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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 3, 2019 9:00am-10:58am PDT

9:00 am now you can, with! can see the vista mall as we press releases on just that makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. take a full picture here. issue. with just a few clicks or a phone call, officers have shut down the clauda cowan, you can monitor on we'll pick up and deliver the stage and get back to us. your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. gillian. >> a popular beach in southern california is closed today. a cliff overlooking the beach saves you time and money. has collapsed, killing three make it simple. make it ship sticks. people and injuring two others. this happened yesterday. christina coleman is covering >> president trump doubling this tragedy. down on china this morning, christina, tell us the latest. offering no indication his trade >> well, to be careful. >> welcome back on this summer war with the country is going to end anytime soon. saturday. welcome to america's maryland congressman elijah headquarters, we're live here in cummings is set to speak in his washington, i'm gillian turner. home district this afternoon the technical operations were days after confirming an leland: nice to be with you. difficult last night. attempted break-in at his home the markets are not happy with in baltimore and he's not only the president's thoughts on in the news because of the that. i'm leland vittert. attempted break-in at his home the search dogs made sure no one the president is saying that as david spunt joins us. >> exactly, elijah cummings has things with china and going very else was trapped. well. it collapsed on to a group of and the markets are questioning people on the beach of a stretch been in the news because of the that. and encouraging other countries to strike deals with the united of shoreline just north of a tweets from president trump, states. mark meredith is with the lifeguard station staffed at the he's getting ready to speak any president in berkley heights, time. no children were hurt, but moment. he's at the grand opening of a new jersey. again, three people died. the president spending his soil engineers believe the playground in his district.
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weekend near there. collapse was caused by natural not sure if he'll say anything hi, mark. >> and good afternoon to you, leland. about the president's attacks. as the president had as been erosion. >> we had a soil engineers come here in new jersey he's been this is the first time on camera defending his trade policies in and assess. only days after he announced since a week ago. we have some concerns. and the presidential tour, the that the u.s. may impose there is an area that is border is clean, efficient, additional tariffs on chinese i unstable. am parts starting in september. we're worried about a secondary well-run and cummings district collapse. is a rat and rodent infested he's assured us that the homes this essentially be a 10% tax on mess and if he spent more time on the bluff are way out of the $300 billion of chinese imports. way so there is no structural in baltimore maybe he could help clean up this filthy place. the president has been tweeting, problems for concerns of the that was the president's tweet. homes up on top. and a eintruder tried to get ino one, countries are coming to us wanting to negotiate real deals >> so again, city officials still monitoring the situation, nor the one-sided horror shows so, and they're also reminding of past administration. people to please use caution in his home and scared away by the they don't want to be have tariffs by the u.s. the beach areas. congressman. >> thanks for that, christina. there was a hearing about the the press says when it comes to north korea now claims to have border, as the president is china the u.s. has to act tough. tested a brand new rocket >> china, we can't just if and known to do, he double, triple, launcher earlier this morning, make an even deal with china. just a few hours ago. it's the latest of a spring of we have to make a much better quadrupled home. now four provocative military the intruder coming home, bad deal with china because right now, they have a very unfair moves by kim jong-un. news. home of elijah cummings, too playing field, and i'm turning president trump says it doesn't it around. bad, exclamation point. >> china, of course, is not
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violate the informal deal that thrilled with the possibility of additional tariffs. china's ambassador to the u.n. and nikki haley responded released a statement on friday, this is what they had to say, to@donald trump. this is no unnecessary. he struck. despite the multiple attacks, quote, if they want to fight, general jack keane is next. ♪ then we will fight. the president insists the tweet we will never sacrifice our about cummings was sincere. fundamental interests. we're not only fighting for china alone, we are fighting for listen. >> i know his house was robbed an open international economy. and i thought that was too bad. the back and forth with china that was really just-- comes as the president says the that was really not meant as a wise guy. u.s. has reached a new deal with his house was robbed and it came europe to sell more american over the news at a certain beef to european consumers. moment last night, and i had the president's trade ambassador says this is a great deal for just mentioned that. >> elijah cummings just stepped american ranchers. here is what he had to say on up to the stage the past couple friday. >> this agreement will nearly triple the duty-free access of of minutes. we'll watch and wait, leland and american ranchers to high quality beef in europe. we expect him to talk to reporters and probably about initial estimates that u.s. beef will grow by over $270 million a this controversy. leland: 20 years ago congressman year once the agreement is fully cummings talked about baltimore being drug infested and in many implemented. >> the president also appeared to be thrilled with the deal. ways got worse. we'll wait and see if he saying this is something that will not only impact ranchers addresses that.
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for the next several months, but gillian: senator elizabeth warren is live on the stage leland. right now while 19 democratic leland: soy bean farmers are when you have diabetes, still having a tough time of it. dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, presidential candidates are squaring off in las vegas. mark meredith. but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. only eight of them at this moment have qualified for the try great-tasting boost glucose control. gilli next democratic round of gillian. >> with thousands of migrants the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs held at the u.s.-mexico border, is part of a balanced formula debates, while they fight for a a group of 20 house dems made their way to el paso, texas to that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. spot on the big stage. some of the democrats are in fact, it provides 60% more protein investigate conditions at the zeroing in on president obama's facilities and some of the check than the leading diabetes nutrition shake policies as a way of going off points. fox news's garrett tenney is and contains only 1 carb choice. front runner joe biden. there covering this delegation joining us to discuss this is for a couple of days now. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control we hear that the delegation democratic campaign consultant as part of a healthy diet. departed on a little bit after doug shone and and a republican sour note this morning? >> yeah, they certainly did, s strategist. thank you for being with us. hope you're both well. said it was a very informative the big take away out of the visit because they came here to debates this week seems to be, get a look at the impact of the trump administration's policy and the one they kept talking democratic candidates can't about was the return to mexico decide-- can't agree who public enemy crabfest is back at red lobster number one is, it's president agreement. the in that agreement says that with 9 craveable crab creations. obama or president trump. i want you, both of you to take most asylum seekers will be sent from the new ultimate crabfest trio a listen and get your reaction back to mexico rather than being with three kinds of wild-caught crab released into the u.s. while to rahm emanuel who said this. they wait months or years for to the return of crab lover's dream!
