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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 9, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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have a great weekend. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight," where we take a deeper look at the 2020 democratic presidential field. democratic primary has more than 20 people running right now but that doesn't mean that democratic voters have all that many options. in fact, they only have really three options. first, they can choose fire-breathing radicals, people who want open borders with mexico and open prison doors in our cities. >> i talked with scientists on this. they are very clear, we don't have more than ten years to get this right. >> we can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the white house. >> the reality is that under mya medicare for all plan, yes,
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employers are not going to be able to dictate the kind of health care that their employees get. >> this has to be the partyab that's not afraid to say out loud, we are going to tax the>> hell out of the wealthy. >> tucker: or, they could choose probably well-meaning but doomed moderates, people who get silenced or outright boos when they suggest the democratic party can find itself to what might be possible. >> now, in this discussion already tonight, we talked about taking private health insurance away from union members in the industrial midwest. we talked about decriminalizing the border and we talked about giving free health care to d undocumented workers when so many americans are struggling to pay for their health care. i, quite frankly, don't think that that is an agenda that we can move forward on and win. >> i think democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairy tale economics.
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>> tucker: and then, off in a category all by herself, there is marianne williamson. williamson may share the debate stage with other candidates but otherwise, it's not clear she's even in the same dimension. >> and now, it is time for generations of americans to rise up again. for an amoral economic system has turned to short-term profits for huge multinational corporations into a full god. everything that we are talking about here tonight is what's wrong with american politics. and the democratic party needs to understand that we should be the party to talk, not just about systems, but also about causes. if you think any of this one is going to deal with this dark psychic force of a collectivized that this president is bringing up in the country, then i'm afraid that the democrats are going to see some very dark days. >> tucker: lisa boothe won't say which of these three options she is voting for until come the primaries but she is a senior voice with fox news and she joins us tonight.s
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>> can i choose it d, none of the above? >> tucker: you may have to. that kind of is the tragedy, presumably, there are some nondemented democrats left. i mean, there are, and they don't really have too many options, do they? >> they don't and actually, i thought what was really interesting about last week's debates, there's sort of two prevailing themes that are going on right now. one is this directional divide in the party and then the second is a generational divide and on the directional front, you showed some of the clips from john delaney calling out his party, but what we saw on the first night of debates, is you have these really radical progressive candidates like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on the stage, and then you have these moderates like tim ryan, john delaney, john hickenlooper, as well, and essentially, the message from the moderates was hey, look, we are taking these policy positions that may play
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with primary voters, but they don't in the general election, and received that. even policy positions like giving health care to illegal immigrants, democrat primary voters may favorite that but if you look at overall voters, they oppose it by 28 points and gives and here is a clip from john hickenlooper talking about this. >> this notion that you're going to take private insurance away from 180 million americans who many of them don't want to get rid of it, many don't, and you're going into -- the green new deal make sure every american is guaranteed the government job that they want, that is disaster. you might as well fedex the election to donald trump. >> so clearly making every point of hey, look, we are going too throw this thing. if we are taking on all these radical policy positions, that are out of step with the general electorate. and i also thought on the directional front, something that was interesting, that surprise me, with a lot of the candidates on the second night taking on former president obama's policy position, who is still immensely popular with democrats, i thought i was a really interesting take and i really surprise me.
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the second theme i mentioned earlier on the generational front, you've got vice president joe biden who is the leading candidate, who is 76 years old, and there was this interesting "new york times" article where they interviewed about 50 democrat insiders and one of the main concerns was his age. and his inability to deliver a crisp message, and we really saw that last week. take a look at this. [cheers and applause]t >> the fact is that the bills that the future president here, that the senator is talking about, if you agree with me, go to joe 30030, and help me in this fight. thank you very much. >> so just a lot of stumbles there from joe biden. i think david axelrod hit the nail on the head when he said the i good news is for joe bide, this is probably the best he cab do, and the bad news for joe biden, this is probably the best he can do.
