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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  August 25, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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soeah rcand shop. save and snooze. and rest easy, knowing that we've got your back. literally. that's what you get, when you've got wayfair. so shop now. buzzfeed this sunday, president trump accusing the press of trying to tank the economy sparks media uproar hence federal reserve an enemy. >> why is he attacking fed chair, does he think he can lower rates if he bash it is guy on television? >> the rest of the day was a reminder there's always more chaos to come with the president. president trump sent the stock market tumbling today. >> when you have the president of the united states ordering companies back to the united states and federal reserve is enemy of the country, is that
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going to create more consumer confidence about the state of the economy or not? >> trump meets with world leaders in france, is this a fight over who bear it is blame, the president, the fed, if there's an economic downturn, maria bartiromo who has covered the business world for decades joins our discussion, major media backlash to questioning loyalty of jewish democrats. for did the president just insult jewish voters if they don't vote for trump. >> a president's daughter just came jewish and son-in-law obviously jewish, the best friend according to many israelis that israel has ever head. it's incredible arrogance when you consider that 70% of jews voted for hillary clinton in 2016, are they all stupid?
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are they all ignorant. >> stop with the oh, don't say disloyal. >> you're upset about one word, disloyal. >> is the press right that it's insulting to so many jews? with the white house shifting positions on gun, tax cuts, on the odd notion, pundits keep calling trump erratic, culture clash on how to govern. plus the huge journalist uproar over sean spicer being tapped for dancing with the stars. this is media buzz. ♪ >> it has been a crazy week and the media went on high alert when president trump having successfully urged israel to bar
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tlaib and omar shifted to say this about jewish voters who support. >> i think any jewish people who vote for a democrat, i think they show total lack of knowledge or disloyalty. [inaudible] >> i haven't heard anybody say that, just the opposite. i think that if you vote for a democrat, you're very, very disloyal to israel and to the jewish people. >> joining us to analyze the coverage culture editor at the the federalist, susan, chief congressional correspondent, fox news contributor, former dnc official, institute of politics, emily, president trump has been quite open on trying to paint the congresswoman as the face of the democrats, media says he crossed a bright red line in saying that jewish democrats,
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jewish voters who support democrats are either not too bright or being disloyal. >> extremely poor choice of words on the president trump's part to use the word disloyal, you should know better than to do that. there's two sides of the story, the other side of the story mainstreaming of antisemitic progressives. >> let me move on because we are having with your mic. >> what has brought denunciations that they only vote or issue of israel and if they don't like the netanyahu policy they are disloyal? >> ridiculous argument. to say that someone is disloyal because of that to this country, this is exactly what the president criticized ilhan omar of saying in the reverse when she was questioning the loyalty of -- of those who supported israel, she was by the president
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and the press by doing that. you have the president doing the exact same thing. you've got a problem with one, you have to have a problem with the other. >> you started by saying poor choice of words, another side to this and that is? >> right, to most point there's a really great point to be made that it is the same thing as what ilhan omar did and that's the other side of the story, as i was looking at coverage of the president's remarks this week, i is that story of potential anti-semitism that omar and the democratic party not given full scope in like, for instance, "the new york times" report reference it and maybe mentioned comments about foreign allegiance, doesn't get into the full scope of the remarks that she's made but generally offended jewish community and that's important, that's what the president was responding to and so the media needs to at least talk in greater depths about what he's discussing. >> that's certainly related issue and important issue and
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wound that should be covered, when the spotlight shifted, susan about jews and how they vote, the press is putting donald trump's own words on trial. >> absolutely, to your point which is excellent, it's important to put the president's words on trial because that's antisemitic remark about dual loyalty, no question, it's important for us to point that out to the president. >> that's how many -- >> disloyal. that's the way it's been interpreted. you really could soundly interpret it that way. the problem is when the democrats have been committing these problems especially house democrats and the leadership has protected them, moved to protect them. >> and the media. >> let me finish, though, the media has not covered it that way, and what the president is doing, the president is raising questions about where the democratic party is headed when it comes to the issue of israel and the jewish people and that's not gotten full coverage in the media, they don't use that same
