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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 3, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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championship? >> thank you, my friend. great seeing you. continued success. there is a guy who has not gained a pound. >> i am eating snickers these days. >> i am breaking news right now. >> that will do it. everybody is going to have fun. i have greg gutfeld, jesse watters and her hobbies include mouse-back riding. dana perino and "the five." as trump visits the u.k., another nasty display by the media. they told the president about a anti-trump rant by dutchess, megan. trump clearly referring to the comments said he didn't know she was nasty to him. the press portraying it as trump calling her nasty. it's not the same thing.
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the media erupts after trump calls the london mayor a loser. that was after the mayor called him a bigot. the trump said the mayor was as dumb as de blasio but half as tall. that's funny. this whole thing is funny. when hysteria meets the hysterical. because times are good when front page news isn't war but a silly feud. me, i would rather have a volatile president presiding over good times than a boring president presiding over bad. meanwhile, sky news touts a balloon. when your analysis is reduced to a blow-up toy, maybe london's adults have finally left the building. european clones always wrong with the big things. the media's three favorite words, we know best. the three words they will never say that could save them, we were wrong. they protest trump as a populism sweeps their country. it is something everyone sees but them, the rise of the brexit
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party made possible by the media's blanket sneer of the average brit has now made that their trump. the island feels smaller, a place where not just trump isn't welcome but also john cleat, morissy and when trump is gone and they bathe in nostalgia nor their own days of hate, all they will have is their stupid balloon. >> danny, you have been to these things, can we show some of these v.o.? >> voiceover. >> this is the banquet that's going on. i'm just going to say that i don't think there is anything that could be more misserable than this. everybody is serious. no one is smiling. is this just miserable for everybody. >> i see what you mean. because it is all prim and
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proper, you can't just hang out, you have to mind your ps and qs. you have to remember, courtesy, don't courtesy, shake a hand, don't shake a hand, all those things you cannot do. that is a beautiful setting. it is a really good symbolism for america and the u.k. coming together. look at that. that's gorgeous. >> it is. physical going to be table. >> you know british food. that's hysterical. what is it, fish? >> it will be fish. >> fish and lamb. the two animals that smell. i hadn't thought of that. it smells badly too, not good. >> is he helped by being insulted? >> it helps him, you any? >> yeah, yeah. >> i don't know. >> two-thirds of britain disapproved of trump. he thinks possibly that it pumps up his ratings. i don't think the media told trump to lie. he is the one that said she was -- he didn't know she was
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nasty. >> about him? >> i didn't know she was nasty. >> what he said? i didn't know she was nasty. he was read the quote where she was critical of him. >> i think what was amazing to me is retweets the tape. you can listen for yourself. it is not me and greg and dana disagreeing. he actualitily said that, i didn't know. >> what i'm saying is, because he knows. he said, i didn't know she was nasty, like saying that dana said something nasty to me. >> that's not nice. >> as usually, in our polarized era, it's almost orwellian. he is saying, don't believe the fake news and the fake media. i didn't know "the new york times" and the a.p. was so powerful, we could make the president lie. >> what do you think of this whole mess? >> i would love to go to one of those services.
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that's my dream. that would be amazing. >> why? >> to get all dressed up to represent the states. all the heads of state, it would be a fascinating collection of people and state representatives and an opulence and glamour. this is my point about mayor khan's op-ed. why it is unbrettish to roll out the red carpet for trump. why doesn't he model the inclusion and alleged embracing of everyone he purports to represent. why am i meeting with president trump and then list in his op ed the specific policy things that he wants to discuss with him and change his mind and how they can meet in the middle, et cetera. i think this was a failed opportunity on his part and a hyper general. >> if i was the president, why would i meet with the mayor? >> i love london. it is a beautiful, beautiful
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city. jesse, i think you haven't made it until they make a giant balloon of you. >> any have destroyed the special relationship between britain and america. the queen is really unsettle. she is obligated to do it. they ignore the gaff gaffes.
