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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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conversation there about the media, so much to deal with this week, hard to squeeze it all in, we are back here next sunday at 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. eric: president trump announcing at the g7 summit in france that a trade with u.s. and japan is, quote, done in principle and expects so sign that next month and the president says another massive trade deal could come soon with great britain and he says, quote, lots of fantastic mini deals and pushback against china. hello, welcome to america's headquarters, i'm eric sean. >> and i'm molly in for arthel neville. bilateral meeting with japan prime minister shinzo abe, america win for agriculture. >> going to be buying all of the
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corn and that's -- they will be buying frit the farmers, the deal is done and probably will be signing around the date of -- >> chief white house correspondent john roberts on french coast of g7, john. >> molly, good evening from south of biarritz, deal months in the making, when we were in tokyo at the end of may the president said he would make push for it during month of august after elections in the upper house in japan, those negotiations were true, prime minister of japan and the president announcing agreement in principle, pen has not been put to paper just yet in terms of signing on a deal that the
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president says will be great for american agriculture, japan has agreed to buy more things like corn, beef, even wine, this on what the president said earlier today. >> we are far down the line and now we are papering it and signing at a formal ceremony and i want to thank prime minister abe and the japanese people, you've been fantastic friends and we very much appreciate it, this is a tremendous bill for the united states. >> the second day of g7 summit the president creating media speculation after answering questions with uk prime minister boris johnson whether he has second thoughts about escalating the trade war with china, listen here.
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[inaudible] >> yeah. >> you have second thoughts about escalating the war? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> the president indicating that he has second thoughts about what is going on with the united states and china but the president's answers interpreted by media outlets as him showing regret for the escalation of the trade war, the white house coming out right after that to say if the president regrets anything it's not raising tariffs higher, the treasure secretary and chief economic adviser larry kudlow taking on the question a little earlier today. >> i was in the meeting with a lot of people yelling, i found it somewhat hard to hear. i can't speak for the president. i want to be clear, the president, when we saw how this was being reported, the white house put out a statement. >> he said he was not having second thoughts about putting on the tariffs, if anything he was thinking about raising them. >> as he did in g7 last year,
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the president again raising the idea of resurrecting and think g7 should allow russian president vladimir putin back in. >> i think it would be advantageous and it would be a positive, other people agree with me and it's something that we were discussing. i don't know that we will make one decision one way or the other but we did have a disduición about russia last night as to whether or not we want to invite them back, i think it's advantageous, i think it's a positive, other people agree with me and some people don't. next year it would be united states. emmanuel macron has invited other countries to g7 summit, even if he's not back in g8, the
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president could invite vladimir putin, i don't know if he would want to do that during election year but he has the opportunity to, interesting guest showed up in biarritz. the foreign minister of iran is here at the g7 summit, meetings on the sideline, we are told that he will be meeting with neither president trump nor anyone from the american delegation, but you can bet that to un >> more on the president on g7.
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let's start with that bombshell we just heard from john roberts. is it possible and do you expect that the president would invite vladimir putin next year? >> the truth is he can do whatever he wants because we are hosting the summit next time, someone who certainly the trump administration doesn't really want to have in town trying to garner attention as the united states is trying to work out certain important vital issues in china. eric: what type of pushback if putin gets an invitation? >> pushback from nato, concerns over ukraine, what the russians have been doing, the reason the russians were kicked out in the first place, the g8 as you know, eric, the reason that happened in 2014 the russians invaded and took over crimea. eric: the election interference, do you think vladimir putin should be invite today --
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invited to this country next year? >> it's very important that the international community has vladimir putin and russians to try to contain them. if there was nothing like that happening, if there weren't consequences for actions, the russians would keep going, so it has been helpful that they were left out of the discussions, they were invited in late 90's when things -- >> they were moving towards democracy and now attacking our election system. >> totally different times. eric: your view is it's a bad idea to have putin? >> i wouldn't rush into that decision, it's better to focus now, better that the g7 is focusing on china. eric: that's it exactly, china,
