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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 3, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we will listen to the headlines of mike pence as he travels down to louisiana later today. have a great weekend, everybody. we will roll and see you on monday. "outnumbered" starts right now. bye-bye. >> harris: and we begin with this fox news alert, new reaction from president trump and vice president pence to a report detailing how a u.s. intelligence agency allegedly sent an effort like undercover investigator to meet with a trump aide. george papadopoulos is telling fox news the young female in form and try to seduce them. you're watching speech 25, and harris faulkner. melissa francis, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy, and in the center seat, fox news chief national correspond, ed henry. >> ed: good to see you. dana perino got me this time pocket square. from a company called ring neck. she said, "i want you to have it." i decided to debut it now. very sweet of her. >> harris: we are giving each other things.
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a lot of love here at fox news. [laughter] i want the people to feel it. welcome. "the new york times" is reporting the fbi sent a woman to meet george papadopoulos at a london bar where she asked him if the term campaign was working with russia. he told tucker carlson last night how he felt. that it was some sort of set up from the get-go. >> i readily understood this wasn't a cambridge assistant, and she barely spoke english, she was very flirty and was trying to do two things. one, to extract information about my professional connections in the middle east. two, to see if i had any information that she could potentially extract for me about trump and russia. which is nonsense. now, of course, "the new york times" reported that she was some sort of agent. but i don't think she was fbi, i think she was cia. >> harris: the report coming as the attorney general william barr says he is committed to investigate the origins of the russia probe and
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that he is working very closely with the doj inspector general investigation into alleged surveillance abuses. the president tweeted this. "finally mainstream media is getting involved. too hot to avoid. pulitzer prize, anyone? "the new york times" on front page finally details effort to spy on trump campaign. this is bigger than watergate, but the reverse." and our own sandra smith sat down with the vice president said he prayed he reacted to this new report and growing concerns over surveillance of the trump campaign. >> the american people aren't going to tolerate this. we put out all the facts on the table. no collusion, no obstruction. but now the american people have a right to know how all this started. if the law was violated, those people need to be held accountable. >> harris: ed henry, this is a big deal. why? >> ed: well, let's look at the most recent thing. a week or two ago, bill barr, before the current controversy,
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was on capitol hill and he use the word "spying" to describe what happened. remember the freak out? "what is he talking about? he's not telling the truth!" and it keeps dribbling out that he probably was telling the truth. i say that because we don't have all the fact it. i think the president's allies should be careful about letting the facts and drive this, contrary to what the democrats did on collusion ready set for two years they had evidence. that didn't turn out to be true. here's the bottom line. it would be unprecedented in american history for the opposing campaign to "spy on coastal the other campaign. i think "the new york times" didn't dribble this out on the front page by accident today. you have that inspector general report coming of the could be bad for james comey and others involved in the start of all this. my point is, the fbi and james comey, the former director who had an op-ed a couple days ago about some of this in "the new york times," they are trying to get ahead of the ig investigation and ahead of what bill barr is going to do. when he's going to do, i think, is get to the bottom of this
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once and for all. the one or member of the inspector general got to the bottom of some things with the fbi as well? >> it led to mccabe being forced out. >> harris: so this is something we've been watching for as well. i've been reading today that there's potential for people to criminally be held accountable. leaking or any of that sort of behavior is a crime. >> rachel: it is. but they are also trying to get out of this bag trashing barr. i think they know they are on the something. by the way, it's not just the spying with papadopoulos and carter page. right here, barr says, "it strikes me as a fairly anemic effort, if that was the counterintelligence effort designed to stop the threat as it's being represented." meaning he thinks this is bigger than those too. that's what he's going to get to the bottom of. it wasn't just about the press and the democrats freaked out when bill barr dropped that spying thing on his testimony. but they freaked out when donald trump set at two years ago. and it turns out he was right.