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>> there was also shots taken at that asylum claims to be grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go! president barack obama, the most popular democrat in the country because joe biden was his vice-president. >> a little? process >> and the guy is 90-some among processed. and 26,000 have been released let's cowboy up! exhilarating speed. democrats, the most successful, into mexico, the delegation said that the migrants are now living woo! progressive. in unsafe and unlivable precision control. prolific president. >> doug, these are your people. conditions due to the trump do they need to lay off woo! president obama? >> of course they do, gillian. administration's war on maximum reliability. access denied. rahm emanuel was right. immigrants. >> the migrant protection [ repeats ] access denied. the democrats who attacked him are moving towards what they protocol. if it's not xfinity t good enough. call progressivism, what i call it has been wrongly named. for wifi with super powers, get xfinity xfi. socialism or democratic it should actually be called the socialism, which is ridiculous. and go see, fast & furious presents, hobbs & shaw. look, i accept capitalistism, migrant deterrent protocol because that's the purpose of now playing. most democrats accept this policy. capitalism. it's not to protect migrants, we have a profit motive and we also have secure borders. but to deter migrants and we have an immigration system immigrants in general from and we do need to get rid of coming to the united states. that is wrong. illegal criminal aliens which is what obama did. so i'm of the view that the leland: the delegation did say that they saw a noticeable democrats who do this were wrong
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difference though if the housing now and wrong for the future. facilities here in the u.s. gillian: all right. so david, i want to ask you your several that were filled beyond capacity just a few months ago are now nearly empty. people in this, they must love but a lot of those migrant who the democrats kind of eating each other and taking on president obama while they're have been sent to mexico to be doing it, right? >> well, certainly. any of those democrats who want processed are now deciding to the former president's russia has not been in endorsement ought to be careful about trying to attack him to pack up and getting on buses compliance for many, many years going back to obama get the nomination, but gillian, rather than waiting in town that administration and maybe beyond that. it's about time that we were the delegation described i can't believe we're not talking about the breaking news extremely dangerous because unburdened by the treaty and they're run by cartels. in this field which is michael the delegation told me they're pursue our own interests. avenatti is back to 50% that he planning to file legislation >> defense secretary mark esper may get into the presidential when they get back after their august recess to get rid of the says the u.s. wants to deploy race. gillian: i mean, doug, do you want to respond to that? migration protection protocol, missiles to the pacific region, >> i think michael avenatti is but like any legislation that's within a matter of months after more likely to be in a federal passing the democratically the trump administration pulled controlled house there's not out of a treaty with russia, penal institution than in the white house, that's all i've got much of a high hope they have a to say about that. shot of passing. gillian: gentlemen, i think inf. and where the missiles would be we're going to need to take a >> a lot of hope there, garrett. break. there's a fire alarm test headed just yet, but he and mike distracting everyone at least pompeo are together in sydney here onset. we'll check with you again later we're going to thank you and next hour. ahead of the annual meeting check back in with you on the
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leland: with us california other side of this break, between u.s. defense and foreign thanks. congressman and who wasocrat ic leland: i think we're pretty sure there's not a fire, there's ministers. undoubtedly this will be a feature of their conversation, a fire alarm. gillian: did i say a fire? leland. leland: two new goldstar families are spending the >> no. visiting the border. weekend remembering and saying we're going to break, stick with thanks for taking the time on a goodbye to their sons killed in us. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain saturday. afghanistan. and the president calls it a 20-year-old private first class crisis and many have as well. brandon kriesher and michael you listen to the political candidates in your party they say, hey, look, the answer to isai this is let anybody who wants to isaiah nance died in what they come on in, we're going to called a combat related decriminalize illegal immigration and whoever wants to incident. that's 15 u.s. soldiers that come here it's a thing of love. died this year. is that how we solve this trump administration is now planning to reduce the number of problem? >> no. i mean, we've got to be a troops in the country after a country of rule of law and we've reported deal with the taliban. got laws and if certainly we want to protect the border and here to talk more about this, i'm not advocating for open borders, but we're also a strategist general jack keane, i compassionate country. leland: right. >> and you know, you see a think was in new york with a fire alarm going off behind him. changing nature of the folks we'll let you deal with the fire coming up and we do have a alarm and come back to you a southern border crisis and you little bit later. and with that, we're going to talked about border agents from move on to live pictures that 2018 to now the number of folks are coming out of baltimore,
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coming up is overwhelming and it's a different group of folks. maryland. and there is congressman elijah these are coming from central american countries, honduras, el cummings. he's been in the news lately you salvador, guatemala, might say. the president had a few choice unaccompanied minors and they're words about him. fleeing pretty bad conditions and-- >> no one disputes how bad the we'll check in with what the congressman has to say and his conditions are in those countries. plans about what the president nobody disputes how the bad the is talking about in baltimore. conditions are in many parts of the world, the united states is the one country that people will risk life and limb in order to make their way to. so what do you say to all the people who are in africa and book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. southeast asia, et cetera who norwegian cruise line. feel free. can't walk to the border. they're waiting in lines for visa and if they get here, not that, but to treat these folks in a compassionate manner. leland: what does compassionate mean? just let them come on in as long as they want until any flimsy claim of asylum is somehow
9:08 am
adjudicated? >> no, but see some of the kids, 12 years old. 14 years old. the fact that their parents are sending them all the way up here suggest how bad things are there. leland: right. >> we've got to do our fair share. i get it as a parent myself. leland: i've heard compassion and fair share, what do those actually mean? >> the trump administration wants to go to zero refugees. leland: come on, that's not realistic. >> you know, they're talking about it. leland: people are talking about a lot of things that have never been a serious policy proposal. >> well, leland, i think we ought to take more than zero and we can't take everyone. so let's actually have a debate and what type of refugees should we be taking? there are a lot folks in the last decade and men coming here for work, you know, let's figure than tylenol extra strength. that out and you know, we need and last longer with fewer pills. some of that labor as well. so why am i still thinking about this? we benefit from it, can we come we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, up with a legal immigration to get your windshield fixed. i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. system that both accepts a with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. certain number of refugees, but saving you time that's ensure max protein, for what you love most.
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employment here to help us with >> kids: whoa! with high protein and 1 gram sugar. >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ it's a sit-up, banana! our economy. bend at the waist! leland: even president obama i'm tryin'! keep it up. said just having a bad economic you'll get there. (gasp) whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, condition isn't a reason for (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. and one gram of sugar. asylum. and during the presidential if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. ensure max protein. debate, something near and dear it's no wonder everything seems a little better to your heart, which is health with the creamy taste of philly, care. we'll take a listen to some of made with fresh milk and real cream. >> we are back now with two of the presidential candidates. >> throw your hands up. why do we have to be the party of taking something away from our favorite political people. >> no, we should stop using panelists, we've got doug shone republicans talking points. >> if a mother and a child and gentlemen, thanks for walked thousands of miles, they are not criminals. staying with us. >> i'm not going to support any doug, you were trying to get a word in there when i rudely plan that rips away quality ended our segment. health care from individuals. if you react to something else this plan that's being offered rahm emanuel said, we're so by senator warren and senator angry at trump we're letting it get the better of us. sanders will tell them that they're going to lose their really, isn't the first task of health care. leland: you're a doc. every single candidate on the explain to me this, is the debate stage going forward to concept of socialized medicare define themselves in opposition to the president? for all going to work in the of course it is. united states or not? and i am disturbed that the >> it's not. what i would do, look the majority of americans who have
9:10 am
