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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 24, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ eric: and new concerns about the state of the global economy and the attempted trade war, this as president trump attends the g7 summit in france. he's attending with the leaders of the richest economies in the world, and it is a beautiful beautiful spot in bay ritz. the high profile meetings there come as the president goes on the offense on two other fronts. he continues to target china and now the head of the federal reserve. hello and welcome to "america's news headquarters," i'm eric shawn. molly: beautiful backdrop in france. i'm molly line. also attending lunch with the french president today, emmanuel macron.
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the two leaders have their differences, but president trump insists the two get along. john roberts live in france at the coastal community very close to g7 site. john. >> reporter: molly, eric, good evening to you. the president with a full day despite the fact that he just arrived a few short hours ago. right now the president is at dinner with the other g7 leaders just a few miles north of where we are here. a full slate of items on the agenda for this evening. the leaders will be talking about global security, economic inequality, the fires in the amazon forest and the forecast for the global economy going forward. the g7 leaders are rattled by the escalating trade war between the united states and china. that trade the war took a new leap ahead on friday when both countries said they would be leveling new tariffs at each other. the president also wants the g7 leaders to support some sort of reform of the rules governing the world trade organization.
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the president claiming -- insisting, really -- that china has gamed the system and is taking advantage not just of the united states, but of everybody else. listen to what the united states' ambassador to germany, ric grenell, said earlier today. >> there seem to be agreement here nor europe from all the ceos that i talk to, the german ceos and others, that china doesn't play by the rules. we invited them into the wto because we thought that engagement would mean that they would create a better rule of law and democracy and capitalism. it was a mistake to put china in the wto. they have not moved towards greater reforms, and i think that's one of the issues they'll discuss. >> reporter: now, molly, you mentioned that earlier today -- that was right after he got off the plane -- the president had lunch with the french of president, emmanuel imagine roan. president trump -- macron. insisting that the relationship with macron remains strong
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despite recent tensions including france's plans to implement a digital services tax and the president's threat to fight back against that by potentially leveling tariffs on french wine. listen to what the president said. >> we actually is have a lot in common, emmanuel and i. we've been friends for a long time. every once in a while we go at it just a little bit, not very much. we get along very well. the relationship's sort of -- i think i can say it's a special relationship. >> reporter: before leaving the united states for france, the president also said that he would likely bring up at this g7 summit whether or not it would be possible to reinclude russia back into the group and rename it the g8 yet again. remember, russia was kicked out back in 2014 after it invaded crimea. the european council president, and somebody who has been critical from time to time about donald trump, said there is no way that that is going to happen under the current situation with russia occupying crimea.
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tomorrow the president's got a full slate of meetings at the g7 summit as well as three bilateral meetings and his first is breakfast tomorrow morning, 8:15, with the new prime minister of the u.k., boris johnson, who's got his own problems. he is facing the potential of what's called a hard brexit, getting the u.k. out of the european union potentially later on this year. the european council president, again, said if the u.k. goes for a hard brexit, the e.u. will not cooperate, so there could be some tensions there as well. molly? molly: it'll be interesting to see if we see a trade deal worked out there between the u.k. and the u.s. in the coming weeks. we shall see. john roberts, thanks so much for the reporting. eric: and you can hear the waves behind john, and from that elegant dinner now ongoing at this hour to, yet, another blastoff by kim jong un. north korea does it again, firing two short-range ballistic
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missiles into the sea of japan on the heels of the u.s. and south korea wrapping up joint military exercises, those objected to by the north. this marks north korea's seventh weapons test since just late last month and comes one day after the country vowed to remain, quote, america's biggest threat in protests against u.s.-led sanctions. mark never death is -- divot is live with more -- never is live with more. >> reporter: north korea fired two of these short-range ballistic missiles early saturday. now, this appears to be the latest in a string of weapons test. as you mentioned, there have been seven since july, and while speaking with appropriators friday night, president trump did not appear to be upset with north korean leader kim jong un over the test. >> he likes testing missiles, but we never restricted short-range missiles. we'll see what happens. many nations test those missiles. we tested a very big one the other day, as you probably noticed. >> reporter: that was the
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president before he left for the g7, but japan's defense minister says these types of weapons tests cannot be tolerated. he held a news conference in which he said, quote: this conduct poses a grave problem for the international community, including our country. the firing of a ballistic missile is a clear violation of the u.n. security council resolution. no matter the distance or type, it is not something that can with overlooked. -- can be overlooked. fox news recently sat down with the newly-installed secretary of defense, and he told jennifer griffin the u.s. continues to monitor all weapons tests out of north korea even as the administration tries to talk the north into abandoning its nuclear program. >> i think our biggest concern with the long-range tests being conducted. certainly, we don't dismiss the short-range tests. we watch them, monitor them, try to understand what they're doing and why, but we also shouldn't be thrown off the diplomatic path. >> reporter: all this comes as the u.s. says it's disappointed to see japan and south korea
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abandon an intelligence-sharing agreement. the two nations regularly shared information about north korean weapons. officials say, however, that agreement will cease to exist, eric, in roughly three months from now. eric: all right, mark, thanks so much. molly? ♪ ♪ molly: presidential candidates attending the dnc summer meeting out in california. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders making the rounds at the minnesota state fair, and joe biden hitting the trail in new hampshire. jeff paul wrapping all of this up for us from san francisco. jeff. >> reporter: yeah. joe biden, one of the handful of other 2020 candidates who were no-shows here in san francisco at the dnc summer meeting. this is the third and final day, some official business going on behind me right now. joe biden, like those others who couldn't make it, instead left a video here that was played to the crowd. he spent his day on friday and this morning over in new hampshire. biden saying while he has opinioned and comments about
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donald trump -- especially when it comes to what's happening with china -- he is holding back until the president returns from official business overseas in france. our crew on the ground also says there was a moment when a local reporter asked biden what he thought about the town of keen, new hampshire, and this is how he responded: >> i'm back, i've been here a number of times. last time was, i think, all the way back in 2014. but i've been here before. that i love this place. look, what's not to like about vermont in terms of the beauty of it? and what a neat town. i mean, this is the sort of a scenic, beautiful town. >> reporter: again, biden is in new hampshire, not vermont. bernie sanders, who was just in san francisco on friday for the dnc's summer meeting, now over in minnesota. he appeared at the state fair, speaking to a public if radio reporter that was broadcasted to the crowd. he spent his time pushing medicare for all. about a dozen 2020 candidates,
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including senator sander, spoke at the dnc summer meeting. candidates like senator elizabeth warren saying this moment requires more than just being not trump, democrats cannot back down from big fights. but candidate andrew yang focusing on the tech industry while in san francisco and the impact companies like amazon has on jobs. >> we are here together in san francisco at the hub of technology, and what we did to manufacturing jobs we will now do to retail jobs, the call center jobs, the fast food jobs, the truck driving jobs and on and on. how many have you have noticed stores where you live closing? why are those stores closing? one-word answer, amazon. >> reporter: and the other big news coming out here, congressman seth moulton, who was running for president, deciding to step aside and not pursue the white house. meanwhile, senator michael bennett saying despite him not qualifying for the next debate,
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he is going to stick it out. molly? molly: yeah. so much to cover. busy all over the country. thanks for keeping on top of it for us, appreciate it. >> translator: can't understand how people want to destroy a clean place with fires. i can't understand. amazon is so important for the world. you can't do that with the amazon. that's completely wrong, and we have to act. we need to do something quickly before the time ends. eric: those massive fires are continuing in the amazon triggering a global call for action. world leaders discussing that crisis at the g7 summit in france as protesters in brazil take to the streets. this coming after the brazilian military now joining in operations. the president trump saying, u.s., -- the is standing by reay to help -- the u.s. is standing by ready to help. hi, christina. >> reporter: the brazilian military deployed to the amazon to help fight those huge fires.
