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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: the construction worker and his wife tracked her down on facebook and returned all the precious treasures and meant a lot to her. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's trace. he's in for shep. >> all new this hour, former cheerleader charged with killing her newborn baby and burying the body. we'll hear her side of the story as her lawyers try to get the judge to throw out the case. we're live on board a u.s. military ship on a life-saving mission. bringing medical care to people escaping the chaos and desperation in venezuela. >> a lot of people are happy. they're grateful. some cry. makes you want to cry sometimes. they just are so thankful for something to us being so little. >> and state of emergency along the extra terrestrial highway.
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two million people sign up to storm area 51. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that's all ahead on this hour. president trump making headlines this afternoon. he's blasting the group known as the squad and boasting about his record on israel. that's as critics call comments the loyalty about jewish american voters anti-semitic. when it comes to taking on china, president trump says he's the chosen one. the president also ripping into the prime minister of denmark for rejecting the idea of the u.s. buying greenland. and on guns, the president says he does have an appetite for background checks. that's after reports that he
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told the head of the nra that universal checks were off the table. we'll have all of this for you this hour beginning with our chief white house correspondent, john roberts. john, we should begin with greenland. >> why not? it's as good a place as many. we had 37 minutes with the president today. in a tweet last night, the president seemed to indicate that he was calling off his trip to denmark because of the prime minister's refusal to want to negotiate or talk about selling greenland to the united states. as he was on his way out the door to louisville, kentucky, the president didn't say it wasn't about wanting to selling greenland, it was the way she said it that caused him to cancel the trip. listen here. >> denmark, i look forward to going. i thought her statement was absurd. it was a nasty idea, inappropriate statement. all she had to do is say no, we
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wouldn't be interested. but we can't treat the united states of america the way they treated us under president obama. i thought it was a very -- not nice way of saying something. they could have told me no. >> for the record, the prime minister said she thought selling greenland was to united states was an absurd idea. the president indicated sunday as he returned to d.c. from new jersey that the denmark trip was not fully nailed down even though we all made plans to go. those of us that cover the president every day recognize cues like that. it came as no surprise to me, but did come as a surprise to the prime minister. listen here. >> it is with regret and surprise that i received the news that president trump has cancelled his state visit to denmark on the 1st and 2nd of
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denmark. preparations were underway. it was an opportunity i think to celebrate denmark's close relationship to the u.s. >> on the way to louisville, kentucky, the president taking another swing at denmark over their contributions to nato. the president tweeting "for the record, denmark is only a 1.35% of gdp for nato spending. they're a very wealthy country and should be at 2%. now, if the united states buying greenland is an absurd idea, it was likely an absurd idea in 1946 when the truman administration actually offered greenland $100 million in gold bullion for greenland. seems historians today look back on that and say that the offer at that time, trace, was seen as something of an insult. so it would seem that not much has changed between 1946 and now in terms of how denmark sees the
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potential sale of greenland. >> trace: john, you'll get denmark down the road. the president talking about background checks. >> the president's position on background checks a little unclear after he appeared to back off of his initial support in the wake of el paso and dayton for enhanced background checks. the president saying today though that he still does support some modification to the background check system. he didn't say what. listen here. >> i happen to have an appetite for background checks. we're working with democrats and working with republicans. we already have very strong background checks. we had a great talk with wayne yesterday. didn't say anything about that. we talked about concepts. wayne agrees things have to be done also. we have areas where we can close and for instance, we did fix last time. we have a lot of background
