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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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tonight's midnight hero's. thank you for joining us tonight, most watched, most trusted, most grateful for spending the evening with us, good night from washington. >> good morning to you. it is friday. you made it through the week. this is "fox and friends first". border breakthrough apprehensions klinzing for the second straight month. they are signaling a major win for the white house and american people. mitch mcconnell's campaign locks off twitter for sharing this protest video. how the senate majority leader and the rest of the gop are taking the tech giants head on. that is just a little cute as to
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what is coming up, he talked his way into the nfl try outs and is a preseason star. the incredible play one in a hopeful added to his improbable journey. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ bill: hall and oates to get you started, you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. happening right now a manhunt intensifying for a gunman who shot and killed two people in
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the middle of rush hour. the shooter slammed into another car in houston before he got out of his truck with another person and opened fire. >> witnesses say was a long rifle. it was a gun similar to an ar 15. heather: a large trash bag filled with marijuana was found in the suspect's van. a motive is not yet known. a former firefighter stop the potential mass shooting at a walmart. police say a man showed up in a bullet proof vest, loaded rifle in springfield, missouri. a store manager saw the man and pull the fire alarm to get people out. that is when a firefighter stopped the gunman and held him until police arrived. >> i've been in public safety a long time and even though i am no longer in public safety i
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feel i can protect people if i need to and that was my intention. hopefully my actions prevented something like el paso from happening. heather: the suspect had 100 rounds of ammunition and is under arrest, no shots were fired. the gang member arrested for did the stabbing spree and robbery rampage is due in court today. zachary castaneda is accused of murdering four people during a 2-hour rampage in southern california. police say this disturbing video shows castaneda slashing a woman with two knives. she fought back, she survived. the suspect was arrested outside a gas station covered in blood. police say he is extremely dangerous. >> he is a violent individual who never should have been considered for early release. >> a random act of violence and he unleashed evil across our two counties. heather: castaneda was on bail
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for concealed weapons charge. a cell phone belonging to the dayton shooter is unlocked by the fbi. the gunman had multiple calls, and clear of all of them, uncovering the social media accounts just days after he shot and killed 9 people including his own sister. still looking for that. progress at the border is apprehensions plunged to a nearly 6-month low. border officials helping to crackdown on illegal immigration. doug luzader is live in washington with more on what is behind the big drop. >> the first time we have seen numbers like these, customs and border protection said that back
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in july they encountered 82,000 people along the border with mexico. a drop of 20% a month before. in june the number was 104,000 and even that was higher in may. also fallen the number of families and minors crossing the border and as follows mexico's agreement in june to expanded effort to stem the flow of immigrants heading north. officials are defending immigration enforcement actions following the largest ice raid ever in mississippi for nearly 700 people were arrested. >> this administration, this president is all about law and order. without laws we have no order and without enforcement of laws we have no justice. as long as we are around in this department of justice we are going to enforce the laws on our books. >> reporter: half of those arrested in mississippi were released in order to appear before immigration. shannon: thank you.
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the ice raids in mississippi that we told you about slammed by many on the left as an american and inhumane, former acting ice director tom homan said that couldn't be further from the truth. >> this is law enforcement. this is a large-scale criminal investigation that deals with identity theft, tax innovation, harboring illegal aliens, a criminal investigation that has been put together for months. has nothing to do with the timing of what happened in el paso and dayton. this is a little investigation. a lot of credits, employers are committing misdemeanors and felonies. this is a criminal investigation. knowingly hiring illegal aliens and tax schemes.
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heather: 680 people were arrested in those rates. the gop declaring war on twitter after the platform freezes mitch mcconnell's reelection account. the move comes after mcconnell posted this video of protesters screaming death threats outside his kentucky home. twitter claims it goes against his violent threat policy. >> this is typical from twitter and big tech. congressman castro calling for retribution against trump supporters, trump donors, twitter doesn't do anything about that but when mitch mcconnell who's life is threatened, he exposes what these left-wing wackos are doing and twitter shut them down. >> reporter: the republican national committee and the trump campaign say they will not spend any advertising on twitter, we will talk more about this coming up later on the show.