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>> tucker: so do you -- i just want to end on this, inject some reality into this, you are always talking to people who do politics for a living, political strategist from both sides. how many people do you know who believe that joe biden will actually be the democratic nominee? >> so, i think it's sort of split, but here's where things things start change and where, i think, things start things start looking different. even if you look ahead at the september debate, the requirements jump significantly. so the field probably is going to be cut in about half of who actually ends up on the debate stage and was going to be interesting as a lot of these moderates are not going to be on that debate stage. they're not going to hit the polling requirements or the unique donor requirement as well and i also think if you are joe biden, you are more exposedi bebecause you then get follow-up questions from the moderator, there is also more time to speak, so i think he starts the dynamic starts changing when there's more exposure. >> tucker: time is not on his side. lisa boothe, the great to see
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you tonight. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: 2020 could be the first year that the democratic party nominates a self-described socialist for president. even if they don't come almost every democraticbeen candidate running right now has endorsed at least some socialist policies. what are these policies and may be more important, how much what they cost, and is there any evidence they would work. justin houston is a research fellow at the parlay institute and he joins us tonight. justin, we want to take all policy ideas seriously paired.ll clearly people in charge of screwed up the country so we are open minded always. but give us a sober analysis of some of the big policies these candidates are promoting. would they make the country better? >> no, tucker, unfortunately, they would not make the country the vast majority of the policies being offered right now by the democratic party are going to be incredibly expensive, they have no way to pay for them, and the first want to talk about it of course is a medicare for all. a lot of people have heard that this is going to cost $32 trillion over the first ten
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years. but what does that actually mean for middle-class people? they are being told that they are going to save thousands and thousands of dollars because they are not going to have to pay expensive deductibles and co-pays and things like that but here's the truth. we just conducted a study of th heartland institute and we found that middle-class americans are going to get absolutely screwedl by single-payer health care. 40 million to 60 million american households are going to end up paying more in newar federal taxes than they are going to get back in health care benefits. people who make $75,000 to $100,000 a year are going to see their taxes go up, we estimate by $12,000 to $15,000 per year. those who earn $100,000 or more are going to see their tax bills go up on average by $20,000. the more money you make, the worse it gets. so single-payer health care, there is absolutely no way to
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pay for that. and that brings us to our second point, free health care for all illegal immigrants. this is one of the mostt ridiculous policies that is ever been proposed in american history. here you have 11 million to 29 million illegal aliens here in the country right now and that's probably a conservativeir figure. even if we assume that this is -- that we are going to pay out health care costs that matched what we are paying right now for medicaid beneficiaries, we are going to see costs go who is going to pay for that? and even worse -- >> tucker: may i stop you- there. hold on. so you are saying that those costs will go up, those are just the cause of paying the health care of the illegal aliens? q that's right. >> and that's just the start. i mean, this is a big invitation to the world, to billions of people around the world, come here to america, we are going to pay for your health care. what's going to stop busloads or train loads or plane loads of people with serious ailments from coming to the united states legally or illegally and for us to be treating these people? i mean, this is total madness and that is why basically no other country in the entire world does something like that. so yes, this is a crazy proposal from the left.
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and my third big proposal, a federal jobs guarantee. this might seem pain compared to this might seem tame compared to the other things we just talked about but this is an incredibly dangerous proposal. not only is it going to be very expensive, $4 trillion to $44 trillion according to the american action form over a 10-year period, depending on how many people put into it. but in addition, it's going to indirectly give the federal government power over the entire layer of market, because if they are often people a living wage, anyone, living wage, which could be $15, could be $20, could be $25 an hour, it means whatever the democratic partyhe decides,f you are offering that, then how is a small business or a medium-size business supposed to compete with the federal government?iv you're going to have a million people leaving their jobs in the private sector to go work for the federal government. and earn $20 an hour and free health care and free paid family leave and all sorts of other things.
