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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 29, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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allows us to be here. i will see an antonio november november 16th. >> dagen: my office door is always open. [laughter] >> brian: wherever it is! i have no idea where you are! >> dagen: thank you, brian kilmeade. molly line is in for harris. >> molly: fox news alert, new reaction is the justice department inspector general releases a blistering report on former fbi director james comey. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm molly line in for harris faulkner. the inspector general says company violated fbi policies with his handling of memos detailing his private conversations with president trump, and that comey set a dangerous example for fbi employees with his actions. but comey downplaying the findings, tweeting, "doj ig found no evidence that comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media." i don't need a public apology for those who defame me, but a
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quick message with a "sorry we lied about you" would be nice." chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been reading through this report and bring us details of the day on this morning. what more relenting, catherine? >> thanks, molly, good afternoon. an internal watchdog found the director, who as directors held to the highest standard because he sets the example, violated fbi rules. his effort to implement agreement, and more specific in that he took matters into his own hands to achieve a personal outcome. the inspector general said that the primitive special counsel, when you have other options that did not violate policy. it's inconsistent with the parent policy. what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information obtained during the course of fbi employment in order to achieve a personally-desired outcome." inspector general said comey was wrong to claim the memos were like his personal journal or diary. finding that the memos
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documenting his private conversations with the president were, in fact, government records. michael e horowitz also found that comey is a leaker. to get a memo to "the new york times" about a 2017 meeting with the president over the russia investigation, comey passed the government record to a columbia law school professor, daniel rickman, who in turn passed it on to the reporter. it's important to note that fox news was first to confirm that rickman was given a special government employee status by comey. the report also found that comey took him government records, which he was not authorized to do. and specifically mehmood classified information of the lowest level. he then shared these memos more broadly with his legal team. the report continues, on may 14th 2017, 5 days after he was fired, he uses personal scanned her an email account to provide electronic copies of
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memos. three days later, on may 17th, that attorney provided by personal email account copies to other attorneys also part of comey's legal team. in one of his last appearances on capitol hill, fox news pressed comey on whether he had in fact, when he shared those memos, mishandled classified information. >> i'm not going to talk about that. >> it's important to talk about, with the classified information -- >> whether you think it is or not, i won't talk about it one way or another. >> what we know now based on the inspector general report is that when he shared those memos he did in fact mishandled classified information. because one of them had classified information and to use an unsecured email account. as you know, molly, the justice department has declined to prosecute this case, but it's important to note that the justice department has also recently declined other cases that were referred by the inspector general involving
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other fbi executives that worked for comey. some of them violated ethics rules. they accepted gifts from journalists, and they also leaked or lacked candor, which is another weighing of saying they like investigators, molly. >> molly: catherine herridge, and don't like a tremendous job. we appreciate that brick temper let's bring in matthew whitaker, former acting attorney general, and former chief of staff to former attorney general jeff sessions. thanks for joining us, as this report comes out. i just want to get your early thoughts, catherine herridge just give us this broad overview of housekeeping this was. pointed in comey 's direction. as she mentioned, they took linda prosecute. >> i think it points to the culture that jim comey created as director of the fbi. there was a culture of leaking. there was a culture of the highest executives at the fbi, the director, putting their own self interests ahead of the interest of the country. i think it's dangerous with the created at the fbi. where they could make the
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decision, inconsistent with fbi policy and doj policy, to put their own self interests -- in this case, leaking was memos -- in order to cause a chain of events that the opponent of the special counsel was a result. >> molly: i want to highlight one portion from the report. comey had several other lawful options available to him, which he told us was his goal. making the disclosure. what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information obtained during fbi employment in order to achieve a personally-desired outcome. and yet, by taking this action, he essentially got with he decided. there doesn't seem to be a big repercussion to this. so how do we hold people accountable when they have these very powerful jobs? >> he did, and he manipulated a system that he understood well, having been both deputy attorney general and the fbi director, to get the special
