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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 28, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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steve: boxes first time ever. did it happen to you. rob: did not have. a speed bag. ace learned in the past a speed bag will punch back if you are too close. it can happen. jillian: have a good day, everyone. ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ the rest of my life is going to start today ♪ steve: good morning, new york city. and america. ainsley: it's foggy out there. steve: looks like the possibility of rain later today and throughout the northeast. folks south of florida have an eye to the sky tropical storm or hurricane could be heading their way. ainsley: heading for puerto rico. steve: indeed. brian: good morning. just starting to rebuild. a huge show straight ahead. you have democrats lining up maybe for the last time on one -- for the first time on one stage in the next
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debate. ainsley: gut check time. they have to have at least 2% in the major polls. they have to have x amount of dollars. it's beading people out. steve: it's weeding a lot of them out. right now only 10 are in. we will keep you posted on that. ainsley: today is the last day. steve: before politics, let's talk a little bit about what the administration is doing. the trump administration is debating more than hundreds of millions of dollars in homeland security funds to ramp up security at our southern border. brian: do they have a choice? democrats are blasting the move, calling it -- meanwhile schumer directly cruel and backwards. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live as hurricane dorian is bearing down on puerto rico. lots to talk about. griff: lots to talk about. fight on our hand. speaker pelosi is blasting the moving of 271 million like fema and coast guard. she says this. stealing from appropriate funds is always unacceptable but to pick the pockets of disaster relief funding to
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fund appalling and failing inhumane family is staggering and reckless. dhs says the move increases detention beds which they're lacking and move asylum claims faster. here is how it breaks down. up 116 million toward single adult detention beds. important distinction there and 155 million toward migrant protocols. house members are strongly objecting to the move saying it's totally unjustified. ron vitiello says this is vital. >get funding and bed space they would not be able to hold single adult. most of this year we have been releasing families at the border so people don't have bed space for single adults. they either wait in custody at cbp too long or get released like families do. that would effectively give you an open border.
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griff: funding 45,000. they have 54,000 in custody. not uncommon for unassigned funds within a single department to be transferred between agencies to make up for any short when the fiscal year ends which is october. brian, ainsley, steve. steve: thank you very much. in 2018 the dhs diverted $169 million disaster management and for ice detention and deportation. they have done it before. ainsley: it's going to the adult detention beds, transportation cost. temporary hearing facilities. if you ask why, the officials down there are saying the reason we have to do this the 'has to use emergency funding congress refuses to pay for extra beds. steve: they are reprogramming money. we have been talking about this for nine months. brian: tom homan says why are we talking about this now? we have always done it. listen. >> in the last decade i think money has been reprogrammed to ice eight out of 10 years. almost every year under the obama administration we had to reprogram money because
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congress has never funded ice at the level they should have. i have been up on the hill talking to appropriators for many years, and it's always a fight to fund ice detention beds. look, if they would have stopped resisting this president and helped secure the border by closing those loopholes, we wouldn't be going through this mess. they have themselves to blame on this. brian: they're wrestling with each other. nobody does expensive immigration reform. they all wants to blame the others or label them racist or say you don't like kids because you are not letting them in or you have detention beds. nancy pelosi sees this and tweets out. donald trump's brange theft of disaster relief funding to pay for inhumane incarceration plan is cruel. where are we going to put the people that are coming across illegally who you don't want to stop with wall or by fixing the loopholes in the system. therefore, the magnet is coming through. you can't just keep on saying things that have no base in logic. steve: and bennie thompson who heads up the committee on homeland security, you
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know, he is taking note of this tropical storm/hurricane down in the caribbean heading toward puerto rico. he said yesterday taking money from tsa and fema in the middle of hurricane seasonal could have deadly consequences. ainsley: just seems like common sense to want to know who is coming into our country. the president says he is not heartless. he just wants to make sure that rapists, killers, that drugs are not coming across our border. and look at some of these sanctuary cities. look at montgomery county in maryland. steve: just north of washington, d.c. u.s. ainsley: just this past month alone five individuals that are here illegally were arrested for sexual assault. that is one county alone. steve: latest is the man, 46 years old, arrested for sexual assault. ainsley: the one on the far right. sadly the details are not pleasant, but nonetheless, he crawled into the bed of a 16-year-old. ainsley: went through her window.
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steve: sexually assaulted her at knife point. now the montgomery county executive mark he will rich signed an order last month prohibiting officials from asking about immigration status or cooperating with ice unless somebody has been accused of a serious crime. i think this would qualify. brian: so you don't want ice to work with local police. both of which are paid by the federal government and other by the state and local government. you don't want them cooperating for the best interest of the people that put you in office. how does that make sense? ron vitiello weighed in on the whole concept of sanctuary cities which has riddled maryland. watch. >> this is a big problem. i think it's time for montgomery county and other jurisdictions to question why or not that they are going to cooperate with ice. these are preventable crimes. these people are in the country illegally. and so they they crossed the border illegally. they overstayed their visas regardless of the circumstance.
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they are here against the law. they go on to commit another crime. like these crimes very disturbing situation going on in montgomery county. last month the county executive issued an executive order basically saying that they are not going to work with ice to help remove these people from their community. they have should change it. it would make their community safer. they would protect their citizens better. brian: just have the victims speak up. the victims have to unite. victims, survivors have to unite these families and speak out we don't care about republicans or democrats we would like to be protected, please. we are paying enough in taxes. ainsley: this victim is 16 years old. she was sleeping. and he said take your clothes off. she wasn't doing it fast enough. he rips them off and then you know the rest of the story. her life will be changed forever because of this individual. this guy a father of 10. six of his kids are under the age of 18. he is from el salvador and ice has issued a detainer for his removal. steve: they have indeed. let's talk about politics. joe biden, he is out and about. he is in iowa. he was talking to the nbc
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affiliate. and he was talking about public health insurance. and how it would decrease the price of prescription drugs. and you know joe biden. sometimes things just don't come out quite right. and he said to whotv, the nbc affiliate. we should set up a system, which i propose and will, if i'm elected president, that allows folks at hh -- the folks at health and -- health department in the united states, hhs, there he goes, finally got it back, to be able to go out and bring together experts and make a judgment when there is a patient being -- or rather a patent being sought by a drug company. brian: that isn't so smooth but is it charming? his spokesperson, kate binningfield says that's joe. >> everybody is going to slip up and misstate a name or a date or a location. it happens all the time. people know who he is. they know this is part of his charm is that they
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understand that, you know, they are getting it straight from him. it's not overly packaged. you know, is he always speaking from his heart. sure, that means sometimes he is going to misstate a couple of things. ainsley: at first it might have been charming. okay, he is the guy next door. we all make mistakes. this guy is running for president and these mistakes continue to happen. steve: rick perry speaking of cabinet departments he forgot one of three. ainsley: right. i know. i understand these agencies are hard when you are using acronyms. hard to remember them all they are not getting any sleep and on the campaign trail constantly but this constantly happens with him. brian: that's why we say we open up the show i say it's great to be in new jersey. he says he thought he was in vermont when he was in new hampshire. steve: new jersey, work in new jersey. ainsley: you will get hate mail. brian: new jersey people like the giants. turns out they like the
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eagles. [cheers] steve: that's south jersey. ainsley: get it straight, brian. brian: there's a difference? steve: yeah. brian: what is brewing in politico the story about joe biden's younger brother trading on his name, perhaps, along with his son, combining with his younger brother. i get the sense that these stories are going to come out more and more and become more and more challenging for joe biden. that, perhaps, is the bigger story. for tammy bruce last night, she weighed in and just talked about how the generation -- this generation might have passed on joe biden. >> a fickle mistress, right? easy to get and easy to lose. and i think that they are also opportunists. at the beginning everyone thought back in the normal rhythm of the next in line. he was going to be president, so they are all over you. the moment there is a little bit of a stumble, perhaps, or a few gaffes, my goodness it's like maybe he's not the one and then it's a free for all. this is the problem with the entire establishment. that they think that they
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know what they are doing and they are going to cuddle up to whoever it is going to be. when that doesn't work out, they will go over to whoever is the most convenient or the next one brain brian they love joe biden for a while and now they all seem to be turning on joe biden for a while. one of the big stories yesterday is 30-year-old rob govergronch speaking out how it made his pain easier. known for outgoing bubbly personality showed a lot of emotion when he was going over the pain he feels at young age from years of professional football. and why it led to his retirement after the super bowl. watch. >> i needed to recover. i was not in a good place. football was bringing me down. and i didn't like it. and i was losing that joy in life, like the joy. i'm sorry right now. but, oh. dang. i really was.
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and i was fighting through it. and i knew what i signed up for and i knew what i was fighting through. i knew i just have to fix myself. i needed to walk away because i needed to do what was best for myself at that moment. i truly needed to be selfish for once in my life and walk away. steve: right. so there he was explaining why he left football. he was talking about how during his rehab he was using cbd, very popular herbal supplement people use. it was working so well with him he partnered with abby can you sabe acan youadvocatinge available for all players when they are recovering because his recovery was so tough. in fact is he still in it. ainsley: andrew luck shockingly retired. he said the same thing. is he doing it because of injuries. rough sport. bigger than ever. they train more than ever. county uniforms, county
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helmets keep up with how big these guys are? brian: bigger overarching question is not andrew luck or rob gronkowski, in today's sports, in football especially, these players are deciding when they're leaving. a lot of people are saying i thought football is the time when you grind it out and have to carry you off the field and you want to play every down you can. and this generation, perhaps, is looking like this generation, perhaps, is looking at this sport differently. i don't blame andrew luck and calvin johnson one of the best receivers leaving after 9 years. gronkowski after nine years. march bennett leaving after 9 years. if i can play until i'm 40 i should do it. when the average player only plays three years because this game is so brutal. when you see like junior seau so many years so many cognitive problems he ended up taking his own life. tony dorsett lost his short-term memory. running back with the dallas
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cowboys and denver broncos. i love this support as soon as i get out i'm getting out. a lot of fans. ainsley: hopefully they saved a lot of money and invested it well. they are still ending their careers at 29 years old. will andrew luck and gronk are 29. they have so much potential when they make it to that level. so loved in their communities they can do commercials. brian: those are the bigger names. what about the other names that aren't as big. ainsley: he said i knew what i was signing up for. steve: now gronk is the face of cbd for players. ainsley: we wish him the best. brian: he might be coming back. he left that door open. ainsley: we have seen him opening beer cans and spraying the crowds. we have seen him get emotional. he is just like all of us. [laughter] brian: like jillian. i have never seen you spray the crowd with beer but you are a typical gronk brian. jillian: not when you are around. headlines start with this.
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a man accused of killing a minor league baseball players wife and kid runs naked outside. man around a man in a church in virginia. the 18-year-old was eventually arrested and charged with murder. is he accused of killing his mother, sister and young nephew. two of the victims are the wife and son of montgomery biscuits pitcher blake bivens. president trump declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm dorian pushes through the caribbean. the president's declaration will allow federal aid to arrive more quickly in puerto rico when the storm hits today. dorian is on track to hit florida this weekend. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the storm. of course we are a few days fraught that possible landfall in florida. he will keep us updated and join us "fox news live" a few minutes. cocoa golf wins debut new dramatic fashion. watch this.
