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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 29, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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can only be appointed if the case is still pending. this one is not. >> thanks, trace. who is filling in for laura tonight? >> laura: no guilt tripping me. we call it easter break in our house. >> sean: oh, you can l say that? >> laura: well, we tend to invite ourself to your modest abode to hang out. this is what we do. we don't get any invitation from hannity. >> sean: an open invitation.
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you can sleep with all of the -- >> laura: it is good showing up. hannity, you had a phenomenal show. >> sean: i hope you had a great easter break. >> laura: we did. thank you. this is "ingraham angle." in moments, the 2020-teen first response. they are already blaming trump. we put together an amazing panel. you are not going to see it anywhere else on television tonight. the conversation you don't want to miss. why is barack obama running from the idea of joe biden running. victor davis thinks he knows and is here to explain. finally they have staked out dangerous positions on immigration. but his latest language is just
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ridiculous. it is despicable or irresponsible. s someone who has followed him from the start will explain what's going on. but first the chuck nanci and joe n that's the focus of tonight's angle. tomorrow seeker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer return to the. white house for a meeting with president trump. this time it is about an infrastructure tale. in a moment, i'm going to show you what the showdown is about. here's a guy that spent eight years working there, joe biden. he tried to convince you this time he has all of the answers. but what is in his pitch in this phenomenal trump economy? >> i think we have to, i think we have to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful
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economy. >> laura: he can barely get the words out. that's convenient, right? if you can't beat him, as in trump's economic numbers, just change the way everything is squared because by traditional metrics. gdp, wage growth, unemployment numbers and the stock market, trump should be a lock for 2020. whether you like his tone or not or his tweets, the president has beaten almost every target set by the so-called economic experts. speaking of so-called experts, nobel laureate paul krugman, he predicted an economic apocalypse, a global recession after trump's election. what happened to that? here's today's headline. sorry, paul. what can we expect under president biden? what will he deliver? say goodbye to america first trade policies that are working. biden was a big advocate for the boondoggle known as the transfer traffic partnership. offering jobs to places like
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malaysia and vietnam. bye-bye to tariffs. biden would dig all the protections for american workers, deals like the usmca. if you are one of the 450,000 americans with a new manufacturing job, your future will be far from certain under biden. but remember, joe pledges to bring you dignity. >> the dignity of work is my mission, which is about being able to provide security and share joint with your family, the definition of dignity is the people should never be treated as a means to an end. but an end and themselves. when i think about work, i think about dignity. i think about a lot about my dad, a proud gentle man. my dad had an inspection. he said joey, our job is about a lot more than paycheck. it's about your dignity. it's about respect.
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>> laura: of course he fails to respect the tight labor market that trump's policies have helped create. what does that do? that helps registering dignity because workers rages are finally going up. more money in your pocket, more time to spend with your family. now that all those dire predictions, they all failed, and other things are going so well, biden has become has to throw up magic reality offering dust in the air to convince youe of the best times ever to be an american who is willing to work. by the way, it is. trump of course has an easy response to that. >> remember, president obama said manufacturing jobs are gone. you need a wand, magic wand. we found the magic wand because they coming and they're coming fast. i love the fact that wages are rising fast as for the lowest income americans percentage-wise.
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we are now the number one economy anywhere in the world and it's not even close. >> usa! usa! >> laura: a little different from the biden rally today. but now it's time to deal with chuck and nancy because they are back at 1600 pennsylvania avenue tomorrow with a framework for a massive infrastructure package. remember last month at a democrat retreat, pelosi floated up price tag of $2 trillion. democrats also want to expand the definition of what infrastructure is beyond in other words fixing bridges, roads, airports, and to include things like enhancing broadband, water systems, schools, housing. why stop there? predictably, democrats want the cost to be borne by people, meaning you, by doing what? raising taxes of course.