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type of outage when it's the democratic party, coequal branch of government, where are the questions about that? >> just as they were made and what's really interesting if we want to talk about the lack of context, how divorce this is from the president's comments post charlottesville when he said -- if he wants to be the voice, the advocate and the fighter against anti-semitism when -- when he made those pretty reprehensible comments after charlottesville saying that there were very fine people marching neo nazis. >> they keep repeating the false claims. >> that's not at all a false claims. >> i don't think we were talking about -- >> he was talking about -- the people who were marching in charlottesville, he was very clear. >> look, my point is i'm not here to litigate whether or not he's antise antisemitic, my poie
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made comments that were wrong to question the loiment -- loyalty of any american. >> just to criticize trump's voters as racist, crazy. trump is erratic, trump's government is chaos as he and the white house have sent mixed messages about tax cuts, guns, greenland. he had second thoughts on trade policy what has quickly clarified that's not what he meant, he should have been tougher. sit fair game for the media to portray the trump administration as now being in chaos? >> i don't necessarily say it would be chaotic because at this point we've had several years of the trump administration and we know the way the president governs is often consciousness, airs thought process on twitter
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and that don't necessarily the administration is mired follow -- in chaos. >> most administrations, they announce a policy and that's the policy n. this situation the president freelances, he floats ideas, takes the back, watches cable, changes his mind, he talks to somebody else and changes his mind, that's how he makes up his mind and the press portray it as being off the rails. >> tend of the week was interesting case study in this where because of the president's approach and the president's style, the way he went after the fed chair, then launching escalating the trade war with china, what we saw was real-world implications, if you were watching, you know, if you got anyone who watches this program, if you got less 401(k) the end of the day than you did
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at the beginning of the day and the prez covered that rightfully so, i will get one that didn't cover it well, prime time on this network, if you were watching prime time on this network, you wouldn't have nobody that. to focus on the president's behavior and how it has real-world implications i think is the relative process. >> we had trouble anyone defending the particular comments, attack fed chairman jarome powell. we will talk about that with maria bartiromo, susan, politico had a headline this week, case for tuning tout white house, what's the point of covering all this stuff that he and the white house said, they change every day and sometimes every hour. how do you not cover it, that's the way the administration operates? >> that's absolutely ridiculous, you to cover the president, the next president do you think is going to ignore twitter or are they going to trying to raise the bar on twitter. we can't ignore because of the way of covering presidents has changed dramatically under president trump. >> let me get to sound bite that has caused a lot of media
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chatter, the subject was in fact, the tariff increasingly serious tariff war with china, here we go. >> somebody -- excuse me, somebody had to do it, i am the chosen one, somebody had to do it and i'm taking on china. >> emily, the president went onto say that i was joking, i was being sarcastic, the reporters were smiling, little did i know the media would claim i had a mesiah context. >> the media personality, said something clearly that was a joke and covered in bad faith by the press and such a silly game every time the president who has been office for years, do i think we need to cover it like president donald trump thinks he's the mesiah, no.
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>> radio host said he's second coming of god and israel. fitting in the narrative that trump is narcissistic and thinks he's on a mission, but in that particular case do you think he was dead serious? >> does fit into a narrative, i do think it fits going into narrative in the convention when he stood at the republican convention saying i alone can fix this, he does have a very self complex sometimes about himself. >> many politicians have a very high -- >> everyone has an ego, he does take it to a different level and the one thing i would say about the press covered it, i would ask how you all think some would cover it if barack obama had said that, right? >> that was a joke. >> a lot of times he made jokes and folks sort of in conservative media world that -- that took it way too far as well.
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>> briefly, trump has been incredibly access by to reporters, taking shots can be hard to develop storyline and one comment gets blown up. >> they had no problem establishing stories. look at the access they have to him. they never had with president obama. >> the helicopter chat put the president at disadvantage? >> , no i think it puts him at complete advantage, he decides when to walk away, he's in charge of everything and you have to interpret it through a spokesperson. >> you validating my point, good time to get a break, when we come back, the media going over greenland, international internet, later maria bartiromo on trump accusing the press and the fed chairman of trying to move the economy.