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the president announced the agricultural agreement with shinzo abe and expects one with great britain. is the president trying coral the allies to put china in a corner because of its aggressive unfair trade practices, economic power house and military threat? >> yes, eric, it's important to get as many people on board with the united states, coalitions work, they put pressure on countries, you know, the european union, for instance, it's a much larger population block than the whole population of the united states, over 500 million people, if you can get some of our allies to be on board with us and try to impose sanctions like what we are doing with hauwei and other instruments to try to put the pressure on china to end their terrible practices in terms of trade, it only can help, so, yes, the united states has been carrying this burden alone and arguably shouldn't have from the beginning, but certainly it's time to try to get others on
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board and, you know, the deal worked out with the japanese, it's extremely helpful, the chinese have said, well, you're going mess with us, we will go to other countries, we don't need your soybeans, pork, the united states can approach -- eric: here is larry kudlow saying that other countries recognize the threat that china is. here is larry kudlow. >> every single one of those leaders that something has to be done with china unfair trading practices, every single one express support on the very key point, i'm just saying the contentiousness and argument that some people were writing 48 hours ago are not happening. eric: there's the recognition that china has to be faced? >> absolutely. and the europeans themselves will tell you it. you know, we've been in diplomatic circles, we've heard it and we heard that china is
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taking on an an an an >> the foreign minister of iran is there, france invited them obviously try today push back against iranian nuclear deal, this comes as iran has threatened the private american citizen, the state department pushing back saying saying sayie in tehran will face consequences if anything happens and tehran announcing sanctions on them and basically threatening private american citizen in the fdd because of spoken efforts for the iranian people for democracy and freedom in their country. >> that's right, eric, like a throwback to the days when they wrote the controversial book.
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early days of the iranian revolution when there was craziness and continues to this day and this is absolutely absurd -- eric: here is what mark tweeted about this, quote, this is direct threat, these threats will only strengthen and reveal regime about iran and support burning desire of vast majority of iranians for freedom, last word, on what you expect? >> on the foundation for defense of democracy, i hope they will be okay and nothing happens here, the international community shouldn't just be the united states outraged about this, it has to be anybody, you can have differences with that foundation which is right when it comes to iran and very tough
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and not surprising surprising ss looking at them as direct threat. iran is not about promoting democracy, it's about shuttering, it's about not allowing their own people to have access to social media, it's about forcing women to hear hijabs even if they want to or they don't they should have the ability to decide what they want to do for crimes that don't constitute anything near what should be capital punishment in the country. you know, political prisoners, it's out of control there. >> out of control in iran, meanwhile china continues aggression and the g7 is about freedom and democracy should be as they are meeting in biarritz, france, more on strategy and we will be talking with asia expert gordon chang and we will get his thoughts and where the tariff
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battle goes from here, you will want to see gordon in a few minutes when he talks to molly. >> powerful gas explosion outside of washington, d.c. this morning destroying office complex in maryland, that blast collapsing the front of the building, witnesses say they felt shock waves a mile away, no injuries have been reported but garrett tenney, colombia, maryland and he has the details, garrett. >> molly, that's the amazing thing when you look at the scene, images of it, 20 to 30 businesses and yet so far doesn't appear that there were any injuries, i'm going to step out here so you can see the front of the building of what it likes like now, the first indication appears of trouble this morning shortly before 7:00 a.m. when calls came in of fire alarm went off, firefighters were responding, several more calls came in of gas leaks and when they got here they found a crack in the parking lot where gas was
9:14 am
hissing out, they cleared the area evacuated folks and shortly after that they were trying to figure out what to do next, the explosion occurred, folks here describe hearing it for miles, some described feeling a rumbling, said it felt like an earthquake, other buildings from the blast of the explosion, parts of the buildings, the roof, the front, the glass were damaged as well, and the fire chief said a short time ago that this building itself is likely totaled. >> the building is at risk of collapsing, the building is probably totaled i would think based on the structural valuation that we have done so far. a lot of structural damage. >> yeah, this could have been much worse, though, none of the businesses were open when this explosion occurred and the fire chief said if this had been during a weekday at 8:00 a.m. folks were coming to 2-story building that includes offices,