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counsel appointed by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. i think, really, in that page 59 to 60 which summarizes everything in the inspector general report, you get the sense that instead of doing this for what he claimed was a love of country, he did that for a love of comey. and acted in his own self interest to really go after this president of the united states. it's a shame. >> molly: i want to highlight something you literally just said. you said "manipulated in a system that he understood well." but speaks to dangerous precedents being set. is that what you're talking about, when we have people who know the law just so well, and what they can do and how they can do it? far above what any ordinary american would understand? >> molly, that's executive but i'm talking about. what i see here is that jim comey, who was the director of the fbi but had previously been deputy attorney general, number two at the doj, understood what would cause a special counsel to get appointed. he manipulated, including the humans memos, inconsistent with doj policy, inconsistent with
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fbi policy. that's the whole reason those policies are in place. so these powerful positions aren't taken advantage of by sophisticated players like mr. comey. >> molly: catherine herridge also noted during the course of the report there is a mention of comey setting a dangerous example. which i think goes on to what you're talking about. looking ahead, there is in the report, kind of waiting out there, regarding fisa abuse. what should we look for when we wait for that? >> festival, i don't think director comey or anyone involved in the fisa of carter page or the origins of the russia investigation is off the hook. so i think we should expect a full accounting and full transparency to the american people, to the utmost legal possibility, so we all know how that investigation started and we all know how people like jim comey and andy mccabe and others maybe use their knowledge of the fbi and the doj to trigger this investigation that ultimately was to the united
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dumb i present to the united states. >> molly: do you think his fortunes could change at that next report lingers out there? >> not knowing the contents of the report, it's hard for me to know what legal jeopardy individuals could be in. we expect to see similar to this report some areas for criticism and possibly criminal exposure. it's just hard to say until we see what the inspector general report, together with the u.s. attorney in connecticut, find when they investigate the origins of this investigation. >> molly: it seems to go on and on and have some of the different layers. matthew whitaker, thank you for your insights today. we appreciate it. >> thank you, molly. >> molly: a fox news alert fox news alert, forecasters now warning dorian could strengthen to a powerful hurricane hurricane 4 hurricane by the time it makes landfall in florida. this labor day weekend. and they warned it could bring
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life-threatening conditions. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the storm for us. of course, he's in the fox extreme weather center with the latest on this. >> hey, molly. if it's a cat 4 that will bring life-threatening conditions. still variables are on the strength of hurricanes. difficult to forecast. a cat 4, the thief to forecast. if it ends up being a cat 2 i don't want anyone to think it's less dangerous. it could end up being stronger. we still really don't know. either way, we've got what would be a really significant storm on the shore for florida. this is the latest visible satellite imagery. begets imagery of it, we can see the very centerpiece of it there. pressure has come down over the last number of hours. that means it's a strengthening storm. we haven't seen the winds correlate. taking time to correspond that. because of the outcome of forecast brings us to a major hurricane tomorrow come up to a category 3. so we know that it is strengthening there, and we know it will continue to pull off toward the northwest. we have a lot of disagreement
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amongst all of the models we look at yesterday. look at how much better in agreement now they are getting here? headed towards the central florida coast. keep in mind, it's the center of the storm. the storms are big and we have impacts all throughout florida for a very strong winds and heavy rain right and where that storm comes on shore. that'll be the worst of it, it's too early to say. another thing to note is most of the models now do pull this northerly turn, this right-hand turn. hopefully it will happen before it gets back over the water on the other side of the gulf. that would give it a chance to strengthen again and make a second landfall. likely what happens it stays in linda just rains and rains and rains because the storm slows down a lot. our two most reliable models getting better in agreement, as well. toward central southern florida. that's the latest run of what they are looking at. the radar pictures, i want to point out, when we have a radar, it goes out from land. so there is radar in puerto rico
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getting those images. it's now getting too far away from puerto rico. so we won't get that radar image. now we just go with the satellite images that we will be trusting upon, and people flying in and out of the storm. this pulls out off toward the northwest, then takes us westerly. officially, the track right now brings it into a category 4 storm. the last thing i want to point out, molly, it's moving along at a pretty good clip. watch what happens -- sunday, monday, tuesday. it really slows down a lot. when it slows down a lot there's a lot more rain that's going to fall in the same spot. we could be talking about a really significant flooding situation going on, even interior sections of florida. >> molly: as that storm smashes then, monday, tuesday, wednesday, what goes on with it rain. this is something to watch all three next week. rick reichmuth, thank you so much. we will have more on hurricane dorian and what to expect as the storm takes aim at the u.s. a fema official will join us later in the show.
