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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 3, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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. >> thanks for watching. here's dana. >> dana: your daily briefing starts now. three big story, presumptuous meeting with queen elizabeth to kick off a three-day visit to the uk, this as a bitter feud with the mayor of london ramps up. a community in mourning as a vigil held for the victims of the virginia beach shooting and investigators search for the motive behind the attack. crunch thyme for the supreme court with the justices set to rule on several controversial cases. all sides eagerly await the decisions from the new court. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing."
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president trump launching a three-day trip to the united kingdom. the state visit marked by royal ceremony, international diplomacy and a smattering of political controversy. john roberts is travelling with the president. joining us live in london. john? >> dana, good evening to you from london where it's turning 7:00 and it's beginning to get a lot noisier here outside of buckingham pal lace as people filter in after work and as the hour approaches for the president to come here for an official state dinner tonight. we have pro trump protesters on one side and anti-trump protesters on the other side of buckingham palace. it's been a day that's been marked by pomp & ceremony and controversy. on the pomp and ceremony part, the president and the first lady were greeted by queen elizabeth. prince charles, and camilla in the royal garden.
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the president had an honor guard. after lunch with the queen and members of the royal family including prince harry who you'll be able to see her there in the background, the president and the first lady went to westminster abbey to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and travelled to clarence house for afternoon tea with camilla and prince charles where the issue of climate change night come up. on the controversy front, the president raised a lot of eyebrows when the sun newspaper carried a lot of headlines that the president said the new american born princess meghann markel had been, quote, nasty for criticizing him. the president tweeted he never called her nasty. the audio recording where he says i didn't know she was nasty. the president said i think she's great and she'll do well as the princess. the president did not mince any words, though, when it came to london's mayor, sadiq khan who
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have had a long-running feud after he penned an op-ed critical of the presidentover the weekend. the president firing back saying he's done a terrible job as mayor of london has been foolishly nasty to the visiting president of the united states, by far the most important ally to the united kingdom. he is a stone-cold loser who should focus on crime in london, not me. also, the president is in a spat with the labor leader jeremy corbin, the president saying if core bon, the leader of the labor party, were to somehow become prime minister after theresa may steps down, that the united states will have to rethink the intelligence sharing agreement with the united kingdom. corbin is boycotting today's state dinner at the palace and also took to twitter to slam the president writing, quote, tomorrow's protest against donald trump's state visit is an opportunity to stand in
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solidarity with the attack around america, in our world, and in our own country, including just this morning. there are protests building outside of buckingham palace tonight. tomorrow, a large protest when the president meets with tereasa may. one of the pieces of news in the last couple of minutes too, dan, the president took to twitter to say russia pulled most of the people out of venezuela. this would appear to relate to a russian military defense contractor, rostek who had as many as 1,000 people in venezuela at one point advising the venezuelan military apparently because there isn't much money in venezuela anymore to pay for outside military contracts, rostek has gotten nobody to pay the bills so it's pulled a lot of people out. on the surface, it seems like it might be a positive development but still early in this. >> i love how you're smooth even though there's all that nonsense going on behind you. thank you. for more on this, let's bring in
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martha mccalum, the anchor of "the story." you're here for lots of reasons. i'll get to that special trip you embark on. you know a lot about the uk. you've been there so many times. you understand the special relationship between the uk and the united states. and a trp like this is not just because about the political controversy that you could have, but really about policy and, indeed, as the president just wrote on twitter, we have new tweets from him. he's saying the london part of the trip is going well. the queen and the entire royal family has been fantastic. the relationship with the uk is strong. haven't seen any protests yet, but i'm sure the fake news will be working hard to find them. great love all around. also, big trade deal is possible once the uk gets rid of the shackles already starting to talk. and i did want to ask you about this. bloomberg wrote about how i'm not going to read the whole thing, be uh basically about how the uk very messy try to break
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with europe provides an opportunity now for the united states to keep a way to keep the relationship going, especially when it comes to trade. >> it's an important point when you look at this. you have to remember everyone at home, of course. this relationship is so important. and in a way, i think it's becoming increasingly important when you look at the potential breakup. if you look at brexit, for example, if the united kingdom does pull away, the trade relationship is going to become extremely important. you also look at the adversarial relationship we have with china and with iran, that is a bond that will continue to give us a bit of a buffer against all of those -- all of those sort of confrontational environments. he -- the president said all along, he wants to do bilateral trade agreements with every country separately. the reality of that potentially happening is becoming more and more real as we look at a potential brexit with other countries with nationalist leaders with big nationalist
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movements in their countries may want to do the same thing. all of the pomp & circumstances is beautiful but underlying is serious policy issues that need to be addressed. >> inin 2008 being in europe with president bush. lots of protest. the mayor of london was having a spat as a president. if i was a mayor of a city, i wouldn't take on a president of the united states, the leader oh it was free world. so take a listen at what he said yesterday. >> londoners find offensive. and but the frustration with the prime minister. >> well, that's a good phrase, boo to a goose. it's not like the uk's politics are going all that well. >> no, they're having a tough time. they have a very similar situation we have here at home where you have a populist, more conservative movement versus a very big green party force which you see in the united kingdom as well.
