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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 7, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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conditions in baltimore. this is the before shot and this is the after shots. looks quite a bit better. you can see people from all different backgrounds coming together for good cause. this is really good. it is persistence versus resistance, persistence to do good. check out my new podcast. shannon bream has all the new details come all the big breaking news. >> on that baltimore cleanup story we got the guy lie with us tonight who organized it and he is taking hits, with people calling in a political stunt. we begin tonight with a fox news alert, grieving communities tomorrow, the visit will be all about honoring the victims, democrats in el paso or warning him to stay away. we bring a message of unity to a divided nation?
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pressure is on lawmakers to act on so-called red flag laws, we get inside scoop on whether that will actually happen. in dayton, ohio next girlfriend speaks out. the democratic congressman publicly naming and shaming trump campaign donors in texas, the trump campaign says is putting a target on donors. congressman steve scalise speaks out tonight. welcome to fox news at night. we begin in el paso. the city prepares. >> reporter: city leaders say they would like to prepare for 22 funerals after saturday's mass shooting but instead they
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are bracing for a visit for the president. a visit many local elected officials say shouldn't be happening. >> this community is full of hope and resilience in beauty but the other thing i heard totally unsolicited from victims still in the hospital, they grabbed my arm and tell me tell him not to come here. >> it would be insulting everyone. i don't think we need somebody who has those feelings toward hispanics coming over here and distracting from what we need to be doing which is grieving. >> reporter: beto o'rourke has been outspoken about the presidential visit tweeting this president who helped create the hatred that made saturday's tragedy possible should not come to el paso. we do not need division, we need to heal, he has no place here. more than 17,000 people have signed a letter asking donald trump not to visit until he
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apologizes for his role in spreading xena phobic hatred of immigrants. when you talk to every day people you get a mixed bag with some saying he shouldn't come and other saying they appreciate the visit even if they disagree with his politics and the things he said. >> i know there's a lot of people that don't want him around. i think we've got to show respect for anyone that serves. >> the hurt is still open, the wound is still there and i think it will take a little time. >> it is simple to remember this attack took place 3 days ago so a lot of folks are still grieving and the morning the lives that were lost and stolen on saturday. when it comes to the president's visit they don't care much one way or the other.
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>> the white house says donald trump's visit will be all about honoring the victims of the mass shooting. mark meredith has more on what we can expect tomorrow. >> the president and first lady have a full day ahead of them tomorrow, scheduled to fly today in and el paso. the president said he will be meeting with first responders and victims of last weekend's mass shooting but not everyone thinks it is appropriate to make the trip. >> is the president of all the people. >> white house aides are defending donald trump's decision to visit el paso and dayton even as investigators in texas work to determine if saturday's deadly rampage was motivated by anti-immigrant political rhetoric. >> what he wants to do is go to these communities and grieve with them, pray with them. offer condolences. >> and fishing the president has
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announced. >> our nation asked to condemn racist bigotry and white supremacy. >> been in dayton the city's mayor says the president's past comments remain top of mind. >> is rhetoric has been painful for many in our community and i think the people should stand up and say they are not happy. >> the mayors of dayton and el paso said they do plan to meet with the president during his visit. former el paso congressman in 2020 democratic hopeful beto o'rourke says the president should stay away from those grieving tweeting this president who helped create the hatred that made saturday's tragedy possible should not come to el paso. we need to heal. he has no place here. the president has comforted community dealing with mass shootings before. in 2017 the president and first lady flew to las vegas to meet with first responders and survivors in the wake of the
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country's deadliest mass shooting. white house not released many details about the schedule visit but that is somewhat normal for these types of last-minute trips, the president will be leaving at 9 am washington. >> we will have full coverage of those visits throughout the day, thank you. democratic congressman joaquin castro his brother julian is taking the opposition a step further by attempting to shame private citizens against the district for supporting donald trump. carson castro tweeting a list of trump donors with their names and the names of their employers. texas senator ted cruz says everyone needs to turn the partisan rhetoric down. this is wrong and castro should retract it. in our constitutional republic the people hold their representatives accountable. elected representatives should not be vilifying and documenting constituents but joe scarborough agrees with castro tweeting any business that donates to trump is complicit and endorses the
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white supremacy has browsed in charlottesville with his send her back chance and laughing at shout that hispanic immigrants should be shot. donors names are on fec reports. some text democrats telling the president to stay away, even the el paso mayor, a republican is making clear he is not thrilled but he will welcome the president in his official capacity. what does chairman of the el paso republican party think? good to have you with us. tell us how your community is doing. >> nice being with you also. the community has a lot of healing to do, not just the individuals who were hurt but the families that are involved. law enforcement saw some tragedies and some carnage nobody should have to see and the community as a whole clearly reacted because that's not something we expected in el paso. el paso is 80% hispanic, we get