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even for -- to take jobs that don't necessarily need to exist. i mean, this is crazy stuff. >> tucker: it is crazy. and they are all for it, too. great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: not every democrat in the race actually could be elected president. we recently identified for four zombie candidates whose campaigns have died but they don't know it yet. we will visit our prediction as our 2020 special continues tonight. ♪ i have a vision correction number,
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our special broadcast of the 2020 democratic field. just before the second set of democratic primary, we made predictions here on the show, we said some of the democratic campaigns have actually alreadyt died, they are zombie campaigns. they are over. but the candidates don't know it. after the second wave of debates our prediction appears to be holding up pretty well could we think it will stay that way. here's what we said. two weeks from right now, in 2020 democratic candidates will assemble on a stage in detroit, michigan, for the second wave of memory debates. officially, all 20 candidates will be running for president. but don't be fooled, some of them like kamala harris and elizabeth warren are actual contenders. at least, theoretically, they could win. you can't say that for many of the others in the race. these are the zombie candidates. they are long expired but still lumbering around pretending to be alive. as usual, the geniuses in the press corps are the last to know, they always are. you will probably see long
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articles and segments on television about candidate joe biden, how is he doing? that will last for at least the next six months, but keep in imind, as you see these pieces, it's all a mirage. joe biden's campaign is deader than disco. it all happened so suddenly. in may, biden seemed to dominate the democratic field and then one day, a reporter asked him a throwaway question about china. here's what happenedn next. >> do you have a comment on the chinese tariffs? >> my answer is, yes, i do. the president has done nothing but increase the tariffs. the debt and the trade deficit. the way we have to proceed as we have to have our allies with us. it's not just us. we have to keep the rest of the world together. secondly, we shouldit -- labor should be at the table, as well as our allies, because we should focus on the things that we've been talking about for a long time. china's greatest violation is
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the way in which they steal our intellectual property. we should make quid pro quo, as i was speaking with president xi jinping. here's the deal. you say, in fact, anything has to be owned, 50% by chinese to invest in china. guess what? in america, it's the same thing. this idea of dealing with -- the only people paying the price our farmers and working people, right now. he is going about it all the wrong way. all bravado, no action. >> tucker: got that? no action, you don't have that because there's nothing to get. not a single phrase in a single sentence made a single bit of sense. it was bizarre. it was entirely meaningless. it was pretty obvious right then that joe biden was not going to be president of the united states. that was may 14th of this year. that day, we called it. ignore what they are telling on television. joe biden is not going to be president. he probably won't be the democratic nominee.
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he is not capable of it. there is no reason to be cruel and get more specific than that but just watch biden and ask yourself, really? anyone who says that a guy come that guy come is going to win a presidential election at the age of nearly 78 is either lying or deluded. well, not to brag, but we were right, almost to the day, actually, looking back. on may 13th, the day before, to real clear politics, biden led his closest democratic rival by an average of 27 points in the polls. that was the apogee, a it was te high point. then a swift decline ever since. kamala called biden a racist on the debate stage, and he had no response for her. he then apologize for associating with other democrats in congress, bizarrely. and now, he has fallen to below ten points. in the state of california, he is losing. another candidate might be able to turn things around but biden can't. in fact, he should be retired right now, chatting with
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strangers in the produce aisle. instead, he is going to spend the next six months shedding whatever it remaining dignity he has as he moves toward the inevitable affiliation of defeat for the third time. it's sad to watch. not that beto o'rourke has even noticed it happening. beto is occupied right now. he is living his own private hell. back in march, things look very different. he was on the cover of "vanity fair" which is a magazine. o he was riding a skateboard, promising to take america back to the careless exuberance of 1993. beto was live blogging trips to the dentist. everyone was pretending to think that was great. and then, pete buttigieg showed up and wrecked everything. he was even younger than beto and even more when. glib. that's when things started to fall apart. even though he uses bogus mexican nickname, he still rich
9:21 pm
white guy who went to boarding school in columbia. that's on allowed in the democratic party. he seemed directors recognize, by the way, they refer the first time, watch him grovel at the thought of himself. >> you're right, there are things that i have been privileged to do in my life that others cannot -- the systematic foundational discrimination that we have in this country, and every aspect of life, is something that i have not experienced in my lifetime. and i've had advantages that others cannot enjoy. i have my work cut out for me to be a better person and ensure that i am more mindful to the experiences that others have had different than experiences that i have had. >> so those are mistakes? being on the cover of "vanity fair?" it looks elitist? what? >> yeah, i think it reinforces that perception of privilege and that a headline that i was warned to be in this, in the articles, i was attempting a to say that i felt my calling was in public service. no one is born to be president of the united states of america.
