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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 29, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled because lara ingraham is next. have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from another busy washington tonight. molly hemingway, jason chaffitz will take you inside the doj the inspector general's damning report on jim comey andnd revealing important new detail a lot of people are missing it. also, the man who first hired comey in government, rudy giuliani. yes, he's responsible. is here with a fiery response. and, perhaps, a ting of regret. plus, a man who served at the highest levels of the fbi with comey is now calling for the former director to i apologize o the men and women of the bureau. his emotional plea later. and, in the latest installment of our raymond on the road
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series, it will shock you. we're going to take you to venice beach, california, where residents are being overrun by not just homeless people ander plat that entails, but aggressive homeless people. he's going to show you how the people and the business owners are fighting back. but, first, the liar, the wimp and the wardrobe. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." you get the sense that when director comey entered the fbi building, it became like the wardrobe in that famous c.s. lewis book. his open fantasy land with rules that didn't apply to mere mortals. well, today, the supercilious pious, sanctimonious former fbi director jim comey was roasted. thend inspector general found
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that he was in clear violation of the department of justice guidelines and his sworn duty in handling information related to his dealings with the president and the dossier. now comey's conduct was an affront to the standards expected of all doj employees and it's a stain on the long, proud history of the fbi.d but, tonight here's what you need to understand. comey, along with clapperbrennad perhaps others, franceyed themselves as super heroes, planted themselves as trump-resisting superhero, self-appointed saviors of truth, justice, and the american way. well, deep state actors, they looked the other way as comey abused his position. all the privileges and power of the fbi in a planned effort to destroy the man he had utter disdain for. donald trump.. now, comey comes from the rarified upper crust of elite washington lawyers. to them, trump from the outset
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was an uncouth real estate mogul turned reality star,r, the antithesis of what many of these self-annointed elites wanted in their president. now folks like comey themselves have coasted for years on their pedigree and puffery. they don't like disrupters because people like trump they're going to pull back the curtain on the status quo, the old guard. the establishment. they don't like that one bit. the ig report tells us that comey meticulously planned exactly how he would informou president-elect trump of the salacious details contained in that steele dossier.he colludede fbi general counsel, and others in advance to plan their strategy to set up the president-elect. so after briefing trumpen about the dossier at trump tower, comey started drafting a memo tt
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memorialize the encounter during a car ride back to the office. ethis is all planned out. then, a day later, on january 11 cnn reported this. >> that the intelligence chiefs of the united states, when they briefed president obama thursday and president-elect trump on friday, they believed that the source of the dossier was credible and his sources were credible and they believed that a, the president-elect and the president should know that the russians were claiming they had compromised information on him. >> this is disgraceful. that opened, of course, the media flood gates and a wave of damaging and totally fraudulent fake news stories followed about the phony clinton finance field dossier. now, in the months that followed, comey memorialized his other meetings with the president. several memos were sent to his personal lawyer, daniel richmond, who, then, at comey's behest, shared the contents of at least two of them with the news media. why?
