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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 7, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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failed record. that you're going to want to see. a message for all your 2020 candidates. come on the program, we will give you a fair shake and you can reach more people than any other show on cable. let my arbitrable. for income, never like to be late. >> that was an interesting time. did you go out for cappuccino afterwards? how was that? >> sean: yeah we went out for it -- what you mean? i'm here live in person. >> laura: you taped it earlier, give me a break. >> sean: we sat here for 65 minutes. we are going to show that part tomorrow. then we will put the whole thing up on the web. fox news >> laura: i want the outtakes. >> sean: this is nonstop action. >> laura: oh, my god. i want the outtakes. did he really say afterward i'm really not that liberal? that the only thing that works in new york. how do i get a shortest number? >> sean: he made it hard. do you support the right of americans to have a gun. yes or no?
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any restrictions on -- yes or no. are you going to arrest every person that assaulted a cop? yes or no. >> laura: it's good. it's good. i think it's good. we have all points of view represent about our shows an estimate should be. >> sean: that the other thing, he goes something with the fox news channel -- and i'm like there are people on this network that hate my guts. when you talk about? do you want some hours of the day? i can tell you who hates my guts. >> laura: and you're just talking about me there. >> sean: you know, really. the fact that we are friends still. the fact that i want everybody to watch you every night because you have a great show is unbelievable. i've got to defend you, i got to defend tucker. >> laura: like we haven't had to defend you. we don't have your back, hannity, give me a break. a great show. >> sean: the only thing is as i'm grandpa. i need to go to bed. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. president trump and first lady of course spent an emotional day visiting the survivors, the families, first responders of the weekend's deadly mass
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shooting but the media and democrats are only focused on one thing. stoking division. rudy giuliani, mollie hemingway are here to discuss the twisted rhetoric. also today, joe biden campaigning in iowa saying trump has no moral leadership renders directly to blame for the violence. candace owens is here to respond. plus, frank luntz breaks down the where the democrats are using two separate america. and raymond arroyo will share shocking details, interestingly-timed, of a violent hollywood film that could inspire, some are warning tonight, more mass shootings. they can't miss seen and unseen straight ahead, first, morning in america. that's the focus of tonight's angle. as our nation continues to him on the tragedies in el paso and dayton, president trump did what was right spending the day visiting with the shooting victims, their families and
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brave first responders. and for the most part this was done away from the media spotlight. >> we met with numerous people. with met with also the doctors in the medical staff. they have done an incredible job. if there a lot of heroes. lot of euros, a lot of people who just did incredible work. >> laura: but trump can never do enough to appease resistance. they want him gone. nothing short of trump resigning and admitting to being a wild eyed bigot is ever going to satisfy them. and today they revealed themselves yet again. and they further upped the insult auntie. >> he is someone who is walking into this crime scene with blood on his hands. he has literally transformed one of the most beautiful cities in the country, one of the safest cities in the country into a battlefield. >> they are not interested in listening to a president that used the city as his petri dish two separate families. >> this president must be impeached. >> laura: like just the
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crowning thing. the best part is that congressman, congressman greene, stone went on to say he would work with the president to reduce gun violence. okay. while democrats want you to believe that the only reason they speak out against the president is that they truly care, they care more about children, they care more about latinos. they care more than you do about keeping america safe, they care, all right. if they about 2020. and some democrats are worrying that their chances might be slipping away. democrats know that trump's support among hispanics has gone up five points since january 225%. they know that his numbers among african-americans are also on the rise. translation: they have to nip any trump bump in the body. they see these tragedies and their white supremacist narrative is the only hope of winning. and today, the president called out the democrats' callous
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political game. >> president trump -- about showing unity give attack a number of your critics. various members stomach members of the media. >> they shouldn't be politicking. they shouldn't be politicking today. >> laura: while others are distorting his views and blaming, well, him for pretty much everything, he made a common sense appeal. >> i don't blame elizabeth warren and i don't blame bernie sanders in the case of ohio. i think illegal immigration is a terrible thing for this country. i think you have to come in legally. ideally you have to come in through merit. we need people coming in because we have many companies coming into our country. they are pouring in. >> laura: and yet, check out how the left his statement. >> this president is not consistent. he continues to say words of division. >> hateful, horrific, anti-immigrant policies.
