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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 7, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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we are still moderating the president's trip there. the tensions on both approximate sides are over the top now. here comes "the five." >> -- > ♪ >> i am dana perino with megan, donna, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ >> president trump arriving in el paso moments ago to victim the victims and first responders from the deadly mass shooting there. on the way to the university medical center of el paso and also visited dayton, ohio earlier today as president trump faces a wave of criticism from democrats who claim his rhetoric is to blame for what happened. here is trump responding to that. >> my critics are political people. they are trying to make points. in many cases they are running for president and they are very
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low in the polls. it just came out the dayton situation, he was a fan of antifa and a fan of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. no, i don't believe elizabeth warren or bernie sanders in the case of ohio. i don't blame anybody. we are getting hit left and right from everybody. >> the president pushed back against the chrisicism and said he is toning down the rhetoric but 2020 political opponents pile on. >> he is trying to intimidate this community. -- he is too blame for what has taken place. >> those who spoke the same words the el paso murderer did warning of an invasion. >> his language and in code. this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> president trump responded on
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twitter calling that speech so boring. and predicting our country doll poorly if he wins in 2020. yesterday i predicted there would be complaints about president trump going on these trips from local officials but once he got there the meetings with the victims and the first responders would go well. that is what happened. >> yes. because right now we are dealing with a lot of political and irrational forces. until that calms down, we need to be mourning and not magnifying these emotions. it's important to think about the mood of a country. like in times square, mass panic because of a back firing vehicle. because of the media it placed this in our brains. we need a visit like that. we also have to realize i think about the criticism, we look at
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these mass shooters and we have to see the similarities. their political beliefs were different. but they are the same person. one is a left winger and one is a right winger. the wing doesn't matter. it's this lone worthless human being that finds no worth in society. we have to focus on that. we may have to give up some of your freedoms to deal with this. these red flag rules. we will be dealing with privacy and purchasing. but if we get tied up in the emotional arguments, we will never solve any problems. we will just get into our team sport corners and yell and blame each other for different things. we will never solve the problem. one more point: you don't hear much from the nra. they don't have to say anything. the media found something they hate more than the nra -- trump! the media is not talking about what you can do with guns.
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they are focussing on the rhetoric. you could do something about this. but you choose not to. >> but some things could be done. the president before he left talked about background checks and red flag laws. it's a step possibly. >> you could get significant gun reform under this president. with never getting any credit for it. i think the democrats will not stop follow you have another assault weapons ban larger than the one in place for ten years under president clinton. with these red flag laws which greg brought up, they go to taking guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others. you are not infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners. they are temporary. they allow people to challenge them in a court of law
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unemployment could clear up confusion about what information should go into the national background database and extend that to gun shows and on line under president trump. one thing in terms of the mood of the country. as a nation when somebody dies we shop. -- show up. you sit and pray and mourn with people. not raging online. >> on a show this morning, if we could pull that up. i want donna to respond to this. this is about how this is happening in the middle of a presidential election. >> beto said he is running for
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decency and democracy. this could be a chance for beto to gain momentum? >> a lot of people are talking about politics. beto o'rourke is not going to iowa and pulled himself off the campaign trail. >> he is visiting former constituents in the hospital. he has a constructive role regardingless of what he might have to say. this is a moment not just for the president but all politicians. every last single political and non-political leader in the country. it's a moral test of whether or not we can find common ground. eliminating gun loopholes or finding ways to bring about more civility. to give these people an opportunity to heal and come together. i think the president can set the tone. i hope he sets the tone. 24 hours ago, we didn't know if
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the senator brown would show up today to see the president nor the mayor of dayton. they both showed up. >> of course. >> they said i got a chance to talk to the president about their ideas. i don't know if he will act upon it. >> he invited them to join him on the round at the hospital. jesse, play the sound from president trump talking about the issue of hate and how he feels about going forward he can address it. >> i am concerned about the rise of any group of hate. i don't like it, whether it's white supremacy or any other kind or antifa. whether it's any group of hate. i am very concerned about it. >> your thoughts on that? >> i think the hate is coming from the media. greg mentioned it the other day. if the media sat on the sidelines the country could heal.
