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tv   Fox Nation Celebrates America  FOX News  June 30, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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have a great week. we'll see you next. >> breaking president trump has just arrived at white house. after making some history today in north korea. while many of you were pror probably sleeping, i am ed henry, a live hour, we recap the president's interaction with north korea dictator kim jong-un, the first sitting u.s. president to step on north korean soil, stakes are high because two leaders met for over an hour, and agrees tory start talks for -- we start talks for a possible deal to denuclearize north korea. he used twitter and other public statements toa. up the rhetoric, as president
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labeled kim, little rocket man, and warned of american fire and fury raining down on pyongyang if it continued. opposite has happened, the president's approach deescalating tensions in first summit, june 2018 in singapore, kim pledged to denuclearize then iin february the president walkd away from what was seen as a bad deal, this time president used twitter for kim to meet him in demilitarize zone while president was in south korea for walks with president moon. they met in south korea. there should be a lot of skepticism, dictator has a human right record, the tragic case and death of otto warmbier.
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tonight, we look at what comes next. the two men try to restart peace talks that seem to collapse back in vietnam. >> what is going to happen is over the nexter tw -- 2 or 3 we, team will work to see if they could do something, big stuff, pretty cam complicated. >> there was a time in american history is said that politics stopped atwate at the water's e, many democrats are mocking all of this, as a glorified photo op, another example of president getting too cozy. our own tucker carlson traveled with president at dmc, and interviewed him, a rare opportunity to stan just a few feet from the two leaders, he joined my colleagues and i this morning, tucker said he saw
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something far more than a photo op, describing the dictate the m north korea looking desperate. >> a hard character. no question about that. maybe a little off his game. i don'but wheezing like a patie. not a healthy guy. but basically, he struck me has kind of self contained, trump was about as happy as i have seen him. >> we'll explore every angle tonight. let's go to newsmaker, republican condition congressman andy bi biggs from arizona, stat with what tucker said, his reflection about kim, in his 30s, wheezing looking perhaps a bit desperate with the economic sanctions right now.
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is he desperate for a deal? >> well, i think he really needs one badly. i think in some respects he is desperate, but i think what president did is just brilliant by bringing him out and letting him know, we'll keep the sanctions on, but here is an opportunity too open the door, i think that chairman kim has to make a deal. i think that he will make a deal. but this is just remember two years ago we were talking about potential korean -- north korean war, now here we are. >> let's stay on that. a lot of his contribute 60 hists jump from that to photo ops, democrats were saying this would backfire. this would who up to nuclear war, is this a case of the president proving his critics wrong?
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>> absolutely, the president takes an uncone veconventional approach, in the e end, diplomay with about symbolism, how powerful u.s. is and how much north korea needs to get a deal done, that is really important, you take the cultural aspects of northeast asia, and it was brilliants. you get this chairman kim basically allowed to keep his face. and hold his face up, yet reopen negotiations. that is a great move. >> brilliant images perhaps, but on the other hand, as i mentioned this is a dictator with an awful human right record, many americans have been killed, otto warmbier most recent, can we trust this man? sure the images are gate, but so
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far this dictator has not followed through. >> he has not followed through, and one of the biggest human right violators, and his father before him. domestically and people coming over there like wor like warmbis important we put in place verification tools to allow to us make sure he is keeping his promises, if that happens, i think that he will keep his word. provided we can verify it. that will actually stabilize the north korean and south korean peninsula. president moon was there for a significant portion of this meeting, he has talking about this before. >> congressman, give me a couple steps you would like to see from kim jong-un, we hear this talk about okay, you start at top, now secretary of state and people beneath, teams on both sides to get to brass.