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he fries to toastth the queen of england. they are playing her anthem. she is not allowed to do anything but sit there and watch. the media buried that and gave the queen a gift. he gave her an ipod of his famous speeches. that would be like donald trump signing "art of the deal" and giving it to the queen.
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>> isn't brexit the response to the media the way trump was? >> the politician ns in the u.k. couldn't pull it off. >> it was supposed to be economic. they wanted to change the u.k. >> he has to meet with theresa may, who is having trouble with brexit. what does he say?
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theresa may, you should have done better. you should have done this. more like me. that's our representative. >> my point is, why would you meet with the mayor? meeting with theresa may. there is the hat. >> i await my invitation. >> one last question. how does peter feel about the john cleat stuff? we can talk about it during the break. >> you know peter. you can imagine how he feels. you always get interest trouble for speaking the truth. >> i'll leave it at that. democrats getting booed by their party for bashing socialism and medicare for all. the video next. [music playing]
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[ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. democrat party divisions in the spotlight as 2020 hopefuls spoke at this weekend's california party convention. two contenders being booed when they went against the party's growing agenda. john hickenlooper takes a stance against socialism. >> if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer. i was re-elected in a purple state in 2014, one of the worst years for democrats in a quarter
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century. if we're not careful, we're going to end up helping to re-elect the worst president in american history. >> john delaney got an earful from the crowd when he criticized medicare for all. >> we need the democrats to build an economy that works with smart policies. medicare for all may sound good. it is actually not good policy nor is it good politics. i'm telling ya. so this was, greg, a california state convention. it is basically who goes to the california state convention on a summer weekend, the very faithful, the most activists. >> we saw them with the personification of twitter.
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>> he said, hey, if you guys want to win, don't be crazy. >> he got ratioed. >> they were booing the adult in the room. socialism takes over the means of production and that doesn't work. it is -- i thought hickenlooper was brave. that's not good for them. >> i was thinking of your book, "the bible of unspeakable truths." he told a truth. at least now, we are talking about hickenlooper. >> are we, though? i think we are talking about socialism. i am going to say this again, because it is worth repeating. the democrat candidate can't win the primary without socialism and can't win the general with it. that's the catch 22. i am beginning to think socialism is a wrecking ball to destroy capitalism.
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no one believes and sees how it will work. it has never worked anywhere, in venezuela. they tried medicare for all in vermont. obamacare faileded nationally. the people pushing socialism are anarchists. >> it is a dream for republicans to think that democrats are going so far left. let's talk about hickenlooper. i don't think he is going anywhere. you say hickenlooper gets booed. he is a strong progressive, jesse. hickenlooper, for example, talks about capitalism. >> i think he put it out there in a way. i would pick up on the point made earlier. this is a california democrat convention. you are getting a representation that is the far left. that's like saying you have a convention of the freedom caucus that represents all republicans.
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i don't think so. hickenlooper is talking about capitalism being broken. he says only two companies in america sell 80% of all the hard goods. what about forcing back so the little guy has a chance to open a corner store, or a neighborhood store and do well. that's not what's happening. we have fewer and fewer companies being started in america. that's not evidence of what it takes to have a solid middle class growth in america. if you are talking about hickenlooper, remember, he is a strong progressive. it is republicans that want to label everything socialism. what he was saying was, don't fall into the american trap. >> they still booed him. it is because of capitalism, not because of socialism. it is the best economy we have had in 30 years. capitalism is broken. >> before emily comes, let me say this quickly. >> capitalism has been unleashed successfully. >> everything from child labor to monopolies, to what happens
2:19 pm
in 2008 and 2009 one regulated ball street almost crashing our economy. >> talk about monopoly, the trump administration actually just took anti-monopoly against the big corporations. the democrats have a super majority. >> bernie sanders is in "the new york times." he has an op-ed that lays out his economic argument. he also took aim at capitalism and the wealthy saying that we've got it all wrong here in america. >> yeah. i think that goes into what you are saying where right now that's the best argument. i think we are seeing two responses to this, which is either appeasing the democrat minority of the socialists. bernie is the o.g. he firmly believes it. people like governor insly, who came on after hickenlooper personifies that part.