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the media is ripping us apart. i think it's disgusting what the media has done to this president. to white wash another social media foot print and spout the anti-trump rhetoric from one side and they buried truth from a lot of what happened. if you point out what is actually out there, you are called a white supremacist. if you donate to the president, you are a white supremacist. there are people that donateed to president trump that also donateed to democrats. there are blacks and hispanics donating to president trump. there were people that voted for obama and then voted for donald trump and they are all racists and all white supremacists? it's sad and sick. it's a political ploy.
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>> [overlapping talking]. >> they have to smear him. >> when he says send her back -- it's offensive. >> what is? >> what is happening. >> [overlapping talking]. >> it's offensive when you accuse someone of a murder they didn't commit. >> it's offensive when you tell millions of americans to go back where they came from. >> [overlapping talking]. >> when they are legally here but because their skin is brown they have a target on their brown. >> it has nothing to do with skin color. >> [overlapping talking]. >> donald trump is being
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targeted. >> all right. this young shooter targeted hispanics. >> what we are doing here, there are millions of people who believe in strong immigration. within that is a nut. there are millions of people who support elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. within them is a nut. because there is a nut who happens to share a belief doesn't smear everybody. bernie sanders -- >> i feel your pain. but feel my pain too. >> [overlapping talking]. >> when there is pain, there is no gain for anybody. >> [overlapping talking]. >> there is pain everywhere. >> don't judge me. >> i am not judging you. when the bernie sanders throng
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shot a republican congressman we didn't blame bernie sanders for inciting that violence. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i didn't do and i didn't do it. >> let's have a quick break. >> it will get worse, everybody. >> [laughing]. >> we have egregious attacks in the media. stay with us. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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>> the media uses tragedy to indulge their own resentment. nicole wallace said donald trump wanted to exterminate people. >> you have a president talking about exterminating latinos. >> called out she apologized if you call it that. she wrote, i misspoke. i'm sorry. trump's constant assault on the people of color is intentional and constant." she is not the only want hating forerateings. her network claims anyone not in the resistant is a white supremacist. -- >> there is no distance in the basic thesis. it's a staple of fox programing. >> there is a straight line from
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these chan's and message boards to donald trump. that line goes through fox news. >> that's irresponsible and probably dangerous, but they don't care. they don't see us as wrong. only evil and profitable. it borders on comedy like this clown linking trump's active mourning to nazis. >> the president said we will fly our flag at half mast until august 8th. i won't imply he did this deliberately. it's the ignorance of the white. -- white house. 8-8 is very significant. that's the 8th letter of the alphabet and stands for hille
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hitler. >> he is crazy. as anyone in politics every put so many targets on so many backs for a personal grudge. i say stay cool. to you and me tragedies are to be mourned and not exploited. at "the five" we examined the media's role and how to prevent the next attack if fobl. -- possible. it's not as exciting as painting bull's eyes on your competition but we can sleep at night. these people use more heated rhetoric than anyone i ever heard. this stuff is incredible. >> it's not about the people of this country. it's not about their audience. it's not about those who lost their lives. the families who are mourning
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and grieving. this is all about themselves. they have no souls. in order to fill their souls up, they need the affirmations from the yeah, you go from the hate field hordes on social media. they live in a liberal media bubble. that's all that matters to them. god bless them. >> i think what you are seeing as certain voices get more intense tdrives the rational people away. the debate comes crazier. the rest of us say i will take a few days off. >> i have friends -- they had to walk away. they grieve for the families and want to support them.
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they donated to the united way. but they told me -- and it was no offense to me -- they had to turn the news off. then you have a smaller pool. >> the pool itself self-selects and people are demonizing half of america. we have a clip of castro on morning joe calling him out -- roll it. >> a lot of republican officeholders have been lying through their teeth how dangerous this is. you are putting things out that are secret. you did nothing that everybody didn't already know. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. >> but they will be, because you put their names in public. >> that was not my intention. >> are they waging a trade war
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on americans? now you can only buy things if it supports your political side. that means no more ben and jerry's for you. >> i would cross that picket line. i think we are here on the front lines. battling it out. we have to push back on all of the misinformation out there. we have to try to tell the truth and push back on a lot of the hate. most normal americans are not engaged in a vitriolic way like you see on television. they have ideas about gun control and mental health. no one is saying normal people, the president of the united states is leading a white supremacist terrorist movement and we need to call every single supporter a racist. the same people will say that not all muslims are terrorists.
