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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 4, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the way out west. the challenge of course is to then of course hurricane season try and identify who is sick only ramping up in the next couple of weeks. when they try to buy their weapons. that is a type of discussion we have to have. reporter: mick mulvaney is also pushing back against some of the 2020 democratic >> covering a lot of ground for presidential candidates that us, thank you! say president trump's past >> that will do it first appeared stay with fox throughout the day for the latest from el paso and also dayton. chris and more news from our friends in washington now leland vittert and gillian comments and rhetoric may have been tied to this weekends turner. >> a fox news alert. violence. here is what mick mulvaney had in less than 24 hours 29 dead to say about that. >> i don't think it's fair to translate this at the feet of in two mass shootings. the president. a weekend and the horror of it there are people in the country this morning thinking the president was happy about this it's a sad, sad state of the nation. he is angry, he is upset, he wanted to stop. etched in the memories of not only america but el paso, texas and dayton, ohio. reporter: former texas congressman beto o'rourke from el paso says our words had led to these recent spikes in both grappling with the violence. aftermath of the attacks. work-- here's what he had to >> we are awaiting a news conference from the mayor of dayton and will go there as it happens. we have crews on the ground say earlier. they are covering the story in christmas visit to charlottesville that clansmen dayton and el paso and also around the country for reaction. welcome to "america's news headquarters" washington island leland vittert. gillian: good to be with you, and others of rye fire people
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and gillian turner.the is sending a signal to the rest of the country about what is federal government now treating permissible and even what he encourages to happen. the el paso shooting as a domestic terrorism case. doj officials are weighing hate reporter: we will be looking to crimes charges against the see if the president has any suspected shooter. response to the former texas congressman beto o'rourke or any of the 2020 democrats. georgia does carry the death penalty. also specifically his first will go live to jeff paul in el paso. possible on camera comments about the shooting in texas as what is the latest? well as dayton, ohio. we are expecting the president to leave new jersey in the 4:00 reporter: those are the two big takeaways. a little about an hour ago they hour. gillian will be standby with wrapped up. they will pursue the death penalty likely in the capitol the latest. gillian: we heard from the murder case. also, they will consider moving president about the shootings now washington. forward this is domestic everyone is waiting to hear terrorism. from him in person himself listen to authorities how they later on. mark meredith, thank you. describe the decision. leland: for all of the >> we are treating this as a discussion that will happen domestic terrorism case as the about the shooters in el paso fbi and spatial agent george and dayton and possible motives says they have a domestic want to spend time telling you about the victims. both those that died, he heard the mayor of dayton and the police chief talk about them. terrorism fusion cell the fbi we will treat it that we go and also the victims that survived. forward. reporter: new evidence is able many who risked their own lives treat this like any other to save others during the terror case in the country with shootings. christina coleman has been
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swift and certain justice. looking into just that and joins us now. hi christina. reporter: hi leland. dayton please confirming the shooter shot his sister. witnesses who were there at the walmart during the shooting describe a very chaotic scene. they say the shooter, a she was one of the nine that 21-year-old, white male that we were killed for the governor are not naming or showing his over how describing this as an face, appeared to be shooting immense tragedy and crediting anyone moving. law enforcement for saving many what made the situation even more dangerous is that the lives. the el paso community showing store was packed at the time up strong to save lives. with some 3000 shoppers. 20 people were killed, dozens one of the survivors is a two month old. authorities said the baby injured with folks aged from suffered broken bones after his just two years old to people in mother found to likely shield him from gunfire. their 80s. as for the mother, she was shot the other takeaway, we're getting from this is that authorities say the suspected shooter is cooperating with and died. just one of many stories of people fighting to save lives yesterday and el paso. investigators. they say he was forthcoming they report of another woman with information. did not hold anything back. working at a nearby outlet store letting people inside they are also looking at a during a shooting too hard for manifesto to see if that is somehow related to this case. and confirm that the shooter cover. wrote it saying that it has and as for the 26 people injured in el paso, fighting for their lives,, doctors at university medical center worked around the clock some racist and anti-immigration rhetoric in the manifesto. treating the wounded patients. beto o'rourke visited, last
