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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 24, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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fun. get your tickets because it will be so fun. greg: it will be. thanks. i love ♪ >> welcome to waters world, i'm jesse waters, things are so good in america, the democratic party in order to win they're trying to cause a recession. russia didn't work. mol per didn't work. and now we have the fake recession that they're trying to create. listen to the media here. i've been saying for two years that i hope we have a recession. >> it would be worth getting rid of donald trump and these kind of policies. thing that we have been in economic expansion for the better part of ten years is about time we get a recession. so when had the president says this is a best economy ever. it's not and if we did face a
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recession it would be normal and it would be okay. but president on to their games calling them out. listen. >> i think the or word recession is a word that's inappropriate because it is just a word that the -- that the certain people are going to be kind certain people and the media are trying to build up because they would love to see a recession we're very far from a recession. joining us now is lew dobbs host of lew dobbs tonight on fox business network. lew these people are sick. they are . and it's really stunning you don't see the national left wing media fact checking themselves because i love the fact that the president says it is best economy ever. and the anchor or reporter says it is not. well, excuse me would you care to back that up? >> the best economy in the the first two and a half years of any president's first term. period. >> and if you look you've had 3.1gdp2.1 last two quarters
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record low unemployment wage withs are going up. and the dow has been up big. i mean, they have a bad week last week. but it has been up big. but do you think they would look at their 401(k) and see? >> they don't care. they're not about the truth and that's what -- i find it frustrating i don't know about you. but the left doesn't really care about truth here. they're not only distorting reality and not operating with integrity that is fund mental to our craft. they are outright lying, this is a president who has achieved more in the first two and a half years of his presidency. this is is, i think, the greatest leader in this country since ronald reagan that's my opinion. but i -- i think you're going to establish that fairly impair look at what obama achieved look at what had george w. bush achieved. it's -- s there's no doubt that this economy is taking off like a rocketship of these deregulation and tax policies and the trade policies do you think that the
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media understands that if there is a recession yeah maybe they might get a democrat in the white house but millions of americas will lose their jobs lose their home, and you know, lose their self-respect when they're out on the streets do they understand that? are they willing to sacrifice their own patriots to hurt the president? >> they're willing to sacrifice their integrity. they're willing to sacrifice the entire country. i mean this is not a battle this is not a battle between the -- you know, the loyal opposition. and the presidency. this isn't a battle over two parties of the two party system. this is a commitment to unseat president trump. right it has been so it shall they've tried to block his candidately scaling back and then tried to subvert him to overthrow his presidency. in its you're right. it is the cue, and when the cue failed they tried the impeachment that's failing so create to create a fake recession by talking down the
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economy, and a they don't know anything about the economy. first of all, the only time they talk about economy is when they're trying to tank it. because they were honest they would talk about about how good it was for the american worker. if there were to be a recession on average it takes 22 months from the time the yield curve -- don't say we can't say yield curve on waters world. >> it will be the -- from the time that short-term bonds -- offer up a greater yield than long-term bonds. you know, it is 22 months before recession hits on average. this is just such bolder dash. you can say that on waters world. well don't test me. i might -- come up with some other word. so the president came up with a few words of his own. that really rattled the yeetd the other day when he was talking about taking on china. let's listen. >> i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it. so i'm taking on china . i'm taking on china on trade. and you know what, we're winning
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because we're the piggy bank we're the one that countries including european union wants to about rob and take advantage of it. european union 200 billion dollar. china, more than 500 billion. sorry. >> let's talk about the substance of it for a second. but just the comedic timing, the turn to sun, we have to appreciate the entertainment value of this but he knows what he's saying and tweak and fall for it. he doesn't know what he's doing and all of a sudden you've got a bunch of heathens talking a about blasphemy. it is idiotic he was sardonic witty and he's chosen one whether they want to deal with that. chosen by american people. >> by also chosen by -- bill clinton, chosen by george bush pane barack obama because y chose to do nothing about china. and from the moment for the
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moment they entered, the permanent normalized trading relationship with the united states all bets were off on human rights. all bets were off on deficits it is by the way been a trillion that are dollars worth. so you know, the president could have done nothing on china. he could have kept the status quo. and maybe he would have had a bigger dow and less volatility in work case and kick the can down the road for next president and decided to take on china because it was a long time coming. and maybe it's worth it for short-term paying for long-term gain. >> the only way of the left wing media would -- quit attacking this man baselessly -- viciously, would be if he was nert as barack obama through his presidency that is what they're demanding then they're finding that this president is indeed historic. basically he's told them to go to hell we're going to play on my terms.
