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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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parents before they head to school, hold onto every thing. enjoy each other's company. that is it for us, shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: welcome to fox news at night. donald trump is on his way to the g7 summit leaving the white house any minute following a day of threats between china and the us. a busy schedule this weekend, world leaders ready to stand up to his critics. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg on the mend following her fourth cancer diagnosis. a major twist in the investigation into empire actor jussie smollett's alleged hate crime hoax.
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appointed today to investigate why those 16 felony charges were dropped. we begin with mark meredith and growing trade tensions with china as the president is about to take the g7 summit in france. >> reporter: no end insight when it comes to the trade war between the us and china, donald trump retaliated on twitter only hours after the chinese announced plans to increase tariffs on american products like soybeans and cars. in a tweet late today the president wrote china should not have put new tariffs on $75 billion of us tariffs, politically motivated. to retaliate, he said another 5% on chinese imports starting in september, new rates imposed in the next couple days and weeks. the announcement of additional tariffs came out after the stock
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market closed today but it was a brutal day on wall street. the dow, s&p and nasdaq closed sharply lower after the president blasted china and the federal reserve. he says my only question is who is the bigger enemy, jay powell or chairman xi. jay powell was appointed by donald trump to the job of fed chair, and said the american economy is strong but there are other factors at play. >> when there's a sharp confrontation between two large economies you can see affects pretty quickly. we saw that in june. >> reporter: the business community is less then thrilled with the trade dispute. the national retail federation had a tough day saying, quote, it is impossible for businesses to plan for the future in this environment. the administration's approach isn't working and the answer is and more taxes on american
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businesses and consumers. where does this end? the president says it is up to us companies, not just the government to pressure china. he's calling on ceos to pull the businesses out of china saying our great american companies are ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative, china, including bringing your company's home and making your product in the usa. democratic senator sherrod brown is glad to see the us taking a tougher stance with china but is not a fan of saying donald trump should get off twitter and get to work. and closing loopholes in his own tax law and reward corporations for sending jobs overseas. a lot going on tonight. we will see if the president has any more to say, about to leave the white house making his way to the g7 summit. jillian: thank you very much. high-stakes punching and counterpunching between china and donald trump. robert spalding, author of self
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war, america's elite, great to have you with us today. this is the word from an iowa farmer who is worried about this. >> we thought we would have a revolution of that trade issue and doesn't sound like it is coming anytime soon. the pain is getting worse. it will get to the point we won't be able to pay bills. >> china, no dummies. they know what is going to impact in the heartland. >> absolutely. they are going after america's farmers to punish the president. i feel like today september 23rd is our independence day because he independence of the chinese communist party. we are actually working to bring jobs back to america, bring back
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factories we lost since they entered the wto in 2001, 3.4 million manufacturing jobs. he's working to bring back wealth to the american people. shannon: plenty don't agree and he talked about how presidents of not taken on china directly because it will cause economic pain but in a new york magazine and the headline trump is melting down because china won't given on china, it is trump who has more to lose on the trade war since he is facing it next year. >> we need to invest in our economy and businesses and manufacturing, we spent $8 billion a year in defense, some of that money can be turned to defense production acts to stimulating investment in the economy in manufacturing facilities.
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shannon: how does this end? china announced a new round of tariffs the president was announced was out of proportion. he says he's taking something tough, much easier if he didn't have to take on china in this way so where does this end? >> the chinese communist party decided not to have an agreement, they tore up 50 pages of the agreement that lighthizer negotiated. they determined they could push donald trump out by putting pain on the farmer we just listened to. it is up to us to protect our country, invest in our country. it is about getting american companies back to investing in america again. shannon: the president said he ordered american companies to look for ways out of china, not something he can actually do. one of his supporters and friends, lindsey graham said he likes to use examples. he didn't think he could order
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american businesses out, but what about that prospect? one company says material you can only get in china, no way that can happen. >> in 2000 when we moved our production to china. in 2019 we can move our production back. it is about investing in this country. we did this in europe, invested in the marshall plan after -- america adopted the same pain through economics and finance through essentially the economic world we have been facing so we can invest in our country for the same change in growth in america. >> if he makes any comment sunshine or anything else, thank you very much. fox news alert. ruth bader ginsburg is on the mend after facing another cancer
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battle undergoing radiation therapy on her pancreas. >> who should decide? congress? should the court stepping? >> he has become an iconic presence on the supreme court bench for over a century so ruth bader ginsburg's latest cancer diagnosis is keenly felt not only among her colleagues but legions of fans who call the 86-year-old justice the notorious rpg, she's known for fierce intellect wrapped in her trademark lace collars and brooklyn accent. >> the first thing. >> the court statement indicates the justice went through three weeks of radiation therapy after a malignant tumor was found in her pancreas. no further treatment is needed and she is continuing and active schedule including washington appearance last month where she entered her determination to play for the long run.