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coming back here live, we can night the democratic political probably maybe see in the candidate called the nurses and background, there is still a the doctors treating the lot of police officers here, this is a big scene. there have been deputies, state patient's absolute heroes. he's also going to a community vigil tonight to honor victims. troopers. >> i told them i'm so amazed at this is a huge scene that will take a long time. they will take their time with because they want to be thoughtful with a sensitive and horrific case. gillian: thank you for that. how strong they are. we will check back with you someone was shot through the later in the hour. coming up now though, and other fox news alert. folks in dayton, ohio now left chest, the bullet went through her lungs. she learned her mother that was to pick up the pieces after the with her was shot and her aunt was shot as well. loan shooter open fire outside three family members all of of a popular neighborhood bar whom were shot, all of whom are in downtown. here tonight. at least nine people killed, 27 reporter: does the people injured in the early morning hours today. the gunman was also killed. yesterday for the urgent call we are there with the latest on for blood donations. donations are still needed. the unfolding news now. also in el paso, a victim relief fund is set up to help the el paso fire department share a link to it, it is mike? reporter: let me step out of the way so you can get a look. about one block behind is the crime scene. the primary activity in the last few minutes, please have been loading vehicles onto and they said there was some
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flatbeds. not necessarily a direct link to the investigation. we heard from witnesses they support at the family simply could not get to their reunification center set up to vehicles so police are towing help loved ones. the center is now a place for them away. wessel spotted the ohio people to go to grief. governor mike dewine out on the law enforcement still working hard to reunite families that were separate during the chaotic moments after the crime scene a short time ago. shooting. also, a nonprofit is partnering normally this would be a vibrant area. it is filled with bars and with funeral homes to offer restaurants, people would be free funeral services for enjoying brunch on a sunny day like this today. as you can see the crime scene tape is up. a visual statement that it can happen anywhere, senseless violence can spring up in an families affected by the shooting. instant.even in a peaceful leland: were from the el paso place like dayton, mayor earlier that there are still families that do not even dispatches indicate what know whether their loved ones are dead, still inside the moments were like as police and paramedics responded. walmart or at the hospital and >> dispatch.we have shots unable to contact them. fired. multiple people down. still working on that. we will need multiple medics. christina coleman in los angeles. will follow this throughout the >> i got everybody coming to next couple of weeks. you. >> we think there is one gillian? gillian: and lawmakers on shooter. he is down. we are looking for a second recess for august as well as presidential candidates shooter. once we cleared this, behind speaking out now on the shootings in ohio and texas. that we need to get the medics we break down everything they in here. >> they are coming. are saying. reporter: the mayor says police ♪
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officers were pretrade in the area known as the oregon district while nightlife was in applebee's all you can eat is back. full swing at 1:00 am. it was less than a minute on now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. the time shots ring out to the time that they shot the gunman dead. still, he was able to hit almost 3 dozen people. >> if dayton police had not gone to the shooter in under one minute, 30, 2600, nine dead. hundreds of people in the oregon district could have been dead today. reporter: police now say the weapon was a rifle. ar-15 the gunman had body armor and a surplus of magazines loaded with 223 rounds. the identity of the gunman has not been released and motive has not been released. warning signs, in very early stages. gillian: thank you for that. well said, senseless violence can pop up anywhere, anytime. will check back with you later.