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to spark the appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible trump-russia collusion. butle the president smelled a r. he confronted and ultimately fired comey over the leaks to the media, which, of course comey vociferously denied. >> i don't consider mr. richmond a leak, i told him of an unclassified conversation with the m president. >> one month after firing comey and now reaction to the former fbi director's capitol hill testimony, trump in a tweet wrote, despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication, and, wow comey is a leaker. so is trump right? regarding the leaking. maybe comey never considered releasing his own memos leaking because his ultimate goal bringing down the president, was noble. he saw it as he was carrying out his civic duty. >> i intentionally gave this information to a friend
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intending that it be out in the media. i wanted it to get out in the media. as a private citizen, i could do that and did that. >> actually, jim, you weren't supposed to do that. this is page 61 of the ig report. comey had several lawful options available to him to advocate for the appointment a of a special counsel which he told us was his goal in making the disclosure. what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, investigative information, obtained in the course of fbi employment in order to achieve a personally-desired outcome. so, he leaked. and lied to the public about it. then, there's the question of how many memos comey shared with his pal, richmond, for media distribution and whether they contained classified material. in repeated interviews, comey said versions of this:
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>> i sent mr. richmond a copy of a two-page unclassified memo and asked him to get the substance of it out to the media. >> you personally -- >> i gave him nothing else ever. >> i sent one memo, unclassified then, still unclassified. it's recounted in my book. >> laura: the book. but the ig said on page 51 of the report, richmond volunteered to the bureau in his interview that if you're collecting the one, you should get the other three memos richmond had received from comey, woops, addingng there could be classifd information contained in what richmond received from comey. that's the key part of this as a report. could be classified information. so, repeated leaker, repeated liar. and in his interview withbrett e this
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ludicrous claim -- >> the fbi protocol says your own employment agreement with the fbi prohibits the unauthorized disclosure of information or material from or related to the fbi files where any information acquired by virtue of my official employment without written permission from the fbi. did you have written permission? >> no, i didn't consider it as an fbi file. >> you wrote it as an fbi director, it was work product. >> it was was my personam iso r mior. >> you were talking to the president. >> laura: first of all, any man who says aide to dememoir is someone you should not trust. comey's characterization of the memos and personal record finds no support in the law and it's wholly and compatible with the plain language of the statutes regulations, and policies. and the terms of the comey fbi employment agreement. so he's not just a leaker and a liar, he's incompetent or perhaps, willfully ignorant. neither of those is good either. still, after all this, comey had the gall this morning to tweet, doj-ig found no evidence that
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comey oror his attorneys releasd information contained to any of the memos to members of the media. i don't need a policy to defame me, but a quick message of sorry, i lied about you, we'll be nice. sorry, jimmy, don't hold your breath. the ig report established beyond a shadow of a doubt that comey engaged in a brand personal vendetta against this president. and, in doing so, he abused his authority. and while comey must be breathing easier tonight given the ag decision not to prosecute him for this leaking, he's not out of the woods yet. the ig report on the fbi russian probe and the use of the fisa warrants is forthcoming. it's comey who signed the first fisa warrant to spy on american citizens. now, based on the dossier, he knew or should have known was not credible. that was filed with the fisa
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court. big no no. but, if comey manages to escape prosecution for conduct that his underlings would be charged for, then the damage he did to the fbi will extend to our belief and the treasured words carved into the supreme court building. equal justice under the law. and that's "the angle." joining me now with reaction is congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee, jason chaffitz former chair of the house oversight committee, fox news contributor and new book "power grab" which comes out tuesday. molly hemingway, senior editor who's been covering this extensively and a fox news contributor. congressman jordan, start with you.s after reading this report, are you going to apologize to jim comey? >> no. laura, your opening remarks are right on target.
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our country had to listen to this 2 1/2 year saga because of one guy. jim comey. he opened the investigation in july of 2016.i put peter strzokf it. the same guy trump should lose 100 million to zero. that's the guy he put in chargeg jim comey is the one that allowed a dossier to get a warrant to spy on the american citizens and jim comey is the guy who leaks sensitive information, broke the rules to the fbi, leaked sensitive information to "the new yorkinin times" through his friend for what reason? to get the special counsel who entire saga forward based on a false accusation. owes the country for an apology because he put us through this for 2 1/2 years. we know he did it. we know he did it because he was out to get the president based on what happened at the january 6 meeting that you talked about at the trump tower where he talked about the dossier and it says on page 17 of the report they did it to try to get information, trap the president all the while, he was telling the president, you're not under investigation.
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>> beep go. >> bingo. >> that is a get. jim comey is responsible for the whole darn 2 1/2 year thing. >> laura: that's an extremely important point. molly, at the beginning of the angle, you were nodding about something that you thought was important thatto probably hadn't gotten as much attention. the fact that they were ready to move on this before the trump tower meeting. his cohorts totally memorialize these things in memos. get it on paper. >> there is so much on the ig reports. people don't realize usually they're not full of this type of information and this type of strong language. we know the briefing of the dossier or one portion of the dossier to trump because it immediately leaked to cnn. a lot of people thought that was the purpose of the briefing, so it could be immediately leaked to cnn, creating this russia hoax hysteria.
