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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tune in each night at 8:00 eastern for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, and fake burgers. and don't forget to dvr the show if you haven't already. that's it from us. sean hannity is here for you right now. we'll meet all the way. take it away. >> sean: thank you. buckle up, a lot of breaking news. we begin with a fox news alert tonight, we have carnage on the streets in philadelphia tonight. a standoff still underway. we have six police officers shot today during a brutal, evil attack in a north philadelphia neighborhood. here's how the police commissioner described the scene. he said this just moments ago, let's take a look. >> around 4:30 today, officers were serving a narcotics warrant on a house on the 3600 block. they had already entered the premises and got towards the rear, the kitchen area, when
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gunfire erupted. the shooter fired multiple rounds. officers returned fire, many of whom had to escape through windows and doors to get from a barrage of bullets. right now, we can tell you that there are six police officers who were struck by gunfire. thankfully, all of them are in stable condition. trying to talk to this mail, he continues to fire rounds out of the window, so this situation is in no way resolved. we are trying to talk to this buy male. we have called him multiple times, he has picked up the phone a couple of times but has not answered. we are trying to work with a family member, but right now, we have not been successful. >> sean: obviously an ongoing situation. in joining us live from the ground in philly, rick leventhal is there. rick, it is still ongoing paired we have six officers shot. our prayers go out to all of
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them. there is a reason police officers carry weapons but they protect, they serve, their jobs are dangerous. people need to remember sometimes. we pray for these families. >> absolutely. every minute of every day, sean, they face the danger. and today, it was right in their faces as they tried to serve a warrant in this narcotics intervention operation. as you heard the police commissioner say, they were jumping out windows to escape the gunfire from the suspect, who armed himself, according to my sources, with an ar-15 pier also has come i'm told, several handguns, and has been shooting rounds at a pretty aggressive clip. we were told a couple hours ago that he had fired at least 100 shots, may be more and more gunfire heard around 8:30, 30 minutes ago. to give our viewers perspective, we are standing in the middle of broad street, just a couple blocks from the north philly temple university campus. yeary is right behind me, and the block the commissioner was speaking of, 3600 block of north 15th street, just to the left of the camera. a couple blocks away.
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we are very close to the scene, but this is about as close as we can get. you see the massive turnout of police here, atf is on the ground, as well, i believe fbi is here, too, and we know that the s.w.a.t. team tried to make entry into the residence a short time ago, i'm told from a police so source that they retreated peer they used a stun grenade, n forced to retreat in the face of more heavy gunfire. i think you heard commissioner mentioned they were using a bullhorn, calling the suspect's telephone. apparently a girlfriend is involved in these ongoing negotiations to try and talk this guy down and get him out. as far as we know, this moment, sean, he has not given up. he has fired many rounds out the window, and apparently through the ceiling, as well appeared we were told a couple of philadelphia police officers were pinned down, in the building, on the second floor -- suspect on the first floor, shooting through the dash was that gunfire? we may have just heard more
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shots fired, sean. an ongoing, dangerous situation for the police. cbs philly is reporting that at least 30 philadelphia police officers have fired rounds from their weapons in this ongoing, basically gun battle, that is happening in the streets of north philadelphia. >> sean: rick, i just want to be clear, the police officers do not think, in any way, that there is anyone being held with his government now, right? >> as far as we know, that's correct. we were told there may have been some arrests made during this narcotics intervention operation for the suspects pinned down may have had some in custody, and some suspects may have exited the building with swat. we can't say for sure if that has happened because we are a little far away from the scene, it's tough to tell if the noises we are hearing our gunfire. i don't want to say it is definitely happening, because again, we are a bit of a distance away, but as you can see, massive police turn out here. the good news for the philadelphia police department is the wounds to those officers were not life-threatening.