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gauff coming from behind after dropping first said in grand slam tournament. the 15-year-old made history becoming the youngest person ever to make the final 16 at wimbledon, this is definitely a career you want to follow. ainsley: we have been following her. she is awesome. imagine what she is going to be like at 20. incredible. steve: she has to have somebody drive her to the arena. ainsley: she is not even old enough to drive. brian: they should get her an uber or lyft. let her make the choice. steve: stunning revelation democrats stunning impeachment push began before the mueller report was finished but they would wait until they saw it. ainsley: our next guest says this takes the dem's double standard to a whole new level
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brian: glad you are up. hope you are dressed. bombshell filings now revealing the democrats' impeachment probe began before special counsel robert mueller finished with the russia report. this shows a double standard for democrats and their allegations. let's welcome in bret homan. you sarcastically told me in the break you're shocked that they did this. in a way, you are surprised that they would breach the system like this, aren't you? >> it is surprising. but you hear the old never let the facts get in the way of a good story. it seems they are buying into that. and they made an assumption of what mueller was going to report and they had already made a decision and reached their conclusion which should shock the nation. but unfortunately we are seeing a lot of that in politics right now. brian: they have heard enough. they wanted to get this whole proceedings going, assuming mueller was going to come up with some type of recommendation.
3:22 am
which explains why after the mueller report comes out and after mueller testifies they are still moving towards impeachment. >> yeah. it tells us that this committee is not seriously exercising oversight. they have an agenda right now that they are pursuing. and that should be a concern because there are issues that we need both democrats and republicans exercising oversight and making sure that our government agencies like the fbi or the fisa court abuses are being investigated. brian: a couple of things are going on. number one is either we are being played or leadership does understand like nancy pelosi. you don't just throw out impeachment because you don't like the president. she hadn't seen enough yet. she is pushing back on her own party and in particular, the chairman of her party, nadler, to calm down. but he is going ahead anyway. unless they are just doing a dog and pony show. >> that's what it looks like is a dog and pony show. what is scary is they tell the public be, you know, be
3:23 am
honest when you testify to congress. they talk about, you know, not lying to congress when you come. but they never talk about lying by congress. and that's what concerns the american people. we get concerned when people in power aren't exercising their authority honestly. brian: so, bret, in a way this is unprecedented. we have this report and can you choose to read it. i did. i imagine you did. and some in congress did. so now they want to bring it to life. it didn't work with mueller but now they want to bring out mccann and they want to bring out corey lewandowski all the players already interviewed over the course of two and a half years. where are we going with this? >> well, that's, perhaps, even more shocking. you have mueller who your a-team and now you have the jv squad saying, wait, we want to do the same thing. let us look at everything. because our perspective is going to be better than robert mueller, who has been doing this his entire career. brian: who had a bottomless budget and had everybody.
3:24 am
do the investigation and now bring the clowns, it seems. lastly, andy mccabe from, what you know from what has been revealed. the saying i was just confused or he just had a trouble remembering. do you think he is going to get indicted? >> well, i have been saying i want to see some honesty and some behavior by those that are investigating, lying and deception some consistency. we charge someone like flynn when they -- when we think that, you know, as the fbi we think someone is lying to us. the fbi brings charges. but when an fbi agent does it, it should be even more concerning and that should be on the table. brian: you are speaking as a u.s. attorney. not as a pundit with somebody with an action grind. it should be interesting what happens the next few days because they are analyzing right now. >> thank you. brian: new york city mayor bill de blasio wants to get
3:25 am
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3:29 am
project before going to work for uber. if convicted he could spend decades behind bars. steve: also the new york city's mayor and presidential hopeful bill de blasio is backing a proposal to eliminate gifted and talented programs in new york schools over concerns other students will feel discriminated. ainsley: our next guest calls this a political correctness kick that will hurt gifted students fox nation host tomi lahren joins us now. good morning, tammy. >> good morning, guys. just when i thought my state of california was winning, it looks like new york city stepping up and gives us a run of money for ridiculous level. always good to be in competition with you guys. steve: why do you say it's ridiculous? >> listen, this is a slap in the face to students who work hard and perform at high academic level. why would new york city or any city for that matter want to take away resources and programs from those who have shown high aptitude for learning.
3:30 am
furthermore if public schools and these programs what makes them think these parents won't move gifted and talented students to private schools. well the ones who can afford it will anyway but those who don't have the money putting their kids into a private school they are really out of luck. it's very sad and again this is all a political correctness kick that serves no one. ainsley: let me tell you how it works in new york, tomi. it's not like it's a school and pulling five kids out of each classroom. 8 specialized high schools here in new york city that represent all five of the burrows, so these high school students when they are in 8th or 9th grade called the ha-sat. the kids who do the best on the test get to apply to those schools and they are accepted. they are surrounded by people just like them and these teachers are exceptional so they can teach these kids that are going to give back to our community. >> absolutely. we should be rewarding students who perform at high academic level. some students need more of a
3:31 am
challenge. which brings me to my other point. academic aptitude or incident electricity is not assigned to a race, a religion, a socioeconomic status. students attending public schools who show those advanced abilities should be able to foster without parents having to shell out big bucks for a private education. brian: in life some people are taller, some people are stronger and faster. it's all what you do what the skills that you have. ainsley: should we ban athletics because i'm not good at soccer i'm better as an actress than i was on the tennis court? brian: we do have video of ainsley acting it's going to be in the next hour. ainsley: it irks. they have the opportunity to do great things for this country. >> absolutely. this is a political correctness kick. i want electric actual dishonesty especially in a case like this. steve: coming up on the next episode of no interruption on fox nation you actually sit down with the vice president of the black rifle
3:32 am
coffee company, matt best. watch this. >> the veteran communities doesn't get a hand-out. they need opportunity. but then they need corporate entities and businesses like my own that see opportunity in veterans. they don't see that dd. >214or resume veteran at risk individual. what we can do ♪ blanket the whole community like that. we can treat the individual. steve: the importance of taking care of our vets when they return, right, tomi? >> absolutely. and this is my latest episode of no interruption with matt best who a lot of people know he is a youtube sensation from black rifle dove. what is he saying veterans don't want a handout. they just want to be treated fairly and want to have jobs when they return from combat. that's exactly what black rifle coffee company does and he hopes other businesses will do for veterans as well. steve: they have been on this program a couple of times. the coffee is terrific. so is fox nation. so-called netflix for conservatives. check it out. go to
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tomi? ainsley: thanks, tomi. great to see you. >> thank you, guys. steve: first it was the ferguson effect in missouri, remember that? now it's the pantaleo effect here in new york city. ainsley: arrests are down since the officer in the eric garner case was fired. how can we fix this? our law enforcement panel is here to discuss this next. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] ♪ i am who i wanna be
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my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. ♪ brian: back now with a fox news alert. tropical storm dorian
3:37 am
expected to strengthen before hitting puerto rico. that will happen some time today. ainsley: that storm is packing heavy rains and winds as well as life threatening flash floods on the island which is still recovering from hurricane maria. steve: doran leaving a mess turning roads into rivers. joining us now with a tropical update adam klotz. it looks like it's heading for the islands and then according to your cone it looks like it's headed toward florida. >> this is trend not guilty wrong direction. it's strengthening, spending more time over warm water which would athrough to pick up wind speeds and pick up all that you extra moisture. looking like a tough system. 60 mile-per-hour winds right now. still moving to the northwest at 13 miles per hour. just south of puerto rico is going to be making landfall there with the island later today probably getting into the evening hours. just now beginning to see outer rain band showers moving onto the island. they have several hours before the heavy stuff gets there take a look at the future forecast there you
3:38 am
can see the center of circulation getting to around 4:00 when you initially get closer to making that landfall, at least seeing that really heavy rain, strong winds moving over the island. this potential model is taking it right over san juan that would be the largest city before running back out over land. this could be causing if you get that eye wall running over san juan a lot of rain. some spots 10 to 12 inches. there is still time to move to the left or the right that will change how much rainfall we see. we do have back out very warm water. that's when you start to wonder where does this head next. that's still a ways off. running over this warm water and making a turn towards florida wouldn't be happening sunday night int this miami as far as north as savannah. we have a lot of the time puerto rico. place we are paying attention to for the next 12 hours, guys. steve: adam, thank you very much. we saw it in ferguson,
3:39 am
missouri will new york city arrest plummeting so-called pants lay owe effect. new statistics obtained by the "new york post" show arrests have dropped 27% since officer daniel pantaleo fired earlier this month over the 2014 death of eric garner. if officers feel their own department doesn't have their backs what could that mean for the future of law enforcement here in america? let's brings in the panel we have got with us. retired new york city police department joe cardinal screen left. retired new york city police department deputy inspector and nyit professor dr. andy costello and blue lives matter new york city founder with 13 years in law enforcement joseph peritrese. thank you for joining us. joe, let's start with you, what's going on in the streets in new york city. >> well, the coming are sends the message right back to them, you are not going to support us, we are going to do the minimum. steve: who is the message to. >> the message is to everybody out there that doesn't support law
3:40 am
enforcement. >> it starts at the top, right? >> it starts with the mayor and all his underlings as you call them because they don't give them any support anymore. can you see morale is at all time low. i have never seen morale as low as it is with this administration. brian: andy, what's going out on out on the streets. coming on the corner, sees something going on, what's he is going to do. >> tough problem. talking about an officer who is taking action from an event spurred on by upper management from the chief department down. they were told condition presink. the commanders was told to do it. this was not a self-initiated action. steve: he was following orders that day. tactical plan drawn up. this is a full-fledged operation. this was not a pick-up arrest. this was not officer pantaleo decided this morning to arrest eric garner. it was a staged event. when things happen and force
3:41 am
does occur, sometimes bad results occur. occur. now, in the particular situation, i can understand the police officers. you have police officer pantaleo fired. his family has no benefits. he has no benefits. steve: and they don't want to take the chance. >> why would you want to engage in any independent action when your agency just gave you an example of what happens when you are doing something that's not even independent. steve: joe, the scary thing is to think if the police officers are not going to stop some crime right there because they don't, they feel that front office doesn't have their back, you have to wonder am i as safe today in new york city as i was a couple of months ago? >> police something completely different in my 13 years much different than when i started. the incident with danny is going to scrutinize the numbers. look back when mayor de blasio took office and stopped will. you had plain clothes units
3:42 am
and ever since progressive politicians decided to put their hands in the pot, that has all stopped. officers used to go out there, stop the incident as it was occurring or right before and none of that is happening. community police something phenomenal. at the same time, do you want to trade taking the bad guys off the street or kissing babies and shaking hands? steve: you know, joe, a couple weeks ago we featured on this frame on this network videos of cops doing their job in new york city getting doused with water. getting hit in the head with home depot buckets. stuff like that. they didn't even flinch because they are being taught by the academy, i would imagine, that's what you do. >> well, if they are being taught that, they are being taught wrong. steve: isn't that coming from management? >> that's coming from management. exactly. that's the tone that's set for the police officers in topsdz environment. all right. what is the definition of doing your job these days? there is no definition because it keeps changing. you cannot go out there with the security of knowing that your job has got your back when you take action against
3:43 am
somebody. so, as joe said, proactively, they are thought going to get involved. they are just going to react to what's happening out there right now. they are going to say i will do the bear minimum of what i have to do. i'm going to answer my jobs. we wilmake an arrest when we hae to make an arrest. don't ask me to go above and beyond. i'm not putting my career and reputation on the line for this. steve: we have a chart that shows the number of arrests in new york city over the last six years. as you can see back in 2013 it was close to 400,000 in the last year we have got 2018 it's at about a quarter of a million. andy, what's going on? >> well, the pants lay owe events started in 2014. steve: the ferguson effect. >> no, the pantaleo effect. it's called the ferguson effect. it's called different names. basically it can become a situation where the police officers will ignore and basically drive on. and only take assignments directed to them by the 9/11 calls. this happened in ferguson
3:44 am
and maryland and happened in a couple of other large municipalities. this is bad. because proactive policing is essential for large urban areas. who it effects more than anyone else is the poor. steve: joe, there are a lot of young people out there thinking what am i getting out of high school, getting out of college, thinking getting out of the military, what am i going to do next with my life? i would like to be in law enforcement. is it worth it? >> absolutely worth it. no matter what, it's the greatest job on earth. do you know what frustrates me in new york you constantly hear our voting doesn't matter in a liberal or democratic state. go grab senile aunts betty and uncle bill. the only thing that doesn't change show of force and votes. puts people in there number one that are going to react to law and order that's what we need and also to preserve human life. it's on both sides. the way the city is going on canal street and homeless. you hear them touting certain numbers lower
3:45 am
completely nonsense. at the end of the day complaints are up. we have to put somebody in there that really wants to change the city and is going to do it in the best interest of everybody. steve: who is that person? >> maybe it will be me one day. you know what? we need somebody that is going to go out there and do the job that needs to be done. we can't follow suit with san fran or detroit. that's whatnot new york city is all about. steve: thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right. a quarter before the top of the hour, jillian joins us now with a developing story. jillian: that's right. good morning, steve. good morning to you at home. the d.a. launching an investigation into the deaths of 10 veterans at a west virginia facility. the family of army veteran felix mcdermott claims he died after he was injected with insulin even though he was not diabetic. his death is being ruled as a homicide. the families' claim also suggest the other patients also died after being wrongfully injected with insulin at the lewis a. johnson v.a. medical center in clarksburg. shark tank star kevin owe
3:46 am
leary is involved in a boating accident deadly in canada. owe leary tells tmz i was a passenger in a boat that this a tragic collision with another craft that had no navigational lights on and then fled the scene of the accident. i'm fully cooperating with authorities. according to tmz owe leary's wife was driving at the time. one man was killed and a woman seriously hurt. police are now investigating. and now for this. three men jump in to help a police officer make a dangerous arrest. look at this surveillance video showing them rushing to protect a cop in a fight for his life in california. the suspect reaching for the officer's gun before one of the men removed his hand from the weapon. >> i told him i wasn't even thinking. i was -- the only thing i was thinking about was safety. >> teen helping to hold the suspect down until more officers arrived. that is incredible video. college football players surprised their coach battling cancer by shaving their heads. watch this.
