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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> laura: good evening. i'm laura ingraham. a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from washingtonn afternoon announcement from the supreme court that sent shock waves through the nation's capital. ruth bader ginsberg, one of the longest-serving justices,just cf radiation treatment for a malignant tumor on her pancreas, the tumor has been isolated. anyonene who knows much about ts horrific disease can tell you elthat this is pretty dire.
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justice ginsburg has been a liberal justice but also an inspiration and a fighter her entire life, including other cancer diagnoses, incredibly strong. we're rooting for her speedy recovery and wishti for her famy and her loved ones as they're with her by her side. this will naturally set the political chattering class off on another fight on what could be another potential supreme court justice nomination fight and if she would have to leave the court for health reasons, what would a happen. here to talk about this, what might lie ahead, gael trotter, judicial crisis network, a spokesperson. gael, your thoughts on this. we all hope. she's gone through cancer bouts before. she's at a play the next week. she's amazing. what do you think about how this could implicate the political debate going to the 2020 contest that's sure to be a drag-out fight? >> we're praying for her good health. and, as you mentioned, she's inspired a lot of people for her
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amazing spirit of perseverance as she's battled these medical challenges before. and worrisome is that the left has created such an unhinged response to these nomination is interesting, the ls gone further to the eft of justice ginsburg. she has called them out. she said she would like to see the nomination process and confirmation process be less politicized, less ideological. and she has spoken up and defended justice kavanaugh, who the most recent victim of this type of smear. >> laura: in fact, ginsburg has spoke out recently about the democrats' threat to pack the court, in other words expand from 9 tor a larger number of justices.. watch? >> there is no fixed number in the constitution, so this court has had as few as five and as many as 10. nine seems to be a good number. time. >> laura: that was a few days
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before her july 31 diagnosis of the malignant tumor and she gave that interview with nini totenburg. but, even she's hitting back on them. >> she is. she's right. she has really called out the left for their tactics. we saw that your former boss, justice thomas, wewe saw it with judge bork, we saw an attempt to do it with judge aleto, even justice gorsuch had a lot of smears against them. as we're thinking of the vacancy process, it's not just about the supreme court, it also this past week has gone down even to the district court. we saw rachael maddow trying to smear steve minashee for things he had written. >> laura: i saw that. if people don't know, we haveeo1 courts of appeals across the country. but people don't realize those fights are just as -- they're important. they'reey not the supreme court, they're important. they're smearing people.we havee schumer said to gael, don't even
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think about bringing all supreme court nominee in an electionou year. >> our republican colleagues in the senate should follow the rule they set in 2016. not to consider a supreme court justice in an election year. >> mcconnell said, basically, watch us. what do you think would happen?. >> it is a two-key operation, so it is the president's job to bring up a nomination, and it is the congress' job congress' anb to decide whether or not to take it up and vote to confirm or not to confirm. >> laura: patrick burne resigned amid ties to the russian probe with an affair with a russian agent which he said was ordered
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by a fired fbi agent peterstrzo. >> we had an intellectual relationship, i was given a green light to meet her again. she turned that to a physical relationship.ha >> laura: trace gallagher is in the west coast newsroom with all of the details. trace? >> patrick byrne founded in in 1999. it's become a $2 billion business. two days ago byrne went public with claims he's been involved the trump investigation and the hillary clinton investigation, his stock dropped 36%. he now says he resigned as ceo for the good of the company, but he maintains that his involvement with federal agents called men in black was good for the country. watch. >> i was given some fishing orders. and i carried them out thinking in 2015, 2016, i was don't say the fbi. the fbi is barely involved in this.t.