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i heard through a source from doctor who said that they were agrees to the fore head, one person shop -- a police officer shot in the arm, another in the hand. the hand may have been the worst injury. three others were hurt in car crashes racing to the scene, sean. it's an ongoing situation. i don't know if you can see the city bus back there, we just saw another city bus pull out of here with probably a dozen, maybe two dozen police officers on board, who look absolutely exhausted. this thing has been going on for more than four hours now, and apparently, they were changing shift, they left, but they're obviously still more here. >> sean: rick leventhal on the streets of philly tonight, we will check in with rick all throughout the hour. rick, stand by. a very tense scene on the streets of north philly tonight, all starting at 4:30 this afternoon after heavy, heavy gunfire raining down on police officers. to some saying 100 shots fired. they attempting to serve a
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narcotics warrant. here was the incredibly scary situation from earlier today. let's take a look. >> all right, two officers shot, one shot in the head, he's up walking care of the other one shot in the arm. >> i heard the shooting, more than 100 rounds before all of the police was present. >> shots fired coming from the second floor. >> we understand they have a shooter somewhere inside this barrier. there is additional gunfire, this gunman has not yet been taken into custody. >> sean: tonight, our prayers are with all of these brave officers involved. those heroic men and women on the job every day. and their families, that are scared to death tonight they're joining us with more on the developing situation, our own trace gallagher. trace, what do you have? >> just to piggyback on rick's
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reporting, it's important to get a tick-tock or timeline from police on exactly what happened there at 4:30 eastern time is when this began. officers were inside the home in north philly come in the process of serving the narcotics warrant when i got to the back of the house, the kitchen, the gunfire erupted, and police simultaneously returned fire again and again, and then they began escaping through the windows and the doors. the gunfire clearly went on for a while, because in the initial call, police made the dispatch asking all units to respond, you can hear dozens of shots in the background -- bang, bang, bang. then the gunfire periodically continued for the next few hours while police tried to contact the shooter, imploring him to surrender. police say the suspect, as you heard, would answer the phone, but he would not speak, and they're still trying to convince him come along with a girlfriend, to negotiate by telling him that he can and back this peacefully. we say him, because police believe there is only one gunman, but they cannot confirm
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that. and here's where the timeline gets a little muddy. at one point, police they officers -- and possibly handcuffed some specs -- were on the second floor of the building, and the suspect was on the first floor, firing up into the ceiling. clearly aiming for police. but right now, the exact locations of both the officers and the suspects are unclear. but the situation is still very much ongoing, and you ask the question earlier of rick, sean, and here's where it appears to be even muddier. it appears the suspect was live streaming the standoff on facebook, right, the police were in the process of shutting that feed off. alluding to a potential hostage situation. but the police officer, the chief, had to leave, i couldn't clarify whether he meant police were being pinned down, or if somebody else entirely might also be involved in this. so some unanswered questions, even four hours after the shots rang out. >> sean: i do my radio show 3:00 to 6:00 eastern, that
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question was out there, and a lot of ambiguity. i have not gotten a straight answer on that, we have been trying and seeking answers. standby, trace gallagher, we will get back to you and rick. first, joining us live from temple university hospital is our wt et cetera porter joyce. jennifer, we heard the police commissioner. officers are stable, what do you know from there? >> yeah, so we got that update from commissioner richard ross about 45 minutes ago, he was very clear in saying the situation is far from over. i know you've had multiple reports, so i might be reentering some information that you already know, but even philadelphia police tweeting out that they are still working to negotiate with the suspect. the suspect who has two philadelphia police officers held up inside of a building with him. as you mentioned, six philadelphia police officers injured by gunfire with this
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suspect. all six are expected to be okay. three of them are here at temple university hospital, another three are over at einstein medical center, in addition to hearing from commissioner ross,m the mayor of philadelphia, jim kenney. and he said, obviously he is very angry right now. very angry about the situation, about all of the violence. he was sharing some personal information about some of the family members of these officers, who have shown up to temple hospital, including two young boys who had to come here to see their dad in the hospital. thankfully, all six are expected to be okay, another variable moving into the situation, a thunderstorm. the rain actually just started to fall. we do know that it is expected to last over the next couple of hours, so it is unclear how that might impact this ongoing situation. back to you. >> sean: jennifer joyce at the hospital tonight, we'll check back in with her throughout the
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evening, as well. president trump has been briefed, he has offered resources, all of the support necessary from the federal government. joining us now with more on this, our very own catherine herridge in washington tonight. catherine, what does the president say? >> thanks, sean, and good evening. tonight, as you mentioned, president trump has been briefed on the situation in philadelphi philadelphia, and federal agencies are providing limited support and backup with the philadelphia police in the lead. all contacts report both the atf and fbi are on the scene in philadelphia, with the atf providing a tactical squad, and the fbi providing a s.w.a.t. team. based on my years of law enforcement reporting, this is the kind of federal backup and support that gives local law enforcement more latitude and more options to secure the scene and rescue those in the area who remain at risk. by example, in the last few minutes on twitter, the philadelphia police reporting parents can now pick up their children from a nearby day care, and three hours into the standoff, the local cbs station reporting four women were actually brought to safety from
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inside that house. this remains, tonight, a very dynamic situation paid federal authorities are emphasizing to us the absolute need not to report tactical information, not to report how or where police units are operating, because that can give help to the shooter and put more lives at risk tonight, shawn. >> sean: all right, catherine herridge, thank you in washington. when this reporting hearing more than 100 gunshots earlier today. shot after shot after shot ringing out, sending everyone running for cover. watch this. >> be advised, audible shots heard inside the kitchen. >> i've got another officer sho shot. >> bring it back out here to sit in hammond erie avenue, where police right now have someone hold up, at gunpoint. >> on the roof. a speaker on the roof, guy is on
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the roof. >> one of the cops had blood on him. >> sean: joining us now it is breaking news story, fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera, retired nypd detective, and fox news contributor ted william, a former police detective. i don't want to spread information, ted, i just want a straight answer, want to know there is nobody in the room with him. we know he is ammunition, we know he has firepower, we know he is willing to fire and kill anybody, but options are different once we know for sure he is alone in there. >> absolutely, all of the options are there. i think we need to thank god that while six officers were shot, these are nonlife-threatening injuries. but i can tell you, and my deeper concern right now, sean, as we speak, all three of us here -- four of us -- that he may very well be watching.
