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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  September 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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constitution for your children and your children's children. there's great joy in network. shannon: that is our program. i'm shannon bream and thank you for watching. ♪ steve: that evening and welcome to the next revolution. i'm steve helton and this is the home of positive populism, pro- worker, pro- community, pro- family and pro- america. with all the news going on with the taliban situation in job support in the economy in congress pretending guess what stories chuck todd opened nbc flagship a current affair show with this morning? with jaw-dropping bias and anti- trump hysteria they led with the shoddy weather maps. in one sense is laughable but it's serious. a healthy open pluralistic democracy depends on journalism the people can trust. this was a massive misjudgment today i took todd and his team
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but it was also helpful because it confirmed what people have suspected. chuck todd is not a news host but in opinion host and he's a show i enjoyed but it's not a new show but an opinion show. they should just be honest about it like we are here. join me tonight with their excellent opinions on all sorts of topics are tennessee senator, marsha blackburn, senior fellow at the ethics and public policy center for the washington post henry olson and fox news contributor and also we have a secret special surprise guest later on in the show so stay tuned to decide who will show. he talks with the taliban and the president called off at the last minute. lisa, missing all day long establishment types jumping up and down insane there think about outrageous what were they doing been invited to cap david and so on but i did not hear that tone when bush and cheney years and during the balmy years
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when these problems were being created but the president is just trying to clear up their mess. >> he likes to sit down with people missing that with north korea and open doors to sitting down with iran as well and i will say, in fairness, it's not the best look to be sent out with delavan in the united states at camp david wright before september 11 this week. i don't think that's the best look but - >> it wasn't supposed to be a look. >> good point but perhaps part of the reason why we seen sharpie gate continue is the news for the president has not necessarily been a great this week and cap the emphasis off it by keeping the sharpie gate thing going and demonstrates the president trump is a master at controlling the media narrative and driving the news cycle and also intentionally which is part of the reason we saw in the 2016 cycle he was able to get $6 billion in media because he put out a shiny object the media all is it. it's remarkable. steve: but there's a book out
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saying talking about his skills at that kind of media approach but behind all that there's some statistical work going on. it seems to me that this emphasis on intervening not on a personal level to try to resolve the disputes the establishment for all their fine work at the proper but democratic channels have not gotten anywhere with north korea or afghanistan so when titus? i agree. i support the president think we should be trying to get out of afghanistan and respect way, when we invaded almost 20 years ago we do not have time at those building a blue sea navy or of russia that was rearming we should be focusing on attack or not attack but attacking the problem of combating the states that are enemies and not be
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sending people off to be fighting these wars that we have a chance little chance of winning. steve: and you negotiate with your enemies. >> i think it's important to realize american people are work weary. they want the settled and president trump made a commitment to do that and we have seen thousands delavan killed in the last ten days and what the president and secretary pompeo tried to do is to get the afghans working together. the afghan government insane delavan you have to separate from al qaeda and drying some distinctions. i think one of the things, steve that people are realizing is donald trump is not afraid to walk away from a bad deal. he can define a bad deal and he is in to finding lasting peace
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and this was a bad deal and he showed north korea that he would walk away in china with trade talks and has said i will walk away from that deal. the television, big afghan government they need to realize if conditions are not met and he has always said we believe on conditions based and it will be according to our commanders in the field and if it's a bad deal we will call it a bad deal and i will walk away. >> very good summary there. what's more big issues to get to but there was another national security news to date which is not made headlines but should. it's the latest resulting example of the swamp in action in the form of the revolving door. one of our until now most respected military leaders we have a swamp watch update for you tonight on general james madison. steve: over the last week he's
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been running around talking his book but today he's planning to cash in on his government service in a much more swampy way. it was reported by axial semantics has joined the group a massive advisory firm started by another former defense secretary william cohen. here's how the group describes some of its services quote, understanding and intervening to beneficially affect political legislative and regulatory issues including shaping public policy debates, maneuvering derogatory processes for development of standards and regulations securing public sector funding. also known as lobbying. it's quite the fall from grace for mad dog mattis to swamp dog lobbyist but worse than that, it's not even lobbying for american interests but here's the aerospace and defense page of the cohen group's website amongst other triumphs on behalf of its clients it lists assisted u.s. and indian firms to develop a partnership to manufacture military arrow structures in
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india. advice to german aviation is when its acquisitions of a 1490% [inaudible] assisted an indian firm to partner with u.s. firm in the manufacture in india for night vision equipment. assisted an indian aircraft manufacturer and aircraft sales to u.s. state and local permit agencies. isn't that fantastic? general mattis is now taking his years of taxpayer-funded government service to a firm that boasts about shipping defense manufacturing jobs overseas, selling american defense companies to the french and german and lobbying state and local government in this country to use your tax dollars not to buy american but to buy indian. what the hell is mattis doing? going from defending america to selling out america. it's only fair to note the cohen
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group does also talk about helping american companies. i get it possible general mattis has insisted on a clause in his contract the limits them to such work but even if that is the case is welcome anytime on the show to tell us it's a shameful for him to have anything to do with this swampy firm that shows no loyalty to the country that put it where it is. if you agree, have your say at steve hilton asked. next, another even worse example of this swampy revolving door involving a former obama china and official. a surprise special guest later in the show and you will love who it is. don't miss it. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage...
