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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 6, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we are out of time. we are out of time. thank you again. our studio audience. i am great got filled. >> the second was a blur comes forward claiming to have firsthand knowledge of the ukrainian president. as the lawyers representing our waiting in the wing. i am jon scott, this is the fox report. all of this is house democrats are reaping a pressure accusing president trump of choosing the path of defying of carrboro. in giving the white house until october 18 to turn over ukraine related documents. the president has signaled he will not cooperate until a full house operates the impeachment probe. has intelligent members sounded off on sunday.
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>> i think that the evidence that we need are there and i do believe based on that that we will have to take a serious look at articles of impeachment. >> these guys are giddy over this, this is not been the last ten days it's been three years. they have been trying to impeach the president. three years they have been looking for reasons to remove him from office. >> live in washington with the latest. >> hi, republicans on capitol hill do not take much of another whistleblower, maybe more than one coming forward reportedly with firsthand information with a july 25 phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. they say the transcript of the call is out there in americans can read it for themselves. as for the whistleblower, one gop senator says america needs to hear from them directly if the house moves ahead with impeachment. >> it is imperative that the whistleblower be in public under oath and cross-examine.
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nobody in america goes to jail or has anything done to them without confronting their accuser. here's what all insist upon. the whistleblower comes forward under oath, testify so the public can judge the credibility. that does not happen in the house i will make sure it happens in the senate. >> senator graham says it's imperative that the houseboat on impeachment inquiry and not just talk about it. democrats have said they are not required to do that by the constitution. as for the whistleblower, democrats are praising them for coming forward even if they were not there in person for the phone call. >> whether they were in the room or have firsthand knowledge or talk to 70 who had firsthand knowledge, people in the core of all of these events are saying this cannot happen anymore. the presidents problem is not with the democrats or adam schiff it's with the people around him are saying we cannot tolerate this anymore. >> house intelligence committee adam schiff has said that the
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whistleblower has every legal right to remain anonymous. >> molly thank you. the white house reacting to news of a second possible whistleblower saying it does not matter how many people call themselves whistleblower about the same telephone call. it does not change the fact that he has done nothing wrong. meantime president trump and his legal team continue to point figures at the biden family and their business dealings overseas and rudy giuliani whose interaction with ukrainian officials prompted a subpoena and accusing the media of a double standard. >> even if it is pressuring ukraine, it's about what biden did since the questioning is to get a criminal investigation about a scandal at the highest level. including internal tax proved beyond doubt, i have finished my investigation by month early, they reached out and they asked
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me too talk. jon: kevin is at the white house with more on all of this. reporter: one word from the white house of perspective to describe the latest whistleblower who like the previous whistleblower comes from the intelligence committee, that word has been used. we are thinking of the white house, this is another example of the media putting the media to create a narrative in the public and for in impeachment. they also feel like this is another case of the member of the intel committee looking to undermine the president of the united states, that is appealing by many here. let me take it to twitter and share a tweet from the attorney of the two whistleblower, i confirm that my firm and team represent multiple whistleblowers in connection to the underlying august 12, 2019 disclosure to the intelligence committee inspector general. no further, at this time. what to make of the new
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information. who are these whistleblowers and what is the motivation of the i see id food decision-making has been curious if down under downright puzzling at the white house. all this over a phone call that the president has called perfect. as for the president, he is pleading and has been all day, he says the biden family was paid off to fake news to stop making excuses for something that is so inexcusable. his attorney would argue that there are story of bribery and corruption in the press seems to want to avoid. >> something of value in official action. one point to billion dollars loan guarantee is something of value. no dispute about that. the official action that he distorted the prosecutor and three affidavits to that effect. so whether they're telling the truth or not, when they have no evidence to support, is corrupt, lie in the same reason they been
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covering it up for ten years but the underlying problem for the white house as democrats is simply very deliberate, moving forward with an impeachment under the white house thinking unjust or not in effect they make this argument and suggest that even offering the opportunity to investigate the biden's was asking a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent. they say that is an impeachable defense and something that will be the subject of much debate. the days, weeks and months ahead.. jon: thank you. back to business for the u.s. supreme court. several justices on hand for the annual red mask celebrating the opening of the judicial year. the new terms set to begin tomorrow and the justices will take up cases on issues including immigration, gun rights and abortion. reporter: right now there's almost four dozen cases on the
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supreme court for this term and it is filled with hot button issues. the most closely watched cases deals with daca, the high court will decide whether the trip ministration is able to move ahead with the plans to in the obama protection for nearly 800,000 people who were brought to the country illegally as children. that case is one of several dealing with immigration. and despite setbacks from the court's ruling against the administration of immigration policy, they say the white house believes the high court will rule in his favor. >> they're playing the long game. those in the white house and justice department who made a calculation, we can absorb all the losses in the lower court because we're going to win the in game. this case gets to the supreme court. >> another hot button issue will be abortion regulation.