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>> yet, moments later, byrne told mccall lineup he was given orders by fbi director james comey and mccabe andpeterd for a series of anti-trump texts he sent to an fbi employee he was having an affair with. >> peter strzok, and it has been confirmed with me, my information has come to me from peter strzok. >> peter strzok hasn't commented. james comey says the claims are ridiculous and byrne wouldn't elaborate on giving specifics on what instructions he was given. but he says the men in black did point him to maria butina, the woman who pleaded guilty to being an unregistered russian agent.and is currently serving 18-month information s in jail. his lawyer accused him of starting a manipulative relationship with her. but he wanted men in black to approach the people in the trump administration. >> it was all 100%. they knew that she was trying to
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approach, and her instructions wereuc to build a contact with anybody in the hillary campaign, rubio, cruz or trump. they knew that because she told me and i let them know. >> and when byrne indicated this went to the highest levels of government of the cia, he was pressed about exactly who. >> no, no, no.forget strzok for. i -- the x, y, and z are actual human beings whose names you know, who are in the obama administration. guys like strzok and stuff are the errand pois. they're the click -- boys. they're thet clerks who sent the messages. >> wouldn't say x, y, and z, who they are. he said he provided documents to john durham, the u.s. attorney to the district of connecticut who at the request of attorney general bill barr is now looking to the origins of the mueller probe. >> laura: it's getting interesting. thanke you so much. getting interesting. here now to respond is robert
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driscoll. he was the attorney for the russian spy, maria butino, who is right in the middle of the story. attorney, trump 2020 advisory board member and the former deputy assistant director of counterterrorism for the, i know it's a sensitive subject but what can you tell us that we haven't heard? e> basically, the timeline is right. thereio was a relationship that started at freedom fest in 2015 and continued right up until the time she was arrested a few monthshs before that. and, so to the extent -- i know the story sounds crazy, but to the extent it intersects with maria, it's consistent and can be verified through her. as to what the contacts are for the government, my main concern as her defense lawyer is he's told me that he gave the government exculpatory information saying at some point that he's concerned about her, concluded she wasn't a spy, concluded she was an honest person trying to do what she was trying to do as a student and conveyed it
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to the fbi. and if that's in a 302 somewhere, it should have been turnede. over >> laura: this is the brady rule for the law geeks out there, wannabe. so the brady rule requires the prosecutor to give to the defendant's team all exculpatory now, byrne is saying that peterf this, and this went to the highest levels. comey, mccabe, on down. this is wild. i have, in a full declaration of what i know, i've known patrick byrne since our first week in college. we were both the same class in college. i know him -- i don't keepham in touch with him, but to me it's -- the appearances on television were pretty interesting. he'selel now kind of disappeare. we'll get into it later more. have you heard anything back from the government regarding your client who obviously has
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been convicted and is serving time for her own line of >> i sent a letter raising this issue and asking for the information for durham, horowitz, and the letter of responsibility. a letter back from the inspector thneral saying opr will be investigating. the investigation is for opr right now to look if there was any brady material withheld or any other attorney misconduct with respect to maria's case. >> does this surprise you? i know you've known about her relationship with byrne for sometime. but, thesese other elements we'e going to get to in a minute. hillary's name mentioned by byrne saying someone might have been trying to blackmail her at some point. does that surprise you? >> yeah, it's wild.when i first, first spoke with patrick, it's really -- i got the same reaction three weeks ago, everybody watching cable last night thinking to myself, this is wild.d. but what always struck me was this guy, you know, what he said about maria was generally accurate.
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and he was -- i could verify most of it. so i have to take it seriously. at least the government should take it seriously. because what intersects with what i know and what i can prove is generally accurate. >> why did they break up? >> i don't think it was a close relationship to begin with. they had common interest and they got together a few times over the years. i wouldn't put it as the love of anyone'sld life. >> laura: it was romantic, though. it looks like it got serious. there were hotel rooms involved, two room, one room, unclear there. >> for sure, of course, you are, but, again, i don't think it was the most -- she was dating someone else. there's complicating factors. i'm not dr. phil on that front. >> laura: how credible is this claim, though, that with all of your experience with the fbi specifically comey was thecl director at the time directed him to have an ongoing relationship with someone they believed was a russian operative. >> when a gal comes up to you
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from russia and says i've been sent here to make contact with you and we want to take you to moscow and speak on bitcoin and speak on liberalism, you have to report that. before i know it, the men in black were back in my life. and i was trying to encourage her to have a relationship. last time i was watching television and congressional hearings, i figured where the orders came from, they came fro. carlin, mccabe, comey. that was who sent the orders. >> laura: terry, people are watching this going, what? so patrick byrne had a low-level security clearance. he wanted to keep that's why he reported to whatever person at the fbi he reported it to about his relationship or the connection with martina. but comey, mccabe, involvementw. what of this? they're rejecting the notion saying it's all ridiculous. the fbi doesn't work that way. terry, t what's the truth here?