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but we also learned in the ig report today that they were using the information -- they were using the meeting as a way to get information about a russia hoax that they apparently believed that was deeply alarming they fell for something that preposterous. they briefed him in the hopes that they would give him information. he immediately goes to the car and starts typing a memo.o.ld the secure hookup back in the -- >> hurricane with the crosse fire. >> cross fire hurricane team. because they anticipated that they were going to get information for the russia story. it leaks, shockigkly, the next day, cnn was looking for a hook to be able to talk about the dossier shown to be completely ridiculous. >> laura: the media folks at the anchor desks sitting at the headsets on, and they were all ready for this. they've got a stern look on their face, tapper and wolf. i'm thinking, this whole thing was a fraud. aren't they angry tonight? aren't they -- they're not even covering this, for the most part. >> my 8 1/2 years of congress one of my biggest disappointments is the fact tht
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the national media is just absolutely asleep at the wheel. i think they're complicit in this. they seem to act as partners in this. and to listen to james comey go out there and sanctimoniously say the self-righteous way that he's not a leaker, that he doesn't do all of this stuff they knew full well that he was the source of much of this information. remember, it was the deputy assistant director for the fbi that was highlighted by the inspector general in a previous notation and recommended for prosecutorial -- to be prosecuted, because they took sealed court documents and released them to the media. this was a culture theinspectors highlighted time and time again, and i want the department of justice to do what they should do and charge one of their own. because you've got an inspector general who's doing everything they could do to highlight the problems, but doj can't seem to take it upon themselves to actually charge somebody. >> laura: we're going to gethe into that later on in the show. i think a lot of americans tonight are wondering whether we
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still actually honor that principle of equal justice under law. walking into the supreme court building every day as a clerk many years ago, i looked up at that. and it means something to every american, or at least it should. i want to go into this congressman jordan, how ben wits of the brooking institution, he was acting, in a way, as a surrogate for jim comey. he's a close friend of his. comey hid behind his twitter account. but this guy, witts, came out and spun the report. watch. >> once you've been fired, you are now at this point, you're not just the former director of the fbi, you're also a witness to potential -- really gross -misconduct that may be crimin. so what are you -- is the ig really saying, and i think by the way that he is really saying that if you are a law enforcement officer who's a witness to potentially criminal activity, you've got to shut up. >> congressman jordan, what s
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is -- apparently it's witless -- sorry thank you. it's what he's saying. it's his duty, it wasn't a setup. it's his duty to be an investigative reporter/pre-special prosecutor in that meeting, that trump tower meeting. >> laura, jim comey was out to get the president from the get-go. when he gets fired, we deposed him in the house judiciary committee after he's fired last congress. he told us in that deposition they investigated the whole trump-russia hoax. they investigated it for ten months. at that point, no evidence of any type of coordination between the trump campaign and russia. but he leaks the memo to get the special counsel to appoint and they do another 22 month investigation, spend $32 million in taxpayer money to do it and come back with the same thing. this is all about the president. they can spin it in every way they want. every single thing they did, jim comey did, was designed to go after the president including
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this key information that molly talked about. what they did at the january 6 meeting where they were trying to get information, trying to trap the president of the unitet states to give him a defensive briefing. >> by saying -- by saying in the immediate yeah, i don't want -- media, i don't want to interrupt you, but telling him he was a target. he wasn't a target.they lied to. they led him on, said he was a target. veand he said to investigator, e didn't want him to think -- we didn't want him to get all worried he was a target when molly said they had the hurricane cross fire ready with a secure connection to get debriefed comey.ct >> they're setting up the president, trying to ambush the president, saying you're not under investigation, even though they coordinated how they're going to do it. they were all going to show up., comey is going to stay, talk about the dossier. they were out to get him remember, in the previous
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investigation,n. when loretta lynch told jim comey to call it a matter, not an investigation he did that to secretary clinton. he goes to the president and tries to trap president-elect trump and tell him he's not under investigation. this is ridiculous. one person responsible for theer saga, that's jim comey. >> laura: he's a free manhoy. tonight, though. molly. this is what chuck todd said today, he said that jim comey's reputation is in the toilet because of the president. watch. >> can we step back here a minute and realize how james comey's reputation has been just totally eviscerated by the president? essentially, you know, he's off the hook here doing anything wrong. the way the report was written, you could tell, it's sort of inr the --in the president really is good at this character assassination. >> he ceased to be a reporter with that comment. >> he ceased long before. the ig report was so detail and thorough and explaining how james comey violated policy and procedure. we had media that fell for james
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comey's schick. it's kind of remarkable they did because only a little prior they had been blaming him for everything that happened to hillary clinton in the loss of the election. that was thrown over the board. if they completely accepted the russian collusion hoax, they treated him as if he were credible. anybody who criticized him, they rule ofre attacking the law, a or attacking our institutions. now we find out he was the only one attacking the institutions like so many are, going against the constitution. >> laura: they're rotting the organization from within the organization. they're eating the organization tfrom within. it is -- imagine if they treated, by the way, hillary in her interviewea like they treatd trump at the trump tower meeting. remember the hillary interview at the justice department the day before the fourth of july. they didn't take any notes.he panel, thank you for being here up next, the man responsible for first bringing comey into government. rudy giuliani has a message for the former fbi director. stay there.