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and that you are a bunch of ignorant fools by the way they prove that. every day they try to engage him. >> that's true. you saw the mastful prorches leaves for marine one he's, you know -- full control and not letting them have any gasp of air you mentioned barack obama. i believe the media called hill the messiah. called him black jesus. that he said that -- that the ocean levels were going to fall when he became president. hero worship there and blasphemy you keapght say that. >> that remark it was funny as it could be. funnier still -- the fool who is keep trying to lie their way through to -- you know, the fact that the left wing media in particular, the democrats that have become democratic party of hate they continue to attack because he's achieving. he's doing great things an they push recession.
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because the democrats are in depression over their properties for 20 to they know they've put a field of 20 -- losers out there on the campaign trail. you hit the nail on the head they know they doapght have a strong enough candidate to take him down. the economy -- they have to do something -- you know, cut some corners like impeach or pull a cue off in order to beat him because they can't at the ballot box. the president i think floated an offer to maybe taking greenland off denmark handle it is got about -- doing him a favor. >> mineral health. they're going to do him all favor . strategic asset, of course, but the leader of denmark kind of a nasty comment about this as absurd. very dismissive, and then expected to meet with the president when he was over there in europe and a couple of weeks and so e he cancels the meeting. >> as he said. if he wants to place, better
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play hard because you're dealing with the leader of the free world. and denmark the last time i looked was a follower in that algorithm and not leader that he is the leader of the free world. >> at least play along. she could have said hague you know what, i'm happy that he likes greenland as much as we like greenland and maybe we could have that conversation when we sit down at our bilateral but she's so dismissive and rude that that president canceled it i don't know why the media thinks that trump is is the bad guy. the media should want us to -- >> the bad guy they think he's the chosen one and they're scared to death about that reality. the reality that they have to contend is is that he's efficientive efficient and works harder than any president in memory and he's set is a new starngd standard they have to work like hell because very few people can't imagine what any other president who have done with his schedule and with his work ethic, and the results
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are -- monumental and they're historic. >> so our friends sean spicer -- he's going to be on dancing with the stars, lou. >> i couldn't be happier for him. [laughter] >> would you ever do that? >> no. no. but then again he may be a brilliant dancer -- i can assure you i am not. >> he's from rhode island. and he's whiter than you. i don't think he's a brilliant dancer but going to get bounced in rowpgd round one. i. wish him a lot of luck i really do but his suggestion that he's going to bring the country together -- is that he said -- together with his appearance already the the left has reflexively attacking him viciously and show may be boycotted everyone hates his guts on the left and left makes up entertainment many this country. >> well they don't want anybody -- answering the chai did you can't have conservatives they have to be ridiculed you can't have a
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good guy like sean out there salsaying his face off. smg it is worth waiting for i'm sure. i know what i'm doing on the 8:00. lou dobbs there he is f been check him out everybody night. up next rob smith asks some of the president rkt candidates maybe get reparations. i heard reparations i wound per i can have my money now. like i have cash out paypal enmo.
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call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. comcast business. beyond fast. there are things that we need to do in this country that have been a long time in coming. one of those is to move forward with reparations. >> america has a dark history -- and we need confronted head head-on people aren't starting out on the same base. in terms of their ability to succeed is and so we have got to recognize that and give people the lift up. democrats talking up reparations this election cycle but, if you're wondering what would happen when it actually came
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time to put their money where their mouths were. wonder no more. rob smith of turning point u rks is a went to iowa state fair to find out. >> all right congressman ryan. how's it going quick question reparation correct? >> study. is there any way i can have the money now? >> i have paypal cash, vennm organize all of that stuff. >> no. senator warren i hear that you support reparation i want to know if i can have my money now. like i've got cash out paypal -- >> sorry. you probably want to take a build in the house. >> okay. >> is there you support reparations i'm l curious if i can get my money now. cash now i have -- >> looking for the legislation. i have looked at the proposal. okay now is there any way can i have my money now? >> no. >> not now noting right now. so how's it going to work for you?