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leland, you had marked there, he said downtown dayton, ohio normally this time on a sunday, full of life. families enjoying the weekend. leland: farmers markets, etc. it is important at times like this, it's so easy to get caught up in grief and carnage and how horrible situations like this are. you think also about the worst of humanity and the best of humanity. someone who talked a lot about that yesterday, with the el it's a lot of fun. rock crawling is a great activity. (tires squealing) -it's exciting. -it's exciting. you get to explore, you get to see things that people don't get to see or do. (narrator) at truecar, we believe buying a car should be as fun as driving one. so we'll help you find the car you want and show you what others paid for it. (man) once truecar came into the picture, that's where i go now. paso mayor. it was just such a quick, easy experience obviously still in el paso, joining us live met. mr. mayor, we appreciate being that i just go back to them. with us. you have not gotten much sleep but has the shock worn off yet? (narrator) discover for yourself have you begun to process this how easy car buying can be or are you still taking it all in? >> leland, i think we're still with truecar. taking it all in. kind of running on fumes. (whimsical music) i don't think there's going to be any real closure or semi-relaxation or anything else until we get through these funerals. who used expedia to book and the families, we're still the vacation rental
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that led to the ride ♪ waiting for families to be fully notified. they are still processing the which took them to the place victims. leland: that was the next question i would have. we covered this last night through midnight and it was clear the crime scene had not can lift you right up. been fully processed we still hearing stories of people coming to the walmart and ♪ flights, hotels, cars, family reunification center. activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. leland: a fox news alert here. saying please help me, his mother alive, my children etc. have you got to that process or are there still people that do not know if the loved ones are dead or alive were injured? >> there is still the unknown. until they properly identified the victims and notify next of kin and get the victims shipped to the morgue for autopsy. they are still going through it. they hope to be completely through by this evening and everything done. i've asked them to expedite it so at least it will bring some semblance of closure to victims families. this is a horrendous act by an evil person. and as you all have heard, he
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will be prosecuted with hate 1:44 pm eastern on sunday, we are still following development crimes and capitol murder in in el paso and dayton. the state of texas. gillian: mr. mayor, building on the come the doj says they are will bring a new use-- we will treating this as a domestic terrorism case.does that fact bring updates as we get them. open up any other additional resources for you and for your folks on the ground there? politicians including 2020 candidates are saying this is proof we need new, stricter gun >> i don't know specifically. control laws. lauren blanchard following this the governor when he was here part of the story. the time from the shooting to last night, open up some resources for us and we are the politicalization always declaring an emergency in el gets shorter. >> that it does. paso so we can qualify for that but i don't know anything specifically. given the latest mass shootings, 2020 candidates and that changes this, dps, fbi, the congressional democrats are pushing once again, for more gun reform. police department are all they are now also saying there working together since the is partial blame to be put on start occurring yesterday. president trump for what they are calling his anti-immigrant stance. leland: mayor, you spoke about the 20 funerals and so often in the horrible events, you have a >> we have a president not only incapable of showing that kind situation where a town begins of love but he is stoking the to look at things as before and language, hate, he is after this day. responsible for the crisis in
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our country and is doing what can be done, you think, so nothing to actually solve it. it is unacceptable. >> in the senate need to there isn't that loss of respond to the american people innocence? el paso as you said is so many where the sun is to be times a safe town, a pretty replaced. unique town on the border between mexico and the united not to mention the need for a president who will actually do states. give a sense of community a lot something about gun safety in the country. of places lost. how do you keep that? how do you keep your citizens focus, perhaps even for a and do something outstanding to little bit on the best of white nationalist terror. >> in congress nancy pelosi in humanity? a statement this morning >> leland, our nature is to saying, the republican senate continue to focus on that. must stop the outrageous we have been one region, one obstruction and join the house to put an end to the horror and bloodshed that gun violence inflicted every day in america. community, one binational, enough is enough. 2020 candidate senator bernie bicultural region. sanders tweeting, mitch mcconnell should been a setback for 350 years. i don't think that's going to into session immediately. change. the generosity of the people, our spirit is undaunted. to pass hr eight the gun safety bill that has already been passed in the house. it is the first step to i mean i understand that there addressing our serious are two foundations have set up nonviolence epidemic. charitable donations and in one >> an assault weapon that could have shot, could've killed so foundation i found out that many people with enough bullets enough magazines to mow down they have already received well over $30,000. anyone along that street and just as it was set up last