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so i would like to do an echo of what the chief of police said, to this guy, if he's watching. you can end this now. and if you don't end it, and i understand there are two law enforcement officers on the second floor, if you harm those officers, you will be shot, you will be killed, they will come in. so i'm hoping that he will listen to law enforcement, and that he will, in fact, communicate with them and give himself up. it's not too late. >> sean: geraldo, you're covered way too many stories such as this. over your long and credible, nearly 50 year career. the police obviously have to take this very seriously. they want to minimize any collateral damage whatsoever in this particular case. but he is still firing at officers, six guys already shot, our prayers with them and their families tonight. how does this play out in your
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view? >> first of all, we have to remember that philadelphia is plagued by violence. a lot of it drug-driven. chicago gets the rap, but statistically, chicago and philadelphia ranked pretty similarly at the top of the big city violent crime areas. nice town, i don't mean to be unkind, it's not the nicest part of philadelphia. i believe that what happened here, these narcotics officers were trying to serve this arrest warrant, these guys are all hyped up, big cocaine area there. huge seizures of coke earlier this year in philly. i think the perp may have thought it was another narcotics gang trying to break into his territory. i can't believe he just started with an ar-15, trying to take on half a dozen cops in armor coming through the door. i think they've got the place surrounded now, they've got a
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great s.w.a.t. team, philadelphia pd there. that got to contain it, make sure he doesn't use the thunderstorm and the dark of night to elude the circle that surrounds him. be patient, wait him out, use the girlfriend if that is what it takes, try to get him down. get him to back off. right now, he's got that finger on the hair trigger and is plugging away at anyone. and now you can have thunder, you are not going to know if it's thunder or gunfire. it's a mess in philly, but patients. they've got the perimeter secure. patient is what these cops need need. i'm sure the chief is advising exactly that. >> sean: pat, let me go to you, we know they are trying to get the suspect out peacefully, he's not cooperating. still up until maybe even just a few minutes ago, rounds of gunfire continued to be heard. officers repeatedly commanding, the shooter, come out with your hands up. we know we have beds on the
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ground, two narcotic strike force officers, pinned down on the floor earlier, six people shot, over 100 shots fired, so we are told by witnesses. how do you handle this? >> unbelievable. what we are seeing here is very rare indeed. we are seeing both a miracle and a nightmare unfold simultaneously. the miracle is the six officers that had pointed out, no life threatening injuries, thank god for the nightmare, unprecedente unprecedented, savage attack, duration and complexity. in my time -- i was there in '86 and larry davis got shot, i was working in the bronx, larry davis shot six officers. two officers with their prisoners still at the crime scene. unreal. going into five hours. and as geraldo pointed out, to make matters unspeakably worse and more complex, a thunderstorm landing on it, which will add
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more complexity. very, very bad. very complicated scene. and a miracle on the other side. so i salute philadelphia police. i salute you guys. i salute them all come too. ted, let's go back to you, as they do have the place surrounded. strategically, what are the police department options at this particular point? obviously, i think patients has to rule the day, securing the perimeter is done. what options are available from your professional standpoint, do they have, in your arsenal? >> right now, just as geraldo and pat have represented, that his patience. they can wait him out as long as he is not harming anyone else. if he starts to harm, as i said, those police officers, or continue to shoot up where their safety may be a concern, they are going to go in and they are going to take him out. but on the other hand, right now, all they have to do is to
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be patient, to continue to try to open up some forms of communication. it is always good to have a relative there, so they clearly know who he is. and so that relative may very well help law enforcement to talk this guy out, but one of the essential words here is patient. as long as no other law enforcement officers are in direct harm, then they can be patient. >> sean: we reported earlier tonight, and i will throw this to you, pat, then we will get geraldo back in, that the stunned concussion grenade was used, hopefully to knock down the shooter, now the s.w.a.t. team to get in. we have the capacity to neutralize this guy and free other people, perhaps, we don't know, might be in the building, but that is still an unanswered question. how dangerous is that scenario, if that plays out? >> again, very rare. very, very rare. generally, that's the game closer. when you have here is a rabid,
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mad dog killer, right? who's leveraging, most effectively, both effective cover and superior firepower. and it is a very, very dangerous mix. this guy has to be shot like a dog in a yard. he is a bad guy. and i think the negotiation phase is out the window. and this is someone who can't be negotiated with, and patience, to ted's point, your point, sean, is central and key to closing this out. >> sean: i agree with the patience, but i also agree, a certain bit of unpredictability. brother rivera, maybe he is not accepting them to come in right away, but first and foremost, we have to worry about the safety of the officers, that team that will go in the room, they will all be risking their life. >> you know, sean, you spoke of my long career. in 1985, i covered the move -- black liberation group, allegations with child abuse,
6:21 pm
