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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: it is wednesday, september 4th. fox news alert bracing for impact. after picking through the the hamas hurricane dorian moving dangerously close to florida and georgia bringing wind gusts of 110 mph. all eyes shifted the carolinas where the category 2 storm could make landfall. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. millions watching dorian's every move as it threatens the coast. 7 people confirmed dead in the bahamas as we see the heartbreaking discretion and rescue crews rushing into help. the images are horrible.
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complete team coverage, tracking dorian now, aishah hasnie is in south carolina. griff jenkins is in daytona beach, florida where the governor is warning no one is in the clear just yet. >> reporter: that is right. what they are worried about is storm surge and flooding. near daytona the international speedway, the beach just over the bridge and the river about to crest that runs parallel to the ocean. we have the sheriff of volusia county. are you ready for this. have you seen flooding yet? >> we are ready to go. this is the worst a storm has been since 9:00 last night. we deployed five high water rescue vehicles throughout the county. there are medics on board,
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deputies on board, the wind speeds can get over the bridges where other vehicles can't. let's see what mother nature deals us. high water rescue vehicle. >> reporter: what do you do with that? >> in the event, we deployed in 2017, we would get into a flooded area, this could take 6 feet of water and we are able to drive in and get people out. onto dry land. that is the ultimate goal of these vehicles. other vehicles can't get in that is what these vehicles can do. where are medics on board, that is there number one. the surge comes in that is what we do. >> reporter: some residents told me they may see flooding. what do you expect based on what you saw last time and what you expect this time? >> we have seen a 6 feet dump
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into the subdivisions, into areas all around. that is the worst-case scenario. best case scenario we ride those out as the height of the storm comes in and escaped with minor flooding and nobody is trapped. >> reporter: and irma you had to do rescues. >> one complex up the street, we did 35 rescues. >> reporter: there you go. the sheriff will take us for a ride to bring that to you in these vehicles. fortunately there are no rescues but we have gotten at least 3 inches of rain in the eye of dorian, 100 miles passing soon by me. on the beach earlier it absolutely is gusting 60 miles an hour or more. shannon: thank you for your coverage, look forward to what is coming next. north to georgia people are bracing for catastrophic storm surge.
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in saint simons island businesses are boarding up. >> reporter: my live shot you can tell is a different scene weatherwise. what we are dealing with in georgia than in florida. that whether is what people are prepared for. look behind me you can see businesses all boarded up. this is what people in florida did days ago and not much happening out there. people are prepared for this storm. they had plenty of time to prepare. let's talk about what happened three years ago, hurricane matthew devastated parts of this area. when you talk to officials like we did in the office of emergency management they learned a lot from that storm what they are implement in this time. >> it devastated us the the devastation upon us.
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>> what we didn't do, we have a good number of these officers, cameras, document where the disaster is. shannon: there are a number of counties by mandatory evacuation. there is a curfew in the overnight hours. they learned a lot from matthew, talking complete devastation in some areas, trees down, power out, one of the roads was completely impassable. officials made sure, they still have time to do it. >> we will check back with you. back at home, janice dean in the
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weather center to bring the latest on where the hurricane is headed, talks about florida, georgia. from landfall or close brush from the center of the storm. tropical storm force windss extend 170 miles from the center of the storm so we are seeing tropical storm force windss, hurricane force wind gusts 60 miles from the center of the storm in the center is 80 miles from shore. not only that, storm surge will be detrimental for a lot of coastal areas, 5 to 7 foot storm surge, florida to the carolinas and what your continental shelf looks like and where the worst of the winds and rain and storm surge will come on shore. there is the coast of georgia.
