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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 23, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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"outnumbered overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: brand new information poking holes in the whistle blower complaint against president trump as we learn the anonymous whistle blower did not have first hand knowledge of president trump's private phone conversation with the president of ukraine. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the whistleblower drama could already be falling apart even as democrats intensify their calls for impeachment and president trump pushing back, calling the phone call, basically saying it was about joe biden's son and his business ties to ukraine. >> we're supporting a country. we want to make sure that country is honest. it's very important to talk about corruption. if you don't talk about corruption, why would you give money to a country that you think is corrupt? >> dana: john roberts is our chief white house correspondent. what do you know about this? good to have you here.
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>> reporter: i just know this is sauflly familiar except you were behind a podium. >> dana: i had defenses. i don't need any defenses here. what's going on? >> reporter: what's interesting is to see what's happened over the course of the last few day. at the beginning of this development, looked like the president was knocked back on his heels a little bit. he said something very telling at the white house. said keep climbing to the press because the higher you climb on this story, the further you're going to fall, which was an indication that there's something here that maybe less than what it appears at the beginning. the president did seem to be sort of scrambling to respond to it. now he's trying to flip the script to say my phone call was perfectly fine, above board, because we were talking about corruption. joe and hunter biden came up in the context of corruption. the president was asked was he worried at all about peaimpeac t impeachment? he said, nope, not worried about it at all. >> we had a conversation with
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president of ukraine. it's just a democratic witch hunt. here we go. they failed with russia. they failed with recession. they failed with everything. now they're bringing this up. the one who's got the problem is biden. look at what biden did. biden did what they would like to have me do. except one problem, i didn't do it. what biden did is a disgrace. what his son did is a disgrace. >> this starred yesterday, this idea that the whistle blower did not have first hand knowledge of the conversation or whatever it was that the complaint was ultimately about. the president mentioning that after going after biden in a tweet a short time ago saying these people are stone cold crooked, talking about joe biden and son hunter. also, why is this so-called whistle blower who doesn't know the correct facts, is he on our country's side? is this about schiff and the democrats again after years of being wrong? the president believes he's been able to turn this around. you can see by the fact that he's going after it so
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aggressively. at the same time, rudy giuliani, i don't know if you saw him on fox news sunday yesterday. he was going on me pretty hard about the fact that there's evidence about hunter biden's connections in ukraine and china and the fact that joe biden knew exactly what his son was doing. >> dana: is that why they are considering releasing the transcript? everything is unprecedented until a president does it. >> there is talk in the white house about releasing a transcript to say, let's get it out there. lindsey graham said he believes the president will put out as much about this phone call as he can. then there are some problems. first of aurblg you even got the precedent of releasing a transcript with a world leader. unless you get that world leader's permission, which they could be doing, that's going to make every world leader skeptical of having a telephone call with you. then there's an idea if you have to redact something.
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if president trump erases the transcript, democrats are going to want the transcript with putin. then republicans are going to want all the obama transcripts. >> dana: instead of releasing a transcript, if the white house were able to say, here are other examples where a president pressed a country ab corruption before we provide military aid. that would be more convincing. >> the white house keeps going back to this episode where joe biden was saying get rid of this prosecutor or you're not going to get $1.2 billion in loan guarantees. there were a lot of countries calling for shokin to go. >> dana: what a tangled web. >> we weave. >> dana: all right. great to have you here in new york. hope you can get around the city okay. you're always welcome to come back. >> you can never get around the city during the u.n. >> dana: you're always welcome back here. thank you, john. on the campaign trail, joe biden
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squaring off with fox news over the weekend, claiming more attention is being given to his son's work in ukraine than the president reaching out to a foreign country for help smearing a political opponent. peter doocy joins me from new hampshire. i know you never seek to become part of the news story. kind of happened this weekend. >> reporter: it kind of did. the whole way this started is that president trump is accusing the bidens of misbehaving. so when we had chance to ask joe biden about whether or not there was anything to that, we did. how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. you should be looking at trump. trump is doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum and is using his abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me.