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>> former fbi director jim comey exposed today for being a liar a leaker, and he's always been a wimp. our next guest knew comey long before the days of infamy.ou he hired him as the district-- r
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the southern district of new york back in 1987. joining me now, rudy g., new york city mayor. personal attorney. we have a lot to get into. but what's the personal takeaway from this report which is exceedingly detailed. unlike the special counsel's report, well written. >> i think this report, forget whether it's a crime or not, sort of details the worst director in the history of the fbi.>> >> in the history of the fbi. >> take jay edgar hoover put him aside, whatever he did, this guy, he w broke every rule. if you look at the horowitz report, he broke every rule of the fbi. now, i think he should be prosecuted. if you -- if you don't think he should be prosecuted, okay. but, for him to say i didn't leak, the report demonstrates that he leaked. he's completely lying today. i didn't lie? the report demonstrates he lied. it just -- they're giving him a break. they're basically saying, oh young know, we shouldn't prosecute, not enough evidence.
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but he lied, he leaked, he's a disreputable head of the fbi. he's af disgrace to the fbi. he usedce it for political purposes, the report demonstrates all of that. >> laura: clapper was on cnn tonight, did anyone ask him a question about it?not one quest. >> i'm not sure if clapper knows where he is. brennan is the brains, clapper is the idiot. if you want me to guess who orchestrated this, clapper is not capable. i won't tell you who i think did. >> laura: rudy, here's what comey said when he was asked the reason for briefing trump backso in january of 2017 on that phoney -- june 2017, on the steele dossier. >> it was important for me to assure him we were not personally investigating him. and i didn't want him thinking i was briefing him on this to sort of hang it over him in some way. i was briefing him on it because we had been told by the media it was about to launch. we didn't want to be keeping that from him. and i was keen not to leave him
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with the impression that the bureau was trying to do something to him. >> laura: but today's ig report says something totally different saying witnesses interviewed by the oig, the inspector general, also said they discussed trump's potential responses to be told about the salacious information, including trump make statements about or provide information of value to the pending russian interference investigation. rudy, is this evidence that comey and fbi officials were trying to undermine trump? 100%. >> from the very beginning, there's a conspiracy inside of that department, set him up in the first meeting. >> number one, a clear entrapment. 100% clear entrapment by comey who, despite his moral problems, is a very smart guy. unlike mueller who is lacking in intellect. this guy is very smart. he was trying to trap him like he trapped flynn. >> laura: just like it. >> trying to trap. >> laura: you're not a target. >> you're not a target, it's okay. l i have the thing in my bag but i'm not going to tell you and i'll indict you, horrible thing
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to do. any reputable prosecutor would be disgraced by that. he was trying to trap the president.and its completely dis for him to make these statements now. but who knows what the liberal media is going to do with this. but this guy is disgraced in the eyes of any fbi agent.the realin anything that j. edgar hoover did. when he walked in and the president was the president-elect and faced himnd with that, he was trying to tell him, i have something on you so you better keep me in office. he even realized he was going to do it. there are statements that made it clear that he was going to extort the president of the united states. t so i hope they prosecute him on the last one. > laura: the fisa. >> this guy should go to jail. this is the guy -- people should realize, this i's the guy that put martha stewart in jail on a flimsy -- >> laura: an his lawyer went
