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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 27, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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doesn'tcorrespondents dinner. kristin: which is tonight. leland: you will be there. therefore, i will study late into the evening, news from new york now. arthel: a busy night ahead for president trump. he is gearing up to host a rally in the crucial battleground state of wisconsin, after hosting the japanese prime minister at the white house and expressing hopes for a new trade deal with our ally. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel no. ericneville he.eric: thank you. president trump touting a strong report on the economy. the commerce department says our country's growth is at a rate of 3.2% in the first quarter of this year. the president saying those numbers show the u.s. is right on track. >> inflation numbers are very low. the gasoline prices are coming down. i called up opec. i said you've got to bring them
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down. you've got to bring them down. our economy is doing great. number one in the world. we're number one economy right now in the world and it's not even close. leland: for more on this, let's go to allison bar deer fro barb. >> reporter: after president trump made the remarks about opec, there were reports he had not spoken to anyone at the opec secretariat in vienna. sources told the wall street journal president trump did not talk to the opec secretary general or the saudi energy minister, talking about oil prices. sarah sanders said the white house is in regular contact with the oil producing nations. last week, white house officials met with a delegation from the saudi labor ministry. in washington, they discussed global oil markets, ensure global demand is met after all
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iranian oil is removed from the market. president trump began his day playing golf with shinzo abe. u.s. and japanese teams spent the past couple days trying to negotiate a bilateral trade deal. the u.s. wants japan to get rid of tariffs on american a agriculture products. japan wants to avoid tariffs on cars they export. in the oval office, president trump said the talks are going well and suggested an could be signed when he visits japan in may. >> we'll be discussing that. we'll be discussing very strongly agriculture, because as the prime minister knows, japan puts massive tariffs on our agriculture, going for many years, going into japan. we want to get rid of those tariffs. we're trying to bring some balance to the surplus. >> reporter: president trump is set to head to wisconsin for the campaign rally in a few hours. for the third year in a row, he
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is skipping the white house correspondents dinner. sources say he also told staff not to attend. leland: we'll be covering that rally later on tonight, live. arthel: for more on this, let's bring on john busy, the associate editor for the wall street journal and fox news contributor. as we know, president trump likes to free-style at these rallies and the crowd seems to like it when he does that. with the winds of a strong economy at his back, should he focus on that in wisconsin? what's on tap for tonight? >> it's a great story to tell. he likes to free-style. the presumption is a that he will. you're going to hear the words collusion, obstruction, immigration, the border, the wall, doubtlessly in the rally. on the other hand, he does have a good economic story to tell and you can kind of hear lately that he's been on message. he's been trying to articulate that this is a fairly good signal to the united states that
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the economy's doing well, that wages are rising. there was a little bit of blips in that economic report, the consumer has kind of pulled back a bit, business investment and capital expenditures isn't as robust as the president would like or would suggest. but overall, it was pretty good economic report and really key was that inflation was low, which would suggest that the fed is probably going to hold back on any rate increases in the near term, least, and perhaps for the entire year. arthel: does the president do himself a disservice by de denigrating mr. mueller and his report on the stage tonight. >> i don't think he will care about that. he's speaking to the converted in that audience. these are folks that expect him to be robust in his condemnation of mueller. he's going to say there's no obstruction when in fact mueller did articulate a long list of obstruction, mueller just decided not to prosecute, left
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that up to the congress and perhaps to the electorate to decide whether it the crossed the line of obstruction. at the same time, the democrats are in a tra trapeze act here. do they pursue impeachment going into an election, when people want to talk about the economy, which is a good story for trump. the they want to talk about health care, a lot of other issues that affect them directly. so i think that tonight or i think that when he speaks to his audiences, he's going to hit all of the hot buttons that people like to hear but i think his advise reradvisers are saying me you underscore all of that with the good news you have to tell, which is a 3.2% gdp annualized growth rate in the first quarter. arthel: how much time do you think he'll spend counter-punching vice president biden? >> i think that his natural instinct and impulse is to mix it up on stage. he likes the theatrics of that.