2:20 pm
hickenlooper and delaney will capitalize on this like feinstein did in 1990, proudly and defiantly saying, i'm not on the progressive left in this way. therefore, i want to hold you independents, for you to stay on board. look, i'm being booed by the socialists, help me to not elect donald trump again. you are right historically that there are aspects of capitalism that went unchecked. overregulation is the reason that corner stored are stymied and that people cannot start businesses. it is not because of capitalism. it is the opposite. >> we'll give you the last word, emily. conditions going from bad to worse as fears of diseases spreading across the city. details ahead. ♪ we're oscar mayer deli fresh and you may know us from... your very first sandwich, your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh.
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downtown los angeles getting overrun by the homeless population. tent cities popping up everywhere. decaying garbage everywhere, rats running everywhere. disease like typhoid are spreading the lapd revealing that one of their own officers that patrols the area is now battling the disease. despite all this bad news, governor newsome is still touting his state's success. california is what is happening when rights are respected, work is rewarded, nature is protected, diversity is celebrated and free markets are fair markets. we are nothing less than the progressive answer to a trans gress sieve president. i go to miss california. what do you say? >> i think i'm too old for the competition now. what i say that is i think what is paralyzing these cities in part is the war between the compassionate care approaches. newsome represents just a small sliver of the competing theories
2:26 pm
of how to fix these problems. the result is that we have a continued succession of short-term band-aids. let's construct a bunch of outdoor toilets. in portland let's spend $32 on teens that come in and get the homeless off the streets. it is mowing the lawn to the detriment of the homeless, 60% who are mentally ill and 80% drug dependant. they voted against the safe needle depository in seattle. public health officials overrode it in court. it is paralysis that is tripling these cities and short-term solutions that are not doing anything. >> i go to mr. california. >> yes, thank you. i won that three years running. you can catch my pictures online. dr. drew has been predicting this for i don't know how many years. every disease outbreak, he has prediktded. i mentioned and i'm pretty sure
2:27 pm
he said this. the next one is the plague. the flees on rats are going to be there. it is going to happen. i think this is going to happen to a lot of people. you can see i'm scratching. >> you don't look so good. >> you are talking about 60% mentally ill. there needs to be a brave politician that doesn't deal in word salads to distinguish between the truly suffering, families and mentally ill and the young drifters who capitalize on compassion for the suffering. the people that move there because the weather is great. they are vagrants, hustlers and bums. we have to make a distinction between the people that truly need help and those just hanging out. the real disgrace is that hollywood makes billions off of
2:28 pm
creating fixes from the handmaiden's tale to the hunger games. the real distopia is downtown. the loudest voices won't leave their community. we have lost the moral will to disperse and relocate the people that are helpless, diseased and the suffering and get the others out now. >> so, dana, i don't think it is that we think that poor people and homeless people are diseased. we are just saying this is a tragedy going on in big cities. it is a crime against humanity. >> it is an outrage. we have the will and means and resources to be able to deal with this problem. if they wanted to deal with it, they actually could. steve lopez. >> why do you say that? >> because this is america and we have all the tools at our disposal to be able to deal with this. we are choosing not to.
2:29 pm
steve lopez is an "l.a. times" reporter, who wrote very movingly after all of his reporting. he talked about some of these people living in a tent. let's say they have to go to the hop. they come back and find out their stuff has been either burned or taken or somebody else has moved in. the cycle of badness continues. in addition, one of the guys that he interviews says that he sees every night these people come and dump huge bags of trash. it is all of these fruit peels and things like that from big restaurants. the city isn't keeping track of those restaurants or whoever it is that is doing really bad things. if you drop all that kind of food trash, what's it going to attract. rats. they are not helping anybody. the restaurants are getting away with it. i absolutely think they have the means. you talk about somebody like rudy giuliani here in the city said, you can disagree. this city turn around.
