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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 24, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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gillian: well, we have to leave it there, thanks, james, thanks for joining us, we will hand it over to new york coming up in a couple of seconds, we will see you tomorrow. eric: the pictures are stunning and spectacular, there's president macron along with wife bridgette add angela merkel admiring the view while there's questions of what they are talking about, state of global economy, this as president trump attending g7, we will show you live in france, right now the world leaders about to hold working din we are the 7 richest economies, you can see president macron and wife are greeting one by one, each of the other g7 leaders as they arrive at that cliff side park, admire the view and have informal conversations before they all retire to the formal dinner in just a few moments. this continues as the president
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has gone on the offense on two fronts targeting china and here at home the head of the federal reserve, there's a lot to talk about, you're watching america's news headquarters for the next hour i'm with you from new york i'm eric sean. >> and i'm monoly, pleasure of being for arthel neville today. both sides announcing retaliatory tariffs and president trump claiming that he can force u.s. companies to move out of china. eric: all of this created tension on wall street and sending the markets yesterday into a nose dive, the dow dropping more than 600 points yesterday, this is the president addressing addressing the trade fight before he left to france, meanwhile the president taking new shots at the chairman of the federal reserve and growing fears of some although he denies it of possible recession. >> looks like a lovely day in france, john roberts live there in the coastal community quite close to g7 site, john. >> molly, and eric, good to talk to you, today, yes, it was a
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very beautiful day earlier today but the cloud cover has come over since, it's okay because the midnight temperatures that you're experiencing yesterday have gone away, it's a beautiful evening for french president macron to be hosting the other g7 leaders at the historic white house there in biarritz, 8 miles from the town that we are in, earlier today the president in what was surprise move spent launch with the french president after the president arrived at the biarritz airport and the president proclaimed relationship strong despite recent setbacks including the french president saying that he was going to enact a digital service's tax which would affect greatly a lot of american tech companies, president trump has threaten in retaliation to put tariffs on french wine but as you'll see here president trump saying that the relationship is still very good, watch.
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>> we actually have a lot in common, emmanuel and i, we have been friends for a long time. just a little bit, not very much, get along very well. [inaudible] >> special relationship. >> we should point out too, you see on your screen there the that president trump and first lady melania trump just arrived to greet president macron and his wife bridgette, walk to the lighthouse where they have will dinner tonight. the dinner tonight in bilaterals the president will have six of them and in the g7 session, president trump will talk to the other world leaders about how he has managed to keep america's economy growing even though some of the other global economies have begun to falter a little bit through incentives and tax cuts and lower regulation in lunch meeting today, president macron in fact, said that many european countries are talking about cutting taxes to invigorate the economy, the president is also leaning onto g
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7 to reform the rules of the world trade organization because china, the president says, has been taking advantage of the system, they have gained it and things need to change so that china no longer takes such advantage of other countries that are in the wto, also hanging over this summit, a lot of concern about where the global economy is headed because of trade war with china and the new tariffs that both countries are leveling at each other, china has said that it is going to put tariffs on another $75 billion in u.s. products, that will occur on september the first, which is in conjunction with president trump saying he's going to increase tariffs on china september the first and december the 15th, the president saying that he will increase by 5% targeted tariffs of 10%. that would take them 5 to 10% and delaying some of those
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tariffs on $300 billion on chinese goods until december 15th in order to allow retailers to stock up for the christmas season. the president also said that 25% tariffs that already are in existence against $250 billion of chinese goods will increase by 5% on october the first to 30%. what's going on with the president even though the president says, look, this is something that successive mentions have let slide and china will become dominant power in the world and will give the united states a hard time unless we can create a new trade relationship between the u.s. and china. the president got close last spring it was said that he got 90% of the way there by administration officials including chief economic adviser larry kudlow but then the chinese decided, well, wait a second, we don't like agreement that we've sign here, things like protecting intellectual
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property, things like forced technology transfer, we think that we are going to stick with those because china had agreed to rescind their practices of forced technology transfer as well as unfair trade practices so in a way we are back to square one. we had trade talks early in august that seemed to go nowhere, another trade talks on tap for september, but there's no idea -- no inclination of thinking that those will get any further along the road than they were in early august but certainly the president wants to continue trying. he is also urging u.s. companies as the president and president macron are speaking to each other, most traveled to country that he has been, the president issued a tweet last night which he said he's ordering u.s. companies to begin looking for alternatives to doing business with china.