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the clubs and in the buildings. night. just tells me that congress has gillian: mr. mayor, when we look at the law enforcement got to act and say no to the response, we know the fbi as well as local and state law gun lobby. exactly chief of staff mcilvaine on abc this week enforcement have kind of converged on the ground there. pushing back on criticism for the president's words had any they are working on this as a effect on the gunman. joint process. how is it going so far? are you confident with the >> there's no benefit here to make this a political issue. it's a social issue and the response? is it as seamless as you would president is as saddened by this as you are. have hoped? >> i think so. and i think it goes back to the response that began yesterday when the active shooter was he is just as angry about this notified. is you are and what to do i am not prepared to deal with something about it just as much as everybody else. >> chuck schumer also calling the 20 debts that we've had to deal with. on mitch mcconnell to bring the and the 24+ injured people but gun bill back up. today the dnc chairman saying today the shoes are quote - the are police department had planned for it. price of an action. however the counselor to the present, kellyanne conway, tweeted finger-pointing behind keyboards quote - solves not a they had active shooter drills. when the first report, when we received the first on one report, at 10:39, they were single problem. and save not a single life. leland: the governor of texas there at 10:45, the shooter was has a slightly different view detained at 11 no:06. pretty says as long as there victims who have not been identified were body still in the walmart, it is time for
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mourning, not politics. thank you lauren. gillian: joining is now my phone is the founder and ceo of global security group, and a former dea special agent, david this will not define us we are in a community and we will continue to be a unique, -- active shooter response special community. leland: mayor, this brings up instructor. an important question because thank you for joining us this you faced some interesting questions at news conferences and other interviews about the afternoon. el paso, in particular, hitting home hard for law enforcement politicization of this, what and security community, acting needs to be done etc. greg abbott, the governor say said there are still bodies inside secretary of homeland security, kevin mcaleenan tweeted this to be identified and recovered perhaps we should wait on that morning el paso is home to many and memorialize the dead before dhs law enforcement agents. we talk about the politics. and officers. tell me how you are feeling? do you agree with that? >> like everybody else. will that help your community to heal if we do not politicize it's just absolute, it is it? or is now the time to start talking about thepolitics of stunning and surreal feeling gun control etc. ? >> my position is no, this is that with increasing frequency, these events continue to not the time to politicize an event like this. it is less than 24 hours later. happen. it is endemic in our society that's not being addressed and is continuing until we act. we have got, 20 funerals to deal with over the next week or two. gillian: the doj says the fed is treating at least el paso
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the only thing i am qualified case as domestic terrorism. to comment on is my role as what does that mean in terms of mayor of the city. the nuts and bolts of how law the citizens of el paso and right now that is what i'm enforcement will take up the case? >> i mean, the efforts are focused on. i didn't want to make a statement about policy. really irrelevant. that is left to others to determine what needs to be done. i too talk about the results and what we need to do but not if it's designated as an act of right now. terror goes to motivation. i mean does it really make a difference to the victims if it was ideological or? we have got to get this thing resolved. leland: well, el paso has a gillian: does impact resources allotted to officials and prosecuting the case or not good shepherd through this, really? sir. godspeed. >> this case, unless there is a as you said, running on fumes but you are certainly doing the broader conspiracy that is uncovered, the case does not best for them.thank you, sir. we appreciate it. require tremendous assets. another mayor dealing with the worst possible situation is the the fbi was will support local mayor of dayton, ohio. there's really no way to plan law-enforcement. this case is extremely important whether it is terror for this or anticipate this. but now we're listening to a mayor dealing with it. >> governor mike dewine, city or not the assets will be there to prosecute. gillian: it is interesting to commissioner -- head of the hear you say that it doesn't require a tremendous amount of resources. something we keep hearing here
10:13 am
dayton foundation, mike parks, city manager and the assistant is that this is you know, being responded to by a very complex chief for the fire department. combination of fbi, state, we have some updates to give you today. local law enforcement, all i just took a tour with the working together. governor to show the site, he is that contradictory? >> no, not at all. has been briefed by our team first and foremost, this is a and understands what happened matter of local law here early this morning and i'm enforcement. going to let him say a few beyond that, if there is for example, terrorism and the fbi words.>> thank you mayor, and dhs will get involved, it involves firearms, so they will be involved. if you look at every mass shooting, multiple number of very much. jurisdictions and everyone good afternoon, everyone. working in concert for you so that in las vegas and every i want to express to the other well-publicized shooting. gillian: unfortunately, another victims families, the dayton instance of you know community, this is a professionals that go to bat to protect the american people are also familiar with this tribe heartbreaking tragedy and it is of tragic snow.