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everybody looked to death. everybody said there's nothing there. ask the right questions! >> reporter: that's what we were trying to do and we didn't get a whole lot of detail about his son's business dealings. but it was something else joe biden said that brought these questions forward in the first place. about a year and a half ago he bragged about the time he pressured officials in ukraine who may have been involved with an investigation into the energy company that his son was doing business with. >> i said i'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars. you're not getting a billion dollars. i was leaving here in six hours. if a prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money. he got fired. >> reporter: and other democrats are with biden on this. none of his primary rivals are urging new probes into his family's business ties. they are all joining him trying
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to turn this around on trump. dana? >> dana: thank you for that update. joining me is matt gorman, vice president at targeted victory and robert wolf, ceo of 32 advisers. great to have you both here. can i play a little of what peter was talking about, democrats on the 2020 trail all basically saying similar things? watch. >> he has solicited another foreign government to attack our election system. it is time for us to call out this illegal behavior and start impeachment proceedings right now. >> there is no way to defend the lack of progress on impeachment especially after what we have just learned. >> we need to absolutely right away begin impeachment proceedings. he's gotta go. >> our house democratic friends, it is time for you to do your job and impeach donald trump.
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>> that may be the only remedy that is co-equal to the evil that conduct represents. >> dana: adding to this, aoc, congress woman from queens, said at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law breaking behavior, it is the democratic party's refusal to impeach pheupl for it. nancy pelosi said this could take us to a whole new stage of the investigation. does that lead them to impeachment even though she's been trying to stave it off? >>ive equally trying to stave it off. appears the chant is just too loud. with warren the lead in the iowa poll, with harris coming up so strongly, and aoc. when schiff came out, who's been her biggest ally, it feels to me this chatter's going to become real. >> dana: what do you think about that, matt? >> i agree. the schiff talk yesterday was different from what we've heard in the past. what i'm most concerned about if i'm nancy pelosi, if i start seeing democrats who won trump
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districts in 2018 start to come out in favor of impeachment. that is something she's not going to be able to put the horse back in the barn on. >> dana, i met two moderates last week who were not for impeachment and they've shifted. to impeachment. >> dana: even before they get all the facts? >> this was even before it came out. i think the lewandowski thing did not help. he really didn't answer much. >> but here's the thing though. absent a whistleblower report, or transcript, which we don't have yet, it's going to be hard to have that smoking gun that's going to bring people, at least the public, on to the impeachment issue. >> dana: john roberts was here. listen to lindsey graham, who had this to say about all this. >> i like joe biden. i like him a lot. but you can have it both ways here. they've done everything but turn the trump world upside down. when it comes to this president, there are no rules, including a phone call.
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>> dana: does the president help resolidify his base over and over again with things like if, if it looks like he's been targeted when he thinks the bidens should be targeted? >> this will certainly unite the president's party. president trump might want to galvanize not only his base, but republicans as we go into 2020. >> dana: the best defense is a good offense. >> he is a master of the air waves. 45% who don't like him, like him less. the 45% who like him, like him more. so i think he's trying to figure out how to rev up his base and make sure this election is continually going with that many people in the field and what matt was saying, we're a very polarizing party right now on the democratic side. >> dana: tribalism swallowed all of that up. thank you very much. we'll have you back in a moment. up next, a member of the squad taking a shot at the democratic front runner. are progressives getting in their own way? plus brand new information on a u.s. soldier arrested for
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>> dana: the fbi arresting a u.s. soldier stationed at fort riley for allegedly distributing information over social media on how to make bombs. joining us mark meredith. what do you know? >> reporter: the justice department said the fbi arrested a 24-year-old soldier on saturday, accused of distributing information linked to bomb making. also discussed on facebook how to build bombs and his desire to help with an attack in the united states including potentially bombing a major american news network. the fbi has not said which network. here's what we know. suspect jarrett william smith. he's 24 years old. he's a private first class infantry soldier. he joined the army in june of