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>> pundits did plenty of chucking that the president trump talking to aides attempt to go buy greenland, quite a fall after danish prime minister rejected the idea. >> she's not talking to me, she's talking to the united states of america, you don't talk to the united states that way. i think when they say it was absurd and it was said at a very nasty, very sarcastic way, i said, we will make it some other time. >> the president referring to abrupt decision to cancel plan visit of denmark after prime minister diplomatically rejecting the notion of selling another country which she did
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call absurd. does it feel the press narrative that we poke about, the president being erratic when suddenly this escalates to the point where he cancels the visit and becomes global news. >> certainly feels that narrative, the original story that launched it in wall street journal covered how this was serious effort. the president had been talking for advisers about it and putting a lot of serious thought into the decision, wasn't just something he randomly tweeted, and so it's interesting to see how it was treated in the press when the original story that launched actually looked like it was pretty serious effort from the president and the reaction from the danish prime minister was extreme, so seems like -- doesn't seem like a crazy thing to say, maybe now the time not to negotiate on this. >> i think she didn't want to have a fight with the u.s. >> absurd -- >> the president later said he had a great conversation trying to patch things up.
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it kind of changed the whole narrative to, you know, the greenland thing is not happening and was never going to happen, but to donald trump and the press uniquely picking fights with american allies which denmark has been. >> you're right, that the wall street journal showed that this is something that they had internal deliberations, this is a case where the style of this president and the staff around him leaking this to the wall street journal as opposed doing diplomatic ground work that you normally do. >> right. the fact that because of that style the danish government in american press has strong reaction, pushed back and now we have a diplomatic incident with an ally. >> this is originally light story, greenland is mostly covered in ice, yes, it has
8:20 am
national security significance, 58,000 people live there, less than the neighborhood i grew up in brooklyn, now elevated to policy land. >> we tried buying greenland a couple of times in history. truman tried it and they gave him an equally nasty response when he tried to buy it under his administration. it's not new rand to mock it because it's president trump it's typical for the media f trump is doing it, it's crazy and nuts and if another president considered it we would take it more seriously. the way they go about it they always stumbles the problem because they don't do diplomatic outreach and picking fight with denmark, it runs to mockery. >> real estate developers like to buy things, different when it's a country. great discussion, ahead, a serious debate whether sean spicer should be allowed on dancing show, when we come back donald trump on media tear
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>> donald trump ripped a number of media organization this is week and that includes this network, it was this tweet against america's internet search giant, report just out, google manipulated 2.6 million to 16 million votes in 2016 election, put out by clinton supporter, not a trump supporter, google should be sued, my victory was bigger than thought. i'm certainly not discounting questioning of google's bias but that's not what study said, trump was reporting white paper. i never said google manipulated elections, the range of numbers listed is also incorrect. 95 people wasn't reviewed by other experts and designed to gauge to potential impact if
8:25 am
google was messing with search results to help one candidate. trump also unloading on nbc white house correspondent peter alexander for the way he attempt today ask a question that began with joe biden. >> you like to attack joe biden for his gaffes, but -- >> nbc, i've made a lot of money with nbc with the apprentice but they are the most bias, peter -- you should be able to ask a question, same question in a better way. you are so obviously bias and that's why the public has no confidence in the media. nbc has less credibility in my opinion with guys like you than cnn. >> the president is entitled to challenge a reporter's question as some predecessors have done and trump slammed alexander and ended up being about trump's
8:26 am
gaffes that dayton shooting was in toledo. fox poll found him trailing 4 democratic candidates in match-ups. >> fox has changed and my worst polls have always been from fox, there's something going on at fox, i will tell you right now and i'm not happy with it. >> bret baier responded that fox hasn't changed and let me just say fox has a news division separate from opinion side and the polls are conducted by the news division, by the way, the fox latest fox poll that is very much in line with other recent surveys, now the president who has criticized fox's coverage of democrats isn't going to be happy with the journalists here as opposed to some of the opinion hosts, that's fine, i've told the white house that donald trump who i interviewed 6 times during campaign is ready to return for media buzz for candid conversation and he has an open invitation, coming up maria bartiromo is here to tackle this
