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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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help. indeed, it is. it looks like they've got some great weather for it. if you are looking to plan a vacation, you might want to go there. inks for joining us everybody. for now, i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the we east. three more mass shootings. i had, what we are learning about these suspects and the tips that may have saved lives. plus, more than five years on, new york city's top cop decides the fate of the officer who put eric garner in a choke hold before he died. >> here, today is a day of reckoning. >> shepard: and another ransom attack, targeting government agencies across the entire state. should they pay? reporting begins now.
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>> live from the fox news deck. >> shepard: the police officer who used a choke hold on erica garner before he died is no longer a member of the new york city's police department. >> he lost his life and that is a irreversible tragedy. a man who took this job to do good, to make a difference in his own community, has now lost his chosen career. that is a different kind of tragedy. >> shepard: the police commissioner, james o'neill, making the announcement a few hours ago. he was involved in the arrest of the 43-year-old eric garner. he wrapped his arm around eric eric's as he pleaded, i can't breathe. >> he's down.
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he is down. he's down. >> put your hands behind your back. >> shepard: it's a video that sparked years of protest. i can't breathe became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement against racial injustice. following garner's death, a straight dominant , before today's decision. he used an approved technique. the judge recommended his termination. today garner's daughter thanks the police for their decision. he says this is not over. >> we are definitely still calling for the eric garner law, which will ban the choke hold, which will ban officers from
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being protected. eric was killed five years ago. it took five years for the officer to be fired. i don't want another eric garner. >> shepard: and now, we are getting a fiery reaction from the police union. david lee. >> shepard, there is both relief and outrage. in connection with the depth of eric garner. he used a choke hold to restrain him. he also ruled that his death was unintentional. he would be upset by his own decision. but he said that he did the right thing in firing the officer. >> i take no pleasure. i know that many would disagree with this decision, and that is their right. there were absolutely no vectors
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here today. not the garner family, not the community at large, and certainly not the courageous men and women of the police department, who put their own lives on the line every single day in service to the people of this great city. >> this called for a state law that would make the choke hold illegal. they said that what happened today was not something to celebrate. >> shepard: david lee, what has been the reaction from the police union? it was wall-to-wall television today. >> david: 's attorney is saying that they are going to kurt dominant courts now. the police commissioner of choosing both his own self interest over the police officers. he also blasted the city's mayor and the democrat . >> it is absolutely essential that the world knows that the
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new york city police department is frozen. the leadership has abandoned ship, has left our police offices on the street alone, without backing. >> david: under the terms of the firing, he is going to lose his pension, about $2,000 a month, plus benefits. the amount of money paid in is going to be refunded. they were going to let him keep pension benefits, but at the last minute, the city backed out of the deal. for the last five years, he has been on desk duty. his termination is effective immediately. >> shepard: david lee miller, thank you. a new warning about the u.s. economy, as a trump administration pushes back on fears of another looming recession. economist have found that more than two-thirds are predicting that the united states economy will slough into a recession
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either next year or 2021. here are the result of the survey. in the meantime, president trump's economic advisor insist to insists that there is no economic problem. >> not surprisingly, president trump disagrees with the findings from the national association of business economics. there are some countries around the world that appears to be slipping into a recession. the united states is not one of them. >> president trump: i don't see a recession. i mean, the world is in a reception. recession. i gave a tremendous tax cuts, and they are loaded up with money, and they are lying. we are not going to have a recession. most of us said, we are not going to have a recession. >> in the words of his cheap cf
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economic advisor. he is looking to the fed to make some big moves to stave off the, possibility of a recession. it should be reduced by at least 100 basis points. that would be a full percentage rate cuts, with perhaps some quantitative easing as well. if that happened, our economy would be even better, and the world economy would be greatly and quickly enhanced, good for everyone. keeping the u.s. economy. from sliding into a recession is a big issue for the president. if that were to go away, it could pose new challenges for his reelection. but the president's plane down the effects and insists, if the economy were too slow, it would