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>> what i propose is a plan where there was a 30 to 50 people -- 30 to 50 on reparation scale. you were a member -- of a people where there has been historical oppression the fact that you got out doesn't whoopie that the way any people continue to survive is not enough individual to get out. >> do you support reparation? correct? >> h440 now. have you read the bill? >> i have. is it black american who doesn't support reparation i'm afraid that the people who are race hustling for black votes in the past are going to get that money and not going to get into the hapgdz of the people so what would you say to that? >> i think this conversation needs to have a country -- you support a thousand dollar for every american and reparation for african-american can i have my money now? [inaudible conversations]
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>> how will that pay out go i'm curious. everybody's bank account at the first of the month was is possible to have my money now? [laughter] is it possible that i have my money mow? >> no. i got cash out paypal, i have everything else. >> hello. [laughter] hello is that ?obl >> is that possible for me to get? >> debt free college. i don't support cash reparation. so if i ask you for now i qongt get it. >> i don't support -- can i my money now. >> thank you for the question. >> can i have my money now? >> perez. is there any way can i have the money now? or the reparations something that we can get now is it going to be like a cash payment? are we going to -- do you have any answer for the reparation? >> okay. so i should -- i should call you about reparations.
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call us later and we'll talk. >> call us later about reparation i do i want to see -- >> health care too. about health care too. okay perfect. all right, thank you and reparations. great. >> rob smith joins me now. all right good job out there. all right -- thank you my favorite part was that it didn't even look like anybody knew who kristin jill brand was sun dress and hat and no wawrngd here. >> thing about it is we shot over the iowa state fair and they get up and do stomp speech but trying to run around and hide. >> she's hiding pretty well no one recognized her. yang ran away couldn't get away from me fast enough. he swivelled pretty fast what about booker who was sweating. [laughter] hot at the iowa state fair or because of you? >> no i think it was a little bit of both. i think the the question was hot weather was hot. it was about 85, 0 degrees that day but it was hot. he, obviously, didn't want to
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answer the question. >> a little angry too. he was like have you read it? >> you haven't read it accusatory, and i have read it. absolutely. maryann williamson she seem to want to spend personal one-on-one time. >> we all love miriam williamson i want her to be my spiritual advisor not my president but spent a lot of time talk to me about this. the thing about her and a lot of democrats is that she's great but she literally could not get past the idea of seeing me as a victim because i'm black. that's how she saw you as. >> saw me and when we were talking you said in the clip because you got out doesn't mean and i'm like look i lifted myself out of where i was serving in military and go to college and doing things for myselfst there's no reason that everybody -- she acted look you got lucky warren looked like she had a big crowd around her. >> it was tight was that -- the reality of iowa state fair were crowds swarming over liz warren?
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>> i will tell you some people have bigger crowds than others elizabeth warren was largest crowd that i saw it was like a pop star was there. >> interesting really had had to cut my way to get my way in there. funny thing about it not a lot of black people at the iowa state fair. >> l you were only one you and cory booker. >> literal my me and cory booker i think that they were excited because they're like oh here's a black guy we have to get him on camera photo all of that stuff and then the smoke. undercover brother right there. they tngt see it coming. they did not. the food at the iowa state fair did you eat any of that stuff? >> i ate lots of meats on stick chicken pork chop on a stick there was bacon on a stick so it was lots of stuff and it was good. >> listen, rob we might have to choose you and deploy you strategically into democrat gathering because i think you have a way with people. >> i think so. i think it would be a good idea. congratulations good job out there. still waiting for reparationings i can see. all right. the far left very upset over
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sean spicer dancing with the stars. but i'm upset about sean's dance moves we'll break that down with him, next. [laughter] the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association.