3:47 am
>> this is all for you, coach. >> this is all for you, coach. > lyon college. they shaved their heads to show their solidarity. wow, look at that. steve: that's awesome. kids at that age, the hair is so important. and to get rid of it all for that guy. jillian: they know the coach is more important than the hair. steve: absolutely. thank you jillian very much. brian: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. the new school year is getting started in the florida it started already and other places. but there are no doxxing fears just for joining conservative groups, including incoming freshman react next. >> seems like a low blow to just call somebody out for what their opinion. >> i'm not conservative. i'm actually quite liberal but i don't think that's cool.
3:48 am
excuse me, um... do you mind being a motaur? what could be better than being a motaur? for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
3:49 am
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3:51 am
♪ jillian: good morning to you. welcome back. quick headlines now. we begin with a fox business alert. nearly 6 million kids' water bottles are recalled because of a choking hazard. the bottles made by con takincontigohave spouts that cod
3:52 am
detach. target is bringing back a popular car seat trade in. 20% coupon towards a new car seat, stroller or other baby gear if you bring in an old car to see the. seat. the program has recycled half a million car seats. ainsley? ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. as conservative students arrive on campus university of texas austin they face more worry. twitter account run by a student group threatened to doxf incoming students who join conservative student groups posting in part if you join yct or turning point u.s.a. your name and more could end up on an article like one of these. to so make sure to make smart choices. campus reform went to texas for ut orientation to get students' reaction to the threat. >> it's not cool with doxxing. seems like a low blow to just call somebody out for
3:53 am
what their opinion is. >> i mean, this is a great school. you should be able to express your view whether you are conservative or super liberal. >> i'm not conservative. i'm actually quite liberal. but i don't think that's cool. >> i don't think people actually docks you online. i don't think they will. i think it's a threat. >> threats are bad though, right? >> i mean, yeah. i don't think they will actually do it. ainsley: well you just saw cabot phillips in that video. he is the media director for campus and he joins us now. good morning, cabot. >> thanks for having me on. ainsley: that young lady said she didn't think they would do it. you and i know good and well it can happen and has happened a lot. >> it is a growing trend. it was encouraging to admit students admit docks something wrong regardless of the purpose. sadly becoming more and more important. not just something on the fringes of the party. we have democratic members of congress using docking to intimidate supporters of president trump as we reported leadership institute campus reform. other professors around the country coming out doxxing students for their support of border patrol, ice, other conservative causes like
3:54 am
that. and i think that it's important that whenever this does arise, especially in an age of so little ideological diversity on campus, we need to make sure that universities are letting students know if you have an opinion that's not popular, we are still going to protect it. we are not going to let people threaten you for your ideas. and i think that's how you shut this kind of mentality down before it becomes even more common. we need to come together as a country and as universities and make sure we shut this down. university of texas to their part has reached out to the attorney general's office there in the state to make sure that providing full legal support to any students that are being threatened with having their information released. ainsley: that's good news. here is what the school had to say about it. students should never be targeted or face harassment for their affiliations. political beliefs or for any other reason. we also reached out to the texas attorney general's office to see if they could identify other legal options. they agreed to that we are taking all available steps under the current circumstances. do you know who is responsible for this? >> well, it was affiliated group there in austin.
3:55 am
they are now anarchist group there. not a direct affiliation with a campus group, but certainly something that many students are aware of and the fact is even if the students there in austin or around the country aren't fairing threats of doxxing, once they do join a conservative campus club, they are still facing a litany of other problems. whether it's the university denying them the same funding that liberal groups get, whether it's the continual indoctrination coming from professors in class. it weather it's free speech suppression when they are trying to go out and recruit for their groups. the fact is if you are a conservative student if you join a group on campus it's still an uphill battle for you whether your information is published or not. i think we need to encourage universities to do the right thing like it appears the university of texas is doing right here and also hold groups accountable and let them know you are not outside the law just because you are shutting down conservative ideas. and just because it may be socially acceptable for some it doesn't mean that you are immune from the law. ainsley: did any professor react to this? >> well, we did see a tweet from professor alex wild there in the science department at texas.
3:56 am
he came out, kind of saying if you are a conservative student, maybe this is what you deserve. he went on to go on and tweet -- actually he said if you are a supporter of president trump at this point you are a nazi still. there is an entire other series of tweets where he said the republican party and conservative students are in support of ethnic cleansing and so that was another aspect of this story where the professor came out, seemed to support this and i actually asked students about that as well. and they were split. half of them saying well, i agree with the professor. i think that's a good thing. the other half saying i don't want my professor to sound like the comment section in the youtube video. that professor certainly had an opinion. and i think most americans can agree not something you want to see from a taxpayer funded employee. ainsley: i wonder how the school will handle that it is free speech. at the same time some of these universities have policies for their professors not to get political. ainsley: thanks, cabot. still ahead, newt gingrich, dog the bounty hunter duane
3:57 am
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for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. brian: we begin with a fox news alert. tropical dorian expected to strengthen before hitting puerto rico today. ainsley: the storm packing heavy rains and wind. still recovering from hurricane maria. steve: dorian already leaving a mess. turning roads into rivers. adam klotz joins us right now here in the studio. adam, as we look as it is bearing down on puerto rico, you watch the cone, it looks like it's heading for florida. could be over the labor day. >> yeah. that's getting into early monday morning. a long time between now and then. but it's trending in the wrong direction. it's strengthening as it heads eventually towards florida towards the united states east coast. at least the next 12 hours we will be focusing on what's going to be happening in puerto rico.
4:01 am
winds currently 60 miles per hour. probably 12 hours or so until we really get into the brunt of this for the island. here is where we are just beginning to see outer bands of rain hit the island very early this morning. that's going to be intensifying. this is going to be a future radar i think 4:00 5:00 that's when we will see the heaviest of showers and heaviest of rain bands. there is your center of circulation'6":00 p.m. moving close to san juan. still time to move a little. strong wind over the eastern corner of the island see san juan the most populated areas. rains in some of these locks topography would cause for a lot of flooding getting up to 10 to 12 inches before the system runs back out over very warm water and that causes a whole new problem running over warm water, this could strengthen coming from a tropical storm when we are talking about puerto rico, getting up to a hurricane, maybe even a category 2 hurricane. these are our current forecast models, most of them running just completely over warm water before
4:02 am
turning into florida. our cone of uncertainty still includes areas from all the way south as miami, as far as north of savannah. which is one we will continue to watch. if we are talking about the united states, the mainland coast, that's going to be getting into late sunday night into early monday morning. so, still a lot of time to pay attention to this one, guys. steve: it looks like it would actually intensify after it gets past the islands as it heads -- adam: tropical storm for puerto rico very warm water, probably running up into a hurricane somewhere in this area. steve: all right. ou very much. the tough thing about puerto rico right now and you have been there recently is the fact that there are 30,000 homes in puerto rico blue tarps on them because they don't have any roofs. ainsley: lots of stories of individuals had to go down to the river. i heard this from definitely three people that they had to go down to the river and fill up buckets of water, take them back home and boil the water and that's what their family had to live on for six months. steve: it's tough. we will be keeping an eye on that. in the meantime take a look
4:03 am
at some of the news. it's been announced that the trump administration is planning to divert hundreds of millions of dollars in homeland security funds to ramp up security at our southern border. they are going to reprogram the money. brian: democrats are blasting the move calling it cruel and backwards. ainsley: ellison barber joins us live from the white house with why dhs says the move is necessary. good morning, ellison. >> the department of homeland security notified congress about this plan last month. the 30-day period for innovation is set to end on sunday. the department of homeland security says it intends to reprogram and transfer $116 million to fund ice single adult detention beds and transportation. and to transfer $155 million to establish and operate temporary immigration hearing facilities along the southwest border. $271 million in all over 150 million coming from fema's disaster relief fund. this as a major storm heads
4:04 am
towards puerto rico, an island still trying to recover after hurricane maria. the mayor of san juan tweeting could the president go any lower. dhs argues this is necessary, in their words, given the rise of single adults crossing the border without additional funding for single adult detention beds and transportation from the u.s. border patrol to ice detention facilities. will not be able to you support the influx of migrants from u.s. customs and border patrol apprehension. dhs has failed to give any information proving this transfer is necessary. house speaker nancy pelosi says it is brazen theft. in a statement she adds, quote: stealing from inappropriated funds is always unacceptable. to say pick the pockets of disaster relief funding in order to fund appalling inhumane incarceration plan is staggering. to do so on the eve of hurricane season is stungly reckless. ainsley, brian, steve? brian: ellison, thanks so much. you know, essentially, what
4:05 am
do you want the president to do? he has an objective, secure the southern border. congress wants to starve it out because they see politics. president has to be resourceful and puts his people in place. this is a national emergency. i am concerned about the security. i am cerkd about the facilities and humanitarian concerns at the border. to so are democrats. where are you expecting them to get the money from. cash in trump tower, remortgage it, perhaps? what dew points them to do. steve: two fold. congress hasn't changed the laws to address these things and close the loopholes that the president has asked. also, the white house asked congress during the july emergency supplemental, give us money for more beds. they did not do that and so now that's why they are looking all across the federal budget. they are sitting in the department of home land security, not being used. they are saying let's reprogram it and put it to use. ainsley: i'm surprised that democrats like nancy pelosi are calling this reckless when they go down to these facilities and they see what they are like inside. when you are putting individuals in these
4:06 am
facilities for 20 to 60 days, and then don't you think they need a bed to lie down on? brian: so let's see. we are going to protest. steve: there is no bed. they can't keep them. brian: they are going to make purchases of beds from a private company. will that company selling the beds to homeland security, are they going to get boycotted. and then complain about the lack of beds and lack of facilities but you don't want to fund it. so he decides i have got to take money from homeland security to fund it because this is a homeland security issue and you want to vilify the president and the administration for doing something you are complaining he wasn't doing. steve: welcome to washington. brian: i mean, there has got to be somebody who has to lay this out. very busy people say stheent surface saying the president doesn't care about people who are in the identify the storm literally of this hurricane. when, in reality, is he trying to fund the border because that was their main critique before they went on august vacation. ainsley: disaster relief isn't just for hurricane as or tropical storms. to your point maybe the democrats don't want the
4:07 am
beds they want them released. steve: on th nose. ron vitiello said if there are no beds, what would that then create? watch this. >> if ice doesn't get funding for bed space, they would not be able to hold single adults. so like all -- most of this year we have been releasing families at the border. so people don't have bed space for single adults, they either wait in custody at cbp for too long, which is not a good scenario, or get released like the families do. that would effectively give you an open border. steve: we had sound bite from tom homan on earlier on "fox & friends first" who said, look, reprogramming has been going on since the obama administration. ainsley: other administrations have done it, too he said. steve: in 2018, the department of home land security diverted $160 million for national security operations regarding ice detention and depoor station. so it's been done. ainsley: this morning i'm talking to this nice gentleman he said his wife
4:08 am
is a police officer in queens. and i said do you worry about her? is she safe? does she feel safe with everything going on with the police department? and he said yeah, she is just not making any arrests. this is an effects here in the new york area. people are scared. these police officers are scared to make lacies because they are scared that they are going to loads their jobs. brian: they are scared and ticked and angry because they feel the police commissioner and certainly the mayor. new york city and maybe your city is not being protected by the people who put them in charge you, put them through the academy. after the eric garner situation clrks is unfortunate for everybody around. he loses his life, has an asthma attack and heart attack while he was being wrestled to the ground because he was not cooperating with police. that was played out and irving had a chance to look at that high profile arrest. the officer involved lost his job and his pension. and the reaction. steve: pantaleo. brian: the reaction has been rippling throughout the police department. steve: police officers are saying look, if my bosses don't have my back, why am i
4:09 am
going to go out of my way to do something that might get me in trouble or get me fired and then i lose my job and my family loses the benefits? the "new york post" took a look at the number of arrests year over year up to today. and what it shows is in the last year, new york city police officers have arrested 27% fewer people nut wake of the daniel pantaleo firing. we had a law enforcement panel a little while ago talking about this and what's going on in new york city. here are their observations. >> it starts with the mayor. and all his underlings. they are going to say i will do the bear minimum of what i have to do. i will do my job and make an arrest when i have. to say don't ask me to gov above and beyond because i'm not putting my career on the line.