health care are pretty satisfied democrats and cnn played go much with their health care. what they're worried about is cha through the whole debate, the cost of their care. hitting one against the other they're worried about the cost of prescription drugs. rather than asking a fairly now, the president's talked simple set of questions. what are your policies and how about it. leland: quick because we're up against a hard break and equal do you distinguish them from the current incumbent president trump. i would have loved to have heard that. it may not have been as good time on the other side. and what you yourself call an television, but attack and unrealistic and unsustainable attacking president obama, which policy is that a risk for the now you can, with! is complete insanity, only thing 2020 election? >> we all want to expand health worse, david, is bringing in no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk michael avenatti, who's out of care. i don't think medicare for all and i don't think that getting his-- really, just out of his mind if he gets back in this race. rid of private health insurance i think the democrats need to is the answer. we ought to build off an run on issues, gillian, not existing system. leland: we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your resource. impeachment or attacks on one i know you were working this week and hopefully you get a another. gillian: all right, david. vacation and time with the what do you-- from your perspective on the family. >> thanks, leland. leland: all the best to you and opposition here, going forward to the next round of debates in yours, gillian. >> thank you. kristin: for republican perspective on this, bring in september, how many candidates georgia congressman, member of would president trump and his the congressional committee, tom team like to have on that stage? because everybody's talking about the democrats got to graves. thanks for joining us. you heard senator berra on the whittle it down, whittle it
9:11 am
down, whittle it down. border crisis, he says compassion is the answer. isn't it true your folks are what about rule of law? hoping there are as many next >> you're absolutely right. time as last time. rule of law is the answer. >> the reality it should be look, congressman berra is a five. at this point no one has great person, unfortunately he's gotten-- republican or democratic squeezed between the socialist nomination when they're polling at 1%. of his party and mainstream it's interesting though and kind of the core of this segment, america. we wants to do what's right and could president obama actually even the new york times agrees get the nomination in today's it's a crisis on the border, but a lot of what you're seeing in democratic primary given how far left and how far progressive the presidential debate and maybe speaker pelosi and others these candidates are? in the caucus, they just don't also, abc news will be doing a-- like the president. the president is proposing >> isn't he at 95% in terms of something that could be a solution, they absolutely have democratic polling now. to be against that. kind of indicates he would. >> based on his policies where we're far past that. this could have been the summer the current candidates are, it's of solutions unfortunately it's in question. the summer of subpoenas. there are far more progressive than he was on the border. far more progressive than he is i hope to get to this and see on national security issues. what it's about. >> something that happened this they're far more progressive week, your colleagues in the than he was on health care senate judiciary committee had a issues and he was pretty bill sort of squeezed through progressive. but let's get to this next the process by senator lindsey debate, abc news will be doing a
9:12 am
graham-- excuse me, senator mcconnell. huge disservice if they don't and what do you say to the call out joe biden and pete critics who say your party is buttigieg whether they support impeachment or not, given that's focussed on unaccompanied he exactly where house democrats minors and keeping children out are, and it's where all the of the united states? other frontrunners are, and >> yeah, there have been several democratic primary voters should know where are biden and where iterations of solutions offered are buttigieg on impeachment. by republicans and democrats. gillian: a fair question now, unfortunately, nobody can come together on an agreement. over half the democratic caucus when i watched the presidential in the house is there. debates it's fascinating to see that the candidates today gentlemen, thank you for actually make barack obama look sticking with us. like a conservative. when joe biden has to defend the >> absolutely, gillian. gillian: we'll check back with deportation, enforcement of law you soon. under the obama administration, be sure to watch fox sunday it's rather remarkable. so the party has come so far. tomorrow, chris wallace talks to lindsey grm and others are proposing solutions. democratic candidate pete i think he was part of the original gang of eight when they buttigieg. and check your channels for time were trying to bring forth and listing. and media buzz, the latest on bipartisan solutions years ago. i know efforts are true about you there's a general president trump's baltimore comments and the democratic frustration right now within the republicans and democrats, both debates playing out in the in the house and senate when you media. leland: we appear to have the
9:13 am
see innocent children and fire alarm situation resolved in families impacted by this crisis the studio where general jack an and the president is doing keane has been braving the fire everything we can, number one, alarm as well at least the to defend our nation. sounds of it, amid this report national security is number one priority and also provide after deal now with the taliban solutions and thankfully had a in afghanistan. few this past week, saying he boy, general, i remember a time in american history when not only didn't america make deals with terrorists we didn't even negotiate with them. can use money for a border wall >> well, that's a fact, but the and against the wishes of the most left democrats in the truth is we always negotiated house. with terrorists. >> i want to make sure we have that was the advertisement. time to pick your brain on cyber leland: fair point. security. this is an issue, you've kind of >> i think the concerns many of taken up the mantle on. us have here, it's an open secret, you know, that president it's turning out to be a sticking point in these trade trump has told his national security team that he wants to get out of afghanistan, he would negotiations and some is calling like to do that before the 2020 this a trade war that president trump is engaging in with china. election. and therefore, when you have that kind of pressure on you, tell me why you're zeroing in on and you're starting to make a this issue? >> this probably is less about deal with the taliban, you don't trade when you talk about what want to make a deal based on at the president is doing with any cost and you want to make a trafrs and it's more about deal based on a solid peace defending the american worker agreement that lays out and ingenuity. china is taking advantage of our conditions to protect u.s. national interests and also the policies far too long and as interests of the afghan
9:14 am
government. leland: you said make a deal, et relates to cyber security, it's cetera. you said make a deal. a direct impact much what china why is there any reap reason in is doing to the american work the world to believe that you could have a deal that the force and american industry and taliban is going to keep? even to some of our own national i mean, one thing to try to have interests. we have to have new policy as a good deal with bad people, but relates to cyber security. we saw it with capital one this another thing to try to have a week, we've seen it with many deal with people who are sworn to kill all of you. multinational companies >> well, i was trying to explain headquartered in the united states impacted by foreign and that, leland. the taliban's condition, their rogue nations imperialists that number one condition they have put on the table is that the wish to cause harm. u.s. must withdraw from and the act has not been afghanistan and thenwill protec updated, 20th century policy interests by making sure that with 21st problems today. the al-qaeda and isis do not have a bona fide safe haven in >> sorry to interrupt. we hear a lot of diagnosis of afghanistan. now, those of us who have been the problem coming from capitol hill, from lawmakers. we want to hear about the ot trust the taliban and we cannot accept a deal solutions. you talk about cyber security based on that condition. we have got to negotiate based hacks and data breaches, top on u.s. interests and our interest is to make certain that american companies, what are the isis and al-qaeda do not have a nuts and bolts of the plan? safe haven in afghanistan. lay it out for us.
9:15 am
that is why we were there. >> the solution is simple. we should have a deterrent and and for 18 years, 18 years, those necessary for the private leland. leland: if we can't trust-- sector and individuals to defend >> 18 years we have guaranteed that there is no safe haven in their own networks. afghanistan and there's no attack on the united states. so that means they have to do it outside of their networks, i that's what we've guaranteed. have a piece of legislation that leland: i understand that, but perhaps you're making the point or i'm not understanding it, but modernizes the fraud and abuse act. you can help outside of your how can you make a deal and negotiate with the taliban when networks, you can disrupt attacks outside of your network. you yourself just said you know you can monitor the activities you can't trust them? how do you have a deal with of a would the-be cyber attack people you can't trust? >> i don't think there's from outside of your network anything wrong with having amongst other things, but all negotiations. there's nothing wrong with that. with guardrails and protections we've always negotiated with our that protect against private-- enemies at the end of war and privacy as well as any harm or damage that might be caused to the fact-- >> general, i have to get to a anyone or any system financially or personally, and also, fox news alert. elijah cummings talking about including the fbi's cyber team the president and his twitter as well within this whole spat with him. >> and i'm not going to go network. but it's important that we be aggressive on this front. there. >> the president told help, is we cannot be in a passive environment and everybody is doing everything they can today, but it's in passive environment. that in the form of money or we need to be actively defending what would that look like?
9:16 am
our network and we need to do it >> the president is welcome in outside of our network. our district to go through the >> it sounds like you're starting with concrete steps there. it's something we want to talk district and he will see strong to you more about and get you back in the future. peop congressman graves, thanks so much. people, who get up and they go leland. leland: well, 19 of the 23 out to work early-- remaining democratic presidential candidates are in the morning they're standing on las vegas today. the bus stop. they're out stumping at the and sometimes i see them at night when i get back. public service workers forum you'll see people, see held by the nation's largest organizations that have come to public workers union. and clauda cowan is there as the inner city of baltimore, they take the stage. like neighborhoods-- hi, claudia. >> hi, leland. and do not go around that's right, this labor union form rupp is just getting criticizin underway. form hud secretary julian castro criticizing-- is taking the stage. so i welcome the president, love to see him. the first of 19 democrat >> the people of baltimore-- candidates who descended on >> i want to them to know-- legislation and hoping to win the jackpot with an enforcement all they have to do is read the from one of the biggest unions pap in the country.
