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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  August 18, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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howard: a major plant in the doubt threatening, donald trump blames the media for wanted to chrissy, repair some pundits faulting for the decline. >> the dow closing over 800 points down today. has donald trump political weakness foreign policy cluelessness and evocation of american leadership on the worldstage , on full and stark display. brexit trump market meltdown. the president -- quick good evening everyone. talking down the trump stock market and economy today. where was all of the reporting when trump's bull market was
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story? the journal keeps reporting and speculate about jeffrey epstein suicide. many hammering the president who were tweeting a conspiracy theory and linking the sexual predator to a former president. >> is the president get the state to throw bill clinton and try to trash his name in this mess? >> the presidents of the united states do not retweet conspiracy theories about predecessors. >> others in the process called anyone else for their position. these are the same clowns are sent to yours jason collision. >> should people in the news business also avoid trafficking while theories? and we spoke to epstein months ago. and two democratic congresswoman -- anthony scaramucci launches immediate blitz against his feet former boss and he said he
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is divisive. we'll ask him and a spokesman about the bitter breakup. i'm howard kurtz and this is "mediabuzz".♪ ♪ [music] the president dominating headlines again with a new attack on two democratic congresswoman who are muslim by successfully urging netanyahu to bar them from a global effort to boycott israel from visiting the jewish state. >> they want to do boycotts, they said horrible things about jewish people. i think will be a terrible thing frankly, for israel to let these people who speak so badly about israel, come in. howard: in the global media storm that followed rashida tlaib and ilhan omar denounce the decision and when israel backtracked, tlaib rejected a
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visit with her grandmother. guy benson political editor at town hall at fox news contributor and host of the guy benson radio show. beverly hallberg president of district median former television producer and clarence page, columnist for the chicago tribune. everything up to israel to decide -- whatever your views of the islamic is and i've criticized omar sharply for anti-semitic comments. is it fair for the president to slam -- >> this is not about the president.i think he's drawing attention to it which is part of his secret sauce. forcing the press to cover something they do not want to and would not have otherwise. which is looking into for example, the group, an organization sponsoring the trip for omar and 15 had the gun to palestine. which is what was the word on their itinerary. it's a very radical organization.
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that has backed terrorists in the past, it has published all sorts of extreme anti-semitic screens. >> they don't believe the jewish state has a right to exist. >> correct. >> is been glossed over in so many media reports progress there was a story and the president forced everyone to talk about it. >> beverly, as is another instance of president trump drawing enormous media attention on these lawmakers as part of what you might call a cultural campaign for reelection? >> are things always been that the squad is the spelling we know nancy pelosi does not like it. the president thinks is -- this will help him. if he could with the democrats as far left as what the agenda is it benefits him. when it goes back to the media and releasing i give bill barr credit, friday night he pointed out the connection of the congresswomen have to the anti-semitic movement so i appreciate that as we are learning more. >> and by the way that segment,
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he specifically criticized the press. he said, all of these pieces of information somehow never get reported in this. >> and sometimes he takes the left and interestingly, rashida tlaib, in respect said maybe people should boycott him on the show. >> president trump also said these two women amazingly, they become the face of the democratic party. so clarence, how much has he, making them and others the face of the democratic party they have no real power in the house because they're freshman. is the press following his lead in elevating these lawmakers? >> as i said earlier, trump did not have to make this such a personal issue but he has. because he sees a political advantage and for the democrats and israel, in the past both parties have competed, who can show the love for israel more. but it hasn't changed much outside of the two members of
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the squad we are talking about. they do have a more extreme view but we have had others like paul finley, the late illinois represented that was also a harsh critic of israel and some was controversy at the time. this is not new in that regard. they have a president that deliberately stoke this fire. >> and i'm going to give some historical context for the resolution democrats denouncing some anti-semitic rhetoric by omar. a pretty dramatic day this past wednesday when the dow plummeted more than 800 points and guy, i'm watching these commentators say this is the trump meltdown. obviously there's been a slight of about 2000 points over the last couple of weeks and obviously the presidents trade battle and war with china has contributed to this no question.