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there's manufacturing going on and raw materials, pharmaceutical companies from china, the president is urging american manufacturers to either bring manufacturing back home as he said in the tweet or go to indonesia, malaysia, the president trying to put the squeeze on china here in a way that he believes will finally make xi jinping come to the table. the president going after the fed chairman jarome powell again in a tweet saying, who is america's biggest enemy is it jay powell, the fed chairman or is it president xi jinping. the president also saying that he's not happy with jarome powell and thinks he's a lousy chess player and if he were to tender the resignation the president said he would not stand in his way. so eric and molly as we are looking at the beautiful sunset here over the atlantic looking west from the west coast of france, a lot of things to talk about as these leaders get together for what is not an official summit session but what
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will be an important working dinner here tonight in biarritz. >> stunning coast there along france, he talked a lot about china, certainly one of the major topics that the world leaders will be discussing, eric. eric: look at the picture of that lighthouse on the coast, i mean, they know how to orchestrate an elegant for the world leaders, president macron, of course, domestically to his citizens, showing them greeting one by one as fancy mercedes cars, informal chatting and talking among the wives and couples as they look over breath-taking coastline. breath-taking beautiful spot, despite beauty and stunning views that we are seeing, fears of global slowdown and john
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mentioned president trump before he left said that u.s. companies should really leave china, that they should conduct their business elsewhere. the president citing security law that could evoke to enforce that order. >> well, in 1977 we had national emergency act, i have the right to do that, we will see how that goes, but i have the absolute right. 1977, check it out. >> we will check out the 1977 law, here it is. quote, any authority granted to the president by section 1702 of this title may be exercised to deal with any unusual and extraordinary threat which has source and whole substantial part outside of the united states. to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the united states if the president declares a national emergency with respect to such a threat, joining us is john busse on fox
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news contributor. john, 1977 national emergency cites economy, foreign threat and under the president's definition that certainly would be china. is it realistic to try to use that in terms of tariffs? >> it probably is not. it will be challenged in court. this is something for direct threat to national security of the u.s. it was used, you know, kuwait, this was a little bit more clear direct threat. now, the president is making the point, over the long term, the theft of intellectual property, the forced transfer of technology to china could constitute an economic threat to the united states, i doubt that this is -- this will hold up in court. he might take it that direction or he may just leave this on the table as kind of rhetoric that he's using to pressure companies to pull back from china and pressure china to come back to the table.
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eric: he did this with méxico, they did act just under the threat from the president. >> the president is running a gamble here, he's, you know, trying to pressure china but also pressuring u.s. companies, ordering u.s. companies to pull back from china, look, the cost of production is here, the customers are over there, companies aren't going to pull out of china and he's dealing with ceo's who have long-range plans, many of them are the men and women, they are alpha dogs themselves, they are used to run their own show, angering allies in how he's dealing with china and angering the business community, look, you can't operate this way, we have to have some clarity being able to plan down the road one week, two weeks, 3 months, 5 years. eric: they do planning quarter to quarter right down to whole production line. >> if you're building infrastructure in china or supply chain, you are doing it
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over years and to wake up and see what impulse is coming out of the white house is begin to go alienate the group of executives. companies have been moving out of china. eric: why is that? >> in part because there are some costs associated with production that can be be minimized if you're closer to customer in the u.s. two southeast asia. eric: vietnam. >> bangladesh, india, cost of production has been rising in china. 1.4 billion potential customers, they are going to be there. we have to find a way to accommodate the business community but also deal with china. eric: president trump seeing with president macron and the two kisses on the cheek as they do in france with mrs. trump. >> eric, you are seeing part of the problem in this picture as well which is if you're going to take on china you need allies to
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do it. you need europe saying, yes, the president says we standby, we will behave the same way towards china, so china you have better get into line. you won't be able to do that as single -- >> they are in bigger hole than we are. europe is having a slowdown, are they going to go -- come on board with the president's tough rhetoric and tough talk when it comes to beijing? >> may be willing to do so because of economic circumstances, they may not when we are imposing tariffs on them for steeling and aluminum and chastising them, the eu is enemy of the united states because it's taking advantage -- eric: we see the beautiful pictures, what's going on behind the scenes and actually sit down when the cameras aren't there and do they sit there and say, mr. president, we have to tell you xu, -- x, y and z? >> behind the scenes the president doesn't want to be there. look, with a little bit of -- a little bit of, you know, understandable impatience he
