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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 1, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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and thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime." i'll be back tomorrow. can you join me? 1 p.m. eastern time. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. joe biden moments ago defending his record and performance at last night's debate after he fended off attacks from all sides. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." it was a rematch for biden and senator kamala harris but the rest of the field also piled on the front runner. he fought to defend his time as senator to his time in the obama administration. >> mr. vice president, you want to be president of the united states. you need to be able to answer the tough questions. i guarantee you if you're debating donald trump, he's not gonna let you off the hook. did you say those deportations war good idea or did you go to the president and say, this is a mistake. which one? >> i was vice president. i am not the president. i keep my recommendation in
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private. >> mr. vice president, you can't have it both ways. you and president obama more than anybody this this campaign. you can't do it when it's convenient then dodge it when it's not. >> dana: biden responding a short time ago. watch this. >> i just want to make the point that some of these assertions being made were absolutely -- how can i say it nicely? not true and taken out of context. if they really meant what they said, they wouldn't have done a lot of things they did >> dana: former aide to president obama, luke thompson, found at national review and juan williams, fox news political analyst co-host of "the five" along with me. i wanted to start with the obama attacks. it was interesting. obama wasn't there to defend himself. biden kind of defended him, but not altogether. take a listen to what rahm emanuel former chief of staff to
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president obama said about this earlier today. >> the guy's 90 some percent among democrats. the most successful progressive prolific president who had an incredible chief of staff, let me just say that, since the great society. what are they doing? every element of progressivety, from literally ted roosevelt to franklin roosevelt to the great society and forward builds on the progress of generations before for generations to come. this is nuts. >> dana: other former obama supporters and staffers saying they think the same. here was eric holder saying to my fellow democrats be weary of attacking the obama record. there is little to be gained by attacking a successful and still popular democratic president. johanna, let me go with you first because you were there during the obama years. i know what it's like to go through a republican primary. it's interesting to watch the
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democrats go through it now. >> i think democrats have selective amnesia about how we are elected. i was there in the trenches. so the very beginning of the iowa caucuses when everybody was like, there's no way a guy named barack hussein obama will get elected. i watched. initially people came to our events because people were popular. but they stayed there when he started telling the fired up, ready to go story. he told a story about leadership, when we all come together. he would compliment some of the policies of the republicans. it even cost him in some of the debates. but he was building consensus. i think that we're going to have to get back to those roots to win the general election. i agree with eric holder, i think we've got to transition to how we talk about building on what president obama said, which was a database fueled economy that has long lasting longevity if we invest in clean technology, innovation.
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>> dana: luke, do you feel like the democratic party, that the gravitational pull has been so far to the left that even president obama would have been left alone last night? >> there are two real splits where democrats today are not where democrats were when obama was president. that's on healthcare which is very much contested, and immigration where there's a new consensus with the democratic administration under obama. but a lot of this is biden's fault. he's using obama as a blanket. every time he gets in trouble, he screams obama and tries to get out of it. that puts all the democrats in a position of attacking biden without attacking obama. >> dana: what do you think about that, juan? >> i think a lot of this is about black voters. you have to understand that part of biden's appeal and, in fact, the consistent lead he's held in the polls in this democratic race, is based on, one, that he was a very good vice president to the first black president.
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secondly, that he is viewed as the most electable with regard to beating donald trump. so if you're talking to black voters and you're kamala harris, cory booker, even if you're bill deblasio, you're saying, wait, i want to separate him a little bit from president obama. and to do that, you have to call him on differences. you say, hey, do you know what? we don't like what president obama did. we think he was far too moderate with republicans, especially now in the era of donald trump, that democrats view as extreme. we want more of an angry strong voice and too often we feel obama was sort of middling in milk toast especially if you're talking about black lives matter and some of the younger black accidents out there. i'm not sure, by the way, that this works with the older black crowd that is the base for joe biden. >> dana: i can't imagine that it does, but we'll see. joe biden being the front runner. you knew attacks would come.