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but i did not notice the press rushing to celebrate the trump market when it went from 18,005 the day he was elected to more than 27,000. >> of course not! they are gleeful not because the economy might be going south in some respects and i do actually blame the presidents policies on trade for part of it.i think it's a reality that he knew something about politically and for the country. but the press is in some cases, we been cheering bill moore. he has on his show repeatedly on the other end of the stink that he is reading openly rooting for a recession to help donald trump lose. i did that sentiment runs deep in his arms even if they may not come out and say the coverage reflect the same kind of instinct. >> at least give him credit for honesty. -- not having much to say about this on wall street. >> we need to be careful of our language. coverage versus opinion. there's a big difference.
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you will find some folks who are going to be on both sides. that's what the recession is good for the country or not. but the fact you have got, every president brings about a good economy and credits themselves when the economy is bad they find others to blame. donald trump is already funny people to blame eve without this. the median federal reserve. >> there are people on both sides, the question of whether or not recession is good for the country. in what ways is a recession good for the country? >> i do not agree with ilhan omar in this and i also have a 401(k) by the way. as most media do but let's be realistic it's news, when the economy goes down at this point, especially donald trump is trying so hard -- >> sometimes recessions are inevitable in the business
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cycle. the presence of the other data fake news media is doing everything they can to crash the economy. because i think we bad for me and my reelection. the probably have as the economy way too strong. beverly, what is he talking about the media question economy? >> you can look to joe biden, he's a leader in the democratic nomination race or not he likes to talk about the economy when is doing well. and want to start having issues then he blames it on trump. we see the media do the same thing. here's what they are not covering as much. we are seeing volatility in the market, i agree with gaia think this reason we can point to trump and the trade war. also the fed and when he's unhappy about when it comes to them and the interest rate and how they've handled it. we do see an appointment is at an all-time low. especially in african-americans. wages are going up so there so many positives.the media are not reporting on the positives that all americans are seeing on a daily basis. it's not going to work in their favor. >> what you say is true in of course it seems to me that we are talking about is that recession down the road, there are certain indicators that it
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may or may not happen. but it's remarkable to me when the market goes down blaming everything world on donald trump. hong kong not take a stronger stand, they just cannot wait to pounce. return to one more topic before the break. president trump also joined media over jeffrey epstein's prison suicide for retreating a conspiracy theory by self described actor and comedian, terrence k williams who floated a link between the death and the clinton with # clinton body count and # clinton crime family. >> the retweet, which is what it was, was somebody -- [inaudible] >> whether or not this guy is a
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respected pungent, the media criticism fair or unfair and saying that the president should not have spread this? >> of course, the president should not have done this. some of the question he asked about the clinton and the plane of the island i think are fair game. but to come out as the president of the united states, to link your political opponents and predecessor in the white house to the suicide or death i think is irresponsible. then again, he also cruised ted cruz's father killing john f. kennedy during the 2016 campaigns of this is par for the course. >> he did not accuse me points to the national enquirer. >> is the same thing. >> the national enquirer is not a respected journalist. >> he was a friend of epstein many years ago. donald trump was as well. we're talking 15 or 20 years ago. that does not mean either of them was involved in with the medical examiner has now ruled as a suicide by epstein. >> so why does donald trump
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care about so much? because again he wants to not just put the members of the democratic party but jeffrey epstein, this is donald trump, he is deflecting -- >> they were not on the plane together. look, donald trump is not the only person to weigh in on what really happened with epstein. who of course was a convicted sexual predator and accused of being a sex trafficker. many in the media have gone to speculation and conspiracy theories. and now we know from the autopsy that he hanged himself. so what to make of the press performance on this matter? >> i think they love to follow the president on twitter. think the president knew putting this out was a little bit controversial because he did not add a comment to it. it was a retweet. i would say with all of this the present using this pointed to the press always points conspiracy theories, hit a follow-up tweet talking of course what they do with
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russia. i think trump loves to weigh into this because he knows the media will cover it. and he will always pointed back to russia. >> he knows so often that is true. when you come back, joe biden front and center, with ample help from donald trump. and charlie gasparino on his interviews with jeffrey epstein a few months before his death in prison. doug, doug! douglas! we're running dangerously low on beans. people love your beans, doug. they love 'em. doooooooooug! you want to go sell some tacos? progressive knows small business makes big demands. doug, where do we get a replacement chili pepper bulb? so we'll design the insurance solution that fits your business. it's a very niche bulb. it's a specialty bulb.