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then they will turn around and say all trump supporters are racist. it doesn't make any sense. it's totally irresponsible and deplorable. >> i don't believe that all democrats are socialists or all white people are racists. these stereotypes only heighten our decisions. we can sit around the table like this and have disagreements without being disagreeably. jesse, you and i will go out and have a drink later tonight. >> cheers to that. >> you know i like you. >> i love you too. >> why i am not invited? >> because you are short. >> these tall people! >> [laughing].
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>> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> our 2020 roundup. the attack against kamala harris had everyone talking in the last debate. >> senator harris is proud of her record as a prosecutor and will be a prosecutor in the present. i am concerned about this record. she pulled over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations. >> and harris's support among black democrats is plummeting after that face off. the candidate dropped to just 1% among the crucial voting block behind biden, sanders and warren. donna, can she recover from this if she does a decent job
2:28 pm
preparing for the next debate? >> she put a lot of people behind bars. that's the role of a prosecutor. at a time when the country was focussed on police brutality and what happened with michael brown in ferguson, missouri, some people felt she does not do enough. i believe she has a great record on crime. unfortunately in a debate you get 30 seconds to respond, you can't defend yourself. >> and she prosecuted 25 parents for truancy. >> i interviewed her in 2009. she had a really good point about the fact that kid have to be some school. if you don't get them in school they won't have a good future. she is going out with her first tv ad in iowa. i don't know if it will have an impact. she is trying to figure out another way to communicate without relying on the 15 second
2:29 pm
replay. >> in doesn't fly in the democratic party. >> i don't know in that attack mattered to a lot of people. what i like about her, she remind me of me at a restaurant listening to the special counsel. when there is a really long list of special counsel. -- special counsel. she just looks annoyed. i like the way she looks. she just had it. she gets that look in her eye: are you serious? >> hand on the hip. >> i hate when they read the specials and they know you won't order from the specials and they have to do it. everyone is bored. they just have to memorize it. the selections are not that good anyway. then you have to read to see
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what is in it and you are drunk. it has 20 things. >> go back to the 3rd one. >> the one with the chicken. >> [laughing]. >> your mind wandered when we were talking because you are hungry. >> i am starving. i think he she is a one hit wonder against joe and now flattened out. >> [laughing]. > i think she just had a bad night and will come back. -->> bernie sanders ventng his frustrations about the democratict debates saying it's demeaning. >> you are not call them debates. what they are is a reality tv show and you have to come up with a sound bite. it's demeaning to the candidates and it's demeaning to the
2:31 pm
american people. >> i can explain his healthcare plan in 24 second. they are taking away your healthcare and will double your tax taxes. >> he is saying it's flawed but it's not unfaired because it's applied equally to all candidates which is socialism. he should embrace it. >> i like bernie sanders pod cast voice. >> yes! >> i have never heard that before. usually he's yelling and screaming. >> it's sootheing. >> yes, it drew me in. >> he is complaining about something he helped achieve. the dnc said we will allow more people to be on the debate stage or bernie sanders can have his complaints from the last time around taken care of. is cnn supposed to have a 10 hour debate? >> bernie sanders complains a
2:32 pm
lot. >> yes. >> i should not talk about cnn. >> [laughing]. >> i love it. >> all right. >> lord have mercy! >> we have must see tv. new york city mayor bill de blasio is sitting down with sean hannity tonight. >> he is a good interviewer. he will get a share shot on the "hannity" show. if he comes at sean hannity and tries to tackle sean hannity he better look out. >> i want to be the moderator. i think i am the best moderator. i am fair. >> so fair. >> i know both of them! i can't wait!