9:17 am
some candidates, elizabeth paper-- warren, had a town hall meet and (inaudible) >> and the incidents like this greet. and this headline is from the american state, counties and municipal employees. it's a big deal. >> candidates are appearing one at a time and members want their because it gets people, brings light to their lives. take on a variety of issues. but you know, i'm -- i have so the union counts 1.6 million much to do. people among its members and i don't -- thinking about it their support would be critical, especially for lesser own this morning, congress, i think candidates like montana governor. >> as a former labor lawyer, i i have-- understand many of the challenges that they have, but more than that, like, look in i'm in this community and other this big field i'm the only one communities like this trying to that won in trump state. create opportunity for our young he wok -- people because i know, i came up in environments just like this and if i can be phi beta kappa >> the democrats presented an array of visions from student and become a member of the maryland bar, (inaudible). debt and a big issue is health
9:18 am
care with bernie sanders and liz bit warren pushing medicare for >> i'm sorry? >> why do you think the you will. and joe biden saying that president-- >> i have no clue, you have to ask him. >> instead of criticizing how workers bargained hard for benefits they will he a want-- can they help? >> bring resources-- they'll want to keep. >> for lesser-known candidates you need to read the paper, i've this is an opportunity for them got to give it to them they show to boost their poll numbers and win more donors so they can where baltimore is not getting qualify for the third round of all the money claims we're getting and that a huge debates next month in houston. leland, so far, only eight percentage, i mean, i think it's candidates qualified for their debate out we've got 8 million, 8 billion over three years and three and a half goes to our hospitals and then when you see the breakdown, i beg you to go and read, okay, what we have done in the city and while you're here tour the city. you need to go. almost anywhere you go anywhere near here, including downtown is my district. and so we work with our business people and they work with us. the university of maryland have
9:19 am
been phenomenal and so, again, i'm meeting people every day, young people who came up in difficult and challenging circumstancesthere doing great and i tell you it feeds my soul. this is what feeds my for-- my mother used to say you concentrate on the things that are most important to you and these kinds of things are most important to me. >> sir, half house democrats say it's time for impeachment. is it time for an inquiry or a-- >> a very good question. you know, i've said-- first of all i'm very clued in to what is going on with regards to impeachment. and i agree with nancy pelosi. you have to keep in mind that i am one of the investigating--
9:20 am
investigating the-- so i think her course is the proper one. we are doing our research. we are trying to do our jobs, and there may very well become a time when i am impeachment is appropriate. i've said many times, one of the lines to me would be when -- th- so we'll see. >> do you think your committee is-- >> i'm sorry? >> did your committee's work ignite the president's criticism? >> what do you mean? >> your hearing with-- >> i don't know, i don't know. that's another great question. i do not know, but-- by the way, to the last question, you know, a lot of people question--
9:21 am
may question ordecision. remember, i'm not -- i haven't-- i'm trying to be fair to him, too. i want to be fair. and that's why we need to do our research and you know, and that's the way it is. one of the things that i want is to preserve our democracy. i'm worried that democracy that we have will not be if we do not do something and we'll do it. and we'll do what we have to do to address these issues, but i'm not doing this for myself. -- as old, a black man in america, i'm doing to for generations in
9:22 am
future. i say our children is the living messengers we send to a future we will never see. i want to send them strong, bright, bold, and full of hope. so, i think, you know, when i hear criticism about-- by anybody about my city, i think what-- we have people who are stepping on the hope of our children. if i had-- i don't know what i would have done if i'd had people in high places when i was a little boy telling me what i couldn't do. instead i had people telling me what i could do and the other thing, when somebody asked a question what do i want to say to the community, to the baltimore community? i want to thank you. i want to thank you john hopkins of the world. i want to thank the under amour
9:23 am
programs of the year, they do programs like a weekly basis, the foundations and people who have helped us to make sure that our children grow up to be all that they can be. all right? that's it. >> thank you. >> all right. i hope you have-- >> congressman cummings in baltimore talking to the media not only of the condition of his city, but also a little bit in light of his spat with president trump, and it was president trump who began a twitter war with congressman cummings just about a week ago this morning, that escalated and then escalated and then escalated and now comes the issue about the congressman talking about the possibility of some type of revitalization of baltimore and really what it's done is shine a city on the city of baltimore, a
9:24 am
city even 20 years ago, elijah cummings talked in congress about the being drug infested. a city that's not enormous problems there not just since the freddie gray riot as well as, but systemic issues there. but now out of this fight and feud, is there the potential for some kind of bipartisanship between elijah cummings who's got the ear of a very close friend of the president in congress and the president to do something about the inner cities that the president says he wants to do so much about? >> we heard a very full-throated defense of the city, of its people from cummings there, but also a strong defense of his own work in the city. he said he served for 23 years and it's work he says that's been feeding his soul and he's going to keep on keeping on. he's saying essentially he's not letting any of this to deter him and we kind of expected it. leland: and it continues and we'll go back to the tape and see if it comes up and keep an
9:25 am
eye on the president's twitter account. >> we'll keep an eye on that for you guys. and a veteran is taking over as the governor of puerto rico. and one is challenging his opponent even though he's already been sworn in. jacqui heinrich hags the latest scoop on what's happening on the island. tell us what's going on? >> gillian, outgoing governor ricardo rossello has left office and the man who appointed's governorship could be as short as one week they have not ratified pierre and the secretary stepped down from the same scandal as
9:26 am
rossello. want the job. an embattled governor rossello, vasquez has been a target herself. now the senate to set to take up the issue on wednesday. he is's promised if the senate doesn't vote him in he will immediately resign. >> you're going to work without stopping to answer to the people of puerto rico so that the people of puerto rico feel safe ap i told them that they can be. the people of puerto rico can be calm because they are in good hands. >> san juan mayor cruz says that she is challenge his swearing in and yesterday the trump administration announced it's putting new restrictions on the flow of disaster recovery aid, a major cause of how the protests
9:27 am
began that ultimately forced rossello's resignation. gillian: thank you for the reporting. next, nearly the entire democratic presidential field is in las vegas today. 19 candidates set to address the largest public workers union. we've got reporters on the ground. we've got the latest coming up next. -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. he has pics of you on his phone. we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor.
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9:31 am
leland: all right. the president talking about his trade dispute with china today and said things are going very well and that tariff threats are going to help other countries make better deals with the united for that point. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm leland vittert. jim jill i'm gillian -- critics say consumers at home would have to pay the price once these tariffs go into meredith n heights, new jersey, covering the president this weekend. mark, tell us the latest. >> reporter: hey there, gillian. the president's been defending the possibility of imposing these tariffs. he's been doing it on twitter this weekend saying this is all about making sure the u.s. gets a fair trade deal. one of the president's betweens from this morning: things are going well with china, they are paying tens of millions of dollars and pumping in massive
9:32 am
amounts of cash to keep our system going. so far our consumer is paying nothing and no inflation, no help from fed. the chinese are threatening to retaliate if these tariffs do go into effect in september. the head of the american apparel and footwear association put out a statement saying, quote: tariffs are taxes on american consumers. the president's decision to proceed with adding these additional costs is truly shocking. but the president says people should be outraged at china and past presidents, not the trump white house. >> we have been treated so badly, and i don't blame china, i blame our past leaders, our past presidents, our past trade representatives. they've done a terrible job. >> reporter: but this weekend some democrats are criticizing president trump for his job performance, specifically the vetting that went in for the nomination for the director of national intelligence. the president had tapped texas
9:33 am
congressman john ratcliffe for that position, but ratcliffe withdrew from consideration friday after lawmakers began questioning his qualifications and his past. senate minority leader chuck schumer put out a statement writing, quote: representative ratcliffe should never have been considered in the first place. this is part of a pattern of president trump, nomination on a whim without consultation or vetting and then forced withdrawal when mess ensues. the president says even with ratcliffe not going for the position anymore, that there are several other candidates up for consideration, and he says a decision -- at least one that can be announced -- may happen as early as monday. gillian: mark if, i believe the president teased folks from the news media yesterday out on the white house south lawn when he said i have three names, they're right here in my pocket but, no, i'm not going to show them to you. thanks for giving us the latest. leland: more on that issue in a few minutes. meantime, the stock market reacted to president trump's tariff threat closing friday with its worst week in months.