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>> a president who has used racist and hateful rhetoric about latinos throughout the course of his presidency. >> laura: it now, in other words, the same party that not long ago warned themselves about illegal immigration and demanded action to stop it has turned the rule of law completely on its head. and in their twisted way of thinking, that means many of you watching tonight are racist. if you support the rule of law at the border, you're a racist. think abolishing ice is a bad idea? racist. think that hundreds or even thousands of people crashing the border at one time is a problem? yep, you're a racist. i believe deporting immigration law breakers is the right thing to do? it's just? absolutely racist. how about detaining people pending their immigration hearing? doesn't that make sense given the backlog? totally racist. believe there is rampant abuse
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of our asylum was? racist. expect new immigrants to speak english? 100% racist. by my count, that means there are more than, this is conservatively-speaking, 100 million racist, maybe even white supremacists in the united states. sorry. i don't think anyone is buying this. racism is a problem. it persists. supremacy is a cancer, but throwing the terms around to tar anyone you disagree with or can't beat at the ballot box is poisonous. and it's dangerous. it's increasingly clear the democrats are really happy unless people out there are angry and agitated and marching through the streets against this president. some like beto o'rourke and congressman escobar encourage people to do just that. >> he's trying to intimidate this community, make us afraid of one another. we will not stand down.
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>> we have to demand accountability. it would have to say, mr. president , your words hard us. >> his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community and i think the people should stand up and say they're not happy. >> laura: the fact that democrats and their media lackeys are turning a time that should be one of solemn remembrance into a sick political circus is disgraceful. how often have you heard them demand that trump, for instance, the more presidential? well, he was that and more toda today. and they wouldn't accept that president trump either. and that's the "angle." joining me now to respond, rudy giuliani, president trump's personal attorney and mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" and fox news contributor. she is also coauthor of the great new best seller "trust is on." rudy in your opinion how does this vicious rhetoric from the left play out? >> first of all i think it's very sad for a country that they're doing this. i don't think i've been more upset than i have been about the
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double standard about ohio and el paso. there are two coin which madmen did horrible things. one motivated by the left and apparently the other motivated by the right and to turn this into some kind of an attack on the president, who was really just trying to heal some of the pain these people are going through, i remember what it meant to new york when president bush came here four days later. it lifted everyone's spirits. if they felt like the country was behind them, and they are depriving these people of that feeling, or at least some of them. i also think politically this doesn't play. this is a very, very -- very partisan, very divisive kind of strategy and i think most of the american people can see through this. but it's a shame that these people have graded themselves to this level to do this kind of thing. it's really shameful.
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>> laura: molly, we've seen a lot in the last few years since president trump was elected. but they have been clamoring for him to be presidential. you should comfort the victims. then when he goes to do just that, the most hateful things -- even more hateful than 24 or 48 hours ago. i've never seen anything like this. >> it has been really difficult to watch. a refusal to simply admit the relaxed dominic election results of 2016, to accept that donald trump won that election and that he is the president, this is something that we saw with the rejection of the election results. the russian collusion hoax narrative. >> laura: you tweeted out a response to pete buttigieg, et cetera it would be nice if at times like these we had a president. making your point that two buttigieg, he is not the president. >> right, and they will not allow him to do presidential things, but the hysteria really is problematic and people
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recognize these attacks on trump for a lot of people it sounds like they are attacking from voters. >> laura: as i sat in the ankle, rudy, it feels like they're attacking the people of america. if you want the border enforced, you are a racist under this new rubric, under this new lingo. if they want circumscribe the way people speak. you can't say certain things because in idiots at the same thing and some whack job manifesto. that is just -- that's ridiculous. you can cherry pick words from pretty much any freak anywhere and try to, what, take them out of the english language? is ludicrous. >> is also completely insane to allow anyone to come into america who wants to come in. and you would have to be a fool not to think that ms-13, terrorist groups, other gangs, drug dealers, wouldn't take advantage of that kind of stupid offer. the last time this was done, carter said to castro "send
