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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 19, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: for the full reporting on the new jeffrey epstein bombshell from "the new york post," you can find that at ny as for the geo here's neil >> neil: you are looking live at st. paul, minnesota, where johan omar is about to hold a news conference. israel did grant her permission to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds. he did tell him that decided to cancel the visit in what she called oppressive conditions. welcome everyone, i'm charles payne. this is your world. joe lieberman will weigh on all of this in a moment.
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jo. >> charles, good afternoon to you. this whole thing has turned into a political battle over who supports israel, stomach. in a tweet earlier today, the president taking aim at democrats, who want to hold a vote of nonconfidence to the israeli ambassador to the united states. the u.s. ambassador. house democrats want to take action against israel, because he is fighting back against too, may be people, , and has said hs said unthinkably bad things about it and the israeli people. aoc plus four is the new face of the democratic party. the president and other republican saying that to leave and omar's position is not just their position.
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listen to lindsey graham from yesterday. >> policies coming out are dangerous. talib and omar. the reason she's not visiting her grandmother's because she has embraced the destruction of israel. >> 2020 democratic presidential candidate wayne n. >> president trump is unwilling to hold anyone accountable. you seen it with this instance of israel. you've seen it with russia. he has really shrunk in the face of his responsibilities. >> john: charles, as you pointed out, ilhan omar is banned from going to israel. israeli officials decided to allow her in under certain conditions. she decided not to go. the white house, saying this is
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all about politics. she and ilhan omar have a well done mike history of anti-semitic relationships. congressional inquiries here in america will not change the laws israel has passed to protect itself. >> charles: john, thank you very much appeared what does our next guest think about this? former vice presidential nominee, thank you for joining us. this is a quagmire, to say the least for the democratic party. >> i agree. it's a quagmire for israel. last week, i spoke out against israel's decision to deny entrance to these two members of the united states congress. i just think it was wrong and
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disrespectful to the congress no matter what their opinions are. i have disagreed with these two a lot. what i worry about and what is now happening, unfortunately, is that the whole question of the u.s. relationship with israel would begin to be partisan. it could run and into our poli. this is a relationship founded on shared values. to begin to make it a partisan political play is good for nobody. certainly, not for israel. >> charles: i don't think it's good for israel or america. two euro points, many have argued for many years that arguably, israel was our closest ally in the entire world. i think when a lot of folks, and you know as well as anyone else,
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even the notion by some of anti-semitic views. they could have gone over there with their pop, colleagues. israel reversed their decision. it feels like they are seizing on this moment to politicize this and drive this wedge. >> joe: listen, i agree with you. i have been really hurt and disappointed, sometimes offended by things that congresswoman, omar has said. some of which, have to me then anti-semitic. some of which have just been wrong on policy. i think the idea of carrying on an economic boycott against someone, with whom we share so
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many common enemies, iran who wants to eliminate both the u.s. and israel. i thought it was wrong of israel to deny them entrance. i think the best thing that could happen now is people reach out to each other. just like i, very pro-israel, very much in disagreement with these two members of congress, none of the less, supported them in their desire to visit israel. i hope that they'll use this press conference today as an opportunity to tone down the rhetoric, not to change their positions, but to build some bridges, and at least at a minimum say they are not anti-semitic, as some accused them of being. and they don't want to see the extinction of the state of israel. frankly, i think in the same way, the idea of a resolution, condemning the israeli ambassadors and the american
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ambassador of israel is just harmful and divisive. the american ambassador to israel serves at the pleasure of the president of united states. the same is true of the israeli ambassador. the one ambassador to the united states. we have at least a dozen democratic officials, some senior ranking, saying that they have a deep lack of israel's ambassador. whatever the squad is trying to achieve, it has started to spread among the democratic party. i just wonder, where is nancy pelosi in all of this? i think she is paying a heavy price for it now. >> joe: well, this is really troubling. i want to go back to what i said at the beginning. israel has enjoyed strong bipartisan support in the
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congress of the united states, even through these very partisan times. and through an episode like this, a lot of that has to crack. i think people have to step back. as you said earlier on, charles, and recognize, that israel is one of our most loyal allies in the world. we are tied to them in values that go back a long ways. so, i hope nancy pelosi, at this moment, will come in as a peacemaker, and urge everybody to quiet down and see if we can work together to get something done, including, hopefully bring about less conflict in the middle east. >> charles: will you offer your services, if needed? >> joe: listen, if anybody thought that i could play a constructive role, i'd be honored to be asked to do it. >> charles: senator, thank you. hang with us. i know you have a busy schedule, but i would like to listen to the conference with you.
