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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 16, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you there. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from new york, see you back here from washington on thursday night. >> this is a nightmare for smokers. this is a godsend to stop the humanitarian disaster. >> i hope we get enough democrats to get it passed. >> it is thursday, may 16th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast the white house and republicans working on immigration plans to curb the crisis at the border but do either have what it takes to win over democrats? live in washington. new york city mayor bill diblasio expected to throw his hat into the 2020 race today. why the launch could be doomed
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from the start. heart surgery not enough to slow down mick jagger. he is lighting up social media. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ shannon: good morning. a little mick jagger dancing in the streets, the start of the show this morning, we have the mcgregor stone you for you later so stay tuned for that. thank you for starting the day with us. donald trump set to unveil a new
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plan aimed at tackling the crisis at the border, the president calling on democrats to join the administration in fixing broken immigration laws. griff jenkins has a closer look at what is in the plan. >> this afternoon the president will way out a two pillar plan, first to stop the crisis at the border, pretty familiar with what that will include in the second pillar is to overhaul the nation's legal immigration system shifting from a failure base want to a merit-based one privatizing employment over family ties. look like this. increases immigration from the current 12%, to 57% and would reduce family-based system down to 33% and would favor recruiting people under a build america visa that would recognize extraordinary talents, seek people with professional skills and pursue exceptional
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students. donald trump says he's optimistic this will have congressional support on both sides of the aisle. >> democrats want open borders, that means crime. it will go before congress and have tremendous republican support. i hope we get enough democrat support to get it passed. >> don't hold your breath because democrats are anything but onboard. senator dick durbin had this to say. >> there have been so many aborted efforts when it comes to immigration reform under this president. i am skeptical as to whether he truly wants to deal with immigration. >> this as senator lindsey graham unveiled his legislation to stop the surge of migrants and address the asylum backlog at the border, stopping applications at the southern border. he says his plan will deliver a much-needed fix. >> this is a nightmare for smugglers. this is a godsend to stop the humanitarian disaster.
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>> reporter: we will see what the fallout is this afternoon, reaction to the speech in the rose garden. "fox and friends" later this morning, we will get a little more, brian kilmeade on the border because the numbers are just startling and the agents are overwhelmed. >> thank you. other headlines, new hope for peaceful resolution in venezuela. high-ranking officials representing nicholas maduro and opposition leader juan juan guaido for next oratory discussion. the us isn't taking any chances, suspend commercial and cargo flights between the us and venezuela. the department of homeland security determining the political unrest and increased tension pose a risk to all life. images show fully assembled missiles on boats in the persian
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gulf that sparked the order to remove us personnel from iraq but we told you about yesterday according to the new york times although those images have not been released. this comes after a veiled threat saying iran would not be difficult to enrich uranium to weapons grade level. despite that, us and iranian officials said neither country is seeking war. firefighter shot and killed when responding to a call. the 14 year veteran of the wisconsin fire department was one of four people start when responding to a medical emergency at a public transit center. the police officer was also hit. there condition is unknown. witnesses said police took someone into custody. police have not confirmed any arrests but said there is no longer a threat. the two suspects in a deadly colorado school shooting charged as adults. the parents of hero teenager kendrick castillo who helped disarm one of the shooters showing up hours before the funeral.
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>> we have the ability to be kendrick in our life. i've always known he was a gift and the hero. >> kendrick loved people. he loved his church. kendrick loved his god. do not forget about kendrick. >> reporter: outside the church, 600 people gathered for jeep fleet showing support for a teen who loved that particular type of car. alabama as governor signing the strictest abortion ban into law, governor kay ivey tweeting in part this legislation stands as a powerful testament to alabama in deeply held belief that every life is precious and every life is a sacred gift from god. the near-total band prevents women from getting an abortion unless the mother's health is at risk, no exceptions for sexual assault or insist. doctors who do it anyway could face 99 years in prison.
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abortion supporters protested in the state a several groups vowed to challenge the law. bill diblasio is expected to announce his 2020 presidential run. he would be the 23rd democrat to announce his candidacy. bill diblasio will visit iowa and south carolina this weekend but 76% of voters say he should not run for president according to a recent poll from quinnipiac university. the numbers are in, donald trump's approval rating on the rise, a brand-new fox news for weighing in on his strengths and where there is room for improvement. >> reporter: half of americans polled think donald trump is doing a pretty good job, one point that shines is the economy. 47% say the economy is in excellent or good condition.