they surrounded them. they ran out of patience at a certain point. a police helicopter was used, explosives involved. lots of casualties. i'm sure the institution of the philadelphia police department remembers the price that they paid for running out of patience back then in that gory concentration between black liberation movement, the group, and the philadelphia pd. i think that right now, they've got this situation contained. they've got the manpower -- at some point, this dude has got to sleep. he got to nod out. at some point, he's going to -- >> sean: hey, geraldo, we've been around this game way too long. this guy can break the room, the second they open the door, something happens. they've got to be careful. we've got to preserve every officers life. stay there. ted, stay there. pat, stay there. thank you all for your expertise. we want to go back to rick leventhal on the street in
6:22 pm
philly. he earlier heard from the police commissioner. he updated us on the shooting peered before we go to rick, let's watch with the police commissioner said. >> we are trying to communicate to him that we want him out safely. when going as far as telling him that the officers are going to be okay and that there is nothing that we can work through, but right now, we are not successful. there is no incantation indicae is trying to surrender right now. we know he is alive, no question about that, because the shots keep bringing out. so we are very concerned about the neighborhood, concerned about our police officers, but again, we are doing everything within our power to get him to come out. >> sean: at our prayers are with these officers. joining us again from the ground in philly, our own rick leventhal. rick, that is one thing i'm most concerned about. now, with this particular shooter, no qualms whatsoever, morally, ethically, from shooting police officers. he is now in there alone. what he is doing in there, what other weaponry he may have, a
6:23 pm
question that these officers can't risk if they, in fact, go into that room. >> yeah, well, and he is also doing the opposite of surrendering, as you heard from the police commissioner there. and not backing down. police forces telling me he actually piled furniture against the doors to make it tougher for the s.w.a.t. team to gain entry, which i'm told they attempted, but had to retreat because of heavy gunfire from the suspect, who sources told me was armed with an ar-15 and several handguns. i'm also here and now -- this from a source, sean -- that one presenter and officers were removed from the second floor. so apparently those officers who were pinned down on the second floor have been able to get out. again, this is from one source, and i haven't been able to confirm it with the philadelphia police department, but my sources telling me there are two prisoners is still on the second floor and the shooter is on the first floor. we were told there officers trapped inside the building who had some suspects in custody, so perhaps those officers had to leave some of those guys in the house when they got out.
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but they took one guy with them. the two officers pinned down got out, now the suspect is still inside on the first floor -- >> sean: rick, if i'm a -- >> an ar-15 on several handguns. >> sean: that is what i had heard. i couldn't confirm it, but i had one reported that there were people left behind for a period, and i don't know -- i've not gotten a full answer or confirmation, if they got everybody out. then, of course, you've got to worry if this guy is rigging some type of tripwire. if, in fact, officers do break down the door and head into that room, are they heading into a potential death trap for them? >> well, he has a tremendous amount of resistance that has been firing on them on and off since 4:30 this afternoon, and it is not raining here. we are hearing thunder, which may have been what we thought were gunshots a short time ago. but the weather doesn't help the officers who are out on the streets trying to deal with this ongoing situation, as you heard
6:25 pm
the commissioner say, they are trying to negotiate with him. have a bullhorn, also been calling his cell phone, but as we reported earlier, sean, this guy has apparently been live streaming at least some of the ongoing situation from inside that residence. that is not the act of someone who is ready to give up. it could be a very long night for these philadelphia police officers, and also atf on scene. we saw some heavily armed and heavily jacketed officers, also some canines are out here. there's a command post set up at the corner of broad and eerie. these guys are hunkered down, and they are talking to each other, trying to talk to the suspect, but shows no sign, at least yet, of ending anytime soon, sean. >> sean: that last question, are we confident neighboring and adjacent homes have been evacuated successfully? >> we know they were in the process of doing that. we have seen a lot of residents out on the street. a lot of them are unhappy. there seems to be a lot of
6:26 pm
tension in the neighborhood right now. as far as we know, we know people have gotten out, and the philadelphia police warning people to stay out of the area as long as this keeps going on. still in rick leventhal on the ground in philly for us tonight. we'll get back to rick in the moment. as bullets were raining down on this neighborhood, brave police officers rushed toward the sound of gunfire, many on the left -- as it is unfolding -- were literally trying to use what was a live, active, ongoing shooting situation to score cheap political might know my points. this is not a political night for me. how sick things have gotten on the political side of thing, at 5:26 in the afternoon, less than an hour into all of this, police officers ducking for cover, returning fire, we have one 2020 hopeful, kamala harris come on fake news cnn, literally, that
6:27 pm
second, not even an hour into this, exploiting the shoot out for political gain. this can't happen in this country, but it did. let's watch. >> what is your reaction to these initial reports, and i stress the word initial. >> it's just when will it stop, right? part of my focus on what we need to do around guns -- smart gun safety laws, is recognize we have more enforcement around the gun dealers bear 90% of the guns with crime are sold by just 5% s in the united states, so among the many plans that i have, both in the form of executive action, and also in the form of legislation, one of them is to put more resources into the atf, to take licensed gun dealers who violate the law. >> sean: she knows nothing about this, but maybe my gun control could have stopped that. wow. that is spectacularly inane and insane to me.