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sean spicer, get your dancing shoes on taking a walk on the wild side. announces one of the cast members of this season's "dancing with the stars." but not everybody is happy about it. including the host tom. >> my preference qowld have been to avoid any political lightning rods. i think damaging at its best is oasis away from all of divisives and stuff we're wrestling with right now. and tom waste nod time teasing sean, watch. >> nice thing is john will be in charge of audience size throughout the whole -- good one joining us now sean spicer all right sean we saw you dance with ainsley you have no
11:28 pm
rhythm at all we knew that going in because you're from rhode island never anybody from rhode island that can dance. but it's going to be tough to make it out of the first round. [laughter] in my humble opinion, do you think you have what it takes to at least do better than geraldo and tucker carlson. >> that's my bar i can't -- it is. i've set the bar very, very low. theup side is that i am handed down the worst dancer on the cast . which means i have nowhere to go but up. and this is truly going to be a fun time i talk to a lot of pros they tell us later this week who we yet, and i was quizzing him autolike look who is worst person you've had how hard did they work and end result and a lot of cases they were like look if you work hard and you have a great attitude, we can teach you. and you can end up doing pretty well so we've had other political figures on they've had
11:29 pm
tom and bristol balen but you're mean and devisiving and horrible that the entire hollywood crew has come out against you do you think that's because you're so likable? don't want to give you a platform to appeal to other people? >> yeah. i've been fascinated by narrative this is somehow some rehabilitation tour and what i believe if people want to see a different side of me god bless them and if they don't like me i don't care. i'm going to have a good time and have some fun. >> out there saying not build the wall -- [laughter] you're trying to get the steps right? >> right i'm looking to make some moves here. >> bring a special guest because there's that one part where they show audience sitting down could i come to be a special guest i'll cheer you on. >> i think i --
11:30 pm
i think i've created enough divisiveness now. [laughter] saying that would hurt -- . i would agree. i'll put you up as contestant next cycle but i think my family is going to come i thought about bringing my priest because -- i may need him. >> myself look what i can get the board we help caregivers to the service injured servicemen and women who are out there, and so i said to them, hey why don't i bring some of these guys that wounded service members and their caregivers that the fund support. bring them out let's have a good time let's make about this about giving specious to those kind of folks that would really enjoy time away especially caregivers so like, look, all of that having a good time man. >> we're going to have a good time at your expense when we're watching all right but good luck. all right good luck and don't step on too many toes -- especially tom -- >> bonds are coming aren't they? we'll check out sean thank you
11:31 pm
very much. explosive claims including expanses political espionage and political blackmail from retile jaingt during eferl several interviewses on thursday. this after patrick byrne forced out of his own company for saying he was involved in the russia probe and revealing romantic ties to a russian spy. watch. the men in black as i call them showed up for the third favor i don't know who sent orders but they seem fishy. you have help. help the government a couple of time thea's reached out to you what did they ask you to do? >> i don't to go into the knity gritty right now. here's what it is. this was all politicals fee imagine conducted against hillary clinton. rubio, cruz and trump i was in the room when it whatted. in a way, not in a way --
11:32 pm
i was part of it. some of it involves filling up hillary clinton for what looked like in a looked like law enforcement was actually setting her up to be blackmailed. i figured out where those orders came from. gave them to peter strzok. no doubt -- pete strzok would watch this and say, you know, he's full of it. i had nothing to do with anything he's talking about. i would imagine. >> he won't. i can tell you peter strzok you want to see a former director crap his pants pardon me stick him a -- a television camera on peter strzok or james comey and say the name patrick byrne you will see a former director of the fbi -- >> joining me now anchor of the story, martha, i don't know what to make of this what is the exact thing he's saying happened with him? >> well, here's what we know. he says that he was approached by federal government sources. who asked him to be helpful in a
11:33 pm
situation initially that had to do with with hillary clinton. that they were doing the investigation which he thought was a law enforcement investigation. he's essentially claim that he was an asset in two prier investigations one dealing with a murder of his freaked friend and other with wall street issues saying help with something else and he said oaks. this is his story. he says eventually, and he claims that it had to do with clinton foundation, and they were asking him to help them with more regard to that that's all he said about that. >> okay and he all had had affair allegedly with -- christina or whatever -- this russian is she a entia? >> this is where it gets interesting she enters the country and he said he met her by chance at a meeting conference and she knows what about he did all of this okay. they have developed a friendship. this becomes entwined with
11:34 pm
