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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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kosm to the next revolution. i'm steve hilton. this is a home of profamily, procommunity. i hope you like our new look and our new series. the people versus coming up in a second. also tonight, an interview with an author and an update on ivanka trump's initiative to help american workers. first, a quick postscript on my argument last week that tariffs work. remember the "the new york times" claiming that president trump's deal with mexico was nothing new? look at this story from the "new york times" yesterday under the headline "trump gets his wall." thousands of mexican guard officials are being deployed to
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the nation's southern border as the mexican government seek to make good on a deal struck with president trump. the mobilization which officials say is a corner stone of a deal ask expected to be completely tuesday. look at this headline in "the wall street journal" yesterday. china's economy shows fresh signs of weakness, lost momentum reflects. yes, tariffs do indeed work. right. let's get on with it. for if first time here sit. ♪ ♪ and tonight it's the people versus democrat hypocrites. the entire political establishment has been consumed by outrage over president trump's comments on election information from foreign governments. >> the fact that this president
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has so little moral compass or the understanding of the need to protect our nation that he says he would still welcome information from russia, china or any other potential adversary if it helped his political campaign is outrageous. >> to say it's okay for foreign country to interfere in our elections with motives that are nonot in the interest of the american people. disgraceful. shocking. >> yesterday the president gave us evidence that he does not know right from wrong. it's a very sad thing. very sad thing that he does not know right from wrong. i believe that he has been involved in a criminal coverup. >> accepting assistance from a hostile foreign power like russia is treasonist behavior. >> remember those four, warner, polocy, schumer, jef jeffers. we know that the democrat party
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paid for dirt on trump and tried to cover it up. the democrats approached the ukrainian government for dirt on donald trump and we know that foreign governments bought influence over our government for hundreds of millions of dollars through the clinton foundation when hillary was secretary of state. but there's more. more democrat hypocrisy. more democrat corruption. far more than president trump has been accused of doing let alone been found guilty of it. ththe real scandal is foreign governments affected our actual laws through foreign government lobbying. so let's take a look at those sanctimonious democrats talking about treason. chuck schumer, you took money from lobbyists for the saudi arabian and mexican governments. nancy pelosi, you took money
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from lobbyists representing shady companies in ukraine. mark warner and has keek jeffries, you took money from lobbyists for china. we called all four of these democrat hypocrites to ask if in addition to taking money they have taken any meetings with foreign government lobbyists. none of them would say. of course not. because we can be sure they did. that's how the swamp works. you pay the money, you get the meeting. and now, ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the ultimate democrat hypocrisy. we've seen how schumer and pelosi and warner and jeffreys are in the pockets of saudi arabia, mexico, ukraine and china, but surely not russia. surely after all this fuss, after all of these years of hysterical self righteous reaking about russia, no democrat would take money from lob bis to russia, would they? chuck schumer, cory booker,
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kirsten gillibrand, richard blumenthal and mr. treason himself, hakeem jeffries have all taken money from lobbyists for russia. there's only one more example of this, but who himself is compromised, not just by any foreign power but by the biggest and most hoes still. america's num number one enemy,e biden took billions of dollars in bribes from the chinese government and in exchange was soft on china the last time he was in office. #joechina. this is a joke when you compare it to the shocking extent that foreign governments have bought their way into our corrupt establishment. we don't know what favors were traded with foreign governments by schumer, pelosi and all of the rest of them. we don't know about any secret meetings they had with lobbyists
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for hostile power. but democrats were out this week with a bill about banning foreign government election information. we'll take them seriously when they put forward a bill to publish the details of all of the lobbyists they meet with when they put forward a bill to ban the lobbying by hoes still foreign governments. don't hold your breath. these democrat hypocrites, just like the rest of washington, d.c., are totally corrupted by foreign government lobbying and cash. the outrage over election meddling is their attempt to distract from the real foreign interference in our democracy, the institutionalized and anti-american corruption of foreign government lobbying. tell me what you think of that@steve hilton. ♪ all right. let's see where i ge what our ge hour have to say.