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steve: here is a story that goes to the heart of every thing we focus on in this show. where does power really like you make with we the people or the anonymous bureaucrat and technocrat lobbyists and powerbrokers the government and big business who for 50 years from the world in their intere interest? this is what the populist revolution is about, both for trump in 2016, brexit, many more around the world with a huge part of the national sovereignty as president trump and america is a first. that's a massive change. the astonishment leaders do not
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put america first and put global corporations with their global interest first. that globalist ideology still infects much of our system and here is the single most shocking example i think that we told you about it before but nothing happened. nothing changed so tonight we have another go and importantly alongside someone who's been a fantastic ally in this fight. senator marsha blackburn because this scandal is about and eight in china where she's led the way for years with this scandal in the broader question of what to do about tranny is when we have the will to fight china's plan to topple america as the supermarket or given. many times the brutal authoritarian regime in china has a stated aim and specific plan for world domination, economically and militarily. they know america is the only thing that stands in their way and that technology is the only way they can be america.
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that is why for over a decade they been building up their technological capabilities often by stealing hours over the city and covertly by spying. a central component of the strategy is that telecom company terminate all you need to know about that for two america is is contained in the summary of an academic study published in july this year quote, using a unique data set this paper analyzes the relationship between key huawei and the state security analysis. i find there is strong evidence that huawei acts as the direction of chinese state intelligence and that there exists a deep and lasting relationship between huawei and its employees and the chinese state. this should raise questions within western government worried about chinese access to domestic information. you can say that again. in the light of this new evidence the sucking national security scandal we told you about months ago is now a national security crisis. it demands an immediate response from our government and this m
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man, [inaudible] was president obama's head of cyber security and he is now a lobbyist for huawei on cyber security and as our friend, hundreds mike gallagher put it in letter to fbi director christopher ray, mr. james yorty is now in the service of a state directed company that according to recent reports have received funding from the national security commission of the chinese communist party, the people's liberation army and chinese intelligence services. i'm deeply concerned that his current employment may jeopardize american national security and undermine efforts by the united states to rally the international community against that post by huawei. now, he's not summer freelancer but these are partners the prestigious washington law firm full disclosure, a firm which also has a partner in a good friend of mine represented my company in the past and which represents locks on various matters like many other mobile
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firms jones includes foreign government for most of his clients but as i said many times foreign governments have ambassadors and embassies and why the hell do they need lobbyists as well? here's what in many ways is the worst thing about this. it's all completely legal, completely aboveboard and nobody broke any law or put in - i would argue given that china is currently america's enemy has been at war with us for decades helping huawei amounts to aiding and abetting enemies. what is the right way to handle this obvious national security crisis, certainly not what we have now but the stupid laws of our stupid leaders have created a system that gives the appearance of credibility without the reality. today they call it transparency. as long as people like samir jain and company like jones date openly declare their working for foreign entities there is no problem with them doing so but transparency will bring accountability and if there's a
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real problem they are transparent in any disclosure activity will prevent harm but that is obviously false and in this case, samir jain and joan stated having by the rules but the reason we know about them working for huawei as they disclosed it in the filing under the lobbying disclosure act. they operated the system exactly as intended and so did i, i brought the transparency by reporting on this scandal on the show twice and the president saw it and tweeted about it. what has been the result of all that? absolutely nothing. there's an old saying that the dogs bark but the caravan was on. that's what the policy of transparency means in practice. right now as we speak despite the lda disclosure and the disclosure on the show in spite of president wayne in with samir jain obama's head of security will go to work with america's number one enemy to lobby on cyber security. let's be clear. transparency doesn't work and the former process is set to the
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lobbying disclosure act and foreign agents registration act are a waste of time. we need clear sensible rules that put america interest first. congress must pass legislation that will prevent former governor officials like [inaudible] and firms like jones day from helping america's enemies. commitment gallagher has introduced such legislation with congressional executive foreign lobbying acts. here's what president trump had to say about this issue. don't you think that should just not be allowed that you shouldn't be allowed to lobby for a foreign government? president trump: i should be all for that. i think it should be a lifetime bandit were putting in for five years but it's hard because the same people that are working in government work in government and go and take these unbelievable jobs and that happens with me, too. they are part of your campaign and all of a sudden they're working and it's a very tough thing.
