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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 9, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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check out my new show on fox nation and i want to thank the great crew here in los angeles and laura ingram for allowing me this chance to keep her chair warm. christine makes me look worthy of being on television and all of you, laura appreciates it and stay right here because more fabulous television and important news coming up with shannon bream and the fox news at night team. shannon: they are a wonderful crew in la. i'm sure they loved having you visit. we will see you soon. fox news alert. in the wake of el paso and dayton calls for boycotts as liberals and celebrities now to cancel a gym membership to equinox after one of them is outed. the trump campaign donor, longtime gop donor firing back, planning to host a fundraiser for the president himself tomorrow. the pressure of the outraged mom. we have brand-new fbi documents
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shedding a lot of light on what bruce or was up to as the investigations into the trump campaign heated up. who was handling information to the fbi and who is the man who says he was desperate that donald trump didn't get elected, we will parse it out in minutes. the us attorney for the northern district of california joins us live after cleaning house in neighborhoods plagued by drug crimes and sex trafficking, 32 arrests and you will never believe how local business owners are reacting to the start of this new trump initiative. we begin with kristin fisher, boycotting businesses that are donated to the trump 2020 campaign. >> we don't know the full impact of what these boycotts in business and public shaming of trump donors will be the trump campaign says the intent is already clear.
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>> the motive of this is to make this as painful as possible to be a trump supported. >> it started this week with joaquin castro tweeting a list of 34 san antonio donors who contributed the maximum amount to donald trump in 2019. >> the contributor wasn't a problem for tying me to that horrific tragedy in el paso was galling. made me sick to my stomach to be bullied with slurs of racism. a lot of people of my generation that support the president are tired of it. >> the president's opponents are just getting started. after the news broke yesterday that stephen ross, chairman and founder of the related companies plan to host a fundraiser for the president at his home in the hamptons friday there have been mass calls to boycott two major
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fitness brands, soul cycle and equinox. that is it tweeted michael moore, just canceled my soul cycle membership, model chrissy teagan told anyone who canceled their memberships to meet me at the library, bring weights, equinox and soul cycle are trying to distance themselves and ross by saying they have nothing to do with the event and do not support it but calls to boycott continue and then there's celebrity chef josé andrea's who runs a restaurant in one of his new york city developments, he's asking ross to use your conscience, cancel this fundraiser for donald trump, you are a good man, don't support a candidate whose goal is to drive my beloved usa apart, ross is not canceling it is defending himself by saying i have known donald trump for 40 years and why we agree on some issues we strongly disagree on many others and i've never been bashful about expressing my opinions. congressman castro is defending
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his decision to share that list of trump donors because it was already public information including the fact six of those donors according to the washington examiner had also given money to castro and his twin brother, 2020 contender julian castro. it is unclear at this time if castro knew about that. >> we know in 70 communities business owners on both sides of the aisle have interests no matter who wins. thank you. reports tonight that the mother of the man accused of killing 22 people in his el paso walmart called the police weeks before the massacre. she reportedly had concerns about a firearm her son owned and though she reportedly didn't give her name or her son's name and officer allegedly told her because he was 20 when he was legally allowed to purchase the weapon. our other top story tonight on the investigation into the investigators at the fbi and it
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is a doozy. as house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is talking about formal impeachment proceedings we found brand-new documents that raise more questions about the origin of the russia probe. jonathan hunt has more, he's taking the documents as well. >> the justice department has released notes from a series of fbi interviews with bruce ohr who met with christopher steele, the man who offered the infamous and salacious dossier on then presidential candidate donald trump. the fbi notes known as 302s were released as part of the freedom of information request by the conservative foundation judicial watch. bruce ohr was the fbi's unofficial conduit to steal and this remains he was in close condo communication with the former spy even after steel was cut off at the source by the fbi as a result of leaks to the media.