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in the last 18 years the number has only been higher twice, both times under the trump administration in 2018. a month before trump's inauguration to december 2016 and 33% of voters rated the economy positively. donald trump gets the most credit for the current economy, 34% over president obama's 15%, leading us to how good a job is trump doing? 46% approve of the president's job. >> you see the president navigating a democratic party that is more radicalized than we have ever seen and more hardened if it wasn't trump they would do this against any republican, it is their state of mind. >> let's look at border security and immigration. 46% approve of the handling of border security, that has grown since 2018, 41% approve of immigration but some say that is a battle democrats will face too. >> it has been an issue and will
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be in the 2020 election. the problem is not only do republicans need to get unified the democrats are offering no solutions. >> reporter: when it comes to foreign policy, 50% say donald trump is not tough enough on north korea, that is up 20% from april of last year. 18% think the president is too tough on iran, a 5 point increase since last year. one thing that hasn't changed for years, most americans not happy with congress, 66% of people polled disapprove of the job congress is doing right now. >> if they are getting any job done right now. today the pga championship tees off from new york to long island. the big winner grouped with master champion tiger woods in round one. they will tee off at 8:24
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eastern time this morning. tiger won the pga championship four times in his career. another notable duo, phil mickelson and roy mcelroy will tee off this afternoon. a good day for some golf. is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. tensions running high in the middle east after the us orders personnel to leave the embassy in iraq. our next guest says that move could spark an accidental war with iran. you heard of mega millions. now it is m a ga millions, what the trump campaign plans to do with its 1 millionth make america great again hat. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at >> us tensions with iran putting the middle east on high alert. all nonessential personnel have been ordered to leave the
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country over potential threats. how serious are the threats? us army veteran aisha capital barry joins us. in terms of iraq, let's bring of the embassy statement, the departure, the state department ordering departure of all government employees from iraq at the us embassy in baghdad and the us consulate. what do you think? >> tensions i definitely high. we've seen a problem like this where there were some iranian militias targeting the consulate and we pulled out the iran deal and identified the iranian guard
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as a terrorist group, differently sending a strong tough message to iran tensions are high and we are willing to respond in a defensive posture. >> scary for everyone here at home because you wake up and you hear the word war and possibly going to war, what would be the straw that would break the camel's that? what would forces in that direction? >> intelligence reports came out of missiles targeting us troops. >> there is allegedly some video of that but the video has not been released. >> if that is so where they want to be more offensive there is a retaliatory a situation but the united states has a strong military,. we are stronger than iran. since they cut off the iran deal
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we have a diplomatic communication with them. tensions are a lot worse in terms of trying to communicate with each other and what is going on here, it could turn into an escalation. shannon: what about the troops? what are their concerns when we talk about sending more troops over there? >> it is very concerning. we work in close proximity in this environment. it is definitely a concern. 120,000 troops there and reminds you of the bush time. when you look at the whole situation, differently a leak from a last resort of sending in troops of that scale.
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heather: let's hope this is the last resort. another situation going on in venezuela. the us suspending all commercial passenger cargo flights between the us and venezuela. what about everything going on there? >> the flight restrictions are necessary because political instability continues to exacerbate. you have economic conditions that are worse and contributing to the humanitarian catastrophe, many people dealing with food shortages, supply issues. >> look at some of the footage that has been so horrible. >> exactly. that is a big problem where you have millions of refugees going to colombia and brazil, guiana, ecuador, with regards to humanitarian services. also you have a situation where juan guaido and his forces tried
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to oust maduro but it was not successful and they were looking at doing another operation, liberation against maduro but maduro at the same time, making him feel -- >> looking at other countries involved. the two of the meeting in norway will come from that. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 18 minutes after the top of they are. alabama abstract new abortion law bringing surprising reaction from pat robertson. >> alabama is going too far. if they want to challenge roe versus wade this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court. >> carly shimkus here to share your comments straight ahead. ♪ who says you can't go home ♪
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shannon: heather: pat robertson making headlines for saying this about alabama's controversial abortion law. >> alabama has gone too far. it is an extremely. they want to challenge roe versus wade my humble view is this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court because it will lose. heather: carly shimkus is here with mixed reaction. >> famous televangelist, fiercely pro-life but not on board with his restrictive abortion law because he doesn't think it will win. he is taking issue with the fact that doctors who perform
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abortions could face 99 years in prison, it doesn't make exceptions for rape and incest. his opinion catching a lot of people by surprise. this twitter user says he doesn't think it is too extreme in principle. he thinks it is too extreme to what the supreme court battle, that making a distinction. this histogram post saying when pat robertson think that abortion law is extreme you know something is way off. another instagram commentor saying that robertson needs to reread the bible when it comes to god's word. murder is murder. he doesn't think this is a good legal strategy but a lot of folks who oppose this law by saying if he thinks it's too far then it has got to be too far. >> let's talk about kamala harris who is turning tables on joe biden saying he would make a great running mate.