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in a rare move, the president authorized the use of the country's armed forces to help stop the ecological disaster. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: the protection of the forest is our duty. we are aware of it, and we are acting to combat the illegal deforestation as well as other criminal activities that put our amazon at risk. >> reporter: as the fires rage, president trump spoke with the brazilian president on friday and tweeted this: our future trade prospects are very exciting and our relationship is strong the, perhaps stronger than ever before. i told him if the united states can help with the amazon rain forest fires, we stand ready to assist. these nasa images show brazil and the massive smoke plumes from the fires that are so large you can see them from space. on earth the thousands of miles of scorched forest, hundreds of burned trees and smoky air brought thousands of people to the streets to protest in brazil and several other countries in south america and europe demanding the brazilian
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government take concrete actions to stop the fires. some scientists worry the fires will lead to a giant loss of forest, biodiversity and contribute to more greenhouse gases. the fires also escalating tensions with france and other western countries as the g7 summit got underway in france today. [speaking french] >> translator: the amazon is our common good. we are all concerned. we need to help brazil and other countries put down these fires, because it is the treasure of our biodiversity and our climate thanks to oxygen that it emits and thanks to the carbon it absorbs. >> reporter: brazil's defense minister says about 44,000 troops will be available for, quote, unprecedented operations to help put out the fires. they're going to four brazilian states to help contain the flames. eric: a real concern. christina, thank you. molly? molly: we deal with robocalls interrupting our day, but is a solution finally on the way?
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♪ ♪ eric: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has completed three weeks of radiation therapy after doctors found a cancerous tumor on her pancreas, that according to a statement from the supreme court. the tumor, they say, was
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detected during routine blood tests last month. over the 20 years -- the last 20 years, the justice has battled back several times. she has vowed to stay on the court as long as she can do the job full steam. molly: president trump in france as anxiety grows over the economy with the dow dropping more than 600 points yesterday and as the u.s. and china intensify their trade war. let's bring in susan ferrechio, chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner, thanks for joining me. >> hi, molly. molly: kicking things off, a lot of concerns over the back and forth between china and the u.s. regarding trade. here is the president. take a listen. >> yeah, i think that our tariffs are working out very well for us. people don't understand that yet. at the same time, china's had the worst, the worst year probably in anywhere from 30 to 50 years, their worst year, and
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they want to make a deal. molly: so the president has talked about the world being in recession. he does not think the u.s. is in recession though, but european leaders pretty concerned about this. your thoughts. >> well, for a very good reason. you heard boris johnson talk about it today, saying he wanted this to end, because you have the two largest economies battling over tariffs right now. and that could cause a global slowdown that will impact everybody. so i think there's a lot of desire for this thing to get resolved. the problem is china's not willing to come as far as the u.s. needs them to on the major problems that have brought about this massive trade deficit. we're talking i think it was about $330 billion in 2017. that's an an enormous trade deficit, and it's a result of the practices china executes that have led to a very uneven playing field and have robbed our u.s. economy of trillions of dollars over the years. the president is trying to do something to force them to make
1:19 pm
these changes, and so far they haven't come to a deal. and because of that, the president is stepping up the pressure. it's just not clear when china will give in, when there might be a breakthrough here. everybody is nervous about that. molly: you know, you've got the g7 here, these lavish meals, these intimate settings where leaders can really get things done. the u.s. ambassador to germany tweeted we need a united front on china right now, dial it up, europe. is there something that could be done collectively as all these european leaders are meeting right now together? >> and, listen, none of them seem to be willing to take that step. imagine if everybody got together and used their pressure on china to get them to change their practices. for the u.s. the stakes are probably the highest, which is why we're out there going it alone, $50 billion annually in intellectual property theft. we've lost so much of our technology-producing economy, we've ceded it to them because we've transferred that technology because we've been forced to through chinese trade practice like these business
1:20 pm
licenses and ownership restrictions. all of these things would have to change to ever close that gap. so the stakes in the u.s. have been the highest, and that's why -- look, i've been covering congress for a long time, i've been listening to lawmakers talk about leveling the playing field with china and ending unfair practices for years and years. no one has had -- i don't know what you would say, the guts really to do it the way the president is right now, because it's pretty painful and uncomfortable, and china has been unwilling really to come up with a deal that's suitable for the u.s. molly: well, the president's made the argument that the u.s. economy is strong right now, and now is the time to make this happen. but when we talk about the european nations -- germany, they're facing an economic slowdown, u.k., problems coming up with brexit, i mean, this is the first major appearance for boris johnson. he has a meeting slated with the president coming up up. what about a potential deal as far as the u.k. and the u.s., as far as trade going forward?