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everybody here" and castro sent him 30,000 insane people, maniacs, criminals, who wreaked havoc on miami and the lower part of america for about three years. that was during the boatlift. and now they want everyone to come in. we can't find out who they are. in a world as dangerous as ours, that is -- i don't have a word to describe it. >> laura: here's what i say -- mollie, pick up on this. if they want to change the laws and just have the country be an open barge country, then change the laws. go try to sell that to the american people, but they don't want to do that because they know that's deeply unpopular. what they instead want to do is make people afraid to speak, afraid to be in places and feel demonized for disbelieving america is a special place. we want you here if you are a legal immigrant but it's not just an open door for anyone who wants to come any time. that's not how it works. >> that's what's been so terrifying about what we've
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watched and the last few days. media and some democratic politicians really playing with fire. lying about things that the president has said. >> laura: he's anti-immigrant. how may times have you both heard this in the last 48 hours? he's anti-immigrant. he said this morning i want millions of legal immigrants to come into the country. he said millions, because we have so many more jobs coming into america. but then they took that and they said, mayer, he's anti-latino. he's anti-immigrant. everybody who knows trump knows he's all about legal immigratio immigration. period. this is like a joke. >> i've known him donald trump for 30 years. he's not anti-anybody. is very much focused on merit, on improving america. >> laura: results. >> absolutely. you have it absolutely right. and if anybody wants to understand how bad the democrats have become, read mollie's book. it's a fabulous description of how --
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>> laura: it's a different version, what they did to brett is what they're doing now. >> a very, very fine man frightens a lot of people from going into public office. >> laura: is a great point. >> because they think most people don't have as wonderful a background as brett had. and with his wonderful background they were able to defame him. if they can do it to brett, my god, i don't know what they can do to me. >> laura: [laughs] don't go there, mayor. >> mollie, that's a great book. >> laura: but think of what they're trying to do. we have so many sound bites and want to play because there's so many nut bags on the air today. it's almost like -- i want to blow that off for a second and say they want to stop people from contributing to trump for fear of retribution. they want to stop people from going to trump rallies. if they want to stop people from speaking their minds, mollie. this is where the left wants to go. if they aren't about free speech anymore. >> this clearly is -- you pointed it out, this is cool clearly the 20.
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to include to accuse all of them of racism. this is extremely worrisome, it can produce so much division in stride and is something that should be done but i think it's actually a sign of their weakness. this is the type of thing you do when you don't have good ideas that you have to promote two people and when you don't feel confident, for instance, to be able to sell people on your open borders plan or whatnot. it has been very troubling to watch this and it's very scary and it's very personally threatening 12 officials in our actual federal government trying to docks people for political participation. but it might be a sign of weakness. >> laura: thing you know newcomers mckim ryan urging people to basically march on mitch mcconnell's house today. i don't even know if that's allowed -- i'm not an expert on congressional rules that i'm not even sure that's allowed. but this is where they are. the woman saying she hopes to get stabbed in the heart the other night. and this is the party of peace, tolerance, love and understanding? you got to be kidding me. rudy, i think america sees this for exactly what it is. mollie hit the nail on the head. this is total desperation.
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everything is white super messy and everything is racist if they disagree with the prevailing winds on the left. >> you know what, it's sad to see it because it means when we -- when we say there should be a bipartisan appeal, we should work on things on which we agree, that's complete nonsense. work with them on anything. >> laura: they want to infrastructure. >> and that ultimately -- i believe it's going to give them a great victory a year, a year and a half from now. but what i see happening is you can't get anything done because they will stop anything that trump wants to do, even if they agreed with it three years ago. because it's trump and it's good for us, the american people. >> laura: it's terrible for america, mollie nailed it. it's awful for the body politics for conversation come up for debate, for just human interaction. we used to always be able to disagree with people and you kind of laugh afterwards and say -- and how your kids -- now everyone is like terrified, a
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car backfires in someone's home town they think oh, my god, running for cover. everyone's on edge and tucker said this earlier tonight, everyone needs to calm down. but i'm telling you, mollie, the left does not want people to calm down or to be happy because of a better economy or anything else. they don't want that. >> it does seem that they are just fanning the flames and it's not good. >> laura: both of you, thank you very much. we didn't even get to play all of our whack job sound bites. ridiculing the power of prayer, elites are shockingly doing just that. mocking religious practice in a time of tragedy. >> we don't need thoughts and prayers out of washington. >> the american people are begging us for more than thoughts and prayers. >> thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> laura: joining you know is reverend mark gonzalez, founder of the u.s. hispanic prayer network in the u.s. hispanic action network. referent, is that what the people of el paso and dayton need right now?