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if not, we appreciated. your insight is always valuable. >> joe: thanks, charles. i just want to believe that i think those two members of congress have an opportunity to build some bridges, not to change their positions, but to tone down the rhetoric, which doesn't help anybody. i hope they take that opportunity this afternoon. >> charles: we will certainly see in a few moments. thank you very much. and now, to wall street. also, germany taken steps to boost their economy. we want to go to fox business network. >> hey, charles. we've got green on the screen. that is, of course, after a three-week losing streak. tech energy financial, they all drove again. check out apple, the stock gained more than 2%. he met with president trump on sunday. as the head of apple, he made the case for apple that it would
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be difficult to pay tariffs, when one of its biggest competitors, samsung. manufacturing is in south korea. a lot of apple's is in china. some investors took that to mean that apple would be exempt from future potential tariffs. apple, home depot, boeing account for about half. they are increasing their flexibility with with one anot. the congress department is extending a light license for . that had escalated tensions between iraq and china. overall though, not just green here in the u.s. around the world, the same kind of pattern in asia. hinting at interest rate reform.
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china's economy, still growing around 6%, a rate that many countries in europe. they could come up with $55 billion in stimulus, if needed. investors, expecting a rate cut in september. some though, charles, pointing out, it's dangerous to be relying on government for market sentiment. with that note, i'll leave it back to you. >> charles: [laughs] okay. thank you very much. more doom and gloom headlines on a possible recession. but it got me thinking, why is it that the mainstream media isn't tell you , hey jeff, i'm a. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what??
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>> charles: still waiting on
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omar. first, this. >> i disagree with president trump that the economy is strong for everyone and that the fake news of america today is somehow misleading people. it's nice to see the media covered the trump economy. you are using a tweet here or a report they are, or an economist here and there. the fact is, the fundamentals of our economy are very strong, and you know it. >> charles: well, let's just say, agree to disagree. the white house telling them to cool it. about one-third did see a recession. get this, the number of economists who think a recession is coming, is actually going down. what do we make of all this? melissa, let me start with you. what you make of all of this?
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>> well, as far as the recession of the market, a few different things. you can have a strong economy and you can have a weak market. you can also have a weak economy and a strong market. they are strong market. we have the best of both worlds right now, even though the market has been very volatile lately, the market is still strong. it is still holding. you will have days where we were rally, like today. you have to remember, the market is about perception. so people buy and sell stocks and the market based on perception. are we going to go into recession could create they fear that people sell even if we don't. the same thing with china. people think we might have a deal with china in the next month, but if we could rally on that, but we don't. stay when jonathan questioned mexico i disagree with that. you can't talk it into something. it is what it is. everything from a multi-decline
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at the stock market. they are below their moving average. i'll tell you what, the market is the best indicator, charles. think back to 2001. the market started falling since the march of 2,000. same thing in 2007 and 2008. watch the stock market. if it's decline continues, or recession as possible. >> charles: companies are up this year, and by the way, the february, 52% of the world side, yeah. a recession between now and the end of next year. that is sound to 40%. this also brings us to president trump's favorite topic. that's the federal reserve. he just waited earlier. oh, hold on, folks. >> i'm so glad to be here with my sister rasheed today. today, we are here to highlight.