9:22 pm
least of all me. so, yeah, -- >> what about the part-time dead thing? you got some flak for that one. >> certainly, i deserved >> tucker: with those three words, the beto for president campaign died a well-deserved h death. no one apologizes for it to his family for being himself or simply existing is going t to gt elected president. if you hate yourself that much, people have trouble liking him. a new college poll of new hampshire voters shows a beto o'rourke getting a total of drumroll please, 0% in the first of the nation primary state. 0%, nobody in new hampshire, likes beto o'rourke. ouch. but again, well-deserved hit another candidate outed of the race. kirsten gillibrand ought to be celebrating this. fewer candidates too compete with, although, she can't celebrate because gillibrand just killed her own presidential campaign. it happened last week in youngstown, ohio.k famously one of this country's most economically depressed cities.
9:23 pm
a woman came forward to ask a simple question of senator gillibrand which is that, my community is falling apart. people are dying. they are in progress. so why is the democratic party lecturing me about white privilege? >> the democratic party likes to throw around terms like white privilege.e. this is an area, across all demographics, that has been depressed because of an opioid crisis. so, what you have to say to people of this area about so-called white privilege? >> tucker: this might've been an opportunity for kirsten gillibrand. for years, she has hopped on every ludicrous fad the democratic party has offered, no matter what it is. from the me too scenario to seizing guns from law-abiding americans. just this one time, children might distinguish herself by resisting and choosing the obvious truth over left-wing orthodoxy. but no, she was afraid to. so she did what she assumed she had to do, she stood on a stage and lectured a struggling woman from the youngstown, ohio, about her white s privilege. >> your suffering is just as important as a black or brown person suffering, but to fix the problems that are happening in
9:24 pm
the black community, you need far more transformational efforts. so if your son is 15 years old and smokes pot, he smokes pot just as much as the black boy in his neighborhood, and the latino boy in his neighborhood, but that black and brown boy is four times more likely to get arrested. that says to her systematic racism. your son will likely not have to deal with that because he's white. so someone says white privilege, that's all they are talking about. >> tucker: imagine saying that to someone from youngstown, ohio. it's absurd. and it's not just absurd, it's cruel. you have to be a nasty cold person to say that and gillibrand brand is. voters can sense it, she's done. and then there's cory booker. cory booker's presidential path was simple. be the dollar store version of barack obama. he could be almost as cool, almost as historic as barack obama, if he would be president, too.. that was the calculation, but his hopes died in the most
9:25 pm
possible way. live on national television he went on the first democratic debate with a plan. he was going to answer an immigration question in spanish how's that for clever? it would show his cross-cultural appeal. booker is most 50 and went to law school, but pandering in spanish might make him look hip. that was the hope. unfortunate, someone beat him to the gimmick. beto o'rourke, of course, had the sameo idea. he went first. cory booker was not happy. it was obvious to everyone watching. >> [speaking spanish] >> tucker: ouch. when you are the only man in america that beto o'rourke can dominate, it's over. sorry. better luck four years from now, spartacus. elizabeth warren is not a zombie candidate, she is the opposite. her campaign has gone up and
9:26 pm
down, but it's still here. we will break down her remarkably resilient run for president, after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ relaxing guitar male announcer: it's a familiar feeling. the first chill in the summer air, each day shorter than than last, the crops are done growing, and the antlers are too, your groups are getting smaller. and they'd better, because your tag just came in the mail. this is what you live for. it's your season.