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a key line in the document states in december 2016 steele admitted that he was, quote, desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the us president. one source speaking to katherine herridge said this had the effect of putting a senior doj official notice but a witness/source had an extreme bias was the first foreign intelligence surveillance act or fisa application targeting trump campaign advisor carter page went into effect one month later. the fisa court was not told about steel's opinions on donald trump nor the dossier steel compiled had been funded by fusion gps which in turn was being paid by the democratic national committee and a lawyer connected to hillary clinton's campaign but the notes released
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tonight suggest that ohr told the fbi several of than obama administration were aware. >> he confirms when fusion gps had been talking to the state department this was going to a state department official, the clinton campaign and the fbi, talk about a joint operation. >> reporter: it is worth pointing out that according to the documents ohr and steel continue to communicate through may 2017. that is when the special counsel robert mueller was appointed and at least 6 months after steel was terminated as a source by the fbi. >> bruce or communicating on an encrypted apps and communications between the two continued long after the fbi had fired steel.
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let's turn to deputy assistant attorney general john you, thank you for being with us. i want to start with you, you know these key players because of your work for the doj. what are your impressions about what we're learning tonight? >> there is still a bunch of questions. we are getting closer to knowing more about the origins of this probe and what conduct or perhaps misconduct had taken place. what i look at that is really interesting is for 6 months a decommissioned informant is being interviewed or connected through bruce ohr, why are they having these meetings, why are they collecting information from bruce ohr as he continues to work this relationship he had with steel. we are not always there for answers but we have some big questions. shannon: nelly ohr was his wife, she was hired to do research for fusion gps. one of the things that caught my
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attention in the 302 to make, these fbi notes on interviews with bruce ohr, glenn simpson fusion gps hired to conduct research for his firm or voluntarily provided his wife's research to the fbi with the fusion gps header that was stripped. what do you make of this, essentially seems to be a back channel, once steel was formally fired, this information was still there. >> what you see is an incredible tangled web of conflicts of interest. incredible to me that bruce ohr is still in the job and hasn't accused himself when his wife is working for the opposition research firm for hillary clinton and his transmitting information that she deliberately conceals. the second weird thing that is going on which gives a lot of fodder to people who think
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there's a deep state conspiracy is bruce ohr is a high-level manager in the justice department, he's not supposed to be conducting daily conversations with the potential spy or source, it is fbi. attorney general bar was handing cash to vladimir putin's secretary, ridiculous you have a high-ranking justice department official essentially trying to pretend he's james bond - 7, when you see that kind of involvement it makes you think something else is going on, that there are interior motives in the last thing it is worth pointing out is there's still more to come, so many gaps of information we need to know and i think there's going to be further investigations. a lot of this information is being used to get surveillance warrants and misrepresentations to the court that is punishable as a crime. >> ohr talks about the fact that steele was worried about congressional testimony former fbi director james comey was going to give.
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can you read through the section, what that signals if anything for you? >> steel is an operator in every sense of the word. he got fired for leaking to the press his own self-serving stories. is pouching for the uncountable, saying this dossier is true but by the way i hate trump. there is a lot going on in his head that seems politically oriented as opposed to being law enforcement oriented and the fact that the fbi still wants to connect up with him after he has been fired for leaking is a huge problem so where we are left is we need to know who else is being told about stealing his shortcomings as a source of information, why in that fisa application, does it lowball the bias of that particular document, may not destroy the probable cause in general but they lowballed it and kept it in that lowball status of possibly politically oriented for summary
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applications, they could have corrected it at any point over a period of months but let it lie as a fairly reliable document. >> katherine herridge is on vacation. she is off but she has been looking at these things and says one of the things that caught her attention is why the fbi only began debriefing ohr after the election when they knew he had been providing information all along up until then. >> it is really word. they are talking to him after the election and the second thing is he still talking to steel until mueller is appointed, that is extremely inappropriate and makes you think these conflicts of interest are not just innocent mistakes, they look like more coordinated activities to try to gather more anti-trump information and break normal rules. >> we know more is coming. the inspector general will be in by september, just weeks away so we will have many more conversations about this. thank you both.