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i suggested last night on "the five" i said he would be prepared for attacks from kamala harris and cory booker but i believe senator gillibrand would come up with something obscure on biden's 36 year record. i was proven right. >> let me just tell the audience that we know. >> dana: i think it was kind of distasteful. take a listen. >> he wrote an op ed that he believed that women working outside the home would, quote, create the deterioration of family. he also said that women who were working outside the home were, quote, avoiding responsibility. what did you mean when you said when a woman works outside the home it's resulting in, quote, the deterioration of family. >> dana: he went on to explain what he meant by that and all was talking about his own family situation, which he lost his wife and child. he was a single dad for awhile. his current wife, she had gone
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on to work the entire time they were together. the biden team found this. kirsten gillibrand thanking him for your unwaivering commitment to combatting violence against women. she was challenging him. i understand why she wanted to go after him, to have a moment. i didn't think it was a good one. >> no. we need to start talking to men and women about family values. like the truth is, i know joe biden. i have worked with him when he was vice president. he is one of the most kind, warm people. he has lost family members. he knows what that's like. i was super pregnant sitting outside jay carnie's office for a meeting. he's like, oh my god. can i touch it? >> dana: that might not help his cause. >> can i tell you that when he met my son, he did the same exact thing. because that is who he is. >> dana: she was trying to suggest, luke that joe biden thinks that women's place is in the home. >> she had a talking point.
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she didn't have a story. there is a narrative about joe biden being overly handy with women, being inappropriate, but that wasn't the point she was making. she kept saying why did you write this one op ed? why did you write this one op ed? for the first time of the night we really saw joe biden's able skills as a debater. he deflected it and moved on and made her look reduced. >> dana: i want to ask you, juan, about senator sanders. that was the night before. comparing and contrasting the nights were very different. you had warren and sanders on the first night. here's sanders this morning talking about what differentiates him from elizabeth warren. >> you and elizabeth warren, as most pundits seem to indicate, will make that next debate. how will you differentiate yourself from her? you're too progressive. >> i'll tell you, i'll let you and the punditry and the american people make that decision. all i can say -- >> wait a minute.
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what is the single -- what is the biggest difference between you and senator sanders? you have to draw a distinction, senator. >> no. no. i have to tell the american people what i believe. >> dana: juan, at some point sanders and warren are going to have to figure out a way to go at each other because they need those votes from the same people. it's the same bucket. >> i'm curious about this, because so far what i see is warren rising, sanders declining, in terms of support. i think that, you know, somewhat touches on what we were discussing a moment ago when you had gillibrand going at biden. i think part of that argument was about age and that he's older and that he has a different view of women and a different view of what's appropriate. >> dana: he says mularky. >> some take it as folksy. others think that he lost a little vigor or, as president trump says, sleepy joe, right? in that contrast between warren
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and sanders, i think lots of people now see her as vibrant, aggressive, able to deal with trump on a debate stage and wonder about him. what i hear from people oftentimes is sanders comes across as a rerun of what he did last time. >> dana: doesn't feel like there was too much new with sanders? >> i think we saw the best bernie sanders that we're going to see on the stage. he was funny, energetic and he hit his point. but they were the same points that he was hitting four years ago. more broadly, bernie has no strategic reason to attack warren. he has a solid base that will get him to iowa. even though his numbers are going down, if he starts at tacking warren, he's going to look desperate. there are voters she can get on her side better than by attacking bernie. >> dana: it seems almost if the democrats decided to put their worst face forward, their disagreements overwhelmed almost everything else and attacks on trump were infrequent. in the absence of a message of
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hope, a big missed opportunity. is that kind of what you were talking about at the beginning here? >> yeah. i think even more so, we've got to perfect our messaging to get across to the american people. in terms of warren and bernie, what they're doing is kind of co-op significants. >> dana: what does that mean? >> they have competing -- they're competing for the same voters, but they're trying to bring up their ideas on healthcare and i would say trade because they're aligned in some of those ways, trying to draw people to their side. i think that elizabeth warren is probably the most likely to get frustrated with it first because she's proposing the plans. where as bernie -- >> dana: we're going to bring the panel back because we've got more to talk about. actually, we don't have you coming back. come back another day. i just want to show you this, juan, real quickly. these are ones who already qualified for the third debate. biden, booker, buttigieg,
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sanders, warren, o'rourke. is there anyone you saw on the last two days that you think could make to it the september debates? >> castro. i think castro did very well in both debates and has the potential. he already has some in terms of the polling, but not necessarily the donors. i may have that backwards. one or the other. i think he's in position to make it up. >> dana: i think it was gillibrand that ended with, help, i need the donors. i thought it was a fascinating couple of days. glad you are here. i'll see you a little bit later on "the five." the candidates screaming from the stage, rushing back to the trail campaigning in towns big and small across america. joe biden out today discussion his rival, saying he has the best path forward because his views represent the vast majority of democrats. >> there's a lot of really, really good people who got elected who are really pushing the envelope. it's good. it's healthy.