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that's a nonstarter for this president because he believes a tax hike will slow this red-hot economy, and of course betray his campaign promises to be a tax cutter. my question is this. will there be any kumbaya moments? imagine if they were swaying back and forth tomorrow, got on, either during or after the confab. hard to imagine. any cooperative spirit given how their last meet up went down. >> if we don't have border security, were not going to keep it all. >> we want to do the same thing we did last year this year. >> chuck, we can build a much better -- >> let's debate in private. okay. let's debate in private. >> we came in here in good faith and we are entering into this kind of discussion in the public view. >> it's not bad, nancy. it's called transparency. >> laura: is called transparency. let's close the doors and keep the reporters out. my friends, make no mistake.
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this whole routine tomorrow is as much about setting the narrative for 2020 as it is about getting something done that is traditionally a bipartisan effort, infrastructure. if infrastructure spending ten pay for itself by stimulating the economy, creating its own revenue stream, i guess you can make the argument for it. but if not, we shouldn't do the infrastructure spending, at least not right now. democrats and republicans are addicted to spending your money albeit they have different priorities. republicans, remember, were itching to bust those obama era spending caps to jack up military spending. they thought it was justified. democrats, well they are planning on spending money we don't have on things like green energy, free college however you preschool, for everything. >> we are announcing the most ambitious, climate plan. >> we are going to deliver a medicare for all single-payer
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system. >> make college universally available with free tuition and fees. >> we will guarantee that right with universal pre-k and debt free college. >> laura: no end to the spending but this my friends is a national debt clock. and it's obscene. that we are doing this to future generations. talking about entitlements, changing them, reforming them and no one ever does them anything about them. axios reports chuck and nancy are carefully preparing for this meeting tomorrow with the president but they want to do it in order to gain maximum political benefit. their true aim is to set up whomever the democratic nominee used as the defender of the working men and women against the rich executives. considering biden's performance today, he needs all the help he can get. >> it's not just people who get 4-your college degrees but those who compete for job training
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entries and programs. we can do all this. >> laura: and that's the angle. joining me now to react is brad parscale, campaign manager for the trump 2020 campaign. you know something, people beyond. i'm sure people are beyond. people are yawning now. that's kind of a cheeky little thing to do. my first night back in the week. what do you make of the joe biden campaign rollout as a campaign analyst, not as the trump campaign manager. >> i get it. i think we probably have more people in our concession line that were at that rally. the president has a following behind him, so much larger. it's incredible. i saw that rally. is it a rally? i don't know what it is. it's funny that he goes to pennsylvania, place where his policy, like nafta, put more jobs in mexico than pennsylvania. tpp. for a guy who says he's with
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pennsylvania, sounds like it's pretty much their enemy. everything he done, the obama presidency was horrible for pennsylvania. they lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> laura: he said today that he's confident, brad, that if he can win pennsylvania, he takes the whole thing. let's watch. >> if i'm going to build a to beat donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here, western pennsylvania, northeast pennsylvania, places where little lately we've had a little bit of a struggle. >> laura: a little bit of a struggle. >> florida and ohio and other places and now they're moving down the line. pennsylvania, recognize what trump has done for steel and aluminum had the economy there, lowest unemployment and 51 years i believe in pennsylvania. overall, every metric the president is doing better than obama and biden did in eight years. 40 years, that biden has been in government, he's never done anything that's helped pennsylvania anywhere like trump has done. >> laura: the president always says he's fine with going up against anyone and calls him joe
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and has nicknames for everybody. but biden still does have more of an everyman appeal that a lot of these other people. i've known him for a long time. he's been around forever. he does have an avuncular, maybe i should say less threatening persona. do you think that that's a challenge for the president in states like michigan, may be pennsylvania later on. >> a couple things. biden definitely has a higher new i.d. part of it is name i.d. you have to be known for people to judge you. i imagine biden next to sanders has a high's name i.d. the rust belt, more moderate candidate would do better but the problem is these candidates are all running towards the left, even biden. running toward socialism and these. the union leaders, the swampy creatures who act like they are union people, not with them. our numbers show how many union workers -- >> laura: union leadership turn out for trump?