6:19 pm
there's a fine line but i would love to see a five-year band but i'd like to see a lifetime ban. steve: let's make it happen. that's where you come in. politicians respond to pressure from their constituents so tell your members of congress you want to see them pass mike gallagher's bill. go to this website contacting congress .org, type in your zip code and will show you the senator and esther presented and their contact details. while we campaign for the loss we mustn't let it slip by with no accountability or consequence. we asked them to come on and expand himself but needless to say he was too contemptuous of the american people to bother. let's tell them how we feel, shall we? if you are a member of congress watching this tonight and i know many of you do or if you work for congress the next time you see them tell them what you think to accept huawei as a client. all of you tell them directly to their public medication channels. tweet to jones day at jones day or leave a message on their facebook page.
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the samir jain get scandal is entirely logical and predicable outcome of the globalist philosophy that has captured the leaders of power in washington. loyalty to america is not expected but global interests in this case those of the global telecom company and laufer are superior to the national interest but it has to stop. we mustn't just let this be something underneath that we get angry about in the world is on but in the short term perhaps the president and his team can implement some immediate ban for this particular case but the long-term has to come from congress bit of keep up the pressure i will put all the details we mentioned up on the screen and there they are, make a note. we will make sure to post it on a post facebook page and put it out on twitter. please follow us at next read and see and please take us action. tonight or tomorrow but you can be sure that we will keep fighting this one hard until we get the changes we want to see.
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senator, you've been on this for years, as i mentioned. i loved your response on this particular case and on the board of question of [inaudible] >> absolutely. with this case it is the epitome of the swamp. this is what drain the swamp regulated with people. president trump is exactly right. i hope we do see mike gallagher's bill move forward. here's what we have to realize. china owns huawei and this is a state owned company. in china you do not know where the military ends and the commerce sector begins. they are one and the same. but they are trying to do what huawei is trying to do is get credibility so this is why they have someone lobbying for them. what i've been to do for years is as we talked about block them. this is why we do not allow the
6:22 pm
u.s. military or our allies to use huawei. huawei and barnes spyware into their hardware and whether it's their telling medications transmission equipment or their commercial items that are for consumers they are embedded with spyware and can track you and follow you. why is this dangerous? as we launch 5g and as we launch artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles we do not want the chinese and huawei in china with their allies, russia and iran and north korea to know what we are doing so should we be blocking huawei? absolutely. we should not allow them at all, not one little bit into our telling medications system. they are setting up their foundation for cyber warfare which they fully believe is the way they will move to dominance.
6:23 pm
we are right to block them and to keep them out of our systems. steve: very clear. are we currently blocking them sufficiently. >> i don't think were blocking them sufficiently but i will tell you we don't need to have them have any gain anymore for tolls. we need to make certain that where there is huawei equipment that is used in our system and bear in mind what they do is basically get their equipment away and it doesn't matter if you're in central america or south america or over in europe but you will see huawei presents and they say their equipment is very affordable and with 5g coming they will be the leader. why do they want that? because they can capture your data and when they capture your data they capture your virtual you. you and your presence online. we can't transmit sensitive data over their network.