9:34 am
this despite a strong july jobs report. here is the numbers. the dow down about 100 points. the s&p 500 down 21. nasdaq down 107. and with that, we bring in president and ceo of the jobs creators network, alfredo ortiz. good to see you. >> good afternoon. leland: boy, investors say if you want proof of tow important and how, frankly, wild this trade war is or potential of the trade war is, just think about it. the president gets his rate cut on wednesday, good jobs numbers, and still the market tanks. >> yeah, you know, there's obviously sensitivity on the trade side -- leland: you think? [laughter] >> bigtime. but when you look at actually what's happening especially with a lot of our small business manufacturers, one for example that i talk to all the time has a small manufacturing company in wakanda, illinois. when she talks about how she needs to compete against folks like manufacturers in china, she competes on quality. she can't compete necessarily on price because china is
9:35 am
subsidizing a lot of these in unfair trade practices -- leland: yeah, i know a lot of small business owners though who are just getting hammered by the tariffs because of the inputs. we have this tweet from president trump that the chinese are paying tens of billions of dollars. i don't quite know an economist who tells the truth who agrees with the president on that, because it's not the chinese that are paying the tens of billions of dollars in tariffs. it's u.s. companies. it's the same small companies you talk about. >> yeah, but, leland, when you look at inflation, we're still even below the core 2% target rate on inflation -- leland: i wasn't talking about inflation. i was talking about the fact that you're saying small businesses aren't being hurt by these tariffs, and that doesn't appear to be the case. >> i just don't think it can be a broad statement that all small businesses or even large businesses are being hurt. productivity gains on the other side -- leland: oh, come on. large businesses aren't being hurt by these tariffs? >> i don't --
9:36 am
leland: caterpillar isn't being hurt by these tariffs? >> i don't think we can make that general statement. why the president is doing this, right, we are trying to level the playing field. that's what the president's been trying to do -- leland: you're mixing the arguments here though, my friend. you can make the argument that, look, the tariffs and the pain that the tariffs are causing are worse because you're trying to level the playing field, but i think it's a non seq. non sequil ignore the real estate that it's causing a lot of businesses real pain. >> when you look at the longer term gain, the president -- leland: so you're saying, you're changing your argument to say the pain is worth it. >> well, there is some level of pain, but i would actually of an economy that had been completely off kilter with the chinese government subsidizing a lot of the manufacturers that are competing against our small businesses, making it much harder really for us to open up the chinese economy which could be worth billions and billions
9:37 am
of dollars to our small businesses. especially you talk about intellectual property from that -- leland: i'm, i'm confused on the art about how this didn't, this doesn't hurt a number of u.s. businesses. but as we get to this issue, and you make the point and the president's supporters do often, that the economy is just great. just look at the numbers; low unemployment -- >> right. leland: -- the market has been on a tear even with this downturn, i mean, up 50% since the president's election. yet still there are a lot of democrats who say they're going to run on the issue of the economy and how american workers feel. take a listen to debbie dingell, a quite reasonable, moderate democrat from michigan. >> how many plants have closed just even in the past six months? they're worried. so i want policies that are going to help my workers feel safe. leland: she got a point there, that there's a lot of americans who don't feel all that secure and don't feel part of this economic boom?
9:38 am
>> i mean, those americans that actually feel that are really probably just listening to a lot of the rhetoric that's coming from the democratic -- leland: so you don't think there's americans who feel economicallying uncertain right now? >> you know, when you look at overall the numbers, leland, record low unemployment across the board, 50-year low, record low i unemployment for hispanics, for blacks u for african-americans, for women, disabled veterans. i mean, across -- leland: you don't think there's a little bit of hubris to deny there are a lot of american workers in their 40s and 50s in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania and other places who feel economic uncertainty? is. >> when you look at the whole fight for 15, for example, minimum wage that just happened, let's put that in context. you have about 224,000 workers, for example, hourly workers 25 and over -- leland: i'm confused how that's an answer to question. >> let me finish. outside of the work force about 82 million people. this is the group that people talk about is disadvantaged. we're talking .2% of the hourly
9:39 am
work force. the reason why they're disadvantaged is not because, for example, the economy -- leland, alfredo, i went to london school of economics, and i'm still confused. we appreciate it, unfortunately, we don't have time to continue the conversation, we'll turn it over to gillian. >> all right. gillian: as the trade war between the u.s. and china is heating up, growing concerns about chinese attacks in espionage in cyberspace against the united states. let's bring in president and ceo of the center for security policy and former chief of staff of the natio council fred fleitz. fred, we're going to pick your brain on cyber, but first, we'd be remiss if we didn't ask you about the dni spot. the president announced john ratcliffe is stepping down, taking himself out of the running. our sources here are telling fox news there's a whole host of names, the president's going back to drawing board, looking at some folks he's been thinking about for months, maybe joe
9:40 am
dunford, we're hearing you're a contender. tell us what you think about the role. >> by way of full disclosure, i have been in consideration for this job. i think the leading candidate is probably pete hoekstra, the former chairman of the house intelligence committee. he's a good friend of mine, he would be a fabulous choice. he understands how to work with congress, understands the intelligence community, and he has my vote. gillian: would you be a fabulous choice? >> well, we'll see. if i was asked, i'm available to serve. i was just privileged to have been asked by the president, so we'll see what happens. gillian: tell us for folks who don't know much about this position, it's a very senior, if not the most senior intelligence position in the government, but it flies mostly under the radar. tell us a little bit about what the dni does. >> well, you know, it's sort of an unknown position, and it is a controversial one. it was created because the perception by the 9/11 commission that if the intelligence agencies had shared information, they may have
9:41 am
stopped 9/11. so the dni was set up to coordinate the sharing of information. the dni is also the president's chief intelligence adviser, and it's his responsibility to make sure the president gets the most accurate and nonpartisan and unbiased intelligence possible. he is to make sure the intelligence community speaks truth to power. gillian: he's like the ground truth guy. he's the guy that's got to give the president -- or she -- the bottom line about what intelligence analysts all over the globe are reporting back home? >> he's supposed to say, supposed to make sure they get the most accurate intelligence. the problem is the office of the dni has exploded in size since it was created. it has become a 17th intelligence agency with thousands of employees, with a huge headquarters in virginia, and there's all kinds of bureaucrats and officials. it wasn't supposed to be another 17th intelligence agency. that's why there are bipartisan concerns about how large it is. and i know this is a concern of the president and of this administration to try to streamline the office of the
9:42 am
dni so it will be more effective. illinois jill occasionally we hear murmurs about, you know, president trump wants to do away with the position entirely. is that something you could get behind? >> well, i mean, that's not practical because the dni was created by legislation, but i think a lot could be done to streamline it and get rid of duplication and figure out what was it intended to do. it was supposed to share intelligence, be the president's chief intelligence advisor. but all these new bureaucracies set up within the dni, you know, if intelligence is bure racktizedded, it affects our national security. we can't get stuff done. it's very important this be fixed. gillian: one of the issues we hear from our security experts here all the time in terms of issues that are impacted by bureaucratic intelligence-making is cybersecurity. it's probably, you know, a top tier issue for whoever the next dni is. can you tell us your sort of, what you would worry about most on day one, dealing with the
9:43 am
cyber threats? >> it's crucial that protecting the integrity of our elections is a priority of the dni, and the trump administration's done a lot on this. the president issued an executive order last september. ambassador bolton said in november that we've been engaged in overt, offensive cyber attacks -- gillian: cyber strategy he rolled out. >> -- to defend our elections. my concern is the next dni has to deal with an intelligence probably was weaponized during the 2016 presidential campaign to stop president trump from winning. and i think that there have to be procedures to insure this never happens again. gillian: do you feel like that's the number one issue on the table right now? >> i think that's an important issue for the president. whether you think this happened or not, there have to be very strong rules that whenever it becomes necessary for the nsa to spy on the personnel of a presidential campaign, there's a very high threshold to do that.