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you might hear him counter-punching biden. you might see him counter-punching somebody else in an effort to diminish the announcement by biden that necessary the race now, that the former vice president announced he's running for president. yomy suspicion he'll counter-puh the democrats in general and you'll probably -- you'll get a lot of that in his rally because that's the sort of instinct that he has. arthel: does vice presidentthet trump, if he's kind of paying attention to the numbers, must be concerned about what happened in the 2018 midterm election when a lot of middle ground voters of his own party went democrat and voted for democrats. that was out of many concerns but was in part a reputeiation of the trump administration. he he's got to be concerned that former vice president biden will
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appeal to that demographic, that political demographic. conservative democrats, moderate to liberal republicans, middle of the roaders who are looking for a different temperment in the white house. arthel: so donald trump was the first gop candidate since ronald reagan in 1984 to win wisconsin. he carried wisconsin in 2016. but by fewer than 23,000 votes. out of 3 million. so by several metrics, john, the badger state appears to be as close to a 50/50 state right now as any other in the country. and operatives on both sides of the aisle agree it will be a top target for the next 19 months. so how has the battle in the battleground state of wisconsin specifically changed with biden in the race? >> again, he will appeal to some of the voters that went trump's way in 2016. remember, in a lot of instances the union leadership wassed
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advising the membership to vote democratic and vote for hill youly clinton. -- hillary clinton. the union membership in many instances voted for president trump. some had been supporters of bernie sanders. they found the anti-trade rhetoric of donald trump and other aspects of donald trump more appealing. so biden might appeal to that demographic as well. you can go way beyond wisconsin. wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania were all decided cumulatively by just slightly less than 80,000 votes. wisconsin, michigan, the former blue wall for the democrats, guess what, they failed to carry that in 2016. the democrats are going to be spending a great amount of attention on that wall. arthel: hillary didn't show up to wisconsin. so there's that. >> bad decision. arthel: big mistake, like pretty woman. big mistake. >> i don't think you're going to see that happening this time around. arthel: they're planning to
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have a convention there. john busy, i have to go. it's always a pleasure to talk to you. by the way, you can watch the president's remarks in green bay, wisconsin, tonight right here on the fox news channel. our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. eric: back in washington, there's a shakeup at the national rifle association. nra's president, oliver north, saying he will not serve another term as head of the gun rights group, suggesting he's being forced out. erin rafferty has the latest developments from washington. >> reporter: oliver north not going out quietly, issuing a strong statement, calling for urgently needed changes within the nra, calling it a crisis within the organization. at the nra's leadership forum in indianapolis, an nra official read a letter from north that said in part, quote, please know i hope to be with you today as nra president endorsed for
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re-election. i'm now informed that will not happen. north goes on to say, there is a crisis in the organization that needs to be dealt with. the announcement coming after an effort by a few members to force out long-time executive, wayne la hpierre. he said north was trying to push him out by threatening la pierre with damaging information. la pierre quoting i believe the purpose of the letter was to humiliate me, discredit our association and raise appearances of impropriety. la pierre received two standing ovations from the crowd of more than 1,000 gathered at the nra convention on saturday, going after the mainstream media and lawmakers who seek to restrict gun rights. he didn't mention his feud with north. instead, singling out an ongoing lawsuit with the state of new york over regulators scrutinizing nra operations. lieutenant north, best known for his role in the iran contra scan
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da of the 1980s, was at the end of his first term at president of the nra. his last day will be monday obamacare '. arthel.arthel: president trumpr us for a showdown. some lawmakers are threatening to hold white house officials in consistent settlement if they don't comply with committee requests to testify. gillian turner has more from washington. >> reporter: congress returns to washington monday after two weeks of recess and democratic leaders are considering their options for taking on president trump in a post mueller report world. they'll be listening closely and drilling down when attorney general bill barr appears for his two hearings next week. the speaker of the house says her party isn't quite there yet when it comes to moving forward with impeachment proceedings. but when it comes to subpoenas and investigations, they're going full throttle. >> the justice department, they
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have not decided to use its full power to impeach, to indict. congress will not be silent in terms of using our constitutional power to find the facts. >> reporter: recent days have borne out an ethics showdown, pitting president trump's executive prerogatives against congress' oversight powers. and subpoenas for multiple white house officials denied. the chairman of the judiciary committee reiterated that his subpoena for the biggest fish, don mcgahn, still stands. writing we have asked him to supply documents to the committee by may 7 and to testify here on may 21. this evening's reports, if accurate, represent one more act of obstruction by an administration desperate to prevent the public from talk about the president's behavior. the president himself in characteristic form, insists he's under siege. >> i have been the most transparent parent and administration in the history of
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our country, by far. we just went through the mueller witch hunt. now the house goes and starts subpoenaing, they want to know every deal i've ever done. i say it's enough. >> reporter: speaker of the house pelosi and schumer will meet with president trump on tuesday. the agenda focuses on infrastructure, though it will be pretty hard for any of the three to ignore the elephant in the room. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. arthel: thank you so mucher authorities are releasing details about a man accused of plowing his car into people in california earlier this week. they believe the suspect, isaiah peeyesayisaiahpeoples, targetede because he thought they were muslims. witnesses described the terrifying moments. >> i was yelling at him, what's the matter with you?