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before i actually start, are the other speakers in the room? do you to join us? how are you? >> thank you for coming. wonderful. today, we are here to highlight the cost of travel restrictions on palestinians and others. many of you know, i had planned to travel to israel and palestine to hear from individuals on the ground about the conflict so that i could be more informed as a member of congress and as a member on the foreign affairs committee. contrary to many media reports and these statements of the
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israeli prime minister, i plan to meet directly with members of the israeli security, along with palestinian civil society groups, former soldiers, israel-palestine and international organizations, and united nation officials. leading up to the trip, i met with constituents, holding a wide range of views on the conflict. all of the activities on my trip had been done by members of congress in the past. , including a nearly identical trip a few years ago, led by the very same palestinian organization leading the strip. in addition to me and rashida going on the trip, we were going to be joined by stacey plaskett from the virgin islands. the decision to ban me and my colleagues, the first, my
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colleagues, the first two american women elected to congress, is nothing less than an attempt by an ally of the united states to suppress our ability to do our jobs as elected officials. but this is not just about me. his decision to deny us entry may be unprecedented for members of congress. but it is the policy of his government when it comes to palestinians. this is the policy of his government when it comes to anyone who holds views that threaten the occupation. a policy that has been edged on and supported by trump's administration. that's because the only way to preserve unjust policy is to suppress people's freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of movement. my colleague and i are not the only ones who are being denied the right to see for ourselves
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the reality on the ground on the west bank, the government, for example is currently trying to r with human rights watch, because he has reported a human rights condition in gaza. last year, they refused entry to american citizen, catherine frank and my friend, warren, who had arrived on a rights mission. all of these actions have nothing, do nothing to bring us closer to peace. in fact, they do the opposite. they maintain the occupation and present dominant prevent a solution. fortunately, we in the united states have a constructive role to play. we give israel more than $3 million in aid every year.
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this is predicated on there being an important ally in the region and the only democracy in the middle east. but denying visit to duly elected members of congress is not consistent with being an ally and denying millions of people freedom of movement or expression or self-determination is not consistent with being a democracy. we must be asking, as israel's ally, the government stopped the expansion of settlements on palestinian land and ensure full rights for palestinians if we are to give them aid. these are not just my opinions. these are the views held by a range of experts, peace advocates on this issue.
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we know donald trump would love nothing more than to use this issue to pit muslims and jewish americans against each other. the muslims and jewish community are being bothered and made into the bogeyman of this administration. but, as we will hear today, people of all different faiths are coming together to speak up against the status quo in the region. i'm grateful for the solidarity shown by so many of my colleagues in congress. i understand and appreciate the call from members to avoid traveling to israel and rashida and i to be allowed to go without condition. but it is my belief that as legislators, we have an obligation to see the reality they are for ourselves. we have a responsibility to
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conduct oversight over our government's foreign policy and what happens with the millions of dollars we send in aid. i would encourage my colleagues to visit, meet with the people we were going to meet with, see the things we were going to see, hear the stories we were going to hear. we cannot, we cannot let trump succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation from us. so, i call on all of you to go. the occupation is real, barring members of congress from seeing it does not make it go away. we must and it together. now, it's with honor that i introduce my sister rashida to leave, who has been so brave and
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resilience, and someone who has deep connections to the region and someone who i would have loved to have met. rashida heard this before thank you so much. to my dear friend and colleague congressman ilhan omar for inviting me to her district. i am incredibly thankful for her leadership and strength threw all she has been dealing with as a woman of color in congress. i don't know how she does it. but the outpouring of love we have received, shows us how important it is to keep fighting for justice. today, reps, omar and i were supposed to be on a congressional trip. such delegations are common occurrences for members of congress. earlier this month, in fact, 71 members traveled to israel,
1:26 pm
seemingly, without incident. what is not common is members being barred from entry, unless they agree to a strict set of rules, or being required to submit their itinerary. history does have a habit of repeating itself. i learned this week that a former member of congress, congressman charles c junior was denied entry into apartheid south africa in 1972. he was also the representative to the 13 congressional district in michigan. i was born and raised in the beautiful detroit for many of my african-american teachers taught me about the reality of oppression and justice stomach injustice and the need to take action. labor rights and equality. those lessons have shaped who i am today and drive me to push
1:27 pm
peace and justice for the palestinian and israeli people. i watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoint checkpoints. even though she was a united states citizen and proud american, i was there when she was in a terrible accident, and my cousins and i cried so that she could have access to the best hospitals, which were in jerusalem. i remember shaking with fear when checkpoints appeared in the small village, tanks and guns everywhere. i remember visiting jerusalem with my then husband, and him escorted off the bus, although he was a united states citizen. all i can do, as as a grand
1:28 pm
daughter of a woman who lives in occupied territory, is by lifting her voice, by exposing the truth the only way i know how. by humanizing the pain of oppression. our delegation trip included israeli veterans, who were forced to participate in military occupation. they also, desperately want peace and self-determination for their palestinian neighbors. they could have shed light into injustices of rage, shootings, demolitions, and child attention. the delegation would have seen that walls are destructive, . walls cut people off from economic opportunities, from a way to live, and to do psychological damage that last forever. all i can do as her granddaughter is help humanize her and the palestinian's people's plight. i know that when we can finally
1:29 pm
see them as deserving of human dignity, everybody who lives there will be able to live in peace. it is unfortunate that prime minister has apparently taken a page out of trump's book. yes, while folks are shocked that this happened to us. today, we will hear from folks who helped share the reality for many. they are fellow americans who cannot build it on their families or loved ones. all of us should be deeply disturbed. with that, i say thank you to ilhan omar for helping humanize the palestinian people. >> omar: thank you. next, we will hear from lana,
1:30 pm
palestinian american and minnesota resident, who has never been able to return to her family's homeland of palestine. >> thank you, johan. >> charles: so, you were watching congresswoman ilhan omar omar. she focused mostly on our relationship with israel. the reactions and claims against benjamin. then, we heard from congresswoman, tlaib from her own personal experiences. as we listened to it, obviously they are moving points. but they are also, in my minds, significant and not very subtle comparisons of perhaps zionism to the apartheid, talking about dehumanization. certain buzzwords that have been used, i think by enemies of israel for a long time.