11:16 am
2017. government said smith was trained in combat and tactical operations and stationed at ft. riley kansas and he's been there since july of this year. also spent time at ft. bening and ft. bliss. smith is say ledged to have said in a face book group chat oh yeah i got knowledge of ied's for day. we can make cell phone ied's in the style of the afghan. i can teach you that. government said smith went on to provide accurate instructions on how to build a cell phone detonator for the bomb. if convicted, smith could face 20 years in federal prison. >> dana: mark meredith with that report, thank you. new concern for the democrats that the progressive wing may be hurting the matter and beto o'rourke's stand on gun control is a prime example. >> a number of republican senators are open to this who were not in the past. i do think that beto o'rourke does not help things when he advertises that his real plan is
11:17 am
to confiscate guns. that's not helpful to this conversation. >> dana: kristen fisher live in washington with more. kristen? >> reporter: dana, despite the concern from fellow democrats, beto o'rourke is not backing down for his push of a mandatory buy back of assault weapons. he even repeated his famous line at campaign event on saturday. watch. >> the people of el paso texas are the ones who gave me voice to say, hell, yes, we're gonna buy back every ar-15 and ak-47 in this country to get those off the streets and out of our homes so that no one ever has to fear that again! >> reporter: so, as more moderate democrats argue that o'rourke is going too far, progressives say the current front runner doesn't go far enough. joe biden was singled out this weekend by democratic congress woman ilham omar in iowa. she told the guardian newspaper, quote, there are few people who
11:18 am
fit into the kind of progress we all want to see in this country and i would say, he, joe biden, is not one of them. we want someone that has a tphrapb will tackle the systemic challenges we have, and he doesn't. so the debate that it's been raising within the democratic party between progressives and moderates is alive and well, and will be at least until the nominee is selected. >> dana: many more months to go of that. thank you, kristen. more on this with ari fleisher, former white house press secretary. great friend of this show. i saw mitch mcconnell told fred barnes, who wrote in "the wall street journal" that they feel good about the republican senate races, but it's actually the left that is helping them more than anything because they are pushing so far to be extreme that it's helping the republicans. what do you think of that? >> i went back and looked. in 2016 in themyle of everything trump, as he took over the republican party, i tweeted that because of trump, no one is
11:19 am
noticing how far to the left the democratic party is going. it's just accelerated, even more as we approach 2020. this has been a decades long trend of the percentage of democrats who identify as liberal has surged inside the democratic party. and it puts all the potential gains they have at risk. >> dana: chris murphy of connecticut was on "meet the press", talking about this issue on guns and gun control and background checks and the possibility that republicans will have an excuse not to do it. watch. >> republicans who don't want to vote for a backgrounds check bill will use any excuse to not do it. beto's comments may be the last hook. if president trump supports a background check, we will get 60 votes in the senate. >> dana: what's a moderate democrat to do when there's a
11:20 am
presidential election and someone like beto o'rourke becomes the face of that issue and you're saying that's not where we are. what should they do? >> then they have to distance themselves from beto. that's the problem with primaries. when you're in a primary, it polls them all, including biden, who's running in the left. if you're a moderate not running for president, this is a problem for you so you have to distance yourself from those people. then you have the flip side, aoc and other, who are saying biden's not liberal enough. that's the pressure democrats will be under for the next six to nine to 12 months. >> dana: this week we have a lot of foreign policy, but then they'll be back in washington, d.c. it will all just continue. that's why we'll con to have you on the show. ari fleisher, thank you. an officer is under investigation after arresting and charging a 6-year-old with battery. she's not the only one. details next.
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>> dana: the woman who was second sexually assaulted by stanford student brock turner is speaking out. she revealed her identity earlier this month after being known for years as emily doe. >> prosecutor has been asking for six years.