federal government he says investigations into all of these different political entities but the at some point he says that she became less interested in hillary clinton side of the story and hanging around more with influential republicans, and he said do you want me to, you know, to stop this do you think i should get her out of there he said no back off let's see where she goes let's see who she talks to so a number of ways that you can interpret this and it feeds into the narrative that russia was trying to mess with our elections she comes from russia wants to meet people and spend time looking into hillary clinton marco rubio ted cruz, donald trump, then trump becomes sort of the main game in town. for the nominee, and it looks like all of the attention then starts going to him and his campaign. he claims that there was a effort to set up meeting with her with donald trump jr.. again, you know, saying. plays into the narrative that people like peter strzok and people like jim comey had
11:35 pm
created some sort of mechanism to entrap or surveil or do some sort of dirty tricks with the trump campaign. now he said he spoken to the independent investigator the department of justice john durr ram who is investigating all of this allege mall fee since what popped into my head was -- if you're trying to create a situation where you've got something on somebody. if the election doesn't go the way you want it to. this is the kind of, you know, sort of ground work that was he claims was going on. right, now with regard to the investigation, he's spoke to federal officials turned over all of his documents text messages because they have everything. he's referring you know a broad sense to german investigation that goes into the origins of the russia investigation. he says they have everything, i met with them twice so we're going to piepgd out what they have. martha. fascinating thank you very much. >> thanks jesse elizabeth warren bust a move on campaign trail
11:36 pm
diamond and silk will react to that and critique her, next.
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some bad news for the left, a new study by financial website 24/7 wall street shows 25 of the nation's worst congressional districts for black people are controlled by democrats. and topping the list minnesota fifth congressional district represented by none other omar a shows black residents are four time mrs. likely to live below post line than white residents and three times more likely to be unemployed. joining me now with their reaction, the lovely -- diamond and silk. why do you think this is? >> well that's because they keep voting for the same type people. you know you keep vote for democrats you keep getting same thing and same thing getting same result, it is on you.
11:41 pm
you're going to have to vote a different way i tell you to vote republican because in thes have shown us that they don't care about about these cities they don't care about their district if they care omar cared about her district she wouldn't be suing anti-semitic rhetoric and here talking about she's going to be the president worst nightmare she will want to work for her district. >> black district ever vote for a republican candidate if they have a good one there? >> they should. yes. if they want better. and they have to be educated and updated. as to what's going on and what's been going on. this is part of the democrat playbook, and you know, jesse always say that democrat last four letters spells rat is that explains why rats are runnelling and black communities, they don't see that the the something wrong with that. it has been a secret that you don't speak about this that and whenever prump called on cummings everybody was so -- and in arms like they
11:42 pm
were upset. >> is there a secret is that something that black comungts don't take talk about or what is the secret? the secret is don't tell our nastiness. you don't people that we have rats and live with rats no, no about and you don't tell on elijah cum physician you're not right your district we need to call you out. >> we're going call someone else out not an african-american woman but a very white woman you can tell by the way she dances elizabeth warren take a look. i mean, that's aretha you can't do that to her. don't know no better off offbeat what is this all offbeat but what's so funny so funny looking at her candor saw her for the
11:43 pm
black vote letting them know they need reparation no. black people need liberation from democrat party and she's not going to win, and she's probably not going to get those black votes. baling probably not going to be on dancing with the stars. no way. some people can dance but elizabeth warren -- she's one that can't. >> that's right. and neither can sean spicer danceoff it could be ugly all right so here's bill de blasio i think he calledded in via skype or someone to one of the union deals let's listen to what he had to say. >> i apologize that ever got to know donald trump. but this new yorker l volunteers to get rid of them for you. mortified unfortunately his campaign is a joke. why is he running for president come here, and let's clean up the city -- running away from new york. running away from new york and if you're mayor here you should be careening up the city and
11:44 pm
taking care of our police officers. they shouldn't be getting dashed and doused with water that really bothers me and -- >> do you think de blasio knows diamond and silk are in manhattan. inch hope he do. [laughter] that's right he should know but one thing if i can say one thing i heard him say he's going to test -- out of rich folk i hope he start with his wife. >> oh. come on that money that's still missing we need to know where money at. >> where it is. that's right. okay. you guys will be in billings montana so check out the chitchat tour as it crosses the nation. all right chitchat ladies thank you. coming up, my theory on why so many millennials are flocking to socialism. you're not going to hear it anywhere else but here. don't go anywhere.