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it requires doctors to perform abortion and have privileges at a nearby hospital. there is a case involving civil rights protection for lgbtq workers and whether employers can be sued for job discrimination. these rulings are expected to come down in june in the thick of the presidential campaign and like thandthe high court is expe a major issue in 2020. >> it was a huge issue in 2016 to help the president trump get elected. they said they wanted to pick the next justice and they voted the issue. it will be again because it support part of her system. reporter: for hot button issues this term, it is expected to take two dozen more appeals and potentially covering issues such as gun control, religious liberty and the environment. jon: contract talks appeared to hit a snag between general motors and autoworkers. now the union is casting doubt on of settlement in dispute the sense 49000 workers to the picket line last month.
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the president says they presented a proposal but gm response with an old offer that already was rejected. general motors says it will continue to negotiate in good faith with very good proposal that benefit in place today. among the key issues, healthcare cost and temporary workers. violence and chaos escalate in hong kong tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets wearing facemasks and have government ban on them. police responded by unleashing teargas as they charged the crowd. senior foreign affairs greg is there live with more. reporter: it is an early rainy monday morning in hong kong. they went through another bad weekend. demonstrators were out on sunday and they were rejecting the
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facemasks law. take a look at what we saw. >> police moving in to the main shopping area in hong kong island. vehicles, water canyons, thousands of protesters ahead of us, ready to move in as well. >> police use teargas and other tough tactics. most were wearing masks and we saw a few and over a dozen were arrested and there was a whole lot of attention. so far feeling, hunger spoke about. >> i see you have a facemask on. >> i need to protect my face. >> you will not take the mask off? >> gasping you don't care what the government said. >> no it's for democracy. >> there was another significant development, the first reaction, chinese troops were posted and a chinese soldier on top of one
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building warning protesters that they would be arrested if they continue to appoint distractingly gre laser light ae trip. of course intervention of the chinese military here in their territory would be the last and most dangerous resort for paging and experts tell us we are not there yet. >> a very tense situation. >> 18 more people have been killed in demonstrations in iraq. continuing days of deadly crash and uncaring clashes of security forces. over the past week 100 people have died and more than 600 others are wounded. the public is outraged over corruption crumbling infrastructure and the lack of job. >> in his strongest warmin morn, but military action in syria that could begin any moment. this comes after president accused the white house of not
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doing enough to expel u.s. forces from its border. here is more from the middle east bureau. reporter: turkish president announced yesterday that the forces will launch in air and ground operation in northern syria. equipment was spotted near the syrian border this weekend. a spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces says any uncorrupteunprovokedattacks cou. they still maintain tense relations with turkey. this summer turkey and the united states agreed for civilians in northern syria. will this fall into defeat of isis in the ongoing syrian war it appears to be a positive sign for the war in region. while turkey and the united states have started working on the project by carrying out six intermissions and three land
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patrols they say that washington is taking too long. the entire situation is difficult because the forces that turkey plans to target are backed by the united states. you will see a situation where turkey is fighting the courage with american weapons as united states continues to work with turkey to develop a safe zone for civilians fleeing the violence in the region. >> we have made our separations and completed operations. we have given unnecessary orders. we will conduct this from the ground and the air. >> with the syrian government still fighting rebels. they are reemerging and militias operating across the country a war between turkey and the kurds will compensate in volatile situations. >> thank you. jon: in the last hour we have more of president trump talking
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about the situation by phone earlier today. dave agreed to meet in washington next month to discuss it further. >> a manhunt in kansas city after a deadly mass shooting at a bar. plus a 2020 democratic race might be tighter but joe biden is still holding firm with a key early voting state. a look at the latest fox news pulling next. ♪ here's to the straggly ones.