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former deputy director andrew mccabe is suing the bureau and the justice department over his firing. he was dismissed after the inspector general family, quote, lacked candle regarding his involvement in a disclosure regarding an fbi litigation. his lawsuit now comes two days after peter stzrok filed a lawsuit alleging his firing from the fbi was politically motivated. donald trump named justice maguire as acting director of national intelligence one week from today. he is currently the director of the national counterterrorism center. the deputy, set to leave their posts on the 16th. a trump appointee wages war against the drug and sex trafficking neighborhood but he is doing it in a sanctuary city so not everyone is happy. us attorneys for the northern district of california david anderson joins us next. need cash?
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. in the wake of the deadly mass shannon: a fox news alert. in the wake of the deadly mass standing southern california police are hammering the controversial are designed to relieve prison overcrowding because police say 33-year-old zachary castaneda killed four, wanted two more during ability to our rampage across orange county south of los angeles that left even veteran police officers horrified. >> person should have been in prison and not allowed to be in our community committing these violent acts. california law enforcement agency 7 crippled by bill 109 and offenders are not being held accountable for their crimes. >> police a castaneda has numerous prior convictions and
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he was in a bond awaiting several criminal charges. california police asking help from the public in the case of the missing 31-year-old woman last seen in the monrovia area. authorities worry amanda may have been kidnapped by her boyfriend. take a look at the surveillance video of her boyfriend at a gas station just hours after witnesses say they saw him, stuff embodied into the back of his car, police don't know what he did or where he went in the 5 hours after this. another troubling piece to this case in the form of a rat*blooge >> investigators have headed that video and determined that was the suspect in this case wrapping about killing a female. he remains in custody on unrelated domestic violence case this investigation is ongoing. >> he was arrested on the mystic violence charges the day after.
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law enforcement officials are getting a pat on the back, local business owners are praising the kickoff of a trump administration initiative to crack down hard on crime. 32 people were arrested in the tenderloin district yesterday, residents of long complained little was being done. >> pretty bad, shooting up right in front of you. >> first time in 40 years, this is the first time any high law enforcement official made these kind of commitments to the neighborhood. >> joining me is david anderson, welcome, great to have you with us. what we are hearing from people is this was a crackdown of an area where you believe, at least investigation i read about shows me there was a trail from mexico to seattle, tell us about the investigation and these arrests. >> we filed charges that alleged
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this was a drug traffic organization with its roots in honduras, mexico through los angeles all the way to the east of the bay area of california where drug dealers stay in houses and in san francisco where they distribute their drugs. >> i want to read something that this was a note that went out, they were having an operation and they say 50 arrests, concurrently with what you guys were doing, they posted this note writing the number of dealers, particularly my usual bus stop seemed to be weighed down. i only spotted one or 2 regulars around the neighborhood, it is so nice to not feel constantly on guard in my neighborhood even for a few days. please let us know what neighbors can do to help you. is that generally the reaction
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you are getting? >> getting stronger expressions of support all across the city including people in law enforcement, public officials, many of those who expressed support are private but nonetheless appreciated. >> i want to read something from one san francisco supervisor who said because you are living in a state that is a sanctuary state in many ways, i hope it isn't a way to get around sanctuary laws, there can be an important role for us attorneys going after higher-level individuals and i hope that is where they would put their focus. the reports are most of those arrested were honduran nationals. i will give you a chance to correspond the supervisor who worries this could be a end run around the sanctuary laws. >> thing i would tell you is this is a public safety initiative, not a deportation initiative or immigration initiative. if you are someone who is committing federal criminal
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misconduct in san francisco we are coming for you regardless of your race, ethnicity or national origin. >> this investigation was a long time in the making. should we expect more of these operations? >> we have stood up and initiative, federal initiative, that we will persist in this initiative for a minimum of one year and i have pledged to dedicate the work of 15 assistant us attorneys, 15 federal prosecutors to this effort, been joined by more than 15 federal law enforcement agencies who have made similar commitment of resources to this initiative. >> the folks you've got, we will continue to watch because we know there's a delicate balance between sanctuary laws and what you are trying to get done. thank you. the washington post playing clean up after publishing an article with more than a dozen
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errors topping the real news roundup. the article on black family struggling to hold onto their land was written by freelance writer portia wilson, they should statement say we are embarrassed by the widespread errors in his freelance article. we published a detailed correction of each parent updated story based on reporting by, quote, staff. democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez giving advice to the nation's mainstream media tweeting a list of things she would do if she were journalist including interviewing, quote, actual experts on white supremacy and barring neo-nazis from appearing on television. a powerful homecoming at dallas airport, the body of colonel roy knight junior who went missing in action in vietnam after his plane was shot down 52 years ago finally making it home to america. his son, captain brian knight flew the plane that carried them home. his twitter campaign account frozen for posting videos of people targeting him.