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along, we work together and it was evident when they said they need water, the line, they had to send people away. that is typical el paso reaction to the issues. we have a lot of healing to do. >> this person was an outsider, not part of the el paso community. he came from hours away specifically targeting but as we look ahead to the president coming tomorrow, your counterpart who leads the democratic party, the chair, she said -- i will play it. is what she said. >> he doesn't care about communities like ours. el paso has been ground 0 from accrual in humane immigration policies he tried to enact in his administration. el paso more than anywhere else has felt that. >> the president and first lady says it will be about the first responders but if the president
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has an opportunity to speak what message in the light of that criticism do you hope to hear from him tomorrow that would be helpful? >> one of the things we been talking about a political party is that it carries over, we tried to pass it on, when this first occurred on saturday we talked about we do not want this to be a political issue. it is a tragedy, we need to deal with it and we tried to pass that on to the president and we think he will respond. he understands there's a lot of hurt and there's a lot of healing that needs to be heard among a wide range of individuals. when i first heard about this i was driving back into el paso talking to my wife and she asked me what is wrong, give me a minute and i need to get myself here, pull together but it is an issue we are dealing with and i think he is compassionate and understanding enough to talk to the people and give them hope and that is what we need and i'm confident that he will leave a good image. looking
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in, garrett tenney has stories of people, some people made it and some didn't, still very raw there. in light of that, things that are happening like congressman castro is putting out information about donors to donald trump saying they are responsible for these things that are happening, the climate that has been created. what do you make of that? >> i just made a comment that we made a decision not to turn this into politics and that is what is occurring and it is frustrating because we need time and we were talking about it -- look at what rourke is doing, they are making this a political issue in trying to enhance their opportunities by making it a political issue. that is absolutely wrong and
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very disappointing and we talked about that with the local party and we are still backing off, still trying to talk about healing, praying and helping the people who need help and the other people that are out of the city are just trying to play 2 people's feelings instead of doing what's right for our city and state and country. >> you talked about how folks have turned out in an overwhelming way. i saw the lines of people standing in line to give blood and so many of the things you referred to. is there a sense of community, people on the ground, this is their home, this is their community. how are they holding up as you try to unify q2 >> one of the things i mentioned about our community is this is 80% hispanic community. i am hispanic. i'm spanish, i know the people. i chose to live in el paso after
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i was transferred here and hispanic people have some very good values and this community has good values. god is important, families important and there is a strong -- that is why there are differences of opinion but generally there's always exceptions but generally we work together, we talk, i respect other people's opinions. i am a minority because this is a democratic county but we work together so again i think that is going to continue. i think we will continue to work together and focus on what we need to do as a community because this was an unfortunate event but i was glad it wasn't in el paso and that did it. i was disappointed anybody did it but i would have really been shocked because i cannot see in el paso when doing this because it hurts the community as we need time. >> we heard how your community works across party lines and
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ideological lines and we see this in the aftermath. thank you for the time, appreciate it. live to senator ted cruz. let's listen in to several victims who are being treated. >> i am the son of a cuban immigrant. my dad came to texas from cuba in 1957 and this murderer was a bigoted hateful white supremacist terrorist and i am confident that state law enforcement, federal law enforcement will have them prosecuted as a terrorists. everything that the full force of federal and state law enforcement will come after him but we need to be united in denouncing this hateful bigotry. i tell you texas is was i was visiting with a woman a few
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minutes ago in the hospital who was shot, she's 81 and she would mow her lawn every weekend. she was full of joy, full of peace in the face of tragedy, i was visiting with another young woman, a stranger, she was shot, a stranger brought her into his car and drove her to the hospital and saved her life and one of the things we can be truly inspired and uplifted is in the face of darkness and evil there are everyday heroes living down the street who will stand up and help each other and i will tell you the community of el paso in the days and weeks to come will only come closer and closer together as we been on each other and we all love each other, the best care -- cure for hatred is love and i will tell something to the men and women of el paso there are literally
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millions of texans, millions across the world praying for you right now. it is one of the things i shared to the people grieving is you are being lit up, we are standing in unity, we are all citizens of el paso and we are standing as one against this hatred, this bigotry. >> you have been listening to ted cruz, texas senator talked about how his own father was a cuban immigrant and how he understands the struggles of people who come to this country from other places in texas is welcoming, el paso is welcoming and the accused shooter is going to face federal charges and he talked about visiting with several of the victims and talking about the number of heroes, the people pulling together in el paso showing the rest of us how it is done. the president going to be there tomorrow and we will cover that as well. democrats not giving up on taking down brett kavanaugh. with the red left leg laws being