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>> i think people want to speculate about running mate i encourage that because joe biden would be a great running mate. he has proven he knows how to do the job. >> joe biden is way in the lead but kamala harris looking very confident flipping the script saying how about a harris biden ticket as opposed to a biden harris ticket. scott says someone should show her the pole numbers. you will make a strong team. this one says there is not a winning combination between all of the supporters there. another one entering the race today. we will have to wait and see about that. let's talk about this. we showed video of mick jagger dancing. this epic team. >> it is amazing stuff. it is incredible because he has open-heart surgery. about a month ago, 75 years old
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and back in action. showing us how it is done. he doesn't look 75. >> i thought it was a joke at first. >> there was chatter in the studio. someone said that has got to be from a a few years ago but it was recently posted. >> i will go ahead and say getting ready for another tour. good for him. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. donald trump hours away from feeling his sweeping plan to overhaul immigration. our next guest tells us the white house work on that proposal, why he says democrats could get on board with the plan. stay with us. ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i couldn't leave her if i
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tried ♪
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>> will come back. look at our top headlines this morning, half past the top of the are, the us has ascended all commercial and cargo flights between the us and venezuela. the dhs is political unrest and increased tension is posing a risk. the disputed government agreed to meet with the opposition party to discuss the country's crisis. new york city mayor bill diblasio is expected to announce his 2020 presidential run today. he would be the 23rd democrat to jump into the race for the oval office, he is expected to visit iowa, south carolina this weekend. donald trump set to unveil a new immigration plan telling fox news will focus on merit-based immigration making more migrants with specialized skills and exceptional students. here to react to the new plan is
1:30 am
research fellow at the hoover institute, jeremy call. thanks for joining us, appreciate it. you contributed the material to this plan. >> i don't want to overstate my role. some folks in the white house and more, folks in the immigration community but we will see when it is unveiled, we will move toward a focus on skilled immigration and that is very welcome from that perspective. what is more concerning to folks on the right is it is ultimately symbolic because democrats are not likely to go along with anything the administration says was we move backward from the raise act when we were cutting immigration to an opening bid but there was no immigration cut
1:31 am
eventually. shannon: let's look as we get into the pluses and minuses but look at a breakdown of the plan. the white house's immigration plan ends the visa lottery program and imposes new security measures at the border implement a merit-based admission system. some things it does not do is change the number of immigrants the us will allow to legally into the country every year and does not address illegal immigrants in the country or dreamers. it is the second attempt at immigration reform since the president has been in office. >> that is correct and i think they don't even try to touch the dreamer issue in this and that is fine. the move toward skilled immigration is great.
1:32 am
the democrats who oppose whatever the administration goes, moving much more toward a canadian style merit-based system, democrats are fond of policy north of the border but we are really doing a bunch of sensible things and my concern as i would love to see something where we say we will have a big increase but we could have a net cut by eliminating some of this unskilled and extended family unification so we are not talking about parents and their minor children but uncles and grandparents and things like that, not getting an automatic green card. >> this on the heels of lindsey graham's immigration plan, we got the details of that yesterday and in his plan he says migrants must apply for asylum and an embassy in their home country or in mexico, returns unaccompanied minors to their home countries and assigns 500 immigration judges which we are sorely in need of. what do you think of his plan? >> it is interesting given the
1:33 am
source, two different views and immigration judges. it is something similar to increasing judges at one deck and then trump came back and said what we need to do is fix the issue so that we don't need these judges but given where we are it is useful for us to increase the judges. it is absolutely useful to force folks to apply for asylum in places where they should come in their home country of mexico, that is what the law said they should be doing. the asylum laws are being horrifically abused. >> either way it all comes down to whether democrats will vote in favor of anything the administration suggests. we will see what happens this time around. we appreciate it.
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have a good day. the state department may have tried to target donald trump after he already won the 2016 election. judicial watch obtaining an email exchange from bruce ohr, and article links suggesting a russian gave money to donald trump's campaign to which ohr replied hope we can get something going, we will take another look at this. british asked by christopher steele had a connection to a russian businessman. that man happens to be the alleged source for the anti-trump dossier. donald trump signing an executive order escalating the cyber security battle with china. 74 countries deemed national security threats along with technology giant huawei.