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>> no matter where we are the one thing each of us feel deeply is we wanted to leave that institution, didn't want to do anything to tarnish the court's reputation because it is unique. >> reporter: health issues are occurring reality for the court's oldest member including previous cancer treatments and fractured ribs. days later she was in a white house ceremony. >> justice ginsburg, great. >> shortly after chamberlain cancer diagnosis which for the first time in her career forced her to miss time on the bench but she bounced back strong and is feeling optimistic about her health overall. oral arguments begin october 7th oh work remains, prepping for the term starts before that. and they keep up with the caseload and remain determined
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to stay on the bench. tonight's news sparking new questions about justice ginsburg's health and her role and influence in the nation's highest court. let's bring in doctor mark siegel for medical and political prognosis. good to have you with us. i will start with you because we have a pretty thorough statement from the court saying she has radiation therapy and 6 months ago in december she had surgery for lung cancer. that was handled. what do you make of the latest round of news and radiation is the choice for treatment? >> it is very likely this is not related to the pancreatic cancer she had 9 or 10 years ago. it is probably new. number 2, the fact that radiation is being chosen, a new kind of radiation, high-intensity notice cyberknife
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and attacking some promising results though it has more side effects. the reason it is chosen is probably because the location of the tumor doesn't make it amenable to surgery. usually remove it by surgery if they can but big question is what kind of pancreatic cancer is this? depending what kind you have that influences the prognosis even if they get rid of all of it with radiation which is what they are saying there is a high recurrence rate. pancreatic cancer tends to come back so she has to be watched carefully. it was probably found early because they are screening her so carefully because of her prior cancers. she is going to do better and that is what we are hoping for. shannon: she undergoes routine bloodwork and that is how we found this, they will keep up with that. it sounds like she is one of the best monitored people out there, very determined. has a workout routine a lot of
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people say she has come through this, almost a joke about how great she is, push-ups and everything else. >> being a fighter the way she is i think that helps a lot in terms of fighting something like cancer. i have seen it time and again. shannon: it took no time for people on both sides of the aisle to talk about the makeup of the court and what happens when one day there are going to leave the court but david axelrod tweeting if there is a supreme court seat next year and mitch mcconnell carries through on his promise to fill it despite his previous precedent in blocking garland it will tear this country apart. i asked the senate majority leader about an opening next year and here is what he told me. >> we don't know if they will have a vacancy. what we do know for sure is we each picked two new supreme court justices and confirmed them.
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shannon: when pressured by the left to step down and make way of the democratic president, no way, i have a job to do and getting someone like me confirmed would be nearly impossible. reliable progressives. >> i wish her the best. she has a lot to do with the collegiality of the court, she has gone out of her way to praise justice brett kavanaugh and neil gorsuch. i'm not going to engage in morbid speculation about what is going to happen. a forest hearing the country apart we know who tore the country apart in the last confirmation battle. do we want to go through that again is a country particularly with a presidential election coming up? i hope not and i wish her the very best and she has been
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extraordinary in this effort to keep the court itself as an institution away from partisan politics. i'm sure you heard about an event in washington last month hosted by one of her former clerk said he made the statement it is a shame supreme court justices are no longer primarily chosen because of their legal ability or personal decency and she shot back and said justices gore such and kavanaugh are very decent people. i wish her the best. shannon: you hear them talk about each other in a very collegial way, they don't see the same ideological flip. she was close to antonin scalia. they couldn't have been more different on their legal philosophies but they were really great friends in real life. great to have you both.