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the type of tragedy that you david katz, thank you for sharing your expertise with us. pray never comes to your state >> my pleasure. leland: there are dozens of victims still in hospitals in el paso. or community. and also in dayton. the mayor and i talked earlier will check on those taking care this morning, very early this of them when we come back. morning. new align whole food probiotic. prior to that i'd received a call from our public safety people about the situation. i just want to say that the city of dayton, the county, first responders, everyone has an absolutely amazing job. you practice for these tragedies and you pray to god they never occur. if you don't practice you are a blend of quality probiotics not ready. and fermented whole food botanicals, it is clear. expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health. they have been involved in helping. i just want to thank all of
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them. thank the damn police department and police officers who were involved in ending this tragedy. their professionalism, with a quickness. there amazing courage and response. undoubtedly saved many lives. we will never know how many lives were saved. but the police department and the mayor the tour a few minutes ago, and the assailants are mostly very close to killed dozens and dozens more people. answer in this tragedy, we have to thank our first responders, we have to thank the police department for their amazing mno kidding.rd. job that they have done. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. the mayor and i dropped the easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute
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morning will be in contact i've made clear to her any resources with a few simple steps. really? really. we have in the state, certainly that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, available for mental health it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. specialists and highway patrol [ sigh ] we all have as well. again, hats off to the city of introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. dayton, police department and go to to get started. first responders. thank you. >> thank you, governor. certainly appreciate the governors help, how state ♪all around the world, we are one♪ we are one♪ patrol as well who have been terrific as you got to a number ♪so where did we all go wrong?♪ of these issues over the past summer. the governor has always been want to quickly call, quickly check in and then be here when we were dealing with these ♪woo ♪where did we all, where did we all go wrong?♪ ♪love, love, love, love issues i certainly appreciate ♪love, love, love your leadership. have an update from police so i will turn over to the deputy chief. >> thank you, mayor. first thing i would like to do is go ahead and confirm the
10:17 am
identity of the shooter. the shooter in this incident, connor betts, white male, 24, date of birth -- i would ask, is our understanding that some images of the suspect had been posted by media. ♪ ♪ leland: between the shootings in some of those are not correct el paso and dayton, doctors so please, make sure that you have them correct. rushed to save nearly four dozen the correct photograph or image of the suspect when you report that. gunshot victims. en one of those doctors, secondly, there is a, some of the media has the wrong director of trauma in el paso, facebook posting on their dr. steven flattery. good to see you, sir, and talk website. to you, unfortunately, under the so if you would, please make sure you have the correct ones so we are identifying the circumstances. they talk about the golden hour proper person and the proper during trauma. have you guys been able to persons image. stabilize everybody? >> well, you're right, that stabilization has several critical phases. with that, we will have the first ten minutes are
10:18 am
critically important to get that bleeding stopped, then over the additional information at 4 o'clock. course of the next hour we're we really thought it would be really working hard to insure that it stays stopped and 3:00 briefing for a more comprehensive view of what maintain specific vital signs, get the patients into the operating room and control what we can. over the next period of time, happened and what the response that's a continuing and ongoing was. that will be at 4:00 right here at this location. process, and that's where we are we will give you an additional information on the suspect and what transpired. now. there's several patients here at this time, i will give you whose care is really in a minute the names and demographics of to minute phase still. leland: tell us how the families the people who were killed. are holding up. i know you had a chance to brief and the first one is lois some of them and talk to them. does everybody know where their loved ones are and they be with them and know that yet? oglesby, black female 27. >> well, to the best of my the second one is megan betts, knowledge, the repatriation process has worked to this point, and people know where white female 22. their loved ones are. i don't know of any patients at our hospital that have not been connected. and the families are going through that process of grieving saeed saleh, black male 38. and understanding and processing derek fudge, black male 57. exactly what has happened. logan turner, white male 30. leland: you know, doctor, an e.r. and a trauma team is a