4:10 am
>> officers stop a crime before it was happening and now that's not happening. decided to put their hands in the pot that has all stopped. >> this is bad because proactive police something essential for large urban areas. what it effects more than anything else is the poor. steve: they are reluctant to make arrests now. brian: plus you it's hard to get cops. not getting paid enough. putting their lives on the line and not getting backing and getting vilified on shows not on fox. ainsley: when i moved to the city everyone talked about how rudy giuliani cleaned up times square. steve: broken windows. ainsley: it was really dangerous. this is what people fear they love their communities. yes there are bad apples in the group and we want all of them to lose their jobs or to not be in law enforcement because it's not fair to the good guys. brian: this is how bad it was. when you went to the city with a car, you basically saved the criminals some time and just threw your radio out the window because it would be gone. pulling it out because your car would be broken into. crime was everywhere.
4:11 am
then you have people walk up to you and say i'm going to wash your windows and demand you pay. so when you go into the city. especially when we first got our -- it was like -- it was a parade of challenges. and rudy giuliani changed that after mayor continue dinkid now going south. let's talk about one of the most "newsweek" things about the democratic party. a lot of times you say i can't see the difference between the two parties. if you want to seat difference welcome the debate of the bernie sanders and entrepreneur i will give you $1,000 just for being alive andrew yang. steve: right. we are going to play two different ideas for you. the first is regarding andrew yang. what he has suggested is everybody in the united states should get $1,000 a month universal income based on the fact that so many millions of people are projected to lose their jobs because of animation and things like that. robots. bernie was asked about that. he had this and andrew yangs
4:12 am
doesn't like it. we are going to play him next. watch. >> we take a very -- you know, different approach from mr. yang. that is i believe in a jobs guarantee. there are an enormous amount of work. there is an enormous amount of work that has to be done all the way from child care to healthcare, to education, to rebuilding our infrastructure, to combating climate change, to dealing with our growing elderly population. enormous number of jobs out there. and i believe under sanders' administration what we would do is created those jobs and as people lose their jobs there are other jobs available. i think most people wants to work and be a productive member of society. ainsley: so andrew yang responded he says bernie ignores the fact that money in our hands would created hundreds of thousands of local jobs and recognize the reward neutering work being done in our homes and communities every day. he also assumes that everyone wants to work for the government, which isn't true. steve: is he right about
4:13 am
that. ainsley: andrew yang believes we're all heading towards unemployment. there will be nothing to do. ainsley: how will we afford that? so if you are married, you get $2,000 a month? brian: yes. that's why. people would be going into marriage just for the money. also, robots will be tying your chairs, gu gigantor will be solving crimes fantastic. steve: my shoes don't have laces. brian: you are ahead of your time. steve: she doesn't have laces. analogue. brian: i like to feel like a man of the people. i like to tie my shoes like everybody else one shoe at a time. ainsley: how much would that cost if they gave everyone $1,000 a month? brian: let's watch the debate this week. ainsley: how would we afford it. brian: a job for everyone. or $1,000 for everyone. you make the call. steve: think about it, if you are trying to get somebody's vote if i'm elected i will give you a thousand dollars a month. loot of people are going to vote for that guy. brian: too many smart people
4:14 am
on the other side of the camera not going to buy that. steve: don't be so sure. brian: i know you are smart and you know how are. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jill gizelle whether a shoe do you tie first. brian: left. i go both ways. jillian: keep it interesting. ainsley: mix it up a little. jillian: we now know the man of stealing a dayton ohio police suv and killing two children. he stabbed his father and stole his father on the way to a mental hospital. walters then crashed that car and stole a police suv. dash cam video shows him driving backwards, moments later he slammed into a minivan with seven kids inside at 97 miles per hour. walters was released from prison two weeks ago. the nypd is investigating a brutal attack on a jewish man as a hate crime. the man was wearing a jam can jamcan a punched him.
4:15 am
and yelled a jewish slur. the victim's son-in-law says he was seriously hurt. >> he has a broken nose, missing two front teeth. gashes to the forehead lacerations all over his body. from his description he said he was sure of the man was trying to kill him. jillian: the nypd releasing this video of a person of interest. there is a $5,000 reward for information. the wife of a political consultant claiming her husband had an affair with congresswoman ilhan omar. according to divorce papers beth minet said her husband tim informed him of the affair earlier this year. records show omar's campaign has paid the firm nearly $230,000 for fund raising, consulting, and other expenses since 2018. beth is seeking full custody of their young son. omar's office did not respond to fox news for comment. a 3-run homer nearly sends two baseball fans over the
4:16 am
edge. watch this. >> oh, had it, then dropped it, oh, no. a little battle. between a yankee fan and a mariner fan. jillian: the new york yankee fan beating out opposing fan. got some kind of device to help her grab the home run ball. the yankees won the game 7-0. whether a is that thing? brian: change light bulbs. jillian: i just get a chair. brian: until we get a robot we will have to use them until the robot comes. in. steve: the robot will be the light. brian: the fan should have be able to get that yankee should be able to get it because it was a 3-run homer. jillian: i agree. steve: i don't think that's the way it works. brian: it should be. steve: whoever gets the ball gets the ball. jillian: i don't want a ball from the opposing team. steve: that's different. ainsley: if a ball is coming towards you, you are going to try to grab it. jillian: fan of that team
4:17 am
next to me i will give it to them. brian: this is why eagle fans. jillian: we are on the same page, brian. brian: this is why eagle fans are so nice. [buzzer] ainsley: keep going. brian: a major fentanyl bust south of the border. 51,000 pounds of the deadly drug found ships from, guess where? china. steve: china is telling the united states to, quote: do more to stop demand. former florida attorney general pam bondi sounds off on that. she's coming up next. ♪ ♪ including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d. get more.
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now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. ♪ >> there's quantities of deadly narcotics are being smuggled across the border, including meth, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl. and as part of my trade deal with china, i said you have to stop sending us fentanyl. jillian: president trump sounding the alarm over the powerful and deadly synthetic opioid called fentanyl as a reported massive 51,000-pound shipment from china was seized down in mexico. china firing back now saying the united states can do more to reduce the fentanyl demand. former florida attorney general pam bondi served on president trump's opioid
4:22 am
commission and she joins us now. good morning to you, pam. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: tell us about the seizure down in mexico, first. >> it's unreal. and thank you to president trump and the president and i talked about this on multiple occasions, these drugs flowing into our country and yes, from china, president xi. they are either coming directly in and this shipment was intercepted, thank goodness, to the next cans to mexico. fentanyl, ainsley, is 50 to 70 more times powerful than heroin if you think about that. it just takes a few grains to kill you. this massive shipment really could have wiped out a small state in our country. so, thank goodness for the mexican authorities and president trump for dealing with the mexicans on this and president xi need to get their act together. not only are they funneling it through mexico, but they are also sending it directly into our country. i witnessed that first hand when i was attorney general. and, you know, it's
4:23 am
devastating to our young people. ainsley: it really is look at the numbers, pam. this is what i found astounding. overdosing has been spiking in our country. back in 2007, there were about 2,000 overdoses. but then look where we are now. in 2018, 32,000. it's unbelievable. so, yes, china needs to do something about this. mexico needs to help out. our country has got to do something about this. what do we do? how do we stop this? >> well, and one thing that parents need to know, ainsley, and you and i have talked about, this it's so important. what they are doing, what these creative drug dealers are doing, they are lacing -- so it only take as few grains of fentanyl to kill you. for instance, if it's airborne, and you see when our first responders, our police officers, even our drug dogs are going in to these buildings and finding it, they are passing out and could die but for me locks zone and narcan.
4:24 am
what parents need to know china sending it directly to the u.s. or sending to to mexico and put it in pill form. do not take a pill. i'm not exsal gear rating. if someone gives you a tylenol and you do not know them, don't take it. don't take adderall, xanax, it's the drug of choice for students at school. you can buy them for a couple bucks. because they are often laced with fentanyl. in florida alone, five young men dropped dead in three days. they thought they were buying either a xanax or an adderall pill and laced with just a few grains of fentanyl. people need to know when they're not necessarily trying to buy it that it could kill them. ainsley: thank you for that message, pam. it's definitely a problem. >> thank you. ainsley: good to see you. they lied about being veterans. their punishment write down the names of every american killed in iraq and afghanistan and wear a sign saying i am a liar. joey jones lost both of his legs serving in afghanistan. he is here to react next.