9:44 am
congress has to be notified. and if intelligence officers are asked to do something unethical, such as doing that, they better report that to -- gillian: i mean, that takes a lot of time and energy. i'm not saying it's not important, but is there time to look backwards when 2020 is so fast approaching? wouldn't you be more concerned about safeguarding future elections? >> we have to do both. we definitely have to protect the integrity of our election but, look, there are millions of americans who think that our intelligence community was used against the trump campaign. we need rules in place to make sure that never happens again to another presidential candidate. we need to tell the existing democratic presidential candidates you're not going to be spied on by the u.s. intelligence community. i think we really have to make sure of that. gillian: fred, thanks for joining us today, thanks for weighing in on all of this. we'll check back in with you soon. coming up next, hundreds of migrants are being held at the u.s./mexican border. a group of congressional democrats have taken a trip down
9:45 am
to el paso, texas, to investigate conditions there. garrett tenney is with the delegation, he's been covering them all week. garrett, tell us the latest. >> reporter: well, gillian, you mentioned last hour that this trip ended on a bit of a sour note, one lawmaker told us he was extremely ticked off after their last stop of the trip, an i.c.e. detention facility. the delegation tells us i.c.e. officials at the facility prevented them from meeting privately with any of the detainees to hear about their treatment at the facility including who men who were on a hunger strike after being in custody for more than a year and whose attorneys gave written permission for the delegation to meet with them. >> and so the one thing i can say with confidence, the one thing we can say with confidence about conditions in this facility is that we can say nothing with confidence about conditions in this facility. we were not provided the access
9:46 am
that is required to be able to evaluate that. >> reporter: the director of i.c.e. tells fox news the delegation had nearly 30 people in the group and he said, quote, we could not safely accommodate interviews for large groups especially with such short notice requested in order to obtain all privacy and legal approvals necessary. the delegation also toured several cbp facilities during their trip and said they saw none of the overcrowding that was an issue just a few months ago. in fact, several, they said, were nearly empty. that is because, according to them, the trump administration's return to mexico policy is having an impact. so now any person who comes to the u.s. seeking asylum crossing the border whether it's t through a legal port of entry like this or somewhere else along the border, most of them are now being sent back to mexico to wait months or years for that claim to be processed. and the delegation said that that is having a significant impact. 26,000 people have been sent back to mexico as part of that
9:47 am
policy, and now many of them are deciding not to stick around and wait all of that time. they're packing their bags and heading back home. >> translator: well, i walked to the united states but, no, they sent us back here to mexico with no hope, with no place to stay but, rather, out here on the street. they just sent us to bus station, and that was it. we'll go to honduras because the problem is that there's no chance. they're lying to many people, telling them that there will be an opportunity, and we need money to make ends meet here. >> reporter: this crisis on the border likely not going to be over anytime soon, at least from a congressional standpoint. several democratic lawmakers told me there is almost no chance of congress tackling the loopholes in our immigration system before the next election, meaning this crisis more than 100,000 people crossing the border each of the last four months now is going to continue for at least another year and a
9:48 am
half if not more. gillian? gillian: garrett, thanks for that. we're going to go now to a fox news alert. we're getting word of an active shooter situation in el paso, texas. residents are being warned to stay clear of the cello vista mall area with police officials saying the scene is still active. we're following this story as it develops, we're going to bring you anything that's coming up over the next couple of minutes. leland, sounds like it's another, you know -- leland: well, so often at times like this you have to take a step back in terms of initial reports. active shooters could mean a lot of things. not to down play the situation but also not to cause alarm. the police department says there is a shooting, stay away from the cielo vista mall area. the local station down there says it is at a walmart and not only are el paso police, but
9:49 am
multiple law enforcement agencies are responding there. so texas, we're talking about central time, so 12:18. el paso's a border town, noon on a saturday there's a lot of people out shopping, there's a lot of people out spending their saturdays with their family. anytime you have a report of an active shooter, the protocols now education tend so much farther -- extend so much farther than they used to. now reports of gunfire, we're talking about multiple s.w.a.t. teams -- gillian: and we've got that, you know, democratic delegation that just departicipatedded el paso just a -- just leland: we've got a crew down there, and i know garrett tenney will start making phone calls. not only the el paso level, but also so often in these situations you go up to state level, the texas rangers and others. that continuing to break in el paso. we'll keep watching it. meantime, back now to this issue that president trump has been talking about even as he's at his golf club this week, the
9:50 am
tariff war with china. it is hitting midwestern farmers particularly hard. one ohio soybean farmer coming up with how he is coping and what he wants done by the administration so he and fellow farmers don't lose their family farms. ♪ ♪ ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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9:54 am
like this, is to actually move in. certainly, you've got a cadre of first responders, meaning that you have law enforcement officers as well as ambulance services that are moving into that area. what is happening at this stage are twofold. one, law enforcement who are very much in the el paso, texas, area, highly trained law enforcement officers. and they've trained for these kinds of events.
9:55 am
so they're setting up a perimeter there. but also what is going on, gillian and leland, is that they are also monitoring social media sites or trying to get as much information from perhaps these employees or if it's centralized at the walmart in that shopping center as well as customers. leland: yeah. it's amazing how in these active shooter situations and when people hear gunshots, so up they tweet about it rather than calling 911. as we're looking in terms of where this mall is, it is only a couple of miles, it appear, from the u.s./mexico border, sort of between the border and el paso international airport along a major interstate there, i-10. and you've got all sorts of not only this mall,ater and then a number of the big box stores along the way. how complicated is it, ted, when
9:56 am
police start getting 911 calls from an area that large? i hear gunshots. it could be at any one of these stores. it could be inside, it could be outside, it could be in the parking lot, it could be -- it's got to be much more complicated to respond to that than simply shots fired at a house. >> absolutely, leland, you are spot on there. it is a hodgepodge of confusion that normally goes through. but what we have are pretty well-trained dispatchers in these police units. and these dispatchers are trained to try to ferret out a great deal of confusion and a lot of noise and to be able to get intelligent information to first responders at these sites as to actually what is going on. leland: all right. well, as of 16 minutes ago the el paso police department saying that the scene is still active, a although not in terms of letting us know what that means in terms of, obviously, the
9:57 am
scene being active, but whether they have contained or figured out what happened, if anything. and they go -- ted, we're going to move on a little bit from this and wait until we get some more information, and then if things turn worse, which so often we fear and have to fear in situations like this they do, we'll bring you back, sir. >> my pleasure. leland: good talking to you. ♪ ♪ leland: the'ses calculating trade war between the united states and china is hitting farmers here at home. over the past year, soybean exe ports to china have fallen by 74%. the trump administration says they have a $16 billion farm aid package that will help offset the losses for those farmers. with that, we bring in the head of the soybean association and farmer fred davis. mr. davis, we appreciate you joining us. it appears as though the chinese have you guys in their sights. how bad is it?
9:58 am
>> we have basically lost $3 a bushel in the last year and a half when the tariffs started -- leland: for those of us who don't know farm prices and follow them, $3 a bushel is what percentage? what does that mean to your profit margin? >> so it was basically everything of our profit margin and then another 10%. leland: wow. >> so we were getting $10.30 a bushel before the trade embargo started, and then when we, in the last ten months we got down to $7.50. so that's e way below our price of production. leland: there were some claims by the president the chinese had agreed to buy a bunch of soybeans, etc., out of the latest talks when the president was overseas. have you seen any of that? >> that's the trouble. the chinese have said that they were going to buy that soybeans from us, and we haven't seen
9:59 am
anything come to fruition in that. it's very -- leland: shocking. the chinese have never before broken their word on a trade deal. [laughter] unbelievable that it would happen now. this is what the president said speaking directly, really, to farmers like you before he left the north lawn at the white house -- the south lawn, on his way out of town yesterday. >> remember this: our country is taking in billions and billions of dollars from china. we never took in ten cents from china. and out of that, many -- we're taking a part of it and giving it to farmers because they've been targeted by china. they come out totally whole, so you interviewed the wrong farmer. leland: the president told that reporter you interviewed the wrong farmer. have you come out totally whole, sir? is. >> not totally whole. it has helped us get through
10:00 am
this situation. we understand that our technology is being stolen from, by the chinese and sold back to us with no, no way to regain any of the technology in that. they've -- but we spent basically 40 years trying to grow this market, and the chinese people have grown their middle class, and the first thing a chinese family wants to do is feed their, feed their family and then educate their family. so it has helped us get through this, but we still want trade, not tariffs. leland: and so often now we're hearing about farm bankruptcies not only in ohio, but in wisconsin, kansas and in other places. mr. davis, we appreciate your time, sir, and it goes without saying -- although i'll say it -- we sure admire the hard work you and other farmers put in day in, day out. we don't say thank you enough.