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as we get closer to south carolina and north carolina we are getting dangerously close to the core of the strongest winds and perhaps even landfall on friday on the outer banks. one of our reliable forecast models. the storm is moving north northwest at 8 miles an hour, still pretty slow. we will be talking about this storm tomorrow and friday and finally on the weekend we will see it accelerate. here's where i am concerned. thursday night into friday, getting the core of the strongest winds of inclusive not on shore. into the weekend it becomes extratropical and moves quicker. here is your greatest flash flood risk along the coast here dealing with 6 to 8, even 12 inches of rainfall and if you were in matthew you can anticipate the same damage, the
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same type of weather conditions the next couple days because it is following a similar track and we look back historically it is good to know what the results were from matthew a few years ago because that is what you can anticipate in terms of impact. the tropical models, closest an agreement we have seen them as we go through the next couple days but i am still concerned with florida and georgia but very concerned for vulnerable areas in the carolinas thursday through friday. heather: we try to learn lessons from these hurricanes in the last several it has been the flooding. we will check back with you. some other headlines, 34 people believed dead in a massive boat fire as the coast guard searches for survivors on the california coast. investigators say the fire
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spread so quickly in this small rumor scuba divers were sleeping, flames across both exits make it impossible to escape. a new coast guard video showing smoke billowing into the air as rescuers arrived. divers recovering 20 parties, 14 missing. it is unclear what caused the boat to go up in flames during the scuba diving trip. memorial services are set for army veterans shot and killed in a shooting rampage in odessa, texas. cameron brown will be laid to press with military honors next week. he was shot while driving to work. the 30-year-old joined the army in 2007, served in afghanistan, one of 7 people killed by a gunman deemed mentally unfit to buy a gun. police say the shooter got his ar style rifle from a private seller so he could avoid a federal background check. the aclu vowing to block the
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pentagon from transferring $3.6 billion to build a border wall. the organization calling the move and unlawful power grab. the fund will be used to pour 175 miles of barriers and 127 military projects on hold. construction will begin in january, could last a year. an update, serena williams makes a 100 single match when at the u.s. open, beating china in the quarterfinals in just 44 minutes. on the men's side, roger fetter are is out of the tournament. >> the final. invincible. heather: he lost in 5 sets while battling a back injury.
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he playedmedvedev in the finals. hurricane dorian, back to that big story today, moving north now taking aim at the carolinas. live in charleston the city could take a direct hit. evacuations on the north carolina coast. our next guest is the mayor of a town crippled by hurricane florence last year. lessons they learned from that powerful storm when they join us next. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service,
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heather: we are back with a fox news alert, the carolinas in the crosshairs of hurricane dorian
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as the storm spins of the east coast. hundreds of thousands of people bracing for storm surge and flash floods. aishah hasnie is in charleston, south carolina and people are running out of time to get out. >> reporter: yes. the hours are winding down. it is not windy, not raining, just hot and humid which is good news for folks who have a couple hours to get out of town. i want to show you this marina behind me. hurricane hugo which was a cat 4 when it hit charleston in 1989 picked up all the boats in this marina and tossed them all over the place. that will not happen with dorian being a category 2 but these boats will rock a lot. the concern you will hear over and over again is storm surge and flooding. all the rain coming in,
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charleston without hurricane floods all the time. what is happening is governor henry mcmaster issued a mandatory evacuation order for several coaster -- coastal families. i 26 charleston to columbia has been reversed so people can get out of here. >> south carolina is in peril of a destructive and deadly storm. if you are in the evacuation zones in the eight counties mentioned earlier along the coast the time to leave is now. >> reporter: here is the problem. there is no enforcement of that evacuation so a lot of folks are staying put. homes and businesses along the water boarded up, many are not. a couple that lived here all their lives during hurricane hugo know it won't be that bad with dorian but they say this is
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a very dangerous situation. >> evacuation was premature. how it can be, everybody can get on the island, i will understand officers getting things done. >> reporter: we expect things to deteriorate probably early afternoon around 3:00 in charleston airport, going to see operations altogether, no one getting in and getting out and even travel in low country bridges not going to happen later today. heather: a big area of concern is the battery, that defense of sewall and all the beautiful historic homes. appreciate it.
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let's bring in the president of the cajun navy relief organization and they are hard at work. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. you intend to be very busy in the coming days. you already are. >> thank you for having us. it is always one of those things when you come to storm with her like this you've got to prepare and that is what we have been doing for a week now, getting things station ready, having our actors in place and looking for the right connections with municipalities or counties who need help. heather: how does that work and what have you done so far? will you be heading down to the bahamas? we have seen images coming in. we keep using the word catastrophic but i don't know what else would describe it.