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host of kennedy. kennedy, what about these democratic hypocrites? kennedy: i don't know that it's necessarily foreign involvement. i think they want to win. and i think both parties are so politicized. and i would be cur curious about what you have to say about this. there are such clear divisions between the parties that two just isn't enough. it's really us or them. and it's so stark when you see the way that a lot of democrats, particularly the four that you pointed out, rationalize the steele dossier while moralizing about the president and any outreach that the russian government had with campaign members. you can't have it both ways. and i don't think it's a bad thing to ask for uniformity. it's impossible. they're never going to do it because they're total hypocrites and they are totally 100%
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motivated by hypocrisy and keeping their job. steve: i think that's right. i don't think they're even aware of how deep it goes because they think it's normal to take these meetings with lobbyists for foreign governments. it's all over kawg. everyone knows it goes on. it's part of how it works. foreign governments have completely captured our democratic system. and we don't really know exactly what changes in law are happening as a result of that. but we know they're all there and spending a lot of money. chris, this is something that the po populist movement when we talking about draining the swamp and people power. >> it's interesting when you look at, for instance, joe biden, when you think of hakeem jeffries. nobody knows who he is. nobody outside of his district knows. in a sense he's not that relevant. joe biden is relevant. joe biden's son is going to
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start a business with john kerry's son. they got money from the chinese government while joe biden was in the office negotiating with the chinese. is that not a coincidence. kennedy: does the clause not apply to the president? >> this is the kids. kennedy: the outreach with the president is his kids were still involved in business and it is one of the issues that ann coulter had, that the president hired jarod and ivanka. steve: five, i'll give the critics that. president trump had been tougher on china than any western leader in 50 years whereas joe biden went soft on china, gave them policy concessions while he was joe biden. >> you said they're not aware. they're completely aware of that they're doing. no confusion. that's one of the reasons you won't see democrats push for impeachment. what's good for the goose is always good for the gander. the minute you start charging other folks with people are
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going to look at who's paying you. and that's the true hesitation. if you truly believe that president trump did the things that he did, then why not file for the inquiry. what's the holdup. it's just injustice to everybody whether you're right or left to string this along for an emotional appeal to win an election 0 opposed to doing what is right. but that would mean we would have to look into what you're doing for the last 30 years and that's a problem for the democrats. steve: the lobbying on both sites. i've never understood why foreign governments who have those ways of influencing our government, why sit okay that they hire lobbies, often ex-officials. kennedy: i don't know how you get rid of everything. i think they'll find a way to get around it. it's not an excuse for having no laws or restrictions.
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we have to look at the root of the real problem. it's interesting with china and joe biden because obviously joe biden made this massive shift on china where at one point he's saying china is not going to eat our lunch. these aren't bad folks, folks. you're saying that america is so great that america has nothing to worry about and then he had to reverse that. it goes to show he has definite weakness in his cybersecurity. and the chinese are a bigger threat i than the russians in terms of them influencing if election in favor of them. steve: do you think that the president supporters will be at all concerned about this kind of accepting information from foreign governments? >> when you watch the actual clip, what the question was, what would happen if a foreign government, would you take the information, would you go to the fbi. he said both. well that seems like to most people, if you watch the clip,
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that seems like a reasonable answer. here's a bunch of information, he's like, okay, fbi, take it. steve: so it's -- i mean i saw today someone going on about how the clinton campaign did this in '92 and actually the bush -- maybe it was '96 but also the bush campaign, first president bush i know for a fact tried to get dirt on bill clinton from my then colleagues a the the conservative colleagues in the uk. kennedy: and some of the operatives who are involved in this investigation were also getting dirt on some of the republican candidates. steve: there you go. they're all disgusting. drain the swamp. coming up, is there anything else president trump can do on his own to boost the economy. our next guest tells us what that is. don't go away.
