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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that's all the time we have left this evening and we promise we will never be the media mob raging against trump. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham is fired up, next. >> laura: hannity, fantastic show. we have it all covered and we try to pick up the baton. this is "the ingraham angle" from d.c. tonight. the white house finally has a plan of action against democrats impeachment portion of the house republicans are following suit. two congressmen on thean front line, steve scalise and lee zeldin will lay out the g.o.p.'s new strategy for us. also has the impeachment push actually started hurting certain 2020 democratic candidates? bongino and hahn. joe biden's hail mary, and the hillary clinton 11th hour surprise. raymond arroyo joins us for some hollywood oddities.
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a new cbs drama about jim comeyf the strzok and page love texts, i kid you not. "seen and unseen," ahead. but first, house democrats continue to ignore impeachment i want to clearly lay out three possibilities. one, they can hold a vote authorizing impeachment. that will give due process for the president and gop minority. >> if they were to hold a vote of it would be positive, would youoo cooperate? >> let me say the republican party has been treated extremely badly by the democrats very unfairly. because they have a tiny margin in the house, they have eviscerated the rules.
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you can't have lawyers. you can't speak. you can't do anything. >> laura: if democrats refuse, that brings us to option number two. take the fight to court. at least in court, there is a process, discovery, accountability, which would be a novelty for the democrats. >> the whole thing is a scam,, it's fix. we wrote a letter yesterday, bprobably ends up being a big supreme court case. >> laura: then there's option number three. wait for the 2020 election. but i think we know why the democrats don't want to do that. they see a president engageded n this fight, and well, he is almost relishing it. >> president trump: it's lucky that i am the president because a lot of the i people said that very few people could handle it. i sort of thrive on it. >> laura: that has democrats worried. plus, it has become increasingly clear they don't know what they are doing. they must make it up as they go along and they are hoping that you, the voters, don't take
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notice, and you take impeachment, what, seriously? as seriously as they do? the real aim of all of it is to drive down trump's approval rating. cease work on things like the usmca, prescription drugs, border security, infrastructure et cetera. then let the president's agenda basically suffer for months. they can't run against trump's record of economic success so they are trying to sabotage them. maybe even the economy. this isn't just damaging the country but it's a strategy that could totally backfire on the left. joining me now, alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus and author of the new book. harmeet dhillon. tom dupree, former deputy assistant attorney general. alan, there has been a lot of hand-wringing from the democrats over the white house's letter. suddenly they are worried about
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the process being political but no one seems to care that the democrats are ignoring long-standing norms. >> the letter is an important one because it shows how are our system of checks and balances is actually working quite efficiently. the democrats control the house and so they are playing politics with impeachment. the president controls the executive branch. he says i'm not going to cooperate. now it's all up to the courts. the courts of the ultimate check and balance on any disputes betweence the executive and legislative branches. so if congress wants to get information, they have to go to court. they have to justify their demands. the executive branch will say no. there is privilege or its unjustified, or they are due process rights. it's all laid out in the letter. the lawyer is a lawyer's letter saying the adversary system is operating. we are not going to just give
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in. it's the way i would handle client if i had a client who was subpoenaed. i would say no, i'm not going to comply. you go to court. the system of checks and balances is working just fine. we are not in a constitutional crisis. we are seeing the constitution operate the way the framers intended to operate. >> laura: harmeet, the democrats are actually arguing. and each of you, i want you to hit this. that an aggressive posture on the part of the white house counsel's office is tantamount to obstruction of justice. o putting on a defense. i thought these people were liberal, first of all. they are actually saying its obstruction not just give them everything they want. >> they don't just say it's tantamount, they say it is obstruction of justice. it is the most orwellian flipping of the normal presumptions of innocence you
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could have. t it goes hand-in-hand and the they are saying in this letter. they are saying the president doesn't have the right to examine witnesses. doesn't have a right for there to be a vote on impeachment. the president doesn't have the right to confront those witnesses. the president doesn't have the right to counsel. these would all be anathema if it was anyone but donald trump facing this tribunal. yet they are willing to shut up the constitution and do to theo detriment of future presidents and future proceedings in the house. that's how how about they are on destruction. >> laura: let's go to tom. hillary clinton g says the chars against trump are way worse than anything her husband might have done. watch.e >> this is a much more serious set of charges than anything that was ever put forward against bill. and i think the american people got that. this is no longer just about the crazy stuff he says and does that everybody shrugs at or worries about.
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this is a direct threat to the national security of america. >> in my book, "obstructing justice and lying under oath are pretty serious offense. the framers had up our system so that you need to get a majority of the house, super majority in the senate precisely because they didn't want impeachment to be driven by a faction, a rogue group of ideologues. it's extraordinary they are intent on pushing the process forward without getting the approval of the entire house of representatives. >> laura: they say it's not required. >> the fact is, the constitution text doesn't spell out exactly the procedures that have to be followed but i think it's pretty clear. t from the majority requirement to the superat majority requirement the framers had the chiefy justice presiding at the trial that they want them to put on
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the defense and if impeachment moves forward it does so based on if not consensus, at leastso broad support within both houses of congress. >> laura: andy mccabe spoke out tonight. former deputy director of the fbi. >> they may not uncover any new core allegations, but they will further support and shed light on that thing that we have been pursuing from the beginning and that makes it a much stronger case. t >> here's the difference between this world and the world they were in. this ain't legal. this is political. the opposite.y i have a column in "the wall street journal" saying the framers did not want impeachment to be political in the sense of partisan. hamilton in federalist 65 said he doesn't want to depend on the comparative strength. he wanted to depend on the guilt or innocence of the accused, to charge a president with at least criminal like behavior. we are saying nothing like this here.