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he was being spied on. we want jessica? >> jessica: i want to follow up on something you said there, ed. he said it would be unprecedented to have a campaign spying on another campaign. that's not what he's alleging. he's alleging our intelligence agencies during the spying, but that the clinton campaign was the one infiltrating. >> rachel: that obama's of the cia to do that. >> ed: i'm going to let you talk, but remember who paid for the dossier that led to some of this. right? he was paid for by the dnc and the clinton campaign. i'm just saying, as i stress, let's stick with the facts. i hear what you are saying but there may be a lot more collections. let's let it be investigated. >> jessica: absolutely, let it be investigated. i'm glad we are talking about george papadopoulos as the source of this investigation because there's a lot of disinformation about the fact that the dossier is what kicked all this off, that it does begin with him. i think this is fodder, obviously, for people on the side of president trump and his allies who are saying this is a massive witch hunt in the intelligence agencies didn't
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like him, obama didn't like him, so "they came for me." we will see where the facts play out. you will see what happens, the public reaction to the race of the mueller report. we will see more in polling, in terms of how ag barr did in the hearing a couple days ago. you may not, if you are president trump, begetting your wish on this. we have 58% of the american public saying they think he obstructed justice. only 37% support impeachment so i think he say from that, but -- >> harris: i want to jump to melissa before he move on. i want to hear from the president on the russia documentation declassification. watch this. >> i'm going to be allowing declassification pretty soon. i didn't want to do it originally because i wanted to wait. i've seen the way they play. they play very dirty. so i decided to do it. >> may, june, july? >> whenever they need it, i will be doing it. i will be declassify everything. >> harris: our own catherine herridge sitting down with the president. >> melissa: and want to address some of the democratic pushback on this. i will start with what jessica
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said about papadopoulos. what's interesting here is that for a long time people have been saying, "how do these people happen to be across from george papadopoulos? "if it like a sting. people said that was a conspiracy theory. wacky theory. it turns out, and other "new york times" confirms, it was a sting. if you read down further, it starts with papadopoulos because they're so shady, they were investigating him. if you read further down in "the new york times," they say they never turned up anything on him. in the end, what he got in trouble for was lying to the people who were trying to trap him. when you look at the circular logic of all of this, the best of the democrats can come up with now -- and we heard it during this hearing -- against the president is, "well, you didn't report it." they are saying, "when we try to trap you, you then didn't turn around and report to the people who were trying to trap you that we were trying to trap you." >> harris: the irony of that,
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too, ed henry, on the one side it's being alleged that the trump campaign got a debriefing on people targeting them, foreign governments. if this was in fact our own government, it would be a moot point whether or not they got a briefing on foreign governments interfering or listening in. >> ed: absolutely. think about melissa's point, papadopoulos served ten or 12 days in jail. he should've told the fbi the truth, to be clear, but it turns out he didn't have any russian problem here. and carter page, after two years or so of surveillance, he's never been charged with a crime. so what was going on? another point to make -- i look this up this morning -- march of 2017, rachel mentioned that's when donald trump first alleged he had been wiretapped. president obama and others said it was nonsense. the obama team said there was no white house official "who interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice." what does that mean? they would try to separate the obama white house didn't do it by the obama justice department, fbi, and maybe the cia --
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his administration did this. >> harris: they operate as part of it. at least we know this from special counsel, as part of an extension of the executive. which is why the white house can say, "you know what? bob mueller can get everybody through subpoena. but executive privilege on this from the white house. >> melissa: of the talking point on this always is, "well, this person was so fishy. why were they trying to trap him?" we will find out. whether it's the president and they are listening in. can you imagine? they were so worried. at the end of this, they found no connection. when bill barr says yes, there was spying, we have to see if i, that's really the linchpin. if it turns out that papadopoulos did nothing. >> rachel: i believe it was a fishing expedition, not an investigation. he was a very low level guy. he clearly knew nothing about it. this was an opportunity to spy on the campaign. frankly, to undo -- to damage his campaign for it if you got