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>> 2020 democratic candidates making the rounds of the iowa state fair, to deep-fried everything. it is known for the hot beef summer and the legendary pork shot. several reports pointing out cory booker is a vegan. this cannot sustain eating meat. he blames industrial culture. then there's senator elizabeth warren who just released a green new deal for farmers which encourages breaking up meat packers and pesticide manufacturers and encouraging climate friendly ag practices. here's how one iowa farmer sees the plan. >> the green new deal says we need to get rid of cows. i don't agree with that because well-managed grassland with all
12:30 am
these paddocks like that, has about eight different paddocks, you're going to use more co2 because of the regrowth all the time. >> former vice president joe biden visited today, he's coming under fire for an apparent gaffe. >> for kids just as bright and talented as well the kids. think about how we think about it. >> he also said he would online the tariffs against china. here is how one pig farmer sees the current state of the trade war. >> it is a little scary. we have to rely on trade. one out of 4 pigs the country, we raise soybeans and we've done damage to the soybean trade we
12:31 am
won't get back. >> in terms of when the long game, pig farmers are still on the president's side. >> one of donald trump's trade advisors on china is joining us with new developments on tariffs. republicans battling twitter after the social media site froze the reelection account for mitch mcconnell's campaign. wait until you hear why. mark meredith is here, good evening. >> mitch mcconnell says he has no plans to call the senate back into session to debate gun-control. he says lawmakers will discuss it next month but that is not soon enough for some democrats are trying to bring the debate to mcconnell. gun-control advocates have made it clear they despise mitch mcconnell. >> sam him in the heart. >> this is video from earlier this week when protesters showed up outside mcconnell's kentucky home. his twitter account shared video of the protests, now twitter is frozen the campaign's account,
12:32 am
twitter sent a statement, quote, the users were temporarily locked of their accounts retweet that violated violent press policy, specifically involving safety. several gop political groups including the national republican senatorial committee, suspended any more money on twitter ads until the account is unfrozen. the secular director says someone threatens to stab the majority leader tim mitch posted a video and they get locked out? mcconnell called into whas to blast the decision. >> shows you the political tilt, the left-wing tilt of these big companies and how they try to suppress speech. >> reporter: this is mcconnell faces renewed pressure from lawmakers to take up gun-control legislation. congressman and 2000 presidential hopeful tim ryan on a caravan of activists from ohio
12:33 am
to kentucky. >> time to start playing offense. we will not let this it should be defined by the nra anymore. >> reporter: mcconnell has exposed efforts to expand the background checks in the past but he's open for debate. >> when we get back hopefully we will be in a position to agree on things on a bipartisan basis and go forward. >> reporter: mcconnell says he has spoken with donald trump about the gun debate and says those discussions remain ongoing. >> california in the right news roundup. cities like los angeles developing immunity to certain rodents. a democratic proposal would outlaw second-generation, they could also kill rat predators like bobcats. environmentalists outraged over federal conversation plan shooting some elks each year. park officials say they were taking heat from cattle that are
12:34 am
vital to farms and ranches that had been in office before the land -- portland's democratic mayor will use whatever means necessary to keep the peace ahead of planned antifa protests, wanted what he calls extremists from across the political spectrum in an online video declaring, quote, we don't want you here. state wildlife official in colorado save thousands of tarantulas are going to descend on the state incoming weeks, part of their annual migration that begins this month. in the aftermath of the el paso shooting some are mocking those offering thoughts and prayers. >> we can't just keep doing thoughts and prayers. we have to have action. >> pastor robert jeffers on deck to discuss next. never seen bef. bloom, there it is! bloom, there it is! bloom, there it is! this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. offer ends soon, at outback.