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the mayor of chicago slamming donald trump are considering commuting rod blagojevich's sentence. the former illinois governor has been treated unbelievably unfairly tweeting this overnight. many people have asked i study the possibility of commuting his sentence and it was a very severe one. white house staff is continuing to review this matter. democrat lori lightfoot told the chicago tribune, quote, the president is a person who doesn't respect the rule of law. we have no idea what the process is for making these important decisions. rod blow boy of rich has served half of his sentence for federal corruption charges. democrats cried foul on a bill to increase penalties for harassing police officers. new york state republicans pushing a bill to make throwing water on police a felony punishable by four years in prison. after some viral video showed new york's finest getting soaked.
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since pouring water on crops, the bill cannot be taken up after the status of leaving the session. in the preseason moment. he lied his way into a tryout, going viral. >> outside the 15 and he is gone taking it the distance of the touchdown. >> giuseppe returning the puns, 86 yards for the touchdown. he made the roster after checking into a tryout claiming he knew a team official even though he wasn't invited. he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds.
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big night of free season football, the panthers beat the bears last night. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour and democratic front-runner joe biden gets a moment to shine at the iowa state fair. >> we choose science over fiction, we choose -- choose truth over facts. shannon: will that stumble costume as they head to iowa today? jim mclaughlin says it only goes downhill from here for biden and he is here live to explain. free flights for a month. one airline giving them away. stay tuned. ♪ here you go little guy.
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>> we choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over facts. >> we have this notion that if you are poor you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. heather: joe biden stumbling at the least through some of his lines in front of voters in iowa. as candidates to send a mechanical caucus state who has most to gain? former trump campaign pollster jim mclaughlin. thank you for joining us. let's begin with joe biden, truth over facts, he had a problem getting through there. >> typical joe biden. he's not inspiring a lot of confidence. think about it. last time he ran in iowa in 2008 he got less then 1% of the vote. his folks are looking at him right now. when he got into the race, he
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was over 40%. now he's down to 30%. look at the polls in iowa he is in the 20s. >> and that type of thing, there is a steady downfall ever since. he is not a front-runner. the interesting part, the most recent poll that came out in iowa, alyssa before his triple, he is, quote, slightly ahead but not showing momentum. heather: elizabeth warren is confronted by an iowa farmer about wanting to aluminate cows, the green new deal. >> the green new deal, we need to get rid of cows. my point is we have become so
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ignorant of the basic principles of biology and food production. heather: that reminds me of what happened with hillary clinton when it came to call when talking about eliminating coal to people who deal with call every day and need those jobs. farmers, same thing. >> one of the reasons i love iowa because iowa because their caucus structure is -- makes you talk to voters. what he is doing, pointing out the radicalism going on right now in the democratic primary for president. heather: we got so long to go. >> reporter: i look at it, the national polls. what is more important, the polls in new hampshire and in iowa.
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a different race is going on where you have joe biden in the low 20s, it really forces you to campaign and the retail politics. donald trump excelled four years a, dominated the iowa caucus. came really close. catapulted him to the victory. heather: he went to all the states hillary clinton did not go through. >> he once up winning iowa in the general election. he went out there, and voters understood that and he connected to middle-class america. >> it is not going to come across as authentic. >> voters in iowa are very
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smart, nothing better than the iowa state fair. >> anything you could possibly want. have a great weekend. the time is 17 minutes, at least killing deplorables. a massive backlash growing around the country. and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> former deputy fbi director is suing the trump administration for what he calls a wrongful firing.