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christina has the latest without. >> police have released surveillance photos believed to be behind the deadly shooting. they have seen from multiple angles, they were releases afternoon. the shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. at the kc bar located along the strip of businesses. it's a private members only bar. please say a dispute over something led to the shooting a suspect tells us that they believe to patrons may have left the bar and return later and then opened fire on people. investigators suspect someone may have been targeted. >> i believe there is possibly two suspects that entered back into the bar and started
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shooting. we do not believe this is random, we believe it was isolated and we did not feel that the suspects are going to go out and do this again. >> the five people who survived the shooting suffered minor injuries. the victims are hispanic men that range from 20s to late 50s. police interviewed multiple witnesses but still not clear what happened. >> this was at 1:30 a.m. and the stories vary a lot. we're trying to separate out stories and find out the truth from the exaggeration of a little bit. and go from there. >> asked for the weapon they believe they ran off with handguns and no word if the guns have been recovered. this is still the early stages of the homicide investigation. jon: thank you.
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five people were injured when several explosions rocked an oktoberfest celebration in california. a transformer blew up last night near the old world religion in huntington beach near 8:00 o'clock it happened after patrons felt called the fire department when they noticed an odor coming from an underground vault. >> they were approaching the area when the first exposure happened. that explosion knocked all of them down and caused injuries amongst the group including one of the restaurant personnel who is guiding them over there to the area. as one of our firefighters came closer again to where the first exposure was in search of the civilians, the second explosion occurred causing more injury and more damage obviously. >> officials are investigating the costs into firefighters and three others suffered minor. fox news pulling out today and it shows joe biden is ~ 2020
3:21 pm
democratic front runner into key states. in early primary states south carolina the vice president holds a 29% advantage over elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. and extending his advantage even more from july. meantime in wisconsin biden's lead is much narrow only 6% over worn and 11 over sanders. but according to the fox news poll, voters prefer each of the top three candidates to president trump. candidate trump won wisconsin by 30000 votes. now to nevada where caucus or say democrats seem to be overlooking the early voting stage. joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have visited the silver states less then the three voting states of iowa, new hampshire and north carolina. reporter: i think that is good for the democratic party in good
3:22 pm
for the country. >> harry reid was in full winchell and bumpy nevada to the first in the west naming the silver state a campaign stop for anyone hoping to become president. >> i think 2020 should be really good because there's so much potential and not just three candidates it's ten. nevada offered the diverse voting base. that makes it an important bellwether in the race for the democratic nomination. >> it's a first date that represents the broader democratic electorate. not only in terms of the demographics but also in the presence of labor union. >> on the other hand it comes with a big challenge.
3:23 pm
turnout is low, there is not culture around the nevada caucus like there is in iowa and new hampshire in these voters turning out and getting engaged in the process early on. the fact that it comes after the first two, you add that up and it's an issue for these candidates. >> which may be why joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders spent the least amount of days campaigning in nevada compared to the other voting states of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. what we have seen i would do with senator obama, it's the biggest slingshot in the world and that's why more campaigns to 80 - 90% of resources in iowa in the last 90 days. >> my roots are in des moines. reporter: if no front runner in iowa and new hampshire nevada could be what separates a candidate from the rest. >> hello carson city. >> there is never been one and i went and new hampshire. reporter: they have only visited nevada ample times, they believe the number will ramp up as of february caucus gets closer.