6:24 pm
steve: obama cyber security guide is helping them do all this? henry, quickly on this point seems to me it's gotten tangled up with a trade war. how do you think it should be handled. do you think it's okay to use huawei from our point of view or are these issues so serious you got to say no that were blocking huawei whatever and will deal with the trade issues? >> data is power and this is a technical totalitarian state that makes no - you give them data and give them power in any sort of foothold and they can use that against us and use that against private citizens and we need to marshal our allies to keep them out regardless of the other three deals that we talked with china. steve: i can't resist us but we have our favorite former vice president and his connection to china? to be have that ready to go? could we see that?
6:25 pm
joe china compromised by the chinese government running for president with all this going on that we've heard about. >> i also think it's insane to try to divorce huawei from the chinese government. you cannot be a company at huawei and be successful as you are in china without credibly cozy relationship with the chinese government. also have laws like the national intelligence law literally allows china to go to companies like huawei and they give me the data or the information i want and if you talk to anyone in this space like i did earlier today with congressman heard they will tell you those concerns with cyber security concerns with the connection between huawei and the chinese government and to the white house today as well reiterating concerns that huawei is under the thumb of the chinese government and its also even beyond the fact that their big company and look at the justice department going after the cfo
6:26 pm
of huawei for skirting the sanctions with a ron and justice department going off huawei for you using to districts which gets to the heart of the broader issues that we have with china and the feeling of electoral force technology transfer and not only that but the uk put out a report that they are 5g is not even secure network. not even the fact - [inaudible conversations] steve: the way i want to leave it is that the democrats were talking about nominating someone who will be an open door for all of this. >> i'm telling you china issue will be the issue if they nominate china. i'm so sorry but we have to go. coming up, all you hear about from the establishment is how trumps trade war is hurting the economy but what about trumps trade piece? the new deals he's done that congress won't approve. what it passing that help the
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steve: democrat in the
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establishment need to stop going on about how trumps trade war is hurting the economy even though china started the trade war decades ago and president trump is the first western leader to take them on. to defeat the hysterics if they cared about the economy they cared what was sitting about one of them, trade piece with the u.s., mexico agreement but back there tomorrow that's what will happen? >> i'm telling you what donald trump is doing is trade done right. that's what people want to see. the u.s. mca has a tremendous amount of bipartisan support and if you are with me and tendency you got that uaw and teamsters farm bureau and chamber of commerce and everybody is saying put it on the board and call the vote but i've had democrats tell me they think it will get about 300 votes in the house and a very positive about it. i don't know if that's the right number or not but there's a lot of support in the senate but pelosi ought to put it on the . steve: what is she playing out?
6:32 pm
>> i think the challenge or the good news for americans right now is it would be a boost to the economy for like 160,000 jobs with a billion dollars permanent gross to the economy so it would be a win for americans but that's also why you could see nancy pelosi not wanting to move forward because it's a win for americans and if it's a win for americans is also a win for president trump and sadly that is what is at issue with democrats and nancy pelosi and that is the reason why nancy pelosi would want to spike it right now and wait for after 2020 tonight present from that victory. by denying americans that victory as well which is that but that's where we are with politics. steve: what their ostensible reason for blocking it? >> i think it's the usual one. unions would like to stricter guarantees on jobs and environmental's would like stricter sides guarantees on
6:33 pm
environment the fact is nancy pelosi's majority rests on congressman from marginal districts that are very pro- trade and particularly pro- trade with american and she needs to start hearing from people like harley in orange county and lizzie in houston people whose elections depend on getting moderate republicans from pro- trade to pull the lever again and once she starts hearing from them it will get on the floor. steve: is a very personal thing and this is probably reason why they like it because the president is delivering his promises. i will improve it and methodically goes through his promises improved and here it is. that's what they don't want. >> but this is what the american people do want. when you look at the economy numbers for august and look at the .7% on employment that is the 18th straight month that we have been under 4%. you do this so it picks up ad trade with canada and helps with the auto manufacturing situation and it gives you more activity
6:34 pm
and wages will continue to increase. that is a good thing for american families and right now what they want is to be able to say we will have a bigger paycheck last year than we did or next year than we did last year and they want to see that economic growth be what we will keep following it because it's important. coming up, you won't want to miss our surprised vessel gasp at the moment is nearly here. who is it? i will not say he or she but coming up they join us for the second half of the show. ♪ every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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steve: the wait is over, she is here. our surprised special guest look who it is, author of the new book - radicals, resistance and revenge. the left plot to remake america. judge janine pirro.