11:25 am
>> yes. >> how did that hit you? >> i was in shock. there are young men, particularly young men of color, serving longer sentences for nonvie lengthed crimes. >> dana: brock turner faced a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison after having been convicted of three felony counts of sexual asaul for rape back in 2015. his sentence was reduced and he was out of jail in 90 days. an officer suspended aupbd investigation after arresting two kids in florida including a 6-year-old girl for throwing a tantrum at school. let's bring in phil keating live from our south florida news room. phil? >> reporter: dana, two children under 10 years old, both arrested on the same day, and the suspended school resource officer has a history of abusing his power. talk about a 6 and 8-year-old child here. 6-year-old is kya rollie who
11:26 am
allegedly threw a temper tantrum and was arrested and removed. according from her grandmother, she suffers from sleep apnea which can cause behavioral problems. the girl and the unidentified 8-year-old both were reportedly taken from the school to the orlando juvenile detention center. the grandmother said she got a phone call thursday that her grand daughter was being charged with battery. >> no 6-year-old child should be able to tell somebody that they had handcuffs on them. how do you do that to a 6-year-old child? >> reporter: when called for comment the charter school receptionist quickly hung up on me after saying this, quote, thank you very much for your call, i cannot comment on that have a wonderful day. when asked for her name, the receptionist hung up again. the school resource officer dennis turner refriared the orlando pd just this past june. in 2016 an internal affairs
11:27 am
investigation reprimanded him for using excessive force when he tased a man five times. the orlando sentinel also said he was charged with aggravated child abuse on his then 7-year-old son. as for the 8-year-old, no details on his case. but according to police policy, in order for an officer to arrest a child under 12, he must first get the approval of a supervisor. that did not happen in either of these cases. a resource officer is reportedly being suspend right now, no comment either from the orlando police department. we are now just learning at the top of the hourbg roughly half hour from now, the state attorney in orlando, will be holding a news conference to discuss the arrest of the 6-year-old. dana? >> dana: thanks for that report. more on this with a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. so, what happens next? so he may be suspended, but what happens to the girl?
11:28 am
would this be on her permanent record? >> she actually has an upcoming court date, dana. >> dana: she has to go tkoutkpg? >> it will be juvenile court. do i expect that this case is going to go very far? no. it will likely be dismissed at the next court date. but come on. this girl is a 6-year-old girl being a 6-year-old girl. this is not a case where a child is setting fire to the curtains or putting fire crackers in a gerbil's mouth. something really stinks here. it's not with her behavior, it is with the resource officer. >> dana: it's not the first time. there's an 8-year-old that we don't know the name of. maybe we won't. is there anything to say the police officers are dealing with things parents should be dealing with instead? >> absolutely. in a situation like this, of course some sort of discipline is needed. but instead of calling in a cop to put cuffs on a 6-year-old,
11:29 am
you need psychotherapist. you need the parents. you need the teacher. a resource officer should keep that child safe from herself and others. that does not require a ride in the paddy wagon to juvenile detention center. >> dana: what about the parents, the grandmother in this case? should she file a complaint? >> if this officer and the school is not sued civilly, i will be very surprised. now, thankfully, look. wasn't physically harmed. this is traumatic for a 6-year-old. she will be sitting on santa's lap and still believes in the tooth fairy. >> dana: if it was on her permanent record, that would really bother me, right? it shouldn't be. here's the interesting thing. >> arrest records are not usually automatically expunged. so she might have to get an attorney so that happens so this does not follow that 6-year-old for the rest of her life. >> dana: let's hope. thanks for being here. >> thank you.