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12:21 am
the fact that he was a psychology student and always talked about it from a psychological standpoint it was weird because i'm not into that but it wasn't that scary or creepy. >> welcome to you both. let's talk about these red flag laws because 17 states have them and have some access for people to go before a judge or law enforcement and make an argument that someone's gun needs to be taken. there are concerns about due process. i asked lindsey graham about that yesterday because he is supportive of these measures. is what he said after the due process -- >> there has to be an imminent threat of harm to oneself or to others. the gun owner can come in and defend themselves and the government has to prove by clear
12:22 am
and convincing evidence the person is disturbed. if the test is met they can seize the gun to get the person the help they need. >> does that sound reasonable to you? >> on the surface it does sound reasonable but i have several problems with these red flag laws. first and foremost i think they are constitutionally shaky. reminds me of what barack obama did towards the end of his administration was trying to use mental fitness of social security recipients to restrict their access to guns and it makes me wonder why are conservative seeming to go down the same path that obama did? another issue i have is who decides who is mentally fit enough to own a weapon or purchase a weapon, a government committee? if psychiatrists are in charge of these are the same psychiatrist to have been claiming trump from long distance is mentally unfit to be president so i have serious
12:23 am
concerns about the government or the people who would be in charge of making these decisions. >> you heard from the shooter, his ex-girlfriend at the beginning of this segment. another former classmate of his was quoted in the wall street journal, the headline, a portrait of the dayton shooter, uncontrollable urges and violent talk couched as jokes, this former classmates that everyone kept an eye on him but didn't do anything. looking at more of the reporting we had there were a lot of red flags and as we have seen in so many cases nothing came together to stop him from legally buying these firearms. >> reporter: the fbi earlier today had announced an investigation of the violent ideologies of the suspect before carrying out his attack. he did not leave behind a manifesto like the el paso shooter did but if you look at what was up of his social media
12:24 am
history which was extensive he expressed loss of support for antifa causes, individuals and accounts and just recently he praised the talk, ice facility bomber as a martyr. shannon: with those have been there are millions of users posting dozens of times in a single day. >> you point to a problem. who knows? it is easy to look back now, the devastation that occurred, and say these red flag laws could have saved these innocent lives. we don't know that. in this country, we need to come at all second amendment discussions from this premise.
12:25 am
in this country as american citizens, our right to self defense comes from god, not government. when the government comes along and plans proposals and policy suggestions and so forth to restrict our access to those weapons we need to make sure there is just cause to do so, that the end will justify the means. shannon: the new york post talks about a lot of things, ice agents, calling the monsters and is any of that enough? plenty of people who traffic in that kind of language on all of these issues. >> after these attacks, there is frequently a convenient excuse to blame mental illness. it is important in these discussions to look at the ideologies of these individuals. everybody's hyperfocus on the ideology of the el paso shooter,
12:26 am
on his far right upstream is him. right now nobody is having a discussion about the ideology that was laid out very clearly, the footprint on the social media of the shooter and the fact that he adopted the violent rhetoric of antifa over appear go of months, referred to somebody who attacked government facility as a martyr. i support the resolutions put forth by senator ted cruz and bill cassidy declaring antifa as a domestic terrorist movements. >> we have to look for common threads regardless of where they are coming from. more lawmakers signaling that, there is growing pressure to come back and get to work now but will they? our senior capitol hill producer chad program is digging around on that.
12:27 am
>> congress is barely meeting right now. that's the case until september 9th. lawmakers i spread to the 4 winds for the august recess. republican ohio senator rob portman presided over the abbreviated senate session which lasted all of 21 seconds. >> into the previous owner the senate stands adjourned until 9:00 am friday, august 9, 2019. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says, quote, the republicans are prepared to do our part but nobody expects senate action soon. the house approved and enhanced background check bill months ago. that is why democrats are ramping up pressure on the republican-controlled senate. >> do the right thing. gavel the senate to emergency session so we can take action on the bipartisan already passed gun legislation. >> the nra called the background checks bill extreme. republicans and, as would turn to the black market. house democrats have their own problems with advancing gun
12:28 am
measures. the house met for less than 4 minutes with a skeleton crew on hand. house democrats ready to passable barring people convicted of hate crimes from possessing firearms. the democrats still need to work on protecting constitutional rights and seizing weapons from people who are mentally disturbed. legislation banning high-capacity magazines is also close the proposed ban on so-called assault weapons lacks the votes to pass. the constitution grants the president the authority to recall members decision under, quote, extra very occasions but that hasn't happened since the truman administration. congressional leaders from both parties are reluctant to recall members during a recess unless they know it bill will pass it will be signed into law. shannon: a heavy lift, thank you very much. protesters who say they are opposed to violence also saying this about republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> more details on a protest outside his home next.