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andrew mccabe, trump's unconstitutional plan and scheme to discredit and remove doj and fbi employees because they were not politically loyal to him. donald trump says mccabe was biased against him after his wife took political donations from a political action committee tied to clinton allies. mccabe was fired just days before his retirement and peter heather nauert he sued the doj over his firing which house democrats pushing for impeachment, whether nancy pelosi is ready or not. >> this is formal impeachment proceedings. we are investigating the evidence and at the conclusion of this vote to vote on impeachment to the house for we won't. heather: jerry nadler is not waiting for nancy pelosi who has
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been hesitant to move forward with the process. the committee is looking into alleged misconduct related to the russia probe. hunting political opponents for sport. nbc universal is moving ahead with plans to release this controversial film called the hunt even after the studio pulled some ads over claims it promoted violence against so-called deplorables. aishah hasnie has more reaction. everyone talked about this. >> reporter: people talking about it at work, at home. the movie is on for it september release despite backlash over its depiction of elite vacationers who hunt and kill people who some are calling deplorables. >> every year bunch of elites kidnapped normal folks like us. and and us for sport. >> reporter: the hollywood reporter claiming the movie was
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originally called red state versus blue state and early in the screenplay a character says, quote, nothing better than going out to the manner and slaughtering a dozen deplorables, the word hillary clinton use to describe donald trump supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign. fox news cannot confirm that line about deplorables is in the movie but espn has pulled ads from the film and universal executives are aware of the widespread objections. they have temporarily pulled their marketing. studio official tells fox news there are no plans to not release the movie, no plans to move the release. critics say this movie goes way beyond satire. >> the liberal twitter storm fantasy taken to the next level was on twitter they destroy your career, get you fired, close down your restaurant, but the
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so-called sapphire wants to take it to the next level and make it impossible. >> a lot of people pointing to the recent shootings in el paso, bad timing. >> it could give people ideas, you never know. reaction lighting up on social media with many bashing the movie, chad posting and instagram this is horrible and wildly irresponsible in times like these. are politics aside this movie is released, may be the inspiration for killing, led by example, not by hate. is this really the message and already divided united states needs to hear? carol commented on instagram so typical of hollywood to produce a movie condoning violence and killing all the while condemning any use of guns in real life. heather: that is a very good.we
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will see how it does in september. we appreciate it, have a good weekend. time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. equinox and full cycle facing boycotts because their chairman is hosting a trump fundraiser but do members think it will work? >> this isn't going to do anything. why would i care for my membership? >> for people to be very disrespectful. heather: rob schmidt is here live, all kinds of folks in the studio. don't miss thompson square, they are setting up live all morning long for the all-americans summer concert series, stay tuned for that.
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heather: look at our top headlines this morning. a manhunt is intensifying for a gunman who shot and killed two people in the middle of rush hour. investigators say the shooter slammed into another car in houston before he got out of his truck with another person and opened fire. police found large trash bags filled with marijuana in the suspect's van and a motor was not yet known. companies gathering up white house to discuss violent online extremism, the meeting comes after it was revealed the el paso shooting suspect posted a racist manifesto on an online message board. it is unclear which companies will attend. apprehensions at the southern border plunging for a second straight month dropping below 100,000 for the first time since february, us border officials crediting mexico for stepping up its effort to slow the flow of central american migrants.
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billionaire investor stephen ross will hold a fundraiser for donald trump today. this despite boycotts by the left aimed at two investments, a luxury gym, and equinox which i profile democrats and celebrities calling for members to cancel their membership in protest saying i always have been an active participant in the democratic process, some prefer to sit outside the process and criticize, i prefer to engage directly and support the things i deeply care about. i have and will continue to support leaders on both sides of the aisle. we wanted to know are members willing to cut ties? rob schmidt joins us to talk about that. >> just walked away in midtown and we got to talk to people from all sides of politics, somebody from the left, the regular the center, imagine that. >> i think you should keep politics out of it. i like equinox, have been a
1:32 am
member for ages. >> you will not be canceling membership. >> no way. it is a great club. >> it is dysfunctional thinking. i'm going to cancel my membership because i want to feel like taking action toward the administration i don't agree with, it isn't going to do anything. why would i cancel my membership. >> there are people calling for you to cancel this membership. >> it is one of the best gems in the city. >> for people to be very disrespectful. >> an instructor. >> is politics going too far? >> yes. everybody has a right to make a decision, freedom of speech. >> his politics are his politics and his business is his business and i love the gym and i'm going to go because it is about me and my work out.
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>> reporter: resounding no is what we got from people at the equinox where you would think there would be a lot of pressure. it is a very blue city. when the pressure comes, even people just hated donald trump, this is the stupidest thing i ever heard, this is going to do nothing and they make a good point because look at what stephen ross owns. he owns apartments all over new york. shannon: one of the biggest new developments in town. you asked of politics is gone too far, as a result you need to work out to get rid of the stress on watching all the coverage. thank you so much. two russian bombers were just
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intercepted off the coast of alaska. the warplanes spotted in international airspace with 20 us and canada, never entered american territory, the second time a russian aircraft has been spotted in the area this month. the interception comes a week after the us withdrew from a cold war military treaty with russia. the doj revealing the fbi used the steel dossier for fisa warrant application. listen to the story. this was despite the agency documenting former spy chris for steel's bias against donald trump. lindsey graham believes this could be the tip of the iceberg. >> the people who started the investigation against donald trump wanted him to lose and her to win. the chief source of the fisa warrant was mister steele, there is a common theme here that the investigation of trump was very biased.