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fox news. jon: lawmakers on both side dig in the heels as another whistleblower comes forward claiming firsthand knowledge of the presidential phone call. what it could mean for congress in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. ♪
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>> support the impeachment inquiry and work in the midst of one the speaker is made that clear. we will proceed expeditiously, fairly and comprehensively. >> the guy in charge of running the investigation is a central witness and something we don't allow anywhere in this country and never have. third world countries are shocked that the kangaroo court banana republic, make it up as you go impeachment inquiry that the democrats are running in this country. >> lines drawn as house democrats ramp up their impeachment inquiry for ukraine
3:29 pm
related documents. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. this is happening as a second whistleblower has spoken to the intelligence committee internal watchdog. individual claims that firsthand knowledge of the july phone call with ukrainian president in the legal team representing both said they are advising other potential whistleblowers. president trump firing back, keep them coming. a congressional reporter, kate. i want to play something lindsey graham said to maria bartiromo on her program about an incident that happened a year ago, the kavanaugh hearings. >> remember kavanaugh started with one complaint that wound up being unverifiable of complaint about a party that took place in high school 30 years ago without any notice of where it happened and when it happened and everybody described to be there said it did not happen. weimar allegations came after that. >> now we have an allegation from the whistleblower with
3:30 pm
potentially another one to come in the white house spokeswoman says it does not matter how many people decide to call themselves whistleblowers to call the president that he does not change the fact that he has done nothing wrong. >> congressional democrats would beg to differ. >> i would say so. jon: the kavanaugh comparison, is somewhat and potentially accurate in that there were nuggets of information provided to one of the senators who ended up as part of the kavanaugh inquiry well in advance of the charges becoming public. the same thing happen with the whistleblower contacting adam schiff's committee and adam schiff's office before making a complete. >> correct, we also have
3:31 pm
representative shif shift in the washington post even for pinocchio. >> right. >> and now saying that his staff did talk to the whistleblower but he did not personally talk about those issues. and we have something would just as kavanaugh when you have the feinstein staff and no clarity with that and what the timing was and things like that. >> there is a lot of muddy nest in washington on a very serious investigation. >> of course, these investigations, i do understand senator graham comparison but i think we see this a lot with a different investigation. it always seems to be the something comes out in more witnesses to come forward and
3:32 pm
even though there are similarities, i don't know if it's completely out of the norm for how it is going. >> democrats do not want to submit an impeachment vote to the full house? >> i would say they don't want to put their member on the record yet. they want the inquiry to go forward and they want to have more information before they make their members go on the record and yorty see the republican fundraising going after purple district democrats to have support the impeachment inquiry and votes and they don't want to give those fundraising and political people more ammunition. >> there is also new criticism of the president for his public call that china should investigate the biden family over chinese business dealings that the former vice president son was involved with. and they're coming to the defense on that one. >> i doubt if the china comment
3:33 pm
was serious. the president loves to go out on the white house. you really think he was serious about thinking china is going to investigate the biden family. he is getting the press spun up about this. he likes to treat the press on issues of this kind. the president himself has not confirmed it. maybe he will in the next couple of days. i heard reporters have been asking the white house to weigh in and they have not heard anything back. >> with the topic of impeachment dominating the conversation on capitol hill. major issues like gun-control and infrastructure repairs were taken aback heat. kristen fisher reports on how impeachment is affecting the legislative agenda. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats can investigate
3:34 pm
impeaching the president and work with him on policy all at once. >> they have nothing to do with each other. >> president trump says he does not think there will be any deals as congress is consumed with impeachment. 99% of nancy pelosi's type -- she should worry about lowering the prices of drugs. it would reduce the cost of prescription drugs to all americans. one of lucy's aides and other democrats staff are talked about it with senior white house officials. a top domestic policy advisor called it a cordial and productive working session. with issues as big as i work in a room full of reporters, everything else becomes secondary. >> does anybody care about the cost of prescription drug. >> other priorities for both republicans and democrats, infrastructure in the trade
3:35 pm
agreement. the usmc a. >> we are trying to find common ground, he wants us and we do to. >> she should worry about a structure in the usmc a. >> there is the issue the democrat said it would be the top focus as soon as i got back from august break. the last time president trump and speaker pelosi talked about it was during the phone call last tuesday when they discussed the call with the president of ukraine just hours later, losey announced the formal impeachment inquiry, the press secretary says it destroyed any chances of legislative progress to the people of this country. >> we are not going away until we get legislation signed into wallaw that protects our childr. president trump is testing the