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jobs for long time i've covered him a long time but now that the 76-year-old former vp is a democratic front runner the press is focusing on missteps raising new questions about his age.>> we choose unity of division. we choose science over affection. we choose truth over facts. >> when the kids came up from
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parkland some of you covered. we have this notion somehow you are poor you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. wealthy kids, black kids. asian kids. howard: the presidencies in each mistake and clearly suggesting that joe biden is over the hill. >> joe biden is truly lost his basketball he's not playing with a full deck. howard: guy, joe biden met with the sandy hook elementary students, he talked about margaret thatcher what he meant theresa may. the present is linking this to his age is he being overplayed? >> and measures being overplayed but as referenced earlier, should not surprise anyone, the man has been a gaffe factory for his entire career spanning decades. whether it's his age or just who he is as a candidate and a person, of course he will get
8:18 am
this extra attention because he is the front runner. i'm more surprised by the aids leaking to the press how were there why would you work for you terribly worried about gaffes? >> they said he's been making this for so long it has nothing to do with age. he's always been this way, thus their defense. the thing is interesting. it doesn't mean it's not true but they trying to knock down the notion that a 76 is lost some steps. kressa tried to play it as part of his charm. but i think we some of the democratic debate and harry was not able to take on kamala harris people became concerned. he did bounce back. and in comparison to donald trump, there is a main difference, the mistakes that joe biden makes it does not mean to make them, they are gaffes, he means to say something stone truck always meant to say what he says. i think if you do comparison a mental fitness it will not work because they're coming from different perspectives. >> the president is 73 and he
8:19 am
says the president is muslim fit he saying he's unfit is the press taken the bait because you know we cover everything that he tweets? >> it is bait, it's news. and i will be happy to do gaffes of vita versus trump and i bet you that biden comes out ahead in the comparison. difference is that donald trump never admits to making a mistake. i think he did backpedal a bit on the hollywood access, when hollywood access tapes came out as locker room talk. and he also apologized generically. >> let's get to another thing, which not only republicans and democrats also this is bernie sanders a few days ago new hampshire. >> i wonder why the "washington post" which is owned by -- i don't know why.
8:20 am
howard: he later backed up saying do i think jeff bezos is on the phone telling editors what to do? absolutely not. and they also he does deputies blaming the corporate media. that was his defense. >> bernie is cranky, at the campaign sputtering. also think there's a sense of entitlement among democrats. they almost always get favorable press as opposed to republicans paid went straight from that when it is not quite so glowing they get upset. they said this from progressive twitter last few days. >> very quickly, do you hear that? >> of course not!>> you think that more of expectation of the press will be neutral? >> i've been chewed up by obama and candidates of both parties. i mean when you're on the front lines, people have their beliefs. i accept that. >> been around the track a few times. by the way, president trump was saying the near times had demoted -- he said for bad
8:21 am
reporting, it's actually for bad tweets. in part about rashida tlaib and ilhan omar saying serious lapses in judgment. be careful on that twitter. great to see you all this sunday. ahead, anthony scaramucci response to criticism that he turned on president trump to bruce is made a standing paper first, cnn anchor chris cuomo drawn into a profanity laced confrontation of what he saw as a slur. enol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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and show you what others paid for it. (man) once truecar came into the picture, that's where i go now. it was just such a quick, easy experience that i just go back to them. (narrator) discover for yourself how easy car buying can be with truecar. (whimsical music) >> chris cuomo was clearly provoked by a stranger who got the viral video he wanted. he is on vacation with his family and the man called him the name of a dumb brother in a movie he says is like the n-word for italians and it quickly escalated.