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>> we sought in 2016. it was clear. were going to see in 2020. >> laura: targeting them household by household. >> these are the blue-collar workers. the last couple rows, 20% of the people of the wisconsin rally were blue-collar union workers. >> laura: i've got to ask about this immigration deal. "washington post" abc had a poll. immigration and the president. the bases with him has immigration priorities but the headline is "trump is a disaster on the issue." "washington post," new poll suggests 40% of americans suggest trump's handling of illegal immigrants make him more likely to oppose his reelection versus those who oppose. >> let's talk about the data. it's an opinion piece. 40% of people voted democrat. were talking about 40% of peopl people? the 40% of all democrat are going to say they don't like it. it's the number one talking point. the fact is, new mexico, arizona
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on the border and everywhere immigration is the biggest problem, the president is way up. >> laura: you're trying to flip new mexico? >> yeah and i think the colorad colorado. the latino population, the people live in these errors are supporting the president. >> laura: what's going on with texas? drudge had a link up, four democrats against the president. you're not worried about texas? changing voters? >> do i think austin in these areas are something the republican party has a watch on as a whole, do i think texas is flipping for anything other than trump, absolutely not. >> laura: your pal at cnn, says this about the rollout. >> biden's decision to take the fight to trump is clearly getting under trump's skin. the president firing off four tweets today. he loves to call him sleepy joe biden. biden obviously has been on
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trump's mind. >> laura: getting on june the president as you talk to the president every day almost? >> i think the president has taken the fight to anybody that takes the fight to him. he's a counterpart journey does latin sanders, he took her to warren. that's why she's nowhere even close in the race. he's going to punch especially like today's announcement, it was full of lies. the entire thing. he's going to restructure the way we talk about economies? >> laura: you have to measure it. you have to have a conversation about what constitutes a successful economy. i've heard a lot of headlines. the funny thing is, all the metrics they were using, gdp, this is how they measure economies. bush's economy. that's how obama won in part. >> laura: they have to turn it to something else and try to turn it to all these things. they are reaching. when they get in the voting booth, they vote for the economy. >> laura: good to see you. i know you left the nats game.
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biden claiming this about today's red-hot economy. >> the middle-class is hurting. it's hurting. the stock market is roaring. but you don't feel it. $2 trillion tax cut last year. did you feel it? did you get anything from it? of course not. >> laura: i don't know if there was an immediate reaction to that question. having a little trouble with the truth. here's what the independent tax policy center says. 82% of households making 50000 to $75,000 year got a tax cut and 87% of households making between 75,000 and 100k a year got one. joining me now with reaction, dan bongino and chris hahn. former aide to senator chuck schumer. chris, why won't democrats admit
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that trump's tax cuts work? >> they work for some people. i don't think most of the middle class feels -- >> laura: we just read you the statistics. >> they got a tax cut, i agree they got one. it might've been 25 bucks, might've been a hundred bucks. i don't know that they felt it. that's the real question. in elections it's not about reality. it's about what people are feeling. that's what trump did during the last election. he was very good at convincing people that they have not felt the economic recovery that obama had been delivering in his eight years as president. he was very successful in delivering that message will because most people in the middle did not feel the economy recovered. >> laura: people were getting -- >> they didn't feel secure. when it comes to tax cuts, you talk to regular people, i know i do, they didn't really feel it. >> laura: okay, dan. back to reality. people getting bonuses who never got bonuses before.
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construction workers in the place where joe biden did the big reveal today, they can't even find enough construction workers. wages going up. construction workers, oil and gas, bio, tech workers are all seeing bonuses and an uptick in wages. i know it's a hard argument to make but i don't think joe biden even came close to making it in a convincing fashion. what say you? >> i just don't know what chris is talking about. it's a most like liberals are like a mutant to data. it's like you give them a number. you say upwards of 80% of americans got a tax cut and they go no, they didn't. then you say well, there's a poll out now showing large majority of americans think that economy is good to very good. the answer is no, other kids did it, like it was a beavis and butthead episode. they are so good at gas lighting people. but you are right.