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>> shannon: tonight the >> the national rifle situation is in a heated debate over new calls gun-control.
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doug mcelway tells us the nra is dealing with internal conflict. >> hello, what is your -- >> reporter: it is a predictable pattern after this all too common form of carnage. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: republicans mostly resist was the nra pushes that confidence in the loyalty of 5 million was members in washington. this time may be different. three mass shootings in 7 days with internal strife at the nra. according to news reports the nra claims its agency tried to have the nra by a multimillion dollar estate in a golf community. and 3 members of the nra, and
12:40 am
the internal squabbling coupled with sheer repetition of mass shootings may have changed the dynamic. >> reporter: that is why the nra is losing membership. people jumped out of it because they are so radical. nobody wants to come to the 50 yard line. >> reporter: contrast that with david french, trashing the new york post editorial the claims ar 15s our, quote, regularly use only in mass shootings, writing all -- i use want to protect my family. when key player in the fight appears to be signaling a step towards compromise. >> something that is very good. >> reporter: with the president men's remains to be seen. gun rights advocate senator joe manchin told the wall street journal if the president supports expansion of background
12:41 am
checks and red flag laws it will give congressional republicans cover. one of the patterns of past mass shootings is they are generally followed by a spike in nra membership revenue and an increase in gun sales. >> reporter: politicians and public official to offer thoughts and prayers in the wake of tragedies are facing unprecedented levels of criticism. take this example from a washington post,. christians have a responsibility to pray for those suffering in the wake of those shootings in el paso and dayton but appeal to thoughts, present spiritual renewal conservatives an excuse for not doing anything practical about the gun problem we face in america. first baptist dallas pastor robert jeffers, i want to start with you. the conversations about evangelicals and questions who are not willing to take any movement on the gun issue. your response?
12:42 am
>> that is completely false. the washington post op-ed writer said that and i am taking action. like somebody said there is nothing of importance you can do until you pray but many things importance you can do after you pray. i'm glad the president is considering the possibility of background checks and red flag laws but the fact is if we depend on legislation alone to solve the gun problem we are going to be sadly disappointed. the state of illinois has the most stringent gun laws in the country and a chicago hospital had to stop accepting new patients because it's trauma unit was overrun with gunshot victims. there was a spiritual component of this gun violence problem we must address, and alongside any proposed legislation.
12:43 am
shannon: governor mike huckabee, frequent guest, said this is never going to end and so we have a reawakening of morality and values. until kids are brought up to believe we are all made in the image of god, that life is sacred and superficial differences like skin color are meaningless. he said he's not surprised kids don't have respect for life. he's more surprised than people think they should in the current environment be growing up with that feeling the same way folks did 50 years ago. >> if that were simply the issue, western europe would be suffering from far worse mass shootings than we are suffering. we don't have a national harmonization, to point out illinois. and it is important that we remember these weapons will kill dozens more people in the time
12:44 am
it took kane to beat able to death with a stone. we need to remove those weapons from peoples hand so we are not going so rapidly. >> republicans thoughts and prayers has become a cruel joke, do they not realize thoughts and prayers has become a meme to give the cynical punchline conveying inaction on guns? it is like what people say when they plan to do nothing. eventually americans will force republicans to act. until then here's a thought, we don't have a prayer. >> i'm not arguing we shouldn't do anything. i think we all understand the second amendment has limits just like the first amendment with free speech does. we don't believe everybody has a right to have a nuclear weapon. we don't believe 4-year-olds not to have guns. i'm not arguing against legislation. i'm saying one thing we can do is quit this devaluation of human life in our society that
12:45 am
is seen by the glorification of violence. by the mass slaughter of a class of citizens, the unborn, by teaching our children they are nothing but evolutionary accident instead of they are created by god, of value to god and accountable to god for their actions. all of this is important if we are going to solve this problem. >> is there space for both of these things? the professor is saying he's not against the things like legislatively getting things done but is there a discussion we can have about the culture and mass violence being perpetrated in entertainment with no consequences and those kind of things as well? >> individual parents and how we raise our children, i don't here my kids, that is my choice. as a parent, those things are not leading to violent outcomes. a study by the american psychological association, south
12:46 am
korea outspends on violent video games but have less than 1% mass shooting problems because they don't have access to firearms. there is -- we should encourage morality towards treating each other equally and supportively and loving one another but we can't just allow them to have access to weapons that allow this kind of mass slaughter. >> sounds like you have a lot of common ground on these issues in ways to tackle this so please continue the conversation. great to have you both. who has the upper hand in the trade war with china? stick around with michael pillsbury.