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ridicule from the left over religious practice? >> no, they don't. they need more prayer and regardless of what they may be saying now, more prayer is needed because here's the thing, it's a dangerous trek that they're going down right now because here's the thing, the church has always been the pillar of society on prayer has been the pillar of the church. and when situations like this happen to take place, we need to be able to reach out to something greater than ourselves in these situations when tragedy strikes like it strikes here in el paso and dayton, so no, that is the wrong thing to be doing because right now more than ever we need to be projecting hope and giving people hope and let them know that there -- we are going to come out of this we are going to unify and come together, as we are seeing regardless of what is being said right now on prayer in the church, we are still going to come together nonetheless to make sure that we allow the
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community to know that they have the force of prayer behind them and that we will get through this. >> laura: and just because you disagree with someone, whether with the president or someone on the other side of the political aisle, if they are saying they are going to pray for you, don't ridicule them. just like -- you don't like to be ridiculed for whatever your personal practices are, don't ridicule people who say they're going to pray for you. it's completely insulting to millions of americans across the country. and referent, i've got to ask you this because while some on the left demean prayer, here's what in el paso shooting survivor said people were doing during the carnage on cnn, watc watch. >> people were praying in spanish. no, no. and they were on the ground and they still just shot them in the head. i mean, they are praying in spanish. they are praying please, please, don't shoot me that he had no
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remorse for their lives. >> laura: chris, actually did a really good interview last night with christopher grant. it was extremely emotional. but that really -- that stayed with him, that image. >> yes. here's the thing, evil exists in society and we know these -- there's things that will never be able to explain 100% of what's going on and what's taking place. we don't understand why did this take place, what's happening. now we are learning what the individual, but overall in our society there is evil and there is good and there's things that happen like this that are not explainable, but at the end of the day, we still got to come back to the pillar of our society, which is the judeo-christian ethics. the power of prayer, our belief in god. that we have a faith in god that's greater than ourselves. >> laura: transcends politics. >> regardless of what happens in my today, regardless of what's happening in society, we still can get through this and there
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is going to be a better tomorrow and a greater future. we just want to be the church. >> laura: thank you so much. you got it. you've got it. we appreciate it. we'll take a break. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu. back then, we checked times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients... ...that help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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♪ >> laura: former
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vice president joe biden traveled to iowa today and directly blamed president dominic president trump for the two recent mass shootings. >> this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. he's poured fuel on the fire. we have a president with a toxic tongue who was publicly and unapologetically embraced the political strategy of hate, racism, and division. >> laura: but uncle joe seems to be forgetting his own checkered past with racist and divisive linkage. back in june biden came under fire for the use of the word "boy." i was in a caucus with james, biden said, referring to the notorious -- he never called me boy. he always called me son. joining me now is candace owens, author of the upcoming book, blackout. along with her is when nick, democratic strategist. candace commented biden go too far today during these --
7:25 pm
>> i can't decide whether or not he is suffering from amnesia where he's hoping that america is suffering from an agent. as you said, he has a very checkered past. refer to those people, like you just mentioned, jim eastland, and strom thurmond. he called them his mentors. he gave the eulogy and strom thurmond's funeral and he sat there and he said that he was an amazing man and he loved him so much. if this is joe biden, who literally was best friends with these dixiecrat's who essentially raise his political career. now all of a sudden he sang trump's rhetoric is too much. come, the person that received a civil rights award next to rosa parks and muhammad ali for doing so much for black children in inner cities? i don't understand this. it's just typical democrats hoping that america does not remember the past. >> laura: monique, is this day today when the president did what all these democrats they wanted him to do, be presidential, comfort the victims, you need to do this, and then he does it and it's just like wall-to-wall in the moment i woke up to just seconds
7:26 pm
ago before i start of the show, it was nonstop crashing of this president today. why? >> well, the president doesn't mind it being any particular day when he has something to say, right? that's why we woke up yesterday to the trashing of the leader in congress or el paso, who is now running for president, and it was done on texas soil by the president of the united states at the time when all of those people are grieving. -- >> laura: they can do it, but he can't respond? >> there's not really in a room for the impropriety conversation if it's coming from this president. i do agree with candace that there was a time when you receive those honors. he actually was a democrat in those days, if anybody remembers. but i'm not here to defend vice president biden's prior comments. i thought those were inappropriate. i'm not here to defend anyone