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what's the matter with you? and he was inside the car, the air bags had popped and he was just sitting there and he was saying thank you, jesus, thank you, jesus. eric: peoples is charged right now with eight counts of attempted murder. arrest they'll. arthelarthel.arthel: more bledi lanka. new details of a deadly raid linked to the easter sunday bombing, coming up. hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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we have stopped all our catholic masses. we don't want a rea pet repeat , the group that calls itself isis connected, they have threatened to continue with these attacks, indefinitely. arthel: sunday mass in sri lanka is canceled until further notice, following the deadly easter sunday bombings, killing more than 250 people. meanwhile, a gun battle overnight killing at least 15 people, including six children, after sri lankan security forces raided ad hideout of suspected militants. we have more from colombia, sri
11:19 am
lanka. rebecca. >> reporter: still an ongoing situation here in sri lanka, following those suicide bombings on easter sunday on hotels and churches in sri lanka, which claimed more than 250 lives. sri lanka still very, very much on high alert. the president in the country has also announced that two local groups have been banned, they've been linked by authorities to the attacks. there have been ongoing raids, ongoing arrests. there was also a shootout last night local time in the east of the country, on the east coast, in which we understand that 15 people were killed after security forces found what they believe to be a safe house for islamic militants who may be connected to the bombings on sunday. apparently some of those suspects ended up blowing
11:20 am
themselves up, claiming those other lives in the location. at another site, police and military also found explosives and what appears to be isis uniforms and an isis banner that also appears in another video when isis claimed this attack which has been linked to the local organizations. there's another curfew in place here tonight until the early hours of the morning, as security forces continue to search for suspects who are understood to be on the run. but sunday mass will be can l seld thicanceledthis weekend, it catholic churches because it's seen as a huge risk in this situation. arthel: thank you very much. eric: north korean dictator kim jong un held his first ever summit with russian president
11:21 am
vladimir putin, that happened in russia this week. during the meeting kim accused the u.s. of acting in, quote, bat faith during the second summit with president trump in vietnam after the president walked out after kim's ro pro ps didn't go far enough to indicate that north korea is willing to detodenuclearize. what is kim pulling? if he doesn't get what he wants from president trump, he goes running to putin. >> there's a little bit of that here. he came home from the summit without sanction relief which a was the goal of kim and hard liners around him to achieve and he recognized that he's been seeking leverage ever since. he has since fired his chief negligencnegotiator which sendsa message. he's trying to put pressure on
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president trump by saying to him, indirectly, look, i've got friends in high places, not only president xi in china but president putin in russia and i intend to have those bu those bl relationships while our communication is stalemated. putin never complied with u.n. regulations he voted for which were sanctions. he has been back dooring economic assistance by shipping oil through third parties and doing that at sea and moving it into north korea. so i suspect kim jong un, in talking to putin, one, is thanking him, and two, wants more economic assistance to relieve the pressure of the u.s. sanctions that are imposed and the other thing is, he's had 30,000 north koreans working in russia, 20,000 of them have come home because of the sanctions
11:23 am
and another 10,000 are supposed to come home at the end of this year. i'll bet anything that the two of them were talk about trying to keep those 10,000 there, because they're a source of income for north korea. the money doesn't go to the workers. they get less than 10% of that money paid to them and the rest is pocketed by the government. eric: basically kim is there making sure he still has his money flow. there's a legislation, the senate cut off the banks, the otto warmbier brink act which is coming up again. here's what the president said yesterday when he left the white house. >> i have a great relationship with kim jong un. i appreciate that russia and china is helping us and china's helping us because i think they want to. they don't need nuclear weapons right next to their country. i also think they're helping us because of the fact that we're in a trade deal which by the way is going very well. eric: are russia and china really helping us as the president says?
