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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 23, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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medved, about flexibility after the election, never found out what he was talking about. astonishing lack of curiosity about that but donald trump imposed sanctions, he is the real bad guy. raymond arroyo is out in la for us and is going to give us an exclusive preview of what is going on. shannon: a fox news alert from america's news headquarters. firefighters are responding to a light rail collision in sacramento california. according to sacramento fire a total of 27 people have been hurt, 13 were transported to the hospital and the remaining 14 were treated on the scene, no one suffered life-threatening injuries and no one died. the incident happened just west of the winter street light rail station, so far there is no official word on what caused this crash but one witness on the scene says the train
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derailed after crashing into another freight car. a light rail collision in sacramento california injuring at least 27 people, so far it is not apparent any commuters suffering life-threatening injuries, 15 ambulances have to be sent to the scene to take this patients to the hospital. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story out of northern california. i am aishah hasnie, not back to regular programming. >> what do the numbers really show us plus brand-new presidential tweets on guns and congress. mark meredith has the latest. >> the economy impacts every single voter and the white house knows it, why donald trump makes the case almost daily that americans are better off now than they were before he was in office. >> we have unemployment at a level it hasn't been for many
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years, the economy has been really fantastic. if you look at the world economy not so good. >> many are asking what will the economy look like by next november. key economic indicators signal a rough road ahead as the white house is backing off the idea of cutting payroll taxes, here is larry kudlow. >> we are not looking for short run stimulus, we don't anticipate anything but a solid strong economy. >> reporter: he went on to say it is possible the white house couldn't fail a second package in 2020 but republicans no longer control the house, democrats do making it unlikely the president would get his way. front runner in former vice president joe biden says the last tax package helped the wealthy, not the middle classes he another 2020 hopefuls hammer donald trump on the economy. >> donald trump inherited a growing economy from the obama biden administration like he
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inherited everything in his life and now he is squandering it like he squandered everything he inherited in his life. >> do not allow him to escape the accountability deserves for what he is doing to this economy, to working americans, the peril in which he has placed us. >> reporter: the white house is scrapping plans to cut $4 billion in foreign aid, lawmakers from both parties urged the administration not to make the cut and it appears at least for now the president is taking their advice. >> he tweets a lot. tonight it is about them controlling these holding meetings on how to prevent mass shootings, wants to get something done. what do we know? >> the president says bipartisan talks are ongoing for legislation to prevent future mass shootings. he did tweet tonight, quote, i am hopeful congress will engage with my team to pass meaningful legislation that will make a
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real difference and most importantly save lives, the president is not saying what proposal he may endorse, only the discussions with congress and the nra and the white house are still happening. >> mark meredith, thank you very much, promises made promises kept turning out to be a central theme for the president's reelection campaign. trace gallagher is on the case to see what is getting done. >> let's begin with the positive, donald trump promised on the campaign trail to appoint conservative supreme court justices. >> i will pick great smart brilliant conservative intellects, great judges, hopefully very much in the mold of judge scalia. that's what we want to do. >> neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh now sit on the court. the president also placed a number of federal judges on the bench, he also said he would move the us embassy in israel. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem.