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as a member of that caucus, i mentioned on defense, what are the steps? >> need immediately opening for meetings to get a schedule put it together. and invite the right people from both sides then have to have verification tools in place in the negotiations. once you set those parameters, then you take the next big step, removing sanctions, and they denuke, and that -- those are steps to put in place. >> a process many say could take years to denuclearize, thank you congressman. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, many democrats, have a different take on what we saw at dmz, mark is joining us live with details. >> good evening, many of those 2020 democratic president at candidates, including joe biden, they are blasts president trump over his meeting with north
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korean leader, we've seen reaction all day on twitter and campaign trail, this is a stweet from senator warren, our president should not be squandering american influence on photo ops and exchanging love laters with a ruthless dictator. >> he keeps having these summits and meetings that don't produce anything, there have been a number of them, you can't look at this as going over and talking to your dictator next door, and bringing them a hot dish over the fence. >> despite 3 years of almost bizarre foreign policy from this president, this country is no safer when it comes to north korea. >> i have no idea why he is shaking hands with a dictator who just in may, was sending
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missiles into the sea of japan, you don't reward that kind of behavior with a visit to our country from the president of the united states. >> we heard that over and over today from democrats, a statement from joe biden's campaign, that statement, president trump's co coddleing - biden has been criticized in past, about his foreign policy believe. we have been hearing from vermont senator bernie sanders, today, who said, president trump has the right to engage when north korea. >> i have no problem with him sitting down with kim jong-un in north korea or any place. but i don't know it can be a photo opportunity, the whole world's media was attracted,
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what will happen tomorrow and the next day? >> you bet this will be an issue that keeps coming up on campaign trail, the democrat next debate is end of july. >> thank you mark. >> joining me now, director -- of korean studies. >> hello. >> we start with politics, but i get it 2020 democrats they want president's job, they say it is a hot dish over the fence, he is cozying up, they think it is bizarre, no results, but when beto oracle -- o'rourke says we're not safer is that a if you can rally statement. >> no, the democrats should be behind the president on this all americans should, if we go to 2017, we were on the brink of nuclear war, one of sad things i do at my job is do war games, where it actually we would fight
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a war against north korea. i did one about a year ago, 20 million people died in the nuclear holocaust that is how bad it could get, talking with adversaries is what president trump ran on. this is a low risk move and worth a shot. >> stay oceanining on that, yout war games. i have been told by senior officials in government, that there could be hundreds of thousands of lives lost in seoul, in initial moment hours after some sort of confrontation, you said there are war games suggesting up to 20 million people in the region. >> it could be more, the war games, we ran a simulation but we broke the computer, we were using we didn't calculate the body count going that high, that was in first few days, you count all radiation sickness,
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long-term cancers, that is not even chemical andly by logical weapon usage. >> so that all chilling, the stakes are important, focus on positive of this being a step forward, as president, first sitting u.s. president to step foot on north korea soil, who has to happen next so that this is a reality not a photo op? >> we have to cois w codo -- dos remember that denuclearization could take a long time, we have to set a table where kim feels he could, we have to end the korean war, it is hard to ask kim jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons if we're still in a state of conflict. the first step. second we need lac a channel to chaltalkto kim jong-un, if we he
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problem we can use peaceful measure to end them, you do them in rapid succession, we could figure out if kim is really ready to do this or not. >> i mentioned president's democratic critics, economists, i went through my office singapore summit, kim jong-won, that is how they put it, they said it was a win for kim jong-un. among other reasons being that he got equal footing with the american president. now he had that equal notin foo3 times, has the media go gotten t wrong. >> greatly wrong, u.s. deals with a lot of bad people we don't like, sometimes we end up being allies with people we don't like, remember the saddam
5:14 pm
hussein against iran, we have to make peace with people we don't like, that is the reality. >> a last question, one year from now is their a deal? >> there is a deal this place, i bit a year from now we'll see president trump go to pyongyang, and maybe arrangement of kim jong-un coming to washington. >> a bullish perspective, thank you harry. >> thank you. >> coming up just how historic is that meeting? we look at how president's record in north korea stacks up against past administrations, democratic and republican. we'll tell you what the president said, that got some former obama staffers pretty fired up, after the break.
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>> fox news alert, president arriving back at white house a few moments ago, on marine 1, after his big meetings with kim jong-un, president did not speak with reporters as he headed to white house. only about 18 hours after his walk across the border, ensuing sit down with the north korean leader, meeting that was in contrast to past
5:19 pm
administrations, their failed attempts in improving relation, may give president some bragging rights for now, critics like former president jimmy carter, he call the president, an illegitimate president. >> president trump made history, the first sitting president to visit, but he is not only american president to set foot in north korea. his trip may earn the most unexpected. >> in japan, we came over, i said, hey, i'm here, i want to call chairman kim. >> a former u.s. president had visited north korea in past for different reincereason, presides first in june 1994, to try to convince the rejeu regime to. and in 2010 to persuade regime
5:20 pm
to release u.s. citizen held prisoner for 7 months and returned later, hoping to convince regime to halt nuclear weapon program, president bill clinton traveled to pyongyang at request of president obama in 2009 to help free 2 reporters held hostage. and but not ought past -- not all mas past presidents are opeo the idea. >> no wonder i think they are evil. >> it will stack up in the efforts, is for history books to decide. today, just a few hours after his visit all eyes on immediate promise of renewed negotiations between washington and
5:21 pm
pyongyang. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. >> thank you. >> president drew ire from former aides to barack obama after president claimed that the former president, begged for a sit down with kim jong-un but turned down. some ex-obama aides said that president was not telling the truth, joining me now. president of washington strategy group, joel ruben. you served in obama administration, let's were you looking for a meeting with kim jong-un. >> i was in state department at the time but there was no meeting request out there. i don't know why president trump needed to even bring that up, he had success last night, and that is something he should be proud of, but president obama did not seek a meeting, politically it would have been dangerous to do so. >> let's move forward, you admitted as democrat you think
5:22 pm
this was a success for president trump, let's not focus on negative, and throw stones at administrations, but let's build on that, what do you think went wrong in obama, bush administrations, what is grow going right now and how do we build on it. >> last night, can't be stated strangl -- strongly enough it ws valuable to have president meet with kim, and kickoff again we hope a very successful process for negotiation, we had negotiations on and off for decades with north korea to noah, veilno-- avail, then. they, agreed framework in 2002. president did last night was hopefully rebuild trust, we needs the teams to get going in a process to get an agreement on black and white and real-time. >> how does he do that?