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>> donald trump is on his way to the g 20 summit with world leaders. he took off to joint base andrews. he talked about a lot of hot topics from north korea to china
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to justice ginsburg. and justin we have all those remarks for you. breaking news, trace gallagher has more with the g7. >> sunday and monday, donald trump will have 6 bilateral meetings with everyone from hosting emmanuel macron to shinzo abe but he will begin with boris johnson, the first meeting between the two leaders since johnson took over as the prime minister in july following teresa may's exit. they are expected to talk about the decision to leave the european union better known as brexit and they could discuss a trade deal between the us and britain and speaking of trade or trade wars, the president is expected to bring up global economic challenges and downplay fears of a us economic slump. the president is not keen on
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international bodies and analysts believe he will be the odd man out at the g7 because he has shown no qualms about pulling out of things like the paris climate agreement, the iran nuclear deal and blue up the g7 gathering in canada because of what some call his my way or the highway approach. experts say the president will be urging other companies to follow america's path. an expert on multilateralism at the international crisis group told politico g7 summits are a nightmare and this one could be especially terrible. shannon: we want to bring you the remarks the president has made on a number of topics. let's listen in. >> a lot of leaders who are friends of mine, wouldn't say 100% of the cases but for the most part and i think we are doing very well. our economy is doing great.
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we are having a little spat with china and we will win it. we put a lot of tariffs on china. we are up to $550 billion. taking out of our country much more than $500 billion a year. we want that stopped. we will see what happens. they want to do that so we will see what happens. they want to have talks. i am always open to talks. >> american companies -- >> in 1977 we had the national
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emergency act, the absolute right to do that. we will see how that goes but the absolute right, 1977, check it out. i think our tariffs are good for us. we are taking in tens of billions of dollars. china is paying for it, they are manipulating their currency. our tariffs are working very well for us, people don't understand that yet. at the same time china had the worst year in 30 to 50 years, their worst year and they want to make a deal. i am not happy with jay powell. i don't think he is doing a good job. i don't think he is much of a chess player. but i've got him, that's what i have. what can i tell you? not much of a chess player. i am going to see prime minister abe.
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a great gentleman, a great friend of mine. we are going to see what happens. president moon, a very good friend of mine and we will see what happens with south korea. i think we have a very good relationship, we will see what happens. it could always change but we will see what happens. kim jong un has been pretty straight with me i think and we will see what is going on, see what is happening. he likes testing missiles but we never restricted short range missiles. we will see what happens. we tested a big one the other day as you probably noticed.
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not at all because if you are looking from november 9th we are up 50% or more, we were at 16 or 17,000 or 25,000, don't tell me about 600 points. i hope she does really well. our thoughts and prayers are with her. a very serious situation. i am hoping she's going to be fine. he has pulled through a lot, very strong, very tough. we wish her well, very well. i don't like what france did. they put a technology tax on our companies, not that i'm the biggest fan of the tech companies because they were very much opposed to the republicans.
12:26 am
somebody said the election we had in 16 with hillary clinton could have cost me anywhere from 2600 or 2,600,000 votes. i think it went close to 10 or 15 million votes. i'm not a big fan of the tech companies but i don't want foreign companies and foreign countries, i don't want them doing anything having to do with taxing unfairly our companies. those are great american companies. i don't want france taxing our companies. very unfair. if they do that we will be taxing their wine or doing something else, we will be taxing their wine like we have never seen before. i don't like it. that is for us to tax them. not for france. other than that i have a very good relationship with macron
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and i think we will have a good couple of days. i look forward to being in france. let me tell you. you know exactly what i meant. sarcasm, joking, we are all smiling was a question like that is just fake news, just a faker. >> your ideas about reparations to african americans in this country? >> i never stated my ideas so you tell me what my ideas were. they are your ideas. don't put a question like that. i never stated my ideas so don't put the question like that. >> will you do you want powell
12:28 am
to resign? >> do i want him to resign? me put it this way. if he did i wouldn't stop him. a very good competitor. we are going to win. we are going to be -- rather than renegotiating everything again i am going to do it the way i just said. we will be distributing that money differently. calls me a wonderful woman. we had a great conversation. we have a very good relationship
12:29 am
with denmark and we agreed to speak later. she was very nice. put a call in and i appreciated it very much. >> how far you willing to push china? >> china has been hurting our country with the money they have been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it and should have done it a long time ago whether it was clinton or bush or obama, any of them. they should have done something about it and they didn't. i'm doing it and i have no choice because we are not going to lose close to $1 trillion a year to china. and china understands that. with president xi who i have a good relationship with but they don't understand we are not going to do it and this is more important than anything else right now just about that we are working on and we have to make sure -- we have helped rebuild
12:30 am
china like nobody else. i don't blame china. i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administrations for allowing that to happen. it is a disgrace. shannon: you have been listening moments ago as the president was leaving the white house heading to the g7, china, the economy, north korea, japan, all kinds of things. we will talk about it all with general jack keane who is live to weigh in next. than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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>> shannon: you saw it moments ago. the president talking on a number of topics as he leaves the south lawn at the white house and shannon: the president talking about a number of topics as he leave the self lawn heading to the g7 summit in france. general jack kane talking to us about a lot of these things.