6:28 pm
politicized a tragedy in the middle of a tragedy. if that can't happen. that was literally 10 minutes after fake news cnn reported the actual shooting. kamala harris playing politics, politicizing a tragedy again peered we will move on. congressman julian julian cast, kirsten gillibrand, pulling at 0%, blame the nra, knowing nothing for joining us with reaction, author of the upcoming book "radicals, resistance, revenge," ." also with us, jeanine pirro. pete hegseth. former florida attorney general, pam bondi. let's go at this from a law enforcement standpoint. a lot of danger is that still exist but these guys, not knowing what they may be walking into, except they know they will walk into a guy that has full confidence and an ability and a
6:29 pm
desire to kill police officers. >> that's right, sean. it is ludicrous to be talking about anything other than that right now. when everyone should be talking about, what you are talking about, de-escalation of the horrible situation going on here the rapid response by police officers, and bringing this to a peaceful resolution. that's what should matter. that's what i've seen in my career over and over and over, drug deals gone bad, or when they go to serve warrants, and you end up with some bad guy -- this is about a bad guy trying to hurt police officers, and that is all anybody should be talking about tonight, just like you are. thank you. >> sean: pete, your years of service, we watched in iraq and afghanistan, time after time, on a daily basis, our brave men and women walking into situations, they don't know what is on the other side of that door. i would assume that our police department in philly, they've got some great people that they understand, this guy is capable
6:30 pm
of anything, including if he wants to sleep, setting up some type of trap for these guys, or a trip wire that could be dangerous for anybody that walks into that room. >> of course, you've got to plan for the enemy's most dangerous course of action. in this case, a guy hold up, nothing to lose. these men and women who put the badge on, they don't know what kind of day they will have. today, and active shooter situation, drug bust gone bad, six of their fellow men in blue shot. they are going to do everything they can to come home safe themselves, to deal with the situation, and to spend a moment on live television, to speculate otherwise, is irresponsible. you've done more by television that i have, sean, but on "fox & friends" in the morning, we will go wall-to-wall on information, and the last thing you do is speculate about the politics of the moment for your own personal gain. you stand by the fact and the information, and the people
6:31 pm
doing the brave things that most people won't do to keep us safe. and you don't make it about politics, sean. in this case, for kamala harris or anyone else to jump to that, listen, she is chameleon kamala, she will go with whatever moment she needs on whatever topic to benefit herself, and in this case, it's reckless, and we are all thinking about the philadelphia pd right now. >> sean: it just took my breath away. it was less than an hour into the whole thing. and it was castro, kirsten gillibrand -- sadly predictable. judge peril, we saw this also, what happened in el paso, dayton, fund-raising letters. wow, families didn't even pick out burial plans or coffins bear let's stay on with the bread of cops in philly are facing tonight, and the strategies they will have to employee to safely ensure the safety of their officers as they do the
6:32 pm
difficult duty tonight. >> make no mistake, sean, these police understand what they are confronted with. i'm sure they have, in addition to s.w.a.t. teams, they've got hostage negotiators, but they also understand they are dealing with -- as pete just said -- someone's got nothing to lose. he knows six police are shot. i don't know if he knows how badly they are shot. and what we've got to do in situations like this, and i have had situations like this -- not as bad as this -- but where you someone has nothing to lose, already has an arrest warrant for drug charges, who has been shooting people, and he's got people in the building who can't get out because he's there. everything is at stake, here, and i left a comment, sean, kamala harris has shown just how small she is come along with the democrats, to talk about gun control. she, especially, a former district attorney, should understand, you don't know the facts, you don't know the risks.
6:33 pm
you are only speculating. you don't know what you're talking about, and to not be concerned about police, victims, the public at large, and she is concerned about gun control because she wants to be the president. they are so small, they are not worth talking about. >> sean: you know, i worry about in this situation, i will ask all three of you, exit question. pam, i will begin with you. the unknown here. i would like to know that this guy doesn't have anybody in that room. we haven't gotten an affirmative on that. i'd like to know that there aren't people in the building, in other parts of the building, that are held up in that building. that question, i would like to know -- i'm certain the police know a lot more than we do. >> and they should know more than we do, that's why they're not reporting it. of course, the bad guy has access, probably, to a tv also, sean, i've been to, sadly, many scenes like this, with active, ongoing shooters held up.
6:34 pm
an hour please don't think of themselves for one second. they are thinking about the escalating the situation. all of our great men and women in uniform, the fbi is there now helping, atf helping, probably dea if it was a drug deal, all of our agencies, they work together to help all of us, and de-escalate the situation. that's what we are all doing tonight, thanking them, and we will pray for them, and we will -- >> sean: i've got to tell you, there are guys, at some point in the next however many minutes or hours, that are going to be putting their life on the line. >> the only gun i care about tonight's the gun our law enforcement are carrying to go out and deal with this guy, to keep that community safe. that is what we should be focused on tonight. >> sean: bingo. >> and focus on the fact they are all working together toward a common goal. this is when law enforcement is at its best. thank god for them. >> sean: that's why they carry
6:35 pm
a gun every day. that's why irresponsible, reckless comments, and rushing to judgment when there are high profile cases -- yeah, it's pretty despicable. and by the way, elizabeth warren and kamala harris tweeted about michael brown, that, too, is despicable. when we come back -- thank you all. we will go live back to philadelphia, get an update on the standoff. also breaking news that will rock the deep state, we have new evidence and proof tonight that nellie ohr was, in fact, providing her husband, bruce ohr, number four, and at the doj under biden-obama, constant updates, full of lies, lies we haven't even heard about about, about the 30, clinton bought and paid for russian dossier. that and more straight-ahead. isn't a boat. the legendary performance of tracker just made landfall. best quality in america. lowest prices in america.