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now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> molly: talk about a wild-goose chase, police in east los angeles frantically pursuing a robbery suspect. this is just yesterday when she abandoned her car and climbs onto the nearest roof. the suspect proceeds to jump from rooftop to rooftop until there was nowhere left for her to go. she eventually got down and surrendered to authorities. new reports of a second
10:17 am
homicide, identified in a string of suspicious deaths at veterans affairs hospital in west virginia. "usa today" and npr are reporting that an 81-year-old veteran died of an unnecessary insulin induction. that is the same way that another vet died around the same time, and both have been ruled on the sides. top democratic senator joe manchin urging va officials to speed up the investigation and get the families the answers they deserve. joining us now is secretary of veterans affairs, robert wilkie. thanks for joining us. this is my home state, full disclosure. i'm originally from west virginia. and these are two cases, potentially up to ten, at the louis johnson va medical center in clarksburg that are under investigation. what is the standout >> where it stands is we are learning what we know from the media. this investigation started, the independent inspector general, before i even became the va
10:18 am
secretary. and you mentioned in your opening remarks about senator manchin. i completely agree. it is time for the inspector general, who is not controlled by me nor the white house, to finally end this investigation to answer the questions that our grieving families have. it's been far too long. one thing i will say is that, unlike phoenix, what happened in the last administration, my understanding that as soon as the officials in clarksburg knew something was wrong, they immediately reported to the authorities. i will say that because this president has given so much attention to va, he expects all of us to be in on the reforms and he expects that even of the independent inspector general. >> molly: what i find so striking about this is we are talking about homicide investigations, at a facility that are veterans, who deserve our respect and certainly top
10:19 am
level care, went to get help. and it looks like, at least in the case of some individuals, it may have been the opposite. so this is a call -- this is from the attorney, one of those alleged potential victims. felix kirk mcdermott. we believe based on calls you've been getting up a potential other, that -- oh, take a liste listen. >> some of the calls we've been getting about potential other victims, that this stretched all the way back to at least june or july of 2017, which is ten months before mr. mcdermott died. we've been told there are victims all the way up until july of 2018. >> molly: a couple things there, he says that the system failure. another words, should this have been discovered quicker? quite frankly, if people are going in seeking care, are they safe?
10:20 am
>> well, yes. they are safe. i think even with the information that we have outside of the criminal investigation, people at va -- it looks like the victim of a crime. we have 400,000 employees, and the notion that something like this would be widespread just strains credulity. as i said earlier, the biggest thing that we can do -- and i agree with senator manchin and your other senator, that this inspector general as to give us the answers. i'm precluded, even as the leader, from inquiring or demanding that this inspector general give us those answers. i am not privy to any of the particulars of his investigation. so what i am asking is that he finally end in his so that we can get the answer is that these families deserve. it looks to me like they have been the victims of a crime, but
10:21 am
we haven't received those conclusions from the criminal authorities. >> molly: these are at least two of the names of the veterans. george nelson shah, army veteran, and felix kirk mcdermott. we thank them for their service, and their families. if this is true, they all deserve better. thank you for your interview today and we will look for more updates on this is a goes forward. >> thank you for the attention to this matter, and thank you for mentioning the names of those who have carried the burden for our country. they deserve much better. >> molly: their families are waiting for answers, as well. an intense man on for an arizona couple suspected of murder. police say they could be armed and dangerous. a loud report on that coming up. plus, "the new york times" once again updating a story after pressure from outspoken critics. is this just a new normal in the age of social media? howie kurtz gives me his take, coming up next. ♪ what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform.