10:01 am
>> thank you. leland: gillian? gillian: most of the 200 democratic -- 2020 democratic presidential candidates are in las vegas. that's a live picture there of senator cory booker hoping to gain support from the nation's top labor union. but getting that enforcement, not going to be easy for any of these candidates. we've got reporters there on the ground. we'll go to them next. ♪ ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because,
10:02 am
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10:05 am
a little bit more on these reports of an active shooter down in el paso, texas. the police department tweeting just a couple of minutes away about an intersection, saying the right lane of the mall is closed, and there is a minor traffic backup. evidently there in el paso they give you traffic updates as well. the local nbc affiliate reports the shooting was in an area walmart. this is all just a couple of miles from the border. based thiess on the twitter account from the police, it does not appear as though this situation is escalating. they're not asking for help from the public, they haven't talked about anything else other than saying, hey, there's a lane or two of traffic closed. we certainly hope that, as happens in some of these situations, the headline's a lot worse than the actual situation and the results. we'll keep an eye on it, garrett tenney is in el paso, he and his crew are making their way over there, and we'll see if we can't get more information from them. gillian: sounds good. ♪
10:06 am
gillian: meanwhile, 19 democratic candidates vying for the labor vote in sin city today where they'll be addressing the nation's top banana public labor union. claudia cowan has been covering the story all morning for us. we saw cory booker take the stage just a couple of moments ago, what is happening now? >> reporter: that's right, gillian, it has been a busy morning for these candidates who only get 15 minutes to make their best pitch before hundreds of union members here in las vegas. cory booker is still on stage right now answering questions, but first out of the gate we heard from julian castro. the he touted his record as mayor of san antonio for getting things done. he also followed up on a comment he made during the debate that front-runner joe biden had not, quote, learned the lessons from the past about immigration. >> there are lessons that we can learn from this, and i said, number one, if i were president, one lesson that i learned was, look, in 2009-2010 there was a
10:07 am
democratic president, democratic house and 60 votes in the senate, right? if we had that opportunity again or even if we don't, even if we just have 50 votes in the senate, we need to move forward with immigration reform. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren got a rousing welcome. is she pushed her support of replacing private insurance with medicare for all and talked about her plan to cancel 95% of student loan debt. >> america's had an issue for a long time about moving in and widening the black/white wealth gap, the gap between whites and everybody else. i have picked deliberately the numbers that are going to help shrink that wealth gap and maximize opportunity for all. >> reporter: warren also said she would put union leaders in top positions in her administration including as labor secretary if she's elected. all but five of the 23 presidential hopefuls are
10:08 am
getting interviewed and answering questions from workers who belong to the group hosting this forum, the american federation of state, county and municipal employees, one of the biggest public employee unions in the country with 1.6 million members nationally. so this forum is a chance for the candidates to prove their pro-union credential. so far they're also, of course, jockeying for a key endorsement and, gillian, so far there has only been one major union endorsement. the international association of firefighters throwing its support behind joe biden. back to you. gillian: claudia with, sounds like nabbing this endorsement not going to be an easy get for any one with of the 19 candidates duking it out now. thanks for covering it for us today, claudia. >> reporter: you're welcome. leland: before the primary in nevada, i think they have a caucus there. there's going to be one in south carolina, and for that, we look to our resident expert in south carolina, josh kimbrell, the
10:09 am
local flavor here not only for the barbecue, but for the politics as well. good to see you, my friend, as always. heard on the airwaves in south carolina, on the internet around the world, seems like when you think about south carolina now and biden in particular, it's his to lose. >> leland, i think that's absolutely true. joe biden's leading by 20 points in south carolina over every other candidate, and the reason being we've talked about this before, african-americans make up 60% of the democratic primary vote here. african-american voters particularly on social issues are socially conservative. they're moderately conservative in our state, which is regard he is -- regardless -- [inaudible] biden comes off as a moderate. his challenge is going to be, his challenge is going to be though how to maintain that moderate lane in south carolina when he's going to have to, first, try to win new hampshire or iowa where the electorate is whiter and far more liberal.
10:10 am
if he can survive those two early primaries and caucus in iowa, primary in new hampshire, south carolina's actually his to lose. leland: yeah, there's an interesting dichotomy here in that south carolina african-americans are far more conservative than the progressives of the northeast or of iowa or some of the other states like nevada. we're going to talk more about that poll, we'll bring it up more. this is the monmouth university poll. joe biden, 39%. kamala harris, 12%. sanders, 10%. cory booker all the way down at 2% x. there was a fascinating dynamic as you watched biden in the middle between kamala harris and cory booker in the debate and then tulsi gabbard got into it. take a listen, we'll get your reaction. >> she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it if she was asked did she ever smoke marijuana? [cheers and applause] she blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts
10:11 am
forced her to do so. >> every major crime bill, major and minor, has had his name on it. and, sir, those are your word, not mine. and this is one of those instances where the house was set on fire, and you claimed responsibility for those laws. and you can't just now come out with a plan to put out that fire. leland: thoughts? >> well, first off, some of that democrat-on-democrat violence i've been talking about. i was reading this morning former congressman from tennessee harold ford jr. and eric holder both saying you'v got all these democrats slamming obama saying obama was too the liberal particularly on issues like immigration or crime and order, and frankly, they said they don't even know that barack obama could win a democratic primary in 2020. now, leland, you know i'm a republican, but i look at this and think when you've got democrats saying barack obama is a moderate, i don't know that they have a pathway to win the
10:12 am
general election without -- joe biden's their best chance for that. the problem he has, and i know you're talking about tulsi gabbard here, but these guys are attacking kamala harris over being a prosecutor, frankly. leland: you and i used to laugh about reagan's 11th commandment in the republican party. if democrats ever had one, it is gone, real gone. it seems as though democrats attacking barack obama, his policies, his legacy is relatively the political equivalent of republicans attacking ronald reagan and saying, gee, he wasn't conservative enough, and he wasn't tough enough on the russians. >> that's exactly right. that's an excellent comparison. i mean, barack obama is to democrats what ronald reagan was to my party. and the one thing we haven't done is cannibalize reagan yet, nor do i plan to do that. he's still ronald the great. on the democratic side they're already fracturing only three years after the obama
10:13 am
presidency. leland: i guess if you wait long enough, anything's possible, we've learned that around my house. >> especially in politics. leland: yeah. especially in poll picks. josh -- politics. josh, always good to see you, my friend. we'll talk to you soon. >> always a pleasure, thank you. leland: safe travels. ♪ ♪ gillian: the son of al-qaeda's founder and potential heir to the organization's leadership, hamsa bin laden, now dead. this announcement coming as isis claims responsibility for yet another attack on christians, this time in africa. why u.s. officials say the global war on terror is far from over, coming up next. ♪ ♪ ok everyone!