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800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. president trump giving brand new reaction to joe biden and the ukraine controversy. he made the remarks during a meeting with poland. >> did you tell the ukraine leader they would get aid on if they investigated joe bidend and his family? >> no, i didn't do that. joe biden said that. he was very dishonest, what he did. what he did, he said if they don't do this or that, get rid of a certain prosecutor. joe biden said it. but because you're a faker, you're a fake news group of people, you don't want to report that. i didn't do it. i hope you're going to be able to see a call. because i didn't do it. everybody's looking for that call. keep going. when you see the call, you're
11:35 am
going to be very surprised. let me just -- quiet. joe biden is the one that did a very, very bad thing when he said that. i think it was $1.2 billion. he said unless they got rid of a prosecutor who was investigating his son and the company that his son works for. then you all say how much money did his son make from the ukraine? ask another question. how much money did his son make from china? based on energy. he knows nothing about energy. why did he leave china and ukraine with all this money? joe biden was very dishonest. when you see the call, i hope you see it, you will find out i did not do that at all. you'll be very disappointed when you see it. it's really a disgrace. it really is a situation where, it just shows the press. you've had such a bad week. between justice kavanaugh and
11:36 am
this and other things. it's showing how dishonest so many members of the press are. not all of you, but so many members of the press are so totally dishonest. but this is a case i hope you get to see the call because your question, you will see i did not ask for -- i did not make a statement that you have to do this or i'm not gonna give you aid. i wouldn't do that. i wouldn't do that. with that being said, what i want is, i want -- we're giving a lot of money away to ukraine and other places. you want to see a country that's going to be not corrupt. the president is a good man. he got elected on the fact that he was going to get rid of corruption in ukraine. i think the primary reason he got elected. so he gets elected on the basis of ending corruption in ukraine. well, i think that's good and that's what i want to see. but when biden does a thing like that, there's no corruption and that's not good. >> dana: those are brand new comments from president trump. he also basically said the call
11:37 am
was to the ukrainian president was a great and honorable call. he did not say whether he would actually release the transcript, though he hopes people will get chance to see it. matt gorman and robert wolf rejoin me. one other topic, but let me just get your thoughts on this. robert, he is full bore. >> people should read today's wall street journal. joe was working on anti-corruption along with the g-7 and imf. the president was down 14 points to joe biden this week. not surprising that he is deflecting. >> dana: this comes to flight not because he wanted to go against joe biden but because of this whistle blower. >> that's a big part of this. he did not have first hand knowledge of the call. >> dana: the president could release the transcript if he wants. >> true. there's some precedent to keep
11:38 am
those calls private. every time democrats talk about this, president trump will be responding talking about joe biden so it will make it more uncomfortable for the biden campaign. >> dana: some democratic candidates are getting raked over the coals after taking part in a steak feast in iowa. this gets to me. leading up to this climate week that they're having, the united nations put out a report that said the best thing that we could all do for the planet is for everyone to go vegan, vegetarian. then you have the 2020 democrats who are all basically saying that and then they're at the steak fry in iowa. i'm all for the steak fry. i'm just not for the hypocrisy. >> it's pure hypocrisy. shouldn't take private planes, bernie rolls up in a gulf stream. not only is it hypocrisy to the extreme. >> dana: we talked earlier to ari fleisher about whether the democrats are moving so far left that it's hard to find where the
11:39 am
moderate democrats could actually land right now. is this part of that? >> listen, i think climb change is a big thing. there's no question there's a lot of electricity on the far left. we just saw in the november election 41 went red to blue. if you look at the polls today, third are moderate, third are popular and third are fighting it out. >> dana: one thing i do want to point out to you, this iowa poll over the weekend. warren over biden at 22, biden 20. this is the des moines register, considered a pretty good credible poll. is she on the march? >> senator warren has incredible momentum. but no one is surprised in the party because everyone thought her iowa campaign was her best. so she's showing it right now. it goes back to the numbers. her and bernie are one-third. mayor pete and biden are a third. >> dana: for the republican, if you're the tphopl nearbying you wouldn't necessarily have had to win iowa.