1:35 am
the trump administration says the company is a threat in the race to build new 5g networks. huawei fire back saying, quote, restricting huawei from doing business in the us will not make the us more secure or stronger. instead this will serve to limit the us to inferior yet more expensive alternatives leaving the us lagging behind its 5g deployments. under 2020 paul has joe biden and double-digit lead over donald trump in pennsylvania which is biden's home state. biden has a 46% advantage. in 2016 donald trump was the first republican to win the keystone state in 30 years. joe biden remains the clear front runner of the 22 declared presidential candidates but dana perino says biden's popularity
1:36 am
will soon be tested. >> he is vulnerable on a couple things. one, he started reacting to alexandria ocasio cortez because she is needling him. i would ignore her if i were in the biden camp but he is going back at her. it doesn't look right. i also think the opponents are playing nice right now. everybody -- they are going to start attacking him. he hasn't faced one negative ad but you study to see kamala harris. what did you do? she went after him about the crime bill and she is vulnerable on crime issues herself. the internecine warfare, we will see if you can keep that obama glow and the numbers as high as they have been. >> biden has set up his first round of fund-raising events with new york city's biggest donors. that will happen next month we are told. right now the trump campaign will give away the one
1:37 am
millionsth m aga had signed by the president himself. the team is sending an email to supporters thing anyone who contributed tuesday would automatically be entered in a raffle. the hat will be hand delivered to the lucky winner by the president at a trump rally. pretty exciting for a fan of the president. 29 minutes until the top of the our. a new study saying when it comes to safety on the roads bigger is better. which models are best to protect you and your family? >> what is on airplanes? >> i don't disagree. >> new audio reveal the heated confrontation between pilots and boeing officials in the weeks before the second deadly 737 crash. why wasn't everyone on the same page?
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shannon: robo call crackdown,
1:41 am
the fcc taking steps to stop the influx of unwanted calls that most of us deal with every day all hours of the day. tracy carrasco here with the plan. >> there could be a light at the end of the tunnel because these robo calls seem to keep going. last month alone there were 5 billion calls made in the us, 15 calls for every american on average but the fcc announcing they will vote in june whether to allow phone companies to establish call blocking services as default. the phone companies would be allowed to block these calls for consumers without us having to sign up for any special service. the second proposal goes even further, greater customization. consumers would be allowed to have the carrier block any calls not in a contact list.
1:42 am
that does seem extreme but many people would agree these robo calls are out of control. the fcc says 60% to 70 billion robo calls are expected to be made in 2019 alone. shannon: let's talk about this next story, small used cars are the most dangerous and one in particular. >> bigger might be better when it comes to buying a vehicle, especially use one according to new research. they looked at data with the national transportation safety administration and came up with a list of vehicles on your screen marked with the most fatalities. topping the list, sub contacts, mitsubishi mirage, chevrolet corvette, honda fit, kia force, chevrolet spark, mitsubishi standing behind your vehicle saying no two crashes are the same, the vehicles need regulations and safety standards.
1:43 am
heather: the statue of liberty museum opening its doors after two years of construction. the $100 million project featuring the original torch right here in new york city. we get a sneak peek. >> the statue of liberty is an american icon welcoming 20,000 visitors to her island a day but capacity research and limited free to just 5000 people meaning most miss out on the museum inside until now. >> 25,000 people on the island, we really wanted those 80% to have as rich an experience as possible. >> that will be available to all visitors to the island with a new statue of liberty museum
1:44 am
officially open with three calories telling the story of the statue. >> how it got here, what it means, how it became a national symbol. over 130 years it has been in existence. >> reporter: construction crews have spent three is moving artifact like the original golden torch to the new structure. >> we wanted to honor the statue. that was differential to it. the hope is this would feel it almost grew out of the ground. shannon: visitors are welcomed with a film on the statue of history and then a gallery meant to re-create the sculptor's workshop. it features an interactive component where visitors can take a photo and choose words they associate with liberty. the image then goes up on a bigger wall about becoming liberty. >> an area we call the inspiration gallery. we hope visitors will be inspired. >> reporter: and educated. heather: the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour.
1:45 am
kamala harris launching an assault on the second amendment. >> i'm announcing for the first time today with you, to take executive action to ban the import of assault weapons into our country. shannon: do voters actually want that? we will debate, stay with us.