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>> molly: check out this terrifying video. it's hard to believe it's real. this rhinoceros ramming and flipping a zookeepers car multiple times over and over again in a safari park in germany. the employee inside that car managed to get out without any serious injury and it's unclear exactly what set the rhino off. but the park manager says the rhino i'd only been living there for about 18 months. still getting used to the environment there on the ground. i guess they are still getting used to them, as well! a married couple accused of murder in arizona, now on the run after escaping from custody during a transport through utah. authorities say they overpowered guards and took off on monday night. federal officials now looking into just how they managed to pull that off, as the manhunt intensifies. william la jeunesse has been following the story. william? >> molly, without sounding like a hollywood producer, how did they get loose? was at a gas station, a bathroom break? where they shackled around the
10:27 am
waist, the wrist, the ankles? how did they overpowered these cards? we don't know? but i june of the back story. in april, they allegedly set fire to house and burned to death a tucson man living inside -- allegedly paid 72-year-old frank bly. then the couple, blane and susan barksdale, if we to upstate new york where the refined hiding by police. arizona wants than extricated, but they only have so much money. rather than using trained deputies to buy the couple to tucson, it hired a private company out of kansas that often transports foster kids the dental appointments, among others, to drive the pair of alleged killers 2,000 miles from new york to arizona. the couple overpowers the guards in utah, deals the van, and drive south. the victims' son is shot. >> we are dumbfounded.
10:28 am
we can't believe that this thing happened. the transport company, they really screwed up big time. somebody didn't follow protocol. they didn't do what they were supposed to, and that's why this thing happened. >> police say they dumped the prison van and stole a red gmc pickup with damage to the bumpe bumper. speefifteen barksdale has heavy tattoos on his arms and hands. they say that they are broke so they probably will have to commit new crimes to survive. yesterday tucson ended its contract with that transport company pending review. and ex-employees, when you look on the web, suggest it's not a high-paying job. guards sometimes have to sleep in the van in rural areas or cheap motels. they have not received a call back from that transport company. molly? >> thank you so much, william. i will keep an eye out for that and how the unravels and goes on. "the new york times" and if for changing yet another story in the week of social media backlash. this time the article centered on the tea party movement, and
10:29 am
some critics apparently thought the paper just wasn't tough enough on the group and its history. the times of course updated a headline after president trump after receiving similar pushback on that. joining me now to talk about all of this is howie kurtz, host of "media buzz." fix for joining us, appreciate it. i guess we will kick this off. it happened again. what you think about "the new york times" taking this road yet again, based on criticism of their reporting? >> well, this is the second street incident in which "the new york times" has caved to left-wing pressure and a twitter mob. there is nothing factually wrong with the story about the tea party, which the paper says was supposed to focus on the legacy of angry protests, the deficit and big government. but when african-americans and others said to the times, "how dare you write a story about the tea party and not mention racism," the paper changed the story adding a passage about obama allies who view the movement as giving voice to those who wanted to attack the first black president. by the way, some showed up at
10:30 am
rallies waving recent signs and characters. that should be used to describe the whole movement. >> molly: i've been to a number of tea party rallies all of the country and i haven't seen really crazy or virulently racist or anything like that. it's interesting to see the number of tweets being sent in this article. as you mentioned, there is nothing particularly scandalous about this. the movement, the choice they are making, will they make it again and again? 's of the row they've essentially chosen? >> that the danger here. every time some on the left or group of people go on twitter and complaint, of the times allows the paper to be edited by these folks. the president gave a speech in the wake of the dual mass shootings, and the original headline was factual and accurate. "trump urges unity versus racism." the left went nuts. they changed it to "the ceiling hate but not guns." it's fine to update a story if you found new information has emerged, or someone complained it was inaccurate.