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>> shannon: you are looking, shannon: you are looking live at utah where mudslides are trapping people in canyons was residents, some roads are being closed. no reports of injuries. we will keep an eye on that. using laser pointers after a student leader was arrested after several of these devices,
12:51 am
hong kong police branded the laser pointers offensive weapons. they needed medical attention after protesters pointed the lasers at them. they will feel the pinch during the next phase of donald trump's trade war with china. from the peterson institute, so far the ripple effect is not been felt by consumers at walmart or wherever. to the next installment of tariffs, that -- the center for chinese strategy michael pillsbury. what is the hold up? in september people are getting very nervous. what is the blockade here? >> the good news that talks are scheduled for september. i remain slightly optimistic we will get a deal done. what the big holdup is, the chinese thought 150 pages they
12:52 am
agreed to was only voluntary which is guidance, they try to do better and not force as much technology transfer as in the past. they came to realize it was legally binding. law students could be filed in china or the united states, a 3 layered court system and tariffs, another punishment could be administered with anybody in china including the government and their companies when caught violating this 150 page draft. that made donald trump angry. and has more things to do if the september jobs number doesn't go well. >> we were talking about all this and didn't know you were
12:53 am
going to do that. is that because they have gotten away with so much and there's a new sheriff in town? >> it is partly donald trump, underestimated his determination. this is something donald trump has written about and spoken about for 20 years. not only has supported the voters but a lifetime? china go straight -- the chinese underestimated that and thought it was just another same old president, an agreement in principle to do better. shannon: it could cause a recession in 9 months if implemented. if the us were to implement 25% tariffs on all imports in china and china were to respond with countermeasures we believe we will see the global economy into recession in three quarters.
12:54 am
>> excessively -- very much worst-case. donald trump hasn't gone the full 25%. some companies will get waivers. they are meeting with the executive branch. the chinese haven't responded as much as they could. it is premature to be so nightmarish. the optimistic side is a deal reached in the next 2 or 3 months, a low hanging fruit, grafted of things they understand that are legally binding. call it phase i of the agreement, get the panic down, have stock market and growth rates go up and tackle the harder issues later in the president's second term. i don't know if the white house will do that but that is one idea.
12:55 am
shannon: there are folks across the continent hoping he doesn't have a second term in relation to these agreement. >> i think the president is right about that. they think biden is going to win. some chinese rent of said biden will win for sure, we just have to wait 18 months. shannon: we hope you will be here a lot more. it may not be as big or flashy is equinox but it's owner has a heart of gold. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans
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is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. >> several food processing plants left in children stranded while their parents were detained. jordan marx was so moved by the kids, their parents are being processed and even arranged rides. to jordan and all the residents who helped the kids, but his grown-up situation, you are
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tonight's midnight hero's. thank you for joining us tonight, most watched, most trusted, most grateful for spending the evening with us, good night from washington. >> good morning to you. it is friday. you made it through the week. this is "fox and friends first". border breakthrough apprehensions klinzing for the second straight month. they are signaling a major win for the white house and american people. mitch mcconnell's campaign locks off twitter for sharing this protest video. how the senate majority leader and the rest of the gop are


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