2:33 pm
>> de blasio is the poster boy for how social fails people in need. >> he has nothing to lose because he is at 1%. that's the only reason he is doing this. ducked sean when he was running new york into the ground. now he needs a little extra. >> he will get an extra bop. >> not among our viewers. >> he has to come into new york city. you know how terrible that is. >> with the traffic. >> [overlapping talking]. >> he might get lost. >> i can't stand this guy, but i give him his props for coming and doing this. even though he is the worst mayor in the history of mayors. >> we will be watching. >> i will be watching. >> up next is going to college worth it? what millennials are saying about getting a degree. we trust usaa more than any other company out there.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i am a part-time professor at georgetown university. this topic is very near to my heart. according to a new study half of young millennials saying going to college is not necessary because a degree is unimportant to their current job. another major factor is due to the rising costs. i can't wait to go back to teaching. i love all of you, but next month i get to see a whole new generation. >> you said have jesse down for a guest lecture. >> you came to my class. >> i did but i think jesse -- >> i have a lot of knowledge to share with your students. why are you looking at me like that? >> greg, did you enjoy your
2:39 pm
college years? >> i have no class. i think college for a lot of people are unnecessary. you don't get what you paid for. tuition trimmed. - --oo tripled because of the administrators. a ba is now a ged. parents want to say my buffy got into harvard. it's to keep you busy until you are able to think like an adult. >> if your name is buffy it's an automatic acceptance. >> how are we going to maintain your edge? >> you look at the best innovators they didn't finish college. they have some college. >> like limbaugh.
2:40 pm
>> tucker carlson. >> karl rove. >> [overlapping talking]. >> steve jobs. that's who i was looking for. the thing that americans should focus on. this thing about college and going into debt for college is not necessary if americans demanded better k-2 education. -- there is no reason to go to college just to have a freshman year. as a taxpayer, k-12 education as to get better. >> how can we lower the cost of the college? >> fire the administrators. >> and don't go. work your ass off in high school and seek out opportunities. a lot of companies like each google now and apple who hire right out of high school. >> you know what?
2:41 pm
don't go. there are only ten schools in the country that are worth a quarter of a million dollars out of your pocket for an under-graduate education. i went to wake forest. it's 10 times for expensive. i majored in heart history. i learned how to funnel a beer >> then it was worth it. >> and men don't understand the female anatomy at all. >> [laughing]. >> greg? >> i believe that college is a way out of poverty for many of our citizens. >> jesse, you must have an opinion? how do you reduce the cost of college? >> that's another issue. if i was going into college right now, i would not go to some liberal arts college and take out a $280,000 loan. i would go to a state school. take out a loan of $40,000 and get out and get the same type of
2:42 pm
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time for the fastest-7. first up. monica lewinsky is back. she is a producer on the upcoming season of american crime story. she will focus on her affair with bill clinton. and get this. it's set to air a little over a month before the 2020 election. >> i am excited. she should produce it. she's the closest person to the story. she should play herself and bill clinton should play himself. it would be like a reunion from a reality show. >> where are they now? we know where they should be. >> yes. her life's story is remarkable. she hasn't been able to make a
2:47 pm
living in the way she wanted because of what happened to her when she was in college and an intern. what i really appreciate is that the producer of the american crime story said i don't want anybody else to tell this story. you should be the one to tell your story. he invited her to be a producer of the show. >> this is a moment in cable where someone on twitter will say there is a massive shooting going on and fox news is doing monica lewinsky. but we did the other stuff. >> when they see us on netflix about the central park 5 featuring donald trump who took out an ad in the "new york times." this is the era of the "me too" i am not surprised. >> back to monica lewinsky. >> ryan murphy is producing this. i watched the people versus o.j. simpson and sarah paulson will
2:48 pm
play linda trip. she won an emmy playing marcia clark. it's a story you never heard told. >> there is new information. >> sarah is brilliant. >> we will have "the five" watch party. >> greg, are you sure you don't want to add anything else? >> no, i am not going to do it! and james taylor song. >> chaos in colorado, springs as a cow charges into a building. it sent people scrambling after running into an art gallery. luckily a cowboy came to the rescue and lassoed the thing. that's why i don't go to art galleries. >> [laughing]. >> it was a museum or a moo-sem. >> very good. >> [laughing]. >> i feel bad for the longhorn and i am thankful for cowboys.