11:24 am
this some help to get some place or is it in their self interest? >> they're helping him in terms of the goal. both leaders have publicly stated the goal. let's be frank. president xi has also opened the door in terms of economic assistance. he had shut it for a while but after the first summit, that door became open again. it's not the way it was before the u.n. resolutions but both of them are in violation of the u.n. resolutions and helping the dictator there in north korea. and i think where the president is clearly, he's willing to go back to another summit but from what i understand, in dealing with the administration leaders, they're not going to go back to another summit suc until such te as leaders meet at lower levels and they get clear evidence -- we have not had any evidence to date that north korea is willing
11:25 am
to give us a list of weapons, missiles, nuclear sites, open to independent verification with a timetable to disarm. we've been asking that from the beginning and we've got none of it. i don't see -- eric: do you think we'll ever get that or are we going to hold our nose until we're blue in the face. secretary of state pompeo said kim promised to his face and the president's face that he's going to denuclearize. >> exactly. in terms of the real evidence to denuclearize which step one would be here's the weapons and here's the timetable to deal with it, we're still in search of it. i think if we don't get any of that, it's unlikely that's talks will be meaningful. i do believe that kim, what he's seeking here clearly is some relief from the sanctions. i do believe at some point he may give up some weapons and some missiles but it's unlikely he would give up all of it because he wants to guarantee the preservation of the regime. we know that. we're trying to provide him with
11:26 am
assurances that north korea will remain as a sovereign state. the united states has no intention to conduct a regime takedown of north korea and the negotiation over that remains to be seen in terms of what can provide kim assurances that that is indeed a fact. eric: of course, kim's goal ultimately is to remove the 28,500 u.s. troops in south korea and our joint pact with them. >> as it is, russia's goal and china's goal also, eric. eric: absolutely important to keep in mind, yes. general, thank you for adding that in. of course, always good to have you, general jack keane. >> good talking to you. eric: we'll have more reaction tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris wallace sits down with john bole to. bolton, you can watch it at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channels. you can check your local listing to see the fox station where you
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nothing runs like a deere. run with us. save $300 when you test drive and buy a gator xuv835 at participating john deere dealers. he. eric: democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke, the former texas congressman, you see him taking the stage in los angeles. he's one of the many 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls, they're speaking in las vegas at a union sponsored event in vegas. it's called the national forum on wages and the economy. it's all part of an effort to try to win back working class voters. david spunt is live in washington with more on this event and what they're saying. >> reporter: good afternoon. a lot going on with these 20 candidates, they're announced right now, maybe we'll see 21 or 22. we'll have to watch over the next few weeks. no question, joe biden is pulling in the big headlines and the big money. he raised $6.3 million in the
11:32 am
first 24 hours after announcing his campaign. the former v.p. made the announcement just a few days ago on thursday followed by a fundraiser that evening in philadelphia. that gave him a financial boost. check out this from real clear politics. biden at 29.3%, the next, bernie sanders at 23%, then elizabeth warren at 6.5%, beto o'rourke who you saw on the stage in vegas not even on that top chart right there. other candidates in las vegas today speaking to the union to talk about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. senators kamala harris, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren a few names. harris took the stage first, followed by senator klobuchar. listen. >> we need a president of the united states, which is the kind of president i intend to be, who will fight for working people and specifically will fight in a way that will be about
11:33 am
supporting right to strike and as the granddaughter of a union member, a daughter of a newspaper man who was a union member burkes a daughter of a teacher who was a union member and candidate for president of the united states, that is what -- >> reporter: a lot of talk about unions here in front of that union. noticeably absent from the stage, former v.p. joe biden who enjoyed strong union support dating back decades. now it's clear the other candidates are working on getting those union votes. eric. eric: they're making their pitches. thank you. arthel: for more on this, let's bring in jessica tarloff, the senior director of research for bus he'll,.com, a fox news contributor. kris wilson is a gop pollster for ted cruz's campaign and ceo of w.p.a. intelligence. good to have both of you.
11:34 am
>> thanks, arthel. arthel: we're talking about the dems in vegas. we're going to talk vice president biden. a whopping $6.3 million haul, his first 24 hours of his announcement, official announcement. what does this say about vice president biden's chances to compete with the president and what does it say about democratic voters? >> it says the democratic voters like joe biden and the twittersphere and the pundits were perhaps too hayes at this g that joe biden is a disaster. this is only 24 hours. i breathed a sigh of relief when i saw the numbers come in. he was ahead of bernie sanders, ahead of beto o'rourke. he had a lot of online donations and went on to bring in $700,000 from the fundraiser in philadelphia. i think what it signals about
11:35 am
the democratic voter base is that they're much more pragmatic than people are making them out to be. there was a lot of things like you can't take corporate money, it those be done at the grass roots level. democrats want to elect someone who can beat donald trump. arthel: one of the things that vice president biden, former vice president biden raised immediately out the gate is president trump's comments after the charlottesville, virginia protest during which as you well knoheather hyer was killed. how does president trump lay to rest criticism for what appears to be the presence of white supremacy existing in our modern day society. >> i'm not sure that that's even -- i think that was a bit of a spin by biden to try to pump up fund racinfund raising numbers. he did do a good job with the first day numbers.