4:25 am
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♪ ♪ can you just stop ♪ can you just not ♪ [cheers] ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first 4.9 million. that is how few people watched the vmas on monday night. mtvs video music ar wards posting a third straight year of record viewership records. next 661. that is how many pounds of pot police in columbia just found hidden in a coffin. they seized the drugs and arrested the hearse driver. and finally zero. that is how many popeye chicken sandwiches are left across the country. fast food giant selling out
4:29 am
and suspending production of its popular new item. popeye's is working with suppliers to bring it back. steve: it looks delicious. brian: two minutes before the bottom of the hour. u.s. navy quietly shuts down task force navy happened in march program started under president obama to prepare the military for the impact of global warming. officials say the program is no longer needed. steve: here to discuss fox news contributor and retired marine corps bomb tech joey jones. good morning to you. >> good morning. brian: what do you think about this? good to have you here today. >> thanks for having me. listen, if you read about this task force. it wasn't so much save the world and stop our own pollution or anything else. it was more about what are the effects in the places that our bases are, where our ships are. places we may go. steve: rising sea levels, things like that. >> is the water rising. do we have to take that into account? is the shore shrinking. what they found is each of these individual places and things we have to worry about are unique to
4:30 am
themselves. it's not consistent. the sea level isn't rising everywhere. and we are not losing shoreline everywhere. what they realized is having a centralized task force, much like when the federal government tries to solve our problems in wyoming and california and georgia for one issue isn't what's going to work. steve: isn't this one of those things where they go, you know, we have heard so much about climate change maybe we should look at how rising sea levels would impact the navy? >> societal trends are not what's important when it comes to mission accomplished. we are not going to do things in the military because it's a political talking point. when we do, we get in trouble every time. president obama put females in combat roles as 11th hour shot across the bough. it's not to say they have a place in combat rolls. give runway and make a plan implement over a certain amount of time. things like this are the same thing. not going to go out and say we are the military we care about our climate. we are not going to care about the enemy anymore because that might be bad for the environment. if climate change or global
4:31 am
warming or environmentalism is a part of that, of course that's gravment it's not the mission though. ainsley: joey, yesterday we learned about this story there is a judge in montana. he was really upset with these two men that were accused of stolen valor. they said they were veterans. they were not. they were trying to get money. he said as a result this is your punishment. you have to watch a video of stolen valor suspect being confronted by a member of the armed forces. then you have to read the names of anyone in montana who had died while serving in iraq and afghanistan. then he said -- and these are the two individuals -- then he said you have to go over to veterans memorial and wear a sign that says i am a liar. i am not a veteran. i stole valor. your thoughts. >> they have to do 441 hours of community service one hour for every -- was it wyoming? every. ainsley: montana. >> every person that had died in a war. here's my reaction to this. i sent this to a group text full of marine bomb techs. any of their ideas come to
4:32 am
fruition we would be in trouble right now. it's not about our credit. you are not stealing our credit. my valor or the things i have done. they are on my back. everyone knows it. what you are doing is we have gone from spitting on me as i get off the plane to government programs that take in account my unique experiences going to war in the last 40 years, right? so what this does is absolutely undermines that we have veterans courts in this country that acknowledge and understand going through war is a specific thing and has a negative effect on you. when someone takes advantage of it, lies about it. when people are out there trying to do it to get it easier that undermines all those men and women who need it and eventually takes it away from them and retrograde back to a place where we don't appreciate men and women. brian: do you appreciate everything the judge said to do. >> everything and then some. public shaming can have a very good effect on someone to the very least. i don't know what it will do to those two men and quite frankly i could really care less. if it stops someone else from doing it then it's a home run to me. steve: they had to hand write the names of all 6756
4:33 am
americans killed in afghanistan and iraq. and hand write the owe bit areas of those 40 montana montas which makes it personal. >> they also had to write letters of apology to every nonprofit in the area that might have allowed them do community service the first time around. ainsley: the list keeps going. good for this judge. brian: joey, have you done outnumbered before. >> i have. brian: you are a veteran of that too. >> veteran, sure. sure. brian: on outnumbered. >> i will play clean up whenever someone can't make it in. steve: good news it's in the same studio. >> yes. steve: you don't have to leave. >> i don't have to go far. steve: it starts at noon. see you in the green room. >> absolutely. steve: meanwhile, he's back. president obama jumping back into the political ring. what's he doing? well, we are going to talk to newt gingrich about that. and he is coming up live next. brian: plus taylor swift slammed the white house at the vmas.
4:34 am
>> i want to thank everyone who signed that petition because it now has half a million signatures, which is five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the white house. brian: kellyanne conway just responded and it's pretty special ♪ you need to calm down ♪ you are being so loud ♪ chair is just a chair. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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ainsley: turning to some extreme weather president trump declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm dorian pushes through the caribbean. steve: the president's declaration will allow federal aid to move more quickly to puerto rico when the storm impact them later today. brian: that should help. dorian has left a path of destruction on martin unique. the french have a lot of that island. ainsley: adam klotz has a message. adam: especially for florida this is something you will have to watch really closely running into labor day weekend. only 12 hours away from seeing landfall in puerto rico. that's a spot you already need to be kind of batting down the hatches. this is the current path why are looking at. maybe getting up to as much as a category 2 storm hurricane before this is all said and done. where are we right now? those outer edges of very heavy rainfall getting up into the virgin islands before the next 12 hours running up on the island you have puerto rico.
4:39 am
this is our future forecast and can you pay attention to the time stamp in the top left corner of your screen. by the time we get into late this afternoon early into the evening hours you start to see that center of circulation running on the island. this current model and there is still time for this to wiggle around. the current model takes eye wall very close to the city of san juan that could be winds getting up to 50, 60 miles per hour. any time you see an eye wall run over an area you are talking at least 8 to 10 inches of rain. that's what we are forecasting here in portions of eastern puerto rico before this runs back out over very warm water. and that's going to be the story once we get through puerto rico that will be later today. and then we have got this big gap of time where we are just going through water that's 85 to getting close to 90 degrees. that's going to allow this to really strengthen and you can see all the forecast models for now turning this toward florida. my message to florida is to pay attention. i see models run this as far north as the carolinas. we know it will hit puerto rico and we will be watching it, guys.
4:40 am
steve: we will indeed. adam, thank you very much. meanwhile, let's bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, and he writes a newsletter available at gingrich newt, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. you have had quite a morning already. steve: we have had a very busy morning. thank you for noticing. the former president barack obama is launching an initiative to fight gerrymandering. the organization, the program is called redistricting you program. which is part of the all on the line campaign which aims to recruit and train individuals to take up the fight against drawing congressional districts based on partisan issues. what do you think of this? >> look, i think that's his right. he is a liberal democrat. he would like to see lines drawn to favor liberal democrats. i think president trump prefers to see lines drawn to favor conservative
4:41 am
republicans. this has been an american fight. the word gerrymandering goes all the way back to 1812 when eldridge jerry designed a district in massachusetts that looked like a salman der and somebody said no, no, that's not a salman der that's a jerry man der. that's where it comes from. we have had 200 years of this kind of political games. president obama to be a liberal democrat and behave in a partisan way we shouldn't take him seriously if he tries to posture it's about good government. brian: newt, he has had some success already. he has gotten some votes in michigan and he is going for north carolina. a lot of these battle ground states. this could have implications to the balance of the house. >> sure. it could have some implication of the balance of the house. the problem -- the ultimate problem liberal democrats have is that their votes tend to be very concentrated in large cities and very, very hard to get enough
4:42 am
congressional districts to fit those cities. unless, by the way, you do a democratic gerrymander and draw a lieu through three or four or five rural counties. core problem in the senate advantages, they have all these votes, for example, in wisconsin. they have two big counties. where madison is, and where milwaukee is. they lose almost all the other counties in the state. pretty hard to figure out a congressional gerrymander that fits the democrats in that setting. ainsley: so joe biden, he is getting some competition. he was the favorite in the beginning and now some of the others are coming up behind him. and he has been out on the campaign trail a lot. about a dozen black reporters from major media outlets in a private off the record interview that ended up being an hour and a half. he is talking about racism, too. according to the associated
4:43 am
press. here is what he said. he said white folks are the reason that we have institutional racism. there has always been racism in america, white supremacists, has always existed and they still exist. what do you think? >> well, i think, first of all, that biden in his early career was against busing. he explained that segregating was probably good. so in a way he sort of personifies what he is talking about. i think racism exists all over the world. i think that it is a perineal challenge when you have people of different background. and you find literally in almost every country in the world. i also think we have as great a danger. i noticed the famous "new york times" 1619 article which is supposedly getting all of us to think about slavery, the author of that article couldn't resist attacking asian-american students for filing a lawsuit because they are being discriminated against on behalf of
4:44 am
african-americans. so, you tell me who is the racist in that setting it. seems to me that author was being a racist in attacking the asian americans who are simply saying hey, if i get a higher score, shouldn't i get into school? steve: in the politico article, newt, regarding this particular press availability you had, which i think initially was going to be off the record and then he said you can quote me in the beginning and then he went on for 90 minutes. anyway, politico says biden says he puts white people in three categories. those who are just flat -- sorry, those who are flat, just prejudiced and are supremacist to some degree. folks who are agnostic and don't give a damn about it and folks who think we should just do something about it. what do you think about that? >> >> i think, first of all, i want to recommend to all of our viewers that they read theodore white's making of a presidency in 1972. they will see all of those same issues come up. we have been caught
4:45 am
paralyzed for a half ventricle tri on some of this stuff and joe biden someone of those who contradicted. i have to say his quote the other day quote, i am not crazy, i thought was probably the most unusual quote by a presidential candidate. and i think that. brian: i'm not nuts. he looked at the camera, i'm not nuts, because he couldn't figure out if he was on a campus or not but he knew he was in dartmouth later in vormt. >> i committed an bidenism, he said i'm not not. he said i'm not crazy. just the kind of joe biden kind of mistake. there is a deeper point here. brian: i know why is it after all these years we are not able to have schools that work not able to have neighbors that are safe and disproportionately to the disadvantage of poor african-americans and it is the leader of the democratic party who run every single city and which this is true.