2:30 pm
every one of us in america, we could fix this problem. the mayor and city council, they have a lot more to do than to just give us we feel really bad. >> i didn't understand that wasn't supposed to be addressing l.a. his policy in san francisco. >> let me ask you to help wrap this up. i see more homeless people in america than i have seen in my lifetime on the streets. i don't care what city i'm in. dana says we know how to deal with this. i think people would welcome great ideas. a lot of the homeless people, you try to give them money or be helpful. they say, i don't want to go to the shelter or whatever. >> greg said you need a brave politician which is an oxymoron. liberals created the solution and they can't blame republicans or donald trump for this. democrats have run this city.
2:31 pm
they control the city council and the mayor's office. they have allowed this to fester. it is a 50-block radius. they thought it was contained. it is starting to infect other people. people go in to this place. they don't come out. i went in there with a camera crew. we wouldn't leave the car, because it was so dangerous. we saw drugged-out zombie's chasing barefooted babies through piles of garbage with hypodermic needles and fire. it was one of the most disgusting, depraved things i have seen in my life. that's saying a lot. you bulldoze the 50-block radius and institutionalize everybody and detoxify them and then you let them out. to let it happen, police are going to get infected and their families. that's going to be a long-term
2:32 pm
economic and health crisis that they could anybody in the bud. >> it was republicans that focused on deinstitutionalization. >> i am not trying to play the blame game. they need to spend the money, bau they have plenty of it. >> in seattle, they suggested institutional, a seattle city council member called the journalist a nazi in a public hearing. that's the level of the left we are dealing with. any reasonable approach is being dealt with in that way. >> they want a third world country in their city. >> we are dealing with typhoid and the plague. that's dark ages. hillary clinton goes hollywood. new details on clinton testing the waters in tinseltown. when we come back for your fun on "the five." of savings and service. whoa.
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. after failing in her political run, clinton is trying to team up with her daughter to emphasize movies by and about women. this is following in the footsteps with the obamas of create tlg own production company and have a deal with netflix. greg, this is probably not about women, right? this is probably just still all about hillary clinton. >> if you are not president, have a netflix documentary about president. >> trump went from entertainment to politics. she is going from politics to entertainment and this leads me to the discussion. she should host the new apprentice.
2:38 pm
what if the ratings were bigger than his ratings. it would drive him crazy. isn't that the perfect thing that could happen? >> yes. >> no. no one wants to watch for hillary. americans had their choice. she ran for president twice. she is borg. she has boring taste. i don't think anybody care what is she is into. it is a vanity project for herself and chelsea. she doesn't understand how hard producing compelling television is. it is one of the most competitive in the entertainment industry. how arrogant of her to think she can just swoop in and produce things people want to watch. she is going to put her name on a few things and go to the premier and walk the red carpet. they have the newspapers, the networks. what more do they want? greg's point? donald trump is probably the most successful television producer out there. he is producing a hell of a
2:39 pm
great presidency right now. no one is going to watch netflix when you can watch trump. there is never a repeat. hollywood has given be the clintons so much money. think about how much money they have donated to the clintons since 1990 when he was running for governor and for president and for re-election and then they are campaigns and then you had the clinton global initiative. she is running for president. actually, we will let you do this too. i think this is going to continue the obama versus the clinton feud. the obamas have that big deal with netflix. i have the really strong urge to go back and complain about something. >> so the question was, do we have the wherewithal and the resources to be able to do this. i'm sorry. we are about to honor and observe the 75th anniversary of d-day. going back to 1944. we don't think we have the wherewithal and the ability to actually deal with a crisis in
2:40 pm
the city of los angeles that is 50 blocks. i am pretty sure that americans can figure out how to get that done. >> can i go back to a block from friday? >> i haven't had that urge in so long. >> i know why that is. you wanted to respond to me. i appreciate it. i think it is a legitimate concern. i am looking for ideas. i this i there are people who want to do that. >> let me just say this. when you guys look at why huge book deals come in for obamas and the clintons. obama has a deal with netflix. i think clinton is going to get a deal. why? we believe in capitalism and these corporations say, hey, there is a huge demand for political content right now. not only on the cable channels. you look at facebook. you look at the newspapers that are doing so well. people want political content. guess what? obama and clinton are going to provide it.