8:25 am
[inaudible] >> president trump not exactly a fan of cnn did not use words room reporters asked him about the incident. >> cuomo, the language is horrible, looks like a total out-of-control animal. he lost it. frankly, i think anyone -- [inaudible] >> jenny is never in connecticut, charlie gasparino, senior correspond for fox business network. charlie, clearly, chris cuomo was provoked. his nine-year-old daughter was there. did he lose his temper and should have walked away sooner? of course. even though the guy claimed he thought his name was frito from listening to rush limbaugh he kept beating him. >> i want to say i'm friends with chris, i knew his dad very
8:26 am
will actually like the old man and admired him. as a fellow tine american i can say that fredo is on ethics -- and ethnic slur. he was just the least capable of the brothers. we used to refer to them as fredo, it's common. i do think that the guy deserved, listen, if i'm with my kids and you come up to me in a provocative way, there's a good chance that if i think i'm threatened, i'm going to knock you out, okay? and i think in that sense, chris cuomo showed admirable restraint. that guy deserved to be smacked. there's no doubt. you're with your kids. >> no blows were exchanged, it was all verbal. let me read chris cuomo expresses some regret on twitter saying the truth is, i should be better than the guy baiting me. this happens all the time these days. often front of my family. he says no need to etch the ugliness, i should be better
8:27 am
than what i opposed. i also covered the lake governor merrill cuomo. chris grew up having to read about these ugly unsubstantiated rumors when cuomo was considering higher office about the family had mob ties. so i can see him being sensitive to something like fredo.>> he asked, but you just let's be real clear here. let's not even equate this to the historical deformation of the n-word. it is not even close and chris should know better on that. i will say this though, if you think, because of social media and all the barriers between people on tv, and the general public, they have been eroded. and people think they can come up to you and say just about anything. i am telling you that this happened to me a lot during the financial crisis when i covered a lot of wall street they did not like my courage and they would get in my face.
8:28 am
no blows were exchanged, thank god. >> don't get my face back to cut you off. >> but almost did! >> i believe you. by the way the trump campaign is selling t-shirts, fredo with chris cuomo's face.a low blow. [laughter] if it was your face you may not laugh. >> it is funny, come on! >> we will see you later. and media criticism of the president, stock market, jeffrey epstein and more. there he is. (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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8:32 am
what did the president mean when he to market fake news media is doing everything he can to crash the economy because they think it will be bad for my reelection. >> they have tried to systematically destroy this president even before he was sworn into office. he saw it and with marches on washington d.c., before he passed the policy, or push some type of proposal. you have been from sun up until sundown. the media has complacent and compliant with efforts. but listen, first they push russia, then racism, now they're pushing a recession for the fact is the economy is doing better than it has. >> and not disagree with the how are they pushing into a recession he says they're trying to crash the economy. >> because every economic indicator shows that we are doing incredibly well in his country, setting records for an appointment. more people are employed than ever before. more jobs available than are people to fill them. 7 million people off of food stamps. african-americans, asian americans, hispanic americans, all record low in employment. women employment record numbers
8:33 am
for the first time in like 70 years. and they continue to push this narrative that somehow the economy is stuttering and it is not. when you look at and my global scale other economies are faltering, ours is not, we are moving forward but the media refuses to report it. >> let me ask you about a tweet this one for the present. this is journalism and evil propaganda machine for the democratic party, very sick joke. i'll go out on a limb and say the president is running against the media. as well as the democrats in 2020. >> well, look i do not want to speak to obviously campaign slogans or any move on the campaign because it is not my role i can speak to the official capacity of the president. fact is we been fighting with journalists for a long time in this administration because they continue to push fake news, they continue to push falsehoods and we've seen it countless occasions and as i said before it is russia, the economy, they refused to report what is real and what is factual. instead, they go and they do