10:31 am
but this was done obviously for ideological reasons and lead to a huge internal staff meeting at the time. what is becoming clear is even the executive editor, dean baquet, since people cheer and jeer. that is a dangerous situation for a newspaper to allow itself to be buffeted by this kind of criticism. >> molly: you mention it's not uncommon for a journalist organization to correct something if there are some blatant error. or to say, "we are sorry, we did this wrong." it just seems like when you open yourself up to being essentially edited by the grand public, is that what they are sort of offering up? to say, "we are listening to you on this?" speak of their public explanation is, "we heard from some readers and decided we should add in this passage." i don't see a lot of stories -- any stories, in fact -- being changed, or headlines being
10:32 am
changed, after conservatives complain. and the truth is, if you're going to have a respected newspaper, pupil trust the journalist to get rid of the first time. just because you have pressure groups that could be left, right, or center saying they don't like the story, "you didn't mention this, you got to put in racism," you're opening yourself up to more and more pressure. more people will expect they make enough noise and they can give distributive change stories. >> molly: i mean, it looks like a perhaps worked twice. we appreciate it, thank you. >> nice to see you, molly. spew on major u.s. city issuing a health alert urging people to stop vaping to be good. we will talk to a medical expert. plus, new fallout after the justice to permit ig found that jim comey broke a fair policy as director. this come after the doj declined to indict comey. what could he face of the legal
10:33 am
repercussions? our power panel will weigh in next. ♪ are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> molly: fox news alert, the justice department inspector general finding former fbi director james comey broke fbi policy by keeping and leaking the memos he wrote about his private meetings of president trump. earlier this summer, the doj declined to bring a case against comey pay let's bring in our power panel. bob driscoll, former justice to permit official, and darrell issa, former california congressman. thank you both for being here. this report comes out today, really appreciate it. bob, i think we will kick off with you. with your background. what do you think of the results of this report and the fact there of indictment and no charge? and yet rule after rule was broken, according to this more than 80-page report? >> no indictment make sense, because it's not necessarily directly criminal violation. but the report is skating.
10:38 am
i'm amazed when i read it, the number of times former director comey went outside the bounds because he was guided by his own moral sense of right and wrong rather than the rules. there's times when he's not reporting to the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, because "he didn't trust them." if he didn't trust him he's got to get out of there. the notion that you can just take it upon yourself to do what you think is right and ignore the rules that are there, that defeats the whole purpose of having a government of laws and not men. that's not even a partisan issue, he did the same thing with attorney general lynch. that is compromise and she would say out there and make report to the public. they did the same thing with these memos. it's disappointing conduct. i think the inspector general, who is well-respected, was a part really tough on him. but i also think a criminal prosecution is warranted under the circumstances. a violation of internal rules, that's about it. >> molly: i want to bring men and talk about the potential
10:39 am
political consequences. are there any? we have yet to hear from the white house, from the president in particular, on this. your thoughts on with the political fallout of this could potentially be, if any? >> i think the important thing is that michael horowitz, who has served under multiple presidents, has made it very clear that there was a pattern of rule breaking. these are certainly grounds to be fired. the hubris of the type that i think is important for the american people and congress to take note of. one of the questions, do we want to have a 10-year term for an fbi director? is it too long? do they get too arrogant? did he feel he was above the rules, regulations, and laws? let's understand, many of the things he leaked to his friends and anyone who would listen, and to "the new york times," these were things that committees like mine would subpoena and be denied based on them being sensitive. so although it may not be legally indictable it certainly
10:40 am
is a high crime relative to the public right to know. and the republic's right be protected. >> molly: in a tweet today, comey himself suggested he's the one who deserves an apology from those who called him a liar and a leaker. [laughter] with the report lays out -- i mean, what a lot of people would think it, "comey provided the copy of memo 4, which it he shared with the report from "the new york times." later that day they publish an article about memo 4." what you think of the reaction that mr. comey himself has taken to this report coming out? as you described, bob, as scathing? >> at the age we live, people presume no one will read the report. so he goes out on social media and takes a victory lap as though it is something to be proud of. when really, i guess it's better to not be indicted than to be
10:41 am
indicted. beyond that, i don't think it's a moment of pride for the department or should be a moment of pride for him. it's a fairly wholesale basis, violated rules. aside from the basic rules violations, really kind of a lack of candor. the fbi shows up at his place the day after he's fired and he neglects to mention he happened to have these memos of conversations with the president in his safe at home. when the fbi was there to collect all as if their materials. that may or may not be a violation, but that's not the way we want our public officials to behave. the reason he was in trouble with the president, he should have mentioned. but he viewed it as he trusted himself more than a trust of the process, more than a trust the people around him. so he took it on himself to do it. but i don't like it i don't think that's a reason. >> molly: one more thing , as bob is alluding to, comey sought to achieve a personally personally-desired outcome.