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. >> president trump's progrowth agenda brought was record low unemployment and rising earnings, especially for blue collar workers. but how to keep the trump boom going so the economy is still a winner if are the president in 2020. we know this congress can't get anything done so are there any big moves that that the trump administration could make to boost the compli that the econoy
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could do on their own. grover norquist, who has been one of our greatest champions for pro-growth economics has got an idea. there he is, grover norquist. thanks for joining us. tell us the plan. >> steve, here it is. this goes back to 1992 when a number of economists went to george herbert walker bush and said you can eliminate the taxation in capital gains of all inflation which cuts the capital gains tax rate almost in half for stocks an more than that for land and buildings. how? by defining cost for figuring out your capital gains eaz cost plus inflation. bush didn't do this and lost the election. some people said maybe you can't do that by executive order. there was a supreme court decision in 2002 that answered that question. verizon v. fcc, the federal communications
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said cost is cost plus inflation or real cost and the supreme court said it could be historic cost, what you paid for it, real cost, cost plus inflation, replacement cost and now there's a movement that republican leadership in the house and senate support it, most of the folks in the white house are supportive. i've been meeting with people over the last seven, eight months on this and the good news is there's strong support inside the administration. the secretary of treasury said that while he wishes congress would do it, he may do it himself. and i think at the end of the day, you're quite right, steve, congress will do nothing positive to help the economy and the president can veto anything that's destructive. this gives us one opportunity, using the power to define cost in capital gains. steve: so it's basically indexing capital gains for inflation. >> absolutely. no longer will you pay taxes on inflation. steve: got it. so how exactly is that going to
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boost the economy, not just for rich people, because some people criticized this saying this is just a tax cut for the rich. how would that boost the economy for working americans? >> sure. when biden said china biden, biden china, when he said we ought to raise the capital gains tax, he's talking to an america of 70 years ago. more than half of americans are in the stock market with iras and 401(k)s, own homes, own property. you own land or a house or you have a 401(k) an ira, you own shares of stock and you are now paying taxes on the inflation on those, this really benefits people who are 55 and older. because they've held a share of stock or their parents did or land they bought a while ago or a home. and over time a lot of the gain on that house, that land, that stock really is inflation. and if you get back 20, 30, ho
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years, it's a lot more than half is inflation. when you cut the capital gains tax, people can sell old land they don't want anymore, a house, and move without paying punitive taxes on it or shares of stock. the vast majority of americans will see direct benefits from higher value of their property, because moving forward, owning a house, owning land is a hedge against inflation, taxes don't damage. and going backwards, there's as much as $7 trillion, trillion, of corporate assets where companies own something, they don't do anything with it because to sell it they would be hit with this very high cap gains tax. get rid of the tax on inflation and you'll see trillions of dollars redeployed to highest and best use and people have opportunities to do something with capital that's been liberated. steve: thank you. last quick question. it seems like a really smart idea. who or what is holding it up?
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>> well, it's inertia because they wonder about whether you could do it. the good news is we now have the supreme court decision and the only thing that holds it up is that the white house has to go through a formal process to make it policy. i think it will happen in the next two to three months and you will see the stock market go through the roof and tremendous number of jobs created. and because people will buy and sell assets now rather than 30 years from now we'll see higher re knews ihef knews in the nexts as well. steve: grafer you've been a terrific champion in this. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you so much for coming on and explaining it. good to see you. >> thank you. steve: coming up, my anaizing conversation with an author on trump derangement syndrome and much more. don't go away. ♪ out buying a new house. is it that obvious?
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steve: welcome back, everyone. earlier i had the chance to talk to a best selling author about the president and the anti-trump resistance. take a look. author and screen writer known for his controversial and thought-provoking work like less than zea rob with rules of attraction and american psycho. now his latest book he's making
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headlines was h taken to anti-trump resistance. and here is to discuss all of that, brett. i got to tell you, this book absolutely it is -- everyone has to read this book. it is not all about politics. on this show we do a lot of politics. a lot of great stuff about culture and movie and books. but the writing in here on the two big political themes that you write out that i would love to cover is so great. i think everyone will love it. it seems to me the two big things that you deal with here are the new authoritarianism of the left and then a lot on what's been called, and you referred to trump derangement syndrome and the anti-trump resistance has just basically gone nuts. >> well the anti-trump resistance has gone nuts and they haven't moved the needle forward. i live with someone who is an anti-trump resister. who is a far left millennial who
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has let trump pretty much ruin his life ever since he entered into the picture in 2015. and so the problem becomes -- look, i'll all for resistance, all for protests. but there comes a time when it's overreach and hysteria and it doesn't move the needle and you start drawning in a sea of anger and resistance and you're not moving the snead l forward and you're dealing with someone that i don't believe cares. steve: the president. >> the president. i think he's just doing his job. but the resisters are so unhappy. so miserable. if you hate him so much, why are you giving him so much power over your life. steve: this is something i experienced a lot and you put it so brilliantly. when you see the way they talk sometimes, the words that they use, you know, there's a language that they use that's over the top. and there's a bit i absolutely
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love but i get this feeling and you put it brilliantly in a way i haven't seen before. when confronted with people who take this attitude and you're thinking in your head when you're listening to them, you are the biggest [bleep] baby i've ever [bleep] in my entire [bleep] life eanl please you've got to [bleep] the [bleep] down. i get it you don't like [bleep]. enough already. [bleep] sake. >> this is how i felt. steve: it captured something about the craziness of it. >> well, it's also our resistance to bear resistance. that's really what i found building up within me is that there was just so many false narratives they were following, so many overhysterical stories they wanted to wee out o peeve .