1:21 pm
could this be something potentially that could benefit the u.k., help them through this? clearly, i'm not saying any sort of deal with the u.k. could replace china and our trade back and forth, but could this be something to look for in these meetings in the days ahead? >> i would expect to hear some of that too. the president, i'll tell you, is under a lot of pressure from congress to limit these trade wars to china. they say, look, we're going to back you on china, a lot of support in congress for that because they know how bad the problem's been. there was very little appetite for trade problems with europe and other parts of the country. so, you know, i anticipate that there'll be talks about that, and there'll be a lot of support. i know the president's been under pressure to avoid getting outside of china when it comes to our trade problems, and i think you'll probably be hearing more about that in the coming days. molly: yeah, brexit, a lot of these other nations will be watching closely that meeting between johnson and president trump, so we shall see. susan ferrechio, thank you so
1:22 pm
much for your thoughts. >> thanks, molly. eric: well, there's a nationwide plan to crack down on those robocalls, and it's about time, some say. state attorneys general from across the country and washington, d.c. teaming up with the major, if phone companies to stop those annoying calls. get this, they also are going to include call-blocking tools you can use for free. jacqui heinrich in the new york city newsroom with, a lot of people hope, expect and can't wait for the good news. >> reporter: this is very welcome news to many, eric. it is a coalition, first of its kind, that not only works to block robocalls, but give law enforcement the tools to crack down on bad actors. the 12 phone companies will identify and investigate spam callers, tell law enforcement and state attorneys general about the offenders, trace the origins and require any other phone companies that they contract with to also cooperate and trace back identification. it would also require carriers to implement new call-blocking technology available to
1:23 pm
consumers free of charge and label all calls as either real or spam. attorneys general say these methods help them crack down on scammers even as their techniques evolve. you might remember the do not call list from 2001. lawmakers say it failed because the punishment for violaters wasn't harsh enough. >> i asked the attorney general, leslie, i signed up for the do not call list, why am i still getting these calls? unfortunately, the people that are making these calls are criminals, and they do not follow the law. >> paying the fines is basically the cost of doing business. they've built it into their business plan, their business model, and i think the only way you're going to get their attention, one, is to make these penalties really hurt -- >> reporter: robocalls are now the number one complaint to the fcc. u.s. consumers receive as many as 350,000 unwanted calls every three minutes, costing americans at least $3 billion a year in lost time alone, not even counting money losses due to
1:24 pm
fraud. some of the most common scams include health insurance, interest rate and easy money scams, and they're becoming more prevalent than before, more than 48 million made in 2018 alone, more than a 50% increase from the year before, and so far from 2019 there have been 34 billion, and it is only august. right now there's no deadline for the new technology to be put in place and no guarantee it'll block all unwanted calls, but officials say it is a step in the right direction. eric or? eric: and that is it is. hang up and block 'em, i say. molly? molly: the u.s. is talking peace with the taliban, so will a deal be reached, and what could ♪appen if the u.s. withdraws troops from afghanistan? that's next. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family.
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gas as pro-democracy protesters ending a recent period of relative calm.kitty logan has more. >> yes, more ugly scenes in hong kong. police again crashing with the mr. they show apsley no sign of letting up. police in riot gear reason teargas they to try to disperse demonstrators. those protesters fought back with bricks and baseball bats. demonstrations were chanted slogans calling for the government to meet their demands. basically they want democracy in hong kong. so far, the government has not relented on the demands. and the protesters could be in the long run, testing china's patients. it crashes like these keep happening. some do fear there could be a chinese crackdown eventually. the hong kong government said today that these demonstrators pose a threat to public safety.
1:30 pm
also today there was smaller protests in other parts of hong kong hundred hundreds gathered and on friday there was much more peaceful protest. thousands of people were seen like he has to form a human chain. there were other protests earlier in the week there were also mostly quiet. these demonstrations started back in june almost 3 months now that they have been going on.the only one concession from the government in hong kong was a controversial extradition bill was suspended. for now, the protesters said the action will continue. they're planning another mass strike in the weeks to come. planning another large protest and boycott that universities. they show absolutely no sign of backing down so far. >> and the world is watching. kitty logan, thank you. >> if we left tomorrow the
1:31 pm
taliban cannot be trusted to take care of isis and al qaeda. they don't have the capability. when you ask our intelligence community, what would happen to america if we withdrew all of our forces? they tell us without any hesitation, it would lead to another 9/11 in a matter of time. >> that of course carolyn senator lindsey graham speaking with fox news. saying that it would be devastating to withdraw the u.s. military from afghanistan. he says there is clear evidence the taliban continues to harbor al qaeda foreign fighters. this essay confirms plan to introduce a senate bill that would allow for so-called backstop withdrawal to keep some of our forces there. what is in store? a peace plan announced. we the senior fellow at the hudson institute and former director for strategic planning at the national security council. good to see you. how concerned are you if there is a partial or complete withdrawal of american troops under potential peace plan with
1:32 pm
the taliban? >> mx are more concerned about our continued presence there. i think one of the things that i rarely heard amongst the national security policy establishment is, what is the opportunity cost for staying in afghanistan? we spent $65 billion a year, can be placed in our economy to bring back manufacturing, for instance, we could put 200,000 american kids through four year degree stem education plans. we are spending and prioritizing many things and we are in this technological and economic competition with china that really does not help our national security or with regard to the taliban, i think they've got the point. if they do this again we will be back and forth. eric: unity argument on the other side that senator graham and others saying, that withdrawing american troops and not continuing some presence would then spawn radical
1:33 pm
islamic terrorists to build up, position where they could then again attack our homeland. the taliban are harboring al qaeda foreign forces there now who are terrorizing and committing terrorist acts against the people of that country. >> will we have to recognize that pakistan has a national interest to influence what goes on in afghanistan. they provide safe harbor for taliban and isis. they also influence through those proxies, terror in afghanistan. as long as pakistan has an interest in creating havoc in afghanistan, the prospect for enduring peace is not there. we have to recognize that there are some things we can do and some things we cannot do. more important, we need to begin to reinvest in our own economy and their own people
1:34 pm
and really strengthen america for this technological and economic competition we have with china. >> why hasn't in your view, pakistan really stepped up after all of these years and all of the money that has gone to them and to help, they have helped in the war on terror we are told us early as you just pointed out, it continues. >> well, they have stepped up! there stepped of interference in afghanistan because it benefits them there national interest. they were very concerned about india getting a foothold in afghanistan. one of their big enemies, major enemy. afghanistan for them is an absolute priority for their national interest. what is america's priority? how do we continue to strengthen america with this competition that is going on with china? >> taliban controls what have the country and appear here senator graham on interview with fox news expressing some concerns about what could happen if indeed, we left. >> it would be insane to outsource our national security to the taliban when it comes to isis. the american intelligence committee, they cannot operate without military security. the combination of the
1:35 pm
intelligence community plus the counterterrorism force is a strong insurance policy against ice is hitting at home and abroad. you take those off the table and as a matter of time that we get hit. eric: do you think that is the case? >> after 9/11 we sent b-2 bombers they were there within 20 hours, we have the ability to reach out and strike them if they do this again. eric: meanwhile the president has equitable , you say the men and women that, 2372 combat deaths of our sons and daughters and the fact that there were two more just killed the other day. this has been going on almost 2 decades. he was at the president says. >> russia, afghanistan, iran, iraq, turkey, they will have to fight their battles too.
1:36 pm
okay? we wiped out the caliphate 100 percent. i did it in record time. but at some point all of these other countries were isis is around, they have been decimated by the way. badly decimated. but all of these countries are going to have to fight because do we want to stay there for another 19 years? i don't think so. eric: was a legacy, you think of our involvement there and what you expect will happen? >> that's a great question. we're essentially destroyed our industrial base by outsourcing manufacturing, mostly to china. to the point where today we have chinese countries manufacturing circuit boards for f 35. we no longer have the capacity to manufacture the things to protect us. all of this time in afghanistan, time in iraq, the money spent, trains of dollars spent is not going into making a stronger or safer. were putting people back to work.