10:19 am
family into itself. 24 hours in, have you guys nicholas cummer, white male, 25. gotten a chance to breathe and process, or are you still running on adrenaline? >> i think there's a lot of thomas mcnichols, black male 25. adrenaline that's still beatrice warren curtis, black happening, a lot of concentration and acute care. but those breaks are starting to female 36. happen. we're all thankful that this is and monica brickhouse, black an open topic, that everybody's able to ask each other how are nine names of the individuals who were >> tonight you doing and make sure that people are being taken care of. leland: you're doing god's work, sir. we appreciate it x. thank you for joining us. announce who will have a vigil >> okay, you're very welcome. leland: learning a lot more about the events in both el paso at apm. spoke with leaders of the oregon business district and dayton. we'll see you just on the other we'll see you just on the other side of the break for that. association that will be on the streets of fifth street in oregon district apm this (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) evening. also, the blood center is closed today. we been informed of adequate (clapping) always there in crunch time. supply today but we want to remind people that if they want to take action it would be good priceline will partner to donate blood tomorrow. with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. we have a special effort we are putting together and i want to delegates, how do you vote?
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(cheering) update the dayton foundation ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... and have mike parks come forward to explain what we were that is freaky. (applause) trying to do for victims families. >> thanks, mayor. first, our thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims. the past two months ago we learned as a community we came together to help those in need and once again will do that. and as we speak, we established the dayton oregon district tragedy fund from the dayton foundation will be up and going live this afternoon for those that would like to help. if you like to help her neighbors and friends there will be a way to do that and to assist those that have been impacted. >> thank you, mike. i think was most amazing about our community is once people woke up this morning as early as five amp, 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., folks and leaders from across the community reached out and said what can i do and
10:21 am
others stepped in. i appreciate the foundation for doing this quickly as we knew. they were prepared obviously for such a tragic event. all right. i will open up for questions. mike campbell. [inaudible question] >> yes, that was the sister of the suspect. [inaudible question] >> all night shooting victims were in the oregon district. [inaudible question] >> as i said earlier, the investigation is in different directions so obviously we, we look at vehicles. we look at houses and yes, we did conduct a search warrant
10:22 am
earlier. [inaudible question] >> will put this on the site as well. how about we do that? is that okay? i think that will be best. [inaudible question] dprevagen is the number onemild memopharmacist-recommendedng? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. >> that is incorrect. and i will say that the family prevagen. healthier brain. better life. members of all nine people just because i configured it online deceased have been notified. doesn't mean it really exists at a dealership. a victim witness, member from but with truecar i get real pricing on actual cars in my area so i know i can go to a truecar certified dealer the prosecutors office has and it'll be there waiting for me... today. right now. contacted each of the families to help them through the process. now you can, with! >> that is why we waited until this afternoon. [inaudible question] no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk >> we will address that at 4:00 having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. as best we can. sending your own clubs ahead we will be able to provide much with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. more information on the actual with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver incident itself. your clubs on-time,
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>> the address that we, we guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. conduct a search warrant make it simple. make it ship sticks. earlier today was in bill burke. that is correct. [inaudible question] leland: and a fox news alert as there are new details emerging in the deadly shootings that have left 29 people dead in two >> all of the victims are from our own backyard too. this is an immense tragedy. cities this weekend. one side of your screen, el a no matter where the victims are paso, texas. -- el paso, texas. the other, dayton, ohio. apart s from they are victims and our heart goes out to the families. it is a miami valley tragedy. authorities are still trying to investigate the motives behind [inaudible question] these two attacks. i'm leland vittert. gillian: i'm gillian turner. we'll join fox news sunday in >>. progress shortly, just a few >> we will comment more at 4 moments ago though officials in ohio identified the nine people o'clock. tragically killed in dayton this i don't know if we'll get into morning. that in great detail but we one of those victims now will provide as comprehensive identified as the suspected of what occurred at 4 o'clock. shooter's sister. the mayor of dayton says no [inaudible question] >> the shooting took place on