11:36 am
for the woke democratic party, have you to point out their top three fundraisers were all white males, beto o'rourke, bernie sanders and joe biden. the thing about biden, it's the worse of times, the worst of times. he did have a large fund raising day, 24 hours, and he's leading the polls. from the worst of times, this is the former vice president. he should have done more than that. he had plenty of time to lead up to it. the fact it was larger donations, those aren't people liklike sanders and o'rourke, ty had a lot of small donors, whereby den was a lot of -- where biden was a lot of max donors. he started up the gaffe machine and made the comment that the obama campaign had no scandals. we spent the past 24 hours talking about the obama administration scandals. that's what we have to look to with joe biden, that he's so
11:37 am
gaffe-prone, he steps on himself, he has a good day and turns it into a bad day. arthel: some would argue the president is the same way. that will be a match made in heaven in that regard. i get your point, though. back to you, jessica. you just heard chris lay out how the president will come back on vice president biden and how the gop as a whole will do so. also, jessica, you've got senators elizabeth warren, you've got bernie sanders out there criticizing vice president biden's backing from corporate donors. will this turn off potential biden voters. >> i'm not sure it will. i think vice president biden, maybe future president biden, fully occupies the center lane there. amy klobuchar is the only other candidate that was really in that space. as i made the point a couple you thins ago, i think people are underestimating how pragmatic democrats are about this and if you look at the polls, and he's been in the front there since we
11:38 am
started tracking this, we'll see in the next couple days if he can maintain that and there have been a number of people who entered into the race including mayor pete, beto o'rourke, people who garnered a ton of excitement and it hasn't chipped away at his frontrunner status there. that's what you have to pay attention to. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders can conside criticize hl they want. if he maintains that lead and that union support and the support from the african american community, he will be hard to beat in the primary. arthel: i want to point out numbers, jessica and i want chris to respond to this. you've had almost 97,000 people donated online to biden for president with donations less than $200, with an average donation of $41 and 65,000 donors just signed on to the biden for president e-mail list. so it's a strong signal of a grass roots campaign. still, president trump is the man to beat. chris, to you, will the president stay on message about
11:39 am
his strong economy, so that he can expand beyond his, what, 38% base. >> well, i'm not going to try to address whaaddress whether the s going to stay on message. that's outside of my realm of expertise. the numbers, even though they sound large, i agree with everything jessica said. biden starts in a strong position. it feels a lot like four years ago where jeb bush started in a strong position. he had a strong fund raising led in th the polls and somebody cae down escalators in new york city and the race got shook up. i think we've seen the field get as large as it's going to get. is there some event that shakes things up? 65,000 donors coming on after the former vice president, a eight years in office under president obama, is not a very strong showing. i could give you example after example. you can look at o'rourke's and
11:40 am
sanders' fund raising base and see where it pales in comparison. i'm unde underwhelmed by the nu. he should have had a better experience than what he did in terms of fund raising. it's impressing but it should have been more. the way in which he lawn offed his campaign -- launched his campaign, i feel like we're stuck in the '80s right now. we have joe biden running for president, we have donald trump and oliver north, it's the focus of tv. his announcement was fumbled. he's doing youtube clips on twitter. arthel: a lot of young people are on social media. >> they are. that's why i guess maybe i'm probably getting too inside baseball. you don't launch on twitter by putting up a youtube link. you use the twitter plat forel. that speaks to somebody who -- it points out his age and the fact that he's out of touch with the current democratic party.
11:41 am
arthel: jessica, that's a talking point. president trump, they're four years apart, they're both older white men and very powerful, each of them. jessica, final word. >> this has been the strangeness i guess of what's going on here, that the two older white men have been in the lead consistently, followed by another white guy. when we have such a foes cuss on diversity -- focus on diversity in our party, elevating women to positions of power. arthel: what's your point. >> people will look at this and who do we think is electable against donald trump. a lot of people think that is a white candidate and we'll have trouble electing a woman or person of color. arthel: we have to leave it there. more to talk about in, what, the next 19 months. jessica and chris, thanks to you both. >> thanks. >> thank you. eric: there are new efforts to curb the spread of measles in california. should the rest of us take notice? back in a moment.