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♪ >> live from america's news heads corridor, i'm mike michelle ski. authorities in texas 80 el paso suspect confessed. he was targeting mexicans. police say he waived his miranda rights and agreed to talk to detectives for 22 people were killed in last saturday's attack. the suspects in a deadly stabbing rampage in southern california pled not guilty to four counts of murder. he was arraigned in his jail cell. he also faces a number of other charges in connection with wednesday's attack. a mississippi chicken processing plant plans a job fair on monday to hire new workers to replace all the ones that were arrested during an i.c.e. raid on wednesday.
9:31 pm
243 people were arrested at coal plants in morton. now back to tucker. >> tucker: welcome back to our democrat run for president 2020 special. less than a year ago, elizabeth moran believed she would kick-start her campaign by releasing a dna test showing she might be related to sitting bull. instead, her dna test shows she was far less american indian than you are. it was immediately recognized an an of terracing blunder, but somehow, her political campaign survived, and in fact, thrived. one reason is that she is offering a platform of serious economic nationalism.e and that's always popular, and for a good reason.sman but she's also carved out a niche as one of the most radical and aggressive candidate in the primary. watch. >> we live in a country nowry
9:32 pm
where the president is fanning economic racism, environmental racism, health care racism, so climate crisis is the existential crisis for our world.ea it puts every living thing on this planet at risk. donald trump disgraces the office of president every single day. >> tucker: blah, blah, blah. more identity politics. who is this person exactly?ke helen carr has followed elizabeth warren's career for decades as a radio host, and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. so, why is it -- this is a sincere question for elizabeth warren has some i think pretty solid ideas about manufacturing and trade. they are very close to what donald trump ran on last time. why does she have to wreck the whole thing with these identityy politics? the racism? the gender politics? the pretending to be an indian? all this dumb stuff. why does she lard out her economic program with that l
9:33 pm
stuff?f? >> i think she has to reach out to the base of the democratic electorate that is going to be voting in these primaries. tucker, the weirdest thing, that most absurd thing that she has proposed, this wealth tax but she says that if you have over $50 million in assets, liquid or a liquid come she wants a 2% tax on everything over $50 million. gee, what could possibly go wrong? do you think everyone is going to get their net worth under $50 million? to think everybody's going to but they're not worth there were 12 industrialized nations that had this tax in 1990 and only four of them still do. it just doesn't work as she spotted as this candidate of ideas but her ideas are insane. and so now -- >> tucker: and also it's stale. i mean, i wonder why -- she is the most aggressive of the candidates. will be the the nominee. i mean, she seems like she will say anything if she thinks it will help her. >> oh, yeah. she was down at some conference
9:34 pm
in new orleans, i think, last year, and she said at the american criminal justice system is racist, front to back. and, you know, a couple of police officers had just been gunned down in cold blood in massachusetts when she said this and, you know, then, a few years back she said i supplied the intellectual foundations of thei occupy wall street movement. oh, great. hippies and bums camping out shooting heroin on the town commons, city streets. you know, she just says these things, and then has to walk them back, but she has this schoolmarmish attitude. i don't think it's going to sell very well. the latest thing i'm reading is, oh, her consultants where these people are saying well, she appeals to joe's six back. well, i don't see that either. i mean, i think the people who are thinking, if there are any left in the democratic party, it ought to remember the last two democratic candidates to come
9:35 pm
out of massachusetts. john kerry and mike dukakis, and they were both elitists, and you know, they saw right through inthem. >> tucker: good to see you. senator kamala harris, so far she has gotten a free pass from the president on her presidential run. they want her to be the next president so they are overlooking her back onto it shs is a former prosecutor, as you know, but the president said her lead band as a crusader for resin reform here no one has called her on it until last night. congresswoman tulsi gabbard of hawaii definitely called her on it. watch this. >> there are too many examples to cite, but she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she had ever smoked marijuana.he she blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from
9:36 pm
death row until the courts forced her to do so. she kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of california. and the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor, you owe them an apology. >> tucker: it was an electric moment. it might be why congresswoman gabbard was the most googled candidate since the debate last night. she joins us tonight. congresswoman, thanks a lot for coming on. so, i haven't heard anybody say what you said. why are you the first person to say this? >> look, voters deserve to know the the decision that the american people have before them is a critical one. the decision that democrats have before them about who their nominee should be is a very important one. they deserve to know the truth about the candidates that are before them, and especially on this issue of criminal justice reform that's impacting so many people across this country because it is so broken and it is an unjust criminal justice system.
