musk is promising to roll out driverless taxis next year. more than a million teslas will be on the road and able to drive by themselves. next year. he also says he wants to make it possible for you to push a button on your smart phone to put your car to work. kristina partsinevelos is reporting live. i thought this was years and years away? >> i thought you emphasized it perfectly. literally next we're we'll have the driverless cars and will be say. that's what elon musk said.
12:58 pm
he hosted an investor day yesterday trying to woo investors and he spoke to several of them. listen to what he had to say about this bold promise. >> we have cars being produced right now and have everything necessary for full self-driving. all you need to do is improve the software. >> there you have it. just the software. it's a complete of cars called robo taxis. he's made some bold promises in the past. in 2018, tesla promised 500,000 vehicles. they produced after that. last year, they said 10,000 model 3s per week but they haven't cut close to that number. so you have tesla as a hold making bold promises and including they created the world's fastest computer for driverless vehicles. we'll see if that's true. >> shepard: how are investors and tesla's stock reacting to
12:59 pm
this? >> very good. its a big bouncy ball for tesla. yesterday after investors met, they weren't sold on the robo fleet. you have some investors tell fox business there's too many promises and too short 0 time. they're concerned about demand and delivery. if we think of the timing, you have them coming out monday, talking about how great the future will be and the earnings are expected tomorrow on wednesday. we're expecting a loss due to a drop in sales. >> shepard: kristina partsinevelos live. thank you. a quick check of the dow now. it's not the biggest news of the day. the dow is up. the final bell will ring in just a moment. 139 points. here's the big news. the nasdaq, the all-time high on the nasdaq is 1,809.
1:00 pm
we're about to blow that out of the water. this will be the highest reading on the nasdaq 500. looks like we'll get a record there as well. >> i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. >> i think he made it clear he deserves impeachmenimpeachment. >> without question, move forward on impeachment. >> impeachment is all the talk among the prominent democrats, especially those that want to be the next president of the united states. for investors on wall street, not so much. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. thanks for charles payne for filling in yesterday. what is going on with investments and investors