9:15 am
gym, dental office, we would likely be talk about a much different story, now, both local and federal investigators are on the scene trying to determine exactly what caused the leak and this explosion to occur, molly. >> garrett tenney you nailed it there, happening on sunday versus workweek, thanks for the update. >> yeah. eric: we have extreme weather alert for folks down south, tropical storm in the atlantic coast, off the coast of florida, forecasters say it could reach hurricane strength by mid-week, raising for strong winds, rough surf and flooding, meteorologist adam klotz, hey, adam. >> we are tracking a couple of storms out in atlantic that will be something we need to pay attention to in the week ahead beginning with tropical storm dori, only one named so far. here is the track that's going to make 40 miles an hour moving to the west so that's the coast
9:16 am
of south america right now, this will intensify likely becoming category 1 hurricane which you notice as it gets closer to puerto rico pretty quickly runs into some weather that's not going to sustain a hurricane as much so goes from the category 1 storm levels and quickly begins to drop eventually back down to just allow pressure system. so this storm something that we have to pay attention to, close pass to puerto rico, but falls apart as it gets deeper in the caribbean. in general with pretty good idea as where it's heading, something we will watch in the next couple of days, another storm closer to the coast, florida and carolinas, currently spinning right there, this has 60% chance of turning into a tropical storm here over the next 48 hours, that has actually lessened a little bit since yesterday, there's good news with the particular storm, we are not seeing a whole lot of rain off the coast of florida, off the coast of carolinas even though
9:17 am
tropical models run up along the coast, we don't see models drifting closer to the coast and most heavy rain out to sea, you see the center of circulation, future radar, there are some showers right along the coastline, definitely the surf gets choppy over the next 48 hours, 72 hours there, but i don't think this makes landfall, so we are getting a little deeper, so far so good as far as seeing anything making landfall with the u.s. >> that's good news, keep it off, adam, thank you. molly. >> a massive manhunt for sniper in los angeles county has been called off, why authorities are now saying why there was no gunman to find, but president trump reportedly has this plan for gun control by can he get congress to follow his lead?
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>> no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained. completely fabricated. >> just a stunning development on one of our top stories, los angeles county authorities say the sheriff's deputy who claimed to be the victim of a sniper attack last week has now confessed to making up the entire story, his initial report triggered a massive manhunt
9:22 am
around the land-- lancaster, kristina coleman live with more. >> hi, molly, at this point no one knows why the 21-year-old rooky deputy came up with this big lie of getting shot with a sniper on wednesday and follow-up interview yesterday authorities say deputy angel reynosa confess today cutting two holes in the shirt with knife to make it look like he was shot didn't say why, walking to his car at lancaster sheriff station, reynosa claimed the bullet proof vest and tried to blame apartment complex that houses homeless and people with
9:23 am
mental health issues. [inaudible] >> the authorities say it didn't make sense, no witnesses, no one heard gunshot because, of course, there were none, treated for a bruise but showed no sign signs. important law enforcement time searching for made-up suspect. >> we are incredibly disappointed to have to report to you that the reported sniper assault was fabricated by our deputy. investigation is ongoing and criminal investigation has been launched. we intend on relieving deputy angel reynosa of his duties.
9:24 am
>> likely charged for filing false report. molly. >> certainly a cost for the state. kristina coleman thank you so much. eric: this is as the white house reports to release series of gun proposals in the next coming weeks, updates to current background check system on the wake of those continued horrible mass shoot that is the country has been suffering, joining us former south carolina senator, long time member of congress, chairman of the conservative partnership institute aimed at the professional development of conservative staffers and elected officials. senator, welcome, you are -- >> thank you. eric: sure, a long-time veteran of capitol hill, you know what goes on in closed doors, what type of legislation if any will
9:25 am
we see and would be most likely? >> well our hearts breaks every time we hear of shootings, i'm not sure any new laws are going to help that, congress could do more than anything else by setting a better example of how to treat people and how to treat each other, they're probably the biggest instigators of heat, they need to look at how they behave. laws run likely to help. we already have background checks, where we see improvement is at the state and community level where states are doing more to protect buildings and facilities, they are doing more to try to deal with drug use and mental illness, i'm not sure what the president is going to recommend, but i am confident that congress is not the one who can solve this problem except by