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and we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> he did just that last year. then there's withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal, the transpacific partnership and paris climate agreement, all promised, all follow through on yet not all of his campaign pledges have come to fruition like this, refrain. >> we will build that great wall and mexico will pay for that great wall. >> so far there is a now. mexico hasn't paid a dime for any part of the wallet remember this promise? >> my contract with the american voter outlines a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. and i'm asking for your vote so
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we can save healthcare for every family in your state and in this country. >> in 2017 the senate failed to repeal obamacare by a vote of 51-49 with john mccain casting the deciding vote. then there was this tweet from 2013, quote, let's get out of afghanistan. our troops are being killed by the afghan hes we trained and we waste billions, nonsense, rebuild the usa and yet here is the president just yesterday. >> we will always have intelligence, always have somebody there. >> the president would be a promise keeping superstar but political batting averages are more susceptible to criticism. >> every campaign we watch closely, thank you. from guns to the economy to buying greenland to staring down china, a busy week at the white house. joining me as jeff mason and editorial director of the daily caller. talking about how we have to learn about new is like inverted
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yield curves and that kind of stuff, how are you keeping up, the president had a couple days with lengthy q&as with the press, he seems to enjoy that back and forth but he's getting a lot of questions on a slew of topics. >> he doesn't he is. i was in the one outside two days ago -- was a two days ago? >> the news cycle is so fast. >> we talked about greenland and afghanistan. i think he does enjoy engaging with the press in that way and ripped on some reporters very specifically but he's making a lot of news, every question he answers makes news and he does give mixed signals. is talking a lot about the economy, headlines about a recession have been getting under his skin, he says the economy is great but rips on the third are not doing more to reduce interest rates which would help the economy even more
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he thinks. shannon: what is his biggest supporters on hell congressman mark meadows had this to say, it is not economic data driving the concern as much is headlines, it has become the headline that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that is not based on any underlying economic fundamentals, the president talked about the saying a lot of you in the media want a recession to happen and concerned that if he doesn't control the message it could be self-fulfilling. >> we talk about economics in terms of confidence and confidence is a projection of how do you feel at any given moment about the future and that is where the inverted yield curve crisis came from confidence in the market. so when the president looks at this and says i've done all this to basically create a strong economy and there's plenty of evidence that he has right back hundreds of domestic investment, cutting regulation, increasing people in the job market and when he sees this discussion of research and he knows there are critics in the united states who are desperately hoping to go
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after his strength, that there will be a recession in the market and hurt the strong economy and they are in the media, some are, they are in the democratic party, the most forthright example is bill maher, the comedian on hbo who wants recession but for the president to assume some in the media want this is not surprising. how many in the press have been calling him a russian trader for the past few years, it would follow he would expect reporters want to recession to take about. >> the washington post a lengthy piece talking about different economic factors in the back and forth on how you doing so let's talk about what they see doing well, parts of the economy particularly consumer spending in the labor market remain robust, retail sales are strong and wages are rising so the president does have some things to tell in his favor. >> absolutely and the fact that unemployment has remained at historic lows for quite some time is a strength, it is a strength to a half years into his presidency and in general the economy has stayed strong but i would take issue with what
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you are saying that the media is driving recession and what the president is saying, headlines make a difference and may affect sentiment but we didn't drive the stock market down 800 points because of the inverted yield curve, that has to do with fundamentals and sentiment we are reporting on, not creating. >> i think the strength of the liberal media establishment has been waning in recent years. the idea here is the president believe there are reporters who are fear mongering of the recession in the hope that there would be one and i think that is indisputably true. >> let me play something from rush limbaugh as the president is facing criticism as he was way before his elected, about what the president really has to worry about. >> doing okay on the economy but all this other stuff is where the problem is but problems are always democrats. he is still at 80% approval in some polls at 92%.
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>> quick comment. that is the basie has to pull together, don't expecting a lot of democrats to cross over and vote for him, at least not those of our left wing of the party. >> are critical democrats, union voters, he needs to care about that, wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania is where he wins, he has to care about women and that is the reason his economic message is one to focus on. >> the base supports the president no matter what happens, the question about the promises made promises kept raises that. if there are promises he is not able to come through for does the baystate, so far the answer is yes. >> i'm glad we are saying merry christmas again. >> a few months ago but early merry christmas and happy holidays to you both. the economy just one of many top issues on the minds of iowa voters, climate changes been another but when candidate to state his entire campaign on that hot topic left out in the
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cold. peter doocy has more from the state. >> so much talk about iowa's political climate, turns out that's not the climate potential caucus goers care most apart. >> we are guardians of the planet, that means climate change, global warming in the longer-term future of the planet. >> this environmental to gain degradation. >> when candidate whose campaign the climate change front and center couldn't catch on and when. >> it has become clear i'm not going to be carrying the ball. i'm not going to be presidents i'm withdrawing tonight from the race. >> with james liao pursuing a third term as washington state governor, bernie sanders trying to become the most climate conscious candidate promising to send $16.3 trillion to reach 100% renewable energy. 5 years after that, he said electricity will be virtually free for all. sanders estimates it will take 20 million new jobs to do all
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this so he claims his plan will also end unemployment. hours after this announcement sanders toward wildfire damage in paradise, california. >> thank you for your leadership and hard work fighting for our lives. >> we are fighting for the children and grandchildren. the future of the planet. >> his plan was panned at the last debate. >> the green new deal major every american is guaranteed a government job, that is a disaster. >> reporter: that wanting to do anything to help john hickenluber for president so he's trying something new. john hickenlipper for senate. >> change in washington is hard but i want to give it a shot. >> they have moved on but that doesn't mean i want to have any more clarity about whether or not the democratic platform is something they can get behind. >> the blue dog democrat one day and liberal republican the next. >> too many candidates. >> it's healthy for democracy
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but i think eventually things will thin out and we will get to the right place. >> based on what we have heard iowans are very interested in what democratic candidates are going to do about global warming, the dnc just made it harder for them to find out because today there was a vote about whether or not to dedicate one of the upcoming debates to questions about climate change. the dnc voted now. shannon: there are reports the george washington bridge has been facing trouble in new york is open. it was closed because of a suspicious device. the bomb squad was called in. they cleared the area but there are serious residual delays. when we know more we will bring you more facts. according to aoc and top democrat contenders the electoral college is racist and are hoping to get rid of it. the federal judge handed, big win. our legal experts on the 2020 implications next.