2:41 pm
>> this content is being forced down the viewers net. obama and clinton say, what do you think netflix is going to say? they want to be in bed with the guy. >> they are shareholders. if the shareholders thought, we're going to lose money, then the executives would. this is a money-making deal. this is a niche audience for conservatives and a niche audience for liberals. >> it is by women, about women. when is she going to depart the train, i lost because of my gender. >> i wonder if they will have meryl streep on. >> that's all the time we have. stay right there. the fastest seven is up next. welcome to seattle. where people are into coffee, tech, and retirement planning. the perfect retirement for me
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welcome back. time for the fastest seven. first up, president trump sending twitter into a hair-raising frenzy after sporting a new slicked-back 'do during his surprise visit to a virginia church. the president was back to his
2:46 pm
trademark hair style for his big royal welcome in the u.k. >> what's so funny, emily? >> it is so biff tanner. my favorite response. i love skid row. >> juan, you like the new 'do. he had his hat off from golfing and took it off to do church. >> this is petty pick on the guy about this. there are so many big issues to argue about with this president, immigration, tariff, bullying. leave his hair alone. i think he was coming from the golf course. he had on a baseball camp. leave him alone. >> i am glad you will admit that the president has been bullied. >> hey, wait a minute. >> women have to go through this all the time. remember, hillary clinton complaining, men don't have to worry about anything about their looks. >> bad hair day. speaking of, greg. >> i think his hair looks pretty awesome. >> you like it like that? >> i like it like that. i think he should go to that.
2:47 pm
i have always said that trump is a news potato. you can make him into anything. you have trump augratin and trump skins and trump fridays. >> first, it was ufos and now the loch ness monster. they may know the true mystery behind the creature known as nessy. scientists tested various series and say one of them might be correct. could it be a dinosaur or a giant catfish? we will find out when they release the results next month. are you a believer? >> when i was in scotland driving around, every time i was driving around a lot, i was glued to the window looking for it. >> road trip. >> i think we are on to a
2:48 pm
pattern on our show. we talked about ufos and this new t-rex found out in montana. people love these stories. i don't know why. the people want to believe this stuff. it is fantasy. >> this story was brought to you by the tourism board of scotland. it is bologna. if they decide to actually declare independence from england, then maybe this will be a good way for them to pay for things. >> this was the hook, i guess. greg? >> the picture of the actual purported beast? clearly, that is adam schiff. we know the next thing. >> we have billions of cameras now. we see every drunk person at mcdonald's, every parent screaming at walmart, every fight at mardi gras. we don't see any of this stuff.
2:49 pm
it doesn't exist. >> i'm a believer. ♪ >> finally. ♪ shut up about politics". >> soaring to number one, apple announced it is shutting down the service. the tech giant says it is replacing the downloading and streaming software with three new separate music, podcast and tv apps. greg gutfeld, a nice run? >> we can get it back to number one. the real story here. we actually thank our viewers for doing this. this is a worldwide musical phenomenal. one song knocks out miley cyrus, blake shelton, taylor swift and justin bieber and lady gaga in two hours. where is the mainstream press? if rachel maddow had a number one song, she would be on the cover of rolling stones. >> i don't do that. it is not my wheelhouse.
2:50 pm
>> what about our fans? >> what about our fans? >> i sang the song all weekend. i still think you can still download it and play it at all of your christmas parties. the other thing we would love to see is film your family at barbecue this weekend singing it. send it in. we will put it up there. >> it has to be on a jukebox so you can sing it at a bar. >> did you say christmas party? >> early christmas for dana. >> are you suggesting a war on christmas? >> start a war you can't win. >> better than christmas carols. i don't think they are shutting down itunes. i think they are just separating. you can still buy it. don't think you can't go out and support this song. it is a different structure. >> emily, did you love our song? >> yes, i did. this is great. it means that you are the last number one song. it is like retiring after the super bowl. i think it is a positive thing.