11:40 am
iowa, who ever wins iowa goes on to be the nominee. >> if i'm the biden campaign looking at that poll, what's more concerning to me, 42 opinion have warren as their first or second choice. the caucus rolls are a little quirky. you need to have 15% in your local caucus. that first or second choice is extremely important to get down to it. >> dana: do you think the biden team's frustrated that it seems like the media is trying to help elizabeth warren? >> there's no question when you are the front runner and you have 100% name recognition and you've been in politics for 40 plus years, you are going to be targeted by every which way from sunday. today now with warren as the head, you saw in the last week, whether it was colbert or other paoerpl on fox saying, hey, how are you paying for your hel plan? what does medicare for all mean and how are you getting there? >> dana: you said somebody did well in the poll and someone did
11:41 am
not. buttigieg on the rise? >> buttigieg is on the rise. he had a really good iowa apparatus. i wouldn't be surprised if he leaves iowa and enters new hampshire into momentum. kamala harris is having a rough go. her untpaeufrbables went up. i would be very concerned if i were her campaign. >> dana: she lost her voice over the weekend. >> although she will be living there. >> dana: pick a state and choose where you're going to be. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> dana: president trump said to come face to face with the president of iran this week at the u.n. i'll speak with geraldo reufrb -- rivera. ebt i have i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it
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11:46 am
governments into climate action. elison barber, what about all the cars idling in the streets? >> reporter: yeah, dana, that's one of the criticisms some people have made. if the goal of this was to talk about climate change, stalling traffic where you add more pollution, that maybe that was not a good idea. climate activists we spoke to say they feel like they have no other choice. they say they've called senators, tried to do everything else you should do in a democracy to get some sort of result. the group that we were with, they were just a couple blocks away from the white house. they came with a sail boat. they slashed its tires and protesters put their arms through metal bars and used some sort of wiring to tie themselves together inside those pipes. police same with saws to cut them out. most of the people were allowed to walk away. we did not see any arrests at that intersection. these protests went on at at
11:47 am
least four major news sections. police did say they made 26 arrests. everything in terms of what was happening with that sail boat. all of the tied up arms, all of that was intentional. they were trying to make it extra difficult for police to move them out of that area. everything happening is meant to coincide with the youth strikes that happened. protesters have five key demands. they want a green new deal that moves the u.s. economy to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 and phases out all fossil fuel ex-tractions. environment justice, protection and restoration of biodiversity and implementation of sustainable agriculture. this area is not far from the u.s. capitol. this is one of those major intersections that were shut down today. little bit of trash seems to be left behind. that's another thing critics are
11:48 am
pointing out to saying, that's not particularly helpful to the environment. we didn't see a lot of people littering but some stuff has been left behind. >> dana: thank you. the u.s. showdown with iran intensifying last week's attacks on saudi oil fields. both countries plan to outline competing visions for peace in the middle east to the united nations. geraldo rivera joins me now to give us their perspective. what were they trying to do? >> it's counter intuitive. most of our audience believes saudi arabia is the victim and iran is the perpetrator. not only in the region, not only in the persian gulf, but world wide. i see it differently and certainly the foreign minister wants us to know that iran and his words and he's adamant about this, did not carry out that air strike that destroyed so much of saudi arabia's oil capacity. what zarif said it was the
11:49 am
yemeni faction that have been bombed by saudi arabia for four and a half years relentlessly. saudi arabia has hit the civilians, they've wiped out funerals and weddings. he said it was the yemeni, enemy of saudi arabia, that struck them. it seems implausible that they would have the capability of building those cruise missiles and other drones and so forth, but he is insistent. i asked him to prove it to the world, that iran was not conflicted in the tact on saudi arabia's oil field. he said he can prove a negative, but he said our cruise missiles don't have fins. they had fins. it wasn't us. anyway, what he really wants, dana, is the relief from these crushing sanctions. he wants the united states to return to the nuclear deal that they made a couple years ago. >> dana: here is zarif. he's making the rounds doing on the record interview. here he was on the cbs morning show yesterday on "face the nation." watch this. >> are you confident that you
11:50 am
can avoid a war? >> no. no, i'm not confident that we can avoid a war. i'm confident that we will not start one. but i'm confidence that who ever starts one, will not be the one who finishing it. >> dana: but take a listen to this. this was secretary of state pompeo. he was talking ab this very thing and the president's reaction. >> president trump would like to have a diplomatic solution. that's the task in front of us. that's what we've been aiming for for little over two years now with stronger sanctions that have ever been put in place against the revolutionary regime we're putting additional resources in the region. it would be to support the iranian people so they can get the iranian people to cease this activity. >> dana: you mentioned the sanctions are taking a bite. iran is seeking a $15 billion line of credit. that doesn't necessarily go to help the people. it helps the government.