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does the fbi ever work that way? >> sure, in a counterintelligence situation, the fbi would certainly reach out to a former asset for the purpose of understanding in counterintelligence we referred to people's assets rather than informants. so if they used patrick byrne in any capacity before, it would have made sense to reach out to her and maybe ask him to rekindle whatever relationship they had, if they were interested in her, which we knew they were. and there were other things going on in 2015 and 2016. so they could have also benefited from the idea that if you have, for example, let's just take hypothetically the russian trumpp investigation, if that was in its early stages and was just a preliminary inquiry, then you can actually reach out to a current or a former asset like that whereas you would have to get special approval in the preliminary inquiry to reach out to somebody and develop a new asset. so, they had a lot of reasons they might have wanted to use
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him. as far as the part about director comey specifically said something to me or deputy director mccabe, something like that, that may not be exactly what he meant to convey. i would think that -- and i atched his interview on television. i think he meant to convey that the agents who were talking to him had let him know that these were the people calling the shots. it's all very interesting. it's all kind of -- if youd watched it, you kind of scratch your head. >> it's another character in this ongoing drama. and harmeed and i both went to the same college. patrick byrne, i was like what is this? this is bizarre. but it doesn't seem to me to be out of the realm of possibility, anything they can do at this point to stir the pot. >> absolutely, laura, out of these people, some of them are known to be liars. many of us believe comey certainly lied repeatedly.
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that's been found.and mccake ane fired for lying. so out of these characters, although this tale is a wild one, i have too say that i'm doing suspend judgment on that until we hear more facts. but robert said this is lining up from the point of view of his client, the brady violations are of a piece of what we've heard out of this cast of characters and failure by the doj officials to turn over the information that's exculpatory. so i'm prepared to believe a lot cuof this. some of the details are a bit hazy. there have been a number of different interviews from slightly different facts. >> i have a question here. it's a bit of an odd timeline,be someone can explain it if strzok and all these guys, comey, they didn't want trump to win, and then why -- we're hearing this stuff about, well, it was an attempt to blackmail hillary. robert, do you understand that?k
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terry this. do you get that aspect? >> i do understand that aspect, laura, however, again, this is counterintelligence investigation, there aren't any 302s, for even example, counterintelligence assets are not reported on 302s, they're a reported on memos and what we used to call inserts. so they're not the same kind of -- they don't have the same kind of oversight that you would think is -- that you would see in the criminal field. so who knows? as harmeed just said, there's a question of all of the characters o in this play and nothing about his interview that bothers me at all. it all seems pretty reasonable. >> what i'm going to say, the three of you, i hope john durham in connecticut, i hope this isff all part of the effects that he's going through. all of this seems too bizarre and too convenient and a lot of these explanations. i appreciate it all.oothank you. up next, president trump make it is clear, he will not stand for china's trade war retaliation.
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we're going to break down the biggest misconception of the tariff tip and why the left should be more concerned about china in 2020.
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how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> laura: president trump punching back at china after the country announced it will impose
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$75 billion inu. new tariffs on u.s. goods and resume taxing automobiles. before the president leaves for the important g7 meeting, he tweeted, we don't need china and we're better off without them. the vast amounts of money made and stolen by china from the u.s. after the decades will stop. our great companies are hereby ordered to immediately start lookingg for an alternative to china including bringing the companies home and making their products in the usa. the ceo of nucor steel, dan d'amico who's been raising the red flag of warning about china for years and years. dan, i think it's important. everybody is focused on the daily fluctuations in the market to walk through some of the common misconceptions about this larger trade issue with china. first, and i think most important, this claim that the trade war is dragging down the economy. south bend mayor and renowned trade expert, rhodes scholarpet.