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our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. leland: with a fox news alert now, we ae following reports of this active shooter situation in el paso. it seems to certainly be contained and, thankfully, not getting worse. the police department there tweeting just a couple of minutes ago that the scene is still active and warning people
10:17 am
to steer clear of the cielo vista mall if. but they're talking about, i guess, minor backups which would imply traffic backups and clearing time until further notice. neither of those sound particularly alarming. this at a mall complex but with big box stores and then a mall along a major interstate there in el paso. not far from the airport and not far from the border either. we've got a crew enroute there, and as soon as possible they get there, we'll pass along anything you need to know. ♪ ♪ gillian: isis now taking responsibility today for a terror attack targeting christians in mozambique yesterday. this as officials say isis anding -- and al-qaeda are still global security threats to the united states. joins -- joining us now, senior fellow at the hudson institute
10:18 am
michael -- [inaudible] everybody in washington these days, it seems like, is focused on possible russian interference in the 2016 election and the 2020 election, they're obsessing about north korea e and iran, but meanwhile, you know, the old favorites -- isis and right? >> exactly. isis has not been defeated yet. we've simply denied territory or taken territory away. they remain active in syria, in the iraq, and they're able to conduct these attacks across the world at a time and place of their choosing. gillian: it seems like some of the organizations that were thriving in the, you know, across the middle east like isis are kind of pivoting now to africa. spreading their tentacles deeper into sub-saharan africa, west africa, right? >> right. yeah, a region that has no govern nance. they exploit territory where there's a lack of governance and there's basically sectarian
10:19 am
strife between different ethnic minority groups. that's the recipe for an isis resurgence, for an al-qaeda resurgence. promising, good news this week in the form of the u.s. government confirming that the son of terrorist people osama bin laden, hamza, was killed a few months back. but some u.s. officials, take a listen to this clip, are saying don't get too excited, you know? this doesn't really weaken the organization as a whole. take a listen, we'll get your reaction. >> al-qaeda has been strategic and patient over the past several years. it's leapt isis absorb -- let isis absorb the brunt of the world's counterterrorism efforts while patiently reconstituting itself. we see al-qaeda today that is as strong as it has ever been. gillian: so reconstituting itself, that's a worrisome statement. >> right. what i like about pointing out that hamza died several months
10:20 am
ago is that that allowed the intelligence community to exploit the network. unlike osama bin laden's death, the president announced it four hours after the railed, and all the bad guys threw their phones away and went to mattresses. in this case we allowed the network to pop up to tell us hamza was dead, and that would give us an opportunity to go after more high-value targets because you're watching everybody pop up. and the only people that don't know that he didn't show up at a meeting or that he's somehow gone off the radar would be high-level leadership. so how many other al-qaeda would-be replacements have been killed in the last two months. that's the way the intelligence community's supposed to work after a raid; exploit the network when it pops up -- gillian: not broadcast it. we understand, obviously, with the case of osama bin laden, the world needed to know, americans needed to know. it seems like as isis' territory is dwindling in the middle east,
10:21 am
its influence is remaining powerful, meaning it's got -- i think what general jack keane calls the virtual caliphate now. it's got an online stronghold in cyberspace. >> right. they still have a brand. o somalis were arrested in tucson last week for trying to join isis to be foreign fighters. so it still has a brand, it's still able to recruit, and it's learned the lesson don't claim territory unless you can shoot down american aircraft. gillian: michael, thanks so much for joining us. we'll check back in with you. leland: fox news alert from the campaign trail. live pictures out of las vegas where former vice president, 2020 presidential candidate joe biden speaking at the american federation of state, county and municipal employees union, public service forum. noteworthy that biden got a huge endorsement from the firefighters union, has often courted labor, calls himself a friend of labor. a friendly audience, especially for a more centrist view of the
10:22 am
world. here he is. >> sign a non-compete agreement that you could not go on the other side of town, and these are hourly workers. non-union, hourly workers. you could not go across town to see if you could get ten cents more working at mcdon's. it's all about -- mcdonald's. it's all about suppressing wages overtime pay was denied four million hourly workers because the person who brings out the cans of spaghetti sauce to put on the shelf is able to control the person running the forklift. they're denied overtime. it's wrong. this has been an all-out war on suppressing wages in order to increase profits for individuals -- for corporations. [applause] >> so was enough done to press for the employees free choice act? >> yes -- well, let me put it this way, there wasn't -- we pressed and pressed. the fact of the matter is there were other things happening as well. and my administration -- look, everybody knows in our
10:23 am
administration that i'm a labor guy. and i have been outspoken about labor, and i've been outspoken about the need to deal with it. but there are other things that were happening as well at the same time, and we did not have a republican congress -- we didn't have a democratic congress to be able to get it done. i would. >> we're going to take questions from members in a second, but a lot of people watching this now, maybe some people in this room, it's almost ten years now, can you believe, that after obamacare passed. and there are a lot of people, mr. vice president, who still don't have health care or don't have the health care that they want. that's the appeal that i think that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and others are playing into with medicare for all. do you still, after all these years, think obamacare was a bfd? >> i do think it was a big deal. look, seven presidents tried to get it done. look how around hard it was to get it done. we got it done without a coverage. [applause] we should make sure that we should add a medicare option for
10:24 am
anybody who wants to buy in. you should be able to keep your private, your employer-based insurance if you want it. you don't have to keep it. if you don't want it, you can buy in. you can get a gold plan where you have $1,000 deductibles, lower payments, increase the subsidies for people to get into the plan. that's the way to build on where we are now, not to go out and try to pass a $30 trillion plan. my plan costs a lot of money, it costs an additional $750 million, but it's not $30 trillion. and we can get it done. leland: all right. fo issues that perhaps is most important to union workers, a constituency that he needs if he is going to win the nomination. and he's talking about health care. and with medicare for all, he says, you lose -- meaning workers would lose some of their really fantastic health care benefits from the union. and he says under his plan that
10:25 am
won't happen. we'll keep watching it. gillian: now to a fox the news alert. -- fox news alert. you're looking live at el paso, texas, where we're following reports of an active shooter situation. the police department there tweeting a few moments ago that, quote: the scene is still active. and warning folks near the cielo vista mall area to steer clear. we're going to continue watching this story as it develops. leland, as you mentioned earlier, still precious few facts nobody -- leland: one fact that we're getting right now as we're watching a police officer -- and it looks like they are pulling out some of their larger weapons from an unmarked car there at the back of this mall. ktsm, which is the local nbc affiliate, now reporting that 18 people were shot inside the walmart. extent of their injuries unknown at the time. as we watch this and you cover
10:26 am
enough of these, you've learned to read a little bit of the body language of the police, we don't see anybody running, we don't see weapons at the necessarily and up. we don't see more s.w.a.t. teams coming in, etc. you wonder at this time if police believe they have part of this contained or at least understand what happened and aren't calling in more units. it's unclear where the walmart that the nbc station is talking about is in relation to entrance to mall. it would appear that's what we're looking at on our screen, but this situation certainly changing now in the border town of el paso. this began unfolding about noon central time so, gillian, you'd imagine families out shopping there on a saturday afternoon, getting groceries in ther? , getting ready -- in the summer, getting ready for a wonderful weekend. and this mall sits just about halfway between the u.s./mexico border in el paso and the airport. gillian: looking at the live
10:27 am
photos of the parking lot outside of the walmart and the cielo vista mall area, looks like a lot of cars parked there. you know, middle of the day, a bright, sunny saturday. you've got to think that a lot of families headed to the mall to take care of business, to get outside away from the heat, maybe to take their families there for an afternoon of some fun and shopping. this is certainly not what imagg for today, for this saturday. leland: we radio tapes. we have some producers listening to those, and we try to do that in these situations, listen to them, try to glean what information we can and also check to see what's happened on those tapes before we put them on air. but we're working on those as well. i don't know if we have control over this camera or can talk to photographer, but sometimes if they could pan a little to the left -- we don't have any control over this picture. we saw a number of officers, some appeared to be in casual
10:28 am
clothes, shorts and t-shirts with bulletproof vests walking towards the back entrances of this mall. the nbc affiliate reporting just this, that there was 18 people shot. the extent of their injuries is unknown. and, obviously, it's going to take a while to figure out how long this could go on before we have more information. we bring back ted williams, former d.c. homicide detective and federal agent. ted, clearly things have changed since we last talked. i don't know if you can see a make of the posture of police? we don't see s.w.a.t. teams offs and groups ready. the urgency seems to have been pulled back a little bit, although we don't know if this is the main scene. >> well, i'm not actually able to view the scene, but i can tell you this, if you do not see that kind of activity, it could
10:29 am
very well be more likely than not that the shooter or shooters are down. i say that not having as much information as i would like to have. but normally if, in fact, it was still a very active scene, you would find the s.w.a.t. teams in place, and it appears as though law enforcement seems to be in a lax state from what you've been able to see and glean. so, therefore the, it's more likely than not that the law enforcement on that scene are now in control of that scene. but the tragedy is, from what i've been told the, the amount of people who are alleged to have been shot, that's clearly a tragedy. gillian: ted, ktsm is reporting that the shooter -- they're confirming the shooter shot at 18 people. what does that number mean to you? what does it tell you? >> oh, my god, it sounds like it's been -- and i'm, it sounds
10:30 am
like it could very well have come from a semiautomatic weapon, because it's very difficult even in a store like walmart to shoot that many people -- leland: all right, ted, we're up against the top of the hour. now noon mountain time in el paso, texas, where we understand that at least according to our affiliates 18 people have been shot inside a local walmart there on a sunday morning when you know so many people headed out with their families this morning and with their loved ones to get ready for the weekend and to do their weekly shopping. we're going to continue to follow the news and the developments from new york. gillian: there are reports of an active shooter near a mall. police confirming the situation on twitter, saying active shoot. >>shooting, stay away from the
10:31 am
malaria. mall area. >> the first reports of gunfire came in around 11:00 in the morning local time in el paso, techs local media is reporting that shots were fired inside of a
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