9:37 pm
senator kamala harris is in a position to be able to make a difference in that, when she was serving as attorney general,as d as i pointed out last night, she did not fulfill that promise that she claims to have, which is to be a champion for the people, be a champion for the oppressed. in fact, she did the exact opposite. she made decisions that ended up hurting people, that ended up hurting minorities, hurting poor people in the state of california, which is concerning to me for someone who wants to be the president of the united states, and frankly, who is claiming to be a prosecutor president. >> tucker: i think this is a really interesting debate. this topic deserves a real debate. you have a perspective, she's got a perspective, let's hear them both. she would not engage with you. and that's what i found a contemptible, but also fascinating. rather than rebut what you just said, she dismissed you, and later, her spokesperson even
9:38 pm
dismissed you later as a putin apologist. what do you make of that? >> a couple of things. what i was saying was not a matter of opinion. these are widely recorded facts and reports about her tenure as an attorney general in california. we are not talking about something that happened 30 yeara ago, 50 years ago, these are things that she did in her last job, just before she was elected as u.s. senator. she should be held accountable for them. she has claimed to be very proud of this record, so answer for it. the voters deserve to know. but you are right, she refused to answer the question. she refused to engage on the debate stage, and the responses from her and her campaign after the debate was basically to lobby cheap smears, basically say that i am a traitor or a foreign agent or a trojan horse, whatever it was, and t trying to feed those talking points to the media. this is concerning on many
9:39 pm
levels about how a senator harris would govern as president. >> tucker: tulsi gabbard, thanks a lot for coming on tonight. beto o'rourke and his skateboard were the two most popular democrats in america in 2018. now, his presidential campaign is basically over. what happened to beto's mojo? we will tell you as our 2020 special continues. ♪ as our
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9:44 pm
candidate. but make no mistake, beto's campaign is over, he told us right here on this program. a short time ago, we described how beto the much-hyped campaign lost its mojo to pete buttigieg. here's our analysis. former congressman beto o'rourke gave a speech to kids in virginia yesterday. beto had a microphone and was speaking to a group of students seated in a small amphitheater. for a moment, if you closed one eye, he looked convincingly like a campaign event. there were volunteers and matching t-shirts. he wore a basketball cap as he spoke because wearing what other people's caps is what you're supposed to do when you run for president. and to be clear, running for president is what beto o'rourke says he's doing. it's all a little sad when you think about it. o'rourke is not going to be the president of this country, hisis campaign is dead. totallyy dead.
9:45 pm
it went toes up last week from a fatal overdose of buttigieg. not everyone has heard the news, the morning hasn't yet started, but beto o'rourke for president is done. future generations will remember beto o'rourke, if they were call recall him at all, really as a media story. remember that guy with the weird nickname that all the dummies on cable news fall in love with in a single day? that was bizarre. and it was bizarre. >> i saw him for the first time just a month ago when he sat down with oprah, and me and the rest of people in the audience thought, wow, this guy has this dynamic, positive energy. >> yeah, he has that raw talent, he is very, kind of obama-esque, indeed. so the fellows of houston who haven't voted democratic before because they have a beto o'rourke crush going on.vo >> he is awesome. kevan smith of the texas tribune said it's like seeing this "jesus christ superstar" in front of people. he has that celebrity aura.