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shannon: kamala harris launching an all-out war on the second amendment. >> assault weapons are designed to kill a lot of people in a very short period of time. i'm announcing for the first
1:49 am
time today here with you to take executive action to ban the import of assault weapons into our country. >> the 2020 presidential hopeful pushing views executive orders to clamp down on constitutional rights. do voters want that? thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. i start with you. is this what voters want? >> what we've seen through the mass shootings, protests, rallies, some effort to crack down on gun violence. about 20 million a are 15s in america, 4 million are imported from other countries. the second amendment ensures the right of every american to keep and bear arms, not for other countries to dump weapons on our shores. this is a very reasonable gun reform effort that will help not only gunowners, not only help
1:50 am
the community but help gun producers not to have to compete or cheat for foreign knockoffs flooding the market. heather: antonio? >> trying to use that argument for constitutional rights but the second amendment says we have an individual right to keep and bear arms and he is using big government which he loves in order to keep people from having access to all different type of arms. weather made in america are not that a the issue. she is directly attacking our second amendment right, rights that are god-given, not constitutionally given, constitutionally protected. think she's going to be president and use executive order to restrict that, that is what american voters don't want. they see this rhetoric by democratic party.
1:51 am
how many times have we heard from the anti-gun that no one coming here to take your guns. seems more and more policies that are supposed to be about protecting americans, empowering citizens are restricting our options more. heather: the proposal would ban imports of assault weapons, mandatory background checks, it would revoke, would have the ability to revoke licenses and prosecute gun makers and sellers and close the so-called boyfriend loophole. what we were just discussing is it is a constitutional right she is talking about with this executive order. >> absolutely. i am a second amendment person. i have more guns than antonio does, ar 15, all sorts of guns.
1:52 am
the point is what ends up happening is cheap foreign knockoffs flooding the market affecting price of guns, allowing people who cannot afford a firearm to buy these cheap knockoffs. >> is it correct to try to fix that issue with an executive order? >> what we have seen becomes even the most reasonable, this is a reasonable effort at gun manufacturers would support, you have to have some action for congress to want to act. if you want to restrict, these are not as safe as american-made or as reliable as american-made, do not protect the community as well as american-made firearms. i'm surprised about constitutional period. >> is that the heart of her reasoning behind the executive
1:53 am
order? >> i think it is very cute that he automatically thinks he has more guns than me. native texan here but second of all of course kamala harris is wanting to push this because this is something on her agenda. most people know that in 2019 up to 22% of gun owners are women and even more so than that, the fastest growing group of the gunowners are women. we are saying we want to protect our second amendment rights. i'm a black woman thing we want to protect the second amendment rights. whole campaign is based on race and gender. if you want to protect black women, protect people that look like me, make sure you listen to what they are progressing and what they are saying is we want to protect ourselves and protect people around us and don't do anything to restrict our access
1:54 am
to do so. shannon: we have just begun with the campaign so we will see how it transpires from here. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the are. you think you had a bad day at work? it pales in comparison to this. the window washers hanging on for dear life as their basket swings wildly in the wind in the car so dirty this driver got find. police responding to the fast food fueled ride and they are not loving it. ♪ that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself.
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lou: a least concerned about the boeing max jet before the second deadly plane crash overseas. brand-new audio reveals american airlines pilot spoke to the company about new features on the plane right after the first disaster. >> pilots deserve to know what is an airplane. >> i don't disagree. >> i don't know or understand the system on this. >> that smoking hole. we need to know. >> the second plane crash four months after that meeting. investigators think a faulty sensor could be to blame. nearly 350 people were killed in the two incidents.
1:59 am
the racing history, one highway at a time was a portion of jefferson davis hwy. that runs through arlington county virginia renamed richmond highway. davis was the president of the confederate during the early 1860s was one of the lawmakers who pushed for the change said the road's name was established to terrorize african-americans. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. we begin with the good. never give up is the message from this inspiring 5-year-old. look at that. the crowd cheering blake more for, surprising everyone in his preschool graduation in ohio by walking across the stage to get his diploma without his wheelchair. good job. now the bad. swinging 800 feet off the ground in wild wind, the basket rocking
2:00 am
back and forth outside the tallest skyscraper for an hour before they were rescued. why their basket got loose to begin with, wow. uglier than that, this. a driver find for having a dangerous amount of trash in his car. police gave the driver a ticket. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> it is thursday, may 16th, the president will rollout his immigration overhaul has the border crisis reaches a milestone. >> border agents getting help from america's airports. live in washington, the latest. new york city mayor bill diblasio is expected to enter the race for president.


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