6:39 pm
here's the judge. >> yes, that was me. i've never been in somewhat before .-period-paragraph. [inaudible conversations] steve: go one then. steve: you were in that chair you were talking about something and said they did not ask you about the actual damn book. >> but i won the prize on tuck tucker. steve: that was the next thing. >> i won the club. steve: you beat jesse watters. >> yes, i don't know whose face is on that cut but you know his name? steve: someone from the washington post but you're not quite keen on the washington post. >> because they can count. they had me number one on their best sellers list so i'm proud of the washington post. steve: but the new york times has put you number three even
6:40 pm
though you are way ahead of the person whose number two, michelle obama interestingly by more than three times as many sales and head of their number one and why is this book doing so well? >> the book is a follow-up to liars, leaguers and liberals were focus on the head of the doj and the fbi. mike will house, justice. i stepped back from it and said there wasn't just a plot to frame the president but there's a plot as i step back to remake america and i looked at it and said what is happening in our very eyesight you can see it's happening to me first amendment they want to stop us from speaking and take us off twitter and facebook and then they send in antifa a bunch of bozos dressed up in ninja outfits with masks on to assault us if they
6:41 pm
don't like what we're saying and then the police are told to stand down. you got antifa beating us up, people throwing a thought of restaurants and you got maxine waters saying . steve: almost forgot about that. >> you see them getting in their face so were under attack in the most fundamental right we have as americans is free speech. then when you move forward and again this is close to my heart, the presumption of innocence. when we look at what happened with brett kavanaugh this man is as close to an altar boy in any adult man i've known in the last maybe 30 years and he's not an altar boy but a gang rapist and he is not a circuit court judge but a gang rape is and not entitled to the presumption of innocence. just ask that unanimous state senator, macie geraldo. the senators of the most prestigious club in the world. she says all women need to be believed and men shut up. what happened to the justice system?
6:42 pm
steve: the left plot to remake it do you think this is organized and they're working with each other in these different components? >> i think their hate for law in order and i remember when donald trump in 2016 talked about running on a platform of law and order near and deere to my heart but i'm like that's interesting and then the farther the other way or the further we got from 2060 i said he was prescient. he new line order would be assaulted new there would be no respect for the laws of this country. look at what is happening at the southern border or the illegals are coming in basically saying we want education, medication, housing, food stamps and all the people waiting in line and paying your way and waiting for the visa learning about america swearing allegiance to us, stay over there but we're all coming in. it's across the board. steve: and we got a couple that
6:43 pm
we will talk about later so will you stay? we've got the hat thing and the maga hat. >> i'm so excited - i'm staying. steve: according to the loony left the color red is now off limits. full story, next. ♪ banjo? (man) hey. go home. (woman) banjo! sorry, it won't happen again. come on, let's go home. after 10 years, we've covered a lot of miles. good thing i got a subaru. (man) looks like you got out again, huh, banjo. (avo) love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. this is the averys trying the hottest new bistro. this is the averys. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out
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♪ steve: will not tell you the joke janine just landed on me before we came back but you were nothing people can still be political public shaming of trump supporters. this week loony left. ♪ steve: exactly as the judge has been saying in her fantastic book we talked about this president has been vilified by the media establishment since before he was elected and now it's become acceptable to treat his supporters that way. in recent facebook post somebody trying to make public list of 100 pittsburgh businesses owned by people who support this president. local media reported that a website popped up promising to do the same and included tips on
6:48 pm
how to get those specific trump supporting businesses shuts down. these people are no doubt inspired by the boycotts launched against [inaudible] last month after the washington post revealed their own would be hosting a trump fundraiser and a done by the authoritarian behavior of people like congressman castro tweeting out a list of trump's donors and hollywood fascist like debra messing launching vile efforts to oust political opponents. this week, an author who was a pulitzer prize finalist, to doubt anyone made uncomfortable by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap like i see one in my heart those weird - i will not say it and then i realized it only says titleist so maybe don't wear red caps anymore, normal people? it's clear the loony left is now the home of intolerant bigotry and hate in america. this is exactly what you're talking about. the left and wait they are behaving. >> they say there's no such thing as the trump derangement
6:49 pm