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elected, i have something, an insurance policy. >> harris: let me scoot to the commercial real quickly and a promise we will get back to you, jessica. 2020 democratic presidential candidate senator kamala harris reportedly is fund-raising over questioning of william barr. president trump's response to all of it. we'll get into it, senator harris accusing the president of sexism. the debate you don't want to mess, coming plus, the democratic counter offer to ag barr after he skipped yesterday's house hearing. this, as president trump says he has lost patient with the democrats. a subpoena for a former white house counsel dom again. where all this could go, as the president says he wants to move on. >> it's done. nobody has ever done what i've done. i've given total transparency. it's never happened before like this. ♪ ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete,
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♪ >> he lied to congress. he lied to congress. if everybody else did that, it would be considered a crime. >> chicken barr should have shunned up today and answered questions he will make one more good faith attempt to negotiate. we will proceed to hold the attorney general in contempt. >> was not a chicken? >> melissa: that's just some of the democratic backlash against attorney general william barr after his testimony before the senate on wednesday. and his decision to decline an invitation to appear before the house yesterday. now house judiciary chair, committee chair, jerry nadler, making a new offer to the attorney general as democrats seek the full unredacted mueller report. now chairman nadler threatening to move forward with contempt as tonight monday if he doesn't get the answer that he wants.
9:16 am
democrats are also expected to continue their push to have former white house counsel don mcgahn testify before their committees, in an interview with our own catherine herridge president trump saying that he has lost patience with congressional democrats and he does not plan on allowing mcgahn to testify. >> i just want to be clear on don mcgahn. under what circumstances would you allow him to testify to congress about the special counsel investigation? >> well, i've had them testify already for 30 hours. i don't think i could let him and then tell everybody else you can't, because he was counsel. so especially him. they testified for many hours, all of them. >> so as far as you are concerned it's kind of done. >> one can come and the others can't. >> so, is it done? >> i would say it's done. >> melissa: it's done as far as the president is concerned. [laughter] if you had mcgahn in front of you, what would you ask him? would you think it's a pertinent
9:17 am
that they need to get him there? >> jessica: what mueller highlighted about the potential obstruction of justice charge about getting rid of bob mueller and ending this witch hunt, that's what people want to talk to him about. >> melissa: what's the question? "were you instructed by the president? ">> jessica: the president instruct dude to get rid of bob mueller customer or intimate? we will talk about kamala harris' line of questioning. but there's a lot of wordplay going on with "instruct" versus "suggest." intimate, and aft. he's already testified with 30 hours, with one particular audience. but he hasn't set in front of these congressional committees. >> melissa: let me ask you -- if he says yes, "he told me to fire bob mueller," he's allowed to -- the president is allowed to fire them. >> jessica: if you look at the case laid out in the mueller report, the ten points i could have been obstruction which william barr in the end decided they weren't, there are a number of legal scholars that say that would constitute obstruction of justice and then they would move
9:18 am
ahead. i don't know if they would going down might be going for impeachment over it. >> melissa: that was my question. >> jessica: they are very impeachment gun shy, and i understand why. we want to run on health care. we don't want to run on impeachment. >> harris: you don't want to run health care, you want to deliver what you ran on. >> jessica: we will do that and when again. but we picked up 40 seats running an issues-based campaign. >> rachel: this is not an issues-based campaign. did he tell mcgahn to fire him? in the end, mueller wasn't fired and mueller said no collusion, no obstruction. and the bottom line is the president has his pulse on the american people. when he says, "i've lost patience with congresspeople, and the democratic congressional people," guess what? the american people have lost patience with them. he has the pulse. i live in middle america and i'm telling you the mueller report came, the american people have turned the page on this. they might want to know whether obama spied.