5:23 pm
your advice? because i mentioned media at the top, they have thrown their share of stones said it was seat of pants diplomacy is would blow up. but it may not work moving forward, what you try to get details you talk about. what is your advice? >> i am glad that you brought that up, we can't result -- we can't go backwards in conventional thinking. but there is a critical piece, that is to bring negotiators to table, not a trump-kim only negotiation that will not work, there are too many details. too much technical requirements, it will require president's representative to sit down, as soon as tomorrow and begin to hash out a game plan for meetings, timelines and goals, the goal of did yo denuclearizad
5:24 pm
peace, that is what will get a win. that is the unique feature of this negotiation, it can't be just two leaders. >> joel, harry you know well, was on, he said we should be clear eyed about fact that this whole process could take a decade of winding down north korea nuclear program, but he was bullish on the idea he thinks there will be some sort of agreement in principle we could build on for real went a year? do you agree. >> i do. and that brings up verification, to have an agreement, and then ensure it is implemented, international mechanisms are engaged, and verify able. that is critical. so harry is right in making that point. we need to make sure that whatever is negotiated has strong verification embedded within it. >> joel ruben we appreciate your
5:25 pm
analysis, we have consensus building among analysts. thank you joel. >> my pleasure. >> up next, more on the meeting that much of the world is paying close attention to, we take you to white house correspondent on the ground with key details how it play out, coming up. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to our special live coverage of president trump's impromptu meeting with kim jong-un at the dmz. here is our white house correspondent kevin cork. >> quite the assignment, we saw this come together quickly and ended quickly, still impact of this face-to-face could be felt for generations to come, they step into north korea together, they stepped into history books. first time a sitting american president enters the north, president also laid it out for us when asked how it came together from swee 28 to -- twe. >> we meet at line, meeting at line, i said would you like my to come across, he said, i would be so honored.
5:30 pm
i didn't know what he would say. but it was my honor to do it. reporter: north korea leader, face-to-face interact was second in 4 months with our president. and third overall, his country is still under heavy sanctioned by much of the world including u.s., and president was asked if he thought that could end soon. >> at some point, i am looking forward to taking them off. i'm looking forward, but sanctions remain, yes. but at some point during the negotiation things could happen. that is what we'll talk about sanctions. reporter: before leaving, asia, president headed south of us seoul, on the big airbase there. and addressed members of military, he told troops it was a great honor, to stand in north korea and represent the united states and process, what a time it was. so now president makes his way back to washington, ahead of a 4th of july celebration in
5:31 pm
nation's capital, this year, he does so with plenty to celebrate at home and his accomplishments abroad. one last nugget, president mentioned nuclear talks would resume, he did not give us a hard time table on when. he said it would likely begin against in the weeks ahead. ed. >> kevin thank you. >> kevin on the ground there in seoul for a remarkable day of reporting, joining me now, director of. >> nile. >> what are your thoughts on sunday, as we reflect -- what we've seen? >> certainly historic couple of days, but not necessarily a game changer, because, at the en was day we're still dealing with a evil tyrant. kim jong-un who heads a brutal regime. and that is the reality that we face, this is a north korean regime that has not made any concessions what so ever. is over the past few years.