7:27 pm
who takes the side of a racist, so when the president retweets the comments about nazi enthusiasts or people in britain who are saying things that are hateful or -- >> laura: you don't it was a what's up are missed in the '80s but you do today? you didn't think he was a white supremacist in the '80s -- >> i said i didn't disagree that he receive those awards. i think the article on the central park five who was then exonerated park five. >> laura: no one can follow central park five but i'm just asking you because i really do want to understand. do you believe in the ' 80s and '90s.donald trump was not a what's a pharmacist or he's been a white supremacist his whole life but hid it from everybody? >> i can't speak about what he had or what i believe, all i can do hope though might go with it is what is factual. so what we know -- if i can just answer, what i'm basing my belief on is the fact that took
7:28 pm
out an article for people who are ultimately exonerated, a full-page ad for those young men -- >> i have to go back in. the central park five. we are talk about central park five. >> she asked if i believed he was a racist -- >> laura: we have limited time. >> so obama was someone who, according to him, was not born in the united states, i guess hawaii is not part of the united states. the immigrants from the first time he came down the escalator were coming back again. >> laura: he said illegal. >> not just the illegals. and i'm not here to defend -- >> he went from being so not racist that al sharpton was hugging him to suddenly one day he decided to run for president and just like that he became an avowed racist and all of a sudden we are digging back into central park five, which by the way is out so that if anybody is found guilty, any person of killing somebody in the park, then they should be put to death. guess what? nobody got told, killed in a park so that's completely
7:29 pm
relevant. all the points just made about some of our five were eroded because a woman did not die, she actually survived. we can debate that another day. what we're talking later today is nobody suddenly becomes racist as time goes on. if you decide that one day he goes never mind, forget me hugging and doing so much for black america but i was receiving awards. a suddenly today i'm a racist? you want to know why he's a racist suddenly? because he ran for the presidency and this is how the democrats scratch of score points ideologically. >> when the entire family was running slum landlord tenements. >> he launched a lawsuit against the state because he felt they were discriminated against spanish people and black people. in 1995 trump to that, you can look up. >> and talk about the city of new york. and when you are exterminating against people at -- >> laura: you think is a racist. >> i don't think that he is. [inaudible] >> laura: that we with you.
7:30 pm
[inaudible] >> in order to stand by your party you do need for them to be racist. >> i don't. >> laura: on a belief candace -- do support people are racist? >> no, that's why i'm a republican. >> laura: i find it's our principle that right now the democrat party, framing these issues the way they are, they are literally saying, without saying the actual words, that 100 million plus americans are racist. >> no. i'm a democrat and that's not what i'm saying at all. i believe, actually, that the vast majority of the people in the united states are not racist and do not like -- i mean are disgusted by the tweets in the comments that come out of the president's mouth. even when i'm on your show, the thing i'm most thankful for is the emails i get from people who say, you know what, i heard you tonight. i voted for trump. i'm not planning to do it again. i wish she would stop saying the things that he's saying. i wish you would stop. on my instagram. at monique presley.
7:31 pm
>> 80% in 2020. >> laura: what i wonder is the trump is a white supremacist -- the trump is a racist over and over and over again. what life in america is that improving? let's say all the democrats think they truly believe that. they've worked with them in the past. they liked him in the past. they hung out with him in the past, they took his donations in the past, but now suddenly it's washed over that he's this terrible awful rotten person. their daily activity in their own input into the political conversation, is it really helping a single black kid in chicago? at one in baltimore? i don't think it's helping anyone. -- >> i think that's a very interesting and necessary question. because sometimes, laura, a truth needs to be told because it is true and especially when it concerns the person who holds the highest office in our land. >> laura: 100 million americans disagree with you.
7:32 pm
>> i don't know where that status coming from but what i can say is as this one little black girl from texas who sitting here right now, if someone is conducting themselves as a racist, i have to be able to say so >> laura: everyone has the right to their own opinion. everyone has the right to speak out, but that doesn't mean you have the right to objective truth. if there is an objective truth. >> the purpose for this is to distract black americans from the fact that democrat policies are actually harming the inner sitters. and i want to talk about illiteracy rates, they don't want to talk about with harming black america because let me tell you, it's not what's a pharmacy, if liberals are primacy. liberal policies that have infested our inner city and are destroying our youth, driving up the gun violence. nobody cares about the gun violence happens in the inner-city. 60 people every weekend in chicago and baltimore. liberal policies. >> not just inner cities, rural cities. people make $20,000 a year. what's the excuse that i?