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shannon: disturbing images of a group of angry protesters demanding new gun-control measures outside mitch mcconnell's house in kentucky. trace gallagher is on the case. >> reporter: there were 25 protesters who support gun-control outside mitch mcconnell's home. louisville police say they were peaceful but police weren't aware of the language the protesters were using which was recorded and went viral. >> we know your home! >> everything you stand for. >> that's probably what it is. just stab him in the heart. >> mcconnell is recovering from a shoulder fracture leaving
12:34 am
another protester to say she wished he had broken his neck in separate mcconnell epstein say these threats go beyond a political cartoon or broken shoulder. they are serious calls to physical violence. his team responded to congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez posting this photo on twitter yesterday showing a group of young men wearing team mitch t-shirts posing with her cardboard cutout saying senate majority leader these young men look like they work for you. want to clarify, are you paying young men to practice groping and choking members of congress? or is this just the standard culture of team mitch? intern mcconnell epstein accused aoc of docs in the young men adding she and other liberal twitter personalities are cheering on thousands of accounts calling for him to break his neck. we couldn't find any examples of aoc cheering people on the did
12:35 am
find one hollywood screenwriter who posted just so happy you look very old and ill. will and grace actress deborah messing is getting slam to re-tweeting this. if i get killed in a mass shooting please cremate me and throw my ashes into mitch mcconnell's and dana lash's eyes while i'm still smoldering. the actress replied this, yes. prompting some to call her a sick person. minimum wage hike cart partly to blame for the largest recycling on top of the western roundup. they are shutting the doors of its 248 stores laying off 750 employees. the company says rising operational costs and minimum wage increases and other states mandate, no longer able to sustain. three suspect in the fatal shooting of juan diaz facing multiple charges including murder.
12:36 am
one of the suspects pledged allegiance to a gang before opening fire. a california millionaire on the 15 most wanted list behind bars tonight. he killed his wife after a fight over money in 2012. officers found chadwick driving in san diego new mexico, he was arrested but flat after being released on bond and cleaned out millions of dollars from his bank account. he is back in the us. a california woman credited with inventing agenda reveal party once the trends to end. california blogger posting on facebook the viral movement that has in some instances sparked a forest fire put more emphasis on gender than has ever been necessary for a baby. brett kavanaugh in the crosshairs again.
12:37 am
house democrats asking millions of documents from his time, oversight or overreach? bradley maas and former virginia congressman dave pratt join us live to debate. and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> shannon: at long beach police shutting down a >> long beach police shutting down a threat to a bernie sanders rally talking the 2020. police identified josé rafael guzman after a concerned community member notified the police about his online threat targeting a political rally. they did not find any weapons at his house, no word on what he is accused of saying online. senator kamala harris sparking questions after all three made campaign stops at a las vegas baptist church, the pastor openly condemned homosexuality as a sin.
12:42 am
all three senators are staunch supporters of lgbt q rights. cory booker's campaign joins the list of 2020 campaigns to unionize which is campaign manager saying we are proud to become a unionized campaign and tolerate this step forward together. the campaign staff joins the teamsters. this is a fox news alert. several second amendment debates moving in the wake of back to back mass shootings. house judiciary democrats say they are not done with brett kavanaugh now demanding the release of all his records from when he served in the bush 43 white house. the liberal leaning website letting brett kavanaugh off the hook is a dangerous precedent. and republican congressman dave pratt. jerry nadler and others signed on. impeachment would start as the house decided to go there.
12:43 am
and emails on which he was -- any document attached to emails and the contextual record contained in brett kavanaugh's office. do you think they will get these? >> brett kavanaugh was never on the hook. the whole thing is a sham. the judiciary is using the apparatus of the government to act like they are on a moral crusade when at the same time, what morality is, they stripped god language from the democrat platform eight years ago, four years ago. if you ask them what ethical system they follow they can't tell you. democrat friends and colleagues, asked them if we can teach love, the greatest virtue that has been taught for 2000 years originated with jesus and 0.