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eric: two california universities ordering more than 1,000 students and faculty to stay home. it's all an effort to try and curb the spread of measles. this quarantine come after public officials declared an outbreak of measles in los angeles county. jacqui heinrich covering his story from our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the schools quarantine people based on ex exposure to an infected ucla student or another person who visit r&ed cal state l.a. libray on april 11th. more than 1,000 students and teachers were quarantined on campus or sent home until they could prove immunity to the disease. by yesterday afternoon, 325 students had been cleared to return to their normal lives. those under quarantine were
11:47 am
banned from using public transportation including planes, trains, busses and taxes or else they would face prosecution. the number of measles cases has climbed to nearly 700 this year including more than three dozen in california, five of them in l.a. county. it constitutes a 25 year high. the surge is blamed on misinformation spread by anti-vaxxers about the supposed dangers of vaccines. the surge in cases is happening 20 years after the measles was said to have been eradicated. 22 states have cases and five states have outbreaks, which is considered three or more active cases. one of the outbreaks is in rockland county, new york. there's a state of emergency for a second time. most cases are with unvaccinated people in jewish, orthodox communities. >> this is the epicenter of a measles outbreak that is very, very troubling and must be dealt
11:48 am
with immediately. >> this needs to be done. this is not a rockland county issue. it's a nationwide, in some respects worldwide issue. i would recommend through executive order from the president. >> reporter: several states are considering cutting back the number of immunization exemptions they'll allow. this week, washington lawmakers voted to remove personal or philosophical exemptions but said medical and religious reasons are still valid. eric: in new york city, officials ordered mandatory vaccinations in some areas because of the outbreak. arresarthel: a massive winter m taking aim at the midwest. we're live with the forecast, next. i switched to miralax for my constipation.
11:49 am
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arthel: oh, boy, spring is on hold in parts of the midwest. millions of people could see freezing temperatures and several inches of snow this weekend. meteorologist adam klotz has more from the fox extreme weather center. adam, hi. >> this is really kind of wild weather. take a look at some of the temperatures across the country. you can see what i'm talking about. the middle of the country, kansas city, 76 degrees. chicago, just several hundred miles away, 34 degrees, so some of the moisture in that area, that's where we're talking about a snowstorm. everywhere else, farther to the
11:53 am
south, where it's warmer, just big rain showers moving through that region. from chicago to iowa, there's cold air and with that some snow that we're tracking for the rest of the afternoon. as a result, winter storm watches and warnings now stretching from chicago, up to milwaukee and across madison, into the iowa area where we could see, yes, maybe a couple inches of snow from this system late in the yeemple thi year. this is our precipitation mo l del. in some areas, it's heavy rain. chicago, around the region there, the great lakes, the southern tier there of lake michigan, all areas where we could see snow. you start to see the deeper white color, that's as much as e widespread, areas getting up to an inch of snow late in the season. if you're concerned about it, the good new news, this is goino bounce back. we can't stay this cold forever. up to 50 degrees already
11:54 am
tomorrow. it's a short-lived snow. but it makes you scratch your head this late in the year. arthel: completely crazy. thank you. eric: anticipation is building across pond a britains get ready to celebrate a ne ad digs -- celebrate a new addition to the royal family. with no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so stop renting. start looking. now when you walk into an open house and say "this is the one" really can be.
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11:58 am
kitty logan live in london. kitty, what do you know about meghan markle's due date? >> many are guessing it could be early may, it's coming very soon this is private affair. the couple launched new instagram account, unlikely to be a public opportunity. we are not going the couple standing outside of hospital with new baby. the couple set to be plan to go celebrate first alone with the family. diana if it's a girl. charles, james, or arthur.
11:59 am
the child will be seventh ib line to the thrown. couple married last may and the pregnancy announced back in october. the child will be the queen's eighth grandson. >> thank you, kitty. diana for girl and arthur if it's a boy. eric: we will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern with more news. see you then.
12:00 pm
♪ >> the democrats are trying to win 2020, the only way they could look out is by going after me. >> welcome to the journal editorial report, paul gigot. democrats step up investigation and the department in congress. democrats seek to go public officials. house judiciary chairman jerry


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