3:36 pm
lie that he will likely repeat on the trail. >> this is do-nothing democrats. they do not do any work. >> republicans and democrats will have to work together to keep the government open. funding runs out november 21 and if the president was willing to allow the government to sit down for 35 days relatively normal times, in the middle of an impeachment inquiry. >> that is kristen fisher, we were back with kate irby. are the democrats in congress that you talk to, are they concerned that the impeachment inquiry is taking all the oxygen out of the capital? >> there is definitely concerned about that, and people who wonder that if it could help like the usmca. some say if speaker pelosi is politically motivated to not let the usmc a go through because she doesn't want to get president trump a political victory, now impeachment has a cover for her and maybe now that she would actually want to put the usmc a further. >> but it does seem the american people sent people to congress to get things done and based on
3:37 pm
her reporting it does not appear there will be a lot coming out of the session. >> we knew that speaker pelosi and president trump had a conversation on gun-control legislation the day the impeachment was announced and we heard more details from the phone call that he got derailed because they were talking about impeachment on the call. >> is illustrative of the moment. >> what about infrastructure, the president has signaled he's open to an infrastructure bill republicans like and democrats do too. is there a possibility of common ground? >> i have not heard anything about ever structure honestly. even before impeachment we have been talking about infrastructure since president trump took office. we have not seemed like there are significant steps in that direction.
3:38 pm
>> kate thank you. >> chris wallace has more on lawmakers reaction to the impeachment inquiry on "fox news sunday", you could check out his exclusive interview with house intelligence committee members. that airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel after this program. former president jimmy carter is reassuring everyone he is doing okay after taking a fall at the georgia home. a spokeswoman says the former president needed stitches above his brow under brow but is ready to get started on a humana tap for humidity project in nashville. he celebrated his 95th birthday making him the longest living ex-president in u.s. history. the catholic church for decades, one diocese is getting praise for its effort to fight abuse within the purview. find out what an independent judge found after a year-long review next. ♪ with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer. they left a ton of stuff up here.
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jon: leaders of the catholic church in new york city say it is meeting its obligation to report and prevent sexual abuse. this past week cardinal timothy dolan announced a year-long review into the archdiocese of new york by an independent auditor. lauren greene has a story. reporter: i feel very relieved and very grateful. timothy holding a press conference with judge barbara jones to announce a result of her year-long review of how it's complying with clergy abuse claims and prevention. >> there is a commitment in the archdiocese throughout the archdiocese. and this leadership to maintain a safe environment for children. >> the report found it follows a strict protocol whenever a complaint is received and no deacon with a substantiated
3:44 pm
complaint in the archdiocese is taking steps to support victims of abuse. the survivors network of those abused by priests tell fox it's confident in the assessment but adds the report is extensively and transparently, it feels like another move by a church official to handle allegations of abuse in-house. a review launched a year ago after what dolan called the summer of hell starting with the pennsylvania attorney general report that 300 priests had abused over a seven-year period. that sparked investigations worldwide, needing and holding a meeting with bishops last february. the child victim act opened a one-year window for people who say they were victims to file
3:45 pm
suit. the statute of limitations. according to a wall street journal report more than 700 have been filed and the majority against the catholic church. in the past three years it has awarded $67 million in compensation to victims. child victim act can cost even more. >> the child victim act is clicking in and we are unaware of what it will have on the archdiocese. they will continue to review the archdiocese handling of the six back complaints and victims. it now moves to the safe environment training. to ensure the safety of childr children. >> meanwhile pope francis has opened a three week meeting at the vatican that could pave the way for married men to join the ranks. a debate is scheduled over whether or not to allow catholic priests to marry. on one side of the highly contentious issue are those same for dating or married man, others argue the requirement of
3:46 pm
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>> a key witness in the murder trial of a police officer shot to death in the ambush outside of his apartment. joshua brown lived in the same apartment complex of amber geiger and her neighbor. please say they found brown line on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds friday night and he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. geiger was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison for killing him and his own apartment. she said she mistook his apartment for her own and thought he was an intruder. democratic congresswoman is under fire after making comments that only black people should be allowed to run facial recognition software. the progressive freshman argues non-african-americans think african-americans all of the same. mike tobin has more.