1:37 pm
eric: general robert spalding formerly of the united states air force and security counsel. thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you. molly: law enforcement making a series of arrests following three recent mass shootings. what can be done to stop potential shooters before they act? [police sirens] cop: onstar, slow it down. onstar advisor: mr. grantham, this is onstar. the police have your vehicle. mr. grantham: thank you so much. ♪ at progressive park! insurance themed fun ♪ the police have your vehicle. children: yeah! announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars.
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of manslaughter in a case that brought national attention to the controversial stand your ground law. a jury deliberated for more than six hours before fighting michael drejka guilty of shooting unarmed black man in a dispute under handicapped parking spot last year pretty claimed he shot the man in self-defense after the victim initially pushed into the ground. now he faces up to 30 years in
1:42 pm
prison. molly: after three mass shootings left at least 32 people dead in the span of a week the fbi director christopher wray has ordered the agencies offices to conduct a new threat assessment. in an attempt to prevent further attacks. their effort leading to the arrest of several men suspected of threatening or plotting mass shootings. this as more than a dozen states use new red flag laws to allow for court ordered removal of guns from those considered to be dangerous. lesbian and former cia station chief researcher moscow, iraq, and pakistan. also a fox news contributor. thank you for chatting with us today. a pretty sensitive topic. we have just show you some of the men's faces and there but at least more than a dozen across the nation that have been also brought to the attention of law enforcement and potentially lead to arrest investigations. is this to a certain extent, the public becoming aware in the wake of these mass shootings and saying, i wasn't
1:43 pm
going to call but i am going to make the call. that see something, say something that law enforcement is always asking us to do. >> yeah, i think it's exactly about that. look, the strategy for the fbi, this is similar to what we tried to do when we are preempting threats that originate from overseas as well. you want to preempt the threats as far away, as far to the left that you possibly can. the fbi is asking the public to advise the fbi, to report anything suspicious whether they observe it in person or online. so at the fbi and conjunction with state and local law enforcement can conduct the investigative work that they need to. molly: you mentioned conjunction. those in law enforcement talked about the need for information sharing across local, state, federal resources. here's andrew mccabe, former deputy director of the fbi. >> it certainly is beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of every local police department to be essentially, online in extremist forums and watching
1:44 pm
for the sorts of signs and tips that they might have someone plotting a terrible act within their jurisdiction. that's where this comes in. molly: how important is a collaboration? >> i'm not sure i agree with andrew mccabe on that. but they are the ones interacting with the people mild friends of the fbi and state and local law enforcement have always said that the public makes a difference, they might reach out to the fbi or the local police officers. tell them what they're observing and what they're concerned about.the collaboration is important or seen it firsthand in new york city were arguably, it's better than anywhere in the united states, particularly because of the attack on september 11. but i think in another statement, the collaboration is also good and we have an international connection, then the intelligence community
1:45 pm
where i used to serve is also brought in to assure that we are able to understand where they may originate. sometimes they are in extremist online chat forums but sometimes it simply a lone wolf. that's what you really need to put your trust in the public and depend on them to make a difference. molly: law enforcement has talked about how challenging it can be to address a lone wolf situation. there are red flag laws in many states. at varying degrees. also the president has talked about that even on the campaign trail he's mentioned red flag laws which can be seen as controversial in some areas. your thoughts on that being effective. >> i think it's a little early to tell. we need to examine the body of research and most of the laws have not been on the books for very fact, just going to place today in new york in september 1 in new jersey. it does put a great deal of responsibility in our courts. we have to determine whether the threat is such that the person who has weapons would
1:46 pm
have them confiscated by the court system. there are issues to consider. does it deter violence for making violent acts? it is an open question, it is all worth the of debate. i do think given 17 states seem to be 19 are using a red flag laws. we should have a body of evidence we should be able to examine whether this is helping or not. molly: in the wake of 9/11 of course there was dramatic increase in the attention paid to global terrorism. we've seen the fbi leaders and various other law enforcement talk about the importance of domestic terrorism as well. suddenly as we are talking about this, this is in public awareness. as far as laws have been concerned there was discussion of new laws, specifically to addresses and also about the first amendment rights, americans, potential controversy over expanding surveillance. your thoughts on the potential expansion of surveillance with particular aim at domestic
1:47 pm
terrorism. >> i think the challenge our country, the big picture challenges that when we seek to protect ourselves whether from foreign or domestic threats, there is some infringement upon our security. in our liberties and country. and that is something that i think our congress needs to address, there's a host of ways for us to seek to reduce these mass gun attacks inside our own country. some of them we talked about today. there are many others i would like to see congress return frankly from vacation and address some of these issues. molly: very deep constitutional questions, if you will. dan hoffman, thank you so much for joining us. eric: doctors say they think what may have caused a death. in the moment the latest on the spreading illness that they say is being linked to e cigarettes. >> i had a heart problem. i was told before you begin an aspirin regimen.
1:48 pm
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eric: have you heard about this? a major health concern involving vaping. the centers for disease control and prevention now investigating a death in illinois that could be linked to vaping. they also identify 200 other cases of a long illness that they say could be tied to vaping. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> a lot of concerned about
1:52 pm
this because in the last week on the number of potential cases tied to this have more than doubled. health officials still are not sure exactly what the cause is. as of now the one common is vaping in general. the cdc and state investigators are currently looking for other connections including if a specific product or compound was used. most of the patients are teenagers or young adults. a number of them reported vaping with cannabis oil or thc. the same high inducing ingredient in marijuana. symptoms are similar as well. shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea. that is what a 17-year-old experienced this summer when he nearly died of lung failure which doctors are blaming on vaping. >> it was his real quick half breaths.i woke up throwing up everywhere and i could feel my heart just pounding out of my chest going superfast. reporter: this weak the first death they believed to be linked to vaping.
1:53 pm
they raise the alarm saying quote - the severity of illness people experiencing is alarming and we must get the word out that using e cigarettes and vaping can be dangerous. the president of the american vaping association is pushing back suggesting if nicotine products remain a safe alternative to safety. telling fox news several hockey partners are now linking street vapors containing thc or synthetic drugs to illness is paid we remain confident this is the case across the country. the latest health cases are only added to the cdc concerns about vaping and e cigarettes. particularly among teenagers. robert spalding the u.s. surgeon general called them an epidemic after more than three and half million teens reported using e cigarettes. eric: a concern, thank you. molly: virginia holding a ceremony today to mark 400 years since the first african slaves arrived in a colony. an english pirate ship traded about 20 captured africans in exchange for supplies. starting one of the darkest areas in history.