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but the idea that they represent what the party is today does not convert to who gets elected. does not comport with how we got elected in 2018. it's a totally legitimate debate to have. >> dana: peter doocy is keeping track live in detroit. he said it does not comport. that must be the word of the day, peter. >> reporter: well, there might be more words of the day. we're going to hear from kamala harris, who he butted heads down the street from me here in detroit. kamala harris and beto o'rourke, over the next couple of days, are the two candidates with the most events on their schedules. they're the ones trying to capitalize on what they believe, each of them, each of their campaign staffs believe were strong performances on the debate stage. harris and o'rourke have six events each that are spread out geographically. on saturday, everybody is going to be in las vegas though for what they call a cattle call wrrbg they essentially round up
11:14 am
the democrats to talk to one big auditorium of people. this time it will be las vegas union workers. gillibrand not going to be there. she will be back on the east coast instead for a sunday brunch that is a private event, but you can go if you want to donate $250 to her campaign. and don't forget, mary anne williamson, who made a big splash and introduced herself to a lot of people who may not have been paying attention to her campaign over the last couple of months. she is going to try to keep the attention on her with events at a yoga center and a sunday services at the center for spiritual living. >> dana: i heard she is in -- the way in organization is super important in these early states. a few months ago i heard that she was organizing and getting the word out at yoga studios in new hampshire and iowa. pretty good strategy. i just had this panel on. we were talking about last night's debate.
11:15 am
kamala harris was the declared winner of the previous debate. i didn't even bring her up this time around. maybe she just didn't do that well. does her team think they did better than we do? >> reporter: senator harris said it herself in one of the post debate interviews. she said she believes people attacked her and harris admitted this is an immodest thing to say, but harris was the target of attacks from lower polling candidates because she thinks others on the stage consider her to be somebody in the top tier with a real threat of capturing the nomination. and so the harris team thinks that she defended herself well. they also think that her explanation of a healthcare plan that bernie sanders particularly has been assailing as not close enough to medicare for all. the harris team told me they think she did a good job of establishing what her plan exactly would do last night. dana. >> dana: i want to chew on that a bit more.
11:16 am
was it a good idea for her to release the plan ahead of the debate? i don't know everybody was ready to talk about it. we spent about an hour on it last night and we'll continue to talk about it with you. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> dana: ahead we look at the candidates leading u.s. troops on the world stage. plus, the growing impeachment push. what's driving this? and is it a good strategy for democrats. >> i think that folks are making a mistake by not pursuing impeachment. the mueller report clearly detailed that he deserved it. if they don't impeach him, it's easy to say, you see, you see, the democrats didn't go after me on impeachment. do you know why? because i didn't do anything wrong. ♪ sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend,
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11:21 am
exis exist. >> dana: good to have you here. it's pretty interesting. i watched both debates all night long. nobody was talking about impeachment. what's going on? >> well, we didn't get it until the second night. i think that's because they have avoided this because a lot of the smart front runners in particular in the party would rather not have to talk about this issue. it's why, for instance, biden has still not committed himself to this at the end of may he said, well, democrats may have no choice but to go there.