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feels like europe should have done this a long time ago, other administrations, republican and democrat should have done something a long time ago and has fallen to him to stand up to china. the problem is you need europe and you need to rest of the asia when taking on china, you can't do it by yourself. eric: even though he may not want to be there they are about to sit and have french dinner. >> that'll be nice. >> the view is good. eric: at least on the surface is good. president macron and president trump having a few words. they've been kind of close actually during this whole session and boris johnson, of course, the new pm of britain, they haven't sat down in official capacity but we see all smiles and hack -- handshakes. >> want to have a close relationship with the united states not just for china, not just for u.s. relations but what's is happening with brexit. a threat not only to the trading relationship between the eu and britain but to the stability of
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the eu in its entirety, after brexit, who next, will it be somebody else that stands up and says i want to leave europe and they don't want that to happen. eric: china is looming over the seacoast, the subject of the tariffs, we will see what happens in the dinner, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> shifting from the beautiful coast in france, north korea does it again, fire two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. the latest provocation marks north korea's seventh weapon test since last month and comes one day after vowing to remain, quote, america's biggest threat in protests of u.s.-led sanctions on that country. mark meredith live in washington following all of this, mark. >> molly, u.s. officials tell fox news north korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles early saturday morning, officials believe north korea has fired 7 since july,
11:16 am
235 miles before ending up in the sea, japan's defense minister says these types of test cannot be tolerated, he calls it a grave problem for the international community, president trump was asked about the most recent tests before he made his way to france, this is what he had to say in washington late last night. >> we will see what happens. kim jong un has been, you know, pretty straight with me, i think, and we will see what's going on, we will see what is happening. he likes testing missiles, but we never restricted short-range missiles. >> u.s. defense officials said earlier this week that they continue to monitor all weapon's testing by the north. president trump says he continues to receive messages from north korea's leader kim jong un, the latest tests comes with turmoil between u.s. allies japan and north korea. however, on thursday, south korea will terminate the agreement that it has with
11:17 am
japan. secretary of state mike pompeo asked about the latest intelligence disruption during visit to canada, here is what he had to say? >> we are disappointed to see the decision that the south koreans made about that information sharing agreement. we are urging each of the two countries to continue to engage and continue to have dialogue. >> while the decision to terminate the agreement was announced on thursday it is not expected to go into effect roughly 3 months from now, molly. >> a lot of the issues to be discussed at the g7, thank you, mark, we appreciate it. >> at the g7 beautiful but here at home a storm may be brewing in the atlantic, storm that could take aim at florida, adam clots tracking the path of the storm, global call for action amid growing disaster of one of the world's largest rain forests as massive wild fires continue to rage in the amazon and how we are soon about to help out.
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plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. >> tropical disturbance is forms in the southeast coast, take a look at radar, could potentially transform into tropical storm. adam klotz tracking this all the way, adam. >> hey, there molly, looking more likely this is going to become a tropical storm before it's all said and done, big area
11:22 am
of low-broad pressure, indecision on how quickly this thing gets moving but fairly likely this does become tropical storm running up the east coast, notice how it jets off the coast, this isn't going to cause a whole lot of problems even though it's an issue that we will be paying attention, to some of the models have been spending extra time dropping portions in central florida before it runs do you have sea, even if it makes move, perhaps choppy waters along mid-atlantic, this is future forecast, you don't see precipitation, i don't think this is going to be a real big storm, but it's certainly something that we will pay attention to. we will start to see more of these fire up. there's another one we are paying close attention to, low pressure system way off in the atlantic, still not even getting there until probably tuesday, but it is running into an area
11:23 am
where conditions are good and this is going to strengthen in current models, this is ways off, current models forecasting this is category 1 hurricane by the time you get in middle or late next week and get to approach puerto rico and then running over to dominican republic, models are in pretty good agreement on where this possibly runs, lots of models running lower to lower and into the dominican republic, that's getting into thursday or friday, upcoming week something that we will watch. a lot of time for that to develop otherwise temperatures running in 80's, still hot across the south, some of this is going to feel possibly some big storms little bit later today, area right in the center of the country, we are just begin to go see fire up those could be severe thunderstorms before the day is over, paying attention to the plain states there molly, lots going on in the weather world and definitely beginning to see the -- the hurricane season pick up a little bit here as we are wrapping up august.