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i could not fall in the traps. most seriously the mueller report which my boyfriend believed in and thought was going to save us all. and then when it came out, he was inconsolable for weeks. steve: but one of the really smart points you make about what's driving this hysteria, it's not really about substance. the word you use is thetic. tell us about that. >> i think in the book why trump is actually in the book -- so much about the book is about cultural coverage, talking about film, talking about the differences that i've netsed between aesthetics and ideology and how ideology seems to be subsuming aesthetics. the message is more important than the style. but trump's aesthetic, it seems to be the things that tips them over. anthere's something about his --
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the way he looks, his' aesthetics -- steve: they think he's vulgar. >> so not presidential. >> he likes mcdonald's. i mean how the yo can you possi. >> he's a disrupter. >> ther there's a story, you wen a london cab with someone and you talked about music. your liking of country music. >> i was in the cab with a group of millennial left-leaning people in the art world. i was there for an exhibition. and in the back of the cab they asked me what music i like. and i was thinking about it at that moment, two years ago and i thought, i really like country music. there was something that i was really connecting with and i was listening to all of these artists and i was mentioning them. and he was completely shocked. said i can't believe you listen
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to country music. they're against us. their values are against us. i didn't know what the hell that meant. i listen to the music because i like the tunes and the act. that us with an indication and it haunted me. that's why i put it in, this conversation i had with the young person. that to me is a pure example of ideology overtaking aesthetics, the musicianship, the song skill, none of that matter. all that matters is that he equates this republicanism with country music. steve: is it going to get worse or will there be a resistance. >> i think there is a resistance to all of this. there is a pushback. yesterday at the kann film festival, the e was about gender equality and me too and all of
6:32 pm
this stuff woven in that had nothing to do with the movie that he made. and quentin tear tee no said i reject your hypothesis. now it's a viral meme. and i hope more people are going to push back on that and get back to a normalcy where we can feel comfortable expressing ourselves. steve: i think you've done a great job with this book and will give people a lot of hope that we can have freedom of expression, all of the things that we kind of assumed were part of this country. >> yes. >> in an endearing way. what you've done with this book is really important. and it can't have been easy for you. >> i should have known, i guess, and we did talk about it, my publisher and i that this could be controversial because there are a couple f chapters that detail trump, and the coverage of trump, how hysterical it made a few friends of mine who just
6:33 pm
had complete meltdowns for a year, two and a half years later. i didn't know how big of a pushback the mainstream media was going to have on this book. in doing so they helped move it into amazon. steve: there you go. keep moving it. brett easton ellis, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. steve: coming up, ivanka trump and an update on her workforce development issue. don't go away. ♪ struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles]
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steve: we just talked about better. that's coming up later. having a good life. you'll enjoy that. mark: evidence of the incredible economic boom we're seeing thanks to president trump's progrowth policies. the latest gap between the number of job opening and the number of people looking for work was the highest ever.
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the president's policies have done an incredible job boosting the economy. but we still have a long term problem of too many americans not having the right skills for those jobs. that especially apply to african-americans whose inemployment rate is still higher than everyone else. this excellent point from the head of the black alliance caught my eye this week. >> one of the interesting ideas that's floating out there right now which we like is a conversion of pell grants, the major way that the federal government supports low-income individuals. and using those pell grants for skills training rather than degree programs traditionally. steve: that reminded me of something. remember my interview with ivanka trump? >> i think culturally for a long time we've created and perpetuated a narrative that there's one pathway to achieving the american dream and it's a four-year university. there's very little opportunities for somebody who
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wants to tw the vocational routn the technical route because all of the money pushes you into the four-year system. one of the things we're working on is opening up pell grants and making them available to high quality shorter term programming. steve: this skill gap is exactly what she's working on and just this week e sh tweeted, today we announce 930,000 new training and apprenticeship opportunities. and next week in north carolina she cochairs the second american workforce policy advisory board meeting along with wilbur ross. the fact that this administration is pushing ahead with a serious proworker policy agenda which the establishment media obsessed with scandal and russia madness basically ignores. this is just really suc substan, what they're doing here to try to deliver on the president's promise, jobs jobs jobs. >> this is where it's at.