11:22 am
they know this is not a winning strategy, yet the numbers continue to mount. >> dana: let's listen to lindsay graham. he was talking about the mueller report. he said there were scare tactics involved. watch this. >> there's two ways to do this. throw everything, the kitchen sink, hope he pleads to something, or make sure that when you charge them, it will not be under minded because you overcharged. this is what happened with mueller. they tried to scare people into riding on trump. it didn't work. they were overcharged. i hope some of these people will have their case revisited. >> dana: do you think that's the case? also, will these cases be revisited as lindsey graham just said? >> you know, lindsey graham is always slightly ahead of the rest of the pack. what he's doing here is foreshadowing what the debate is
11:23 am
likely to be in coming months, especially as soon as we get the inspector general report from michael horowitz that talks about the other side of the story. what lindsey graham is saying is right. mueller used very aggressive tactics, to reviving old laws that had never been criminally prosecuted much. these were really aggressive tactics. and i do think that some of these cases are gonna get revisited and those methods will get questioned along with everything else that happened in 2016 from the people who first started what was a fake russia collusion. >> dana: there was some news that broke before the show started. the prosecutor decided not to prosecute james comey for leaking classified information. comey penned the memos on his interactions with the president
11:24 am
in the days leading up to his firing. now based on an investigation, they're deciding not to go forward with any prosecution on that. what do you think? >> well, look, i think the good news is that what this signaled was that the inspector general horowitz is looking at everyone equally and taking the position that nobody is above the law. comey is in his sights as much as anyone else. that should make people feel good. as for the decision to not prosecute, i don't think anybody should second guess the justice department's decision. we haven't seen what evidence they have. there may be an issue of bill barr not wanting to look like an administration that's going after the previous administration people in power. that's a fair calculation as well, too. >> dana: fair calculation because that's a high bar. not just attorney general.
11:25 am
it is a high bar. all right. love to see you. thank you. >> bye. >> dana: maryland governor larry hogan is reacting to president trump's comments about elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. plus congress woman gabbert taking on kamala harris during last night's debate, but will it move the polls? we'll see.
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11:30 am
violations and asked about it if she ever smoked marijuana. >> dana: joining me is joey jones, retired bomb technician with the marine corps and our newest fox news contributor. we have wesley hunt an army combat veteran running for congress in texas in the 7th district. joey, let me put that first question to you. i saw you on the twitter machine talking about this exchange in regards to kamala harris role as ag. your thoughts? >> i think it was the best line of the night, in my opinion. when she walked on the stage, it looked like she was there and ready to bring a fight. they always say you have to punch up, especially in a debate like this. her target was kamala harris. it became very obvious early on. i think when you're someone like kamala harris or joe biden and even kamala harris, you have a long history. you flip flop or change or waivered on some things. someone like gabbard comes across like newer, younger. they get more leeway, the
11:31 am
younger folks to, when it comes on changing on an issue. but kamala harris and the marijuana, this is one of those things where the supreme court doesn't take up things until america has finished debating it. with marijuana, i think it's that next thing. it may become a constitutionally protected recreational thing. and her hitting kamala on it, these are people's lives who have been sent to jail. i wouldn't say ruined. but her picking that up was smart, very intuitive. >> dana: probably speaking to a younger audience. tulsi did have another argument about president trump and al qaeda. shannon bream had a chance to talk to her. listen to these two sound bytes and then i'll come to you for comment, wesley. >> the problem is that this current president is continuing to betray us. we were supposed to be going after al qaeda, but over years now, not only have we not gone after al qaeda, they are
11:32 am
stronger today than they were on 9/11. >> is that a connection with our partnership with saudi arabia, our support of saudi arabia? what were you getting with that? >> both. his support and alliance with saudi arabia that is providing direct and indirect support directly to al qaeda. speak of the fact that saudi arabia continues to be the propigator of this ideology that provides a fertile recruiting ground for terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis. this ideology is what drives them. >> dana: wesley and joey, you both fought in the war on terror. i'd love to get your initial thoughts, wesley. i'll start with you. >> yes. i think this president has actually done a very good job sticking up for those that have served this country. and that's just a very dishonest statement, to be honest with you. what this president has done to prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon is paramount in
11:33 am