1:31 pm
>> i must say, i feel even more strongly that i did before that it would've been a lot better if the is really government would have allowed them to come in. incidentally, they would have seen that some of the things that they believe are not true on the ground. i mean, israel is a remarkable democracy. they would have met with israelis, who have a strong disagreement with our government. they would have seen in the hospitals of israel, that there are is really doctors, nurses, health professionals, and patience. there hospitals are totally open. they would have seen the 2 million is really arab citizens are citizens. they are represented by people in the parliament of israel. they participate equally in the debates. so, bottom line, i wish they would have been able to go.
1:32 pm
but you are right. a lot of what was said just now, we've heard from congresswoman, tlaib and omar before. it just gives them a larger platform to say that. i resent the comparison, which you have brought up, and i appreciate it. the zionism and apartheid. zionism is not apartheid. as i said, the israeli american citizens are equal citizens of israel. about 18 or 19 of the 120 members of israeli parliament are israeli arabs. they will be voting in the election. >> charles: senator, what you make of representative omar saying that they are hiding the cruel reality of the occupation? you are an optimistic person.
1:33 pm
we talked about that, the idea that may be a visit over there would somehow give them this epiphany, this grant epiphany. i would hope that you would be correct. but it feels more like a chance to go over and reiterate the sort of claims. >> joe: that's what you're worried about. i hope that they really talk to members of the community, they would feel at least the diversity of opinion. but look, probably the greatest victims of the status quo right now, and the absence of peace of the palestinians, and in my opinion, the greatest responsibility for that is the palestinian leadership, which has not been willing to come to the table and negotiate. notably, president clinton. barack, then, prime minister omar with mock motor . both cases, the palestinian leader walked away from the
1:34 pm
table. they haven't come back. that's what's missing. i hope that that something we can see soon, because, honestly, i'm a supporter of israel, but every time, pretty much every time, i went to israel as a senator. i also met with the palestinian leadership. that the kind of trip i hope these two members. >> charles: what was your main take away? >> joe: usually, they talked about things they'd like to see happen. i'm not saying that they were thrilled at the status quo, but they felt less overpriced and angry than the two members of congress that i just heard. i hope that we can get back to that again. >> charles: what do you make of the notion, brought up by representative omar, that their job as congress folks. how we distribute foreign aid.
1:35 pm
i felt that it was more of a hint that, perhaps we can pull some of this foreign aid from israel, in her mind, to make them do the right thing, such as removing the walls, that, in her mind are perspective rather than productive. >> joe: i thought that was a soft threat that she and others might take that up. for about eight or nine more years, this is going to be giving is israel. most, or a lot of that aid actually comes back to the u.s., either directly in items purchased here, or indirectly in that we benefit from some of the national security breakthroughs that occurred. for instance, right now, the
1:36 pm
u.s. army has ordered two batteries of the iron dome antimissile. we are beginning to bear the fruit of those investments. i resent that. i'd rather see the two ladies work with our colleagues to see if they can play a constructive role in bringing israelis and palestinians together. thus the dream of most israelis and most palestinians. >> charles: we appreciate you staying. we appreciate you talking about this difficult topic. thank you very much. >> joe: thank you, charles. it's the one we are going to have more reaction to that press conference right after this. (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7?