10:24 am
and around the street and the sidewalk. >> we tell you that the shooting took place on east fifth street and on the sidewalk of east fifth street, not the parking lot, correct. [inaudible question] >> we can give a little bit more information at 4 o'clock. >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. >> we will try to get you the general idea at 4 o'clock. >> you said that dayton was prepared. [inaudible question] >> i think that is the first
10:25 am
thought that always goes to your mind when there is a tragedy any time. the question is, policymakers have to think about it, is there anything we can do in the future to make sure something like this does not happen. and make sure it is the wrong tone but to lessen the possibility or to lessen the number of people who were killed. these mass shootings, i don't pretend to be an expert but they're all different. in that sense and so, sometimes you get different lessons from each one of them. i do not think today's the day to try to draw the lessons because frankly, we do not have all the facts. there will be ample time for all of us to talk about what we learn from this tragedy but again, without all the facts i would just tell people wait until you get all the facts and start having those discussions. >> i think the mayor said -- [inaudible]
10:26 am
>> with all due respect, you have asked several questions at the same time. let me just say that let's, there will be ample time for us to discuss the lessons learned from what happened today. but let's first get the facts. and get all the facts out and they will be time to have those discussions. each one of us who is in public office has an obligation to take what facts occur, take tragedies whether it's a natural disaster, the disaster with ms shooting such as this and to try to come up with the lessons learned. [inaudible question]
10:27 am
>> we will address that best we can at 4 o'clock. i will say this, do to the very short timeline of violence, it is hard to imagine that there was much discrimination in the shooting. it happened in a very short period of time. [inaudible question] >> absolutely, we are always looking at what could have motivated such a horrific action as this. and like i said this morning, we are interviewing dozens of people and going through a lot of different you know electronic evidence and other evidence to try to determine that. we don't have the answer yet this is the first day. you know this can be a lengthy
10:28 am
investigation so we will do our best to get the information to you but speculating at this point would be premature. [inaudible question] >> i will not address that. [inaudible question] >> we said earlier that it was a 223 caliber ak long rifle. he had extra magazines as well as body armor. [inaudible question] >> we can get to more specifics at 4 o'clock. >> we will see you all at 4 o'clock. i want to recognize some people that are here. the corners office has been a great partnership. the corner has been an autopsy all day so a state representative here, the state auditor, and my dear friend, and i do not think i get through anything without the
10:29 am
mayor. we will see you in a few hours. we'll see you at 3:00. we have a press conference at 3:00 and a press conference at 4 o'clock.i know how much you love press conferences. thank you. leland: a clearly emotional mayor of dayton, ohio. and understandably so. she is dealing with the deaths of eight of her citizens, shot there on the street. it was supposed to be just a fun saturday night. we learned a few things from her and the governor. most surprisingly i think it struck both of us that they said the shooter whose name we will not repeat, is the brother of one of the victims. gillian: yeah and they took care to name not only the shooting suspect but the name of each and every single one of the nine victims who passed away last night. also, bring up much-needed attention and highlight in the plight of victims on the part of law enforcement, first
10:30 am
responders and the mayor's office. a bold and much needed move. >> noteworthy, they did at the press conference.we do not have names yet of the 20 killed in el paso. they are still waiting to identify all of those victims. notify those families officially that they or lost. many suspect their loved ones have not made it through because they've not heard from them 20 hours later. we will of course, try to find out as much as we can about the victims and remember them as us to. and it is fitting and proper we do. with that would bring in florida republican congressman, good to see you sir. a sad day. we talked after parkland on a similar sad, terrible day. it seems to be more frequent and more frequent calls to do something about it and less is done. >> there after parkland at that we need to speak up and see how we deal with this. leland: how have you all done?