system. really? all for the crime of supporting the president of the united states we need to be outed, lose our jobs? steve ross has a successful business and create opportunities for other people to work in all the people should lose their jobs it's mccarthyism . steve: look, even in politics we've always had the way the left typically when we disagree with liberals we disagree with her ideas for the left says you're a bad person but were used to that but the level of this - >> the censorship they practice online and that affects us all but i have to tell you i think that what we are seeing with this residential cycle and the democratic candidates it is the lollapalooza of the bad actions and bad ideas. i've never seen anything quite like it. when it comes to climate change
6:50 pm
or their health care policies, you name it, and they are doubling down on the censorship and the banning of ideas - they are saying don't talk to me, my mind is made up and i'm not open-minded or tolerant. i have decided that i am against donald trump and against these free-market ideas so don't even talk to me. steve: they lecture everyone else on hate and bigotry but they're the worst. >> look at what san francisco did this week. steve: that was the joke jeanine made but i will not go there. [laughter] >> i can't take my dogs to walk on the street because there's human poop. [laughter] >> eleven democrats labeled the nra a domestic terrorist organization and i wrote a column on the post that the resolutions of anyone who is a member is basically committing a
6:51 pm
terrorist act and they will use the power of the government to get people to stop getting to the nra. that's unconstitutional. steve: harry mead was - that's how far they've gone in a few years. >> they think they have the authority to designate anyone as a terrorist organization as if they don't have anything better to do - >> they are so emboldened because the media, mainstream media is with them every step of the way and they are emboldened. >> i said 50 states, 100 senators. steve: when we started using loony left we said that's a big bit out there but there proving us right every week coming up, 2020 democrats all over themselves on climate change but do any of them even know the facts? that is next. ♪ you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx...
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earlier this week the major 2020 democratic candidates put
6:56 pm
their hats on and talked about the end of the world. >> in the view of the scientists who have studied this issue the most, we are fighting for the survival of the planet earth. >> we've got what, 11 years maybe to reach a point where we cut our emissions in half. >> it's the threat of not just this generation but the threat of the world if we don't move on it. >> it's just incredible it's like flash gordon thing we have 24 hours to save the world that's insane. >> it's totally insane. there's something they can do right now 2d carbonized a lot of the economy and it's called nuclear power but if you listen to all three of those people, all three of them said no were not going to have nuclear power for the program. >> we care about the
6:57 pm
environment but when they talk like this it puts everyone off. >> they want to use their green new deal to control every minute detail of your life. likely said, the lollapalooza of bad ideas. that is what you have with this group. no red meat, get rid of cars, no air travel, the list goes on and on. no plastic straw. >> thickener rebuild, the whole thing is absolutely insane and they admitted it and they said this is not really about the environment it's about the economy and taking control of it. that's why they talk about world war ii because they want a command economy which went for that. one other thing to sneak in here. i saw this this morning, who leon castro, it wasn't what he said but how he said it, especially in the light of what he's talking about. have a look. >> what i see is that every time democrats have one since
6:58 pm
1960, they've won because we had nominee who excited young people, brought together a new diverse coalition of americans and was able to get that victor victory. i'm confident i can reassemble that obama coalition and take it to the next level. >> wake up please. >> is he finished. >> what was that. he's literally talking about exciting things and he's half-asleep. he can barely finish. [laughter] you've got to see the interview. you've got to have some energy, man. >> the democrats all have, they institutionalize everything and they all have their talking points and they all have the same thing to say and they keep tacking further left.
6:59 pm
republicans focus on individualism and great ideas, there's a lot of energy there. i think that's why you are seeing so many young people. >> i couldn't stay with him either. the minute i was gonna be down on the desk, but you know, he's had a lot of energy, but everything they do, they just don't like america the way it is. they don't. they want socialism, they want everything other than what we have now and if the world can end in 11 years, 13 years, i better start eating those cheeseburgers. >> very quickly, looking at the electoral map you're staying still looking good for president trump you just have to get some of the states he won before plus main. >> that's all he has to do. >> that's simple. all he has to do, he doesn't even need all of wisconsin, just one of those three. >> what. we are out of time.
7:00 pm
the world is about to end. we've got to get out. thank you for watching, thanks for joining us. do please come back next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. hello america, this is life liberty and levin. doctor robert epstein, how are you. >> very good. >> america this is probably one of the most important shows i will have ever done so i'm hopeful you will watch the entire hour. it involves our republican system of government. it involves our vote and the manipulation of the vote in the outcome of the next presidential election, the effect it had on the past congressional elections so this is a very,


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