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if we can't offer you faster speed or better savings than your current internet service, we'll give you 300 dollars for your time. call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. comcast business. beyond fast.
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. young people all over the country are flocking to socialism. but according to a new poll by young americans for freedom 27% of them can't provide a definition of socialism, and 10% they that word simply means free stuff . and i have a theory as to why so many millennials and members of generation z are falling head over heals for socialism but before i explain i'm joined by fox nation host abby, and the
11:49 pm
beautiful wonderfully talented actor extraordinary stephen baldwin. all right so i'm going to uncork this theory with you guys tell me if you think i'm on to something if you're on social ed media all day and you're looking abby instagram and she's out there living a luxurious lifestyle and she's in a hammock in tahiti are you looking at stephen baldwin there she is. wherever the heck you are, and stephen baldwin with a rolled behind something like that. that photo. if you're looking at these people and you're envious similar age and you're thinking steven -- quarter million car and you're thinking to yourself wait a second i'm in a dingy little apartment barely making ends meet. why can't i have all of that great stuff? capitalism isn't working for me. i need socialism and i need people to give me free stuff like everybody else has. is that make sense?
11:50 pm
>> please go. please -- i want to go second. i feel very defensive right sten i'm sure you agree those pictures are are out of context going to say that. but yes i do think that a lot of people are ill informed that's number one issue with socialism right now people still think that denmark and sweden are socialist economies and prime minister of denmark had to say we are a market economy we're not socialist so ting that's part of the problem. >> is she a market economy she won't sell greeneland maybe not. what do you think do you think people are looking at everyone's picture on social media and they think why can't i have that so government needs to give it to me? >> most definitely there's a forward motion of that messaging clearly to young people. what's fair is changing. what's fair. what's fair is -- unacceptable unfortunately i think we're underestimating america young people jesse. >> we are. i think 2020 is going to be a wonderful year.
11:51 pm
i think president trump is going to whop everyone's tuck in 2020 and i it's because democrat pary is disrespecting and any opinion the intelligence of a lot of people including young americans. my opinion. i think you're right. i think they're going to vote lock step for the democrat, and they don't give them any credit because abby -- generation z -- millennial? >> millennial unfortunately. smarter than she look hads. >> thank you. thank you. san francisco is dealing with a lot of problems. human waste and high crime rate so city come toes rescue making criminals feel better. no joke. the city cave to the pc police, and reportedly rebranding several words regarding crime. listen to this. felon now becomes formerly incarcerated person or a justice involved person. a juvenile dling went like steven will now be called a young person with justice system
11:52 pm
involvement. and a drug addict is now a person with a history of substance use not substance abuse substance use. what is this all about? >>jesse i'm really hurt right n. [laughter] you called me a name. [laughter] and that's what it's about, bro. you know, you don't want to justify set feelings of hardened criminals they're sensitive people. this is also crazy as we already know. i want to get back to something like the name game right now. i think -- we ought to do a deal the three of us ought to -- invest together in something call thed heldism it is like socialism. but even better. right, i mean if you can play with the mind of everybody in this messaging we're getsing to point where we're really having this conversation it is about control. if you change the language, you change people's thought process like --
11:53 pm
a drug dealer pharmaceutical men i feel like right now we're in a world where everyone is so sensitive and i'm talking as a millennial, and there is no accountability anymore and i can't speak to it because i don't have kids but when i do have kids i'll assure you i'll go to the kid say this is not okay there should be punishment. >> the hell out of your kids i pray for your child tough mom over here. >> but you have to be accountability you have kids, you have a dog. ivelg stephen parents let him run wild and look what turned out of him. >> i'm here on fox news with with you. >> that's true you turned out great. >> thank you. thank you guys. all right up next, i'm all over rush limbaugh radar show you that plus the result of our greenland poll. very surprising. ahead. so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go...
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