12:35 am
he talked about china, the we are having a spat, we are going to win it, presidents on both sides haven't handled it and he addressed, people giving him a hard time to say he was the chosen one, he said i was being sarcastic but i will take this on. >> there is no subject where he has as much conviction as he does on china. his voice gets stronger about it. this is an issue donald trump before he became president was speaking about for 20 plus years and been very sensitive to the loss of our industries and impact on workers and believes america is being ripped off and rightly so and i think he has done a huge service by educating people about this because not everybody was involved in those industries that were butchered by china but there is a growing
12:36 am
consensus in the united states the china is an economic predator and i think there is a consensus globally taking place. he is absolutely on the right side of this issue. the american people, wind in his back as a result of it. our economy is strong. nobody wants the economy to go in the takeover it. i'm not an economist, don't think that will happen. the economy is slowing down but still rocksolid, strong. i think the american people want the president to indecision. shannon: south korea so there were more lodges by north korea. he says chairman kim has been straightforward with him. he likes testing his missiles. >> it is about the south korean united states exercises going on this month and north korea normally does something about it.
12:37 am
they have been testing conventional short range missiles for some time now and these are two very large military's facing each other so south korean that united states are practicing a simulated war exercise. we have to maintain skills to do this. this exercise is important because we practice transferring power to the south korean command and north korea is reminding them we have the weapons. if you go to war with us destroy part of south korea this is part of the playbook before negotiations. grandfathered it, father did it, kim jong un does it. i believe there will be negotiations this is leverage before those negotiations. shannon: the g7, he said something to the effect that i will be among friends and allies maybe not 100%. what are you watching for? >> not much comes out of the g7. it grew out of an informal thing
12:38 am
richard nixon started with treasury secretary shultz. largely countries that are part of the international -- have large economies. what i think happens, the most important thing, bilateral discussions they happen to have as a result of it not the least of which will be the one he's going to have with boris johnson, first since he was prime minister. i think boris johnson and donald trump are on the same page with a lot of domestic issues but even more so when it comes to foreign policy and bilateral trade agreement and another close ally he has is shinzo abe who he talked about quite a bit and they have consensus. shannon: a lot going on in that region. great to have you.
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>> shannon: joe biden creating news on the >> joe biden creating news is one pollster said he can't find anyone in iowa who is excited about supporting a man who is the front runner and all the polls. obama's former political director, welcome to you both. what the former vice president had to sit is raising some eyebrows. let's play it for you. >> my two publicly rose where martin luther king and bobby kennedy. my senior semester they were both shot and killed. imagine what would have happened if god forbid barack obama had been assassinated after becoming the nominee, what would have
12:44 am
happened in america? jillian: he's trying to get across the motions of what he experienced as a young person but some people thought it was a rather odd anecdote or words to share. >> it was rather bizarre to bring up that concept, to lay out that scenario even as a hypothetical but it confirms what we already knew, joe biden has completely lost it. this is a guy who thinks margaret thatcher is prime minister in the uk, a guy who thought rfk and martin luther king jr. were assassinated in the late 1970s and thought he was vice president during the parkland shooting all of which are false. this is just in the last week. this is joe biden, a guy who has lost it, the democrat nominee who. handily to donald trump. shannon: he continues to be ahead in nearly every poll by a substantial margin. an interesting piece in the new
12:45 am
york times under the headline joe biden's full numbers mask and enthusiasm challenge, they quoted patrick mary of monmouth polling talking to people who said i didn't meet one biden voted was excited about voting for biden. they feel they have to vote for joe biden as a centrist candidate to keep somebody from the left to they feel is unelectable from getting the nomination. >> my advice to joe biden's team, you guys have got to energize voters. it cannot continue to be joe biden is just running on he is the one to beat donald trump. that's not going to cut it. voters want to hear about specific policy issues. you have a couple candidates, top three in contention against biden who are specifically laying out their policy plans and how they hope to accomplish this and you are seeing
12:46 am