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>> it is a disaster by definition. whatever resources you have, you do whatever you can but it is a situation that is terrible. we are doing everything possible to assist in the bahamas to arrange supplies to go to the coastline that will be sent over. we have a pet rescue organization working with us. they are staging, getting things lined up to assist people coming back. you have an issue with customs, on the state line you're dealing with another country. there are more complications with this issue making a difficult but at the same time we are doing everything we can, private industry, private assets, put everything together, here is what we can offer. should the need arise we are ready. heather: you are in florida but as we have seen, this hurricane,
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different than any others in that it sat and was just sitting and spinning for so long. we are not sure where it is going to hit but florida, georgia, the carolina coast, the cajun navy is ready as you were saying. >> we are compassionate about our neighbors and want to help folks. this will be our third deployment since 2016 and if this were to go in that direction we have been there and have good relationships with the counties and we look forward to working with fire departments and other areas. unfortunate circumstances but we are building good working relationships. heather: i was listening to you talk to someone else and you said you have been part of the cajun navy, it is not just an organization but a family. >> very much so. it can't be something so localized, the impact of the disaster is larger than we are
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as individuals, much larger than cajun navy relief itself. it relies on other organizations who work together. heather: good luck, appreciate the work your organization is doing. >> if anyone is interested. heather: we will be right back. here, it all starts with a simple...
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glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. heather: the carolinas in the crosshairs of hurricane dorian as the storm spins up the east coast. newborn, north carolina in a state of emergency. mayor gina outlaw joins us with what they are doing to prepare. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. not the first time folks have been through something like this.
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what are you doing? >> reporter: there have been 47 and a year ago hurricane florence devastated the area with storm surge and category one winds. this time around the main thing we are doing, we are working on a resiliency plan to encourage builders on elevation. heather: has you completely recovered from florence? >> we are probably still two or three years away from recovery. we are down 300 affordable units as far as we lost 108 units in the most affordable rate townhomes. right now we are trying to recover. we are a city of 30,000
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residents, 6000 residents on a 5-mile radius. the main thing is low lying areas were hurt the worst. heather: not only are you on the coast but you are sitting between two rivers. >> correct. as far as the eastern seaboard hurricane 16% of the time of hurricane is coming up the coast it is going to hit north carolina. it is geographically the way we are laid out. heather: that means oftentimes you run into people not listening to the warnings and evacuating. people think they can ride these storms out. is a different this time? >> hurricane florence was an eye-opener.
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one thing about this storm, everyone is concerned about other hurricane florence. in modern history it is the highest elevation storm surge we ever had. we had 10.3 feet in 1955. this one was higher. it has people concerned. the hurricane did the most damage was hurricane hazel in 1954, category 4. the history of new bern is we get category 4s which is wind damage and storm surge. the most important thing is first responders, keeping us safe, we want them safe. we were fortunate last time, no loss of life.
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heather: let's hope that is the case this time. thank you so much for joining us and we will keep everyone in newborn in our prayers. hurricane dorian lashing florida's coast overnight. griff jenkins in an exclusive ride along with police as floodwaters rise. donald trump approving an emergency declaration for north carolina as dorian makes its way up the coast. congressman robert pittenger says his state can't afford to get stuck in government red tape and he joins us as team coverage continues up next. are you a veteran,
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own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". hurricane dorian moving up the coast coming dangerously close to florida, georgia, the
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carolinas where it could make landfall as a category 2 storm leaving devastation behind in the bahamas as rescue crews work around the clock searching for survivors. senior meteorologist janice dean tracking dorian's new path, businesses are boarding up, griff jenkins has more on the threat in daytona beach. >> the threat of storm surge and heaviest bands coming to daytona this morning into the early afternoon. we are here with the sheriff of volusia county. >> we take you down beach street, one of the most flood zone areas in the county with 5 vehicles, 26 miles of barrier islands. we are keeping our fingers crossed we don't have a major flood event and evacuate a lot
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of people. >> tried to explain the threat with storm surge and how the river where low-lying flood prone areas are. >> how a fax river in the intracoastal waterway, our most southern town, everybody in that flood area, we have been out here all night, we don't have to go in and have high water rescues or deputies and medics in high winds evacuating by medical needs. >> you put a light over there, that is the leading coverage, you can use that to go in for hostage rescues but putting it to use for a natural disaster situation.
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>> high winds, a contingency of deputies and medics back there. >> what were the rescues you had to do along this route we are on our? >> we evacuated probably 50 residents all along this stretch. >> calls coming in tonight what are you hearing? >> we are under state of emergency. some the client, decides to break in, by the time he smashed the glass, he didn't know what to do. >> a lot of these gusts, what are the conditions you are getting reports on on high wind gusts? >> the gusts will be 60 miles an hour, it will be 3 am to 9 am.