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only be because he is trying to ensure america's long-term economic prosperity through new trade deals. >> president trump: i'd be prepared for it. sure, we can do a lot of things, but if it's slowed down, it would be because i have to take on china and some other countries. >> david: and the president, still optimistic that that he t another trade deal. see >> shepard: the message has changed. the mass murder that followed in dayton, the president said at the time, we need a strong background checks. now, something new. first, listen to him yesterday. >> president trump: able don't realize, we have very strong background checks right now. you go into buy a gun, you have to sign up. there are a lot of background checks that have been approved over the years. so, i'll have to see what it is, but congress is meeting
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bipartisan. a lot of people want to see what happens. but remember this, big mental problem, and we do have a lot of background checks right now. >> shepard: that's true. we already have strong background checks. so, he was right. we need them. but now, we already have them. that is a new wrinkle in the history of no change. listen to what he said days after the shooting in el paso and dayton. >> president trump: we have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible sensible, important background checks. there has been no president that feels more strongly about the second amendment than i do. however, we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don't get guns. >> shepard: so after first saying we need strong background checks, not the president says we already have them. remember, after the slaughter of innocent children, it was, mass shooting happens. president trump says we need change. phone call from the nra, then
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nothing happens. a new step along the lane. nothing happens. this time, there's a new reason. we already have strong background checks. >> david: we should point out as well that the president's call for stronger background checks in the wake of the shooting, was a change from earlier this year, when the white house indicated that if it passed through the sunset, senate, he would veto it. the other one would have implemented a ten day waiting period for a background to be completed. the president, now saying that he wants congress to work together on all of this. he did hear from the nra about this. the nra voiced its opposition. a little more than a week ago, the nra may have to give in on this one.
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but senator, chuck schumer, voicing his disappointment and what the president said yesterday, and a statement saying "we've seen this movie before. president trump feeling public pressure in the immediate aftermath. he talks about doing something meaningful against nonviolence, but inevitably, he backtracks. these are not only disappointing, but also heartbreaking, particularly to the families of the victims of gun violence." >> david: >> we'll see what hap. >> shepard: we will indeed. absolutely no discussion anymore of banning assault weapons. i had, three days, three states, and three potential mass killers, all stopped by police. how they caught them and the video that's come to life that
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>> shepard: cops in three states say they stopped three potential mass shootings in three days, all after people. it happened in connecticut, florida, and ohio. it comes to weeks after the deadly shootings in el paso and dayton. they arrested a man. they say that he got a tip that he was trying to buy rifle magazines from out-of-state. they also say he posted on facebook that he was interested in committing a mass shooting. that was thursday. on friday, police in daytona beach say that they arrested a man after someone reported text messages from him saying that he wanted to break the record for the longest confirmed to kill ever then,
12:17 pm
saturday, police in mahon county in ohio said they saw a man posting a man threatening a jewish community. >> the consistent thread with these cases is that the suspects have put on some sort of warning over tax or social media. someone who saw something said something. police say that james put a threat out on instagram. it was filled with racial slurs. semiautomatic weapons and anti-semitic propaganda. >> he is a white nationalist. with the hate crimes and everything else going on, we wanted to make sure that we did our part to take this person off the streets as quickly as possible. >> shepard: police confronted
12:18 pm
his desire was to kill 100 people. he put a threat out over facebook. however, police got a tip from someone who said he was trying to purchase a magazine. he was attempting to build his own rifle. weapons, including body armor. as a result, we get a look at some of these text messages. >> text messages with chilling detail. i can read some of it to you. according to the department, i'd want to break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever. 100 kills would be nice. i'm not crazy, i just want to die, and i want to have fun doing it. those were some of the text sent
12:19 pm
to the ex-girlfriend. the ex-girlfriend notify the authorities. >> shepard: live in chicago. more bombings affecting afghanistan today. the country marks the hundredth anniversary of its independence. no group has yet claimed responsibility, but the islamic state and the taliban both operate in the area. the explosions come two days after a suicide bombing at a wedding in kabul. killed at least. isis claimed responsibility for that one. the effort, and america's longest war. washington is looking to the tallow man to help isis fighter fighters. he promised to eliminate isis safe havens. he plans to pull more troops out of the country. if movies have taught us anything, it's that you never
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pay the ransom, right? just send in liam neeson or something. except, when it comes to hackers taking over computers, it may actually be cheaper, in the end. the latest attack that has taken over a texas town, next. also, russia is hiding something. but how big is it? nuclear monitors are reportedly going dark after a huge weapon explosion. just how far the fallout really goes. here you go little guy.