1:54 pm
they celebrated black history in the country they also condemn the evils of racism. governor ralph northam was in his own scandal, he used the occasion to announce a new commission to review black education in virginia schools. >> meanwhile if possible tropical storm brewing in the caribbean. and could it hit us? ahead, willtrack how it could impact our country . but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever
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the u.s. men's national basketball team loses. lost to australia 98 -94 in the world cup exhibition game. and then winning streak in all the competitions. it started nearly 13 years ago! talk about a winning streak. team usa is playing with that many of the stars while they rest up for the nba season. the game was played in front of over 52,000 fans in melbourne. man! 13 years winning streak coming to an end. molly: congratulations! a new tropical depression forming in the atlantic taking emma florida could be a hurricane by early next week. adam klotz has been tracking the system from the fox weather center. adam: we are tracking a couple of systems coming together one is a broad low-pressure system
1:59 pm
currently spinning off the coast of florida. this naturally has a pretty good chance of being a tropical storm. it will not have a huge impact on the united states. as the village you could see morgan across portions of florida. then it will run along the coast actually probably far enough off the coast that you don't see a lot of activity. these are forecasted tracks. most in pretty good agreement. running up the coastline to the midatlantic but then shooting out off the seat with it, not bring a lot in the way of rain. this is one future forecast and you see your center of circulation, some have it running up to the coastline, not very far inland. definitely choppy seas as it makes the move but not a huge impact otherwise. another system could impact may be a little bit more drastically, currently in a low-pressure system moving across the atlantic ocean. this one is set to intensify. when 40 miles are likely will become a hurricane, it will be running to the lesser antilles not until tuesday or wednesday. it is still a ways off into wednesday, thursday getting closer to puerto rico. this will be when we are paying close attention to as it makes the move. again, it is still early but
2:00 pm
most of the models are in agreement with this. will pay attention to this one into the middle of this upcoming week, thursday and friday, we will have a better idea. molly: a lot of folks are keeping an eye on that. thank you! eric: president trump going to france with his fellow world leaders. they are gathering tonight for the g7 summit all weekend. concerns of a global economic showdown and intensifying u.s. china trade conflicts, those on the menus for the meetings, i am eric shawn, this is a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. molly: the president upping the ante in the tray better respond to a fresh round of tariffs for china, the president also calling for u.s. companies to cut ties with beijing. trade tensions ruling the stock
2:01 pm
markets with the dow sinking 600 points yesterday. eric: there is the president and first lady with the president of france. he made it clear that finally come action must be taken to level the playing field with beijing. >> they have been hitting us for many years for over $500 billion a year. taken out of our country. much more than $500 billion a year. we want that to stop. they want to have talks, i'm always open to talks. molly: chief white house correspondent, john roberts is in -- i hope i did that relatively well! reporter: third time is a charms! this is about seven or eight miles south where the g7 will be going on.
2:02 pm
the leaders have been at dinner now for a little more than three and half hours. you know what they say in france, if dinner is less than five hours it is considered fast food. they have a lot to talk about, the leaders beginning with the global economy. one of the things that they will be talking about, global security. global warming, including massive out-of-control wildfires in the amazon rain forest as well as economic inequality. there are a number of african nations that are represented the g7 for some sessions. there talking about economic growth and trying to get more robust than it is now. president trump is speaking with his fellow g7 leaders at the dinner tonight. and he will do it again tomorrow. to talk about ways to have the global economy flourish to a greater degree than it has by adopting the same type of
2:03 pm
economic reforms that he has and that is cutting taxes and cutting regulation. at lunch earlier today the french president, emmanuel macron, says there thinking of cutting taxes to see if they can boost their economy that way. and they say that it really is the model for the rest of the world. >> our economy is one that is humming. and i hear every single day that german ceo's are racing into the u.s. because of the progress strategies. the german economy is struggling, people are looking at the largest economy in europe and they are trying to figure out what to do and what we are trying to say is, when we go to the g7 and were supposed to talk about growth, follow us, do what we did. reporter: of course not everything is roses, there is a lot of concern about the forecast for what the global economy will do as a result of the united states and japan escalating their trade war.
2:04 pm
countries announced yesterday they are slapping new tariffs on goods. that will start september 1. china is going to increase tariffs on $75 billion worth of american goods.the president will up by five percent, current and planned tariffs against china. answer reaction some some leaders here. boris johnson, the new prime minister, will you talk to president trump about dialing back on his trade war with china? boris johnson answering yes, yes indeed, i will. and the european council president, very critical. listen here. >> if someone for example, the united states and president trump use tariffs and taxation as political instrument, this confrontation can be risky for the whole world including the eu this is why we need the g7
2:05 pm
and this is why -- i hope that we will be wiser after. reporter: dinner is going late it is already 11:05:00 on the west coast of france. president trump will be up early his first meeting is 8:15 am tomorrow morning. he will have a meeting with boris johnson and shinzo abe abe of japan, he will meet at noon with justin trudeau of china. he will meet with the prime minister of australia and all of the meetings in between.a jampacked day tomorrow. we have a running shoes on. molly: absolutely! looking forward to that. japan and south korea, we'll see what comes out of that tomorrow. thank you so much. covering so much ground for us.
2:06 pm
eric: meanwhile on the other side of the world, north korea is added again. firing a new round of missiles earlier today. the regime launched two short range ballistic missiles off their coast. this happens to be the seventh weapons test since just late last month. we are following the continued bad behavior from washington. reporter: tonight japan and south korea say they are monitoring develops in north korea after he mentioned the north testfired two short range ballistic missiles earlier this morning. the projectiles eventually ended up in the sea, south korean military, they put out a statement today. they said quote - all military is monitoring the situation in case of additional launches and maintaining a readiness posture. president trump was asked about all the latest tests from north korea, last night before he left washington for the g7 summit. the president said many nations to similar types of weapons. >> we will see what happens. kim jong-un has been you know, pretty straight with me.
2:07 pm
we will see was going on he likes testing missiles, but we never restricted short range missiles. reporter: he asked mark esper where things stand between the us in north korea. the secretary says despite recent missile testing, the u.s. still is hopeful kim jong-un will eventually abandon his nuclear program. >> i came into the administration in late 2017 we were on the path of the war at that time. now we are on a diplomatic path. i think it's important to stay on that path and the president's engagements with kim jong-un has kept us on that. reporter: all this amid rising tensions between two u.s. allies in the region specifically japan and south korea. the two nations a plan to stop sharing intelligence within the next few months. this is a decision the secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. is disappointed in. >> there's no doubt that the
2:08 pm
shared interest of japan and south korea are important. they are important to theamerican and we hope each of those two countries can begin to that relationship back in exactly the right place. he added that the s is also urging the two countries to keep talking even as he both struggled to agree on trade. eric: thank you so much. molly: is 12 democratic presidents or candidates taking a detour to attend a meeting in san francisco per one notable absence the former vice president, joe biden who chose to skip the event to campaign in new hampshire. the democratic front runner taking a swipe at president trump. >> president trump is in trouble and he knows it. andrew had to fight even harder to push back. we can't just be campaigning about beating the president. he is trafficking in some of the ugliest and darkest forces that have long run to the nations history. a simple campaign is not enough to beat him. has to be a movement.