7:33 pm
>> laura: we are living in the great depression. we are living in the great depression, this is that, the great depression. were going backwards, not forward. i don't believe that. raymond arroyo is up next, stay here.
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7:35 pm
>> laura: it's time for are seen and unseen segment where they expose the big pulp, cultural stores of the day. a new grizzly hollywood film could inspire more mass shootings in a congressman doubles down on doxxing his own constituents. joining us with all the details,
7:36 pm
raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. raymond, there's a new universal film called "the hunt." it sounds like it something that already should have been pulled from production. >> well, the ads have been full stomach full. talk about insensitivity. it's about middle american trump voters who find themselves on a preserve where they are hunted by liberal elites. i wish i were making this up. this week espn refused to error a trailer for the film. according to the hollywood reporter, one character in the movie says "nothing better than going out to the manner and slaughtering a dozen deplorables." this is sort of maze runner. as unbelievable as this premise sounds, watch this clip from the trailer. >> your idea is incredible. >> i can't argue with that. we pay for everything so this country belongs to us. >> it's just business. >> hunting human beings for sport. >> they are not human beings.
7:37 pm
>> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us. >> where did they get you from? >> wyoming. >> orlando. >> and hunt us for sport. >> i know you love red dawn. >> laura: don't give away all my classics. >> it appears this thing kind of turns into a red state dawn. like the deplorables fight back. but consider the cultural impact of a movie like this that you should kill your political adversaries. we know from the justice department's study of mass shooters, reported as last night, that they are emboldened, they are inspired by these violent images. this was clearly a leftist "fantasia," a revenge fantasy complete with blood splatter. we saw this before with the death of a president. remember that film? imagine the assassination of george w. bush a few years back. there was also the interview. remember that movie?
7:38 pm
which imagine kim jong un's assassination. sony pulled that movie. >> laura: see if they ever do the assassination of president g in china. you think the chinese would ever allow that? >> but given the times, given the moment that we are in today, this movie looks more like reality television or a documentary than a film. >> laura: didn't want to play -- >> satire. >> laura: you didn't want to play the first scene, right? because it's so awful. but they're trying to make it like pulp fiction meets red dawn kind of. >> they take stilettos off and shove them through people's eye eyes. horrible things happen in this movie. but universal should pull this movie the way sony pulled -- it's just going to inspire more hate. if we don't need it. last night we reported that congressman joaquin castro tweeted out the top 44 trump donors in san antonio. his own district. he was challenged about doxxing his constituents by msnbc's
7:39 pm
willie giese, watch. >> what is the objective here? what you hope will happen to the 44 private citizens whose names you posted? do you want people to boycott their companies? protest outside their homes? what's the goal here? >> it was meant to draw attention to the fact that we got a lot of people in our community who are respected by san antonio who are contributing to this guy that's using the money to fuel hate. >> what you say to those people this morning who said i made a campaign donation and now i'm going to be harassed? >> and want anybody harassed -- >> but they will be because you put their names in public. >> look, that was not my intention. >> but that's what will happen. >> these things are public. what i would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country. >> his constituents are now saying -- one of whom donated to trump and castro's campaign, they say the congressman is the one fueling hate. this is mark, he is one of the
7:40 pm
44 texans that castro singled out. >> the only reason he did it was to hassle people for supporting a different candidate. and i think is a total demagogu demagogue. i don't mind being highlighted as a trump supporter. i'm rather proud of it. thinking he represents the democratic party that is anti-free speech and dangerous. what was he hoping for? that maybe one of us would get shot? i don't know. >> this is dangerous. people say wait a minute, the ftc records or other for anybody. anybody who contributed to a campaign, you can look it up on the record. >> laura: castro puts a frame. he's framing these donors as he has done to others as white supremacist. that's what he's doing. he's one of the more hateful, more vicious members, and that's saying something, of the new democrat radicals in congress, and he is going to end up getting someone hurt. at that man. >> a step further, he says not
7:41 pm