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radioactivity in the area, we would know about it. all of this from the reporting of "the wall street journal," which also reports ground control experts saying that they are concerned that russia is trying to hide evidence from the blast. the fox news parent company share current ownership. they are supposed to send that information to an international arms control group. for russian stations are not sending any information at all. jennifer griffin reporting. >> still making its way across russia. still a mystery of what happened and what russia does not want the world to know. they were taken off-line in the days up to the accident. russia has grudgingly admitted the accident that claimed the lives of seven russian nuclear engineers during the test of
12:26 pm
this so-called nuclear powered cruise missile, designed to invade the u.s. >> it's extremely difficult to know how large the actual amount of radiation release was. we don't know very much about the reactor itself, so we don't know how big it was. and the readings are kind of all over the place. >> news of the russian monitoring station, falling silent, was confirmed by the comprehensive test ban treaty organization. the suspicion by armed control experts is that russia wants to hide the data that could give the u.s. and others information about just how badly that cruise missile test failed. >> shepard: the u.s. has been doing some muscle testing of its own. >> that's right. these are the first ground launched missiles of the u.s. has tested since pulling out all of the nuclear forces treaty. they have long been barred.
12:27 pm
at 2:30 p.m. pacific time, the department conducted a flight test of a conventionally configured ground launch cruise missile at san nicolas island, california. according to a statement from the pentagon, impacted its target after more than 300 miles of flight. this has implications for future arms control experts, worried that the trees are being dismantled. the u.s. has not conducted a nuclear test since 1992. >> shepard: jennifer, thank you. a ransom attack has crippled nearly two dozen towns across texas. that's according to the texas department of information resources. the attack hits 23 government entities. it came from one single source. no word on whether the cyber criminals demanded money. teams are working to get systems back up and running.
12:28 pm
ransom ware affects computers. they expect money in exchange for returning the data. they expect stomach expects more than 4,000 attacks happening every day. now, more people are taking preventative steps. most of the 25 largest cities in the u.s. already have cyber insurance are looking to buy it. morgan, right now, a former senior advisor for the state department, who specializes in cyber security. morgan, it sounds like this gets worse throughout the day. >> yeah, shep, this is what we call a target rich environment. they lagged behind in training. it's no wonder that they rank 14th other 18th. that makes them a lucrative
12:29 pm
target for a lot of these cyber criminals. >> shepard: of course, if you pay, it gives incentive to those who give the attacking, but if you don't pay, it can cost you it a boatload. >> morgan: the week that this attack happens, you are talking about, you pay $70,000, or do you spend another $18 million to fix what could have been fixed for maybe 1-$2 million to begin with. you are going to pay. it's either you're going to pay more upfront to get your cybersecurity where it should be, or you are going to pay a magnitude more on the back end and still have to pay to fix your system. >> shepard: but you know that 4 out of 5 of these attacks, in 4 out of 5 cases, there was a patch that would have prevented it. >> morgan: i was doing some research, right before we came on air with a company called single one.
12:30 pm
this is known. they've seen it on russian dark web forms. a lot of this stuff is known, and 80% of the time, you're right. the patch was there. for example, baltimore, that vulnerability is exploited by the nfa that was leaked two years ago. they still haven't passed their systems. that's how they got to it, shep. it's the one you wonder why this is happening. there's one, pretty famous, at least within this genre. >> morgan: they made over $2 billion. that's billion with a b, like dr. evil. look, this proves that crime does pay. they are probably operating out of a country where we have no mutual agreement.
12:31 pm
they have money laundered this into legitimate businesses now. >> shepard: wow. morgan, appreciate it. >> morgan: yeah, it's tough. thanks, shep. >> shepard: explorers who were trapped in a cave after the only exit was blocked. first, border patrol agents say they found nearly 4 tons of weed, mixed with a shipment of jalapeno peppers. it happened at a port in san diego. here it is. a canine team apparently tipped off the feds. researchers estimate that the marijuana is worth more than 2 million bucks. more than 5 tons of pot at the same facility. but not in jalapeno peppers that time. instead, in a shipment of plastic auto parts. ay usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments
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12:36 pm
escalation. a frantic effort to rescue people trapped in a cave after flooding blocks the only way out. time is running out to save them. plus, a couple of firefighters, now missing. news, just minutes ago, turning up in the search. we'll talk to one of the firefighters about the latest in the case. but first, people in england, coming out to watch three cooling towers at a power station come down. but it did not go as planned. this is oxfordshire, about 50 miles west of london. , the power collapse. tens of thousands lost power. southern electricity networks blamed it on debris that hit the power line and started a fire. they have since fixed it.