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travel restrictions just a moment ago. our political panel is next. laura, i want to start with you. what do you make of what we heard just now from these two congresswoman? >> laura: although the two congresswoman are alone from being barred, they are not alone in criticizing benjamin netanyahu and his policies. this is an unpopular prime minister among his own people if someone who couldn't form a government in may. he will be up for reelection again in the coming months in september. so this is someone who's facing indictment on the number of corruption charges. not only the policies of the man, but also of israel. they are not alone in criticizing him. however, i do think that this
1:41 pm
does in fact ratchet up the tension and the criticism by banning them. and by president trump choosing to ban them. it creates an environment where middle east peace and the advancement of the is really ii people is limited. he has eroded the possibility for progress. >> charles: president trump doesn't make the decision on who can go to israel or not. this goes further than that. it's not about personalities, i don't think. i mean, these two congresswoman. many have accused them of being anti-semitic, also. >> at this point, i mean, to say that president trump doesn't care about peace in the middle east, that's ridiculous.
1:42 pm
that's why he had his son in line make this one of the top priorities, to actually get peace in the middle east. when i think about what these two congresswomen are saying, it was astonishing. they ratchet up an environment of people who simply hate israel. it has permeated in congress, and not only in congress, you think about. there was no major democrat what is appropriate to say about israel and what isn't appropriate. it is unfortunate that they are coming on the side of anti-semitic language. >> charles: phil? >> what i think is really interesting about this press conference and the entire episode overall, this puts nancy pelosi and the democratic party, generally, and a tough position here.
1:43 pm
the majority of democratic members of congress supported israel. the opinions that are held by both of these representatives were in the minority. they were more far left and more progressive. now, donald trump and this white house have an opportunity with the presidential election around the corner, to argue that this is not just a couple members, but instead, this is the mainstream democratic opinion. >> charles: to that point, some of them senior officials, who denounced israel's ambassador, saying they have a deep lack of trust. do you agree with the assessment of ilhan omar, that israel is right now involved in a cruel occupation of panas to palesti? >> laura: it is reflected in the fact that in trump's
1:44 pm
election, he got only 24% of the american jewish vote. so i don't claim to speak on the half of the jewish-american people, but they have confidence in the democratic elected officials that represent them and that they voted for. what i see here is a distractio distraction. this picking a fight with a couple of congresswomen that are in their first term, really is a distraction from the economic issues. it doesn't do anything for workers in ohio. it doesn't do anything for those folks. >> charles: a very important role of the federal government. i think both parties agree with that. as far as a distraction, i don't think that trump. >> it's interesting that you mentioned this 24%. we know that jewish americans vote for democrats. that's simply the standard.
1:45 pm
24% is actually pretty darn good. the fact that we have these congresswomen who are the face of the democratic party, we have to be honest about it. the number is probably going to increase in favor of trump. this shouldn't be an issue that we are debating. our support for israel should stay strong. i don't understand why it is we even have to have this discussion. they are wrong on the facts, they've been rung of the policies. and now, the democratic party is being seen by. >> charles: you brought up nancy pelosi. i do think that she's in in a serious pickle. a well respected democratic leaguer leader. when you talk about politicizing it, it's politicizing itself in the democratic party and around the country. >> this is an incredibly
1:46 pm
important week for this white house, because, not only does president trump have to face increasing anxiety about the economy, he has also promised that he is going to come forward with a solution to things like gun-control, where he is actually going to come down on that issue. but instead, democrats are not pushing him on both of those fronts. instead, what's happening right now is that we are having this discussion about two junior members of congress, that have decided, because of the current circumstances. they are not focusing on the larger issues. instead, the electorate is being told about news that they probably hadn't considered up until this point. it's the one bill, gianna, laura thank you very much. i appreciate it. more tax cuts for the middle class. that could be on the way. we'll be right back. we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ]
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>> charles: fears of a coming recession. a10% cut for the middle class could be on the way. this ahead in the 2010 presidential race. i think that would be ideal. how would it work? >> well, that's a big question. number one, you could do by a simple 10% across-the-board income tax rate reduction. say, for the lowest two brackets. that would be about $900 for a median income family. you could do it through payroll taxes, reducing social security tax liabilities. problem here, you've got to get congress' assent to do it. congress is not going to move very quickly on a tax cut like that. the administration may have to investigate other ways that it can act to reduce middle-class taxes. one of them, stop the tariffs. >> charles: beyond that
1:51 pm
though, because we've seen some consumer price numbers, and for the most part, we haven't seen the inflation from tariffs. i mean, that has not materialized just yet. in fact, the fed is worried about low inflation. as far as these tax cuts are concerned, some people are saying, hey, who pays for that question what does anybody care about that anymore? >> deficits and debts don't seem to matter until suddenly, spectacularly, they do. i don't think we want to take a chance when our economy is in danger. we do need to think about the long-term fiscal impact, tax cuts, as well as getting spending under control. mike has a plan to stabilize the debt. that's a start. we always keep aiming to balance the federal budget in five or ten years.