10:31 am
>> one of the things i had was to deal with background checks. and the house pastor. i think we need to do more like the baker act in florida where you see something you say something and you can commit someone. and we need to make that national. and i think that there are other loopholes that need to be addressed. leland: will there be appetite do thing to do that as congress comes back? >> i would hope so. i think republican leaders we part of the discussion and not hide from it and do what the american people need. our party can solve problems as well as everyone else if we put our mind to it. gillian: the south bend mayor, pete buttigieg say folks on the hill have had the same disagreements for 20 years. kind of going around on a loop. no one has really come up with anything new and innovative by way of solutions. to the problem of mass
10:32 am
shootings. what do you think? >> is one that has 120 bipartisan sponsors. the threat assessment prevention and safety act to make sure that local law enforcement official trained up to the same level special fbi and secret service people are. it is one small step. senator cornyn got something after parkland. i still think there are some things about loopholes and background checks before guns are bought and being able to get unstable people identified and prevented from having weapons. >> but what are your colleagues doing to bring new, none of these measures independently goes far enough to help solve the problem. you can look at the solution site, the prescription side, what are your colleagues doing to bring new energizing ideas to the debate? >> i think that the tax-- taps
10:33 am
is a good idea. what you're leading to that so set in rigid ideologies that don't help with the american people want solve. i have run into that with environmental. maybe it's better than a green new deal and what i would say to my kids is a tree that does not bend, break. you have to be ready to move forward and constructively solve problems or you can answer you don't want. leland: you said that you worried before that republicans were on the wrong side of this because reasonable people can agree that republicans really dug in their heels on any type of gun control, gun restrictions etc., and now there appears to be some rippling around the edges of this. do you worry at all that there is an outsized lobby here when it comes to the nra? the even sort of fairly reasonable or
10:34 am
middle-of-the-road things that paul very well. universal background checks, fixing the loophole etc. as far as being put in and there a lot of republicans that may agree with that but are held hostage for lack of a better way to say. >> i think is incumbent on us to look beyond that. and i have. i think we need to speak up, we need to be reasonable in our approach and avoid some more drastic solution that's maybe more conflicted than the second amendment. leland: you were if republicans do not buy into a as you said, more reasonable solution that they will be far more restrictive solution? >> i do. how can you argue with fixing loopholes and background checks? having interventions like the baker act to prevent unstable people from getting guns. how can anybody argue with that?gillian: how the democrats and republicans, they seem to at least when it comes to you know, talking the talk, there is some convergence
10:35 am
around the idea of limiting gun access for people who are mentally unwell. how come moore hasn't been done there to flush out those ideas in a bipartisan manner? >> i would think of something can be done there on something that is so imminently reasonable than other things, -- leland: a good place to leave it. we appreciate you being here during the recess and also, noteworthy on this day when it's been a little challenging to book folks from certain parties and certain places to talk about certain things that you are here. we appreciated as always. >> i appreciate being on, thank you. gillian: the president called the shooting in el paso quote - an act of cowardice on twitter. he's been in new jersey this weekend. also getting to the shooting in dayton, ohio. we join mark meredith in berkeley heights covering the president this weekend. he has the latest. lay it out for us, mark. reporter: hey, there, we expect the president to be leaving new jersey to go back
10:36 am
to the white house about 4 o'clock. a little more than two hours from now. the white house issuing a proclamation in the last hour offering condolences to those in ohio and as well as texas. also reflect a fly at half staff at the white house and federal buildings until thursday of this week. we have not seen the president since he's arrived in new jersey on friday night but he has tweeted. i want to redo the tweet you put out this morning. the fbi, local and state law enforcement working together in el paso and in dayton, ohio , information is rapidly being a chelated in dayton much as a ready been learned in el paso. enforcement was rapid in both instances. updates will be given throughout the day. the president spoke about texas governor and attorney general, the white house offered assistance of the fbi and atf local law enforcement. the president acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney says there's still much to be learned in the investigation. >> able to buy guns legally.
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