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♪ >> shannon: hillary clinton supporters tried >> hillary clinton supporters try desperately to sway members of the often misunderstood electoral college publicly urging them to abandon any obligation to vote for donald trump. a brand-new federal court ruling could be setting up a scenario in which a handful of people you never heard of go rogue and wind up picking your future president. it took nine justices to ultimately decide the winner of the 2000 election after florida's ballot came under meticulous scrutiny but these 538 members of the electoral college choose the president. meeting in statehouses across the country and almost always rubberstamping the winner of the popular vote but not always.
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>> the most unreal election we have ever seen. >> more people chose hillary clinton nationwide in 2016 but donald trump won the most electoral votes but there's long been disagreement over whether electors should have any discretion after the fact to go against the wishes of voters. a federal appeals court this week said colorado was wrong to nullify the ballot of the faceless elector who refused to endorse clinton even though she won the most votes in that swing state. >> 48 states and the district of columbia you win one more vote than your opponent and you get all the electoral votes so there's a huge incentive to try to get past the second-place finisher in each state and in the more closely divided states. >> with a divided electorate colorado is one of 29 states requiring its electors to cast their ballots for the person getting the most votes but in 2016 renegade electors pledged
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to vote for colin powell and john kasich. nascent efforts to derail trump's road to the presidency while driving in the remote heartland congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez this week called the electoral college racial injustice and a scam. >> live from the electoral college, many votes as you can see. >> some progressive say the electoral college's inherent structure favors majority states like south dakota that are guaranteed a proportionally higher number of electors the larger more diverse states like california. the fear among members of both major parties, another 2000 election, so razor thin a single election or small organized block in just one state could decide the presidency. changing the electoral college system would require a constitutional amendment. there is a possibility the colorado case could wind up in the supreme court in time for 2020.
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let's turn to bradley maas and john you to talk about it. welcome to you both. a harvard law professor said we know the electoral college contest are going to be closer in the future than they have been in the past and as they get closer and closer even a small number of electors could change the result of an election. does the judge get it right or wrong in saying you can go vote for you want to vote for? >> is a strictly matter yes the judge got this right, the analysis was very good, a lengthy opinion. i advised law students to read it. it lays out that the article 2 of the constitution gives state legislators the ability to designate and appoint these electors. beyond that they have no power, no control over how these individuals vote but there's a lot of concern about someone going rogue.
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in the modern history of the electoral college dating back to the early part of the 19th century there has never been a time and never been some issue of a bunch of electors going rogue and swinging the election against the will of the people. >> now that they have a ruling that says they can do what i don't know if that might change. this is the petition that went up after donald trump was declared the winner in 2016 but before the electoral college cast their vote the petition was called make hillary clinton president, donald trump has not been elected president, the real election takes place is in the 19th, 538 electors cast their ballots, we are calling on conscientious electors to protect the constitution from donald trump, called him a danger to the republic. with this in place what do you think of the possibility people think i am freed up from my legal obligation. i don't like who won the electoral votes, i like the person who won the popular vote and there have been several splits.