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after conrad black. >> in order to get publicity. the martha stewart case was a joke. stewartknow martha she's attacked president trump. i said at the time, this is a publicity stunt by him. >> laura: popover. >> yeah, that's what he did. >> laura: whose conduct was more egregious and damaging to the integrity under the rule of law equal justice under the rule of law, mike flynn in the setup and her agents with sally yates or what jim comey did for the last two years. >> everything revealed in horowitz's report should be like a teaching manual for the fbi. don't ever do this again. >> laura: doesn't the lying prosecutor. >> ifdi j. edgar hoover was up until h now the worst director this guy has gone way beyond. >> laura: he claimed -- the thing that gets me, rudy, as a first-year associate at a law firm in dc, we knew basic rules of ethics as young lawyers. you go to the department as a first-year prosecutor. you have spent the week doing
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ethics review. you know it. he claims it wasn't a federal record, a sensitive federal record. he claims his memo to the file wasn't a federal record. that doesn't pass the straight face test, doesn't it? that's a lie. >> everybody will think i'm making this up. i'm disgusted with jim comey. i have been for over a year. this is disgraceful. and because we have this crazy anti-trump media, they make him ce-- >> laura: why aren't they made. they were led down the garden path, too. >> a disgraceful prosecutor. he's everything they've been against for years. the out of control prosecutor who prosecutes people for his own ambition, this guy is a disgrace. left or right, he's a disgrace. and he's very dangerous. >> laura: but the noble goal that he and mccabe andstrzok by. >> you can do anything -- you can lie, you can cheat, you can try to get manafort to lie. 13 times you put him in solitary
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confinement. you bring him, get wiseman, a total animal to go after him. perfectly okay. now, if it were a terrorist, they would be go crazy. but equal rights. >> laura: give him his rights square meals. >> to you and me, equal rights includes everyone. it includes trump and the terrorists. >> laura: unbelievable. thank you so much. great to see you. >> being a lawyer -- >> laura: i'm so glad i'm a lawyer. oh, my god, drives me crazy. you'd be fired as a first-year you didn't know proper document handling in a litigation, a civil litigation let alone being a prosecutor and releasing information during your tenure or after. >> 100%, absolutely. >> laura: this is basic ethics 101, whether you are a civil lawyer, criminal lawyer or a prosecutor. this kind of stuff is just --- cnn, shame on you for not covering this tonight. i know you're cnn, but come on james earl jones, where does he go to get his voiceovere back.
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in moments, saul wisenberg is here on why comey is not yet clear of prosecution. why wasn't he charged today. raymond arroyo brings us the totostory of l.a.'s homeless crs spilling over to some of the most expensive residential areas in the city. what do the rich liberals think of the homeless crisis right now? he'll tell you.
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>> it was fairly clear there was
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not a strong case here for prosecuting jim comey based on leaking information. >> james comey has cleared. they knew they cleared james comey for any fbi wrongdoing. they set a dangerous precedent but cleared him of releasing any arclassified information in they memos he wrote. >> he wasn't classified is an exoneration for james comey. >> not surprising, the so-called experts would rally to the defense of disgraced former fbi director jim comey. yes, the doj declined to prosecute him over breakingim agency rules to damage the president, but is all of this talk of exoneration premature. joining me now, saul wisenberg fox news contributor. saul, you say he could have been charged over what we learned today in the report. would have been a weak case though. but is something else out there that he should be worried about? >> it would have been a very weak case, particularly if itee was brought in the district of columbia or virginia. you know, technically, he kept government property. that's not the kind of case anybody wants to bring to a jury.