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barack obama presided over and joe biden the worst recovery from a recession in modern american history based on any available metric. we measure economic growth via growth numbers, gdp numbers. barack obama is the only president in modern american history into terms, do terms, to never reach annualized 3% growth. that's just a fact however uncomfortable for liberals to have to digest. >> laura: hold on, chris. i have a question. again, people were predicting, you must at least admit this. there were a lot of fancy pants economists who saw trump coming in and they were freaking out. they were like it's going to be a massive global sell-off, a disaster. paul krugman is the creme de la creme for the left. he was fantastically wrong. the man should never show his face in public again if you asked me, given that single production he made. he's an economist and nobel prize-winning economist question
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read by every metric if president obama had agreed to this pinnacle of success economically, he would be on mount rushmore by now but now someone has got to change the rules of how we measure a good economy? you can even argue that with a straight face. i feel bad for biden. >> laura, i cannot argue it's a bad economy. it's a good economy right now i hope it continues. i really do hope it continues. that said, even with this great -- even with these great numbers, the president is at 39% samples and 41% in the average. so the economy is not translating into people voting for the president. that's because there are people and i'm not saying they didn't get a tax cut, dan. i'm not saying the economy is not good. there are some people who still feel insecure. whether it's because of the economy or the way the president behaves with congress, we don't know. but that's the question that the voters are going to decide next year, that's what joe biden is getting at in his speech. >> laura: okay. i think we've made progress. dan, last word. >> chris, it is binary.
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people are always going to be insecure by the economy. it's not utopia. the question is do you feel more secure with trump than you did under the horrible barack obama economy? that's the real question. using the utopian fallacy. it's as simple as that. you are better off than you are. with the midterms taught us was even people who don't like -- we like trump aren't really and i don't know that's going to translate. >> laura: guys, we are out of time. i will remind our viewers this. people were so dissatisfied with the way things were going in 2016 that they took a flyer on the guy who had never done politics before and never been elected to office and they went from obama and the elected donald trump. they were willing to throw out the obama economy and go for a new guy. we will see how it all works out. great having you on. blaming trump for the latest synagogue shooting? blatant anti-semitism from
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"the new york times" and he thwarted islamic terror attack in our country. a christian leader, a rabbi, and a muslim reformist are here. >> tech: you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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>> laura: following the tragic shooting at a synagogue in san diego, california, some in
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the media took a familiar refrain. >> the president, who not only will not acknowledge we have an epidemic of white nationalist terror, he is providing the mood music for. >> the blood that is filled is on your hands. we are so passed dog whistles now, donald. you are just inciting violence. >> what we have is a president who delegates violence, who calls on people to be violent. so the violence comes to the forefront. >> laura: well, that's disgusting and it's shameless commentary. following christ church, sri lanka, and the san diego synagogue attack without it was a good time to take a step back and speak to folks from different faiths. here now, ralph reed, chairman of the faith and freedom coalition. rabbi aryeh spero, spokesman for the national conference on jewish affairs, and asra nomani, author of the book "standing alone." rabbi, your reaction to the
11:27 pm
commentary by some, not everyon everyone. all weekend long, i heard the drumbeat, continuing this morning that the president is somehow to blame for this attack on a synagogue in california. is that how your community is viewing this? >> the chorus of what you just played is a chorus of liars. we are talking about a synagogue, a jewish synagogue it was attacked. there is nobody, there is never been a president that has loved the jewish people and supported israel as donald trump has. nothing donald trump could have ever said would have caused this. on the contrary. trump is always supporting the jewish people. he is loading the jewish people. he did that before he was -- he is lauding the jewish people. he did that before he was president. what is so odious is this group of people, none of them are known for being supporters of israel. were being supporters of the jewish people. i've never heard of them as
11:28 pm
being somehow especially supportive of the jewish people. take some of them, for example, there is one of them on there that is known for inflammatory rhetoric against the state of israel. >> laura: ralph, i've got to get you in on this. how does the various religious communities, how can they come together after this spate of attacks on places of worship? i have to say the synagogue, the christ church slaughter, easter sunday mass. as a roman catholic and i was away last week, i cried. i was with someone who is friends with the father of the three children who died. he was beside himself. i was sent pictures from people who were there. i feel extremely affected by this, just as a person. but all of it is horrible. how do people come together after all of this?