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sadiq khan is an interesting person. there's a large muslim population in london, obviously. he represents that as the first muslim mayor of the uk. there's a lot of friction with a lot of trump's early policies. but i want to mention the moments with the queen and what he said about about how it was going. that's what you never see. the queen is so historic. she's 93 years old. she was alive at d-day, world war ii, her mother and father were a big force of keeping calm and carrying on. that's one of the royal family mottos in world war ii. it would be so interesting to know what their conversations are about brexit. the queen never reveals about that. >> held her cards very close. >> and waiting for the president to tweet something about what the queen said about brexit. >> everyone will be looking for that. >> last night i caught a special, "remembering d-day," so
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moving. you're about to take a trip. i would like for you to ex- plaplain that, if you want, we'll have a sound bite. >> it's what our troops did. they were in the united kingdom in the early days and moved across the channel the morning of june 6. 6:00 a.m. in the morning. thousands of paratroopers fell from the sky. they had been training for two years. the largest mission of materiel ever put together. tom rice is 96. he's jumped for the last six years in memory of the 8,000 young men who did not make it off of the peach a-- beach and make it home after d-day. he trumps for them. >> play a little tom rice here. >> yeah. >> i did it the best i could. the best way would show the
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individuals in the 501 paratroop infantry they will never be forgotten. we had 38% casualties in normandy. i remember all of those. >> i cannot wait to see what you do this week. >> it. >>s a two-tier thing, the political side, the president is there. we have these men which we're going to focus on, their stories are amazing. >> they understand the high prize of freedom. >> absolutely. thank you. >> thank you. >> next up, the community of virginia beach coming together to honor the memory of the 12 people killed in friday's mass shooting. several vigils planned throughout the city this week. now officials a the municipal center are revealing new details about the gunman, saying he was an employee, quote, good standing. mark meredith is live in virginia beach with more. so, mark, have police come closer to saying what the gunman's possible motives may have been? >> we've opinion waiting to find that out. police say they did receive an e-mail from the gunman friday
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morning to his managers saying he would be resigning his position. by friday afternoon, he begun that shooting rampage we have been following every since then. the invest gay tors have been -- investigators were trying to piece together the events. the gunman going throughout the building firing on multiple floors, police tried to rush him. officials called the officers who risked their own lives heroes. on sunday, they described the chaos that the officers fayed. -- faced. >> i do not have the exact number of rounds that the perpetrator fired, it was well to the double digits. i guess the suspect was firing, he was moving. >> the police say the gunman used two handguns that were purchased legally. these are two .45 caliber pistols and they were able to find additional weapons a the suspect's home and investigators working with the fbi as well as
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the atf authorities trying to work together. >> we've seen presumptuous as governor offering prayers and support. tell me about the community. i know it's a close one down there in virginia beach. >> it really is. where we are, that's where all of the focus has been has been on the community as well as the 12 people, these people doing their jobs there on friday afternoon. you can see over my shoulder right there, there's a makeshift memorial, the mayor of virginia beach showed up. he's consulting with a few folks. he had been out here all day long. people have been tearing up as they look at some of the messages that have been left behind. we spoke with one woman who really couldn't believe everything that's happened in her community, the place she's called home for so many years. here's what she had to say a little while ago. >> on some of the stories i'm hearing now, it gives me -- it makes me sick that you would take such bright people way from us. just bright people, such wonderful people.