9:26 am
setting a better example of how we should behave and -- and our civility as a nation. >> so the president has been talking about strengthening as he says meaningful background checks, you know, critics say that certainly is a step, a lot more has got to be done, so you're saying you don't think the background check legislation or red flag laws would be able to get through congress? >> well, red flag laws, 15 states already have them, eric, and we see that they're not working, they actually give someone who has a grudge against you the ability to send police to your house, take your guns away, drag you into court, cost you thousands of dollars and for the most part it's all been against law-abiding citizens who haven't created any crime. we do need to look at the problem, though, we cannot ignore it, but i'm not sure -- we have background checks as i mentioned. when they say universal background checks, what they're talking about a national registry so the government knows
9:27 am
who owns guns and what guns they own but we've seen how the government can misuse data like irs information and it's not going to affect law-abiding citizens except by taking their right aways and all the data shows that those who don't care about the laws who permit -- commit the crimes will not follow the laws anyway, i'm afraid that the bad news here if someone decides they want to hurt or kill someone else in the country, they will find a way to do it, so we need to make sure we do everything we can to protect our citizens and just improve our culture in a way that this type of violence is certainly not exhibited by our leadership. eric: critics would say wouldn't it be worth to save one life to strengthen loopholes and other background checks? >> i'm not aware of gun show loophole, i've heard people try to explain it but if you buy a gun at gun show, you a background check and you have to wait and if you have committed a
9:28 am
crime, you won't be able to buy it, so if there are loopholes, generally what that is the proper enforcement, the bureaucrats have not done their job, so we certainly should look at enforcing the laws we already have on the books but, eric, i think the best way to do this is allow 50 states and all the communities around the country to do their best at trying to keep violence down and -- and for the federal government to study where it's really working and where it's not because red flag laws, we have 15 of them, they're not working well and they're just basically taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens. eric: fox news poll, senator, a couple of weeks ago, 90% of those questioned favor criminal background checks, 81% favor red flag laws and here is one, 67% support banning assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons, that's the assault weapon's ban that president clinton had passed and repealed when the
9:29 am
republicans couldn't go for that. what about the possibility of banning what the critics call weapons of war that should not be on the streets of america that we have seen turn against us so soil -- violently by the gunman? >> i have to see what kind of weapons of war they are talking about, again, we don't have indication that trying to pass laws to keep certain types of guns away from people, they'll move to another type of gun, and we have seen that, if you can't get a gun, they will use a knife and create bombs, as long as you're trying to look at federal law that is target everybody, you generally miss the criminals and we already have criminal background checks, they do background checks when you buy guns now, if you have a criminal record, you will not get one, so there's a lot of hyperbole going on right now. that involves addressing a lot of problems at cultural levels, politicians that are encouraging drug use and legalization of marijuana and other things like
9:30 am
that are more the problem than the solution, so i will be curious to see what president trump comes out with, i'd love to' trump and the congress work together and demonstrate how people with opposing views can treat each other with more civility and that would do a lot to tap down what we feel in our culture today, so, again, eric, i i want to stop this, but i don't see any evidence that federal laws can do it. eric: senator, as you say wait to go see what the president proposes and speaker mcconnell, the majority leader mcconnell can put out on the table to address the horrendous problem that still affects, senator of south carolina, former senator, thank you for joining us, of course. molly. >> now reaction to the president's escalating war with china, next expert gordon chang who says the president seems determined to take action unthinkable only a year ago.
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>> the white house trying to clarify remarks that president trump made at the g7 summit in france where he appeared to admit to having second thoughts about the escalating trade war with china. here is treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> the president is determined to have fair and reciprocal trade with china and this morning's comments weren't meant to back that off, it was meant to say that he's determined as ever on this issue, he wants a good deal, he wants free, fair and reciprocal trade. >> let's bring in gordon chang, asian analyst and author of losing south korea, thanks so much for joining us. in further clarification of this white house press secretary stephanie sent statement, the answer has been greatly misinterpreted, president trump responded in the affirmative because he regrets not raising the tariffs higher, essentially saying that was the direction in which the information was supposed to go, your thoughts on the clean-up, how is it going?