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>> sean: all right, just breaking come or go back to rick leventhal in philly tonight with some breaking news. rick. >> well come a couple of things are happening as we speak, sean. i got information from a police source that come in fact, they have gotten up and out of the building except for the gunmen. officers who were pinned down on the second floor, the prisoners in custody, apparently all left the building, they got out. but the gunmen, i was told, was still in the building for the police tweeted a short time ago to confirm the officers had, in fact, exited the building. everyone was out of the building except the gunmen paid now we are hearing reports that this thing could be resolved shortly. or may be resolved. but i don't have that, sean, confirmed. what i do have confirm -- >> sean: rick, if i may -- >> the people in the building are out, except the gunmen. go ahead. >> sean: rick, how long ago where they are what, and can you confirm now, 100%, that everybody is out of danger out of the building, meaning
6:41 pm
residents, police, like? >> well, what i can tell you is i was told -- i got the text 15 minutes ago that the prisoners were removed from the second floor and the officers were out, but the shooter was still on the first floor. that was 15 minutes ago. apparently philly police have confirmed it in a tweet, which i don't see right now. >> sean: do you want to look look -- >> i don't have it handy. i don't have it handy. >> sean: i tell you, standby appeared i'll come back to you in about a minute. stay right there for joining a fly from temple university hospital, this was where the six police officers were taking. fox wx out reporter, jennifer joyce, with the update there? >> good evening, we are hearing exactly what rick leventhal
6:42 pm
reported, that the two officers have been safely removed by philadelphia police department, s.w.a.t. team, however, the gunmen is still inside that building. i have more good news to report since we last talked with you about 30 minutes ago. two of the injured police officers here at temple have been released. it was a short time ago, happened on the other side of the hospital. one of our photographers was able to capture the moment. one of the injured officers, he had bandages on both of his arms. he walked out of the hospital, and all of his fellow officers, men and women in blue, standing by to salute him. then, just minutes ago, the second officer, the one that had a grease wounded to the head was also released from the hospital. we have been reporting all afternoon and evening that it was six police officers who were shocked, but all of them were suffering nonlife nonlife threg
6:43 pm
injuries. perhaps we will continue to see these officers released one by one. there is still only one officer here inside of temple. there were three additional officers undergoing treatment at einstein medical center. all while the situation is still unfolding at less than a half mile from where i'm standing. >> sean: all right, jennifer joyce, if we couldn't lock and load and turn around that video, we would love to show that to the audience. standing by the hospital tonight, thank you so much. great news, two officers have left the hospital. minor injuries, thank god, in the case of all of them. we expect all of them to survive, as of this hour. we go back to our own rick leventhal, who was just breaking some new news that come in fact, 15 minutes ago, rick, two officers that were left remaining in the building and what one civilian removed? >> just to remind our viewers, sean, this was a narcotics intervention operation. these officers had entered the
6:44 pm
residence, and there were officers on the second floor of the residence, apparently, when the shooting started. the gunmen with an ar-15 opens fire, several officers jumping out windows to escape, six are wounded, as you've been reporting, and two pinned down upstairs. apparently there were other suspects with those two officers pinned down, people who have they had taken into custody as part of the narcotics intervention operation. according to my law enforcement source and philadelphia police have tweeted out to confirm it, those two officers who were on the second floor pinned down by gunfire had gotten out of the building, along with the prisoner. all of the people who were trapped in the house, aside from the gunmen, have gotten out. as far as we know, the gunmen is still barricaded inside, on the first floor of that building that i was told he had put furniture up against the doors, and when the s.w.a.t. team tried to make entrance, they had to retreat because of the heavy fire coming from the suspect, who we are told is armed with an ar-15 and several handguns. so as far as we know, he has not given up. the police are trying to negotiate with him, he is not
6:45 pm
backing down, but everyone who was trapped on the second floor of that building, we are told has not gotten out of the building. >> sean: that has been my fear, rick, most of the afternoon peered i was covering this live on radio, and that was that just 15 minutes ago, these people were still in the building, where this gunmen was, and they were able to successfully -- the police that were in there, with those people in custody, get them all out. that just happened. that is great news, also come on top of the two officers we know left the hospital. rick leventhal standing by in philly with us tonight for joining us with more breaking news, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera, retired nypd detective at boston, factories news interview ted williams, a former d.c. police detective. geraldo, that had been my fear, and i knew, my gut was telling me, we are not getting that answer, and i instinctively felt that there were people still in that building. thank god they just got out. >> not only is there the fear, did we have the fear for the
6:46 pm