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who had their life ahead of them still. >> so many people have told us, too, that virginia beach is going to survive this, they're going to stay strong. we see at this memorial, they've been coming out to offer their support, dana? >> mike meredith in virginia beach, thank you. a protester charging the stage, check that out, to grab the microphone from a presidential candidate. so where was security. another democrat takes aim at president trump in the latest fox news town hall. >> as president of the united states, i'm going to fight for those people who feel so deeply left behind. women, children, minorities. i'm going to make sure that people know that they have a voice in me. hi i'm joan lunden.
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time to start a brand new wake of campaign trail mix. a lively town hall. a trump country democrat farming for votes and a security scare as an activist storms the stage. peter doocy is live in dubuque, iowa. >> senator jillen brand has come here. she met the minimum polling threshold. she's short of the 65,000 unique donors she needs to guarantee a spot. she tried to appeal to the women that might have been watching her town hall. >> what i mean is our future is female, is we want more female voices heard. i was so inspired of the 120 women who ran in the red and purple spaces across the country. the first two muslim american women, native american women, young women, diverse women. so we want women to have a seat at the table. >> what about men? >> they're already there. do you not know?
11:19 am
>> another lawmaker hoping to gain ground in the polls, congressman tim ryan who spent some time in iowa before going on a cable town hall of his open for a sympathetic pitch for farmers whose crop prices were affected by the trade war with china. >> trump does not have a big strategy. he has a tactic that gets him on tv because he sends a tweet out, tariffs are on, tariffs are off. the media runs all the time, it changes the subject. he can look tough. we're getting our clock cleaned. >> kamela harris had a tougher time because a microphone was snatched from her hand by an animal rights protester who snuck past security and stormed the stage at an event in california.
11:20 am
senator harris' husband joined security once they got that man off of the stage. once things settled down, she sat back down and continued to talk about her campaign, dana? >> you have to be careful out there. people are crazy. she's got the mic, folks, let her have it. thank you. candidates not only getting booed by members of his own party but also getting a dressing down on twitter by alexandria ocazio cortez. we'll at the you why. taking aim at the front-runner who was not even there. >> we cannot go back to the old ways. withe eve got -- we have got to go forward with a new and progressive agenda. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete,
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>> bernie sanders at the california state over the weekend who took aim at joe biden, the front-runner. the speech writer to president george w. bush. it's great to have you here. take a listen to two other democrats at the same convention talking about the front-runner. >> if we all just calm down, the republicans will come to their senses. but our country is in a time of crisis. the time for small ideas is over. >> so the riskiest thing we could do is try too hard to play it safe. >> the former veep is running against himself. the rest of the field is trying to get within striking distance. it's like an alaska dog sled. if you're not the lead dog, the
11:26 am
view is the same all day long. biden as a leader doesn't need to be at every weekend barbecue. mo, is that the case? >> well, i think it's true that joe biden is a pretty strong front-runner right now. i think it's a -- it's maybe surprising to some people just how solid his support has been in this early phase. but it is still just an early phase. and the others, i guess, are starting to feel some feed to mix it up a little bit and chip away at his lead. bernie sanders has seen a steady decrease in his support since the day he got in, elizabeth warren up ticking, some of the others are holding steady. they're seeing a reason to come at him. three weeks from now is the first democratic debate. that's when they hope, i think, to really begin to differentiate themselves from one another and from him. you're starting to see him lay some of that groundwork. >> they are frustrated. joe biden took a long time to
11:27 am
get to the race. they've been working at it for many months, he's 19 points ahead of them and that's been really steady since he got in the race in april. >> 19, 18 points in national polls. but despite the best efforts of the democrats to change our system, we don't have an ashenal election, the popular election. in iowa, up by 4, california, up by 8, texas up by 1, massachusetts, down by 3, really the only major primary state he's doing well is new hampshire where he's up by 13. he hadn't locked in. i agree he hadn't locked this up yet and closer to him than it may seem from the national polls. why is biden, i think, vulnerable? i think the main reason biden is vulnerable is because people -- he's ahead in the polls because he's a segment of the electorate that convinced himself that bide season the guy who can beat donald trump. they're willing to moderate a little bit. and he's the guy who can win
11:28 am