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checks right now. gun owners can tell you that, others can tell you that. there's certain weaknesses. we want to fix the weaknesses. >> the wayne that the president is referring to is wayne lapierre of the nra. the presidents will said enhanced background checks would not have kept guns out of the hands of the dayton shooter because his juvenile record was expunged when he turned 18. the president insisting today that something needs to be done to prevent situations like that. the president said he's also concerned that any new gun control measures could be a slippery slope. democrats are never satisfied regardless of what you offer up in terms of enhancing certain provisions to try to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them. that really does echo the language of the nra. so the president and wayne lapierre in lock step on that particular point. trace? >> it appears they are. john roberts live at the white house. john, thank you. president trump defending his position on the trade war saying
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he won't back down to china. >> this isn't my trade war. this is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it. so i'm taking on china. i'm taking on china on trade. >> the president's comments come after he sounded off on his predecessors. gerri willis reporting live from the new york stock exchange. gerri? >> i can tell you down here nobody expects this issue to be resolved any time soon. they say maybe this year, maybe next. the crystal ball murky and they feel like they've been promised a lot and very little has been delivered. as you know, we have tariffs from our country on $250 billion worth of chinese goods. they retaliated with tariffs on $110 billion of our goods. it's the next tranche of tear
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riches that will be so costly. it goes at consumer products expected to go in place about december 15, most of it. according to j.p. morgan, they say the cost to u.s. consumers could be as much as $1,000 over the course of a year. that would wipe out most of the benefits these people got from the tax cuts, which was $1,300 a year. so as you can see, the costs could be high. the impacts politically on the economy could be high as well. trace? >> gerri, the president reversing course on tax cuts after again blasting the fed. >> yeah, i just wanted to share a tweet the president put out on the fed. he said we're competing with many countries that have a lower interest rate and we should be lower than them. yesterday, the highest dollar in u.s. history. no inflation. wake up, federal reserve. so much potential almost like never before. so yesterday apparently the
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administration talking about tax cuts, payroll tax cuts and a capital gains tax cut. the president taking those off the table with the exception of possibly indexing capital gains to inflation, which he says he can do on his own without the help of congress. i think that would probably cause a big fight. but it's interesting to see the president's persisting at some level with these tax cuts. the big question can the u.s. whenou see major economies on like germany report negative growth for the most recent quarter. so a lot up in the air. people following it very closely. trace? >> trace: amid all of this debate, the dow is up 217 points above 26,000. gerri willis live at the new york stock exchange. the united states working on a possible deal with the taliban. at the same time, isis claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in afghanistan. our own jennifer griffin goes
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>> trace: well, the united states working to cut a peace deal with the taliban leaders in afghanistan, but even as they try to hash out the terms, the islamic state terrorists continue to kill. continue to destroy and continue to work towards their goal of creating a caliphate. jennifer griffin sat down for an exclusive interview with new defense secretary mark esper. she joins me now live at the pentagon. hi, jen. >> hi, trace. it was he's first sit-down interview since becoming defense secretary. we have just learned that two u.s. troops were killed in afghanistan in recent days. we don't have a lot of details. there have been a series of attacks leaving hundreds dead and injured since the president was briefed by his national security team including mark esper last friday.
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that includes 80 killed at a wedding, a bombing that has been claimed by isis in afghanistan. the president said yesterday that he will leave some u.s. troops in afghanistan to deal with intelligence and air support even though his peace envoy to the talks with the taliban had discussed with the taliban their demand to remove all u.s. troops. mark esper in that exclusive interview would not say whether the president had agreed to leave any troops. >> secretary mattis resigned when the president decided to pull troops out of syria. that was his red line. would you resign if the president announced that he was pulling all u.s. troops out of afghanistan or the middle east? what is your red line. >> i learned many years ago not to declare red lines. that's hypothetical. my issue with any person i ever worked for is i would never do anything that is either illegal, immoral or unethical. i don't believe the president