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he still has potential exposure on the fisa aspect. if a prosecutor were to find the grand jury were to find that the fisa court was lied to and that he was aware of it and was a part of it, he can face exposure there. i'm not saying that's going to happen. i've repeatedly cautioned your viewers not to expect a all wrongdoing will be prosecuted as a crime. it's possible. but this report in no way exonerated him. it really condemned him for his disgraceful conduct >> laura: saul, what i'm curious about, aside from a potential criminal prosecution of him down the road on fisa, what about something that bill clinton was faced with, which was losing his law license. sanctioned from the state bar district of columbia, again, liberal bar association, i get it. but this is very damning, this report. if you're saying you don't know
11:35 pm
what a federal document is, you don't know what a sensitive federal document is, you don't understand that's part of the record and investigative process as the fbi director, really? i said it before, that does not pass any straight face test that i know. so could there be some legal sanction against him on that score? >> it may not pass a straight-faced test. it could be, anything is possible, but it is highly unlikely based upon what we've seen today in this report that he'll be sanctioned by the bar association. it's a damning report. all of the good friends, top assistants at the fbisi told the ig they were shocked when they found out he was keeping this information at his home and that he didn't tell -- that's really the worst thing, when the fbi agents came to his house, he had some of these memos. never told them, oh, by the way these memos are in the other part of my house.
11:36 pm
that's really shocking andcu there's no excuse for it. >> the department of justice you walk in d every day, you wak to the fbi building, you have a responsibility, do you not, to put the personal viewpoints political or otherwise aside in pursuit of justice, the rule of law. that's what they kept going back to, horowitz today. you have to put aside your personal convictions. did he do that? >> oh, absolutely, absolutely not.r for him to try to say that i considered this my own personal document, that's an absolute joke. horowitz said, there's no support and they got no support from anybody who they talked to, even good friends. >> even james comey and the media, it exonerated him completely. it actually shows that the fbi senior leadership were appalled by his scheming. the ig reporting that members of comey's senior leadership team
11:37 pm
used the adjective, surprised stunned, shocked and disappointment to describe their reactions to learning that comey acted on his own to provide the contents of memo four. remember he said there was one memo, four memos, the memo through richmond, this reporter. those are his colleagues. joining me now, one of comey's former colleagues. what do you make of comey getting on twitter and demanding an apology. >> he made a very bad day for him much worse. that did not sit well with fbi agents, i can tell you that both current and retired fbi agents. for him to say that he needed an apology is beyond the pale. he broke fbi rules and procedures that he knew he was breaking. he kept official fbi records separate and hidden, were never entered into the case management system until after he was fired he kept them in the drawer, in his house and leaked them to the press
11:38 pm
>> laura: what would happen to a comey underling or member of the military who engaged in an analogous type of conduct. >> he would be fired. if comey was still fbi director he would be fired today. too bad we can't fire him again just for emphasis. by breaking these rules, he broke trust. you can't have a separate records you can't keep these things separate. >> laura: the ig said he also -- they didn't say he didn't -- they were funny about it. theyey didn't say he didn't pass on classified information. one said could have been. but a separate decision of whether or not you're going to prosecute s someone, saul alludd to the dc district court juries being more liberal. we saw what they did to manafort.ha we see some of the cases how they come down. not favorable to the president. so that's part of the decision making.av t >> it's part of the decision making. but, remember, laura, this is just the first of three bullets
11:39 pm
that are going to be fired at james comey. >> laura: we don't mean bullets like the -- we don't want to say it that way.i sea what you're s. >> you know where i'm going. >> laura: the three things he has to face.n >> that are coming down the pike that are targeting him. he's got the fisa application scrutiny that the ig is yet to release. and john durham is doing a thorough investigation to determine whether or not james comey should have opened up a counter intelligence investigation to a presidential campaign in the first place. and, in fact, i think where that's going to lead is revelations that comey along with other senior leaders of the intelligence community colluded to manufacture reasons to open up a counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign. >> laura: and that's getting in to how the dossier came to light in the first place, how it was brought into the entire understanding of this investigation from the very beginning. >> that's right >> l laura: the connection between
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fusion gps, the justice department, all of the interweavings there, not going to get to much into the weeds but there's a lot that needs to be revealed. >> a big part of it. one quick other point is they martialed sources of the intelligence community and targeted trump campaign members outside of policy. i know what that policy is. i helped to write it. it doesn't look like they were following rules and regulations. >> laura: the fbi, a major black eye on the great men and women of the fbi. >> they deserve the apology. >> laura: our country deserves better.thank you so much for yor insights tonight. up next, raymond arroyo takes us to venice beach, california that's a switch, for an exclusive report on how liberal policy, lousy leadership, have brought a homeless crisis to the resident's doorsteps. find out how they're fighting back now. raymond on the road, next.