4:46 am
racism that hurts poor blacks. led by democrats who run the cities that exploit the poor on behalf of the teacher's union and city bureaucracy. brian: newt gingrich, thanks so much. appreciate it? >> thank you. brian: and you are not nuts. steve: all right. 14 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us. she has some headlines. >> that's right. good morning. let's begin with this. the maker of oxycontin is offering up to $12 billion to settle thousands of opioid lawsuits. nbc news reports the potential deal came out of private meetings between purdue pharma and attorneys general from at least 10 states where lawsuits are filed against the company. purdue pharma is accused of fueling the nation's opioid crisis by using deceptive methods to sell the highly addictive drug. of the company denies any wrongdoing. a surfer is attacked by a shark after landing on the six and a half foot beast in waist deep water. the man says he was bitten
4:47 am
on the hand and leg when he fell off his board at new smyrna beach in florida. he did not need to go to the hospital. this is the 11th shark by bite in the florida county this year. it's known as the shark bite capital of the world. police officer saves a baby when he suddenly stops breathing. the heroic moment is caught on camera. we do want to warn you this is tough to watch. >> okay, bud. >> okay. okay. jillian: that's sergeant james talbot revive 18 month a den using cpr. weighs turning blue and cold to the touch when officers first got to the kentucky home. the family reuniting with officer talbot on the way home from the hospital. a den's mother called him a true hero. presidentaylor swift's criticisf
4:48 am
the president. >> i like the taylor swift's song need to calm down. can i sing it for you. where she says if you say it on the street, that's a knockout. if you put it in a tweet that's a copout. i love that. that's like basically is washington in a nutshell. but she is -- >> in her speech at the vmas says white house has not responded to a petition equality act. could backfire. it has everyone talking. steve: her swift response. thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, jillian it. is made in america week here on "fox & friends." the bicycles are rolling out all across the country. you are going to meet two of the men behind this all-american company coming up next. steve: good morning, guys. ♪ we're an american band ♪ we're coming to your house ♪ ♪ let's get down to business.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
jillian: i hope you are having a good morning so far. welcome back. marijuana convictions are going up in smoke today in new york. people are low level pot offenses will get their records automatically expunged under a new law passed earlier this year nearly 14,000 new yorkers will no longer have criminal records. schools in california could soon allow medical marijuana
4:53 am
on campus. lawmakers advance ago bill to let parents give the drugs to students between kindergarten and 12th grade. the final decision to accept or reject the policy would be up to individual school boards. the state senate will vote on the measure next. brian? brian: check your calendar, it's wednesday which means it's day three of our week long series made in america celebrating the products and businesses that make their products here and the people that make their products here and profits inside the united states. this morning we introduce you to two of the people behind the tennessee based american bicycle group. ainsley: that's right. from chattanooga. joining us now is president and ceo of american bicycle group mr. peter hurley and then american bicycle group national sales manager mr. chris brown on the end. hey, guys, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: tell us why you chose to make your bicycles here in america.
4:54 am
>> the life speed brand has been made here 35 years. always about processing in tennessee. we shape and weld all the tubes right there in chattanooga. the rue brand which started 34 years ago out of southern california. that frame is made in china. we rebrought it all back and paint it and assemble everything here in the united states. as we do with the brand here as well. that's all new having it come back here and being painted here and assembled here. brian: thee have very specialized. not what you buy at your big box store tell us about these bikes. >> light speed mountain bike. it's a blast. high performance. this is actually a $10,000 bike you are looking at here. the fun thing is with us we start at 2500 and go up to 10,000. they are high performance but anybody can benefit from the ride quality of
4:55 am
titanium. the durability. obviously the craftsmanship, you know. but i definitely recommend, you know, more mountain biking, festivals a lot of fun. enthusiasts into mountain biking because roads aren't as safe as they used to be. steve: you can say that again. >> mountain biking great for us light speed brand gravel bikes talk about that. brian: people like you make it here american made business? >> a lot. more so it does than ever has before. brian: why? >> i think the emphasis on made in america, quite frankly. it's been in the news the last couple of years. i think a lot of us in the past just outsource, outsource, outsource and it's not the focus. steve: if you built it in china it would probably be cheaper. there would be a tariff on it most probably. >> that's right. steve: why is it important to have it in the united states. >> for us the lead time is much shorter. steve: people can get their special bike faster. >> exactly. with the people that we deal with the athletes and the consumers, they want very specific parts on this. they are spending at love
4:56 am
money. lead time is two weeks for us versus a year. ainsley: that's why these don't have pedals, everyone comes to your shop and chooses which pedal they want. >> that's right. this is the same type of tube on the mars land rover that we built laboratories back in 2008. steve: thank you. i think that's still up there. >> very much up there still. we are very proud of the company. ainsley: what's it do. >> this is part of the leg system. when mars land rover landed on wheels this connected the wheels to it. brian: chris, how is business. >> we are up 70% over the last two years. with us doing a lot of changes we have done. adapting to the customer. quicker lead times. offering more options. you can get that bike any different color with any different component set a lot of fun. engage directly with the customer we are a small brand. steve: went to the white house took one of the lite speed bikes there made in america week. >> we did. had a very wonderful time. very honored to represent the state of ten z met the president and vice
4:57 am
president, steve mnuchin, peter navarro. everyone was wonderful. steve: it's great meeting you. put these back on the airplane brian bine or in to my lock. [dogs barking] [dogs growling] [dogs whimpering] (vo) the subaru crosstrek. dog tested. dog approved. [dog barks] . . ♪ who i wanna be. ♪ i'm a strong individual ♪ feeling that power ♪ i'm so original, ♪ ya sing it louder. ♪ i am, oooh oooh oooh oooh
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and we find one that works just for you. no matter what your name is. ainsley: begin with an extreme weather story for you. president trump declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm dorian is approaching puerto rico. steve: president's declaration will allow federal aid to move, arrive more quickly when the storm impacts. the big question how will it impact? brian: dorian dumping he have rain in martin nokia turning roads into rivers. adam klotz, has been all over the story. adam, what's changed? >> this will not be the hurricane hitting puerto rico. instead it will be a tropical storm hitting puerto rico. running over warm waters can fuel this and become a story for
5:01 am
the mainland united states. making landfall in puerto rico later today into the evening hours. then back out over open water. you see this intensifying very quickly. current models, suggesting as high as category 2 storm. this is very large area it could make landfall. maybe late in the weekend, maybe monday before we get idea of that. coming up on puerto rico. heavy bands of rain hitting virgin islands. next several hours seeing heavier rain moving on to the island of puerto rico. center of circulation getting close to landfall this afternoon, 3 or 4:00. winds, 40 to 50 miles an hour. on high-end. consistently 230 miles an hour. rainfall, it does matter where exactly the center moves. on upper end, eight to 10 inches of rain. that is enough to cause flooding, guys. this is quick moving storm. rain won't dump and dump and dump. this is something we'll see
5:02 am
today. get your just where this is going, have a better idea tomorrow. ainsley: puerto rico will be okay. you're basically focused -- >> this will ramp up a lot when it hits puerto rico. brian: everybody watching in florida. steve: florida, georgia, carolinas. we were talking in the break, because the water is so warm between the islands and the mainland, what could happen? >> yeah, we go over really warm water. that could really let this intensify. i have a graphic of those water temperatures. 85 degrees. 86 degrees. this is a very large path. one end miami. on the other charleston, south carolina that could move. that is warm water. we go tropical storm, cat-1, cat-2. all the fuel is there. steve: adam, thank you very much. keeping an eye on things. moving on the trump administration will be diverting hundred of millions of dollars in department of homeland security funds to help secure
5:03 am
the southern border. brian: doesn't have anything to do with national security seems, right? democrats blasting the move calling cruel and backwards? ainsley: griff jenkins joins us this morning as tropical storm dorian bears down on puerto rico. president declared a state of emergency, speaker pelosi is blasting dhs reallocation move. 270 million from fema and coast guard. she said stealing from appropriate funds is unacceptable. to pick the pockets of disaster relief funding to fund a appalling family incarceration plan is staggering, to do so on the eve of hurricane season is stunningly reckless. dhs says it is needed to increase detention bed space and speed up asylum claims. here is how it breaks down. 116 towards single adult detention beds. 155 towards migrant protocols program. democrats in the house homeland
5:04 am
appropriations committee object say the transfer is not necessary. former acting i.c.e. director ron vitello says it is vitally important. >> if i.c.e. doesn't get funding for bed space they cannot hole single adults. most of this year we've been releasing families at the border. if you don't have bed space for single adults they wait in custody at cpb too long which is not a good scenario but get released like families do. that would give you in effect a open border. fiscal year ends and ours ends in october. it is fairly routine. it occurred last year as well. steve: thank you very much the federal government does do a lot of reprograming when needed. the president made it very clear in july, hey, we need money to help fund the beds at southern border, in the emergency supplemental, congress did not say okay, you're right, give him the money. they have not changed any laws. that is where we are, this is
5:05 am
very common, reprograming, they have done it going back to the obama administration. ainsley: emergency money is for disaster relief, hurricanes, tropical storm, that kind of thing, but also according to the president and his admin operation there is disaster happening down on the border. this is relief giving detending facilities more beds, more money. brian: let's see. we don't have enough facilities. we got tense of thousands people streaming across the border. we don't have enough border agents. we don't have a wall. can't get together on comprehensive immigration reform. for those people that get into interior, local law enforcement, mostly democratic states and cities are not cooperating with i.c.e. there to make sure illegals amongst us who violated immigration laws are not processed. what could possibly go wrong with all those things? the answer? a lot. you want proof. we have another illustration. a fifth illegal immigrant arrested in, again in maryland on sexual assault.
5:06 am
details will horrify you. we'll save you from it. ainsley: this is the fifth illegal immigrant arrested for sexual assault in that one county alone, montgomery county, maryland, the one arrested, his name is nelson reyes medrano. he has six kids under the age of 18. steve: county executive, montgomery county, maryland, made it north of washington, d.c. it is sanctuary county. they will not cooperate with i.c.e. i.c.e. heard about this particular guy and they have put out a one of those waivers on him. they would like to know more when he would be release. they would like to deport him. ainsley: he crawled through the window of a 16-year-old. her window. she was sleeping. got in bed with her at knifepoint, sexually assaulted her. steve: it is terrible story.
5:07 am
he is from valve did, he will el salavador. the said the problem with sanctuary cities and states, this keeps happening. >> montgomery county, has chosen to provide sanctuary to criminals. we have to be clear, when you make yourself a sanctuary city, the only people you're providing sanctuary here people here illegally in violation of law, arrested, sitting in a county jail. they made the decision to take this person's liberties away, put them in a jail cell. protecting immigrant community this is another example how wrong that is. these illegal aliens that commit crimes, they victimize the very communities which they live in. the immigrant community. you're not protecting immigrant community. you're only protecting a criminal. brian: here is the thing, this crime happens every day. percentage, illegal immigrants
5:08 am
are not above the rest of the 307lation. the word preventable comes in. anytime illegal immigrant commit as criminal act in sanctuary city the word preventable. it didn't have to happen, because democrats have turned on law enforcement when it comes to i.c.e. and local officials. it's a travesty. steve: i would like to see a poll done in different sanctuary cities or counties to see how many people in that county or in that city are happy with it being a ainsley: i remember when kate steinle was killed, i interviewed her family, they weren't aware in an area -- steve: california. ainsley: sanctuary city. brian: in effort to be politically correct. you're more at risk. congratulations. 8 minutes after the hour. hey, jillian. jillian: we're following a number of stories. search for a man accused of killing a minor league baseball player's wife and kid ends with
5:09 am
the suspect running naked outside. matthew bernard with his hands around a man in virginia. he was charged with murder. he was accused of killing his sister and nephew. the va launching a investigation into the death of 10 veterans at a west virginia facility. the family of army veteran felix mcdermott claims he died after injected with insulin even though he was not diabetic. his death is being ruled as a homicide. the family's claims suggests that the other patients also died after being wrongfully injected with insulin at lewis johnson medical center in clarksburg. overnight a battery operated skateboard bursts into flames inside after college dorm room. hundreds of students at the university of cincinnati were forced to evacuate the building on the second day of class. the sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading but caused about $20,000 in damage.