12:37 pm
rescuers in poland used an explosive to open up a tunnel in a cave after two explorers went missing there. emergency officials say that thousands of rescuers are trying to find the pair, who got trapped after water-filled the tunnel. it happened in the mountains, near the border of slovakia. they say that the caves narrow passages are making it slow going for rescuers. the rest of the story. >> shep, when you say deepest and longest cave in poland, it surely is a monster. it goes 2600 feet underground and has 15 miles of passageway, so rescue team certainly have their hands full. they do have an idea of the approximate vicinity. two other explorers were also in the cave and managed to make their way out on saturday. they all went in on thursday, but they did not follow the same
12:38 pm
passageway. teenage boys also got trapped, but the rescuers had a very good idea of where the kids were located. they just didn't know how to safely bring them out. in this case, rescue teams really don't even know if the two missing cavers are still alive. see five. >> shepard: and using explosives. that's really dangerous too. >> even when you use small amounts of explosives, the explosions produce harmful gases and dust. so, each time they blast the rock, they have to wait about three hours to safely ventilate the air in the cave. here's a man that's leading the rescue. >> this cave rescue operation is performed in very narrow places. nobody said it would be easy. we were very aware of how complicated this might be. it is not only a matter of water
12:39 pm
diving, it is also about narrowness and lack of circulation. >> and that lack of circulation really is key. a number of dive teams are also on standby, waiting for the words to go in. but the visibility in the passageway is so poor, they can't even use a special camera to help them map the area and get a better look of what's ahead. experts also haven't weighed in on how much time and oxygen the missing cavers realistically have before things get truly dire. shep. >> shepard: gallagher, thank you. one time friend, prince andrew tries to distance himself from the dead sex offender. here's the video. epstein walks out of the manhattan mansion. then we see somebody who looks like prince andrew in the doorway right there. the daily mail posted this. prince andrew denies any part in epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring.
12:40 pm
he is appalled by the accusations against epstein. brian with the rest of our story. brian. >> brian: just over a week after epstein's death, when you are looking at this video, the bottom line is that he was already a convicted registered sex offender at the time that this video was supposedly taken. december, 2010, the duke inside his new york city mansion, reportedly at that time. you can see him opening the front door. this is someone coming out with epstein. they say he allegedly molested dozens of girls. the video shows three young women coming and going from the home. now, the buckingham palance hass
12:41 pm
tried to distance themselves. now, this wasn't the first time that we've seen any proof of an association between prince andrew and epstein, but if you look at this photo, this is a photo of prince andrew seen with his hand around the waist of her. she faces that she was forced to have with andrew when she was 14. she was flown to and from london to have with him. shep. >> shepard: the news that stems from this is that the attorney general is now making changes in the prison. >> brian: that's right. william barr is replacing him. this is the new director,
12:42 pm
dr. kathleen. dr. sawyer served as the director of the vop from 1992-2003 before retiring. including the metropolitan correctional center where epstein was found dead. william barr said that he was appalled by epstein's death. the op congress continue their investigation into epstein's death. remember, the two guards on-call are being investigated over whether or not they fell asleep on the job on in the hours leading up to epstein's death. he has said that the bop, that this is really a system that's been plagued with issues of under overworking and understaffing. >> shepard: last seen on
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: for search underway for two firefighters who went missing while they were on a fishing trip. their names, brian mcluhan he and justin walker. they set out from port canaveral and never came back. then, about 45 minutes ago, so just come at the beginning of this hour, this facebook post from bryan's wife, his tackle bag, found 50 miles off the coast of st. augustine. she says this is a breadcrumb the two men threw overboard to say come find us. coast guard now, searching the area. her brother is justin walker, one of the missing men. thank you for being here. does the this give you help? because it gives me a lot of hope. >> shepard: why is that? >> it means they are out there and they are alive, trying to
12:48 pm
tell us, we are here and come get us. >> shepard: what have you heard from authorities? >> we've heard from the coast guard. we met with them today. they showed us all of their search patterns and everything they've been doing to help with the search. >> shepard: what was the weather like? what do you know about their outing question >> so far, friday, there was a small storm, they said, but nothing that could have really done any harm to them. so now, we are all just feeling like they are still in their boat and they are floating, and obviously with a sign of the tackle box, they are there. they're just putting out breadcrumbs for us. >> shepard: a day out fishing. something normal for the two of them? the go yes. whenever they were together. >> shepard: and so, being out on a boat when there is a small storm or whatever, that's