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this, i think, not just this election, this is the 2022 election, the 2024 election. we want to be a middle class commercial republic. the beating heart of this country. the middle class has shrunk. been under pressure. real wages have stagnated for 50 years. why. there's a lot of reasons for that but somebody has to focus on that and get people to be self sustaining able to support themselves and their family. building a middle class life. trying to get people trained and into jobs where they can be productive, feel productive. whoever figures that out to move the ball forward wins politically. steve: you gave a little cheer when you heard that about skills versus the four-year college. >> i think of my nephew who's gone into a skills training program in construction. he will be fully licensed to work construction and he's also going in to get certified in
6:41 pm
plumbing. so he will have two solid lifelong still sets. and college wasn't the right fit for him. he's a smart person but going through this academic factory wasn't going to do him any good and all he would get on the other side is frustration and a bunch of debt. but here you have -- and you know, if you look at the holes in some of the technical jobs, these are baby boomers. and a lot of people who are plumbers and welders are from working class neighborhoods who are now aging and there aren't enough younger people who are willing to -- because they don't know it's a path. it's been drilled into people's head that you have to go to a four-year university. for a lot of people they say why because what do they get out of it. and a lot of the trade schools don't have the problem that the four-year universities have, the bloated administration and no incentive to do any service to young people going through getting degrees. there's in accountability at all.
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steve: yes. to think about this it's interesting. you have joe biden going on and on being a blue collar guy. but it's president trump and ivanka trump who's deliver in a practical way for blue collar american workers. >> i appreciate you saying there's still work to do as far as unemployment is concerned. it's so important. two months i'll have my degree in masters and adult education. it's because of these opportunities, the community college level. we're talking about people who are also poor who do be into the different apprenticeship programs, plumbers. the act talked a lot about the apprentice type programs that not only takes care of the middle class but also the poor and those who have been disenfranchised returning moment from prison. many people will never set foot on a college campus nor do they want to. >> it's a waste of time and money. and that's why i made the connection with the guy from the
6:43 pm
black economic alliance called for something there in terms of reforming pell grants. hang on. that's what ivanka is working on. kennedy: it's so smart because you look for the holes in the market. you look where there is a necessity. and there is a need for people to fill these jobs. and mike rowe, he talks about it over and over again. you're debt free and you have a skill that you can use for life and you can always read books, you can be intellectually curious. you don't need college to be matter. steve: we're out of time. sorry. coming up, kamala harris loon iy left, next.
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increasingly the puppets of the public sector unions and that is tonight's loony left. ♪ 2020 contender kamala harris just checking, she was on the loony left thing. yes she is. she's got a big idea. >> my big idea is to raise teacher pay. the price tag is $315 billion over the course of ten years. we will pay for it by increasing the estate tax.
6:48 pm
steve: easy. all right. teachers are going on strike for higher pay all over the country so you can see why she's on to this. but is a third of a trillion dollar tax increase really the right answer? let's look at the details. former random school district, i don't know, how about this one, new haven school district is right next to kamala's home in oakland. new haven teachers have been on strike for more pay and their pay has gone down in recent years. but what's this? over the same period taxpayer funding for schools in california has gone up by nearly 40%. where's the money going if not to teacher pay? oh. teacher pensions. gauchnegotiated by the teacher s which fund kamala harris. instead of dealing with the public sector pension crisis, she wants to raise your taxes to pay back her union bosses for supporting her campaign.