back the forgotten americans who voted twice for obama and biden. i think he's the worst person to win those people back for two specific reasons. first, because they're doing better under donald trump than they were under obama-biden. they lost 2 million manufacturing jobs under obama biden, they gained under trump. one of the reasons they voted against him -- for trump, they were sick of the establishments in both parties in the democratic and republican parties that weren't listening to them. and bide is a charter member. he's been in washington 46 years. there's a myth he can win back the voters that hate tlufrump. >> those two stick in my mind, mo, basically saying we can't go back wards, which i'm assuming that they're saying they don't want to go back to obama-biden era? bernie writing an op-ed today
11:29 am
talking about how his upbringing gives him a better chance to win those voters. how is that going to go over? >> look, it's a delicate line they have to walk. >> democrats generally feel nostalgic and good about the obama-bid obama-bideen years. how do they move forward without attacking the immediate democrat path is going to be a tricky tight rope to walk. they're going to try to walk it. to mark's point, i don't know if joe biden is the guy that can best win back those voters that he was talking about. he may well be. but others are going to take the case as well. but i do think republicans should be thinking about the fact that it's not a slam dunk with those voters this time around as it was this last time. and if you want some indication of that, look at 2018 where -- >> or pennsylvania. >> michigan, pennsylvania --
11:30 am
right, or pennsylvania, we started -- democrats started to win it back in the midterm elections. people there are not as 100% solid on the president as they once were. >> and i don't have time to show it. but you had one democratic candidate, john hickem, the former governor of colorado booed. because he said socialism is not the answer. last word to you? >> which the which would have been a completely noncontroversial statement in either republican or democratic se circles until recently. that's a brilliant move. we're talking about him. would we have been talking about him if he hadn't said that. he's betting that there's an demand for socialism in the democratic party but betting there's a latent demand for moderation and he can find that lane. i don't know if it exists. >> governors are different, right? they were executives of a state, it's a little different from them. thank you for kicking off the week with us.
11:31 am
the supreme court and the home stretch with highly anticipated decisions to be handed down. we'll take a look at the biggest cases, the controversial, attention to that. a live report outside of bucking hamm palace, next.
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a few signs of protest along the way. crowds are gathering with a state banquet with the queen going on right now and a larger one with theresa may tomorrow. life in lop donilon don with the latest where there feels like there's been a lot of time to protest over the last few months. >> absolutely. today has been remarkably quiet. we expected far bigger protests early on in the day.
11:36 am
they are now starting to kick off. you can see a few hundred people gathering behind me. this is called the disrupt the banquet protest because president trump in the next couple of hours will be arriving to have a formal state dinner with the queen. but remarkably quiet for today. but tomorrow the protests begin in earnest. we're expecting about 250,000 people to descend on london, many of them bussed in from around the country by a number of left-leaning groups, allied with jeremy corbin, the opposition leader. it's the political echelons we see protests. corbin speaking out about this visit as well as the london mayor, saddiq khan. here's what he said. >> you stand shoulder to shoulder with adversity. but you have to call them out when you think they're wrong. there are so many things about president donald trump's policies that the antithesis of our values in london and of the country. >> president trump hit back
11:37 am
quickly after that tweet -- after that note saying very quickly before he land ed, saddq khan who by all accounts has done a trashily job as mayor of london has been nasty to the president of the united states. he's a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in london, not me. security has been high. $35 million this operation is costing. another $10,000 officers have been brought in to lon c-- london. and the giant blimp has again been permission to fly by sadiq khan. the uk is divided. there are those here who feel it's shortsighted. the u.s.-uk relationship transcends the leadership. in particular now the uk needs u.s. friendship as it moved to brexit, it needs the trade deals. and they recognize one of the key reasons for this visit what
11:38 am
we saw president trump do when he lay wreaths at the tomb of the unknown warriors is to remember d-day. remember 2700 british soldiers died, 6600 american soldiers as well. so, look, today we get the -- we get the state visit. tomorrow we get the politics and the protests. but suddenly a very divided nation at this point over this visit. dana? >> benjamin hall in london, thank you. back here at the u.s. supreme court is beginning the last few weeks of the term. today justices denied a trump administration request to fast-pass a daca case. several answers are going to be handed down, citizenship question, gerrymandering, and the maryland peace cross. >> we're expecting decisions on roughly 30 cases this month before the court goes on the summer recess. the three cases you mentioned are some of the most high profile. but there's an extra sense of urgency surrounding the
11:39 am