11:24 am
>> adam klotz thank you for keeping an eye on all of that for us, we appreciate it. eric: global concern french president emmanuel macron calling on world leaders of g7 summit to help put fires in amazon and direct resources needed to help brazil to put them out. president trump says the u.s. is ready to assist with those containment efforts, kristina coleman from west coast bureau where the situation that's causing concern, hi, kristina. >> hi, eric, well, thousands of miles of scorched forest, hundreds of burned trees and giants smoke so large they can be seen from space, all part of big fires, today brazil's military called to fight the flames. more widespread this year 85% compared to this time last year. the images from nasa, brazilians and other south americans have
11:25 am
taken to the streets demanding that brazilian government take concrete action to stop the fires. the loss of biodiversity, land and the risk of health problems from air pollution are all big concerns. >> i don't have enough air to sleep, i can't sleep and i feel really bad and sometimes i don't eat properly because of air. >> says between january and august of this year deforestation as a whole resulted in the loss of 3,751 miles of forest in brazil, that's larger than the size of yellowstone national park. >> what is happening in the amazon is a crime, it is an environmental crime. there's a law that protect it is amazon and protects the forest. there has to be guards, there must be environmental police and people controlling the
11:26 am
deforestation and that is not happening. >> president trump offered help to fight the fires saying the u.s. stands by ready to assist and interesting to see what other world leaders might have to say about the fires tat g7 summit, eric. eric: devastation is terrible, thank you. >> tensions moving large over g7 summit as u.s. and major allies remain divided on military spending, we will discuss with general jack keane next. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
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11:31 am
for the record denmark is only at 1.35% of gdp for nato spending, we protect europe and only 8 of the 28 nato countries are at the 2% mark, the united states is at a much, much higher level than that. let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst and chairman of the institute of war, great to talk to you today, kicking things off we heard the president criticize nato and here we are the world's richest economies gathering together in the beautiful seaside setting, does the president have a point, should these european allies, many of them meeting right now be paying for when it comes to defense? >> yeah, he's had a point and previous presidents have made the same point and what's difference about this is the president has been absolutely unrelenting about it and speaks
11:32 am
with huge conviction about this issue, so as a result of it, not too surprising, many of the european nations have begun to increase defense budgets and recent count is we are up about $100 billion as a result not just of president trump's criticism but -- but also a factor to be sure and he should take some credit for it and as you point out, there's still a number of nations that aren't quite there, the most significant one that's not quite there is germany and they have the largest economy in europe although they are getting close to a recession, they are clearly afford to up their game. >> yeah, german market has been slowing but we will start with this country, russia, the president to allow russia back in, ousted from this meeting years ago 2014 roughly when they annex crimea. i want to play a sound bite,
11:33 am
european council president and he makes the opposite argument essentially that they should not be allowed, here is -- >> one year ago in canada president trump suggested reinviting russia to g7, they think openly crimea annexation by russia was partially justified and that we should accept the fact. under no condition can we agree with this logic. >> your thoughts on the president's stance on this and also the pushback that we are seeing from european leaders? >> well, i normally don't agree with the european leadership but i truly with them this time and here is why, listen, we invited russia in during 1990's at the collapse of the soviet union when they were struggling and president clinton did and i think the general sense was bring them in, make them parts
11:34 am
of international community and maybe we can move them forward to be a part of the international order, since putin has taken over in 2000 he's done everything that he can to disrupt international order. he's invaded georgia, he's annex crimea, he start ad war in eastern ukraine, interfering in syria on behalf of the iranians and barbaric regime and if we are going to permit them to cam back in which i disagree he should earn his way back in, stop the war in eastern ukraine, stop con conducting cyber warfare against the democracies in europe and the united states and most recently just in our 2018 election they did it, fortunately we stopped them, but they've got their earn their way in, in my view they shouldn't be a part of it anyway because they're not a part -- they are democracy in name only and secondly they are trying to disrupt the international order not be a part of it. >> i also want to get your
11:35 am
thoughts on what senator lindsey graham said about the premature u.s. withdraw from afghanistan, graham said that the move would be devastating given there's evidence that the taliban does continue to harbor al-qaeda, foreign fighters, here is what he told chief intelligence correspondent. >> their intent is to hit american interest abroad and here at home and they will. it will be insane to outsource our national security when it comes to isis. your reaction to what the senator had to say? >> well, senator graham talk every day about afghanistan to be frank with your audience and op-ed coming out next week on the subject. we will get a couple of announcements about the peace agreement, the first one will be that they'll be discussions between taliban and the government of afghanistan to