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>> president trump made headlines by slamming federal reserve james powell on harsh terms but also hitting the press for signing of recession down the road. the numbers and facts are working totally in the opposite direction, they would be willing to hurt many people. >> the fake news of which many of you are members was trying to convince the public to have a recession, let's have a recession. the united states is doing phenomenally well. >> he repeated the charge today from g7 blaming the fake and
8:31 am
disgusting press, joining us from new york maria bartiromo, let me start here, maria, do the media have the power even if they were so incline for political reasons to crash the economy? maria: well, look, howie, let's talk about the consumer being two-thirds of economic growth, consumer spending is incredibly important and if you constantly hear gloom and doom on the media you may very well say, you know what, a recession is coming i better pull it in i better be more conservative with my spending, more prudent right now because i hear what's going on in the news that there's a recession coming so i'm going to pull it in, if everybody start pulling it in at the same time, yes, you actually can have the media talking us into a recession, so there's truth to that because consumer spending representing two-thirds of economic growth. i think the broader picture is that the media continues to have
8:32 am
incredible amount of influence in terms of explaining to the world what is going on, when you go back to the fact that we just came off of the 2 years of collusion delusion where the media was all about president trump colluded with the russians, et cetera, et cetera, you know, sunday morning futures, my program right before this program was every week poking holes into that narrative for 2 years and i got slammed in the media as a result of the fact that every week i would have people like congressman john ratcliffe and devin nunes, the congressmen who saw the redacted document, the people who were there interviewing the fbi officials and they knew the story better than anybody, so i featured them every sunday on my program and everybody else in the media, i mean, on television was talking about the president colluding, it's no secret or no surprise to me that china earlier this year reneged on everything. you had a deal with china in place -- let me just say this,
8:33 am
an important point. we had a deal in china in place with china in march earlier in april and the chinese reneged, why, they are watching on cn, in that the president colluded with russia, it may very well be the chinese thought we are going to be done with this guy in a year, so, yes, the media has incredible responsibility to seek the truth, howie, and that write it is narrative. >> let me turn back to question of recession and i certainly understand how talking down the economy could affect consumer confidence, consumer spending but when the president talks or tweets about china or jay powell, we will get to that in a moment and the market goes 623 points or when there's bond indicators that say recession could be down the road, that's not the same thing as saying we are on the vernal of -- verge of a recession. >> the media's responsibility is to report the truth and seek the truth, howie, how many programs
8:34 am
do you hear the media saying the unemployment rate is at 51-year low, how many media outlets are you hearing saying we had 4 plus percent growth for one quarter last year, 3.1% in the first quarter and 2.1% in the second. the recession is two quarters of negative performance, meaning negative not positive. we are only seeing positive readings, so the fact that we are talking about a recession being on the horizon and not even talking about the facts reminds me of editorial meeting that took place at new york times two weeks ago where the editor there said, well, for two years we were putting all of our resources into russia collusion, the story changed on us, the story didn't change, howie, the story is the same story but they put all resources in collusion and now they decided that they will put all resources on racism, that's a disappoint for me being a journalist when i see something like that and it
8:35 am
should be a disappointment to everybody journalist because a journalist is supposed to cover the story, seek the truth, not write the story. >> right, times didn't say all resources to racism but that would be prominent part of the narrative. let me get you to the tweet because have gotten so much attention, the president says my only question is our bigger enemy jay powell or chairman xi, comparing to autocratic leader of china and then later told reporters, if he we wanted to resign, i wouldn't stop him, isn't that -- isn't that unprecedented attack on a fed chairman who he appointed? >> it feels like it's been unprecedented attack on jay powell but i think it's important to recognize where we are in terms to have twitter and -- and google universe and where we are today and many presidents have plotted to lower rates and be more favorable on the economy, today we hear about everything because of twitter and because of google and
8:36 am
facebook, et cetera, look, this president does things his own way. i can debate you all day on policy, let's talk economic policy, let's talk foreign policy, i'm not going to debate about personality. he does things his own way, obviously it works for him, sometimes it doesn't work for him, other times i would prefer not to see the president of the free world poking the chairman of the free world, i would prefer not, i would like to make sure that we all know that we have an independent federal reserve but the president does things the way he wants to do. you know, like i said, personality versus policy. >> an important distinction and perspective for maria bartiromo, thanks for sticking around, maria. maria: thank you. >> president trump would lead on background checks and now backing off, donald trump and anthony scaramucci ratcheting up the rhetoric as their battle turns nasty.