2:09 pm
molly: and we are live with more on a look at this. can probably hear people behind me. they say there's a failure of leadership and -- not have a debate based solely on climate change. those are the folks that you're here here. joe biden not showing up here in san francisco. instead on friday the spent the day campaigning and joe biden also taking that into saturday morning. our crew on the ground there also saying a local reporter asked joe biden about what he thought. in new hampshire that's where he was campaigning, joe biden responded by saying that he loves -- was not to love about vermont? he also took a few shots at the
2:10 pm
president. >> this administration is actually seems to me to be falling apart. when the pressure of economic, economy on the recession we just learned united states created 500,000 fewer jobs than last year. just simple truth is that the president is in trouble. and he knows it. reporter: bernie sanders her just in san francisco on friday for the meeting now over in minnesota. he appeared at the state fair speaking to the reporters. he spent his time pushing medicare for all and he also spoke about the fed chair response to the critical comments made by president trump regarding the current fed chair, jerome powell. >> i will appoint a fed chair who works for working people. not large corporations. i am always hesitating to comment on what donald trump said because the five minutes
2:11 pm
from now he will say something different. he loves the head of the federal reserve two weeks ago. now he is an enemy of the american people. he's not a president whose temperament, his ugliness, whose hatred is such that he should not be in the white house. reporter: meanwhile, just yesterday about a dozen 2020 candidates including senator sanders, spoke at the dnc summer meeting in san francisco. they will focus on president trump, those like elizabeth warren say this requires more than just not trumpet cannot shy away from big fights out there. senator michael bennet who says he will not qualify for next debate, has vowed not to drop that he was critical of the dnc say that the process has been stifling. one other note we should make mention, the pool of 2020 candidates is getting slowly smaller. and another congressman
2:12 pm
announced yesterday that he would be stepping down. molly: the field is narrowing ever so slightly. thank you. eric: there is alarm in the amazon. the rain forest fires are soaring to record numbers. you can see how bad it is pure brazilian state experts report nearly 77,000 wildfires across the country so far this year. that number up 85 percent over the same time last year. it is being called an ecological disaster that is blamed on deforestation. protesters demanding the brazilian government take immediate action to fight those massive fires and the government says it will deploy troops. >> 50 years, we said we should take measures. and then 30 years than 10 years. 18 months. now with the burning of the lungs of our earth suffered almost 20 percent, time is
2:13 pm
running out faster toward this inhuman, uninhabitable -- eric: we are following this from the west coast region. hi christina. reporter: hi eric! it was a president says he's committed to protecting the amazon region. but protesters say it is not an appeasement on federal action is being taken. the result defense minister says at least 44,000 troops will be available for court unprecedented operations to put out the massive fires. brazilian troops backed by military aircraft are heading to six states that requested federal aid. the military up against thousands of miles of scorched forest, burned trees and giant plumes of smoke. so large even they could be seen from space. these nasa images show brazil with smoke from the rest fires. scientists worry about the loss of biodiversity, land and the risk of health problems from air pollution. they are all big concerns. >> i don't have enough air to
2:14 pm
breathe, i can't sleep, i feel really bad and sometimes i don't eat properly because of the lack of air. reporter: the brazil national space institute doesn't have the exact number so far but they said as a whole, brazil they lost 3751 miles of forest. that is larger than the size of yellowstone national park. >> was happening in the amazon is a crime. it is an environmental crime. there is a law that protects the amazon it protects the forest. there has to be guards, they must be environmental police. but that is not happening. reporter: the president offered help to fight the fires in the s stands by ready to assist. it will be interesting to see what other world leaders have to say about the amazon fires at the g7 summit. eric: thank you. molly: supreme court justice,
2:15 pm
ruth bader ginsburg having another setback. this court signed longtime justice underwent a fresh round of treatment for cancerous tumor on her pancreas. the justice receive the treatment at the memorial sloan-kettering cancer center right here in new york city. she reportedly handed out well and there will be no further treatment needed. this is the latest health scare for the 86-year-old in recent months. but she is keeping a very busy schedule, she has 11 public events planned for the next month. eric: our best to her. just after 11 pam in france with the president and world leaders are dining now after a day of meetings of the g7 summit. a hot topic there, economic issues. straight ahead, we dig into the excluding u.s. china trade war as it hits the y international stage. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed.
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2:19 pm
in france. the effects of the trade war with china loom large there and back at home. stocks were down sharply also. the worlds two largest economies slapping retaliatory tariffs on each other and the situation seems to be escalating. jamie weinstein is with us, at the g7 the president and fellow
2:20 pm
leaders are raising concerns about tariffs on their economies. europe is slowing down. what do you think they are telling the president? >> i think there probably tell him to try to have a coordinated strategy. i think many of them would agree that china has been a problem on the world stage. with trade and other issues. but there was no coordinated strategy to deal with china. the president seems to be doing trade wars all over the place including allies in the g7 and elsewhere, it is hard to fight all of these battles successfully we do not have allies that you are able to unite with to fight a big battle like a trade battle with china. i think many of them when-- wan de-escalation when economies in europe are really hurting and while the united states economy still doing pretty well relative in the world there are
2:21 pm
signs that that may slow down as well. and i think will concerns the president perhaps most is that a slowdown in the economy in the united states going into the 2020 election could very well hurt his reelection efforts. eric: the president saying china is getting way with this for years, if they been gouging us and take advantage of us and billions of dollars. it is not an even playing field. they been robbing us blind and other countries too and it is our fault. he is the first president to really stand up to beijing and take action. here's what he said before he left for the summit. >> what it was clinton or bush or any of us. they should have done something about it. i am doing and have no choice because we will not lose, close to $1 trillion a year to china and china understands that. i hope that with president xi jinping i have a relationship but they understand, they are not going to do it.