9:36 am
>> well, usually when the white house cleans up president trump's remarks they are not credible, this time i think they actually were, first of all, 5 percentage points increase which is what president trump announced on friday certainly not enough, and clearly the direction of the president's comments and his policies towards china has been tougher, i think he probably misheard the question in france, who knows, but the point is we are seeing much tougher direction on the trump administration and i really don't believe he has second thoughts. >> yeah, g7 is incredible opportunity, all the powerful economies getting together and appears that the united states is trying very hard to take advantage, trade deals and one announced today, the big news that japan and u.s. have worked out trade deal, good for america's farmers, potentially e-commerce, u.s. trade rep robert lighthizer had this to say 3 fold advantage, take a listen. [inaudible]
9:37 am
>> it's also -- [inaudible] >> where it is the gold standard of an international agreement. this is an area that not only is important to the president but particular importance to the prime minister. >> so is this growing relationship, this deal potentially other trade deals cutting into this advantage with trade that china has had, does that matter for defense? >> i'm sure that china did not like the announcement with the japanese and largely because chain he has been retaliating against american farmers because it thinks that's where president trump is politically weak, the japanese have now come to the rescue of farm bill saying, look, we will buy more u.s. ag, this undercuts beijing's position, we didn't get anything on car tariffs and a lot of other stuff but the farmers come out ahead on this. >> as i mentioned this opportunity, the g7, can they prevent -- can they present a united front as far as working out trade deals and impacting china more than just the u.s.
9:38 am
alone? >> that would be a first, molly. now the g7 has not been as impressive in results but clearly what we are seeing at the g7 is informal because we have president trump talking to uk about after brexit we will have a trade deal with them, this is really undercutting china and the other thing that is interesting, you know, i don't agree that putin and russia should be in the g7 but if are in beijing and hearing that president trump wants russian in g7 you're thinking this is directed at beijing. >> when are still talking about japan a little bit and the relationship that we see between shinzo abe and the president but in the meantime japan and south korea have been at odds, there's been kind of their own little trade war going on there and now the south koreans have decided that they will withdraw from this sharing of intelligence military intelligence between japan and south korea, how impactful can that be as we are watching, more rockets being launched in north korea just
9:39 am
yesterday? >> this is one of the worst about the united states, we need our partners in the region, moon jae-in the south korean president is stoking hatred from and withdrawing undercuts south corea's defense, if we have to come to rescue, the troops, forces, planes, ships they come from our bases on japanese soil. >> we have made other investments in japan when it comes and deal signed in new york, that sending a message to south korea also an ally? >> yes, it is, moon is determine today break the u.s. alliance, he doesn't say that on the surface but he's trying to do that underneath, so just give you one example, when president trump was in seoul in end of june, on the first day he was
9:40 am
standing next to the president she was wearing a blue butterfly broach, i don't think that the president knows what is going on, sign of antiamericanism, this was disrespecting president trump and also disrespecting the united states, we have really serious problems with south korea. the government there is out to get us. >> all right, shifting gears quickly before we go, hong kong, 12th weekend of protests going on there, demonstrators taking to the streets, pretty dramatic increase in the pushback there, your thoughts on the impact? >> well, friday you have that hong kong which was to mimic the baltic way 30 years ago, 28 miles of human chains, remember the baltic way was to advocate for independence, people in hong kong didn't say that on friday but that's the
9:41 am
message that they got. really right now you've got two armies on the streets, the kids and you've got the hong kong police, they're probing each other, hong kong government has lost control of the situation. >> yeah, so many people around the world watching this one and once again this could have an impact on global economy as well, gordon chang, thank you for coming in, great to have you. eric. eric: molly, he's already got one, now a new republican challenger is taking on president trump in 2020, we will tell you who that is and what the plans are, meanwhile democrats have dropped out of the race, 3 of them, many others still in campaign trail looking live in new hampshire as pete buttigieg holding party and we will check on mayor pete and the rest of the democratic field when we come back. that's a win.