5:32 pm
and it is a regime we have to confront with strength, and resolve, with every opportunity. today's meeting certainly very significant but, the reality is nothing has changed on the ground. we have to ensure that the united states and its allies stand up to the north korean regime at every opportunity. and ensure we see real change in the behavior of what is a menacing dictate or ship. >> it is, you raise very important questions, we talked about at top of hour about this awful human right record among other things, in north korea. but, i put that question to republican congressman andy biggs, he said we deal with all kinds of bad actors around the world all of the time, we've done it for many times, does president get praise for the economic santions that may be
5:33 pm
have grout ki brought kim jong-, dmz ? >> well, first, i think that we could be applying far more pressure in terms of human rights situation in north korea. estimated 80 thousand prisoners are held in north korea. and some cases 3 generations of families are put in to prison. because political dissidents, you are persecuted by north koreans regime, owning a bible is a serious offense in north korea, we have to put a huge spotlight on the tremendous violations of human rights in north korea. economic front, sanctions, should be enforced fully, tougher, we should see hundreds of north korean -- park officias
5:34 pm
targeted. and so, we have a policy of maximum pressure it has not been fully enforced. >> what about the details that have to happen betweens teams on both sides in days ahead, what do you want to see, beyond sanctions, so we know it is verifiable? >> well, we have to see the north koreans actually firmly committing to ending the missile test they have been holding, they had a series of short range missile tests, we have so see, north korean abiding by 11 u.n. security council resolutions. so far there is not a shred of evidence they are abiding by any of them, we also have to see more pressure applied to u.s. side in terms of reintroduction of allied military exercises between u.s. and south korean
5:35 pm
forces,y and really apply the kind of pressure that we apply on the iranian regime, bring this regime to its knees, basically for them to make concessions. >> i hear you say glass half empty perhaps, you are clear eyed that is smart, make sure we can hold his feet to the fire, but does this president get credito night -- tonight forgets us to this place about it has to be matched by i think far stronger actions in practice against north korea. and so, we do need to see a movement on a number of fronts, but certainly president trump in terms of deal with north korea threat, to change the regime, behavior, but, the united states has t to apply more pressure.
5:36 pm
>> we appreciate you coming in. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, we talked about gravity of this meeting, with north korean president, but it may not have been possible without the president's previous meeting with chinese president. impact not just on national security but on trade and tariffs that has wall street rising already ahead of market opening tomorrow, we get into that next. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. omar, check this out.
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pleasson. your heart's notthing strong enough. my heart is as strong as any. uncover your family history, from over 10 billion historical records. get started for free at >> markets looking up following president trump's agreement to resume trade talks with china, a bit of a druce there dow futures up abouup 1%, along with optimir talks with north korea. the summit may have not been possible without recent program with china, here is our correspondent. >> the move said to delay rising tension between u.s. and china,
5:41 pm
that has had global markets on edge, president trump said he would hold off on plans to impose tariffs. he said china also agreed to buy more american farm products. the chinese want u.s. to drop tariffs, they imposed 110 billion in tariffs on america goods, president's meeting with china president xi was over shadowed by his later talk with kim jong-un. many say that u.s. happ relatiop with china played a big role with what happened in dmz, gordon chang on fox and friends today they that trump and kim created high expected and a lot of momentum by agreeing to designate teams to negotiation denuclearization. >> xi jinping i think dangled
5:42 pm
cooperation on north korea in front of president trump at the osack -- osaka g20 meeting, we did not see chinese in any of those picture we witnessed, the chinese have been a malign influence for decade. >> trump said he would allow u.s. companies to sell some components to huawei, even though company is on a u.s. black list as a national security threat, getting backlash. >> >> all right, thank you. >> joining me now, director of korea program at wilson center. we appreciate you coming in. >> glad to join you. >> what are your thoughts more brabroadly about today. >> promising start to getting the negotiations on track, absolutely important, it has been 4 months of no contact between the north koreans and
5:43 pm
the americans post hanoi, we saw both sides need a face-saving move. to get back to negotiations table, while it unusual, to use this kind of personal diplomacy to get talks back on track that is president trump's style, i have to say when he campaigned in 2016, saying he would be willing to sit down with kim jong-un it took me aback, but i wrote after he was elected we're in for a wild ride with north korea, he would shake things up it has been the case. >> a wild ride indeed. but his supporters say that for all criticism, and the you know rocks thrown about chaos or whatever the word of moment circumstance he is get -- is, he is getting results. >> i think jury is out on that, is really depends on where we go
5:44 pm
from here. we had a couple dramatic moments in last year, starts with singapore summit and hanoi, they have been incredible opportunities for kim jong-un it stop out on the international stage. but not much on denuclearization, it has to happen. i hope the talks gets underway next month. only when they hash it out that we'll see progress. the fact is north korea still has and maintains and develops its nuclear. i know those scientists are still at work, until we see some concrete dismantlement of the program wen can't say we made progress. >> and kianne lif key -- analys,