12:49 pm
routine for them. >> right. i mean, storms, and go in the ocean. there wasn't anything they knew about. , going into it. >> shepard: i can't even imagine having a couple, well, friend and family member out there, you just have so much uncertainty. how is your family holding up? >> we are all staying strong and really positive. we are assembling a great team of resources. we have so many boats and planes out there that are helping. we have people donating money to a couple different places, the jf set up for natasha so we can help aid all of these people who are helping. helping them with getting gas, food, anything that they can donate their time. we want to help out to. >> shepard: i can hear it in your voice. i know our viewers due to, and
12:50 pm
our heart bleeds for you. just the uncertainty. it has to be excruciating. >> it is. there are definitely highs and lows, but we're staying strong. that tackle bag, 45 minutes ago, that really helped us. >> shepard: jessica berg. here's hoping we had a very happy ending. it's nice to talk to you. best of luck to your family. >> thank you. >> shepard: well, moments ago, we had a report on jeffrey epstein and prison, and all the rest. and then, minutes later, an incredible development. now, we know something that happened two days before jeffrey epstein's reported suicide, about which we had absolutely no idea until the reporting of "the new york post," moments ago. the full story right after this. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
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, now the breaking news on jeffrey epstein. he signed his will and he filed it. this has just come in from "the new york post" ." "the new york post" parent company and the fox news parent company share ownership. a according to this. they show that the he was worte than what he claimed. his will filed with court officials in st. thomas in the u.s. virgin islands. he earns two islands worth a total of $86 million. here's what he lists as assets. in cash comes from $56 million.
12:56 pm
in equities, 112 million. in hedge funds and private equities, $194 million in property. including an upper east side apartment worth $55 million, a ranch in new mexico, worth $17 million. a home in the palm beach is worth $12 million. a home in france worth $8 million in the virgin islands, another worth $22 million. $63 million for state james island. aviation assets, automobiles and boats, a collection worth more than 18 and a half million dollars. now, there is no detail on where all the assets are going, but the court papers note that epstein's only error was his brother. all of this is being held in a trust called the 1953 trust in
12:57 pm
court papers. 1953 is the year jeffrey epstein was born. it's a 21 page filing that includes a copy of epstein's death certificate from august 15th, 5 days after his suicide, and it lists immediate cause, ending further study. of course, the medical examiner has ruled that jeffrey epstein killed himself. the brand-new reporting from "the new york post," jeffrey epstein signed his will of saying that he was worth more than $578 million. and there is no doubt, those who claim to be his victims will be going after all that they can get. i rhonda appears to be planning another satellite launch after two unsuccessful attempts this year. researchers at international studies in california, stating satellite images showing increased activity at the
12:58 pm
iranian based center. an image at the launch pad at the facility shows that water has run off. this could be a sign that a launch is coming. rich reporting live at the state department. rich. >> this is a telecommunications satellite and has no military purpose to it. the united states has disagreed. not to work on or develop any type of missile that could develop a nuclear weapon. it refuses to comment on intelligence, though it has strong concerns about iran's missile efforts. they have reported previously about this to the united nations. iran has already started violating the 2015 nuclear agreement and is planning to escalate that further. this is more than a year after the united states left the nuclear deal, put sanctions back on iran, especially its top export, oil.
12:59 pm
this is also as he has released an iranian tanker. it was in violation of the european sanctions, trying to deliver oil to syria. the united states actually wanted gibraltar to release it. he denied that request. as to whether the u.s. is going to try to seize this, an iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said that the united of iran has given warning to officials not to commit such a mistake, which will bring them severe consequences. surely, after the british seized this tanker, chyron had eight tanker they are unrelated to one another and it's up to the court to decide that. >> shepard: for the full reporting on the new jeffrey
1:00 pm
epstein bombshell from "the new york post," you can find that at ny as for the geo here's neil >> neil: you are looking live at st. paul, minnesota, where johan omar is about to hold a news conference. israel did grant her permission to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds. he did tell him that decided to cancel the visit in what she called oppressive conditions. welcome everyone, i'm charles payne. this is your world. joe lieberman will weigh on all of this in a moment. jo. >> charles, good aer