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>> interesting, this brings the electoral college closer to its original design. if you read what the founders said, what alexander hamilton said the idea was to elect a college of electors who would use their own independent judgment to pick who they thought would be the best person in the country to become president so only because of the rise of mass democracy we have this idea that you would elect electors who bound themselves to vote for one candidate or the other. the constitution doesn't allow states to appoint electors and controllable removal recall them just the way states which pick the centers couldn't pick senators. once federal officials they can do what they want free of state law so you could theoretically have electors who could exercise their own judgment but that is why states will start putting state politicians from each party in the position of
12:25 am
electors so they can be counted on to keep their promise. shannon: i think and don't know is it that elected officials can't be electors to the college? i don't know, we will double check that. in the meantime congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez showing a rural area in the planes this is what the electoral college is. all these people out there. robbie starbuck responding to that. do you think middle america will appreciate you mocking their rural life in the electoral college? the only thing protecting them from being controlled by you and if you far left megacities who can't keep draft of their streets. >> aoc is a little off on this. the concept of the electoral college was designed to ensure that those few select major cities couldn't control it all but having just the electoral votes of small areas in iowa or utah won't when you the presidency. you have to when the major states.
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you have to in california, texas, something like that in order to succeed but it ensures they have a voice. doesn't make it a massive voice but they have a voice in choosing the next president and that is all it allows. >> it will be a heated discussion next year this time i have a feeling. thanks for giving us your legal expertise. using the word conflict no longer okay for san francisco leaders, better to use justice involved person. are you going to change your vocabulary? we will talk about it next?
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♪ >> shannon: san francisco leader >> san francisco leaders voting to sanitize language used in the criminal justice system, a justice involved person, a city with one of the highest crime rates in the country. is this going to make a difference. jillian turner is digging into the story. >> san francisco is making moves
12:31 am
for convicted felons returning to civilian life after serving time behind bars, the board of advisors vote on a resolution last month that white wises officially would use to describe san franciscans who run afoul of the criminal justice system. guidelines call for a felon released from jail to be called a justice involved person or simply returning resident was a parolee will be a person under supervision and a juvenile delinquent simply a young person impacted by the juvenile justice system. one of the 10 board members who voted for these new guidelines explains we don't want people to be forever labeled for the worst things they have done. it is like a scarlet letter they can never get away from. republican insiders say the city is fixing the wrong problem. >> will we didn't hear from our friends in san francisco is what new words should we use for victims and that is so often
12:32 am
over the last couple years the focus in california has been on the defendant, not on the victim. the focus out to be on a society that follows the law. >> it is part of an effort to help criminals move on from incarceration and lead productive lives. people first language places the individual before the, record. dehumanizing language like prisoner, conflict, inmate or felon only serves to obstruct and separate people from society and make the institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal. democrats say it could be a step in the right direction. >> this is a local government decision and classic san francisco, if they don't like it they can put these people out but if you want to do with a justice system you need to focus on the issues of recidivism. >> so far the da's office is on board with this plan and the police department spokesman says they are looking at how these changes will impact their work which is keeping the city of san
12:33 am
francisco safe every day. shannon: will this language help clean up san francisco and give people a chance at a fresh start? we ask our favorite californians. are in c committeewoman, welcome to you both. i want to read something from the san francisco chronicle, the danger of using formal language. according to the resolution one of 5 california residents have a record and words like prisoner, conflict, inmate or felon only serve to obstruct and separate people from society making institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal. >> the board of supervisors who could be known as gibberish involved persons passed this law but trying to distract from the reality of proposition 47 which released a flood of criminals onto the streets by downgrading
12:34 am
offenses. the city has the number one most property crimes per capita of any city in the united states and anybody in the city including myself has personally experienced car break ins, homeless people, violent homeless people, drug addicts and the general crime wave around the city so instead of focusing on fixing that and yet providing services and helping reintegrate these people we are going to use orwellian newspeaking doublespeak and call it something different and the person who introduced this law to our board of supervisors is the former chairman of the board of education so this lady was in charge of teaching children in the crib limit making sure that was accurate so you can see what a sad situation we have in san francisco when we can't even call things by what they are. >> a critic of this idea wrote doing something about actual
12:35 am
problems takes money, effort and ideas, much easier to signal one's virtue by passing to tony laws and policing language. >> i don't think that is it at all. this is one of many steps to address issues like crime. if you spend any time talking to people who have served in jail or prison when they get out this ties into the dropbox legislation that states and cities are passing so we can reintegrate people into our society to avoid the recidivism. when you talk to them the ability to get a job, the ability to reintegrate is blocked by our rules, by our language by our fears as opposed to saying here is your second chance to become a contributing productive member of society, we put up so many barriers, let's bring those barriers down and make it easier for them to be a part of what we are doing. >> is another section of the resolution it was passed. they say in accurate information, unfounded assumptions, generalizations and