1:35 am
staying vigilant and hopes everybody get through this. >> back to you, shifting one pan over here, this is the river, a little bit of light on it as capacity, they hope to get this time period, hoping not to have any flooding. heather: listen to those evacuation orders, do not drive through the water as it continues to rise, no more knuckleheads up there. appreciate it. let's go north to georgia. people are praising for catastrophic storm surge. we are in saint simons island where businesses are boarding up. >> reporter: no knuckleheads here, everyone is following the evacuation order, following the
1:36 am
curfew that is in place. businesses are boarded up, plenty of time to prepare. it seems they are ready to go. you are seeing a different scene from griff in florida to me here. we are seeing a little wins, nothing significant, the water is relatively calm. we expect that to change throughout the day but residents are focusing on what is going on in florida preparing for what they could be seeing in the next few hours in the upcoming days. there are 11,000 people in florida without power right now officials tell us that is something they are prepared for. >> we have our crews hours, make sure trees and power, georgia power is on the spot. it is a military operation, we are ready. >> this community comes together no matter what and we try to make sure our systems are safe and listen to your leaders.
1:37 am
>> reporter: trying to make sure everyone is satan listening to those leaders they have issued mandatory evacuations from multiple counties on the coast. they are in effect right now and there is a curfew in effect overnight, we have not seen anybody out here. it seems people are in the clear. heather: hopefully they are listening to you and janice dean and others. speaking of janice, everyone wants to know where the hurricane is headed next, what is going to do? is that going to strengthen or drop-in intensity? what is the latest? >> even if it goes down a few knots or in terms of windspeed starts to diminish i think, forget about the category at this point. sandy was a one. when harvey made landfall and said over houston it was a
1:38 am
tropical storm. try not to focus on the wind speeds. the damage right now is going to be the storm surge hurricane force windss and tropical storm force windss and the fact it is still moving relatively slowly. areas that have been affected by matthew in the last three years, those are the areas we expect the impact when we look historically to storms that moved through the same regions. we are getting tropical storm force winds along the coast of florida blinks because the storm has weekend allowed the wind span to expand and that is my concern, the storm is getting larger and that means it will affect more places in land. there is the wind field, tropical storm force windss here, hurricane force wind gusts here and the core of the strongest winds around the center of the storm and the closest we come from a brush
1:39 am
and/or landfall is going to be the carolinas. that's not to say we will not see impacts on the florida coast and over georgia. those honorable beach areas but the worst of the core of the strongest winds will be along the carolinas. storm surges warnings along the coast from florida towards georgia, south and north carolina, 4 to 7 foot storm surge. what does your house look like with 4 to 7 foot storm surge, in terms of rainfall we could see 6, 7, 12 inches of rain along the coast. i know people are fixated on the numbers but at this time the storm is approaching land and it doesn't matter. we will see the same type of impact, doesn't matter about the category. heather: do not become complacent because it is about the storm surge. thank you so much, check back with you. new mandatory evacuations in
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place along north carolina's coast, the tar heel state taking no chances and preparing for the worst. joining us to talk about that is congressman robert kittinger. thank you for joining us, great to talk with you. you have been through plenty of these hurricanes on the carolina coast. this one is shaping up to be a little different but as we heard janice talking comparing it to matthew that is one of the storms you were comparing it to. in terms of federal funding and what people will need moving forward to recover. >> all storms are distinctive but all devastating. matthew, florence and dorian. the challenges we face deal not just with the storm itself but the flooding which causes massive damage and any individual who considers it goes from a category 5 to a
1:41 am
category 2, devastating windss but particularly when storms hover over and don't move quickly, they go slowly they caused tremendous damage with the flooding. heather: donald trump tweeted out last night he is getting the emergency declaration completed, signing at last night and hopes the state will not lead it. in terms of funding you have an issue with that. >> since 2016, matthew, we applied for fema funding is worked with all the counties and yet today from north carolina they received all the money from fema but it has been allocated at the county so 7% of money sent by fema has been allocated. this is terrible. this is a bureaucracy and is at
1:42 am
its worst. that is why i support senator tom tillis who introduced a bill that if the state hadn't allocated money to the counties fema should go to the counties and let them disperse these funds. it has been three years. heather: florence was the last one, talking to the mayor in one of the areas along the coast saying they are still trying to recover from that as well. thank you for joining us. it was great to see you again. good luck down there. to another fox news alert. the search called off for survivors in that boat inferno in california. this morning a first look inside the boat's tight quarters where passengers were trapped.