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>> i think a house of worship is the place of refuge. it's the place of love, place of mercy, place where we are to receive forgiveness and to be accepted by god as we understand him to be. further that plays to be a place of violence, of ethnic hatred, in the case of sri lanka, a virulent islamist anti-christian bigotry in the case of the attacks on the san diego synagogue this past weekend, laura, virulent anti-semitism. by the way, by a trump-heating anti-semite who said he hated trump because he loved jews and he loved israel. what can we do as men and women of faith? we can unite behind our common humanity. second of all, we can assert the need to do whatever is necessary
11:30 pm
to resist religious bigotry and hatred in all of its ugly forms. and we shouldn't try to use this to score cheap political points that are false, as most of them the president. >> laura: those horrible comments by the president. we had the thwarted ill islamic attack in the united states. fbi. we had "the new york times" cartoons, and i think we have both of them now. this was an offensive cartoon from a few days back and then a few days later they had another cartoon that replaced the one they had sort of apologized for. look at that one. so this is where we are. like, what is going on here? >> i go in history, my own personal history, 17 years ago a journalist daniel pearl was kidnapped and murdered. by one brand of anti-semitism. three men walked into a room with a knife and a video camera
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and took danny's life. that was one type of extremism from within my community. this past weekend, we had another type of extremism against a jewish woman and her synagogue. so these are bookends on the same type of hate. this idea of just looking out one aspect of hate in our world, to me, it is through diminishing. it doesn't include all that we need to do. for these 17 years and my muslim community, i've said this is our holy book. every word in chapter in which we condemn the jews were the christians must go. we can't accept that kind of interpretation and the 21st century. that young man who was arrested this weekend, a convert to islam who wanted to attack more jews. in the deposition in the affidavit, they said that he wanted to attack, it's our
11:32 pm
arabic word for jews. >> laura: he was a convert to islam but in the "los angeles times" it's an army combat. >> i watched erin burnett and she didn't mention it. what i am saying is we have to own up to our own extremism and challenge it. that's how we'll have peace. >> laura: rabbi, you are close here. we have enormous suffering. we have an anonymous problem on our hands. we have a radicalism problem. we obviously have some white nationalists out there who want to kill people as well. not donald trump people. when i hear that, it's just despicable but that's what's happening. really quick, ten seconds, rabbi. >> it's all counterproductive. we have to see the good in each other and we have to stop all of this blaming and people should stop blaming the president and stop saying that the united states is a racist country. this is a wonderful country. we can see the good in this country and that will bring the healing. >> laura: all right, all of you, thank you so much. a big conversation. as i said, we are going to be
11:33 pm
doing an hour just on faith in the united states and the need to protect it. what's really behind former president obama's reluctance to support a joe biden presidential run? vdh is h
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>> you can actually track that when the economy is doing bette better, typically our politics is less divided. it's more divided when people
11:37 pm
are feeling more secure and anxious. the good news is that fear is typically the product of the old. hope is the product of the young. >> laura: oh, is that right? those comments from former president obama this past weekend perhaps take on new meaning after a piece published yesterday in "new york times." the paper writing that obama convinced biden not to run in 2016, believing hillary clinton offer the best chance of beating trump, perhaps more, though, he chose to have a strategist deliver his lack of support instead of doing it face-to-face. victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution and author of the book "the case for trump." last week biden claimed he asked obama not endorsing this time around. so does anyone believe that now? the guy who was a global super start of the day, despite his
11:38 pm
rather anemic economic recovery, he doesn't want his endorsement? i mean, that's classic. >> yeah, i think most presidents pick their vice president to begin with because they are sort of on the opposite ends of the political spectrum in the party and they don't really like it when they run necessarily -- reagan didn't really endorsed george w. bush for a while. i think there is something special about their reluctance with biden. remember obama put up with biden for eight years and he got to know him as indiscreet and imprecise and already said he's going to take trump behind the gym and beat him up. i think obama thinks he was a little imprecise. they were introduced in the national scene. biden said obama was the first clean and articulate black politician that was sort of an insult to majestic figures like shirley chisholm or barbara jordan or senator brooke for massachusetts. there's not a lot of affinity.