12:44 am
in the public school system for the first 13 years they say no to that. we can't teach love. the culture, democrats are using the remnants of government that have been built precisely by the judeo-christian tradition and out of that some of the constitution, james madison, adams said this government was designed for moral people. the whole thing is a sham. they are holding up brett kavanaugh -- he precisely believes in the catholic doctrine and life so strongly that is why he is the target. >> on the house judiciary committee. and it is harassment. when are we going to move on from the smear campaign?
12:45 am
to improve the lives of those elected to represent bradley kick you >> this is what congress has the authority to do. they themselves past, it is called the presidential record act. all these records are white house records derived from the george w. bush administration, not entirely exempt for several years. that is why we haven't seen any of them, for years upon years, finally reaching the end of that statutory timeframe. some of this should have come out anyway. house judiciary still has jurisdictional authority and statutory authority, and the presidential records act. and all kinds of policy matters. >> the fbi, and how it investigated allegations against
12:46 am
brett kavanaugh. does that go anywhere? >> know. >> you heard the response. the left has the authority and freedom to reject the judeo-christian tradition and free business and ethics. they have freedom to do that. the american people wake up and see what is going on. >> do they go anywhere? >> i don't see it. >> on both of these requests, great to have you with us. >> a trump support immobilizes thousands to clean up west baltimore. and stunned it is not worked. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,n we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first.
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>> residents of montgomery county, maryland right outside dc are upset after the local government proposed increasing availability of affordable housing according to a college to attend the recent council meeting.
12:51 am
they protested the proposal by at times, according to racial and economic stereotypes. check this letter to the editor published in the washington post from montgomery county resident saying just because other flea crime-ridden and poverty-stricken areas doesn't mean it has to be turned into a slum to accommodate them. in the wake of donald trump's tweets, a new study, an apartment search platform said washington dc is more rodent infested than baltimore. the nation's capital got 5750 rat complaints compared to baltimore's 4476, neither city comes anywhere near 40,057 rat complaints. taking matters into their own hands hundreds of volunteers gathering, started cleaning up in west baltimore on monday, summer trump supporters, inspired by his views, and
12:52 am
republican activist from virginia, thanks for coming in tonight. >> i want to play the reaction, >> i want to cry but i'm not crying. >> what did you experience thankfulness, gratefulness, within 5 minutes on canopy, a woman named lisa with a little chihuahua said what are you doing? picking up trash and that is why we are here. ms. lisa does come back and i got her information for the next cleanup we want to do. >> there were folks criticizing this. i know you talk to these guys, watched the interview with you. it was fair and informative. the headline was right wing extremist organized trash clean up in west baltimore.
12:53 am
inspired by trump white ring extremist, cleanup event in baltimore, all truism, a political ploy for trump. if doing this to win over black voters it is not going to happen. what was your motivation? >> motivation was donald trump's tweet inspired me the a lot of people were doing a lot of talking but nobody was actually doing and i believe if there is a problem, let's try to solve it and bv spot of hope in the world and that is why we went out there and for every interview, not a trump rally, this is not about representative cummings. it is about americans stepping up to help americans. shannon: you have plans to go elsewhere. i want to get off the phone today with a gentleman named darius and we're going to newark, new jersey. i got off the phone with tyler and la. we want to take this nationwide
12:54 am
and show people we care, we give a darn about our community and all across the country picking up crash and taking care of america. shannon: people feel we are so divided and want to do something positive for strangers. seems like a good time to reach out to other people. >> it starts up here. i want to inspire people with positivity and enthusiasm and encouragement, motivation and excitement, enthusiasm. that is why so many were drawn to our event. they want that hope, that real change. >> so people can see what you're up to. and editorial that they said whatever your motives were you being there reinforced the image of a failure been core that poor people can't take care of themselves and public officials have failed as well. >> the city has failed. we applied for permits on wednesday morning to get dumpsters and do everything
12:55 am
correctly by friday afternoon after hounding the city respectfully with phone calls they still did not approve our permits for dumpsters so we did it anyway. if the city was not going to help us clean up trash, we went out with 170 volunteers. we cleaned up 12 tons of trash in 12 hours. shannon: keep us updated on what you do next. when we return, our 5-year-old midnight hero. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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speed to meet our he shannon: 5-year-old peyton has serious medical conditions. his mother decided to reach out to a nonprofit that makes kids wishes come true. peyton got a uniform and the opportunity with other -- your willingness and bravery to serve the community.
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you are all our midnight hero. most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us. be back at 11:00 pm eastern. >> as they grab my arm and told me not to come here? >> happening right now on the east coast, fueling the flames of division. and in el paso, texas, dayton ohio, democrats demand he cancel his plan. did the message of unity fall on deaf ears? or will both sides rise above partisan politics. the terrifying new warnings the caliphate in syria.


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