differences as the field is starting to winnow itself out as the next debate starts coming in, you have the top ten currently on for the first night and we will see what happens and if there's going to be a second night. >> do you think it will be different? there has been a split in the night where candidates, the vice president -- do you think of it as a single night where they all can take shots at him? >> i don't think he will be prepared. joe biden is a bad debate, wrong on policy, struggles and all these debates, low on energy, sleepy joe, he can't handle a stage full of the other top contenders which he can't handle that. one thing missing in the democrat debate, he is going to be -- it wasn't the case, between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, joe biden will be pushed as far to the left as possible was he wants to many
12:47 am
fossil fuels, wants to crowd out private insurance, healthcare for illegal immigrants, now you have bernie to one side, warren to the other, socialist joe biden will come out in full force. >> to look at me now,
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>> shannon: a fox news alert. a new twist today, jillian: a new twist in empire actor jussie smollett's case. a high-profile former us attorney appointed to look into the alleged hate crime hoaxes why all 16 felony charges were suddenly dropped. can a special prosecutor bring the same argument charges in kim fox's office? time for night court. on the docket tonight, the billy graham rule is going to court. a sheriff deputy in north carolina suing for religious dissemination. he says it happened after he was
12:52 am
fired for refusing to train a female deputy alone which would cause extended 101 time. it is a religious issue. the social rules popularized by billy graham. let's break it down with criminal defense attorney will a brousseau and david bruno. this is the lawsuit. the job duty of training female deputies violates religious beliefs against being alone for periods of time and females who are not his wife and leaving the appearance of conduct on his part, he got fired for religious discrimination. >> my take is the supreme court says you are free to exercise your religion, a religious neutral law you can't ignore the law or the was in this case. it sounds like he is the one with the problem and this woman should suffer because he has issues for can't trust himself
12:53 am
being alone with a woman. i think the supreme court would say he doesn't have a case and it discriminates against women. shannon: people getting sued over the billy graham rule, the case will rest on the civil rights act of 1964 which it requires employers to make an accommodation for employees, the deputy may have to prove the billy graham rule is a religious belief about a personal role that he will run up against the possibility female employees will claim dissemination for being denied this training. how do you respond? >> that's not an issue in the federal law. i think he's on firm ground because religion is protected, you can't discriminate against it in federal and north carolina law and he gains notice to his employers, asks for reasonable accommodation. they should address it or work
12:54 am
with their lawyers on it but they denied it, fired him for no reason two month after the accommodation request, they didn't send sergeants to back them up and didn't go about it the right way. i think he is fine here. whether it is a violation of other civil rights it could be. shannon: there is the fact he was fired and backup was sent in a dangerous situation in two jobs with other law enforcement agencies, because of this he hasn't been able to. quickly have you both weigh in. 20 seconds each. >> it doesn't seem right to me to say the negative things about him but at the same time women in areas they have never been before, they are in law enforcement it would be difficult for him to be in law
12:55 am
enforcement if he finds he can't be alone with a woman. >> retaliation by the employer shows they fired him for this reason. there is one job he could have gotten, alleging the county told the employer they fired him because of the accommodation requests. it helps in this case. shannon: the sheriff the permit is not commenting on his or we will let you know what they have to say. you made your case, leave it to the jury at home and let us know what you think about night courts. use the hashtag night court. thank you very much. video surveillance capturing the dramatic moment, cries of a frantic mother desperately searching, her daughter was gasping on food. isaac, the owner of the jackson hole diner in queens, new york came to the rescue, performing the heimlich maneuver, he did
12:56 am
this 13 times, he learned from his daughter. isaac and the girl had never met before this incident but he saved her life. you are tonight's midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. nd.
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hannity is next. ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of hannity. issues converting america. i'm dan bongino into night for sean. we start with some shocking news to me from the supreme court. after last three weeks, 86-year-old justice ruth bader ginsburg was treated for a malignant tumor on her pancreas. joining us out that more is the full post of fox news tonight also fox news chief legal correspondent, shannon bream's. >> and i we are learning more details about the health talent challenge for the supremes all this court justice. she announced that she has undergone radiation certain therapy in new york for the cancerous tumor and other than


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