11:51 am
>> well, they have some huge disruptions caused by the sanctions. we've now sanctioned their central bank. their bank can no longer do business. it's been labeled by us and the world community accepts our labeling as a terrorist organization. their central bank. if they sell oil, they can't get paid through banks. it's really, the sanctions that have been imposed are really, really crippling, and they are working if the idea is to crush iran's internal economy. but, this is very critical, as secretary state pompeo said. he's supposed to be the lead >> dana: to the country. he's not being diplomatic. he's acting like a secretary of war, like the defense secretary, that he's being threatening to iran. i asked him will he meet with president trump? will the iranian president meet with president trump this week at the general assembly? he said, absolutely not. he will only meet with president trump at a scheduled wednesday
11:52 am
meeting of the jcpoa. what's that? that's the coalition group that established the nuclear agreement that trump has now rejected and withdrawn from. but if trump will meet with him within the context of that meeting scheduled for wednesday, then maybe they'll talk. >> dana: how can you have john kerry saying it's impossible to imagine that iran -- that they wrrpb directly responsible for the attack, that they had -- might not be a full harpbgd but fingerprints are on it? >> one last point. they laugh at saudi arabia, which purchased $85 billion in u.s. arments and couldn't knock down a $0.15 cruise missile made by some amateurs either in iran or yemen. >> dana: fascinating meeting. thanks for coming to tell us about it. >> thank you. >> dana: millennials not leaving the nest. why so many are continuing to live with mom and dad after college graduation. follow us on instagram and facebook. great news for veterans with va loans.
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>> my generation is having a hard time affording living. >> and my parents asked me to pay rent, i'd be outraged. >> dana: students talking to christina as they try to explain the growing trend of millennials living at home after they graduate from college. brett larson from fox news headlines 24/7 joins me now with more. >> do we need to put them in a safe space before we talk about this? >> dana: i'm trying to be sensitive. has a cost gone up since we were in college? >> exponentially it has, there are huge amounts of student data and they come out and they don't necessarily have job prospects immediately after finishing college and a lot of them and about home. it's not because they want t too
11:58 am
home, i'm pretty much everybody, once the taste of freedom -- a >> dana: i don't know. i think maybe they do want to go home and have their sandwiches made every day. >> wasn't happening to you at home? >> dana: i did go home and live with my parents for three months in their basement but i was waiting tables. i did not pay rent. >> i had to take my parents out to dinner once a month when i lived there. >> dana: that was so you would spend time with them, too. >> kids are struggling when they come out of school. they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because college has gotten so expensive so i could see where it would be like -- >> dana: and there's something else happening. we hear the stories every week but, what can you hear at your nest?
11:59 am
>> lots of things. i feel like i give this advice every six months. change your default passwords. if you have smart devices in your home and you are connecting them to the wi-fi in your home, they are connected to the internet and that means that they are able to reach out to the internet which means people are able to reach back into them. if you have a camera that lets you watch your home from your phone, it has to connect back to your home. >> what with the benefit be for the company having that information? >> then if something wanted to do something nefarious or criminal, or the companies protecting this information? >> they are trying to best to protect it but the problem is these data breaches that we are having. if someone gets your email address that your login and your password to something very simple or easy to figure out and
12:00 pm
there's a good chance someone could log into your devices. always change your passwords. >> dana: change your passwords. thanks for joining us everybody, i'm dana perino. >> it's noon on the west coast and a 3:00 in the united nations. president trump is talking to the ukrainian leader about joe biden. and nancy pelosi giving the president an ultimatum. also a former cop on trial accused of killing an unarmed man in his own apartment. she claims she thought he was in her apartment. plus, u.s. army soldiers prosecutors say shared bomb building instructions online. reporting begins now. i reporting begins with president trump defending a phone call he had with the ukrainian prt


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