9:46 pm
>> the 26-year-old caught the nation. his offbeat social media posts appealing to a younger generation. even taking them skateboarding at whataburger.te >> tucker: keep in mind, that just happened. the friends he just occurred. it was just last month. college-educated adults in an advanced country, withat air travelav and air conditioning, talking like that in public. pretty embarrassing, my gosh. but before we get to judgey about it, a confession, we did it, too. beto's personal magic distorted our journalistic objectivity for a second there, may have been the skateboarding or maybe it was the weird resemblance to a young bobby kennedy. whatever it was, we lost control like everyone else. beto loves rock 'n' roll. he's not like everyone else, he doesn't do stuffy speeches or policy programs, he's not going, to bore you with entitlement projections or some scary stuff about the korean peninsula.
9:47 pm
beto's got a skateboard and wears nirvana t-shirts. his vision for this country is 1995. that was the year he was living way uptown in this walk up and working for a man with some of the stickiest bud in manhattan. a little heavy, but sweet. it was a good time. beto wants to bring us back to thate. time. we got a little carried away. sorry about that. it all seems so innocent then, back a few weeks ago, back in march of 2019. it was just beto and us and a dream. it was a simpler time. we thought anything was possible. we thought we could write our own stories. we didn't even know that even fairy tales, and one day ours did end. the magic turned to dust and it's bitter in our mouths like a peyote button or psilocybin tea. one day the music died. bye-bye. bye-bye weirdly youthful middle-aged white guy with fake hispanic nickname. you've been replaced. there is a new heartthrob in
9:48 pm
cable news. he's everything that you were, but more. he's younger, he is shallower, he's even less experience. he's gotten an even weirder name, plus, he's gay. he is the perfect candidate for voters who say they love diversity but don't really want to hoover stacey abrams. this candidate code is created an elaborate plan like cnn. there's no stopping a man like this. on some level, beto o'rourke must know it's over. more than six months before the votes are cast in iowa, it's done. i'm sure he will keep raising money but his political i career is done. cue the sad nirvana playlist. so, what are the lessons of the sinking of the ss beto? here's one. maybe he should've run on something. it's pretty hard to win on charisma alone, as hillary clinton recently discovered. so why not be the one person in the race with big ideas?
9:49 pm
doesn't have to be a big idea, even, how about any idea? beto o'rourke could've tried that. instead, he just strung together cliches. it was like that where again, mad libs, that you used to play with your brother on the road trips, get these long seemingly coherent sentences that when you read them, don't actually mean anything. those. here's beto doing that on the green new deal. >> this country was willing to sacrifice men and women all over the united states toal make sure that we defeated germany, that we won that war, for the following 75 years, we made this world safe for democracy. the green new deal calls that sacrifice and service, and scales it. when it talks about the challenges we face today. >> tucker: those are the questions that beto asked just uva.rday at so the question for the rest of us is, are voters ready to suffer, i don't know, 400,000 u.s. combat deaths for the sake of the climate?
9:50 pm
what does a carbon dioxide guadalcanal look like? a co2 side pan? will be get to bomb tokyo with firebombs? how would this affect the temperature? come on, this is stupid. the green new deal isn't a deal, if they wish fulfillment posing as legislation. but here's the thing, beto kept a straight face throughout the talk, like he really sincerely meant it. who does that? well, mediocre people do that. mediocre people tell implausible lies and then demand that you pretend to believe them. is beto o'rourke a mediocre person? we will let you in 2017, beto o'rourke gave a total of less than 1% of his income, one-third of 1%, to be precise, to charity. keep in mind, he's rich, very rich. hears his explanation for why he did bad. >> i served in public office since 2005. i do my best to contribute to the success of my community and my state, and now, of my country.