11:39 pm
to win, biden is not going to be the identity new blood politician that obama promised when he recalibrated the democratic party into a progressive movement. he's gonna go back to his 90s identity. he's having trouble doing it, and he's a man of pennsylvania, the working man suddenly. but remember what obama said about pennsylvanians. they were klinger's who were obsessed with religion and guns. >> laura: bitter clingers. >> yeah, they are clingers. how can you say you have this new diverse blood in the democratic party and you're out leftist entity. biden says there's no place for me in this family and i have to go back to joe biden 1988 candidate in the 98d8 doesn't sit well with obama and the other people in the party. >> laura: i want to get your thoughts on this. why is trump still having to fight forces within his own party? i've been thinking a lot about
11:40 pm
this. three examples. over the weekend senate finance committee chair chuck grassley issued this threat. he said if these terrorists aren't -- tariffs aren't liftedt for nafta is dead. there's no place to debate usmca with the tariffs in place. then the reaction to the mueller report, saying that he is sickened. dishonesty, misdirection, bob loblaw. don't forget mike lee, 1 of 1 dozen g.o.p. senators who voted against trump's national emergency decoration of the border. victor, these are trump's friends in a critical point in juncture for the country. what's going on? >> trump didn't say he was going to drain the democratic swamp. he said the swamp. that means republicans too. if he recalibrated republican messages he did in 2016 to restore industry and jobs to the interior of the country,
11:41 pm
challenged china, make our allies pay their fair share, close the borders, what arrows do you have in your quiver but things like tariffs and talking tough tomato and building a wall. the republican establishment had been sort of "the wall street journal" chamber of commerce mitt romney, marcus of queensberry type politeness. when trump comes in to do these things, he has no choice. he's not -- there's not many thing you can do to get fair trade with the check chinese or germans or mexicans. they don't like the methodology. the second thing is he's polling anywhere from 42 to make 44, depending on the poll, maybe 47. these guys have their finger to the wind in their thinking i don't know what's going happen but i'm not going to come out and get off the fence until he is up to 49 or 51 despite the great -- >> laura: we've got a go but they waited and waited and waited in 2016 and they all look like fools growling back on the trump express after they shunned
11:42 pm
him, including paul ryan, as i recall. now they're going to make the same mistake again. they will make the same mistake again. >> yeah. yeah. they've learned nothing and forgotten nothing. >> laura: great way to put it. victor, thank you so much. an alarming language on trump's immigration policy from 2020 democratic democratic candidateo o'rourke. was he always like this? is texas really at play in 2020? a man who has followed beto on all these issues, up
11:43 pm
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>> if you could, would you take the wall down now here? >> i would take the wall -- >> laura: first beto o'rourke, a.k.a. robert francis, wanted to tear down the wall protecting his home town of el paso from the crime-ridden city across the border.
11:46 pm
reporting the this month is the deadliest in eight years. radicalized leftist and former darling of the democratic party comparing our country's immigration laws to, you guessed it, slavery. >> millions living in the shadows working some of the toughest jobs were lucky to make of minimum wage, some not making that. kept in modern-day bondage. their immigration status used as leverage from keeping them down in fully participating in this country success and in our economy, an economy that works to welliver to view and not well enough for most americans. >> laura: joined me now is texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. when you think of our immigration laws, is slavery the first thing that pops into your mind? >> what a moron.
11:47 pm
when he says the economy is not working, it works well for some but all americans. beto, they are not americans. they are here illegally and it's not slavery. the only slavery as i've talked about on your show is what the democrats are doing to victims of sex trafficking. they are doing that but for this to be slavery, do you know what beto went on to say? he said they are in slavery because they can't roam freely across the texas border. this guy is unbelievable. you know what, his crowds are really diminishing. he drew 35 people at an event in nevada. he is really out of the race. when he ran against cruz, the texas media never asked him a hard question, never asked him a follow-up question. he has no substance. on reparations, now he's talking about he supports sheila jackson lee's bill for reparation. she thought we landed on mars and not the moon and argued about it. listen to what he said. he says we need to get people, we need to force people, he didn't say reeducation camps but that's what he means. so we can go face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball and that we need to pay reparations.