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>> it's fool's error to make china get the fundamentals fortg them in the eye for the tariffs. we're paying the costs of the tariffs. we're going to see more in the price of the consumer goods. >> what of that, dan, this is prdevastating. $75 billion in new tariffs. we only -- we only sold, what, $150 billion a year to china. they sold us $550 whg about? >> he doesn't know what he's talking about, to be honest with you. it's very unfortunate for someone who says he wants to be president of the united states doesn't understand how serious this battle, the existential battle is we are having with china. to poo-poo these fundamental issues that we've been talking about that the administration has been working on to try to get china to change its cheating ways, its string of broken promises to the world on how it
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would conduct its economy over the years, it's really sad that someone like that thinks they should be president of the united states. as far as tariffs increasing the prices to consumers, they've been yelling that chicken little stuff now for, what, two years. and inflation has gone nowhere. it has no basis in fact.a numbey shown it has very little impact on the consumer. ceos have talked about that, including the walmart ceo an the former ceo -- >> laura: and target, too. we have a $20 trillion economy. $20 trillion. so, no one loves these ups and downs in the market. they can be unsettling. they can have an effect over time. but this is a very small percentage of the overall economic record.even powell, tht president trump had so much negative s to say about,
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and even two u.s. economy since the start of the year has continued to be favorable. business manufacturing weaken but solid job growth rising wages have been driving robust consumption, supporting growth overall, dan. china, germany, and the overall global economy is slowing, but the u.s. outlook remains strong. that's from jerome powell. so how can this trade stuff be what can we do? we have to let china cheat and cheat and cheat. >> i agree. there's no sense to it. no common sense to it. doesn't connect on the dots at all. the fact is what president trump is saying is, listen, i ran on gettingge the economy growing at 3% to 4%. now we've got an economy that's growing at 2% to 3%, but that's not what we want. and, so, in order for us to be able to achieve the kind of growth that our people and our citizens and our country deserve, we've got to stop the trade cheating by china. we've got to stop their manipulation. we've got to stop the economic and military aggression. we can no longer sit by and let
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them take advantage of those. >> i think trump is being a moderate on trade, frankly. i think we should decouple from china. i think we should disengage from china. mwe should treat them like we union and at some point the dalai lama can come back and they released all of the muslims in their province that are imprisoned any stop cheating -- prisoners, and they stop cheating, maybe then we will re-engage. that's how president ingraham's administration would go. >> i would be happy to be your vice president and reenforce that. >> laura: i love it. got it, dan. okay, the second claim, trump's not showing the leadership he aeds in the fight against this china cheating and trade issue. cnn's david gergen made this claim. >> here we are in what amounts to a full scale trade war with china and the relationship is deteriorating.that is very threr economy and to the future leadership in the world.