9:19 am
>> melissa: hang on, i just want to -- he didn't say no obstruction. he said there wasn't enough evidence of obstruction to carry forward charges. >> jessica: for it to be prosecutable. >> melissa: i want to make sure we are clear on that. >> rachel: guess what? that's enough for people. it was a big dud. >> ed: the other part of this, a few weeks ago, "bill barr was the worst person of the world because he won't release the report. the only put up four pages." then he puts out the whole report and they are still not satisfied. everyone can read it. the only reason we know what mueller said i didn't say is because bill barr do his job, number one. number two, when mueller was first appointed in may of 2017 all he was supposed to do was deliver a confidential report to the attorney general. it was up to the attorney general to make it public. he did that. finally, i would say that if this was obstruction of justice bob mueller should have had the guts to say, "i believe, after two years, there was obstruction.
9:20 am
here are the ten episodes. i'm basically a special prosecutor, and here it is." and said he said, "yes, i can't clear him but i can't prosecute him." so the end of the day the attorney general had to make the call and he made the call. >> rachel: this is why the democrats have to lose. they are going to lose because this is my new ship. they make and people are thinking right now that the economy is really good. "i can afford to put my kids at basketball camp, i can plan a camping trip or some other trip for my family this summer." that's what people are thinking. as long as democrats keep obsessing over something, and stocking the president on this -- >> melissa: let me ask you real quick, because we have to wrap. is this a case for them and viewing mueller instead of mcgahn? >> you ask with the question would be. the one thing i would ask emma's why didn't come down one way or the other on obstruction. did you feel there was nothing indictable? or did you feel that you had looked at everything and you needed more time? what with the reasons for that? this is a smart man. he ended william barr have known
9:21 am
each other for 30 years. they had to have known that when those visions collided, whether it was the 4-page summary or a phone call where that original letter that we now know mueller sent barr, that basically he was upset about the media, that follow-up phone calls, he didn't like how things are being portrayed. 95% unredacted. 95% unredacted! >> ed: that is a law school exercise. >> rachel: it was a dead. >> melissa: joe biden taking heed again from liberals for it saying nice about a republican. is he going to have trouble with the left wing of his party as the primary moves forward? plus, a new report on joe biden and a possible conflict of interest involving his son, hunter biden, and in the ukraine. how this may be giving president trump a new line of attack against the former vp. that's next. >> it's a major scandal, major problem. very bad things happened, and we will see what that is. they even have him on tape
9:22 am
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♪ >> harris: a possible new issue on the campaign trail for joe biden. it stems from a "new york times" report during his time as vice president he threatened to withhold money from ukraine if it did not remove its top prosecutor. ukraine ultimately complied. that prosecutor was reportedly targeting biden's son, hunter, at the time. he wanted to know what the interest was. hunter biden's work with the company reportedly sparked concern among state government officials. fort vp's campaign telling the times now that joe biden learned of his son's role with the ukrainian energy company from news reports. after biden denies any role in any type of investigation of that company, whose board he left last month. he's one of many americans of both major parties who has made money in the ukraine over the
9:27 am
past decade, including, of course, one time trump campaign chair paul metaphor. still, president trump and his allies quickly responding to the "times" report. to get wanted to do this. "biden conflicts are too apparent to be ignored and should be investigated quickly and expeditiously." the more important question, how deep and how i did the alleged conspiracy go? here's president trump's response to her own catherine herridge. >> should the former vice president explain himself on his feelings and ukraine, whether there was a conflict? >> i hear it's a very serious problem. sure. i'm hearing it's a major scandal, major problem. very bad things happen. we will see what that is. we even have him on tape talking about it. we have him on tape talking about the prosecute. i've seen that tape. a lot of people are talking about that tape. that's up to them, they have to solve that problem. >> ed: every time a foreign official checks into the trump international hotel in
9:28 am
washington there's another press release from democrats. "he may be made $400 off a hotel room, we have to get to the bottom of this." i'm not saying there aren't you legitimate questions that should be asked. fine, do that. meanwhile, while he was president of the united states, joe biden is talking about to campus prosecutor in ukraine, setting u.s. policy as vice president, and his son, hunter, has millions of dollars with a company that is being investigated by that very prosecutor. number one, seems like the vice president should have recused himself. we should find out about that. number two, what were hunter biden's interests? >> harris: this has comes up on the couch in times past. sometimes our dim protocols will say, "there's nothing to this, a lot of people do business in that part of the world." but this has a different tinge to it now that we know decisions were made by a vice president having to do with the prosecutor in ukraine. it's not just that his son might've been doing business.