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>> laura: oh, the far left democrats who run california been running it into the ground are failing to grapple with the state's growing homelessness crisis. now, case in point, a new government report reveals the utter failure of l.a.'s homeless outreach task force. they're responsible for getting the mentally ill and drug-addicted off the street. that's what they're supposed to beug doing. despite a doubling of the task force and staff and the funding in the last two years, it's beed a complete fiasco, according to
11:44 pm
the city controller. now, this homeless crisis isn't just contained to places like skid row. it's spreading. including to the rich enclaves and it's costing millions and millions of dollars. now facing no choice, residents decide they're going to take matters to their own hands, and our own raymond arroyo found that ino venice beach. >> this is the iconic gold's gym, the first gold's gym here in venice beach. you can see outside of the backe door of the gym, there are really a string of homeless encampments, garbage, covered goods. now,w, the law here is that you can't have more than 60 gallons, one person can't have more than 60n gallons. as you can see, most of these folks exceed that. mark is a venice resident advocate who runs the venice stockholders association. when the homeless began to congregate here, residents took matters into their own hands. on the advice of law enforcement, installed theseaw planters to occupy much of the sidewalk in the neighborhood.
11:45 pm
>> we had a constant problem with a very large homeless encampment here. and the people living in it were living right up against residents. you have a problem of break-ins both in to properties and into cars. >> have crimes gone up? >> crimes are way up. and then you have a lot of a -- a lot of harassment, people screaming at each other at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, aan father comes out and says, hey, can you quiet down, you're scaring my kids. and the response is get the f back in your house or h i'm goig to fire bomb your house. we raised the -- the group of over 50 local residents raised $35,000. we got a contractor who would work for basically for free. he brought the crew in, built all of these. >> three blocks from the beach. this is an area run by a guy named the van god. tell me what we're looking at. >> gary gallery, 15 crappy oldan vans like this that he rents out for $300 a month. he's illegally taking this street parking.
11:46 pm
>> so basically -- >> he's s running a big busines. >> he's running a private hotel, a roving hotel for homeless. >> exactly. exactly. some down here next to a school even their prohibited 24 hours a day from living in a van next to a school. the cops don't even enforce that. so you have got potential child molesters living literally right next to an elementary school and there's no effort tond enforce e laws that they can't live here. >> mountain dew bottle here. tell me about this. >> well, they don't have any toilet facilities. no restrooms near here. they could walk down to the beach, there are open restrooms, at least during the day. we frequently find they go back here in the alley and use that as a toilet. there will be toilet paper and feces, human waste. and, occasionally, i've had people leave glass jars of urine on my curb. not like the city takes any responsibility for that. but, that's the nature of this whole environment, it's very dysfunctional. >> here at venice beach, thisvis
11:47 pm
a good example of public toilets open to the homeless. each of these units, permanent facilities, here on t the beach cost the taxpayers of california $174,000 per toilet per year to operate. and the port-a-potties,, the port-a-lets that are around town $320,000 a year to erect and maintain. all for the homeless. along venice beach homelesse some posing as artists, have overtaken the board walk. scattered encampments line the beach and the side streets running off of it. >> one of my neighbors just last year was riding his bike on that bike path over there, and one of these young kids who was freaked out on meth steps off ofof the grass there and slugs him in the head as he bikes by. knocks him out. he went down to the police substation to report it. he said we didn't see it so we can't take a report.