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>> laura: who does china want to be the next president, trump or biden. >> i think it is chairman xi who wants to be president. >> one way or another. it's ludicrous on its face. we finally have a flowing but still we had robust growth. we have rising wages, we have that under trump. he says we need better leadership, to do what?what did? >> let's talk about the s leadership issue. let's say he's not being a leader. this is ridiculous. he's the leader we need. he's taking on china where no other president has. >> laura: that's the economy and the g7. i will answer every questionon with what are we doing that germany, england, france, italy's government is busting up. we are doing something right. and they are doing a lot wrong. >> he's being a true leader and i know something about leadership throughout my careers he's being a real leader, fighting for this country, fighting for its citizens. and i'll share one other thing
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with you. behind the scenes, behind closed doors, global world leaders are saying thank god president trump is finally taking on china. >> laura: they don't have the guts to and we don't have the money to pay them off. that's my point. we don't have the extra cash to force germany h and france to do the right thing. dan,e thank you so much. we've been wanting to have you onme for some time. we really appreciate it. >> more than happy to come on any time. >> laura: fantastic. tyou take care. what is this retaliatory action by china really all about? the story garners little coverage at the time. a few weeks back, bill gertz at the washington time, excuse me, the free beacon accomplished this saying china covertly subverting trump's re-election. inside he revealed that china is conducting aggressivele influene campaign designed to block trump the reelection of trump in 2020 according to a dissident chinese billionaire who until recently was close to chinese senior
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leaders. the co-author of the forthcoming book, china and the west. mike, why isn't the left alarmed by the real attempt to meddle in our election? >> i think they're putting a bet on china helping joe biden become president. the chinese used to think, say a year ago, that trump would get a second term. they a began to make serious concessions, that's why this 150-page trade agreement was as good as it was, as the president said, until they reneged. so their hope is now they've got to somehow defeat trump themselves.too kind of make surs in. the president said this now several times. people think he's joking when they said they just want sleepy joe instead of me.or some other. >> laura: that's obvious. >> i don't think he's joking. i think he has reason to believe that the chinese really think that. i talked to the president quite recently. t he told me they have wishful thinking about american politics. they somehow think they can just
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wait him out. i think what we're seeing today is it's not true. he's going to be tougher and tougher on them until they at least get back to what they were may 1. >> laura: we have a situation where china, now, is reaching into australian university to subvert students' rights in -- in australia. chinese students who were studying abroad, supporting hong kong. i mean, if we have an enormous population of chinese students here in the united states. we had a lot of them working at research universities, a lot of concern about that. but china's influence now through social media,they're paying off through social media to push the anti-trump stuff up too. that came up this week. atekthis is real. they're still talking about he's a foreign agent of russia, john meechum and joe scarborough.ry ? this is not a real -- this is not a paper tiger, it's a real tiger in beijing. >> the size of their economy is enormous, even compared to the soviet union.
11:29 pm
they're at $14 trillion, we're at about $19 trillion. in the case of soviet union, they never really got to 10% of ourp gdp size. here's somebody already 2/3 of the way. they grow three times faster than we do. so our doom of becoming a chinese colony is pretty much clear, it's a question of how much time until trump began to fight back. >> one of these other issues that i want to get to, another misconception about trade is that, oh, this is all hurting our exports. we'll put up the full screen here. but, as we can see, our exports in the first half of 2016, you know, over a trillion, they've gone up $200 billion, january to june of 2019. both our exports, even with the strong dollar, and our -- all of our imports and exports, look, okay, so that's january, june 2016. then the next, 2019. so, $200 billion.
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so, that's the -- maybe the t ia it's killing our trade. now, we have some stuff going on with china. if they cared about it, why don't they pass the usmca. if they care about the trade situation, where's the push for usmca? >> well, i think one of the thingsgs that the chinese have that the president told me is wishful thinking about. they think the u.s. congress is not really concerned about china, not to mention the mca. i think that's not true. a lot of initiatives are coming out of the marco rubio, sometimes the bipartisan support, wants the technology czar in the white house to stop this flow of technology. >> laura: what's to stop it? every dollar we give to trade surplus they use it to buy guns orou weapons that could be used against us or our allies in the future. i don't see how to engage with china at this point. i say get t back to us. >> there's more pain inflicted on the chinese economy than our own economy. >> laura: slightly. -- absolutely.
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joe biden said we need to use different tactics. i like the flip-flop on the transalantic partnership. >> he's against it now. >> laura: exactly, before and against it. i hope you have the tissues ready.we will bring you thetarif plabe. plus, hollywood is still in bed with red china. raymond arroyo is here, all of the details in the special edition of "the ingraham angle" next.