11:36 am
take place and i think that's a good thing. the second thing and the one that we will get all headlines, the united states intends to withdraw completely from afghanistan by the end of 2020, in other words, less than 18 months from now and as a result of that, the taliban and this is the point that senator graham is getting at, the taliban will ensure that the al-qaeda and isis will not establish safe haven from which to attack the united states and both of them have aspirations to continue to do that. we know that that's a false claim on the part of the taliban for two reasons, one, they don't have the capability, molly, to stop isis, that's just a fact. any military analyst looking at it, i think, would agree with me on that subject. secondly when it comes to the al-qaeda, they brought al-qaeda in to afghanistan in mid-90's, they gave them a base of operations, they attacked our u.s. embassies in africa, the
11:37 am
usscole and president bush offered them this, if you go up the al-qaeda, we will not attack you, we will spare you, they said, no, and they lost regime and thousands of lives. if they were willing to make that sacrifice to protect al-qaeda then, what makes everybody think that they would give them up now? it's just not accurate claim. the taliban and the al-qaeda are brothers and they are not going the turn against them, therefore, the american security and the american people will be at risk and that is what we are concerned about this deal about. >> general jack keane a very clearly state and passionate stance and we will look for that op-ed as you mentioned that's coming out. thank you for your insight. >> good talking to you, molly. >> we will have more on the 5:00 o'clock hour. switching gears now, anything more annoying than robo calls,
11:38 am
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and whatever that look is. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. >> every single american is absolutely sick and tired of illegal robo calls whether it's someone calling, claiming to be from the irs, social security administration, perhaps someone claiming to be a grandchild in jail or we've all received a call from rachel from card services. >> that is the attorney general announcing nationwide multicompany plan to crack-down on robocalls, all 50 states and district of colombia are teaming up with major phone companies to combat the growing annoyance, jacqui heinrich in new york city's news room with details on this, something a lot of people can identify with.
11:43 am
>> welcome news, molly, robocalls are the number one complaint to fcc, u.s. consumers receiving more than 350,000 unwanted calls every 3 minutes and fcc estimate it is cost of those calls amounts to about $3 billion a year and that's from last time alone, it doesn't even include money losses due to fraud, scams often prey on the elderly and the common scams is health insurance, interest rates, student loan and money scams, lawmakers and carriers work together to identify the scammer techniques, one of the most common ones is spoofing, fake phone numbers and appears the caller is someone you know or a government agency. >> hi, this is sam, sorry i missed you. >> hi, this is jessica with the funding department at the business loan center. >> hello, we have been trying to reach you, this call is final notice from internal revenue
11:44 am
service, filing a lawsuit against you. >> this agreement would put an end to that, lawmakers and carriers would require carriers to implement new call-blocking technology call blocking and call labeling tools to all customers and authenticate calls as either real or spam as well as monitor network for robocalls, efforts will make it easier to investigate and prosecute bad actors. more than 48 billion robocalls in 2018 alone, that's 50% increase from the year before and so far in 2019 there have been 34 billion and it is only august. right now there's no deadline for this new technology to be put in place and really no guaranty that they'll be able to block all unwanted calls but officials say it is a step, molly, in the right direction. >> plenty of people want to see how this one turns out. thank you so much. eric: let's bring cara with
11:45 am
american security. we heard the fake one from the irs trying to sue you. i got one saying saying that myl security was being suspended. i want to know what the recordings are in chinese, there are recordings in chinese, spook local numbers, who are these people, what do they get from us, who we are, you don't even talk to them? >> yeah, exactly. trust me i've been victim to the -- have been victim to same kind of thing, i think this really reflects two big ideas and that is that there's a cat and mouse game, you will have the bad actors exploiting vulnerabilities and the good guys pass things up and the cycle will begin again whether it's from like you said chinese actors, different actors from various nations, i really think that this agreement is encouraging. i absolutely agree with what jackie said about the officials,
11:46 am
this is a good start, the only way you're going to get effective policies that govern technology is throughputting industry with lawmakers and getting effective implementation so suits plus hoodies equal good policy, something to think about. eric: do you think they can really stop, i'm sure people have, hotel chain and you get discount and you're not, your mortgage something, your car, your carles, my carles is up every like 2 weeks, i would just hang up. who are these people, what do they get from me and how do they get money from me and anyone from the robocalls? >> they trade around your information, we have talked about it before and a lot of the programs, the value of dat sea what they are -- data is what they are after. if you don't know what the product is, you are the product, you are giving away information, selling to third parties and that's how they make their money.