9:29 am
>> jessica: it's more than that, he is making $50,000 a month. this story, similar to the other about uranium one, is eloquent -- which ended up being completely obliterated as a narrative, and a sexually incorrect. we disagree about basically everything. >> rachel: [laughs] >> jessica: what i did when i saw this piece, i looked at people who were players in this. a lot of pushback against the person who wrote this piece. the leading anticorruption activists in ukraine, a woman named -- i might have butchered her last name. for that i apologize. she pointed out that she went to him about this and he ignored what she said about it. that this prosecutor was fired for being completely corrupt and feeling prosecutorial reform in the first place. that it had nothing to do with american players whatsoever. >> harris: let me slide and with justice -- whether that may be true, we have to do our own reporting on and talk with this
9:30 am
woman. regardless of that, you have a vice president who did have an option to recuse. >> jessica: except he didn't even know that hunter biden was working very. >> harris: why did he weigh in at all? >> jessica: he was in u.s. don't like their business consistently. we were helping them to democratize and weed out the corruption. >> harris: their government, they needed to be fired anyway, why did the vp need to get involved? >> rachel: he said he didn't even know his son was working on their board, making $50,000 a month. there's no reason to pay under biden $50,000 a month unless you are the vice president's son. >> melissa: i don't know if we know that. here's how these businesses work -- hunter biden went and formed a thing with this is what a cover for most of my career. you go and raise money and other
9:31 am
places. they've been accused of going to china and raising lots of money in china while joe biden is saying, "don't worry about china, they are our bodies, they are not a threat." meanwhile, his son and john kerry's son, they are raising millions of dollars. people go out and they chase money all around the world to try and get money that you then invest. there are two opportunities for conflict fair. raising money from foreign governments, and then when you deploy it -- as in this case, by buying a company and sitting on the board. it's standard for them to get that kind of pay by sitting on the board. the question is, it becomes really dicey when you are out raising money in other countries and having a very tight financial relationship. >> harris: and your dad is the vice president. >> ed: and he's working with john kerry's son. secretary of state. this is also a swamp cashing-in deal read >> rachel: i know that senator rand paul had a bill, i don't know where it went. but it was supposed to be about stopping the foreign lobbying and some of the swampy stuff. >> harris: interesting, i will
9:32 am
ask him. >> rachel: you should. >> melissa: this is more profitable than the lobbying, by the way. private equity. >> rachel: i agree with you. we need to also note -- it's just not credible when you know that vice president biden is so close to his family and his sons. for them to say he didn't know. >> harris: i want to get back to this point to make sure we are at least in the right consolation about this. was there an option for the vice president to step back and say he wouldn't get involved? >> ed: absolutely. "don't fire mueller, don't fire that special prosecutor." then joe biden is over and ukraine. "let's fire this guy over here." [laughter] >> jessica: we were giving them billions of dollars in aid to help with the democratization process for this where the u.s. should be in this conversation. >> harris: this is the topic today. we will move on. meanwhile, joe biden is facing a new liberal backlash. >> melissa: it's okay, keep going. >> harris: after a 2015 video surfaced showing him praising former vice president
9:33 am