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>> president trump is and his way to france on the g-7 summit, taking off a few hours ago. the president will meet with our economical lines after stepping up the trade war with clean, emposing new tariffs. and asking a question be who is the bigger enemy of the u.s., the fed chairman powell or or e chinese president. and telling federal bankers the fed will act as appropriate to sustain economic expansion but offer no hints about future rate cuts. stocks tanked on the future of the trade wars and the dow losing 323-points. now back to the ingraham angle. >> laura: it's friday. it means it's time for oh,
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friday follies time. movie stars to defend the regime where she displayed justin timberlake song a little too seriously, and an optical illusion swamps the internet. joining us now with all of the details. ramon arroyo joins us from hollywood. all right. tell us how the celebs are being deployed to defame these protesters in hong kong. >> laura, it's chinese celebrities. it started last week when crystalan yifi liu, the star of the new live action film "mulan," she reposted the name from the communist party mouthpiece, the people's daily, translated to english, it said this, i support the hong kong police. you can attack me now. and now she accompanied that with a heart emoji and a flexed arm and in english, what a shame for hong kong. this is a major actress there. last week, supporters of the hong kong protest called for a boycott of the weak of.
11:36 pm
the media rushed in to defend the actress saying how can you boycott mulan, it's about an independent brave woman. forget the brutal treatment of protesters in hong kong, they deployed native jackie chan. he says, appearing on china. global television that, i feel pride in being chinese wherever i go, w and the five-starred red flag is respected everywhere around the world. hong kong and china are my birthplaces and my home. china is my country. i love my country. i love my home. i hope that hong kong can return to peace soon. so, laura, he's taking the siden of the -- of the government over the protesters, as well. now, you'd think his colleagues here in hollywood would be all over it raising voices against the human rights abuses of china or the religious abuses, they're too busy sounding an alarm of a different kind.he >> this is an emergency announcement. did y'all know that the amazon
11:37 pm
has been burning for weeks, and we're just now hearing about this? the amazon is the largest rain forest on the planet earth. and it contains 20% of the world's oxygen. >> the fires are burning at one of the fastest paces in years. we only have one planet, and we have to take care about it. >> learn more about what's happening to earth and see how you can help. >> leo dicaprio on instagram along with madonna said the lungs of the earth are in flames. we have no problem with people but hollywood, to my eye, are engaging here in an easy protest. it's a protest that doesn't cost them anything unlike the supportingey the hong kong protesters. that would cost them a lot. >> laura: how much money would they lose in the box office in china. the chinese masters in the entertainment industry, that whole story is outrageous.
11:38 pm
they're talking about human rights and all of different real people in china. you think it's not even happening. unbelievable. >> like the people in hong kong and the chinese mainland, hollywood is censored and repressed, too. they only let a few films go to the mainland china in those eaeaters. they're willing to swallow the oppression for a payout. >> laura: when spielberg does a movie on mao, i'll be impressed. let's do one on them and really what happened? what else do we have? hi>> in d.c, the president issud a protest of a different type this week, laura, when hee reacted to a press conference by rashida tlaib. she tearfully lamented not being able to visit her grandmother in israel even after the government gave her permission to do so. >> talib with the tears, all of a sudden, she starts with the
11:39 pm
tears, tears. and, i don't buy it. i don't buy it. >> so, i thought the president might have been going too far here. laura, we did some digging. tlaib does employ tears regularly. watch. i i watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing check points. mr. chairman, it needs to be noted into record, ice agents even though they told us not to speak to them, too, remember that? >> the president juxtaposed the behavior you saw there with the behavior at one of the campaign events a few years ago. >> you should see the horrible things that tlaib has said about israel. i've seen her at very vicious
11:40 pm
mood at campaign rallies, at my campaign rallies, before she was a congresswoman. i said, who is that? i saw a woman violent and vicious and out of control. >> he's referring to this display. ie, forgot about it. this is detroit in 2016, that's tlaib there, being taken out of this event. we ponder what she was doing there in that clip. there was an internet sensation that broke out this week. and a researcher from norway posted this video last sunday, went viral very quickly. the question is, is this is a rabbit or i a bird you're seein? to me, it means you have too much time on your hands. i don't care what you're looking at? what do you think? >> laura: i thought earlier that it was a rabbit. but now i'm thinking it's a very odd crow. ii don't know. it looks kind of like my dog, annie, when she gets a treat. i hate those things. i don't understand, the dress, is it yellow or orange? >> i couldn't care less.