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governor challenging president trump and now second name in primary former republican congressman running in gop nomination, the democratic out in force campaigning across several states today including south bend mayor from indiana pete buttigieg, he's making an appeal to voters in new hampshire, mark meredith live in washington with the a look where everybody is at all what they are doing on this sunday, hey, mark. >> hey, eric, democratic presidential hopefuls are spending the weekend campaigning and they are hitting president trump on everything from the economy to fitness for office, you mentioned south bend mayor pete buttigieg, he's been campaigning in new hampshire this week, most national polls still have him sitting with single support, farmers and the country can't afford four years, for four years of this administration. >> the current strategy, i'm not sure you can call it the strategy, let's say the current
9:47 am
pattern of poking china in the eye with tariffs and seeing what will happen isn't working, crushing american soybean farmers, other farmers and american consumers. >> democratic front runner joe biden also spent saturday campaigning in new hampshire, the former vice president raised eyebrows, though, when he told reporters he was in vermont instead of granite state, gaffes made headlines but other democratic candidates don't appear interested in talking about it. >> do you have concerns as to whether or not he is up to taking a fight over the next year and a half to donald trump? >> i'm focused on my own campaign, chris, i've made that very clear and taking it to donald trump myself. i have strong arguments that i am a candidate to do this. >> switching gears from the democratic race to what is now another gop primary challenge for president trump, former illinois congressman and conservative radio host joe walsh supported the president.
9:48 am
>> i'm running because he's unfit, somebody needs to step up and there needs to be alternative, the country is sick of this guy's tantrum, he's -- he's a child. >> walsh admit that it's uphill challenge, has launched campaign website and soliciting donations, wait to go see if president trump will tweet or respond to candidacy a little bit later on today, eric. eric: i will bet on that, mark. thank you. molly. >> leader of iran group making new threat to israel, we are live in jerusalem with the latest next. ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> fox news alert, the leader of the iran-backed terror group vowing to retaliate after air strikes killed two group members on saturday this as iran disputes claim that the israeli military successfully foiled an attack by iranian forces stationed in syria, trey in jerusalem covering as this unfolds, trey. >> planning a major attack against the country, iran's revolutionary guard was going to use killer drones to target
9:53 am
israelis according to israeli defense forces, less than an hour after the strike, netanyahu says they have no unity anywhere, if someone rises up to kill you, kill them first, iran has denied that any forces were hit last night as syrian-state media said assad regime air defenses actually took town multiple hostile targets and war monitoring group said one iranian and two iranian hezbollah militants were killed in air strike, today hezbollah leadership is warning of military response and according to response two israeli drones crashed with one exploding and causing damage to hezbollah headquarter. multifront war with iran and proxies could erupt any moment, prime minister netanyahu says his forces are preparing for any scenario. >> i want to emphasize this is iran's initiative, it is iran's
9:54 am
command and it is iran's mission. i want to stress that we will not tolerate attacks on israel from my country in the region. any state that will allow use of territory for attacks against israel will bear the consequences and i stress, the state will bear the consequences >> we are getting confirmation just now of another drone attack along the iraqi syrian border targeting an iranian-backed militia, we don't have a lot of information at this hour but this just in another drone attack happening in the region, certainly another example of rhetoric in the middle east turning to action, molly. >> so much to cover there, certainly threats that israel constantly faces and meanwhile the g7 we are seeing iranian foreign minister arriving there today, fascinating developments, trey yingst thanks for the update. >> star indianapolis quarterback
9:55 am
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9:59 am
press conference and the original plan was he would make the announcement today and the former number one pick said he didn't make the decision lightly , but because of a cycle of injuries they sold his love for the game. luck led the colts to the playoff in each of the first three nfl seasons winning back to back afc titles but his shoulder injury in 2015 sidelined him and he missed 26 games and the entire 2017 season due to shoulder, rib and kidney injuries and earlier this year he missed off season activities part of training camp due to an ankle injury. the idea of early retirement struck him about two weeks ago. >> i've been stuck in this process. i haven't been able to live the life i want to live. taking the joy out of this game and the only way forward for me is to remove myself from football. reporter: now the colts will turn to the 26-year-old qb acquired from new england patriots. >> that does it for us for now but we're back in three hours at
10:00 am
4:00 p.m. eastern time. >> more news from washington starting right now. >> take care. president trump: we have a deal with a japan for a long time it involved agricultural, and it involves e-commerce and many other things. it's a very big transaction and we've agreed in principle. it's billions and billions of dollars. >> president trump announcing a new trade deal at the g7 today, saying that deal with japan could be inked within the next couple of weeks and also announced part of it would help american farmers, with that welcome to america's news headquarters from washington sadly not from where the president is looks pretty nice over there. i'm leland


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