citizenship question case. because forms need to be printed soon in order for them to get out to every house hold by next year. 17 states, dc, several cities are challenging the trump administration's plans to ask about citizenship on the 2020 census. opponents argue that including the question would discourage immigrants from participating and lead to an inaccurate count of the population. but the government argues it's needed to enforce the vote rights act. this is a major fight over the executive power and the high court will ask whether asking about citizenship violates the constitution's requirement that all people, not just citizen, be counted every ten years two. other decisions we're waiting on, gerrymandering. in a case looking at north carolina's congressional map craft bid the republicans, the court will decide if electoral districts can be too partisan and if they are, what role should the court play to fix it. the other case looks at maryland's sixth congressional district which is democratic
11:40 am
controlled legislature changed from a reliably red district to blue when it redrew the voting lines. that caught the attention of around schwarzenegger who attended a rally outside of the court in march. >> they're drawing the district lines so they can pick the voters rather than the voters to choose the politicians. they've turned the system upside down. and they're doing it to protect their jobs. >> the third case we're looking at is american legion, the american humanist. there, the court will decide whether a 40-foot-tall maryland war memorial in the shape of a cross sitting on public land violates the separation of church and state. here's what the attorneys fighting to keep it said earlier this year. >> it was put out to honor the 49 young men from prince george's county who gave their lives for our country. and the idea we're talking today about whether we're going to tear down this memorial is really a disgrace.
11:41 am
>> that case is a landmark first amendment case that has implications for religious symbols on public property all across the country. each of these cases are so high-profile, those tend to come out later on in the month. so we'll be holding by, standing by each week for them. >> all right, thank you, garret. bring in elizabeth. she's the constitutional accountability center president. and gael trotter, spokesperson for judicial networks. i want to start with the census. that one is in some ways the most politically charged. your sense as to what you think will happen when the court, the new court now that we have judge kavanaugh on the bench, what do you think is going to happen there? >> well, after arguments, it seems like the court was very divided, maybe with the conservative majority as you mentioned now fully formed with justices kavanaugh and gorsuch on the bench. but they may believe the justification for the question. but a lot of people, in fact
11:42 am
there was some new evidence that just came out, believed that the question is not intended to enforce the voting rights act. no one ever thought it was needed to enforce the vote rights act before, but instead is intended to advantage republicans in particular. and people who -- and nonh nonhispanic white. and the idea of the census in the constitution is really a sacred counting of all of those in this country that should be represented, regardless of whether you're a citizen or not. >> there was a citizenship question on it up until the 1950s. let me read for you recall months ago democrats claimed the trump administration was using the voting rights act as a pretext to discriminate against hispanics in liberal states. now they're upset that they figured out ho get more hispanics and more republicans to congress at the same time. i wonder how you think the court might consider it or will it not
11:43 am
enter any of their discussions? >> that's a load of irrelevant noise that the court will not consider. this is common sense. the government should know how many citizens there are in the united states. this question is race-neutral, it applies to everyone. if you're italian, swedish, french, you answer the question. it's something that the congress could decide they did not want the department of commerce to ask because in the past congress has legislated that the -- you could not be asked about your religious affiliation on the census. but congress has chosen not to act in this case. and it's just common sense that the government would want to know how many u.s. citizen there is are. >> we'll see. everyone is going to take a look at these two. let me get a general comment from you. a fox news poll that we recently put out. what branch of government do you trust the most? and the supreme court, you know, in 2017 was the highest at 45%. it's still the highest, but it's dropped significantly,
11:44 am
elizabeth. i'll get both of you to comment on this in the last minutes that we have. elizabeth, you go first. >> it relates in some ways back to what we're talking about. the supreme court seems to be increasingly political. we saw the last term when the court took president trump's lawyer lawyers justification for the muslim band, it wasn't a band, which seemed to contradict trump's justification it was a muslim band and the court is going to accept the rationale for the citizens question that isn't what the trump administration themselves behind the scenes thought. i think this is where some of this is coming from. >> i've got 25 seconds, go for it. >> the visa security band not a muslim band. i think when the democratic people keep pushing language like that, it makes people upset with the court. it's based on false information. and president trump promised he would deliver smart, independent justices. >> he's done that. >> i'm going to have to let you
11:45 am
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>> 17-year-old girl loses a leg after being viciously attack bid a shark. it happened yesterday near atlantic peach in north carolina. the grandmother who witnessed said the teen was free when the father jumped in and punched the shark in the face five times. she lost one leg above the knee as well as some fingers.