dick cheney. watch. >> i actually like dick cheney, for real. i get on with him. i think he is a decent man. >> harris: david corn from the liberal magazine "mother jones" tweeted this. "this is a problem. a decent man does not mislead a country into a misguided work that kills thousands of american gis and leads to the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians." this isn't the first time joe biden has been criticized by liberals for praising a republican vice president paid back in february, you may recall, biden called mike pence a "decent guy." he was later forced to walk that back a bit. i don't know how you walk back a decent guy. >> ed: but also we've heard so much about joe biden being the adult in the room in the primaries, may be so paid he will say we need to elevate the conversation. he does like the president's tweets, all of this. this. all of a sudden he comes out and try to have a civilized conversation and the left freaks out. it makes you wonder whether the left wants to have a civilized conversation or if they just
9:34 am
want to savage donald trump. >> melissa: i would ask us to get this -- i think it speaks more to the fact that joe biden's more moderate, that he keeps making comments about not condemning the actions of these folks. this doesn't jive with where so much of the democratic party is. i don't think it says much about being nice to republicans >> jessica: that is now the mainstream position for those who voted for it. we have it from hillary as well. it is really too talking about, this conversation about electability. that's what everyone is focused on. democrats want somebody that can beat trump. in joe biden's launch video he targeted trump and trump alone. not moderate republicans, not independence, not people who voted for trump, but the man himself. what upset me about this, or made me pause, i guess, the conversation we are having about
9:35 am
how much women who are in this field -- like kamala harris, elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand -- are struggling to get past this likability issue. that they are constantly getting questions that are couched in gendered words and having a tougher time. if you saw elizabeth warren sitting up on a stage and she said, "i think dick cheney is a decent guy," she would be destroyed. >> rachel: i think what it speaks to is how long joe biden has been in washington, d.c. there was a time when members of congress actually lived in washington, d.c. their kids played soccer together, they -- their wives went out shopping and had lunch together and they are actually double with other democrats in the evening. he actually knows these people and he likes them. he's telling the truth about a time in washington when there was more civility. i think the people in the middle, not the resistance, and not the hard right, but the people in the middle who actually decide this election
9:36 am
want somebody who can work with both sides. with the democrat resistance side, which is with the takeover of the parties doing, is actually hurting the likability and the electability of, i think, they're stronger candidate. by trashing him for being who he is and representing a part of american politics that people actually -- >> jessica: by the way, he has given biden a huge bump in the polls. that narrative is gone. we elected moderates in 2018. >> ed: elizabeth warren, and some of these polls -- you wonder, it shows us that t unsec side. president trump, when you put together the unsettled nature of the democratic primary, and these job numbers today which sort of blew it out, saying, "maybe the economy stronger than the left wants to admit." he is still in a relatively strong position. >> harris: it's interesting, some of the polling you see beto o'rourke popping to the top again. it's very early. very interesting.
9:37 am
>> melissa: and exciting! a new controversy involving democratic congresswoman ilhan omar after she suggests that the u.s. is partly to blame for the crisis in venezuela. secretary of state mike pompeo not holding back with his response. ♪ iscovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis.
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♪ >> of the focus throughout the call was about helping the people of venezuela, making clear that the united states stands with the people of venezuela. and the importance of making sure those individuals are able to get the food on the water in the medical supplies needed. the president reiterated that sentiment several times throughout the call. >> jessica: that was white house press secretary sarah sanders earlier today on the situation in venezuela. she also said the president discussed the crisis of the vladimir putin on the phone this morning, stressing u.s. support for guaido's efforts.