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will ask me to do any one of those three. >> secretary esper disagreed with assessments that isis resurgent in syria despite secretary state pompeo and a new report saying otherwise. isis on the rise in iraq, syria and elsewhere. trace? >> trace: you also talked to the defense secretary about his early days in the military. >> that's right. this is the first time that esper, westpoint class of 86, has spoken to the press. he was born in uniontown, pennsylvania, the same hometown as general george marshall who later went on to be defense secretary as well. esper was classmates at westpoint with secretary state mike pompeo, his nickname was troop. he was an army ranger at heart with a low tolerance for nonsense. he spent ten years in active duty in the first gulf war and another 11 years in the national guard and reserve. he advised republican senators
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such as chuck hagel and bill frist on the hill and lobbied for raytheon before being chosen to serve as secretary of the army with president trump. i asked him if the u.s. was heading for a cold war with china and if isis resurged because the u.s. pulled out of syria. will the u.s. seize the iranian oil tanker headed to syria? will it respond to iranian backed rebels shooting down a $62 million u.s. drone? whether north korea has miniaturized a nuke. i asked him what russia hiding in the wake of that cruise missile accident and how much radiation was released. will the u.s. put cruise missiles in asia. these are all questions that we brought to him and we'll have many answers tonight on special report with bret baier at 6:00 p.m. eastern around more on fox news at night with shannon
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bream. trace? >> trace: rebels in yemen have blown up a u.s. drone. you reported a senior u.s. defense official confirmed that to fox news. the iranian backed rebels say they shoot it down with a missile. defense officials say it went down southwest of the country's capitol city. jen, this is the second time the rebels have brought down a reaper drone in just the past few months. >> that's right. in fact, the defense secretary confirmed to us that an m29 reaper drone had been shot down. it's a $62 millionaire craft, unmanned, of course. it's the second time that the iranian backed hoothies are is expected of bringing down a drone. president trump took a decision not to respond when the iranians shot down a drone in the gulf area. so right now the pentagon and
12:19 pm
others are weighing how to respond, if they will respond, and you still have that oil tanker, the iranian oil tanker leased to the irgc, the revolutionary guard, on its way to syria. >> trace: thanks, jennifer. we'll watch 6:00 p.m. on "special report." we told you president trump was speaking at a military convention. moments ago, the president signed men random, you can hear the cheers in the background. the men random asking the department of education to re-erase all debt for any permanently disabled u.s. veterans. our wounded warriors. we'll have much more on what this means for the wounded warriors ahead. that also coming up on special report tonight and later in the evening. the president signing that. that is a big boon to disabled wounded warriors that fought so hard. the u.s. navy stepping up to
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there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. >> the disputed president of venezuela admitted that his government has been in secret talks with the trump administration. nicholas maduro made the announcement last night but didn't discuss what was in the negotiations. members of his inner circle have been trying to hash out deals to step down despite be being one of the most oil rich nations in the world, venezuela haas been suffering from severe poverty
12:25 pm
and sky rocketing inflation. the u.n. reports more than four million people have now left that country. meantime, the u.s. navy sending a hospital ship to help refugees at hope by crossing into columbia. the columbian government reports more than 1 million venezuelans have entered the country. ellison barber is aboard that navy hospitalship, the usnc comfort. ellison? >> hi, trace. we're about a nautical mile off of the cost of columbia. look this way. you can see the flight deck for the ship. i want to show you this helicopter, this is one way that people are brought on the ship. another one is that orange ship behind it. usually there's multiple orange ships behind it. some are out for various reasons. that is known as a tender. that's one way that patients
12:26 pm
that need to come to have surgery and after are transported to and from the ship. it raises it up top, lowers it back into the water. it's slower than a traditional boat but it's steadier. many people are dealing with cataracts. we've been in one surgery. one man had two cataracts, one in each eye. he's not been able to see beyond eight feet in front of him for about ten years. today that changed. he said that this ship was the only option that he had in order to have that surgery. another man we met from venezuela, he had a hernia. he said the economic situation forced him to flee to columbia. his only option was coming on this ship. >> we're in the operating room right now where a medical team of doctors are working to repair a hernia for a man originally from venezuela.