8:34 am
not want to talk about what he's done to uplift the african-american community and they are seen record low in employment in the community. in fact, wage increases for the first time in 30 years in this country. eight percent to a higher degree in the opportunity zones. in our cities. they didn't want to talk about that, they want to push a racist narrative because they think if they can somehow tie that to the president, that it will not allow the american people to see what is truth. he has uplifted all americans. >> is you bring up the question of race we spoke earlier in the program about the president suggesting that israel barred the two muslim congresswomen, rashida tlaib and ilhan omar, from visiting. saying that they hate israel. and the press has widely condemned this as i said the president is using his power to try to punish his political opponents. >> of course they have. and rashida tlaib and ilhan omar are now saying the reason israel will not let them is
8:35 am
because they are muslim.20 percent of the people in israel are muslim. one of the languages that they recognize as an official language is arabic. there are people their whose desires to see the death and destruction of israel. they do not care about dissension what they care about is the laws on the books. they prevent people from coming in from other countries. >> obviously israel can do whatever it wants. the question is about the president weighing in and saying the two women are becoming the face of democratic party. >> yes, they are the face of the democratic party. no one is calling them out on it but what matters here is how the media coverage surrounding it.they consistently post anti-semitic things on their social media. there anti-semitic relationships and associations. anti-semitic tropes and make anti-semitic comments consistently. but every time the media reports on it, they say something like well, the
8:36 am
opening a conversation about israel's control on the world. they characterize it in the most positive light instead of calling out what it is. anti-semitism. the president calls it out and because of the media for refusing to cover it in a proper manner and use the proper terms. >> as you know, anthony scaramucci has turned on the president for whom once worked pretty said donald trump is going off the rails. he is unfit, racially divisive, republicans should dump him from the ticket. what is your response to someone who was such a long time defender of this president? >> he was a long time defender of the president but a short time employee, as you know. he was in the white house for just 11 days and then fired. the media still do not call him credible. they still mocked him and he did support the president because he did say so many things but i will tell you what, you can watch the town, washington d.c. and new york city. it is covered with people who are trying to profit off of donald trump's name. they're considered if there in his orbit and support the president the moment they say something bad about the
8:37 am
president, they all of a sudden become the toast of the town. i've seen it time and time again it is instantaneous. we have a chance to make money and profiteer off of the mocking, pushing against the present, people do it all the time and in this instance it is no different. >> usaf anthony scaramucci suddenly realizing he cannot support the present say he's doing is to profit himself financially and in terms of his reputation even after being such a long time supporter of the president. >> only he can answer for why he is doing it. all i can say is i know because i watch the media coverage. they tear us all apart. was that support the president's agenda, though to support men and women from sea to shining sea will be forgotten too long in this country. they mock us all the time. but as soon as you come out of the administration they still do not like you unless you're willing to say something negative about this president. and when they do they welcome
8:38 am
you with open arms and push you to the highest order and promote your agenda because they want people that will join in their effort to destroy this president and it seems like anthony scaramucci is one of those people now. >> hogan gidley, we appreciate you standing in the heat in bedminster. thank you for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> after the break, the affirmation anthony scaramucci, he defended the president on this program many times. he will explain why he suddenly crusading against his onetime boss. and later the last reporter to interview jeffrey epstein.
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8:42 am
>> anthony scaramucci was supporting the present and began to criticize him. >> this is racist comments. the fact we have to debate it means the president is in trouble. >> the president tweeted back and with reporters. [inaudible] >> gentleness now from long island anthony scaramucci.