11:48 pm
there are a lot of people in the northern part of the country who died to free slaves. should they pay reparations in the south question mike they were fighting the war. are we going to let it go? >> laura: wasn't he a little bit more reasonable not so long ago? was he always this left-wing? >> he is so late in the loafers he floats off the ground at times. when he ran and i watched he had $80 million, he was on television every commercial break for months and months. never said anything. never said anything. >> laura: put the graphic up on the screen. we have a number of -- trump versus biden, trump-o'rourke. trump-sanders. they are all pretty much a dead heat, tied with this had to have polling but came out. just came out today. how can -- >> name i.d. and he's now being
11:49 pm
exposed and i don't like to be critical and call someone names but when you say something so idiotic that he's talking about of tearing down the fence, letting people roll, they are in slavery, we need to force people. he said in virginia especially. i guess he hates virginia. virginia especially we need them to go to communities face-to-face eyeball to eyeball to work out these problems. we don't have problems in america. we have gone so far from where we were in the 50s in the 60s and 70s in this country. are there race issues? of course but we've come so far and democrats like beto want to pull his back. >> laura: when you said light in the loafers, you just meant not consequential. you didn't mean any pejorative. >> no, no, no. he flapped his arms a lot. no, no, no.
11:50 pm
he's flying up. by the way, i have a tip for you. i understand my morning the other castro brothers going to announce that he's not running against john cornyn for the texas seat. that's a tip for you. >> laura: very interesting. we've got the breaking trickle breaking news from dan. thanks so much. thanks so much. my final you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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>> laura: watching the coverage this weekend of the horrific synagogue shooting in california got me thinking about hope in the midst of all this darkness. an iraq war vet fearlessly rushed the shooter, chasing him out of the synagogue to the parking lot where an off-duty border patrol agent shot the gunman's car. moments before that, her final act on this earth was blocking her friend and rabbi from the shooter. >> to see lori laying on on the floor unconscious and her dear husband, dr. howard kaye, who was like a brother to me, trying to necessitate her. he is laying there on the floor next to his wife, and then their daughter hannah comes up screaming daddy and mommy, what's going on. the most heart-wrenching site i could've seen. lori took the bullet for all of us. she died to protect all of us. >> laura: one person died in
11:55 pm
the attack and three were injured. had these brave men and women not engage the shooter, imagine how much worse the tragedy could have been. during the easter sunday sri lankan bombings, we talked about earlier, the man didn't get the coverage he deserved. he noticed an unfamiliar man with a backpack trying to enter the zion church where he and his family worshiped. he questioned the man and blocked them from entering. inside the backpack was a bomb. he died on the spot. when the terrorists detonated himself but he saved many, many lives. while the viciousness of 2020 has already alive arrive, remember each of us has a responsibility to be one of those brave ones of the time comes. in the meantime, stamper was right. take action, even sacrifice yourself, ourselves when necessary. these men and women furnish us with the most important example of what true courage, true heroism means. and why our second amendment here in the united states is so
11:56 pm
precious. god bless all the victims of these tragedies. maybe never forget the witness of those willing to temper evil with hope and for themselves and the way of danger for the sake of others. that's a true .. don't just dream about your next vacation.
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book your next vacation. ♪ be a booker at >> laura: all have a closing question. why does ng question, every democrat candidate feel the need to kiss reverend l sharpton's ring.
12:00 am
the south bend mayor pete buttigieg's turn, ignoring all the other things he is responsible for. look at the people pressing their nose against the glass. this is odd. my new podcast dropped tomorrow. shannon bream, take it from here. >> a wonderful easter vacation. we begin tonight with a fox news alert, two breaking terrorism stories, terror plot with mass distraction at the end goal. everything you need to know about the plot to bomb in and more. the first appearance of isis leader al baghdadi in five years in the new york times plans another caricature of benjamin netanyahu but today issuing two different apology statements for an anti-semitic than an earlier
12:01 am
paper and there is a new twist


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