only did these people support from. trump is a racist, so they are too and here's they work. he put their workplace on that tweet. >> laura: so he wants them not to have a job, feel unsafe in homes and everything he said, no i don't want -- please. if you think any conservatives would get away with that? >> he said in a tweet donald trump us put a target on the back of millions and you are too cowardly or agreeable to say anything about it. how about i stop mentioning trump's public campaign donors and he stopped using their money for ads that fuel hate. >> laura: why doesn't he just come out and say no one can ever be deported? because that's what he -- when he says -- trump is not targeting -- he loves immigrants. illegal immigrants who have been ordered reported, he's following the law, which castro wants to thwart. that's what's going on. >> this is a moment when americans really need community. they need caring. this kind of got you, doxxing "fantasia" violent horrible spite of -- we don't need that. >> laura: we need the rule of
7:42 pm
law. >> whether you're in the media or electric, you shouldn't be fermenting the stuff, it's going to hurt somebody, i agree with you. >> laura: i'm telling you the rule of law needs to be followed and he has a sitting congressman want and is encouraging people to thwart u.s. law. either not deporting people who have been ordered deported or welcoming people across the border who are not yet lawfully invited. that's just ridiculous. raymond, thank you so much. coming up, first they blame trump for the shootings, then what's a pharmacy. you won't believe what they're blaming now. dinesh desousa delves into this twisted logic next. this is hal.
7:43 pm
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>> laura: the left is blaming a lot of people for the shootings in el paso and dayton, seemingly everyone but the government. now they train dumb at blame trump, racism and how california's governor blaming toxic masculinity. >> the shootings overwhelm -- almost exclusively are males, boys. i think that goes deep to the issue of how we raise our boys. values that we tend to hold dear, power, dominance, aggression over empathy, care, and collaboration. >> laura: joined me now is dinesh desousa, conservative commentator. now men acting like men will lead to mass shootings? i mean, what about the cops. this lunatic?
7:46 pm
they were men who acted with force and determination. >> outlook, we might be making a little bit of progress here for a long time when there was a shooting you always hear it was the gun, the gun did it. now at least we are moving past that to the idea that there's a shooter and there are motives. so i don't object to the idea of looking at the sort of cultural and even moral roots of all of this. certainly we have problems rooted in broken families and broken communities. even a spiritual crisis, a sense of nihilism among young people, but look, toxic masculinity. is this kind of a conan the barbarian problem? look at the shooters. they don't look to me like conan the barbarian. they looked to me more like austin powers. you've got these troubled kids with glasses, very nerdy-looking. arguably there suffering from a deficit of masculinity, not too much masculinity. the gun becomes the great equalizer. so i think we are dealing here
7:47 pm
with a little bit of nonsensical speculation from gavin newsom, but the idea that we should look at the broader cultural roots of all of this, i'm not against that at all. >> laura: absolutely, isolationism, connectedness on the internet. but no real human connections. people left behind because of family breakup or breakdown or substance abuse or a combination of all of that. there's no doubt about that. these are deep, complex problems facing a society in many ways i think with lost spiritual cente center. dinesh, also i want to get to this tonight because in the wake of these protests at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's house this week that were vicious, 2020 fanatic tim ryan thinks that the 77-year-old should face more harassment. >> i am leading a caravan in my official capacity as a congressman working with moms demand action to stop -- start
7:48 pm
in youngstown and go to akron and columbus and dayton and cincinnati and pick people up along the way and we are going to louisville, kentucky, and we are going to make sure that mitch mcconnell knows that there are two pieces of legislation sitting on his desk that he needs to bring up for a vote to actually get some actio action. >> laura: just had a woman outside of his house hoping he was going to get stabbed the other night and now it congressman is going to lead a caravan of people to senator mcconnell's home? like he can't reach him when he's back in the office? these are theatrics that can get out of hand and even dangerous. >> i think so. and i think in some ways this point was made earlier in your show, there's a sense of frustration here about trump himself. trump is a little bit like muhammad ali. he taunts these guys, he challenges them into the ring. they're scared of getting into the fight so they go hey listen, let's pick on the coach, let's pick on the old guy in the corner. let's go back after angelo dundee.