6:49 pm
it's not just loony, it's totally corrupt. >> well, you know obviously we need to do something with teacher pay. it was an interesting position that you put together that maybe a lot of people are not paying attention to. it's not only pay that is a concern, it's respect and dignity for teachers in itself. it's also pushing teacher to test as opposed to teaching. i sub in title i districts. i make $85 a day to help schools that are disadvantaged. we don't have the funding for the students. we don't have the pay. but it is certainly a bigger conversation needs to be had. it's an interesting point. steve: the money is -- huge increases in funding for education. but it's not turning into the things. >> yeah. no. i look at that whole clip with kamala harris through a political lens and i say this is how washington works. we're going to take a $315 billion ride of taxpayer money, give tight the unions and turn it into $50 million of
6:50 pm
donations into my campaign. there you go. we'll get a 1% return on the money. steve: that's so right. >> typical california politician totally beholden to unions and not really tackling the problems. we're not talking about classrooms, we're not talking about learning, we're not talking about incentivizing great teaching. and the way the system is set up, because of the teacher unions, you could be a horrible teacher teaching for 30 years and you make so much more money than a young hardworking teacher who's coming into the profession for the first time and you know what they do? they turn around and leave because of the pay disparity between the new good teachers -- good teacher wills change your life. my fourth grader wanted to homeschool because she missed her third grade teacher so much because he inspired her and ignited her brain. and i will forever be grateful for that experience. but not all teachers are like that.
6:51 pm
and we have to have a better wa- of making sure we have better teachers across the board. and this one size fits all band aid doesn't address the pension issue. 20% of all education fund in los angeles county goes to teacher pensions when it should be going to teachers and the classrooms. it's not. same thing in college. administrations have gotten way too big. steve: that's exactly right. and this grit that the public sector unions have on the democrats is really destructive. you want more on this topic, tune in to deep tief tomorrow on fox nation. a great discussion on that, including someone who brought one of the really important supreme court cases on the power of the public sector unions in california. a really interesting discussion we're going to have. coming up in the 2020 update, wait until you see how beto o'rourke marked father's day.
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steve: the father's day morning beto was asked how he feels about being away from his kids so much. he started off okay. >> we are reminded that there are folks, families who have it much harder. there are father es whs who tode deployed overseas putting their lives on the line for this country badly missing their families. there are dads here at home in the united states who daughters and sons are making that same kind of sacrifice right now. so in our family we have a conversation about that defining moment of truth for this country and making sure that all of us stand up to it, stand up to be counted, stand up together and stand up to make sure that my kids and your kids and the generations that follow are proud of the decisions that we made in this year and the year that follows. that's why i'm running, running for everybody's kids, everybody's families. steve: blah blah blah blah blah blah. >> live up to our potential.
6:57 pm
steve: he is so fake, so pompous, so shallow, so full of it. >> i'm trying to figure out what he was saying. like even if i don't agree with him politically, if they're driving a train, if they're the engineer, i want to get on the train and go wherever they're going. derailed after a couple of -- i don't know what he was saying. steve: blah blah. >> chris? >> that was crazy. i read the text and then i saw it and thought surely this cannot be what he's saying. steve: that's his entire campaign is like that. his entire presentation is that. >> people are going to start rolling. >> you're going to get beto 0 rolled. >> you were here when i did the beto swamp watch.
6:58 pm
>> he's thinking that maybe if i can speak about the veterans i can get up in the polls. he's struggling. he'beto, i mean, it's probably over. we'll see. kennedy: i think the debates are going to be fantastic. they're ready to go, ready to take everyone on. he's not one of them. >> unless there's a table he can jump on, he's going to be struggling. steve: i'm just actually really delighted with the collapse of beto. it tells you something about the good sense of the american people, that they see through all of this. >> well tells you something about trying to pick someone to be the one. that doesn't work. which also will happen with biden as well if they keep pushing him. steve: george, all of our favorite, this morning on the chances of president trump winning the 2020 election.
6:59 pm
>> if you have to put your net worth and bet on anybody but mr. >> i think that might end up in one of the compilation reels of things that people say that out to be true. >> none of this is normal, we are still an air of gravy, it's unpredictable. the polls showed us on the afternoon of november 8 the hillary clinton is going to win in 2016. i do not trust anything at this point. i don't know that he is right. he is a very smart man but coming from a place of negativity. >> would be ungenerous to say i hope he takes his own advice anyway it's a nice way to end it. thank you for being with us and don't forget to check out the new podcast at fox news see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be
7:00 pm
televised. ♪ i have a wonderful guest, how are you professor. i am fine thinking mark. i have known you for 25 years. you are an expert. on what they call the swamp which is the ministry of state, your professor university nevada reno, you've written extensively your recent book unmasking the administrative state, the crisis of american politics and the 21st


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