11:48 pm
>> hadn't -- both the citizens of los angeles as well as the series of bad leadership and court decisions box you in. i mean, there was a ballot initiative here to do away with misdemeanors for being on the street, for doing certain things here. they can't enforce it. >> it's a combination of prop 47 and 57. so, yes, those took out a chunk of enforcement. then, you have a very liberal city attorney who's really a homeless advocate, and he's unwilling to prosecute anything.e >> mark, there are 59,000 homeless people here on the streets in l.a. county. there's a proposal to build a facility for them here in venice. why are you opposed to that facility? >> we know that this is going to invite more people. it's the magnet effect of venice's experience over the last five years where we went from 400 homeless to 1,100 homeless. >> has this changed the politics of the area at all? >> i'm a liberal democrat, but on these local issues,, and i
11:49 pm
see my neighbors getting hurt, they're getting assaulted, they're getting broken into, i don't look through the rose pecolored glasses at the homeless anymore. within the population, there are people who are lethal,re there e people whoho are criminals, this has to be a small minority for it to ruin things for everybody here. >> laura: wow. and, coming up, new york city is finding out what happens when leaders forsake the brave men and women who actually keep the streets safe. bernie karrck on the democrat-controlled city's latest failures, next. devices are like doorways
11:50 pm
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>> well, new york city now learning the hard way about what happens when city leaders abandon the police. you know the people who actually keep the streets safe? we first brought you the appalling video of these miscreants dousing off buckets of water and that escalated to throwing glass bottles and concrete. now arrests are plummeting after the nypd fired the officer involve in the death of eric garner in 2014. now with me is bernie karrick
11:53 pm
former nypd commissioner who's watching it unfolding in his city. bernie, what is happening to the great city of new york and the relationship with the police? people focus on the videos, eric garner and it's really awful. i'm sad for his family. it's horrific. but the police now feel like they're damned if they do or damned if they don't. >> you know what, laura, in 1994, there was a renaissance in new york, it all started when rudy giuliani came in and took over new york city at a time when crime was at the highest, the murder rate was at its highest. over the eight years rudy was in place, that dropped -- the murder dropped by 70%. violent crime by 65. the cops were given the tools and the backing and the support they needed to get the job done. >> laura: what is happening today? we just had rudy on, it was awesome, t i was in new york living there
11:54 pm
for a while around that time. but today -- fast forward to today. what do we got a 27% drop in arrests. i just want to put this up on the screen. sorry to interrupt. 27% drop in arrest. 29% drop in criminal summons. "new york daily news." >> you know what, laura, you have a mayor that, one, doesn't want the cops to go out and do proactive quality of life arrests. what you just saw in venice, california, is coming to new york city in a bigger way than ever. and you have cops that know, 100% that the administration is not going to support them and not going to give them the benefit of the doubt should they have a problem as we saw in the garner case. so, the cops are out there,ti they're not proactive, they're not preemptive.- they want to -- you know, all the mayor wants to do is focus on community issues. well, guess what, bad guys, thy know exactly what the cops are doing, where they're doing it why they're doing it, how they're doing it. they're going to circumvent it and you can see in the city times square today, is turning
11:55 pm
into a cesspool like it was back in the '90s. >> laura: it's disgusting. they have the pedestrian, you know, chairs and people, you know, that's nice. they got rid of 7th avenue going all the way down, completely changed, all of the bike lanes and all that. it's not like it was when giuliani, even bloomberg. i want to show you the shocking video. these are bystanders doing the unthinkable when nypd are making an arrest. >> got him, got him go him. [bleep] >> so, they're crowding around the police to make it virtually impossible or very, very difficult to make an arrest and put their cell phone cameras up because those are the new, you know, it's very useful. and what happens to the officer here?pe >> things like this, these people, all of them
11:56 pm
they're emboldened by the mayor, the democratic leadership in c cities all across the country, not just new york. you see the behavior all over the u.s., especially in areas where you have democratic leadership and they allow this kind of conduct. they are prosecutors today around the country that aren't prosecuting people like this. t which is completely insane. >> laura: they should all be jailed. they should all be thrown in jail because of what they did. basically the assault of a police officer. bernie, thank you so much for being here tonight. and ilan omar's plan for the border. that's our last bite, stay there.
11:57 pm
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that's the number on your screen now. >> it doesn't make any sense for us to be claiming civil rights violations as a nation. dame >> the un at our border solving
12:00 am
the problem or would open the floodgates? that is what she wants, isn't it? that is all-time we have to night. today on shannon bream. shannon: thank you very much. we begin with a fox news alert. according to the justice department inspector general, james comey set a, quote, dangerous example of willfully violating multiple rules, ignoring fbi and doj protocols in breaking his implement agreement but he's not going to face, charges. there's a lot more to come including an investigation to the soft fisa applications on carter page and the so-called dirty dossier. carter page joins us live. hurricane dorian on collision course with florida,


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