moving forward particularly protecting and sprefrbing our values and our life here in the united states. i come from a military family. my dad did 23 years in the army. my sister did 23 years in the army. west point graduate. i'm a west point graduate. i did eight years in the army active duty as an apache helicopter pilot. my brother is a west point graduate as well. >> dana: quite the family. >> thank you. i had really good parents. we understand the sacrifice that it takes and those kinds of dishonest comments don't benefit those that are fighting abroad and defending their lives and risking our lives for the betterment of our country. >> dana: joey, it came on a weird day for her to say that. hours earlier, it had been confirmed that the son of osama bin laden, it was confirmed he has been killed in the war on terror, the very same day that she said president trump was not
11:34 am
fighting al qaeda. >> well, you know, this is a place where tulsi gabbard should be the strongest, but in my point, she's the weakest. she is a flip flopper. she's waivered on this. in 2015, 2014 receiving pats on the back from shell matterson, same tulsi gabbard meeting up with iran. to say she's got some explaining to do is an under statement. what are her motivations to equate saudi arabia to iran is one thing, but over having policy agreements with saudi arabia is really puzzling to me. this is an international network. >> dana: from a debate standpoint, she was so effective at skewer withing kamala harris. that could have been the only thing we were talking today. but because she made that attack against president trump attend about al qaeda, that doesn't
11:35 am
make sense, that's what kept with me. i want to show you the amount of minutes on the topics they talkeds about. healthcare, 45 mints, immigration 27, climate change electability. foreign policy only getting 17. but that's pretty common in domestic debates leading up to a presidential election. i wanted you to listen to senator biden. he did speak about veterans. i'll get you to respond before we let you go. >> i carry a card with me. i have it with me every day. it has my schedule on it. every single day i have the staff check with the defense department, how many people have died? how many people have died or were wounded in these wars? we have 300,000 people coming home from afghanistan, iraq, the wars in the middle east with post traumatic stress. we have more people committing suicide, more veterans getting killed in battle. we need to care for them. >> dana: conditions for veterans a big topic, especially in the
11:36 am
2016 election. we're sure to hear more of it in 2020. let me hear what you have to say. >> yes, ma'am. i have to say, he is absolutely right. we do need to take care of our veterans. what i also saw, i didn't see anybody on that stage that i feel like is fit to lead our military. what i saw was a group of people that are pushing their very liberal socialist agenda, and that's not what we need for the future of this country. what i saw last night, i saw a group of people talking about doing away with fossil fuels and the oil and gas industry. >> dana: joey, i'll give you the last word. did you see anybody on stage last night or the last two nights that you thought would be a good commander in chief? >> listen, two questions and i'm ready to answer both. joe biden talking ability his
11:37 am
card. he's probably sincere, but i'm tired of these subspeeches. i carry a card with me. listen, if you want to take care of america veterans, begin to privatize portions of the va that are so inept and dysfunctional that they cawed me to have gray hair at 30. and then also, maybe keep this economy going. veterans are out in the world. they're looking for jobs, moving on with their lives. that's the way you take care of veterans. keep this country charging forward. then you challenge though veterans to come home, bring the lessons they've learned and be productive members of society. i did not see anyone on the stage with a plan to do just that. >> dana: joey, we're gonna let you go, because kamala harris is speaking right now. let's listen in to her. >> -- almost half of american families right now are $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy. why do i say they need to raise teacher pay? because in america we have teachers everywhere who are working two and three jobs to
11:38 am
pay their bills. money is coming out of their own pocket. these are the issues that american families want to hear us talk about. especially working families, who i believe have been left out by this president. this president walks around congratulating himself and his administration about this economy. then you ask about the greatness of this economy. how are you measuring the greatness of this economy? [ inaudible ] any benefits from the stock market is not hitting the majority of americans. let's talk about, they'll say the unemployment numbers are another measure of a good economy. people are working two or three jobs. this is part of what the conversation is. in our america, nobody should
11:39 am
have to work more than one job to have a roof over their head and put food on the table. getting back to the point. you need to be relevant. and for me, that's what my campaign is about. that's what this is about. to make sure what we are talking about as the priorities are the priorities that will affect somebody like dolores, who works every day, taking the bus to come here and work her eight hours and go to a two hour community play because she believes the value of work. [ inaudible ] >> are voters getting that kind of message? >> this is a very honest media.