11:50 am
the estranged husband of a missing connecticut mother of five makes the first court appearance today and the girlfriend was also arraigned. laura ingle is live in norwalk, connecticut, there you deb. >> hi, dana. it gave us the first public look at lewis and his girlfriend. we got our hands on the arrest warrants released at the courthouse today that outlines the evidence in the case, something we've been wondering about. and the details are really the devastating. investigators said they believe a serious physical assault occurred at the woman's home the day she vanished and that she was the victim. the pleas today on hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence charges. they were held on $500,000. draconis just made bond and left the courthouse moments ago.
11:51 am
duos remains in custody. investigators discovered multiple blood stains sign id of the garage of her home adding there were multiple areas of suspected blood splatter and evidence of attempts to clean the crime scene. duos and draconis were arrested late saturday after being questioned. in looking at the photos that he shared with his wife and five children, they downloaded information off of his phone to find out where he was. his phone went back and forth to the two properties he owned and travelled to areas all around hartford. surveillance footage shows a man believed to be duos began stopping at 30 locations along a four-mile stretch. the video shows the man placing multiple garbage bags to various trash receptacles, some items appeared to have blood stains and some tested positive for her blood. >> search efforts continue today to locate the missing mother of five as fbi agents were seen
11:52 am
placing orange markers around the park where her vehicle was found. in court, the state attorney said more charges could be coming and the next court date is now scheduled for june 11. dana? >> laura ingle, tng. thank you. relentless rain in the heartland. how arkansas is dealing with the record-setting flooding. how will the after the tariffs in mexico affect the price of your burrito bowl coming up in your daily three, next.
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>> dana: now a look at other stories. it's the daily three. a search time in the himalayahs have spotted five pbodies on a peak. the faa warning of a new problem with 737 planes saying more than 300 aircraft may have faulty parts. finally, chipotle says their prices could rise in the
11:57 am
president goes ahead with the tariffs on mexican imports with about a nickel increase on each burrito. millions of americans in the midwest and southern plains bracing for severe weather. now officials are worried the arkansas river will continue rising putting more levees at risk of being breached. casey stegall is in arkansas with how the city is getting ready to cope with more rain. casey? >> dana, the latest update, water levels upstream are finally starting to recede. the river in this location crested this morning 10 feet above what is considered to be flood stage. so they don't expect it to get any higher here as well. if you see back there, this is a really serious situation. the riverbank is normally behind that building that you see, the
11:58 am
lock and dam building. so all of the water between that building and our camera position is what has spilled out of the banks. look at this same spot but from the bridge above, which is shut down. this bird eye view gives you a sense of how wide the river currently is and how deep with roofs of some buildings barely showing. folks are sandbagging across the region, not only racing to protect homes and businesses but vast stretches of farmland. tens of thousands of acres have gone under water and farmers say their crops are gone and could devastate the agriculture industry this season. >> a lot of the farmers won't get a crop in. we're running out of time to get crops in the fields. >> the arkansas governor says
11:59 am
the state is losing $25 million a day in commerce because the river carries barge traffic and the farming impact. so 25 million a day is what arkansas's governor estimates their losing economically because of the historic floods. dan that? >> dana: thank you, casey. incredible reporting. apple could be killing off a widely used creation, itunes. they're reportedly being phased out for stand alone apps for music and tv. not surprising given the rise of subscription services like spotify. a florida high school that was the scene of a deadly mass shooting had a surprise speak they are year. it was miami heat legend, dwyane wade. he addressed the graduating class at marjory stoneman high school. he paid tribute to all 17
12:00 pm
victims of the tragedy. thanks for joining us as we kickoff the week here. i'll see you on "the five." i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the east coast. 8:00 p.m. in london. president trump is getting a royal welcome for the royals. ahead, his back and forth with a couple of critics and what protesters say they're planning. plus, mexico making a threat of their own after the president warned of new taxing on all mexican products. how his ultimatum on immigration could backfire. the missing mom, husband and his girlfriend go to court in connecticut. the larges that they're facing. reporting begins now.


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