2:49 pm
>> you know what they say? >> every time we went to the zoo my mother said [inaudible]. i can't watch this. >> [laughing]. it's hard to lasso a longhorn like that. it really is. >> [laughing]. >> i thought about it a lot. >> i was reading up on how to tell a cow versus a steer. >> how do you? >> a cow is -- well -- >> buy them a drink. >> men don't understand the female anatomy. >> we will get out of this segment without getting in trouble. people are texting strangers now to connect with their number neighbor. you text a phone number that is identical to yours except for the last digit which can be one higher or lower. is this a thing? >> how desperate are you for
2:50 pm
friends? just be nice to the people around you. go talk to someone who is a member of your family. i know i am a hypocrite. >> [laughing]. >> [laughing]. >> invading strangers world series. if you do this to me. you better watch out. >> i would think it was the irs or something. >> you would never do that. >> i will tell you a funny story. a couple of years ago we were at an event, a wedding. a friend took a picture and sent it to someone they thought was their friend. it was one of peter's friend. it was one digit off. that was weird. >> what was a picture of? >> just a group picture. nothing bad. >> you should have lied. >> i was going to but i would never be able to pull this off. >> are you one of those people?
2:51 pm
do you talk to people in the line? >> i hate that. you are in front of me making small talk with the cashier when i am a hurry. >> i am always trying to make eye contact with people. that's a good thing. >> no eye contact in new york. nonewhatsoever. >> but once you leave new york everyone is talking to you. >> that's true. >> that's why you are here. to avoid other people. >> at my height avoiding eye contact is easy. >> "one more thing" is up next. ♪ limu emu & doug
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you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. ♪ >> it's time now for "one more thing." if you all know how hard it is to train a puppy, just say, now you know. they are full of energies.
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while this box our company's goal was to sit there until he was called over. while now he goes over but he was supposed to sit. but what he did was like the five sins. spins. >> whoever chose that for you should do a better job of finding you tape. i could barely see it. [laughter] let's do this. i'll show you how. ♪ animals are great, animals are great ♪ you were talking about bouncing, let's talk about this bird in brazil. you want some bouncing, he gets a golf ball but he is so stupid that he thinks it's an egg and he says bouncing, that's what you call a bounce. and he's mad because it won't break so he goes looking for the ball again. he's done this a million times with other birds' exit, he's a
2:57 pm
jerk. see, that's bouncing. >> i will advise the producers that they could be more like you. ♪ animals are great, animals are great ♪ >> are you going to insult me? >> i would never, i'm terrified of you. congratulations to my uncle david waters who has honored by the national caucus of legislators for his work and had the environment. here he is, posing with the award for environmental leadership. he's the state senator for new hampshire and he recently endorsed cory booker, a.k.a. spartacus, for president. they have so much in common politically. there he is, my uncle, and he so proud of me, i think. [laughs] >> does he ever send you texts?
2:58 pm
>> yes he does, he agrees with me on paper straws. >> and here is this to make you feel old. ♪ nearly two decades after the original beverly hills 90210, a reboot. it's a six episode revival just called bh 90210. edit premieres 9:00 tomorrow night at 9:00 on fox. it's nice to see shannon doherty. brian austin green is married to megan fox. >> i didn't watch this one it was on before. >> were you a melrose place person instead of beverly hills? >> after -- if this is a pretty big comeback for him. >> shannon doherty battled breast cancer and it's nice to
2:59 pm
see her back but it looks like all the guys have had a lot more work done then the girls which i kind of enjoy. all right donna, bring us home. >> great flames, and the best barbecue but for 27 years, this former schoolteacher helen broughton has been organizing shoe drives. she gives away tennis shoes to kids to help them get back to school, and the great st. andrews ame church helps to organize this. over 1,000 people stood in line to get their free good pair of shoes. greg, i want to offer up a couple of your tennis shoes. >> i have plenty on my shoes could probably fit their feet. >> i think the kids would send them back. >> they would be very fashionable. >> those are kids. >> know these are bands. >> but they are the primary
3:00 pm
colors. primary colors. >> we started the show that way and i like to end there so that way. >> let me just say, he wears some great shoes. >> all right, set your dvr and never miss an episode of "the five." coming up next without bret baier. >> bret: president trump brings a message of healing and unity to the site of last weekend's mass shootings. democratic presidential front runner joe biden excoriates the president for what he calls fanning the flames of white supremacy. we talk about iran, afghanistan and brexit with the foreign secretary of great britain. this is "special report." ♪ good evening and welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump says his political rhetoric blue brings people together. the men hoping to be his 2020 opponent could not disagree more.


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