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8:41 am
caving this week when after speaking with nra leader wayne lapierre the president took a different tack. >> there are things we can do but we already have serious background check, we have strong background checks, we can close up the gaps, we could do things that are very good and things that frankly gun owners want to have done but we also have to remember the gun doesn't pull the trigger, a person does and we have great mental illness. >> joining us now to analyze the coverage gail trotter, lawyer and commentator in washington and in new york jane who teaches media government, gail, does the president have a point that the president seems to be softening language in background checks? >> well, president trump has never taken a policy position on any particular background check and so i think what we are seeing palpable frustration by the media that after these tragedies happened that there's no legislative action and so that's how we are seeing the
8:42 am
headlines and the reporting of outlets like "the new york times". they are painting it as a retreat but in fact, it's not a retreat. >> it's true that we haven't gotten down to specific legislation but when news organizations say is after talking to chief executive of nra and he was very open about that that the president is now sort of echoing some of the nra language. >> yeah, you know, the thing about the media, the reporting on this and they've used the word whiplash and flip-flopping, the reality here is that we have now our best opportunities to get, you know, important gun control legislation because it's going to have to happen under republican president if you have a republican senate and the media have to think about how would this legislation ever get passed, if it would get passed by the president talking to members of congress, giving them cover to vote for some form of legislation and so i think the
8:43 am
media is being a bit disingenuous here when it's talking about the president's conversations with wayne lapierre which by the way seemed to have been leaked by the nra versus the white house. >> right, in your view, gayle, are the media -- it's true, the president has talk today lawmakers on both parties, so lesser extent the assault weapon's man as solution to mass shootings? >> i'm glad that you asked that, we don't see a mainstream media pushing law that would ban the publication of photos of the mass shooters and certainly part of the motivation between many of the mass shooters is same of seeking recognition and why does the mainstream media treat the first amendment differently than the second amendment? because they don't believe the second amendment in the way that they believe in the first amendment. >> i'm very glad that many organizations on their own have barely mentioned the names of
8:44 am
the mass shooters or show their pictures, that's the next step. no one necessarily expected donald trump to go there after el paso and dayton and he also gone that direction after parkland high school shootings, i think when he came out to reach meaningful background checks, he raised expectation that is the media reflected. >> he did raise expectations. that is a big deal. >> we have background checks. >> no, he's calling for expanded background checks is what he's calling for. that's a big deal for a republican president to call for that. >> i have to jump in here because i want to get to the other topic which is anthony scaramucci continuing the former white house aide continuing attacks on president trump leading to these tweets which i will put up on the screen here, donald trump says anthony scaramucci is a highly unstable nut-job, i bare law knew him until 11 days of gross
8:45 am
incompetence, mental wreck, we didn't want him around and fake news puts him around like he was my buddy, anthony scaramucci in many interviews punching back. >> he may not have had early stage dementia but early stage fascism, hostage crisis in front of building, they are scared out of their minds, look at what he did to my wife and i this week. >> should the president be responding that personal to smooch? >> yes the only claim he had the spectacular flameout in the white house, perfectly appropriate for president to call him out for that. >> i had anthony scaramucci in
8:46 am
the program, a lot of people liked that, let's press him on current views, is he undermining credibility when he says trump is irrational, unstable, full-blown mental breakdown? >> you know, anthony scaramucci, it's interesting because one of the things we have to give president trump for he hasn't changed, he has been the same as he was when anthony scaramucci worked for him and prior when he was in new york city and i know a lot of what anthony scaramucci has said has to do with the president's comments on race, the president was making those comments long before he ran for president, so i think that's the issue people have with what anthony scaramucci has said, is that this president hasn't changed, he's been who he is and so anthony scaramucci calling him out start to seem sort of -- a way that he can get something from the media which is a lot of attention he has gotten. he can have his own view on the president but is self-serving.