8:43 am
and served briefly as the white house communication director. you have largely been defended the president for years. how do you go from saying that he needs to tone down his rhetoric to call him a jackass, crazy, off the rails, narcissistic and saying republicans should dump him in 2020? >> i mean those are probably words that his entire staff is saying about him but unfortunately not willing to come out in public and say them. and the lesson that you saw there with the press you can add that to the "washington post", 10,000 lies and if any journalist just want to do this, just go look at the white house phone records. you'll see i did not call him that many times and it also pointed out are not given any money to his campaign or asked him for my job back. so he can continue to live in the world of delusional activity but i'm trying to understand -- >> and try to understand why you flipped. you are now basically campaigning against him. >> because he's gone off the rails, how we. he's acting in a way that is completely unstable.
8:44 am
is leadership, he is literally, 42 president since washington, he's literally the opposite of george washington. when he looks at a news feed or news search he is focusing on the name trump and not the name of the united states of america. the guy is completely lost it. moreover as it relates to the culture of leadership inside the white house, the cabinet, the people he is leading, he does not lead them, he thinks his personal trauma fix the china situation, where the north korea situation. when in fact it is the very now we are in the situation where he is blending racism into the leadership culture. one more sentence. >> go ahead. >> i'm a very loyal guy, hogan pointed i was fired, no problem. i stay loyal to him for two years. i was gradually in several specific things but taking
8:45 am
four-month-old babies away from others and i.c.e. attacks this is not what we are about. >> the president has used divisive language they believe in saying you largely defended him. you are tough on certain issues including on this program, including harsh rhetoric against the press but you largely defended him and largely praising him. and now they are saying what took you so long. >> a thing is a very justifiable witticism and i will be, i will have an editorial in the "washington post" this week that fullyb appeared frankly i do have enough time and you're sure to fully elicit it but here's what i would say to those people on the left. we recognize that the president is a clear and present danger to the american society and american culture. there are many people inside the white house and cabinet, i would ask the left to less create an offer for those people because we are trying to deprogram people from a cult, one of the first things you
8:46 am
have to do is allow them to change your mind. and you have to allow them to have the space to change her mind. so me, it was a very gradual process where they can be critical of me for that.i frankly owned that. but trust me, there's a ton of people inside the white house, inside the government, up on capitol hill to feel the exact same way and i would just caution those people on capitol hill, when their poll numbers start to go in the direction of the president, another intimidated by his bullying now and i know they are intimidated by the force of his personality and his nonsense but don't be. once you beat up on a bully a little bit, they start to crack. >> i know you're saying that you speak for some republicans who were not willing to say this publicly but you have been a very popular guy this week. you been all over msnbc and cnn he saw della don lemon and
8:47 am
trump bashes on cable news and you on msnbc with omarosa. sean spicer says your defection is in accord here, catnip for the left-wing media to go out and use somebody like you to create a controversy. does he have a point? >> well, he has a point and i think is very good talking point but you know listen, people can see through the camera, in their living rooms, it's not really my personality. i got brutally fired by the guy, if i was going to break from the guy why would i just have broken right then and there? i tried to stay loyal to his agenda and admission but i'm also balanced today.i'm also pointing out there's a lot of things he's done as related to the economy, has been very helpful. the racial stuff has been very hurtful and rose to sean spicer and others, ripping the social fabric of the country is a cancer, a metastatic cancer. having a recession here or there, that's a bone break we can survive it. but what he's doing and the way he is processing that, and i said on your show a few weeks ago, i said, please stop doing that is un-american. it is not good for our country. >> when you said -- >> i need this like a hole in
8:48 am
my head by the way. i'm looking at the country, my five children, i'm looking at where we are culturally.>> i hear you but we have to end the discussion. when you now say all of these things, you called him a cult leader which is pretty incendiary language. we just swallowing all of this while you are -- you are largely a defender on television. were you just sort of, did you have terrible judgment? because now you're coming out expecting all of us to believe the guys a terrible leader, the guy who you supported. >> i didn't really call him a cult leader. what i said is that -- people in cult need to be deprogram therefore you have to create an offering for them. but on this specific question, again, i will state exact the same thing to you. what i said three weeks ago so that you can see the consistency. there's a lot of things the president has done. economically, the administers
8:49 am
state, deregulation, helping corporate america, there are a lot of things he's done. but as i said three or four weeks ago, if he continues down the path of projecting racism to try to split the country, people like myself will break from him. this is a comment you made as a gradual, painful process, frankly. and went to question my judgment, that is fine. but 60 percent of the american people do not like what he's doing. >> a little have 20 to 30 seconds. in terms of you are, hogan gidley said about people like you, when they see a moment they can profit personally from the present because it makes them more popular with the press. >> ray, hogan gidley has seen my financial disclosure. i'm not interested in anything like that. what i'm interested in is real leadership and less division.