11:47 am
sometimes they exploit in scams like jackie was talking about, they are trying to get the personally identifiable information so that they can exploit that data and potentially get money. there's a lot of, again, some elderly people who are targets of this issue and they'll give away credit card information, they'll say, hey, we are holding somebody that you know for ransom and they'll give them that information, so i think it's very important to be vigilant but i also think that some of the tech companies, frameworks of figuring out how to play and solve the privacy problem, make no mistakes the companies that really solve the privacy problems, they are going to win the day especially when it comes to a free market, they are going to compete really, really well if they figure out new innovative ways to basically stem the -- the tide of robocalls. >> the best thing for us to do is hang up and block the call. they get around that somehow. meanwhile that's not the only problem n just a moment we will
11:48 am
talk about what is happening in some towns and cities they've been hit by cyber-attacks for ransom ware, who is doing it and how they get away with it, cara on that threat when we return, stay with us.
11:49 am
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eric: beyond that there's a new major threat they say that seems to be spreaded rapidly and that's ransom ware attacks, most recently targeting 20,000, kara is back, associate fellow at the national security program at the center for new american security. the numbers are staggering, millions in bitcoin to hackers that hack into towns and cities, why are they getting hacked and why can't we stop this? >> so one of the primary reasons why they are getting hacked is because these state and local municipalities offer low-hanging fruit, so they have lower budgets for cybersecurity, you know, if good ones at all and additionally some of the attacks are highly visible, we are talking about it today. finally the cyber criminals are often motivated by financial gain, so you'll see certain hacking groups get money which incentivizes them to continue
11:53 am
conducting attacks and once they get that money they'll in turn put it into research and development for attacks, a lot to gain in targeting state and local municipalities. >> atlanta, baltimore, more recently texas, florida, riviera beach had to give $600,000, lake city footing $60,000, hopefully they can get a defense, do you think they'll finally do that at some point? >> i think a good organization is a creative idea in 2018 and they are providing options to protect and secure data, not just for individuals but for states and local governments as well, so what they are doing is they are actually saying here are things you can do to secure their data, things that you can do if you're being attacked right now, 5 things that you can do to secure systems and those consist of backing up your data, keeping at least one copy offline, helping to educate and work with communities in order
11:54 am
to increase tech literal and make sure security and patching is critical, maintaining patch management, that's what every organization needs to do no matter how big and how small. eric: it's happening all over the country, until next time, kara. >> thanks a lot. >> democrats gathering for a weekend together, which ones will gain traction on the campaign trail, we shall see.
11:55 am
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>> running for president could certainly feel like a full-time job, dog days of summer offer nothing break for candidates, many candidates attending dnc summer meeting in san francisco, meanwhile senator bernie sanders making rounds at the minnesota state fair this weekend. jeff paul wraps it all up from san francisco, jeff. >> this is the third and final day of the dnc summer meeting, about a dozen of the candidates for the white house in 2020, we are here on friday throughout country campaigning, one candidate former vice president joe biden notably absent from the bay area yesterday and part of today, he chose to campaign in new hampshire and that is where he spoke with voters before he headed off to new york for other campaign events but before he finished speaking to voters in new hampshire biden
11:59 am
touched on president trump's visit to france and other world leaders. >> i never criticize a president's foreign policy when he's abroad and i mean that sincerely and i have more to say and i did about the president's foreign policy and what's going on at the g7 and what is, in fact, going on with russia, et cetera, which has me greatly concerned but i'm not going to take the time today so it's omission by intention. >> also skipping out an a trip to bay area south bend mayor pete buttigieg, again, a dozen other candidates and one other quick note we should mention that seth molton decided to bow out of the case. >> candidates from sea to shining sea, see, that's tougher than it sounds. thank you, jeff paul for covering it all. >> we will have a lot more when we return at 4:00 p.m. eastern with more news here on the fox news channel.
12:00 pm
>> yeah, journal editorial report is next. >> see you later. ♪ ♪ >> we are having a little spat with china and china has been hurting our country for 30 years with the money they've been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it, i'm doing it, we will not lose close a trillion dollars a year to chainra. china understands. paul: welcome to journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, as he prepares to leave to g7 meeting on friday president trump announced tariffs hours after beijing would slap own tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods, the latest tit for tat in escalating


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