1:52 pm
how about we aim for something a little more pregnant pragmatic. >> charles: the irony though is that billions of dollars are born into this country. listen, you've got 17 trillion bonds around the world. we are talking major economies. germany, switzerland, these kind of places. so, it feels like the rest of the world is looking out americans, like hey. this is a beacon right now. >> yet, but that can turn on a dime. policymakers have to be aware of the tax policies, the trade policies, and the spending policies that can dramatically impact the economy for better or for worse. a tax reduction would be for the better. the one that's great, but is there a reality that any of these things could actually be done. because it's easier to say that
1:53 pm
one then another party is in the white house. it's easier to promise that when you are on the campaign trail. but we've seen party after party, one after another, run up the deficit. no one seems to be able to curtail spending in washington, d.c. >> unfortunately, there's going to have to be a reckoning. that's entitlement spending. when ross was talking about social security going broke, that was 27 years ago. the financial condition hasn't gotten any better since then. >> charles: i have resigned myself to believing that wherever that clip is, we are going to go over it. i'm not just hopeful that, a political party will have the will to do this unless they want a super majority and can really pull that off. do you really think you could ever be done in d.c. question might >> well, i'm hopeful that someone will look down before the cliff approaches them and say, wait a minute. we are going to fall here. we have to do something practical.
1:54 pm
i think, again. stabilizing the debt is a first step toward raising the retirement age. that's not only fiscally sensible, that's keeping a promise to retirees that they'll have something left. >> charles: i hear you. we'll see if it ever happens. thank you very much. >> you bet. see when you are looking live right now. the fallout continues at the firing. that story is next. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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it's how i see my life. it's my vision. preservision >> eric garner's mother addressing reporters as we speak. new york city police commissioner announced the officer involved in his death has been fired. >> there is relief and outrage following the decision by the police commissioner to uphold
1:58 pm
the decision to fire police officer daniel pantaleo. the judge ruled that daniel pantaleo used a choke hold. the commissioner acknowledged if he were a police officer now he would be upset by his own decision but he said he did the right thing in firing the officer. >> carrying out the courts verdict in this case, we take no pleasure. i know many will disagree with this decision and that is their right. there are absolutely -- >> the attorney says they are going to court to appeal the firing. the police union blasted the decision, accusing new york mayor bill de blasio and the police commissioner of a lack of leadership. >> absolutely essential that the world know that the new york city police department
1:59 pm
is rudderless and frozen. >> eric garner's family say they were relieved by the firing that it was not something to celebrate. >> commissioner o'neill, i thank you for doing the right thing. i truly since are sincerely thank you for firing the office. you made a decision that should have been made five years ago. >> for the last five years, pantaleo has been on desk duty without a gun or badge. the determination takes effect immediately. >> charles: david, thank you very much. we appreciate it. it's another crazy day on the market but a good day, the dow is up almost 250 points. three days in a row, we are not where we were three weeks ago. nevertheless looking better at on that note, please join me tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. we will take you through all the ins and outs of the market. it's a wild ride we've got your back and will always try to make you some money. right now "the five" starts right now.
2:00 pm
♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters with katie pavlich, juan williams, dana, and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." radical members of the squad slamming israel moments ago. this comes as top democrats reportedly threatened to retaliate after rashida tlaib and ilhan omar were banned from entering the country. the white house firing back against house democrats plans to punish the u.s. and israeli ambassadors with legislative action. tlaib and omar were denied access to israel over support of a


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