11:40 am
there are better ways to have a real conversation. in my long experience in public service, i will tell you no good public policy ends with an exclamation point. i don't know that. listen, i have nothing but pray for president obama. talk about the health care industry. we talked about that. >> dana: all right. that's kamala harris. apologies that it's hard for you to hear. basically, she was talking about the day after the debates where shre wanted to talk about the economy because she said it's not working for everybody. people are working two to three jobs. she talked about the dignity of
11:41 am
work and education. then she answered a question about negativity in the campaign and attacks against her last night but a, as she said, well, i'm considered a front runner. we'll try to get some better sound for you and be right back. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> dana: kamala harris still taking questions in detroit. let's listen in. >> you can't write the next chapter, right, unless you got a blank page. i'm not gonna tell the candidates what to do, but i intend and hope to focus on conversations that are productive and about what is in the best interest of improving and uplifting the lives of the
11:46 am
people of our country. >> the president just announced additional tariffs on china. anything on this announcement and the impact that it might have on the economy? >> this is the first i'm hearingist so i haven't done any analysis of what he has just tweeted. listen, as far as i'm concerned, this president has been highly irresponsible on many levels and on many issues, including trade. he came in office saying he was going to take care of the farmers and the autoworkers, yet he proposes trade policy by tweet in a way that is unilateral. just remember the very different anythings of trade means it's not just you. you're actually trading something with somebody else. usually there are other people involved in that market.
11:47 am
so by definition, this is not something you really can successfully do by yourself. but yet the fragile ego of this president i think blinds him to that fact and instead, by tweet, initiating trade policy that has resulted in, as i said last night, farmers in iowa facing bankruptcy with soy beans rotting in bins, autoworkers in michigan and other places of the country that are looking at the potential for no job by the end of the year. american families paying $1.4 billion more a month on everything from shampoo to washing machines because of this so-called trade policy, which i call the trump trade tax. it's irresponsible. it's a lot of bluster. it reminds me kind of like the wizard of oz. you know? you pull back the curtain and there is just this really small guy there.
11:48 am
[ inaudible question ] >> how do you see yourself moving those numbers in the right direction? [ inaudible question ] >> sure. we are relatively early in the campaign. there's a lot of work to be done. i'm, for example, gonna be, and i invite you to join us on our bus tour which we're going to start in a few days traveling around the state of iowa. i was just here, obviously, in michigan. there's a lot of ground to cover and i intend to cover that ground. we are running a smart campaign. we've got folks that are organizing on the ground in all of the states. it's gonna take a lot of hard
11:49 am
work. i'm prepared to tackle that hard work. in terms of messaging, the vast majority have us so much more in common than what separates us. on some of the biggest issues, i really don't believe that there is ady sreug in our country at all, not by gender, not by race, not by age. and i all believe that, based on my travels and experience in this campaign, much less in life, that people really do want the next president of the united states to use a microphone in a way that is about lifting people up and not beating them down. and i find this to be a message and a priority that resonates with the vast majority of people in our country. people are just tired of what we've been saying. it is tiring. not to mention, it is making us weaker. i think people around our country, who ever they are, know that. >> i'm sorry. one more. >> dana: we're gonna leave it there with kamala harris.
11:50 am
she's having to answer a lot of questions, largely believed, consensus is that she did not do that well in the debate. she might think differently. one of the things you do after a night like that, you try to get out there and answer a lot of questions to reassure your supporters, especially those who are writing checks, saying there's a lot more in common with the democrats than it might have seemed last night. we'll be talking about this more on "the five." we'll be back in just a moment. first we'll tell you about two student filmmakers taking an award for their film citizens in government accountability. >> the greatest thing about the issue of corruption in the united states is that the citizens are doing it. in most cases the people are willing to recognize the nation's flaws even if politicians don't. ok everyone!