2:51 pm
>> i like that. you dominated it. >> it is up to the viewers to go back there and download it again. you might want to get another one just in case. unfortunately, it goes to charity. >> one more thing is up next. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ..
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after that, i'm gone, shipped to the lab for dna testing that finds colon cancer and precancer. cologuard is not right for everyone. it is not for high risk individuals, including those with a history of colon cancer or precancer. ibd, certain hereditary cancer syndromes, or a family history of colon cancer. maybe i'll be at your door soon! ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers.
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♪ >> greg: dana, it's "one more thing." >> dana: leo chase was a civil rights activist on the legendary queen of creole cuisine. she passed away at 96 years old. her cooking and world-famous restaurant was in new orleans. it kept generations of visitors coming back for seconds. we have pictures of obama and
2:56 pm
george w. bush as well as civil rights leaders like martin luther king jr., malcolm x. she was born and raised in louisiana during the segregated jim crow era and got her start in the early '40s. she became famous in her own right and successful. she passed away at 96 and was truly an icon and will be misse missed. >> greg: let's do this. i missed the tv show called cheaters. people would be out on a secret date. a guy would bring the person on, the ex-boyfriend or husband. it was so good. this is the animal version. two cats thinking that they are having an illicit affair. then notices the x behind her. democrat says why did you run away? what's going on. [laughter] don't cheat on me.
2:57 pm
that's why... >> ♪ animals are great! ♪ animals are great! >> juan: do you remember this 30-year-old film classic. take a look. >> hey, is this heaven? >> no. it's iowa. >> juan: if you build it, they will come. that's what i did this past sunday after fox news sunday in dubuque. i visited the real field of dreams and dyer's bill iowa. its farm country. in the middle of it, beautiful baseball diamond surrounded by a cornfield. there i am on the mound about to make a patch. this year marks the 30th anniversary of the film and to celebrate, select theaters around the country will be showing the film on june 16 and 18. the on the lookout for the special treat in a theater near you. yesterday after doing fox news sunday, i was talking to chris wallace and he said to me
2:58 pm
simply "let's have a catch, dad." >> greg: i didn't like that movie. you know why. >> jesse: you like sports. >> greg: no. it's false. >> jesse: kevin costner is one of the greatest actors of all time. he was the star of waters world. [laughter] there was some shocking video over the weekend at the u.s. ladies open with some lightning. it stopped play. if you get my pun. right in the middle on the fairway. no one got hurt. the tree got hurt. do we have the winter? >> juan: where was this. >> jesse: the player was sparked to victory. >> dana: it was in charleston.
2:59 pm
>> greg: very "fox & friends" of you. okay, emily. just helping out. >> jesse: thank you. >> emily: i have time today so i don't have to speak so fast. >> jesse: do it anyway. >> emily: re-created famous joe's' living rooms. you can buy it online. they brought to light some of the most iconic living rooms firmly shows. the simpson's. and we also have "friends." then we also have my favorite, "stranger things." it's so great. >> greg: you can buy the furniture? >> emily: yeah. you can buy it online. >> dana: did you hear about the brady bunch house? you should go. >> greg: i practically know that place inside out. you know i was the original bobby. you don't know that. >> dana: what happened? >> jesse: >> jesse: is because k
3:00 pm
like greg brady? >> greg: all right, i was just trying to trick emily. set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. hello, bret. >> bret: thanks, bobby brady. or greg. president trump visits great britain where he rubs elbows with the royals and rubs london's mayor the wrong way. congress is back in promising more talk about impeachment. the deadliest weekend of the year in chicago. what's being done about it in the windy city. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. love him or hate him, you have to admit president trump makes an impression wherever he goes. the president does right now wrapping up a busy first day in london after monday filled with ceremony and celebration. he has been exchanging pleasantries with some of england's elite and counter punching with others. we start


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