12:27 pm
he told us that he had three surgeries when he lived in venezuela but they were bad surgeries. he had to pay for the equipment. they cost a lot of money. he says this is his only option to have this hernia repaired. the team is working on him right now and says it's more challenging medical situation because of those past surgeries. because of that, it will take more time to get a better assessment of the anatomy and the situation they're dealing with. >> the united states says four million venezuelans have left. 1.2 middle have come here. this mission is not just focused on venezuelans. the team, the members, civilian and military, are treating columbian nationals and indigenous people on this ship and on temporary medical sites set up on shore where people come on a first come first serve basis, this is a five-month
12:28 pm
deployment. southcom says they're trying to help countries like columbia that have been overburdened because of the situation in venezuela and help venezuelan refugees. this ship alone, trace, they're doing 15 to 20 surgeries on average per day while they're docked off the coast of columbia. trace? >> earthquakes, hurricanes, other natural disasters, the comfort has done so much good work. very nice, ellison. thank you. president trump doubling down on his statement that jewish people that vote for democrats are disloyal. a top democrat is responding. that's coming up. plus, the trial for a former high school cheerleader accused of killing her newborn. that is set to start. we'll talk to a former federal prosecutor about the case. you know that look? that life of the party look. walk it off look. one more mile look.
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tacking the squad today. the president said the four democratic congress women are bad for israel and the jewish people. he defended his own comics which critics call anti-semitic. jewish people that vote democrat show great disloyalty, he said. mike emanuel reporting live. mike? >> the war of words between president trump and those freshmen women congress women, alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar and rasheeda talib continues. the president fired the first shot this afternoon. >> the democrats have gone very far away from israel. they want to take away foreign aid to israel. they want to do a lot of bad things to israel. in my opinion, you vote for a democrat, you're being dislocal to jewish people and very disloyal to israel. only weak people would say
12:34 pm
anything other than that. >> senate democratic leader chuck schumer responded saying to my fellow american jews, particularly those that support president trump, when president trump uses a trope that has been used against the jewish people for centuries with dire consequences, he's encouragingly anti-semites throughout the world, throughout the country and the world enough. but there's no indication in this political season that in will be the end of this battle, trace. >> trace: mike, the president defends his administration on the border. >> that's right. the trump administration rolled out a new regulation today that would allow the government to detain indefinitely migrant families that cross the border illegally. for years, there was a deal known as the flores settlement that limited how long migrant children could be held. president trump spoke about that issue as well before leaving the white house. >> i'm the one that kept the families together. with what we're doing now, we'll do even more of that. but it will make it almost impossible for people to come into our country. >> one of the 2020 democrats
12:35 pm
running for president said this change is not right. >> this is completely unnecessary. it's cruel. that's one more reason that we need to change leadership to pursue immigration reform with common sense and compassion instead of this cruelty that this administration continues to show. >> critics are hopeful it will be challenged in court and never take effect. trace? >> mike emanuel live in washington. thank you. two ex-major leaguer as cued of having ties to a drug ring in the dominican republic. the investigators in the d.r. say octavio dotel and luis castille are about 20 people connected to the network. the country's attorney general said it's the most important drug trafficking structure in the region. police arrested dotel yesterday.
12:36 pm
castille's lives in florida. there's no role on what they have in the drug ring. a former high school cheer lead area cued of killing her newborn daughter and burying it in the back yard days after the prom set to go on trial in ohio. brook richardson's defense lawyers say the daughter was still born. prosecutors say the baby was born healthy and richardson smashed her skull and possibly set the body on fire to get rid of it. prosecutors say richardson was obsessed with maintaining her image as a good girl. a jury will decide richardson's fate. she's pleaded not guilty to charges including aggravated murder, involuntary man slaughter and gross abuse of a corpse. dan lonzo is a former federal prosecutor. dan, the defense attorneys are
12:37 pm
saying she cannot, no way get a fair trial in this county. i want to put up on the screen. they filed a motion to move the location saying as these examples and the accompanies list makes clear. i checked out the social media posts. she and her family are getting pummeled. you think she can get a fair trial? >> motions for change of venue are common and just as commonly denied. they all say they can't get a fair trial. occasionally when something is localized that's true. something like this, the fact that you said social media. social media is a national phenomenon as is this case. so there's really -- the problem would be the same wherever the case gets moved to. so i think the judge needs to instruct the jury and trust that they will do exactly what the the judge says. be fair. >> social media will follow her outside the county for sure.