2:22 pm
eric: how long and how far do you think that this will go? >> i think the general interpretation with the president is doing is, as he said other presidents have not stood up to china they have harmed us, our intellectual property, i think it is some cost of this in the world economy but i think we need to do without the generous interpretation, as the president who said that trade war is easy to win during the campaign and as you know, as little as a year ago. now he's kind of backing away from that. now he's getting into the trade war will fighting several other trade wars and he is starting different battles. going over there threatening to put tariffs on france. so i think there may be some merit to this and i think there is merits that china that they been a bad actor on the stage. but is there a court need a strategy to actually get china to change some of the practices? and i think some of his critics
2:23 pm
would say he did not take his allies with him on this fight he did not bring the american people in with the knowledge that this is going to be costly to the american public and the economy that he is kind of you know, being surprised that this is a more difficult place. eric: it has been costly. you look at the farmers and the midwest and talk about some of the automobile manufacturers and there are variety of issues. he had to delay some of the tariffs because christmas is coming. matter of fact, clothing, shoes, manufacturing as well as toys. >> yes so i guess his additional reaction or initial campaign and his statements promptly as early as a year ago the trade wars are easy to win with not perhaps the greatest messaging strategy. at this point they don't look so easy to win and if they continue, it will probably take
2:24 pm
on the economy of the united states a little bit. maybe not to reserve a session may be a recession but into 2020 a decrease in the economic vitality of the united states economy, increasing joblessness will not help the presidents prospects. eric: the admission saying that we are anywhere near a recession. here is what the wall street journal editorial says part the trouble trade wars is that there was a start you never know how they will end. the enemy gets a vote and sometimes events escalate an ugly fashion. take friday, we saw china retaliate from donald trump 's recent terrace. mr. trump blows a gasket, markets tank and mr. trump imposes more terrace. the risk of recession grows as trade uncertainty increases. do you think the president finally may pull back? reporter: you have to think he wants to be reelected but then again, there is a pride aspect which is probably not the best
2:25 pm
when you're dealing with national trade. perhaps he does not want to back down. china on the other hand, they don't have to deal with the electoral policy with donald trump. maybe for their economy, i think it is very bad for the chinese economy, maybe worse for the chinese economy than the american economy. xi jinping is not up for election anytime soon. so they may well take that pain if they think that it's doing more damage to donald trump then to the chinese economy. eric: no matter what they are still communist china, good to see you. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. molly: multiple people struck by lightning at a pga tour championship here this is an east lake golf club near atlanta georgia. looks like multiple people may have been injured. several ambulances at the's unclear how severe the injuries could be. we will keep you updated as we learn more about what happened. another apparent escalation from north korea.
2:26 pm
as it reportedly launches its seventh missile test in the past month. what this could mean for denuclearization talks and where the president stands on negotiations. maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it.
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are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. molly: north korea firing rockets into the sky earlier today testing two short range ballistic missiles off of the east coast. the launch happening just days before the u.s. and south korea and the joint military drills. it also comes the same week the u.s. envoy to north korea says he is ready to restart denuclearization talks with pyongyang. kim wash, international security expert with mit security program thank you for joining us again on this topic. on friday before he left for europe, the president said that kim jong-un has been quote - pretty straight with me, by the way the president reaching his hotel in france were just getting word from journalist on the ground there. at any rate, the u.s. has said
2:31 pm
it plans to start the talks again. denuclearization talks. is it time to go back and take this next step towards denuclearization? >> yes, it is time, molly. it is past time. the americans feel little frustrated. the u.s. special representative spent a lot of time and energy in this. want to talk to the north koreans, must get things started at the working level not the very top, but further down, working out details, working out specifics and the north koreans on one hand have tested rockets presumably to advance the military capability but also to pressure the president. get his attention so they are setting off these rockets as you say, seven times in one month. and they are refusing to go to the working group meetings. so it is sort of stuck right now. molly: the asian affairs expert gordon chang who i'm sure you're familiar praised the
2:32 pm
president. in essence he is reducing china involvement in the ongoing negotiation. with north korea. do you agree with that? is a wise step? there's a trade issue between u.s. and china and those relationships are also unsteady but there are consummate countries that say china has to be part of this to make it effective in north korea. that they have to be brought into the spear what you think about diminishing their influence? >> i think things have changed over time. not surprisingly.things change, parties change. early in the administration i would have said yeah, there will be really no final resolution to this unless china is part of it. and they can play a constructive role. and they don't want north korea popular if nuclear weapons is not in their interest. it could be an area of common ground. but as your last report suggested, we are at some distance from the early days in the u.s. china relationship. you can even speculate that if the us china relationship
2:33 pm
continues to deteriorate, perhaps china will pressure north korea to be metal some or a problem. that is speculation on my part, let me be clear. i'm trying to point whether china will have a part of the process depends somewhat on whether the u.s. and china are getting along.even if a common interest it seems to be escalated tensions, not reduce them. hope north korea is insulated. the issues and slid from that but it just keeps going in that direction. china may begin to put a someone north korea and it could complicate things. molly: the u.s. of the g7 also japan at the g7. this is getting a lot of coverage in that japan and south korea have a bit of a rift going on their own sort of trade war but also south korea saying that they no longer want to be part of this intelligence sharing deal that has been worked out between japan and south korea. what can that mean for this really impactful issue that everyone around the world is
2:34 pm
watching? and help for this denuclearization? >> i'm glad that you raised the question, we do not talk about enough in the united states. in asia they are worried about it. the u.s. used to really put a lot of energy and pressure on sort of living in south korea and japan to be friendly. to be part of an alliance. the three of us together. because when they are spitting at each other over issues, it can get really ugly and domestic politics get ugly. japan is protected south korea and south korea is attacking japan, who loses? the united states loses. as well as both of those countries. north korea has got to be thrilled that south korea and japan, the spats are coming up and becoming more intense and more frequent. we don't want that, we need to move it in a different direction. molly: will see if there's any news. thank you for your insight. eric: the top administration
2:35 pm
facing legal pushback on efforts to lift limits on how long they can detain migrants at the southern border. can the white house overcome the court challenges? our legal panel next on scrapping the floors agreement. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday. the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen.
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multiple people struck by lightning at a pga tour championship, there's the east lake golf club in atlanta georgia. several ambulances there on the scene right now it is unclear how severe the injuries may be. a lot of spectators headed to the golf course to watch events as they unfold. according to official pga tour twitter, play was suspended around 4:30 pm this afternoon because of the severe thunderstorms. we are keeping an eye on this is a fully developed, getting some pictures out of that area. on the phone, joining me now is wga sports reporter, justin felder, who has been covering as things unfold.
2:40 pm
what, did you see anything, what do you know right now? reporter: i was probably out 50 yards away from the lightning strike when it happened.i did not see the flesh but had an incredibly loud boom. our standard kind of in the grandstand area that was covered. we heard a loud boom it look like you hit a tree there are people pointing and from my vantage point, we were not close enough to count how many people but you could see there are people on the ground immediately, officials running away, safety personnel, police officers. within, i would say, three minutes from that point there were ambulances, fire trucks making their way in as well as other medical personnel. soon after, we sought shelter in an area that was not metal covering and we had police officers and other. say they were evacuating the premises. right now we are standing outside of eastlake. molly: clearly very scary situation. seeing some incredible pictures
2:41 pm
with some of the people that appear to be injured. at least some of them appear that they were able to speak following what happened there on the ground. do you know anything about how the victims of the stryker doing? >> no, i don't. unfortunately, we were pretty close but did not hear anything official. we are trying to get off the property and get to safety since then. i have just to follow along with social media updates and we have not heard anything official.i can only pass on exactly what i saw, still waiting on official word. >> can you say how many anglers you saw? are there still emergency personnel responding? reporter: it said 3 to 4 able answers come onto the scene as well as one fire truck come onto the scene. i did not see any leave personally but again, i have moved away from the area that they drove in on. they certainly might have left i cannot say for sure. it was well into the course and they were kind of made our way to a safe area near the exit and then we are told that it was an evacuation so we went
2:42 pm
outside. molly: deflect the situation is safe now? have people to safety or is it still a concern where they are trying to get people to safety? >> right now standing outside, the sun is shining, there's not rain, it was never really a downpour which is kind of light rain but there was pretty consistent thunder. right now people are leaving, people are walking to their cars, getting i chose to go back to parking lots. there are police officers and folks out here so there's no panic outside, folks are just walking with umbrellas, their chairs making their way toward the cars. the sun is shining, outside. i cannot tell you, we are outside the gates. molly: play was suspended, the pga tour official twitter saying it was because of thunderstorms prior to this strike. what do you know about that? what was going on just before this occurred? >> play was suspended. i do not know the exact time, i did not look at my phone.