9:51 pm
there are ways that i do this that are measurable, and there are ways that i do this are immeasurable. there are charities that we donate to. others, we donate to -- but i would tell you, i'm doing everything i can right now, spending this time with you, not with our kiddos, not back home in el paso, because i want to sacrifice everything to make sure that we meet this moment of truth with everything that we've got. >> tucker: okay, so save that tape. it's on the internet. that's from uva yesterday. and you're going to want toto download that and keep that for your grandchildren because beto, pedestrian as he is in so many ways, just tried something that has never been attempted before by a politician. that is unique contribution to american political life. beto has just made the case that his entire life, his entire life, is a charitable donation. all of us get the gift of beto, just because he's here. every time beto speaks, it's like endowing a library in burma
9:52 pm
or curing shingles in malawi or battling childhood obesity in appalachia or sending mosquito nets to the congo by the millions. every time he talks when he tweets, it's an act of charity. it's something that makes this world wiser and kinder and more decent and better smelling. beto is such a good person that he could write himself off his taxes, he wanted to. the irs would have to let him. his goodness is so clearly deductible. no one would contend that. but beto doesn't do that. he doesn't shirk his duty. he will pay the extra tax because he cares that much. now that you think about it, it's almost sad he will never be president. time for a very special edition of the dan bongino news explosion. the former secret service agent will join us in just a momentl with the most bizarre stories of the democratic primary so far.
9:53 pm
that's saying a lot. coming up, as our special continues. ♪ i have a vision correction number,
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♪ >> tucker: time now for the very special edition of the dan bongino news explosion. instead of looking at the big news of the past week, our favorite former new york city policeman is here to list some of his favorites of what has been a remarkably bizarre 2020 democratic cambrian. dan bongino, ladies and gentlemen, he joins us tonight. dan, good to see you. >> i had to take to hard on this one because there were so many comical democratic stories up to the cycle, so i distilled them down to four. here is number four. this one's great. remember old barney cartoon? sharing is caring? not in all cases. beto decided to go to the dentist and share with the
9:58 pm
entire country his dental visit. the campaign has been a cavity ever since. you get it? cavity? down hill, over after that. i don't blame the dentist, i blame beto. sometimes sharing isn't caring. >> tucker: i agree. not all narcissism is rewarded, it turns out, which is a great message. it's good. >> really, he is a narcissist. he thinks it's so important that people want to see his dental visits. we don't, but thanks for trying. we appreciate it. story number three, the 0-percenters. who was it that invented the, concept of zero? was it the babylonians or the absence of value altogether? well, that is swalwell and de blasio. two absolutely atrocious politicians, i have a hard time discerning which one is worse, but at least one of them, at least swalwell was smart enough to get out while he could still preserve the remnants of his
9:59 pm
reputation. de blasio, he has no such concerns at all. there is no representation left. number two, kamala harris can't seem to to decide what she wants to be. she flips, she flops, she flips again, she did the old 540. 180, 360, 540. did it on health care, can't decide if she wants to be tough on crime, loose on crime, she doesn't get it. thank god tulsi gabbard called her out in the last c debate. you saw that. that didn't look great for her.n and number one, joe biden, apologizes for being joe biden, but joe biden can't seem to figure out who joe biden is. i had to right down a list joe biden has taken opposing positions on health care, democratic senators he worked with, the hyde amendment, on busing, apologizing for joe biden. >> tucker: it's sad. but in your hands, it's also deeply amusing. dan bongino, great to see you, thank you for that. that's it for tonight's special edition of "tucker carlson tonight."de we will be back monday,
10:00 pm
8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pompositya smugness, and groupthink. have the best weekend with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ >> dan: welcome to this special edition of "hannity." trump versus the left. i'm dan bongino in tonight for sean. bruce ohr's 302s out and let me tell you, the contents are absolutely devastating. we now have documented proof that the highest levels of jim comey's fbi and the obama administration, may knowingly used false information tainted with bias to target donald trump and everyone around him, everyone knew the dossier was garbage. a fraud was committed at the fisa court. trump associates were spied on all over the world and the witch hunt was born. last night, on this program, senator lindsey graham summed it up like this. take a


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