3:51 pm
>> getting briefed on the facial recognition technology crime center representative told police chief the problem with the technology is that white people think blacks all look alike. >> i have seen it from people calling elijah cummings and john lewis and the totally different people. >> i trust people for trying. >> it was prompted by a twitter job in which the congresswoman display that she had already made up her mind. you should probably rethink the whole facial recognition. he says he is concerned about misidentification and the rights of the accused. he is also concerned about the
3:52 pm
victim and the family. he admitted the technology is not perfect. >> studies have shown the software exist today is more likely missed identifying person of color. we need to understand that and we don't take that lightly. >> that's what his analyst go through rigorous training and he insisted the analysts need to be divided on racial lines. >> are using white people are not qualified? >> there has been studies out that it's been hard for african-americans who identify as african-americans as latino. >> as being used facial recognition does not create evidence used to convict someone. it measures like the distance between your eyes or your cheekbones and it does not create a direct match like a fingerprint it's a likelihood that a guy police are already looking for walking in front of a camera at a known location. jon: asked her not hard at work this week in performing a series of spacewalks to help keep the international space station in mint condition. a recap of their very busy day just ahead.
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jon: a hair raising scare on video inside a long island salon saturday. just an average day. it turned frightening after that buck deer came crashing through
3:57 pm
the window, it jumped over a couch, hit a sitting woman, and scrambled out the front door. the woman who was hit was taken to the hospital with head and leg pain. in the buck's defense, it is mating season. all of the males are crazy with love. >> a ghost ship in philadelphia under the ben franklin bridge, the 90 foot long art instillation used mist fountains and lighting projections from surface of the river, the ghost ship can be viewed through the first week of november. the crew at universal space station, kicking off a spacewalk theory today, hard at work replacing old batteries aboard the iss, jackie hinrich with more. reporter: they made it look easy, astronauts were so efficient, they finished their job and got a head start on the
3:58 pm
next month, they spent 7 hours, one minute outside of the international space station. replacing the outdated batteries. new batteries are so powerful you only need one to replace every two they take out, they of to last until end of space station life. but the job of replacing them is anything but simple. power trek long as a football field, the spot where they are installed cannot be reached by the robotic arm, astronaut drag the batteries bark and forth from -- back and forth from the ballot and work site, they are 400 pounds and bulky. >> we'd like to thank you for your awesome work today, we've made great progress in upgrading the batteries nice job. >> copy that, thank you so much, it has been such a wonderful
3:59 pm
day, and we're honored and privileges. reporter: in another 5 after, that will upgrade system's alpha magnetic spectrometer. nasa announced teams and dates for future spacewalks, a resumed -- rescheduled all female spacewalks, which was canceled for lack of medium size space suits, it is set for october 21 now. >> we're doing shows work that went in for decades prior, the women that worked to get us where we are today. reporter: christina cook is more than half way through a 300 day mission, that will be longest single spaceflight by a woman, today she kept her sights on the eagle game. jon: good for her. so, you know you can't carry lithium ion batteries on a plane
4:00 pm
but they carry them on the rocket ship. reporter: they make up their own rules. jon: jackie hinrich thank you. >> this is our fox report, i am jon scott, see you next weekend. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump now calling on china to investigate joe biden as house democrats forge ahead with their impeachment inquiry. ♪ ♪ >> we are looking at corruption. we're not looking at politics. chris: the president lays out his defense and dares nancy pelosi to hold a formal vote to authorize the probement >> someone republicans are nervous about our bringing that vote to the floor. floor. chris: we'll explore new revelations in the case that help and hurt both sides. >> well, it reads like a classic organized crime shakedown. >> chairman schiff should be disqualified. they are fact witnesses in the samenv


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