11:41 pm
>> laura: people have a lot of time on their hands. be safe. we'll see when you report from l.a. next week. >> i will. >> and the democratic national committee holding their annual summer retreat in the friendly confines up the coast from raymond t in san francisco. so why are they being protested? donna brazil will tell us, she's there.
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>> laura: a lot of the 2020 democratic candidates, fanatics, are in san francisco this weekend, or course, for the democratic national convention
11:44 pm
summer meeting.ek you would think that this progressive city would embrace the radical candidates, but protests actually broke out after the dnc said it will not hold a debate focused on climate change.te still, candidates have been doing theirl, best to one-up eah other with handouts and dreams. just watch. >> when i lead the democratic party, we will be a party of moral clarity. a party of courage. if we can afford medicare for all to save our people and a green new deal to save our planet. >> if we're going to be the smartest nation on earth, it means starting early with universal pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds. >> will we, in our generation, like our ancestors before stand up and dream again and say, i, too, dream america anew. i dream bold dreams and dangerous dreams, i dream defiant dreams. >> laura: joining me now is
11:45 pm
donna brazille, former dnc interum chairwoman, fox news donna, does dnc feel about the parties becoming radical, are they feeling a little uneasy about it when san francisco seems to be protesting at least outside of the convention hall?c what's all that about? >> first of all, i wish you were here because this is a great way to celebrate democracy. we had an interesting meeting yesterday. we dealt with climate change, gun control, other important priorities. the party feels that we are beforewe reach that final momet before the convention, and wemet will have an opportunity to reach all of those things, including climate change.
11:46 pm
>> laura: i would probably have an egg or a pie thrown at me. i'd go with you so you could protect me, okay. now, the current front-runner, joe biden, did not make it to this event. this is a big event. n he literally phoned it in. >> i'm running for president to restore the soul of this nationo to rebuild the middle class and the unifier country. but, no matter who ultimately earns our party's nomination, i stand united with every single democrat behind our and most important mission, beat donald trump. >> laura: what was the reaction of the vp skipping this big party event? >> well, i don't think anyone tookok offense at it. he had a previously scheduled event in new hampshire. we saw him on video. we saw several of the other candidates, including beto as wn
11:47 pm
video. this afternoon, we're going to hear from a lot of the candidates, elizabeth warren, ryan booker. i think democrats are appreciative of those who showed up. but we know all of the candidates will be there in the end to support the party. >> they don't care that -- no one -- it's not a big deal if the guy who's at the top of the polls from the beginning doesn't come? it would be better -- i know you want to spin this, but it's better if he comes.right? it is not better to send a vide video. >> laura, i don't have a favorite. i'm still shopping. but we've known each other for a long time. we'll make our decision as a party. the good news is that we have more candidates coming than who are not coming. so now we're going to focus on those who are here. >> alright. michael bennett, i want to talk about him for a moment, he's polling at 0%. he hadn't qualified for the next debate. but, one of your old pals, and, of course, louisianian raging
11:48 pm
cajun, jim carville, said that he actually could win this thing. the associated press is reporting that he said, look, keeps going, he's bullish on bennett. carville said he could make a better nominee than biden, because he's new, different, younger and can project forward. what about that? carville said that bennett could be a younger more forward-looking, i guess, version of biden saying that maybe biden is getting up there in age and maybe not the right person now to lead this very be a younger more forward-looking, i guess,
11:49 pm
diverse party. >> the voters will decide who will lead the party. but michael bennett today, he showed up. he was the first speaker. hen hadsc a great message this morning on making sure that the party is unified. he also spoke out in favor of more conversations around climate change. >> laura: but there's no debate. there'sld no debate. i have to ask you, there's no debate focused on climate change and people in san francisco, especially, are really unhappy about that. are you unhappy about this, yes or no? >> i'm a -- i'm -- look, i realize when you set up a schedule before you know what candidates are in the race, every candidate knew from the beginning there would be 12 debates. we didn't say they would focus on various issues. we said 12 debates. i o don't want to second guess e leadership of tom perez and the party who made this decision. i had my opportunity to shape this conversation in the party. we have to move forward because the american people want to know what's the alternative to donald trump. that's what we're going to provide. >> laura: alright, donna, you have fun there in san francisco. we appreciate it.