5:45 pm
say that, kim jong-un probably never would have gone to dmz without approval from china. >> i think it is interesting, president xi went to pyongyang, first time that in 14 years a chinese president made a trip like that. hugely symbolic for the chinese and north korea relationship. they are traditional allies it has been a fraught relationship there is no love lost there, i think that chinese are resentful of north korean impertinents, i think that kim jong-un is a bit resentful on his reliance on china. but, i believe that kim jong-un turned to him for advice, also asked him for sanction release, does not sound like high got that, in some sense that meeting may have pushed him and spurred
5:46 pm
him to consider the out reach, i think each of the leaders, not only chinese president, russian president, who also held a summit with kim jong-un, the fact that we had a g20 summit in asia, i am sure that is korean president was pushing for something, i think they played their role to facilitate this meeting, it came as a surprise to most, but i canceled a trip, and i blocked off this weekend, i knew something would happen. >> interesting, markets are reacting in a positive way. to the president's saying he'll hold off on new round of tariffs against china, it seems there is a truce, we'll watch that in the hours and days ahead, jean lee, we appreciate your insights, we have called it. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up, we'll talk live to a no north korea expert on the ground in seoul with latest reacted from there
5:47 pm
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. >> well we just discussed important role of china in this but we need to talk about an american ally that maybe there is no more american ally than south korea with these talks,
5:51 pm
next guest is in capital of seoul, joining me now on phone. dr. john park thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you are on the ground in seoul, what is your reaction there? >> it has been re markable, people were waiting with breath. and the way it happened, is really exceeded expectations, granted there were low expectations going in. but i think that key take away now is there is momentum. the two main topics who will be channeling that momentum on the north korean side, and then how this momentum will be channeled going forward. and so how do you answer that question about what you think will quha channel that. >> a very important press conference in sense that president trump highlighted that secretary pompeo and special
5:52 pm
representative would be his team, and many respects, there are personal envoys of president trump, now ball tossed to north korean court, and who chairman kim designates will be interesting. but the bar has been raised higher and leader to leader interaction is proving to be resilient. you followed this for a long time, you are there in seoul, it is morning there now. when you think back a year, a year and a half ago, could anyone on the ground in seoul have imagined the series of meetings we've had between american president, and north korean dictate or on top of soak south korean president sitting down, all 3 leaders. coming together at the dmz . >> i don't think so.
5:53 pm
and big part of this is that we are in the middle of an invert the process, before you had sequence of events where working groups worked on technical details, and at some point you dangle a incentive. it is a inverted process. one of benefits of that process that clear the path, you can have the direct meetings as an hour's notice, this is remarkable how this played out, going forward, the large gap has to be filled that is the part that we're watching closely, you could have the summit but going forward you to have to work out complex details related to denuclearization, and peace. key take away we're in this new style of diplomacy and negotiations, how this goes, creates some question marks in terms of pattern recognition, and analysis in past. this is not like 1990s or mid
5:54 pm
2000s. >> doctor park, they're important questions, we'll answer in days ahead, there is an elect coming up in america, i mentioned democrats are criticizing this. i am struck by the fact a few moments ago we had a former obama official saying on, this is a pretty good success he admitted from president trump, then a cove center conservativet impressed, help us figure it out, a former ow obama official saying operate good and an conservative saying i don't trust it. >> it is all about priority, looking at how the different groups in terms of how they prioritize particular issues that is the measure of whether it is success full or not or advance u.s. interest. but from angle of negotiating
5:55 pm
and deal making, from that view, that momentum is quite remarkable. and so this is something that will not last forever but the new momentum has been created, look forward we look for signs are they going route of a big package deal in phases or a series of many deals, right now you look at a structure two teams are empowered. >> interesting, you say, a success in early hours, momentum. we'll see, dr. park. >> thank you. >> all right our coverage of president's meetings at dmz with kim jong-un continues with important details about what is coming tomorrow, that is next. (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream.
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6:00 pm
sit down with the president. you can catch that tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'm ed henry reporting from tonight. i want to say good night and thank you for joining us. the next revolution with steve hilton is coming up next. >> good evening. i'm steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism. we have an important special for you tonight. time and again as we cover politics and especially the ride of socialism and intolerance you see on the left, i'm reminded of george orwell in the classic novel in 1984 when the introduced you to the world of "big brother" is watching you. in fact our culture in many ways increasingly resembles that world and those similarities that we will investigate tonight. great guest including


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