5:10 am
the good news, no one was hurt. it is unclear why the skateboard malfunctioned. a couple use as baseball bat to fight off a mama bear and her cub inside of a colorado home. >> i whacked the bear as hard as i could with both hands. jillian: the pair jumping into action finding wild animals in their kitchen eating a loaf of bread. you see that hole in the wall? that was from the bear. the couple was not seriously hurt. steve: how did it get in the door. jillian: maybe they had a key. ainsley: don't go face-to-face with a bear to try to fight him. he would be running out the door. brian: pretty clear, judging by video the bears are bored in the woods. want to play with people. my answer to the bears, stay in the woods. we have our own people to play with. steve: i think the bear wanted bread. ainsley: for all bears watching, stay in the woods. brian: that is all i ask.
5:11 am
steve: those people might have a bat. you don't have cable so you can't help us. steve: talk a little bit about rob gronkowski. we loved him playing for the patriots. he announced this season he was going to quit, retire and he did. yesterday, it was revealed that he is now working with the cbd company, especially formulating different things, herbal supplements for athletes. he talked why he left football. it was much worse than a lot of people realize. >> i needed to recover. i was not in a good place. football was bringing me down. i didn't like it. and i was losing that joy in life, like the joy. i'm sorry right now, oh. let me, oh, i really was. i was fighting through it. and i knew when i signed up for, i knew what i was fighting through. i knew i had to fix myself. i needed to walk away.
5:12 am
i needed to do what was best for myself at that moment. i truly needed to be selfish for once in my life, walk away. steve: he did. brian: rob gronkowski leaves game, with a lot of people think a lot of miles and gas in the tank. it brings up a bigger question, the problem with his elbows, the problem with his shoulders, tear in his thigh, won all the super bowls, got all the fame, a lot of victories ahead of him on the most celebrated team in america. is this a new trend for players walking away in their prime because the game takes a toll? ainsley: andrew luck did that. they are both 29 years old. they are young. tom brady, 42? brian: 42, wants to play with 45. ainsley: does he have major injuries. brian: no major injuries. ainsley: luck has major injuries. gronk is a tight end. he has gone through a lot. he is clearly emotional. they're having fun, getting a
5:13 am
paid a lot of money. tripping with the guys. it is a serious sport. brian: you never see somebody like that who seems to not have two cares in the world to get emotional. he didn't rule out coming back again. he needed a break. after the super bowl being in so much pain, thigh injury. couldn't even celebrate. what is going on here. same thing calvin johnson said after nine years. best receiver in football. said that is it. tony dorsett, one of the finest runningbacks of his generation. played 13 years. now has dementia. mart telus bennett, 31 years old, says football doesn't care about the players. they have to walk away they can. average player lasts three years and decreasing. these are the best athletes, working with the best training methods. when there is impact, there will be damage. steve: it's a violent business they are in. if they could play longer they would, but eventually they listen to their bodies talking to them. time for me to stop. he did reveal he is working with
5:14 am
a cbd company. during his rehab, it helped him a lot. there you go. brian: right now the nfl tests for marijuana. if you test positive, you sit, you're suspended. he is saying nfl, revisit this, this cbd in particular help me with my pain. other people posh back on it. for that player it works. >> 14 minutes after the top of the hour. it has been two months since duane "dog" chapman lost his wife beth to cancer. he joins us to open up about what is life like without her.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
steve: prager university taking on big tech. accusing google owned youtube unfairly restricting its conservatives videos on youtube for number of years. yesterday surrounded by dozens of supporters, prager university, also known as prageru took the case to the ninth circuit court of appeals in seattle as you can see right there. chief marketing officer for prageru was there. he joins us live from l.a. today. craig, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: you bet. so what is google doing to prageru? >> google is doing to prageru what they have been doing to us for last three years
5:19 am
unfortunately. they restricting more videos. when we filed the lawsuit, it was 40 or 50 videos they restricted. that number is up to 200. five of our videos on ten commandments by dennis prager are restricted. there is so much evidence every day that they continue to restrict us simply because we're conservatives. we'll continue to fight back. yesterday i got to tell you, i was there in seattle, amazing turnout. so many americans and students showed up to support for prageru and stand up for free peach. it was great to see. steve: we're not talking about public square or a public entity. essentially talking about a private company, operating a private service on private property. how would that impact you? that is what the three-judge panel is trying to figure out? >> yes. so the argument we made is that youtube and google are a public forum. this isn't a very difficult argument to make. they called themselves a public
5:20 am
forum. their mission statement given one a voice. core values are freedom of expression and freedom of information. they hold themselves out as a business model. he invite the public to use the platform to speak. they want immunity the section of 230 of the cbs provides for use of public forums. but they want to act like publish letter to have editorial control to restrict content they don't like which is clearly conservative content. steve: i get all you said, this is private company, they can pretty much do whatever they want? >> yes and no. they can do whatever they want if they were a publisher. otherwise they would be opened up to a lot of lawsuits. they want the immunity. only way they get that being a public forum. that is what our case is b that is with we're fighting for. steve: exactly. why a number of people in congress are talking about, taking that particular, get-out-of-jail-free card essentially is what it is away from a lot of the big tech.
5:21 am
craig, youtube put out a statement. they say this. google's products are not politically biased. we go to extraordinary lengths to build our products, you laugh, i will ask you about that, our products to enforce our policies in such a way that political leanings are not taken into account. our platforms have always been about sharing information everywhere, giving many different people a voice including prageru, who has two million subscribers on their youtube channel. why did you laugh there for a moment when i was reading that? >> it is unbelievable. it is so laughable. they continue to lie and say that they're politically neutral when every day there is more evidence. their own employees are coming forward admitting to targeting conservatives and targeting prageru. they're trotting out this new line, prageru has millions of views, they're so successful how could we be restricting them. who knows how many million views we would have if they didn't restrict 200 of our videos. they point to the fact that only
5:22 am
1.5, 2% users are in restricted mode. no big deal. it is just a few videos. just a few people. there is 1.8 billion users on youtube. 1.5% of those users that is 27 to 28 million users every day who can't access 200 of our videos. just laughable. steve: that's something. craig, thank you for joining us from l.a. keep us posted. we'll see what happens. >> will do, thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us ad two months ago duane "dog" chapman lost his wife beth to cancer. he is opening up about life without beth, when he joins us. s puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time...
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5:26 am
duane chapman is speaking out after losing his beautiful wife and co-star beth chapman to cancer. steve: beth passed away in june, giving the chapman family their toughest fight yet. he joins us right now. >> how are you? steve steve we're so sorry to hear about beth. you and beth have been on the program many times over the last 15 years. >> yes, sir. i wasn't going to cry. you made me that quick. yes, we, she is still here with me. i'm in that era mode, zone. brian: she had been battling cancer for a while. you thought you had it at bay. knowing that she was still battling, you still wanted to go ahead to do the show? >> you know, credit where credit is due. she wanted to do the show. i would have signed signed a new testament and passed on. she said no, this is my wife. i will show every bit of it.
5:27 am
so she battled it for two years. beat it once. then it came back very aggressive. then she decided, chemo, did one treatment, about, just about killed her. she couldn't even move her pinky. so, they said, well you can get 16 months with chemo or 15 without it. she said i have to be out there with you. ainsley: wow. >> and the family. she went all the way to the end. the week before she went to heaven she put a guy in jail. steve: still working. >> didn't give him a chance. ainsley: when she was diagnosed, it came back, it was stage 4, wasn't it? >> yes. ainsley: what was that like for you all? how do you get through that? >> you don't. you pretend it's a dream until, we didn't plan it. her toothbrush is still in the sink. so, it wasn't planned. it just, you know, she didn't
5:28 am
have to suffer. brian: it was throat cancer. >> and lung and kidney and liver. brian: really spread around. she was doing this, so this, you were saying before this is going to be really hard for you, someaway somewhat gratifying because she is alive in the series? >> well, you know, i was there of course when we shot it but i haven't seen the shows. so next wednesday he will be, like everyone else seeing it for the first time. ainsley: it premiers on september 4th. we'll all be watching it. >> thank you. ainsley: you normally help edit, scenes in the past, this one you told the producers editors, you take it over? >> we have wgn america. it wasn't just that i said that they did a pretty good job. ainsley: reason why, it was too emotional. >> yeah. steve: our producers are have a clip from the show. you haven't seen it, i don't
5:29 am
know if you want to see it? >> i would yes, sir, love to see it. steve: clear is clip from it. >> once you find out it is uncurable lung cancer, it is stage five. >> i love her. i will do anything for her. >> i'm going to die. i'm going to die in my boots. ♪ >> they are ready. so are we. steve: your wife was amazing. >> thank you. ainsley: how long have y'all been together? >> 31 years. steve: as long on tv, we've known duane the dog bounty hunter. she has been at your side how can you bo on? >> in her name. brian: i can see also she ising do she wanted to do it, not just
5:30 am
staying busy you're taking fugitives off the street, you're saving people. i want to work to the end. she wants to help other people to the end. >> she made a difference. i'm fighting to stay alive. you're fighting to kill yourself. she said, jesus died for all our sins but you may have to die for your own. things like that, one-liners, i was like, where did you get that, beth? she usually stole mine. she started coming up with her own. ainsley: tell us about beth. tell us what she was like. >> what you see on tv exactly. she is a mean as a rattlesnake. mean, oh, yeah. one sentence at night or during the day, she would say i go, oh, my god, you just solved all the stuff that you're calling me earlier, crybaby, bounty hunter and stop, big daddy i love you so much. helping make you famous. steve: how close what you see on tv what it was like at the
5:31 am
house? >> everything but the bathroom and bedroom. one thing about us, we want to be truthful. shows different sides that i don't like and, i mean, we showed the real chapman family. you know, "the dirty dozen" minus one. ainsley: how is the family doing? >> oh, the kids, each child takes it rough and each child is doing better. you know, allegedly time heals all wounds. i don't know about this one. ainsley: what did she tell them before she passed away? sometimes you leave notes for each birthday. >> she left notes everywhere. she kept saying to all the kids, i'm sorry. she blamed herself because she couldn't beat it. brian: 51 years old. how long did she struggle with cancer? >> she had it three years we knew. we didn't announce it. in our world, you know, you
5:32 am
don't say that you're stick because, do we have a kleenex? ainsley: joel, do you mind getting a kleenex for us. thank you. >> you don't say you're sick, you might not get booked on another tv show. you know the world. so we, she said no, i'm coming out with it before anyone else does. i'm telling everybody. thank you. thank you, sir. i was very proud that she did that. came right now, because years ago you don't do that. she came right out with it, said i will battle this, until, you know, i'm done. ainsley: sometimes when you do that, your fans will reach out. they can relate. they're glad that you have spoken out. because they have been going through it, maybe kept quiet. did you get a lot of that? >> she went through the store one day, came back excited. someone called, unknown number. it is unknown. give me the phone. it was a fan. they had taken a picture to her
5:33 am
at safeway. honey they were so nice to me. the therapy of fans loving on her was making her feel better. she is a saying oh, no, don't worry. she started counseling people with cancer. you would not believe the people that has got it. we've got to do something to cure it, you know what i mean? there is, i hope to god that there is not a cure out there and they're just sitting on it because they have a problem with me if there is. steve: at this point, losing your wife, because you have been so visible on tv, with her at your side for 15 years on television, on network television, this would be easy place for to you hang it up, i caught enough bad guys. i'm going to go ahead, fly back to hawaii, just say there. quietly, not on tv. >> when you bounty hunt, i said this, i don't mean to be repetitive, when you bounty hunt, you worry about stuff, okay. i met some servicemen the other
5:34 am
day, 300 of them, came back from over there, and i said you know what? i understand now when you're not afraid to die. i still wear a seatbelt. i'm not going to jump in from the time of a locomotive i'm not afraid anymore. while i'm in that mode, beware of dog. steve: i'm coming. >> i'm coming. so the rest of my family. they're on a mission of from god in beth's name. steve: the show, called, "dog's most wanted" on wgn america. >> yes, sir. aloha. yes, sir, next wednesday. seven-day "countdown." ainsley: god bless you. >> love you very much. aloha. brian: more "fox & friends" in a moment. sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you.