10:42 am
he essentially got what he was aimed to do by taking actions he did. your thoughts? is there any responsibility for this? is anyone to be held accountable? could he be held accountable in any way? >> he may be. first of all, there were tens of millions of dollars spent as a result of his actions. second, he may not be indicted, that there is a vindication here. the president can sit today and know that the conspiracy, before, during, and after his election by a number of people, comey being one of the ranking, has not been uncovered. it's clear that they had a bias toward hillary and away from trump that started when comey took it on himself, essentially, to help hillary clinton. and then continue to try and move, at least toward an independent counsel and a possible impeachment of the president it, something he failed to do. but he certainly made the effort. if not for comey, i don't
10:43 am
suspect there ever would have been the mueller investigation and those tens of millions of dollars spent. only to find the don't like innocent. >> molly: this is hardly the end of the story. thank you for your thoughts and thank you both for joining me. >> thanks for having me, molly. >> molly: hurricane dorian, something else we are watching, gaining strength and roaring towards florida. forecasters think it could at the state as a major category 4 storm. how the perforation is going, next. ♪
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. we will have the latest on hurricane dorian as forecasters say it could hit florida as a monster category 4 storm. also, any report democrats are sounding the alarm about reaching voters in some key states. i will ask karl rove about that. plus, an amazing view of a volcano erupting that might be a little too close for comfort. that's coming up on "the daily briefing." >> molly: florida now bracing for potentially life-threatening category 4 hurricane. the state governor has declared a state of emergency, for the counties in this path, and is urging residents to get prepared in case of disaster. phil keating is live in miami. he is monitoring all of this with more. phil?
10:48 am
>> fuel is critical in these days ahead of the approaching monster storm, and in miami, at least, things are quite different today than they were just yesterday. two days ago it was only a tropical storm, no we are talking about a cat 4, and this is a generator. this is a fill up for gas for the general view of both expected and there will be widespread electricity outages. that means no ac in the post hurricane days. we are in the gas station at this costco. look at the line. everyone knows, fuel up now. when the power goes out, gas pumps don't work. also, credit cards won't work anywhere when the shops and businesses reopen pair that's what people are also lined up a. atm machines, getting cash. floridians know what it means to go through a storm, even category 1 or 2 could knock out your power for days if not weeks.
10:49 am
in florida, the cone of concern really stretches all the way from south to north. miami to jacksonville. so everybody today, a lot of people cashed out of work early and they are lining up not only at gas stations but also supermarkets. the governor visited the national hurricane center this morning, and here is his urgent advice. speak of the time to act is now. if you haven't acted, act to make preparations. do not wait until it's too late. if you prepared and don't end up getting affected, no harm, no foul. if you don't prepare and you are affected, that may be something difficult to recover from. >> yesterday, it was a cat 1 hurricane. blasting through the u.s. virgin islands. a lot of wind, a lot of rain, a lot of foliage damage. however, the good news is it skirted puerto rico. it was supposed to possibly do a
10:50 am
direct hit on that very fragile commonwealth u.s. territory. instead, only the northeastern coast really received much of the rain and wind. so everybody needs to be prepared right now. we've got 72 hours to go. back to you. >> molly: phil keating, thank you very much. covering the fuel-up going on down there right now. joining me is jeff byard, associated administrator at fema's response and recovery office. i know people out there are watching. if you want to say something to people in florida, what would you say right now about being ready for this as it inches closer? >> after what the governor said earlier today and what a lot of people, to include the media -- yell have been a great partner in everything we do pay your part of the team when it comes to these types of storms. monitor the storm now. it's there, it's coming. take most preparatory steps. if you will what you need, make sure you have cash on hand, download the fema app for
10:51 am