2:43 pm
from that point we made our way about 20 minutes later to a covered area. and that is where we were when the lightning struck. it is probably about i would say about 20 or 30 minutes when they blew the horn which is the time when it was suspected and when the lightning hit. and they said to seek shelter so this is a huge area. it wasn't negligent, if you are outside the huge area. people were probably still walking out there. molly: some incredible pictures show the amount of first aid on hand, these are high-profile events. and in essence, there were a lot of first aid and first responders there. apparently it happened, do you feel like the response was pretty quick and medical personnel pretty much already on scene? >> i can take zachary so we were pretty close to what happened right after happened people are in shock trying to
2:44 pm
figure out what to do. you want to get to a safe place. we started walking towards the exit to the safe area where a lot of people were pointed in that direction. and within two or three minutes we saw police officers already on site, making their way towards where the lightning struck and just minutes later we saw ambulances going through there. there were people in the golf cart you know getting people out of the way. it was very organized and immediately, the folks that were on site got right to the affected area and soon after, they were ambulances, the fire truck they made their way there. molly: justin felder, waga, thank you for joining us. hopefully remain surf and your crew as well. thank you. >> all right, thanks. molly: we will be right back. get ready crab fans
2:45 pm
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2:47 pm
2:48 pm
announces new rules that would allow migrant families held at the southern border to be detained together until there are asylum claims are processed. that change ends the fluoro settlement agreement, a 20 day deadline to keep undocumented
2:49 pm
minors and immigration custody. officials are defending the new proposal saying it would deter anyone seeking to cross illegally into the u.s. from mexico. >> these families are going to be held in i.c.e. custody and family residential centers. i want to be clear that they're not going to be held in border patrol stations. so that frees up my agents first and foremost. eric: look at the change mean? our little panel, david schwartz, former prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney in litigation attorney and partner at her and foreman in tennessee. also former federal prosecutor and former assistant u.s. attorney, welcome. let me start with you, david. you represent to the president in the past in these type of issues. why should in your view, the floors agreement be scrapped? >> well, the floors agreement, the floors agreement should be scrapped because it is an unworkable situation right now. the original 1997, lizette florez case versus janet reno,
2:50 pm
basically set all of the minimum standards for detention. it did not have this 20 day rule. the 20 day rule only came into effect under president obama when they were challenging it. the judge stated that a child cannot be detained for more than 20 days. what happened is you have all of these illegal crossings, is gone up by 90 percent about 475,000 the first 10 months of this year. basically, what happened is it open up the floodgates. because after 20 days the families get released together. now we will have the family residential centers which are much different than what we are seeing on t.v. with the so-called cages. eric: what you are saying is that migrant families who come in seek asylum then, david, that they would then be held together until they are asylum cases go through the court system? >> yes, and what the new interpretation does, it gives very strict standards concerning health, education,
2:51 pm
wellness and the families would be kept together in good conditions. eric: you know it will be a challenge, alex. they have already announced that this is a challenge because they say, holding minors in detention for a long time has psychological, traumatic effects among other things. do you think the law will be changed? >> i think will be really hard for the administration to get this sort of change through with the currentframework. they have litigated this a number of times it is found really outrageous. if you want to go in the ninth circuit they took the position that may be did not need to provide clean, sleeping area or toothpaste and a toothbrush to be sanitary conditions but the court, the bush -- trumpet demonstration is taken a very different position than the bush administration and obama administration about this. i think the courts will push back particularly now, given the severity of what we seen at some of these facilities are
2:52 pm
different than i.c.e. facilities. but will house the same sort of population. eric: you think the new type of facilities where a family can be held together will certainly, one would want that a family to be held together versus what happens you think that could mitigate any type of challenge? >> it could mitigate but again, i think the real problem is when the attorneys come and make an assertion like that saying these are nicer facilities, the court will push back and say you know, you told me this about separatedfamilies and it turnedout you the inform wrong. when the trumpet mistress in -- the trump administration has made misrepresentations.eric: they say they should have the rights because they are here illegally. >> some things we talk about her is a silent prayer that is under international law. until the determination is appropriate, how do you hold
2:53 pm
people in the process? it is not if they are entering illegally their entering illegally under the asylum process. eric: alex, your prediction? >> i think they will hard time getting this through. there may be separate cases brought in separate jurisdictions which may come down to philly. texas versus a california litigation. ultimately, change will not happen anytime soon.eric: david, your prediction? >> i think based on the fact that have strict requirements now which is different than the other applications, i think eventually, it will pass and will be allowed. the new rule. i think it is necessary in order to stem this flow. eric: we will see how it goes. will follow it in court, david schwartz and alex little, we will be right back. (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault.
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2:57 pm
reporter: 8 people hurt after lightning strucks a tree at a pga tournament in atlanta. play was suspended because of severe thunderstorms. adam klotz is in the weather center with more. adam: mostly cloudy, very hot. each of these small powerful
2:58 pm
storms, this is not a major outbreak. but every time get one of these orange boxes it means possibly hail and frequent lightning. they pop up and move on pretty quickly. thirst this don't be more of what we are expecting later today. these move on with the afternoon heat and they typically fall apart during the overnight hours. the other weather story, two systems coming together. not this one yet. the low pressure system off the coast of florida. 70% chance it becomes a tropical storm. it looks as though if it stays far enough out to sea it will have a huge impact. yes, there could be showers running up along the coastal areas. the waters could be choppy and
2:59 pm
we could be talk about dangerous surf. this will run itself out to sea the next several days avoiding bumping into the united states or bringing that much rain. another system we are paying attention to. this became tropical storm dorian. it looks as though this system will strengthen so by wednesday or thursday it will make a path to puerto rico. this is far enough away there is time enough for it to move. reporter: thank you so much. reporter: local reports say thankfully the injuries are not life-threatening, but one of the victims is 12 years old. but the reports are the injuries
3:00 pm
are not life-threatening. reporter: that does it for us. reporter: molly and i will be back at 1:00 tomorrow. mike: president trump wrapped up his first day at the g-7 summit. growing anxiety over a global slowdown. new provocations from return, north korea and russia. i'm mike emanuel and this is "the fox report." the president arrived in coastal france this morning after exchange a new round of retaliatory tariffs with beijing. the president suggesting american companies find an alternative to china. good evening, john. >> good


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