8:47 am
>> we agree on that. >> i did prez him on that and he admitted he waited too long and had to question why are you saying this now when you defended the guy for so long. great discussion, thanks so much. after the break, one of the great issues facing america, why are commentators so craze that sean spicer is going on with dancing with the stars? at humana, we have more ways to care for your health, and we find one that works just for you. no matter what your name is.
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>> in a publicity bonanza for abc, debate unfolding over sean spicer should have been invited at dancing with the stars. >> my preference would have been to avoid any political lighting rodríguez, i think dancing at its best is an oaisi, away from
8:51 am
divisiveness and all the tough that we are wrestling with right now. >> my hope and goal that at tend of the season tom looks back and say we need more of this and not less of this, bringing people together of different backgrounds, show how you can enjoy each other's company, have a conversation. >> joining us now from new york kat and writing abc is helping to where he's no longer a -- naming or joining or recruiting i should say former white house press secretary touched such a media nerve? >> well, i think that their thinking was this wasn't just a conservative this was a conservative who worked for
8:52 am
trump. things have changed if you're associated with trump you're supposed to be treated, does it make sense in terms of actual logic, i don't understand, i'm not an a nonemotional person, i'm quite a sensitive emotional gal, however, before i get seriously impacted by something the way that the media seemed to be seriously impacted by this, it has to affect me at least a little bit and sean spicer dancing around on tv actually isn't going to affect you at all believe it or not. >> criticize his dancing, put video on "fox & friends". spicer admit today me and many others that he made mistakes as white house spokesman, it's been more than 2 years and this kind of came up when he did the skid on emmy's with colbert. should be black-balled for life? >> i think it's just so many
8:53 am
people in the media are living in echo chamber where it's trump equals bad, trump equals bad and that's all there is to it and you're so right to bring up to point that he has apologized, he has said i've made mistakes and would have done things differently, what more do you want. this person has said i regret some of the things i did, he can't dance around on tv? i don't -- i really don't understand especially when you consider the fact that, hey, there is a world outside of your echo chamber where people, they don't just not mind sean spicer, some people actually like him and want to see him on the show, there is an america beyond your bubble. >> good for ratings. criticize spicer going on dancing, sot criticism for fox for hiring sarah huckabee sanders. cnn andrews andrew mccabe, fired
8:54 am
as fbi number 2 and report finds out that he was not honest with the bureau half a minute. >> right, lying is fine as long as you're not associated with trump, that's the biggest sin, that association, it's completely i logical, it makes no sense and i really think the only way that you can actually say these things and have these reactions is if you're just not paying attention to the world outside of your echo chamber. >> kat, thank you so much. all right, still to come, one cnn contributor sues to get press pass back. that's next. but ocuvite has vital nutrients...
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8:58 am
was trying to been less antisemitic and spoke about the jew police, times which regularly denounces anti-semitism is looking into it. cnn contributor brian, playboy writer filed lawsuit after white house yanked credentials for 30 days this after taunted exofficial sebastian gorka in rose garden which led to shouting match, threaten to escalate verbal to verbal one and the secret service had to step in. cnn contributor april brian in controversy, charlie, editor of nb today said he had gotten permission from the organizers to video tape the talk by ryan but was accosted by the body guard who sized his -- seized his camera.
8:59 am
>> don't touch my camera. [inaudible] >> don't you dare, put that down, sir. are that's my camera. [inaudible] >> get off of me! >> wow, the security guard now been charged with assault, trying to do his job since anybody who was a journalist should be condemning this, april ryan who works for urban radio networks complaints about president trump and staff treat the press did not respond for my response to comments, the body guard overreacted for concern over her safety. media buzz meter, you can subscribe with am itunes, google play or fox news and original videos, we talk to you, we talk to you on twitter as well at
9:00 am
howard kurtz, let's continue the conversation there about the media, so much to deal with this week, hard to squeeze it all in, we are back here next sunday at 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. eric: president trump announcing at the g7 summit in france that a trade with u.s. and japan is, quote, done in principle and expects so sign that next month and the president says another massive trade deal could come soon with great britain and he says, quote, lots of fantastic mini deals and pushback against china. hello, welcome to america's headquarters, i'm eric sean. >> and i'm molly in for arthel neville. bilateral meeting with japan prime minister shinzo abe, america win for