people inside the building, sean, remember that there is the day care center right across the street from this building. here's a guy with an ar-15, he is popping, he is popping away, there are little babies at the day care center right across the street. i mean, it reminded me, i had this awful, sick feeling in my stomach. it reminded me of the oklahoma city bombing that we discovered in the more a building, the day care center, those children were killed. the wonton disregard, the recklessness of this person. and if i made, just very briefly come on this whole issue of gun control. there is no way that this perp bought that ar-15 legally. in other words, you have all of the background checks, red flag -- believe me, and enjoys them heartily -- in the world, it would not have stopped this guy, this knucklehead is a criminal, a drug dealer. he was being served, we think,
6:47 pm
this warrant from the narcotics cops. there is no way he went to a gun store and purchased an ar-15. so i don't think that gun control is relevant to the current discussion -- even if it was appropriate to bring up political issues so close -- >> sean: not while an active shooting is going on, geraldo, and not when you don't know a single thing about what has happened in this case, which is -- and not be raising money for political campaigns off of a shooting, and exploiting tragedy for some type of political again on your part but let me go back to ted williams. my fear has been all day that there were still people in that building. it turns out my fears were warranted. thankfully, not only did the cops get out, but the people they had taken prisoner got out with them. which is going to now open up more options, as i suspect, the options of the police on the outside were limited, if, in
6:48 pm
fact, people were still in the building. now that those people have been removed from the building, assuming nobody else's in there, they're off options have multiplied by a factor of 1,000. >> absolutely, sean. as long as those police officers were alleged to have been on the second floor in harm's way, there were exigent circumstance circumstances, and law enforcement officers were definitely going to protect one or two of their own. under the circumstances, you not only have a barricade situation with his one alleged shooter in that home, they can do what geraldo and pat had said earlier, and that is they can certainly wait this person out. let me also say this very quickly. i don't get into the political minutia about guns and all of this, but law enforcement officers in this country really feel that they are outgunned. law enforcement officers normally will carry a glock 9 millimeters, and when you've
6:49 pm
got somebody with an ar-15 rifle, and i'm sure that geraldo is right, that this was not a legally purchased, but this was illegally out there, this is the kind of firepower that law enforcement officers are deeply deeply concerned about. >> sean: and pat, as we discussed prior, this was the situation we feared the most, now it seems to be resolved, assuming everybody else is out of the building, what does that do for the police officers now, in terms of dealing with this guy barricaded up in one room? their options, i think, as ted agreements agrees, seemly agrees, goes up 1,000. >> i agree 1000%. as a side note, the prisoners whose criminal behavior caused this entire nightmare to unfold, were now being protected by their arresting officers. >> sean: how ironic. >> unbelievable ly ironic. an illustration of the
6:50 pm
commitment and loyalty to service and protection of life, even prisoners. because that, as you pointed out, was one of the reasons they didn't rush the building. so all of the options are on the table now. >> sean: all of the options will be on the table. you're right. geraldo, i know this may sound callous in the minds of some liberal people, but assuming he is alone in there, i'm not against our guys doing what they need to do, because whatever information they would probably get from him, they will get from the three people they took out with him 15 minutes ago. >> oh, please, trust me. if it was up to me, i would shoot him dead the minute i had him in my site -- >> sean: i know you would invade the building by yourself, i know you. >> [laughs] i might do that. no, i think there is no need, though. we care about the cops.
6:51 pm
now, our soul constituents are the officers and surrounding the building. as of the people that serve us, protect us, and the for them. just from combat, now you've got an isolated shooter, he's only got -- he can't have all of the ammo in the world, he can't stay up forever. he's got to sleep at some point. wait him out, 5:00 in the morning, 6:00 in the morning, keep him up, play music, do something so he can't sleep. to be patient, wait, wait, have people infiltrate -- >> sean: geraldo. we don't know what else he has in there, we don't know if he has set a tripwire. >> that's the reason you don't go in. that's the reason you don't go in. you don't now have to risk the safety of the officers. >> sean: bingo. >> you can just wait his butt out. the loud musing geraldo is
6:52 pm
saying, give him something, i don't care, but just -- >> barry manilow. >> sean: what decade are we in here? but with all due respect, we have options. this is more important, the people that are going to eventually have to extricate this guy, at some point, under whatever circumstances unfold, we've got to know protect them, first and foremost. that means the odds of this guy coming out alive have now greatly been reduced, in my opinion, and it's not that they wouldn't want to take him alive. they are giving him every opportunity to put his hands up and come out, path, but i'm not willing to let police officers on the great department to philadelphia, go in that room, where we don't have a clue what they have in there. >> i tell you, i'm not a big betting man, sean, but i would say his time is very, very
6:53 pm
limited. reading this free air in and out. he's cooked. his goose is cooked. as geraldo pointed out, they are ultimately going to figure out how to rush the apartment he is in on the first floor, and crush him, take him out of gunfire, just like the rabid dog that he is. that's what's going to happen. it's not going to end pretty at all to 5:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. or 1:00 a.m., but it will be merciless and it will be executed with precision, and he will be cognizant of tripwires, but this guy has to stop. he has an extraordinary amount of ammunition. he has a highly unusual tenacity and commitment to his twisted mission. but ultimately, he is a coward and he is a punk, and he does not want to be in a wheelchair in prison and shoot it out with these cops, and they take him alive. and that is why they kill themselves, time and time again. so it may end that way, but either way, he's cooked. >> sean: do you agree with