7:49 pm
maybe we can terrorize them into submission. i say this is a pathetic effort ultimately now to move away from trump and try to pick on more vulnerable people like mcconnell thinking that maybe the left can do about to better job of terrorizing them because they sure can't terrorize trump. >> laura: it seems that the desperation has set in. i mean, they -- it's like -- i keep saying it like roadrunner. the road runner and wile e. coyote. can ever get the roadrunner. they think they got him. gets off the cleft and then he goes on -- i mean, they just can't do it and i think there literally going insane, but we really appreciate you being onto may. >> my pleasure. >> laura: all right. breaking down the language the left uses to divide america. frank luntz, he's standing by with the words that are being used to incite hate tonight. stay there.
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
♪ >> laura: as we've laid out tonight and this entire week, the left is employing an arsenal of nasty rhetoric that will divide america further. joining me not to break it all down, especially these pertinent phrases in his conversation, is pulsed or group frank luntz. frank, i want to start with this
7:53 pm
common refrain that we hear now from the media. >> he doesn't like mexicans. he doesn't like mexican americans, he doesn't like latinos, he does like immigrants. >> i believe he is someone walking into this crime seat with blood on his hands. >> is very plain and obvious that donald trump is racist. he uses incendiary racial language constantly. >> laura: so frank, is trump is a racist talking point working, reaching and affecting the views of a larger america? >> yes, laura, it is affecting the views of a larger percent of americans, and you know how? it's turning people off against the media. that's not their job. their job is not to label. their job is not to condemn or criticize. their responsibility is to present the language as it is used. to present -- nothing wrong with showing his tweets. he wants it. nothing wrong with joy" of the speeches, he like that. all candidates do.
7:54 pm
but when you start to become a commentator and you try to move people to judge the president before they hear what he says, that's too far, and it is why the media has the list level of credibility at any time since they started pulling this issue more than half a century ago. >> laura: i want to move along to the language democrat politicians are using against the president today. >> we have a problem with the rising tide of white supreme is in america and we have a president who encourages and emboldens it. >> this terrorism that was in part inspired by president trum president trump. >> he has a responsibility, jacob, to recognize his role in all of this. mr. president, your words harmed us. >> there is a very sophisticated network of hate in this country. he is their primary cheerleader. >> laura: frank, does this stick? >> it gets attention, but it doesn't work in the very fact
7:55 pm
that you're showing it, that you're repeating his clips is what they're trying to do. if they want to put the language out there. they want the public to see it. but does it have an impact on? no. all that it does, and it does do this, is after the poison -- i am generally afraid of what's going to happen over the next 15 months because i think that people are just ready to explode on both sides and it's becoming a real problem. >> laura: finally, the president spoke to the press at the end of the visit today in el paso. notice his language versus what we just heard from the media and the left. >> we met with numerous people and we met with also the doctors and their medical staff and they have done an incredible job, both places, just incredible. everyone was so proud of the job that they did because they did a great job. they did a great job here. >> laura: frank, how do you rate that's in a? >> is talking about doctors and nurses and there's a line and that he talks about he doesn't
7:56 pm
want to participate in the partisan politics. he wants to stay above the fray. that's effective language for him and i hope he means it and i hope he actually does it. because both sides -- and i know what i'm saying here. both sides are contributing to the ugliness of politics today and all of us, all of us need to be involved in making this a more productive and a more valuable conversation about what's happening in america today. >> laura: nice to work towards solutions together, that would be nice without demonizing. thank you very much. will be right back. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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♪ >> laura: this hour president trump is making his way back to the white house from andrews air force base. it's been an emotional and i hope ultimately an impactful day. for him, for the country, for those who are grieving and morning, politicizing tragedy,
8:00 pm
not a good thing, none of us should do it. the hate and the rhetoric that we heard over the last four or five days, it's got to -- everyone's got to take a break. speaking of that, i'm going to be taking some time off. see you back your skin. great guest host in the meantime, and shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: enjoy your break, laura, we will miss you. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. if the president's fresh visit with first responders and victims after back-to-back shootings in el paso and dayton, now facing a new line of attack. high-profile democrats are invoking whites of pharmacy to describe the president. hear what rush limbaugh has to say about that coming out. plus, jeanette, president trump signaling he supports background checks and red flag laws. will he take executive action? the nra is weighing in. coming up, the former acting attorney general joins us live. and later, a brand-new violent film about elites literally hunting down so-called


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