additional tips. go to take the storm seriously. it'll be a big storm impacting some portion of florida on the eastern coast and possibly even further than that. >> molly: phil was talking about miami to jacksonville, covering those long gas lines. the atms around, people want in cash. are there any evacuations happening or expected? >> that's a good question. that is a question best asked at the county level in florida. in florida most of the time the counties will generate that. fema's role is to support any gaps they may have, any shortfalls they may have in evacuations. as you know, we don't call for evacuations. i wouldn't want to anticipate on that. again, the state has a great track record of dealing with hurricanes. obviously florida is very familiar with hurricanes. we do have staff embedded with the state staff at the emergency operation center in tallahassee. so we are monitoring any
10:52 am
evacuations. it's a great question. i would have two ships that down to the state and local level for exact times and so forth. >> molly: talk to me about the long haul. everyone is grateful that this storm missed puerto rico, but yet that did not break up the storm. it hit land mass, cruising across the water, not a cat 4, it means in land it could be dumping a lot of rain. how many days are we looking at? that people should be ready for a major storm? are we talking about well into next week? >> definitely well into next week. the storm, if it materializes like it is predicted to do and forecasted to do, you are looking at significant infrastructure damage to the product on my power, water, roads. it's a category 4 storm, that's a powerful storm. it's going to create in land and coastal flooding. you need to be prepared, as we always are. this is not going to be something in two days that life is normal or life as you know it will be back to normal. >> molly: a lot of updates on this. jeff byard, thank you for the
10:53 am
info. we are looking at and watching the storm. coming up, a warning about vaping and lung disease cases continuing to pop up across the nation. a medical expert joins me next. ♪ o) this is jerry. jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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>> shannon: the city of milwaukee now urging people to stop vaping immediately. this as federal officials say there are 16 confirmed cases of lung disease in wisconsin, 15 more under investigation. nearly 200 potential cases across 22 states. meantime, the ceo of the e-cigarette company juul has this warning for customers. >> don't start using nicotine if you don't have is a preexisting relationship with nicotine. don't use the product. you're not our target consumer. >> shannon: joining us is a doctor and pediatrician. thank you for joining us. this headline pretty alarming
10:58 am
out of milwaukee. there have been 16 people from wisconsin hospitalized with chemical pneumonia. i think what strikes me about this, the vaping hasn't been around all that long. many of these people coming forward with these symptoms and illnesses are very young and haven't been doing this for very long. still a lot of investigating to be done. your thoughts? >> kudos to milwaukee because this needs to be done across all of the united states. i think that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. i have patients that are vaping as young as 13 years old. even 12-year-olds have been exposed to it. they go into the school bathroom and kids are vaping. you don't smell it. the parents don't know they're doing it. they stick it in their pocket. juul was designed for people who wanted to stop smoking cigarettes. my patients never smoked cigarettes. these kids think it's cool. it comes in flavors. it's tempting. it's the forbidden fruit. they don't just vape nicotine.
10:59 am
they vapeths. this is toxic to the lungs. as a doctor, it never sounded like a good idea to me. when i heard ab e-cigarettes it kind oven sound ridiculous. people that are just quitting cigarettes. now the cat is out of the bag. they're so easily attainable. i'm very worried, especially for kids who already have preexisting lung disease like asthma and allergies. >> shannon: how dangerous is it? we are seeing this happening so quick. we're not talking about decades where lung cancer sets in. this seems to be swift. >> right. remember, nicotine is more addictive than cocaine. when kids start using nicotine pods, the pod is a pack of cigarettes. they go through sometimes three packs day. can you imagine a smoker smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.
11:00 am
this is a 15-year-old kid or 20-year-old kid smoking three pods a day. they can't stop. they're addicted. my son will say, i'm sorry, we're running out of time. thank you very much for the information and the concern appreciated. >> dana: fox news alert. hurricane dorian could hit florida as a category 4 storm with winds 140 miles an hour. while dorian is still days away from the mainland, they point to a life altering impact. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first the justice department inspector general releasing an scathing report on james comey saying the former fbi director violated agency policy in mishandling of memos on president trump and set a, quote, dangerous e


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