6:54 pm
that, ted williams? >> i love pat. i believe what you are going to find the strategy is for them just to wait, at least until between now and tomorrow before they will rush in. because if as you said, there might be trip falls in their pair not only this, you are then putting your own law enforcement officer is endangered by them having to go in there when it is unnecessary. this little guy, he's a human being, and sooner or later -- she may be the scourge of the earth -- >> sean: hang on, the police commissioner is about to speak with. let's go to the press conference. >> update because it is not completely resolved, but i think you have been informed that swat was able to successfully extract the two police officers that were trapped upstairs, as well as three prisoners. they were all taken out safely thus far. however, this male is still holed up inside. we are talking to him for one of
6:55 pm
the first time, basically no more than 30 or 40 minutes ago. making a little bit of progress. appeared his attorney was on a three way line, trying to assure him we weren't here to harm him, but after that conversation ceased, we do know and that is still alive, just trying to appeal to him. he's got a reason that he needs to come out and surrender. right now, we have gone from a hostage situation to a barricade, because all of the hostages were taken out safely. and i can't say enough, what all the responders data, but most importantly, what s.w.a.t. did and all of their support, homeland security, everyone that is involved, as well as everyone that assisted in negotiations. but again, we still have a situation not completely resolved. we still want to get this male out unscathed. we don't know if he is injured. my conversations with him, it
6:56 pm
doesn't appear that he is, but i'm not sure. so we will keep you apprised, but didn't want to keep you in the dark about where we wear, and have you just have to speculate about the status regarding the police officers and the hostages. we are very, very lucky, six police officers shot in one incident, it is remarkable that -- i believe a couple of them have been released already, and so it is nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space, that we didn't have more of a tragedy then we did. so we are so thankful that they were able to get out, we are able to get the other folks out. the prisoners that were in there are also unharmed. and i don't even know, or miraculously, how that happened, because there were multiple gunshots fired. he fired shots while i was on location. he hasn't done so in a while, so we are optimistic that that means he is starting to understand that there is some
6:57 pm
benefit to him coming out and surrendering, but we still don't know if that is going to be the case. so i'm in a better position to take some more questions right now than i was before. because our people are around there and will keep me updated as we go forth. >> reporter: how many officers have been discharged? >> sean: let me step in here. that is commissioner richard ross jr., philadelphia police department. he has just confirmed is up until about 15, 20 minutes ago, rick leventhal, breaking it first here on fox, in this situation was far worse and far more precarious than anyone in the public knew. as, in fact, some police officers and suspects that they had in custody who are in the building up until about, well, 20 minutes ago. and now the police commissioner has confirmed they have been removed. he also confirmed that contact has been established with the one remaining suspect, and they
6:58 pm
are hopeful to have a peaceful resolution at some point. and the other good news to come out of all of this, in spite of six officers confirmed shot today, we expect all of them to survive. if two already have been released. let's go back to the press conference. >> protocol, the way they searched, they can secure every part of the house as quickly as they can. and unfortunately, some got trapped upstairs. those were the ones we were talking about, i think they were taking gunfire upstairs, as well, so again, a miracle that we don't have multiple officers killed today. but we are so thankful. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> s.w.a.t. were so adept at doing that. they have a skill set that they were able to utilize tonight, they were able to use stealth to do it. and it was absolutely remarkable, the way -- to watch
6:59 pm
that unfold. to do so in large part without him being aware, or at least we don't think he was aware. their bravery, as well as the bravery of every other officer but took fired today, because they took fired today, as well. just about everybody at that scene did at some point in time. so once we get him out, we will have a very, very expensive crime scene, hours and hours, as you can clearly see. >> sean: this is the police commissioner of philadelphia talking about, really miraculous outcome, in spite of six officers being shot, we expect a full recovery for all six. two have already been released. what we've just learned, though, is the more amazing fact in all of this, that is the situation they have been dealing with since around 4:30 eastern time this afternoon, was far worse, far more precarious than anyone had known at the time. in fact, police officers that had other suspects in custody up
7:00 pm
until 20 minutes ago. the one remaining suspect must contact established minutes ago. our thoughts and prayers with these officers, what they do every day is amazing. they fight for us, to protect and serve as peer jesse watters in for laura tonight. jesse, take it away. >> jesse: i'm jesse watters and for lauren graham, and this is to is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight, following two big breaking stories paired police on the scene, an active standoff in philadelphia, at least six police officers have been shot. what his last words to his attorney could review about epstein's mysterious death. plus, journalists attacked for daring to cover a public event for that victim is here exclusively. and portland is bracing for a battle this weekend as antifa and right