8:50 am
i think that is the most important thing for the country. hogan can say that, i get that, he's got a very tough job i don't even take it personally. after his terrorized and in fear most of the dealing with the guy. i get it, it's fine. >> i wanted to get both sides. anthony scaramucci, thank you for coming. >> totally fair. thank you. >> just to come, in the wake of jeffrey epstein's death, charlie gasparino on how he was interviewing him about business and what he told him about sex with young girls. stay with us. ok, let's huff and puff. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. so my doctor said... symbicort can help you breathe better- starting within 5 minutes. it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. it may increase your risk of lung infections,
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8:54 am
charlie gasparino is with us. you talked to him in march on background. that is out the window because he is dead. you talked about the actual sex crimes he convicted. you asked him to describe the sex acts that landed him in jail. tell us about that. >> this is interesting, because a lot of young reporters i speak to, when they call somebody, they say, when they have to make a call to the subject i often hear he will say no comment anyway. why bother. always call. that is kind of how i went into this. i was doing a story about him, whether he was a government witness on wall street related crimes which accounted for his lenient sentence in 2009. i called his lawyers. i called prosecutors. i called people involved in some of the prosecution. my last call was to him. guess what? he called me back. what was fascinating about it. listen, part and parcel of the story, what did you do. what i basically said was this. jeffrey in your words explain to me what went down? that is when he explained to me,
8:55 am
listen charlie, i'm not a pedophile. the only thing worse being called a pedophile is being called a hedge fund manager. i'm not one of those either. he always saw himself as high-end money manager. >> he was dismissive with you what he was accused of, you asked him point-blank were these underage girls? >> i said this to him. i'm assuming, you didn't really know. yeah, yeah, sure. then he said, listen charlie, this isn't all that much different than what happened to bob kraft. robert kraft earlier in the year was charged with soliciting a prostitute. >> the owner of new england patriots of course. >> yeah. kraft went to a place, they came to me. of course it is a lot of difference including age. they were older, obviously older women involved with kraft. >> you also quoted epstein saying basically these were erotic massages. his accusers say it is a lot
8:56 am
worse, it was rape. the girls had to service his other friends. i have a half a minute left to fill us in on the conversation. >> it was a dismissive conversation. i really think, what is fascinating about epstein, i have another piece on that will be posted soon. it is his arrogance allowed him to get away with anything. allowed him to have a business career, re-establish himself largely, even after he got out of jail. he didn't care. i think this dismissiveness allowed him to live with himself obviously until the end, where the doors were closing around him. i really believe he committed suicide. >> some people think he got away with it one final time. that is it for this edition of media buzz. check out my podcast media buzz meter. you can subscribe at apple itunes or google play oar fox news let's have the conversation on
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>> suicide bomber kills dozens at a packed wedding reception in kabul. the deadliest attack in the afghan capital this year. the taliban denying responsibility. a local isis affiliate claiming it was behind the carnage. as president trump continues to work on a plan to pull troops out of the country. hello, welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining you i'm eric shawn. it was celebration that turned into horrific slaughter last night in kabul. 162 people killed, 182 injured as president trump returns to the white house after meeting this week with his top national