12:38 pm
i get your point there. what i'm wondering legally, she said the baby was still born. she said they did harm to the baby. what is the legal difference, dan? >> the baby still born, that's not a crime. it happens tragically from time to time. that's perfectly okay. you're not allowed to bury the still born corpse. that is a crime. she's charged with gross abuse of a corpse under ohio law. it's up to a jury there. if the baby was born alive, of course, that is a much more serious crime. she is charged with aggravated murder an manslaughter. >> and you move on to the fact that some are saying that she burned the remains of the baby and now some are backing off of that, the evidence seems to be diminished as far as that goes. how does that pertain to the outcome of this trial. >> looks like the expert that the prosecution had testify before the grand jury has decided and changed their
12:39 pm
opinion. that's pretty unusual, doesn't happen that afternoon. at the end of the day, the charge -- either charge doesn't rely on whether or not the corpse was burned. it's some evidence that she intended to kill the baby, but the baby's skull was smashed in. there's evidence outside the burning evidence to make a sufficient case of murder. >> trace: fascinating. thanks, dan. a plane lost power and crashed into the ocean and the people on board not only survived but they got video of it happening. and aunt becky has regrets about the college admission scandal. the details on what those regrets might be are coming up. first, no good deed goes unpunished. a cop in massachusetts found out the hard way. he tried to help a skunk whose head was stuck in a yogurt
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>> two people say they're lucky to baby was born a live afterer that plane lost power off the coast of california leaving them stranded treading water. >> there she goes. there she goes. >> imagine that. the pilot capturing the tense moments on camera. it happened yesterday in half moon bay south of san francisco. he said they waited in the water 30 minutes surrounded by jelly
12:45 pm
fish and whales. the pilot said the rescuers had reached them a half an hour later, they likely would not be alive to tell the story. there's word the teenage fugitives that killed themselves and three others shot a good-bye video while they were in the wilderness. jacqui heinrich has more. >> the suspected left behind a last will and testament recorded on a cell phone and describing what they wanted done with their bodies. police would not confirm that tape exists. one family member that saw the tape interviewed with the vancouver star. that person told the newspaper that they watched about 30 seconds of the video saying police have the rest and the families don't know what else is on it or how long the recording
12:46 pm
is. the tape, if it exists, could hold answers as to why they killed three people, including a north carolina women and her australian boyfriend and a canadian botany professor. two people were on a road trip when they were found shot to death in british columbia. police revealed the teening stole dix police have not said they were never charged before the bodies were found. the two were found dead with two self-inflicted gunshot wounds. while the discovery brought an end to the three-week search, it never provided closure as to a motive, trace. >> trace: jacqui heinrich live in new york. thank you. one of the greater opera singers of all time, a man that draws
12:47 pm
sell out crowds worldwide now under investigation for sexual harassment. the los angeles opera announced they will investigate the claims against placido domingo. domingo has denied the n this. jonathan? >> trace, this investigation is going to begin immediately and long by deborah yang head quartered here in l.a. its focus is clear. to establish the truth surrounding multiple allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power against placido domingo, the biggest opera star in the world.