9:42 am
secretary of state mike pompeo gripping democrat ilhan omar for your suggestion that u.s. policies were partly to blame for the crisis in venezuela. first, the remarks from the freshman congresswoman, is not new to controversy. >> a lot of the policies we have put in place have kind of helped lead the devastation in venezuela. this particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make change does not help the people of countries like venezuela. >> jessica: and secretary of state mike pompeo is not holding back. watch. >> the problems in venezuela have been years in the making. for a member of congress, frankly, one who sits on an important national security committee, blaming america and this way, it's not only ignorant -- it's disgusting. >> rachel: i agree. >> jessica: rachel agrees. >> ed: [laughs] >> jessica: this is a tricky
9:43 am
one for democrats. there have been bipartisan consensus. joe biden is openly backing guaido in all of this. ed, what do you make of her comments, and also -- >> ed: i agree with their point, why is this a tough call for democrats? >> jessica: for ilhan omar, not for democrats as a whole. >> ed: where my hearing -- i'm hearing the secretary of state lash out at her. where is speaker pelosi question work where the democratic leaders saying this is outrageous, number one? it's not america's fault. it's the maduro regime's fault. socialism failed in venezuela. maybe that's why some democrats don't want to talk about this. i just think it's absurd to attack america first. it's absurd. >> rachel: ed hits the nail on the head. the fault of socialism. by the way, the reason why ilhan omar, aoc, and bernie are on the side of russia, china, cuba, all of the bad actors in this terrible situation, is
9:44 am
bernie sanders -- he was a mentor to those two women in congress -- was an early supporter of this revolution that chavez had in venezuela. up until very recently, bernie sanders on his website said you were more likely to find the american dream in venezuela than in the united states of america. that is a fact. he cheered on the revolution. so did a lot of leftists in hollywood. and now they don't want us to see the results. they want to blame america. guess what? the same arguments, jessica, that were used to sell the venezuelans on socialism are the same arguments that bernie sanders, ilhan omar, and alexandria ocasio-cortez are trying to sell socialism to the american public with. that's what they don't want you to see. >> jessica: i'm not sure about those he mentioned being on the side of russia. i don't know what you got that. >> rachel: are you kidding? russia is backing maduro. you guys say -- on the democratic side they say that donald trump is a stooge of russia. donald trump is acting against the interest of russia and his
9:45 am
particular situation. >> melissa: to that end, that was what a lot of the conversation, you would imagine, on the phone this morning -- between vladimir putin and president trump. he got the read out from it earlier. this is what sarah sanders said. she's said the primary focus was making clear the u.s. dance with those people, and the importance of making sure those individuals are able to get food, water, and supplies as needed. we are general jack keane earlier today on this network talking about the fact that, really, putin is standing by ben maduro. you see cubans as well, which is absolutely true, but he turned to get a foothold in our hemisphere. having syria in our backyard. >> ed: and bible present was on the phone the flood were put in, let's not forget, around the same time this morning you had john bolton and mike pompeo over at the pentagon with the acting defense secretary looking at u.s. warplanes for possible -- and i
9:46 am
stress, possible -- u.s. military intervention. >> melissa: it's not that the democrats, ilhan omar, support putin. >> jessica: that was the point i was trying to clarify. be five way to meda she said in her statement, "this is not helping --" first of all, she blamed america and said that we are not doing things in interese venezuelan people. the venezuelan people not only are not getting aid that maduro is blocking from coming into the country, these people are desperate. women are prostituting themselves to buy groceries. this is a "washington post" article. they can't find or afford groceries in their own country. people are eating their pets. people are digging through trash. people who once used to be middle class people. socialism is to blame. maduro is to blame. he's a ruthless dictator. her remarks are disgusting. >> harris: i want to step in here, these are the facts that we know from sarah sanders today in that phone call. all options are on the table, we
9:47 am
are looking at another of different fronts. but important dimension again. as you said, if you're going to go in militarily or whatever you're going to do, you know following the money that russia has an investment in messerli. b6 oh to china. big time. >> harris: we are trying to do it trade deal with one. it's an interesting -- >> ed: but how long can u.s. sit on the sidelines when tanks have been out there and you see people in danger. >> rachel: this is a time to be on the side of the venezuelan people. >> jessica: good thing i am. president trump using the words "nasty" to describe kamala harris' questioning of william barr earlier this week. and now her campaign is fund-raising off the president's comments, calling them sexes. we will debate it next. ♪ te, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals.