12:36 am
other negative predispositions involved in justice individuals creates additional stigma and continued negative stereotypes, what about this language possibly being -- giving people who served their time a chance at starting fresh? >> talk is cheap. i'm a civil rights lawyer. i'm in favor of people who serve their time being allowed to reintegrate to vote and participate fully in society but this whitewashing of this problem by calling them something different does not provide them reentry services, does not provide them and he recidivism, it's the brush is a problem under the table. we have a serious problem all over california with large amounts of recidivists, criminals on the street and they are criminals if they continue after they have not been fully rehabilitated and we ought to balance the rights of those individuals who absolutely have rights with the rights of the rest of us. if you don't want to call them girls and want to hire them and god bless you, go ahead and do
12:37 am
that but language and making it unpopular or unprofessional to a something what it is is dangerous as well and don't think it is fair to people to do that and virtue signaling is the right concept. all we are doing is making liberals in san francisco feel better about a problem they are not solving. >> it feels a little orwellian to you? >> absolutely not was the english language is an ever-changing way which. we don't speak the way we did in 1920. the language is ever evolving and changing to be more efficient. that is the way the english-language works. we are saying this language that was being used before is not effective and isn't working, to not change it because you are stuck in an old way of thinking about it is not the right way to go. shannon: hold it down in california, see you soon. new rules about the homeless population in la leading the western roundup. and a proposal to ban homeless
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people from spending the night near shelters, sitting or lying down within 500 feet of schools, parks or day care centers, it is useless to punish the homeless but one city councilman says is about finding a balance between helping them and making sure public spaces are safe and clean for others. a fast-moving wildfire threatening thousands of homes in shasta county, california fueled by hot temperatures and winds, the mountain fires burned 600 acres. evacuations are underway in some areas including shasta college. also in california a new bill limiting school officials ability to suspend or expel students closer to becoming law. under this measure students disrupt school activities or otherwise willfully define the relevant authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators and school officials cannot be suspended or kicked out, and heads to the senate before it can reach the governor's desk. major trump critics mullica 2020
12:39 am
gop challenge, he says it is not preposterous, why is he considering it? i will ask mark sanford when he joins us live next.
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♪ >> shannon: a former congressman, former governor flirting with >> a former congressman flirting with a possible presidential run against the leader of his own party calling a fools errand, why is he considering it, joins us live, great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. >> i've read a lot about why you are considering this, could be a calling, there are important things you want to talk about, you've got plenty of critics lined up out there. even you have said i'm not going to be the president, you said it feels preposterous so why even consider it? >> because i have full voice. the kind of america they will inherit and kids and grandkids
12:44 am
out there, what kind of america we will and off to the will be driven by the decisions we make today and i think one of the things is lacking in terms of debate in the republican party right now in this presidential race is discussion of debt and deficits and government spending and we have a profound problem. we are about to go over a cliff that would cause a whole world of hurt to folks here and now as well as kids. >> let me read some of the headlines and reacting to this news, the washington examiner in the fight against donald trump. the island packet says mark sanford, what are you thinking, vanity fair, the gop suicide squad gears up to primary trump, the subheadline, republican defense dissidents, could soon join the weld on the campaign trail but the rest of the party loves trump. is this a definition kick you
12:45 am
>> in an intellectual sense absolutely. i've been very up front that if i get in this race and others get in the race i don't think on the republican side of the equation there is any beating donald trump but you could possibly, this is no guarantee but possibly inject a piece of the debate that is lacking and that is you listen to the democratic rebates, a contest of more versus more and on the republican side we've lost our way on spending and debt. if you look at this last deal the president just signed it adds $2 trillion of new debt to the national debt over the next ten years and ends a third of $1 trillion in the next two years which we are projected to run $1 trillion deficits over the next ten years and that's the first time we will have ever done that in american history. we now have a $22 trillion national debt. we've never had is higher debt before in our country's history. in just 3 years we will spend more on interest than we do on national defense.
12:46 am
i could go through a litany of different numbers that say we have a profound problem in the first thing in dealing with the problem is talking about around the kitchen counter, around the water cooler at the business place. >> we know both parties have contributed to get us to this place but the public and saying if you go out there and talking about this but in a way that will challenge the president or you wouldn't be doing it they have concerns that you would hurt him in some way with some voters, that would potentially make them more vulnerable to democrats, do you think they are better equipped to handle this issue you care so much about which is the debt? >> now but what i would say as i went to business school at the university of virginia and they had the case study which is you throw an idea out in the middle of the table and debate it long enough to hopefully end up with a better idea, better solution going forward.