1:35 am
heather: documents show bruce or -- ohr maintained contact for six months after steel was fired by the fbi. much more to come on that. funeral services underway in el paso as families say goodbye to the 22 people killed in that horrific shooting rampage. the aspiring teacher was killed alongside his wife of 15 years, maribel fernandez. two funerals were also held in juarez, mexico for mendoza and ivan manzano. nonprofit group is making sure no families have to pay, funerals continue through the weekend into next week. our prayers with the families. majority leader mitch mcconnell says new gun legislation must be addressed. >> the urgency is not lost on
1:36 am
any of us because we've seen too many of these outrageous acts my mentally deranged people. >> expanded background checks by gun buyers, he is hoping to lead a bipartisan effort when the senate returns in the fall. 9 democrats qualify for next month, presidential debate. andrew yang, the latest 2020 hopeful to meet the qualifications by reaching 2% support in a new iowa monmouth poll. candidates the 130,000 unique donors and 2% supports in four polls to qualify. frontier airlines giving away tickets for free but you have to have a specific last name. has been of the budget airlines green week initiative. people with the last name green can book their flight for free
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and that includes those -- time is running out, only good for flights taking off next tuesday. if you are green you get a free flight. gop taking on big tech, twitter suspended mitch mcconnell's account but didn't bat an eye when the hashtag massacre mitch was trending. >> they haven't given up yet and this shows the political tilt. heather: if this isn't abundant -- double standard what is? kurt the cyber guy says this unfair policeing is a 1-sided un-american process that lacks transparency. these live to sound off on it. ♪ thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> mitch mcconnell going to war with twitter, locking his
1:41 am
campaign account for sharing this video of protesters outside his home. >> murder turtle. heather: many are calling out twitter after it allowed massacre mitch to trend. how does twitter explain itself? the cyber guy, good morning, nice to have you with us. >> we are talking about a double standard at twitter. the one thing i'm left with with this entire story is how in the world is it possible that a geek sitting behind a computer screen in california has the authority to determine what you and i get to see in the world? that is what censorship has become in this modern age of social media taking over the
1:42 am
world. if you run a campaign like team mitch, team mitch has their account and for whatever reason twitter has decided this is not our persuasion, breaks our rules and may contain a 4 letter word on one of those posters so they suspend this account. the account is not closed. mcconnell's team is think we shouldn't have this censored so what twitter is saying is go ahead and acknowledge this can't be there and we will give you back your account. heather: listen to what mitch had to say on a local kentucky radio station. >> in a major war they haven't given up yet. this shows the political tilt, the left-wing tilt of these big companies and how they try to suppress speech when it is inconvenient.
1:43 am
heather: and here's what twitter had to say, taking action on this video regardless of the context in which is shared, political ideology has nothing to do with it. we remove violent threats period and that was crazy because these were violent protests at his home, at mitch mcconnell's home. >> is not trying to propagate that message. what he is trying to say is this message doesn't belong in front of my family's home, do you agree? the world has a right to see that but apparently some geek at twitter does not think that is the case and this raises the bigger issue. you are trying to run a fair campaign and you are a politician in this country does twitter have a right to turn your campaign off from reaching your constituents and they do at this time and that right there
1:44 am
is un-american and should not be what we are faced with when it comes to how social media companies have us all under their thumb. heather: it brings up the issue of controlling the election. we heard so much about russia swaying the election, now we have social media doing it. >> russia used social media in a profound way in 2016 and continued to throughout the world. that is not in question. what is in question is why do we as americans have to put up with the idea that social media companies especially the likes of mark zuckerberg, facebook and instagram, why should he decide what you and i get to see and they have the power to make you disappear online, make me disappear online and we don't know if they are tapering off
1:45 am
our popularity online. it has been done in the past and no oversight and no protections for every day americans. heather: we don't want you to disappear for sure. thank you so much, appreciate it. 15 minutes until the top of the hour, no love lost, 2020 hopeful julian castor doubling down after he out at trump donors online. the flashback photo that stirred fresh backlash. aoc said donald trump should not be allowed to block people on twitter but she got sued for doing the same thing and she wants the judge to toss the case, carly shimkus tracking the online reaction. moving is hard.