12:48 pm
domingo is the general director of the l.a. opera. several woman said that domingo would try to give them prestigious roles or jobs and punish them if he refused their advances. >> you have to understand when a man that powerful -- he's almost like god. when he would come up that close and say that, the first thing that goes through your mind is what? >> and patricia wolf said every time she said no to domingo, she asked herself what had she done to her career, a similar story told by half a dozen other women that have spoken out about the star. >> domingo has spoke out about
12:49 pm
this. >> yeah. he said it's painful to hear that i made have upset anyone or made them feel uncomfortable no matter how long ago. i believe my interactions and relationships were always welcomed an consensual. the san francisco opera and the philadelphia orchestra have both cancelled appearances by domingo. the calendar on his website today still shows him booked to per fform in austria, hungary a russian. whether they happen presumably depends on the speed and outcome of the investigation underway. >> trace: we've seen this before. thanks, jonathan. aunt becky reportedly has regrets about shelling out hundreds of thousands to get her daughters into college. though she doesn't think she broke the law. actress lori laughlin and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to get their girls into
12:50 pm
the university of southern california. prosecutors say they got them listed as crew recruits even though neither had ever crewed. a source tells "people" magazine laughlin is remorseful and has regrets. the source says she's embarrassed. she honestly didn't think what she was doing was any different than donating money for a library or an athletic field despite the phony pictures and the rest. the trial expected to happen sometime early next year. well, the truth is out there. people are determined to find it. millions signed up to head to area 51 just outside of vegas and get answers about the aliens. some local leaders are taking action to get ready for them. that is coming up next. plus, could spiderman be crawling his way out of the marvel universe? how a dispute between sony and
12:51 pm
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>> going to be in the next ironman? >> i'm too busy doing your job. >> i'm kidding. >> i'm going on vacation. >> trace: maybe for a long time. lots of spidey fans losing their mind. a chance that he might not be part of the marvel universe going forward. the fox business network's kristina partsinevelos reporting live from new york. explain what is going on here. >> okay. a lot of webbing, but it all boils down to money. we reached out to marvel, disney. they're not commenting. i asked sony what was going on.
12:56 pm
they directed me to their twitter statement online, which says "much of today's news about spiderman has a lot to do with kevin's role -- >> trace: we have to cut you off. breaking news coming in. william barr speaking about the ery epsin case. let's listen to this. >> a having union representatives and lawyers before we could schedule interviews. however, we're moving expeditiously. soon i'll be in a position to report to congress and the public the results. i will say that as i said before, we have found serious irregularities at the center, but at the same time, i have seen nothing that have undercuts the finding of the medical examiner that this was a suicide. >> [question inaudible]
12:57 pm
>> well, epstein's death, i think we will see was a suicide. i do think that there are some irregularities at the center. but i have brought in kathy hawk sawyer to run the bureau of prisons. i worked closely with her when i was attorney general 27 years ago. i appointed her as the director of the bureau. she did and outstanding job at bureau. i have every confidence she'll address any management or operational deficiencies at the bureau. go ahead. >> [question inaudible]
12:58 pm
>> do you have an idea -- >> yes, i have an idea. the president has been consulting broadly particularly with members of congress and the leadership on the hill. when congress returns from recess, i expect that the administration as well as leaders on the hill will be advancing some proposals. >> we have to wrap, sir. >> trace: there you have it. attorney general william barr broke a couple stories. he talked about jeffery epstein and also there in the end gun control legislation. his aide said don't answer it. does anybody have questions on topic. instead, he answered saying he thinks the president and congress will have some kind of deal up their sleeves where they can come to some sort of compromise on some gun control legislation.
12:59 pm
a lot of talk about maybe filling in the holes, not wide background checks, maybe filling in the holes of background checks that might be needed. the other story is because of jeffery epstein. he said there were irregularities in the jeffery epstein case. there were because bill barr has removed the warden, the chief of the bureau of prisons system and replaced that person. he's a signed the warden of mcc and has replaced worth guards. he's saying there's irregularities. quoting here, there's nothing that undercuts the finding of the medical examiner's finding that it was a suicide that jeffery epstein in fact killed himself. the investigation still is going forward. he says so far nothing as far as the conspiracy theorists has been proven out. there were certainly numerous irregularities.
1:00 pm
meantime, coming up, we'll have a quick update on the day's news and stories that you might have missed. streams live on the facebook home page. a few minutes from now, you can watch it on demand. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" right now. >> the fake news of which many of you are members is trying to convince the public to have a recession. let's have a recession. the united states is doing phenomenally well. >> recession fears setting in, the president is lashing out. he's blaming the media for trying to create the recession, tamping down the need of tax cuts to prevent one. we're nowhere near a recession. the dow soaring at the close 241 points. so is the media fuelling the fears or not? welcome. i'm maria bartiromo in today for neil cavuto. this is "your world." to blake burman at the white house on the president on the