11:51 am
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>> dana: baltimore is marking
11:55 am
its third deadliest month seventh 2013. 38 people killed in july. maryland governor larry hogan is speaking out in his first tv interview since president trump slammed congressman elijah cummings in the city of baltimore. >> i don't believe you can put all the blame a baltimore city on elijah cummings but i also think you can do more to help us. everything we've been trying to do with the state level, i would love to have more help from the white house and from the congress. it's great that we are finally focused on some of these things. i would take exception, i think we could make more progress without the exact wording that was used. >> dana: housing secretary ben carson visited baltimore yesterday, defending president trump's controversial comments about the city. he knows that city well. the theme of this year c-span annual student film competition was "what does it mean to be american?" the winning film was on citizen accountability in government. quite a concept. take a look. >> in short, it all comes down to us. our american institution is one of the most unique in the world where students have the powers
11:56 am
vested in them to hold governmet accountable other than sit around and complain. >> dana: with me, the two filmmakers behind the grand prize running documentary, eli scott and mason daugherty. congratulations to you both. tell me about how you got involved and why you wanted to take this approach when you were describing what it means to be an american. mason, we'll start with you. >> sure. our teachers, who are great, shout out to you. she entered the film in the competition last september and we took it from there. we both shared similar ideas but enough so we can kind of argue. >> dana: tell me about that, eli. teachers are so important, especially history and civics teachers. is that what really got you into talking about these issues and why is corruption so much on your mind? >> well, i agree with what mason said. it was absolutely mrs. presley and our film teacher who instilled it in us.
11:57 am
at our school in history class, what was catalyzed was a strong appreciation for history, civics, citizenship. that's what really what we wanted to communicate. our topics is accountability in government and corruption, it came from a place of focused on what actually makes us american. i mean, basically government power antithetical to liberty. government that's responsible to the people is the only kind of government that can be addressed. without principles like that, we cease to be americans. >> dana: mason, do you find that a lot of your friends and other students in your school, i think people are super interested in politics right now and what's going on in the country. is it resonating in your age level too? >> i think definitely, yeah. i think we're in a a unique
11:58 am
environment where we have diverse conversations and share perspectives and we talk about them in unique ways that help bring us together and expand our personal beliefs. i believe we are in such a unique place in history right now to where we can talk about this and we are living, we are writing the history books right now. it's definitely an exciting time to be engaged in politics. >> dana: eli, what was it like when he found out that you won the grand prize for the documentary? >> we were basically sitting outside of our school and our history teacher had known i was wanting to announce it to us but we were outside of school. we saw her come running out, kind of yelling, like she was upset with us. without we were in deep trouble for something and then she called us and explain that we had won. we got on a call with the edgy -- education team at c-span. everything came full circle.
11:59 am
>> dana: eli and mason, congratulations. i sat on the daily signal, a great newsletter to sign up for. i love to see young people doing great things and talking about what it means to be an american. congratulations and have a good summer. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> dana: an 8-year-old gets a new bionic arm. the hero arm was developed by a company called open biotics. the austin, texas, girl is the youngest person in the u.s. to get one and the good news is it will allow her to do stuff like this. >> my favorite thing is to make a heart out of two hands. >> dana: open biotics has the prosthetic costs around $20,000 and it's covered by health care plans in the united states and europe. that's a great innovation that's going to help that little girl very much. coming up on "the five," we are going to talk about the debates and also about the news that james comey will not be prosecuted. the justice department making that news just before the show
12:00 pm
got started today. of course we also have to have a little bit of fun for you on "the five" so tune in for that as well. thanks for joining us everyone. i am dana perino. here is shep. >> shepard: breaking news. any notion that we are in a manageable trade dispute with china is now dispelled. this is a trade war. america just fired another shot and you are about to pay. the trade talks with the chinese effectively collapsed today. the president announced new tariffs today. the markets were treated today in a big way. the dow was up nearly 300 points. then the president tweeted about the new tariffs. that was 1:30 this afternoon. now the dow is down to 28. more than 500-point plunge. what does this mean? every single thing that china sells to america will be taxed.


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