12:47 am
i think the republican party would debate stronger by an earnest debate on where we are going on debt and spending because we lost our way as a party and the president has ruled out action on the very things that drive our debt and spending. it is a conversation we need to have not only on behalf of my sons but in terms of a lot of other taxpayers or would be taxpayers out there. >> we know you're buying a decision around labor day or so so keep us updated and we will see you soon. new york city mayor bill diblasio facing heat after critics say he's making it easier for illegal immigrants to get housing assistance when thousands of us citizens are fighting for the same help. that tops the real is roundup. this from the changes regarding documentation needed to apply for the ultracompetitive lottery for affordable housing. just the latest idiotic idea to come from this administration. foreign minister nevada, claiming the miss america pageant revoked her title
12:48 am
because she supports donald trump, the pageant is williams refused to comply with its request she keep her political views and pageant work on separate social media pages. john mackey saying plant-based substitutes like beyond meeting the impossible burger may be good for the environment but not good for your health pointing out many of the most popular meat substitutes are created from highly processed materials. she moved her family from portugal to -- from portugal to manhattan because this is not america's finest hour. shortly after donald trump's inauguration she said i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house what she said later was taken out of context. the move to portugal was to enable her son to pursue his
12:49 am
soccer career. american father facing charges for killing a man he says threatened his family in a caribbean hotel room. latebreaking developments in that case next. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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♪ >> shannon: tonight, an american b >> tonight an american businessman and father facing charges of manslaughter. scott hapgood is speaking out
12:53 am
eager to share his side of what happened in a luxury hotel room where a violent confrontation left the hotel employee did. david miller has more. >> scott hapgood returned for a brief hearing this morning and is speaking out, the connecticut banker is accused of manslaughter in connection with the death of a hotel maintenance worker to make kenny mitchell. he's free and $74,000 bail. the court adjourned the case to give the prosecution time to prepare for trial. when the hearing was over hapgood read a prepared statement. >> i'm great for the opportunity to appear today because the record appearance means we are closer to putting this nightmare behind us, a nightmare for my family and for the people there. my family and i were in the wrong place at the wrong time and a tragedy result that has changed our lives forever. >> reporter: the hotel maintenance worker set up and expected me to fix passing but mitchell armed with a knife tried to rob him, they
12:54 am
struggled, mitchell died of his fixation and blunt force trauma to his head. earlier this week hapgood's lawyers and authorities delayed release of the toxicology report that showed high level of alcohol as well as cocaine and other drugs. mitchell's half-brother said hapgood used an excessive amount of force. >> my brother would be here today. >> the attorney general issued a statement warning individuals and media outlets not to engage in conduct that would undermine the integrity of the judicial system. the case must only be resolved by the courts. hapgood's next hearing is scheduled for september 9th. shannon: thank you for the update. a manhunt underway los angeles, the parents labor with the sheriff's deputy. that allegedly came from a building housing mentally a patients but police are not assuming the shooter is a resident. police believe the gunmen used a
12:55 am
high-powered rifle. for details on the suspect in a moment. federal authorities charging 80 people in one of the largest cyberfraud and conspiracy cases in us history plus defendants are nigerian who were allegedly scheming and laundering money through a los angeles-based network targeting victims around the world in business, email fraud and romance scams. >> losses in this case were $10 million and attempted theft were approximately $40 million. this case involves 32 confirmed victims. >> the fbi says it began this probe in 2016 starting with a single victim and a single bank account. check this out. it started as an idea to bring smiles to the faces of children in a colorado hospital and the swat team did that dressed as marvel and dc comics superheroes these law enforcement officers went to a children's hospital. the kids enjoying every minute of the show along the way. the superheroes say the children
12:56 am
are the real heroes. everyone involved in the hero, you are all midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. shannon:
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todd: friday, august 23rd, a fox news alert. taliban claiming responsibility in afghanistan the same the us officials resume peace talks with the terror group. jillian: any chance of ending america's longest war. >> we need bold and aggressive action. to combat climate change. todd: bernie sanders says he has the solution to climate change.


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