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heather: 34 people presumed dead in the tragic boat fire off the california coast. giant flames trapped sleeping passengers below decks. jackie ibanez joins us more about a hero fisherman who helped save lives. >> reporter: what these passengers and crew members went through was truly a nightmare. a diver took this video on the boat earlier this year in the same room investigators say the fire trapped and killed 34 people as they were sleeping. join flames blocking a staircase and emergency hatch making it impossible to escape. the coast guard is suspending their search for additional survivors, this video shows smoke billowing in the air when rescuers arrived. a fisherman and his wife were nearby, helped rescue the crew members who escape the inferno. listen as he describes the harrowing moments. >> we hear somebody pounding on
1:47 am
the side of the boat and ic five guys in a tender at the back of the boat and they are calling for help. >> reporter: the crew members and passengers were on a 3-day scuba driving -- scuba diving trip. a 7-year-old girl was one of those killed, no one made it out alive. >> i'm thinking they are trapped underneath what kind of horror are they going through. i couldn't see. >> divers recover 20 bodies, 14 still missing. it is unclear what caused that boat to go up in flames. heather: as we get a birds eye view of the utter devastation in the bahamas, drone pilots play a pivotal role in rescue and recovery.
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brett velicovich had to evacuate his family from their georgia home. he shares his story. here, it all starts with a simple...
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>> mandatory evacuations affecting florida, georgia and the carolinas in preparation for hurricane dorian. our next guest and his family safely evacuated their georgia home. brett velicovich joins us live. thank you for joining us. tell us about the evacuation. where are you now? you are safe? >> we are safe.
1:52 am
we evacuated savanna, georgia outside asheville, north carolina. georgia governor kemp said are county was on the list, they evacuated all the counties east of i-95 in georgia. we packed up. it was interesting to evacuate. i'm surprised how many residents date in history despite the order. i remember being part of the emergency response team for hurricane harvey, people lost everything and they did not think it would be this bad. we made it a point to leave. the highways were pretty packed. the county started blocking traffic moving east on i 26, blocking that side of the freeway and everything to go westbound, savanna there is concern based on storm surge,
1:53 am
located in a low-lying coastal plain susceptible to flooding. savanna has flooded before, 4 inches of rain in the past. the biggest issue is the concern for the storm surge and any residents. heather: hopefully those folks listened to the mandatory evacuation orders in 6 different counties in georgia. tell us how drones will be used to rescue people. you mentioned hurricane harvey, hurricane irma were the first two hurricanes where drones were used. >> they taught us a lot about the importance of drone technology being used pre-and post-disaster. harvey was the first time the technology was used. it was a landmark in drone usage and civilian organizations as well. everything from damage
1:54 am
assessment to the first images you will see from the storms will come from drones. even fox news has an internal drone team. you have organizations like the faa and noah using drone technology as part of preplanning for these disasters. they fly suicide drones into these hurricanes to get atmospheric data. you have drones after the hurricane that will do damage assessment, inspecting power lines, bridges, roads, at&t has drones that can put cell phones. heather: it can certainly save lives. appreciate you joining us, glad your family is safe. we will be right back. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> florida feeling the wrath of hurricane dorian as we get our first look at the devastation in the bahamas. that desiree bogan and atlantic beach, florida with more. >> reporter: the winds and atlantic beach are much stronger than we were experiencing yesterday and we had pouring rain. we saw the first reports of sustained tropical storm force winds to the south in saint augustine so it is only a matter of time before we feel the same
1:59 am
thing. across florida there are 6000 people in shelters, 115 shelters are open and only one is fool. if you need a space to evacuate, there is still plenty of space. that window to evacuate may be closing so do it as soon as possible. emergency management officials after days of hearing about this slow-moving storm some members of the public are growing fatigued and impatient but that doesn't mean the danger is over. >> there will be life-threatening wave that serve conditions. now is the time to shelter in place. stay off the beach, don't drive around if you don't have to, not the time for sightseeing. >> reporter: take a look at this helicopter footage from the bahamas, estimated that 45% of
2:00 am
the homes in abaco and grand bahama island are damaged or destroyed. disney and royal caribbean are pledging help, $1 million each. heather: thank you, appreciate it. that wraps up this hour of continuing coverage of hurricane dorian. "fox and friends first" continues. goodbye. >> buckle down, 90% of the homes are gone. carley: it is wednesday, september 4th and this is a fox news alert, scenes of devastation left in hurricane dorian's path as it stays close to the us shoreline. rob: the next couple hours are critical for millions of florida in florida, georgia and the carolinas.


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