5:35 am
yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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(male announcer) the next groundbreaking idea from america's #1 selling boat isn't a boat. the legendary performance of tracker just made landfall. best quality in america. lowest prices in america. and it's taking america by storm. now get the tracker 570 atv for the introductory price of only $5799 plus freight, and a 10% discount card for up to 2 years. tracker off road. ainsley: this is a fox news alert. president trump declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm dorian approaches puerto rico. brian: moments ago the president tweeted this. we're tracking tropical storm dorian as usual as it heads to puerto rico. fema is ready. they will do a great job. when they do, let them know it, give them a thank you. steve: the storm has left a trail of destruction of one of
5:39 am
islands of martinique. flash floods turning into rivers from road. it looks like a river. but that is actually the road. adam klotz joining us live. white house tracking the storm. so are you, sir. looks like it is heading for the islands and mainland u.s. a. >> strengthening as it does so. talking about tropical storm, will be a tropical storm as it runs into the island of puerto rico before intensifying running over very warm waters. winds at 60 miles an hour. by the time you cross puerto rico later today, 3:00, 4:00, you run into warm water. takes a lot of time. friday, sat, sunday. maybe as high as category 2, maybe a strong category 2. something we'll have time to see. we'll run up on the island of puerto rico by this afternoon, early in the afternoon. perhaps making landfall. currently looking at center of
5:40 am
circulation. taking 4:00 running up on the island, bringing winds from 40 to 50 miles an hour, at times heavy rain. moving off the coast. it will take time to main land united states. every time we run the model. it moves where we see the heavy rain. capable of doing eight to 12 inches of rain. this has it running off island of puerto rico. maybe not. winds, 40, 50 miles an hour. that happens four or 5:00. we're talking about landfall there. by the end of labor day, maybe main land landfall. we'll be watching it. steve: we will indeed. thank you very much, adam. brian: bring in judge jeanine, host of justice, author of this book out today. out last night. >> last night. brian: the left's plot to remake america. congratulations on the book. it is explosive. it is about what is in the news
5:41 am
right now. >> it is. my other book, liars, leakers and liberals. it was about the top of the fbi and doj how they tried to frame this president. radicals, resistence and revenge, this is about how the radicals are determined to resist everything the president is doing and revenge to remake america. upending the constitution. making sure people on the right are not allowed to speak, of the shutting them down, ghosting them. all that. we are living in very unusual times. the whole idea, well now he is not a russian agent after two years of lies, lies, lies. we will impeach him, this man should be impeached. mueller report comes out, no collusion, no nothing. we still need to impeach him. i talk about it in the book. nancy pelosi would probably have to draft the rules before she would know what was in them but this book is all about where we are right now, what's in the news.
5:42 am
you know, with andrew mccabe and everything else that is in the news. that is what the book's about. steve: who are we talking about, you say radicals, resistence and revenge. who are you talking about? >> talking about radicals, whether it is people like, from comey, mccabe. right now, people like, rashida tlaib, says as soon as she is elected we'll impeach the mfer. people on the left, socialists progressives. i talk about the democrat clown car. i go through everyone of them in this book, what they're standing for. they want to give medicare to every illegal who comes into this country, make you pay for it, then make you pay for your own medicare. ainsley: the word that stands out the most to me, of course they're radical. there will be resistence, revenge? >> yeah. >> have we come to that point in our society now. how did we get her? so evil, negative, angry. >> have you seen people so evil,
5:43 am
negative, angry? ainsley: no. >> they are so angry the democrats didn't win. we have a president out there showing what america can do, that america can be first. we can have economy with more jobs than people to fill them. that african-americans, hispanics, can have lowest unemployment ever in the history of this country. that we are now in the middle of all of these deals, with japan. we're going to have a deal with china. there is no question about it. i mean the president can come in, actually, you know, get rid of isis, when for years, i mean, obama couldn't figure out whether he was going to dismantle them or destroy them. brian: want to talk about andy mccabe. deputy fbi director. james comey tweeted this out. i told a former colleague i'm tired of being a trump critic. he responded to encouraging words apply to all of us. where you see wrong or inequity or injustice speak out, because this is your country. do you believe he is being
5:44 am
sincere or is part of the mission too? >> james comey is trying not to go to jail. i think that when you -- brian: they balked, indicting him? >> they balked on indicting him on leaking conversation he had with the president. make no mistake. i talk about this in the book, bill barr is like a slow locomotive. ain't nothing going to stop him. he will get to where he is going. you can be sure he will get there when he is supposed to. he decides he will not indict comey not something as significant what he can indict him for, that is perpetrating a fraud on the fisa court. he has got comey by the short hairs. he has got mccabe bit short hairs. these guys have committed crimes in the name of whatever, hillary. you know what? if she was so great, you should have expended this kind of energy getting her elected. she lost. stop with the revenge. there is nothing to do. steve: judge, if you know if they were indicted these people,
5:45 am
and they wound up going to court in washington, d.c., which is a very liberal area, what about the jurors? they might actually say you know what? i heard all this evidence but i think they're innocent? >> and it is no surprise. it would be no surprise if that, if that were to happen because the d.c. jury is a jury that is not right inclined, they're not even down the middle. they're left inclined. so that is why you have got someone like bill barr saying i'm not going forward with james comey on something as insignificant as, maybe some people might think the leaking of that information. the centerpiece of the wrongdoing is using a fisa court, using fake documents that they know were fake, false, paid for by monday any laundering, by money laundering, money laundered by a firm, for hillary clinton, and getting russian agent to put it all together. that is the fraud. that is what happens in totalitarian countries, third
5:46 am
world countries. it is what is wrong with this fbi and doj at the upper echelon. they're not stopping. there are people who ran on impeachment just to get him impeached. they will keep going. brian: we'll see. your book is out, radicals, resistance, revenge. president liked it. >> he tweeted it. ainsley: there go the sales. we're very proud of you. you dedicated this to your mama that passed away in april. you had a hard year. she would be so proud of you, you're smart, beautiful, and a judge. we love you. pick up her book, buy it on amazon or any bookstore. a little league team makes history with their world series win. steve: reining champs coach and you can see the shortstop, will join us live, coming up next. ainsley: number one. steve: check in with sandra smith, to see if she is waving -- >> yes, yes. good morning, brian, ainsley,
5:47 am
steve, good morning, everyone. live from the nation's capitol, tropical storm dorian bearing on puerto rico. the latest on the path anwar of words with the mayor from island nation and president trump. response from the white house coming up. deadline day for 2020 candidates to qualify for the third presidential debate. so who is in, who is out? as the president says he has got three stooges running against him. "new york times" columnist mocked for his response to being called a bedbug on twitter, riff from the nation's capitol. "america's newsroom" for a split show this morning from d.c. and new york. see you top of the hour. (chime, slam, chime) like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss. check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. awesome. bookers know summer won't last forever.
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i'll pass. ♪ >> play ball. steve: indeed. they made history as the louisiana to win the little league world series. ainsley: an incredible feat, especially after losing the first game to come back win it all. brian: scott frazier is here and shortstop stan is wrangled there in full uniform. congratulations to both of you. ainsley: yes. >> thank you very much. brian: coach, why were you so optimistic after losing that game? >> special group of kids. you know, we come from the city of new orleans, state of
5:52 am
louisiana. we're resilient type of people. i knew the kids had it in them. so they just took one game at a time. >> we're looking at these pictures. you're a shortstop. you have a good arm. what was that like, when you realized we have won this thing? >> it was a pretty amazing feeling. i never thought i would be here. it is always been my dream to go to williamsport and we won. steve: did indeed. you were playing baseball since you were four. you're 12. looks like you have some more traveling to do, because the president tweeted this out. congratulations to louisiana's champions. see you at the white house. so, coach, stan, tell us about the trip to the white house? any plans been made yet? >> mr. scalise started setting everything up for us as soon as we won. he asked if the president offered an invitation, if the team would be interested in going. absolutely we would love to go
5:53 am
to the white house to see president trump. it is something that we're really looking forward to. as far as the date, we're still working on it because the kids need to get more acclimated back into school and regular life first. maybe in another month or two, we'll try to get up to the white house. brian: stan, you're used to playing baseball, not used to playing baseball on national television. what is difference playing with cameras on? is there any? >> well, usually in your first one or two games you notice it, but after playing for a whale you forget about it, just play ball. brian: obviously you did and you won. steve: scott, we know you wanted to grow up to be a coach to win the little league world series, you did. congratulations. stan, what do you want to do when you grow up? >> when i grow up i want to continue playing baseball, become a professional baseball player one day. and maybe the manager of a
5:54 am
baseball team. ainsley: who is your favorite baseball player, and where do you want to play one day? >> well, jose altuve is my favorite baseball player f i could choose a major league team to play for, i would pick the houston astros. brian: of course. they have a shot winning the world series. going to lsu, saints football game. forget about scholarships, just play. everyone is into scholarships. have fun, right? >> you know baseball is a wonderful game and it gives us the opportunity to teach these young men all the wonderful attributes being successful in life, being a good father, good husband, a good coworker, how to deal with adversity, how to deal with success. brian: right. >> baseball gives us as coaches opportunity to teach the young guys, what it takes hopefully be
5:55 am
successful. more than wins and losses. how to become a good citizen and like i said, a husband, a father, et cetera. steve: stan you have a big smile, stan, scott, congratulations. >> thanks for being such a good role model for the kids. >> look forward to coming to see you guys in manhattan. steve: plenty of room on the couch. see you soon. ainsley: bye. >> farmers making a desperate plea to lawmakers to pass the new north american free trade deal. we're live with some of those farmers in illinois. a report after this message. automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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you'll ask... what pain? with advil.
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♪ >> well, the country's largest farming show gets underway tod today. passing a new trade deal with canada and mexico. >> trouble from our sister station, live in decker illino
5:59 am
illinois. welcome. >> hey, we have all of the latest and greatest forming technology. right now it is kind of more window-shopping. they are going to forgo making purchases on this heavy machinery until they have some more certainty. they are on the front lines with the trade war with china, and that is why they are pushing for this. big importer of corn from this area, so they want to see it get passed. i just want to leave you with this piece of machinery right here. this has been described to me is the batmobile of combines, made by us german company. i have never seen anything like it before, so i just wanted to show it off. check this out. this is just some of the stuff we have here appears to thank you very much. there is some push. the democrats moderate districts are pushing their leadership to pass the usmca. they don't care if it doesn't look good.
6:00 am
their constituents wanted. >> all right. that's going to wrap it up for us today. we are going to be on fox nation. in about five seconds five seconds. >> see you on the radio. >> sandra: good morning, everyone, the trump administration under fire after announcing millions to expand border detention facilities, bracing for a direct hit from tropical storm dorian. i am sandra smith, reporting live from our nation's capital. >> and i am jon scott in four bill hemmer. now today, tropical storm dorian is expected to strengthen. prompting many to question the decision. >> sandra: saying it is ludicrous. here is how the former acting


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