11:50 pm
next, new numbers showing how the illegal immigration crisis is really impacting communities across the country as president trump looks to take new action to eliminate birthright a full report when we come back. devices are like doorways
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>> laura: we have a lot of important immigration-related stories to get through tonight. as doj released the startling numbers, about the percentage of federal crimes committed by noncitizens, president trumpth takes the stand on the scam known as birthright citizenship. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is here in washington with all of the details tonight, mike? e >> good evening to you. federal arrests of non-u.s. citizens has more than tripled in the last 20 years by the new numbers released by the bureau of justice statistics, 54% of federal arrests were noncitizens, they make up 7% ofj he population, they're 24% of all federal drug arrests, 25% of all federal property arrests, and 28% of all federal fraud arrests. meanwhile, the trump administration issued a new rule that withdraws from the flores settlement agreement.that limito holding the migrate children for 20-days.
11:54 pm
the new rule would allow holding them until the court hearing. assuming that's approved by the federal judge, it would take effect in 60 days. the chief of the u.s. border patrol say it makes sense. >> the families are going to be held in i.c.e. custody in family residential centers. they're not going to be held in border patrol stations, so that frees up our agents first and foremost. we do not have the facilities to hold these individuals. >> no surprise, senator elizabeth warren is blasting it saying the president is seeking, quote, to keep kids and parents in cages indefinitely and saying she will fight this policy and all attacks on immigrant communities. other critics say they hope the courts will block the implementation. laura? >> mike, these fights over immigration extend far beyond the swamps of washington. now liberal governors have taken extraordinary steps to stick the thumb in the eye of the trump administration on this. california's governor gavin newsom, tell us about a couple of the ways that he's trying to, you know, thwart trump here.
11:55 pm
>> there's a really high-profile case, they're giving a lot of attention after a woman shot and injured her husband after what she said was months of physical abuse and she's facing deportation. she's expected to be sent home to ethiopia unless she can get newsom to pardon her.en he has already pardoned three refugees in the process of being removed from the u.s. and promised to keep fighting president trump on this issue. >> here in california, we confirm that people of good faith and firm will can still come together to achieve big things, we will offer an alternative to the corruption and the incompetence in the white house. >> the woman has served a four-year sentence in state prison. then she was taken into custody by i.c.e. to prepare for deportation. >> mike, this is wild. because u.s. law states that -- i used to do immigration law, states if you become a felony,
11:56 pm
you'll become a deportable alien. you are deportable. so now state governors are saying, no, stay here. >> she used a gun, that's another hot button issue in california. >> it says these are just law-abiding, would-be americans, and they're working hard like everybody else. it cuts against that narrative. but, this is what we've -- this is what's been exposed in this ramped-up debate. >> we'll see what he does. >> we appreciate you tonight. thanks for coming in. final thoughts when we come back..
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
>> on the issue of immigration michelle malkin was on my podcast but sometimes our segments could be shorter. critical on china investment. don't forget to download that. google's bias against conservative, what to look out for the presidential race in 2020. have a great weekend.
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parents before they head to school, hold onto every thing. enjoy each other's company. that is it for us, shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: welcome to fox news at night. donald trump is on his way to the g7 summit leaving the white house any minute following a day of threats between china and the us. a busy schedule this weekend, world leaders ready to stand up to his critics. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg on the mend following her fourth cancer diagnosis. a major twist in the investigation into empire actor jussie smollett's alleged hate crime hoax.


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