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>> mayor pete, kamala harris. >> well, i don't see either of them. i think she has got a little bit of a nasty wits, but that might be it. >> rachel: president trump taking aim at senator kamala harris, twice using the word "nasty" in reference to the candidate. paris weighing in, but not bringing the issue of gender into it >> that was the second time he's
9:52 am
use the word "nasty" about you. what's that about? >> god only knows. [laughs] listen, i'm going to be very clear about how i think about what is important and what is before us. we have the president the president of the united states, whose primary interest, i think, that has been clear as a result of what we know from the mueller report. his primary interest has been to obstruct justice. my primary interest is to pursue justice. >> rachel: a different team now as she is fund-raising off of trump's comment. a new email to supporters reading, "it seems like any time donald trump feels threatened by a strong woman he lashes out with the gross, weird attack. it's the kind of sexism that makes me want to run my head through a wall." we all know he famously called hillary clinton a "nasty woman." >> jessica: best teacher ever brought in my life. [laughter] >> rachel: is it fair for her
9:53 am
to raise money for this? >> jessica: totally. i'm on way too many of these email lists and people are fund-raising off of everything. everything from, "my dad had "my dog had puppies" to "i'm a nasty woman." she had the best performance of any of the democrats. at the barr hearing she caught him twice, stumbling. when she asked if he had been asked of an investigation is any food semantics. the second one, unearthing the fact that he had not looked at the underlying evidence. which was maybe safer for him from a legal standpoint. but there are two big wins from kamala harris and democrats. from race all you want, you nasty woman. >> ed: i think she had a right the first time. once you answer the question and said, "i will focus on whether he committed obstruction of justice." my point being, let's get to the substance. i first saw kamala harris when i was covering president obama. he was fund-raising for her and she was the attorney general.
9:54 am
she has real credibility. she has credentials. we should focus on that part of career and who she is. whether it's a president or fund-raising. let's focus on what she can actually do she got selected. >> rachel: with an economy as roaring as it is -- >> melissa: it almost sound like a complement when he said it. "she has a nasty wit, but that's about it." [laughter] >> jessica: try to stay away from talking about her in this way, actually. until -- >> rachel: more "outnumbered" in a moment. stay with us. at carvana, we have only one standard
9:55 am
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>> melissa: today is world oppressed freedom today. it was designated in 1993 by the united nations. i do to celebrate the fundamental principles of a free press. this year's theme is media for democracy. journalism and elections in times of disinformation. our own ed henry is the former
9:59 am
president of the white house correspondents association. what is your take as this heads into the 2020 election? >> ed: this is serious stuff. since 1992, if you look up the steps, over 1300 journalists have been killed around the world for doing their jobs. we've got a great privilege. we have a wonderful first event in this country that we stand up for. here at fox news, our colleagues in the media. a lot of debates, fake news, let's have a real news and allow journalists to do their jobs. there people in harm's way all around the world. venezuela and other places. trying to bring us the real story about some of these regimes. it's important work and we should celebrate it every day. >> melissa: i would be remiss if i didn't mention you just won a big award for this. [laughter] >> ed: is it weird? i just so happen to have this award! i've been walking around with it, it's a little odd. people have been looking at me funny. [laughter] it was for a story, taking on scott pruitt. i hear a lot of noise about fox news. all the bosses here, they never once gave me any static for
10:00 am
standing up. >> jessica: affects of my email. >> rachel: i want to say high to some nice engines i met an airport. >> melissa: we are back on monday. here's harris. >> harris: president trump is talking by phone for the first time for more than an hour with russian president vladimir putin. we stay for the first time, at least recently that we know of. the mueller report, among some of the topics they talked about. and then there is this -- a new report which could boost the president's claims that the fbi spied on his campaign. we go "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. let's begin with that stunning new report in "the new york times" reviewing the fbi sent investigators to meet trump campaign aide george papadopoulos in the final weeks before the 2016 election. reportedly, for the fbi, a woman who posed as a cambridge university research assistant wanted to know if the trump


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