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heather: a city's americans illegal immigrants advice on how to avoid ice agentss, david riley tweeting this video in spanish with the caption if you're a family member have an encounter with ice it is important to know your rights and have a plan. watch this video to learn more. the tweet comes after democrats blasted this week's ice raids in mississippi, nearly 700 illegal immigrants were arrested. a democratic governor announces gender-neutral drivers licenses in her state. gina rondeau says rhode island's will offer a gender x option instead of just male or female. she calls it basic fairness was washington dc and 13 other states already have a third gender option. julian castro uses a viral hashtag to defend his twin
1:50 am
brother joaquin castro who tweeted out the names and employers of some donald trump donors. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the online reaction. a cute picture. carley: walking castro is a facing backlash for tweeting out the names of people who donated to donald trump's campaign, the president tweeted about him, karl rove called it thuggish behavior. the presidential candidate himself julian castro said this on twitter, he used this baby picture saying it has been almost 40 years and we still have each other's back. a lot of mixed reaction coming in on this. genesis it is that you two don't appear to have the backs of all your constituents and put some
1:51 am
of them in danger shaming fellow americans and posting a hit list is now an honorable politicians do. laura says of course you have each other's back because no matter what disgraceful disgusting demeaning thing you do family has no choice but to forgive. cindy on twitter chiming in thank you both for your service, hang in and ignore the haters, we need your voices and leadership. it turns out six donors joaquin castro out and supported him and his brother. heather: some of the people were retired, there was one homemaker putting out this information and it was public information already, the fact of putting it out in this capacity seems threatening. let's talk about aoc, unlike donald trump she should be allowed to block people on twitter. a federal appeals court ruled donald trump cannot block people on twitter. that is when former new york state is
1:52 am
leland: a democrat filed the lawsuit against ocasio cortez for blocking him on twitter. the latest news is she's asking a judge to throw the case out. she is called a coward. the reaction on this, linda says shares policy with constituents like the president on her twitter feed, if the president can't block people neither should any other sitting politician. very interesting case. jeff says rules for z but not for me. is her motto. let's talk about cindy crawford. body shape cindy crawford continues, facing body shame there's for posting a bikini picture. she is gorgeous even, she's not old, she's only 53 but she looks 33. look at that picture. one person on twitter said getting a little old for this. followers coming to her defense was one twitter user says you
1:53 am
look beautiful. the haters are jealous and miserable. lots of folks -- kelly report was body shamed too. that proves everybody is. just let it roll off your back. thank you so much. have a great weekend. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and victory in a fight for faith, the message the court just sent to the group who wanted this cross gone. coffee drinkers now all too well about the headache when you skip your morning fix but what about a migraine for two -- too much morning joe? the alarming new study that may make you cut back. ♪ for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> a live look in new york city where concrete square will be performing on fox square all morning long and that will happen for our all-american summer concert series. we are doing it throughout the summer and barbecues if you're in the area for sure. in the meantime a couple more
1:58 am
stories. a christian cross on a county field does not violate the constitution. the appeals court ruling in favor lehigh county, pennsylvania after an atheist group sued trying to get the symbol changed, the court noted no other groups or people complained about across in the 70 years it had been on the field. this is weird. a family spooked by letters from a mystery stocker, by the new jersey house for $1 million in 2014, then they started getting letters from someone who called themselves the watcher. one of the notes read i'm pleased to know your name now in the name of the youngblood you brought me. no one was ever charged. the family took a $500,000 loss on the sale. it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a sweet deed for a pup in need to.
1:59 am
a 6-year-old racing $2400 at her lemonade stand for retired police dog's medical bill. the pennsylvania girl said she fell in love with a german shepherd named rocky after reading about him and her local newspaper. now the bad. think twice before the 3rd cup of coffee. a new study says it could give you migraines. harvard researchers say the more caffeine you have the higher the risk of headaches. one or 2 cups doesn't have any impact. the reason why unclear. finally the ugly. a florida man behind bars after driving a golf cart into a walmart and ramming into customers. you can see the deputies chased the car, after crashing into a register, the man is facing several charges. how he got the golf cart in to begin with. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye.
2:00 am
>> killer turtle. murder turtle. jillian: it is friday, august 9th was the republican party declares war on big tech giants after twitter punishes mitch mcconnell instead of the user calling for his head you clearly sign that video. rob: they are sending the mysterious message yet by cutting off the mic. there were comments from joe biden as he stirred confusion at the iowa state fair. >> our voters by the presidential pitch or should he we be worried when others drive it this we can? taylor swift breaking silence about being silent in 2016. rob: looking ahead to 2020 you may wonder why she is still singing hillary clinton's praises.


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