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but we are seeing rejected a prg that maladministration of offi office. that's enough for impeachment. and madison said that would turn us into britain. we just have a vote of nonconfidence. get rid of a prime minister. we are a repubc fenses as defind in the constitution.n. yes, the president is not above the law but congress is not above the law. they cannot impeach unless the constitutional criteria are explicitly met. >> laura: harmeet, democrats are becoming: increasingly aggressie when it comes to how they want 's trump's staff, anyone who has touched this supposed impeachable offense, which it's not, and how they should be dealt with. >> when the witnesses, and refuse to answer questions, it's time to call on the sergeant at
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arms, march them off to the little >> we are trying to figure out, is that the d.c. police that comes and gets them. >> with regard to donald trump he said he needs to be placed in prison and placed in solitary confinement. >> laura: we are talking about constitutional crisis. you are going to get the sergeant at our door u.s. marshals? this is fantasy land but they really want that. they can taste >> these people are ignoramuses. that's not how it works. they are going to have to get the u.s. attorney's office to c come in and do this job. ase house pokey they are violates due process. these people have no sense of history and no shame. bringing to what alan said, it's really about them not liking the 2016 election and they are trying to interfere with the
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2020 election. it's purely political and these people are shameless. they will look back on this episode and how the democrats have in themselves how they abandoned the process. they will look at it in shame. >> laura: tom, what happens next time when we have republicans in charge of the house on the democrat president? someone overheard a conversati conversation. i thought it was frightening and scary mimosa blower. runs the house of representatives. what happens then? >> people seem to have a different view when the issue is on the other foot. people are adamant defenders of president clinton pounding the table insisting on his due process. they are now nowhere to be hea heard. >> i defended clinton and i defend the rights of trump. i am neutral, nonpolitical. i defend the constitution. the original title of my book, "the case against impeaching trump" was the case against impeaching hillary clinton because i thought she would get impeached if she were elected. i am trying to be absolutely neutral. g s if i had written a case against
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impeaching hillary clinton, they would have build a statue to me. will be praying to me and applauding to me because none of them passed the shoe on the other foot test. >> you are a lone voice in the wilderness. >> laura: none of you are voices crying in the wilderness, not as long as you're on the show. thank you so much, fantastic conversation. the white house's latest actions, sending a scathing letter to the democrats and team trump hiring trey gowdy as legal counsel. putting together an action plan to fight impeachment. house republicans are doing the same, working together to defend the trump agenda. joining me now congressman scalise. lee zeldin. how long can democrats run the
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sham inquiries without a vote? >> for the last two weeks members have been back in their districts, lots of these vulnerable members. 31 democrats are in districts that donald trump won are goinge back home and are hearing from constituents going, you are seriously trying to impeach the president? you can't even name an impeachable offense. that's how ridiculous this is. they are going to be coming back asking pelosi these questions, going you and adam schiff are literally trying to take away the will of the voters and they will have the opportunity in 2020 to pick the next president. pelosi and schiff are trying to take it away from them running this kangaroo court where you can't even question your accusers. you can't have basic rights -- rights, due process that every impeachment has had. only three in the history of o r country and all of them have started with ve a vote in the house. pelosi has bypassed that because she's trying to shield and hide at this vote from her members.
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in trying to deny due process. >> laura: conan belden, your colleague congressman jim jordan called out adam schiff are keeping former ukraine envoy kurt volker's testimony under lock and key. >> adam schiff, release the transcript so they can see what ambassador volker spent nine hours telling us where he said there was no quid pro quo, noo linkage whatsoever between security assistance dollars for ukraine and any type of investigation into anyone in the ukraine or the bidens. adam schiff won't release that. instead, there were 67 pages of text messages. adam schiff took a few of those text messages and released them, release them s >> laura: do you have confidence you'll ever see the full transcripts from these secret hearings? >> gosh i sure hope so. i hope the american public cant see it. i was in the room for that marathon the american public would learn
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a lot of facts that adam schiff isn't telling us. process wise and substantively. when adam schiff chooses to cherry pick text, to not disclose key facts, he is depriving the american public from getting the ability to form their own independent judgment on important things. for example, adam schiff says the donald trump demanded that president zelensky manufactured dirt on the bidens. ambassador volker said that isn't true. when adam schiff is talking about a quid pro quo fairy tale charge of the united states linking aid to ukraine, to an investigation into the bidens, ambassador volker destroyed that narrative on several fronts. in the readouts after that call both on the ukraine side and the u.s. side,ai there is no referee to a quid pro quo
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or a hold on aid. there's no reference to a hold on aid or a quid pro quo. in the weeks that followed that, the ukraine government makes no reference to ambassador volker about a hold on aid. ambassador volker testified that the hold was going to get released, and the aid was goingd to the ukraine and it got released. all of this stuff would be known to you, would be known to your viewers, if adam schiff, instead of cherry picking facts, instead put it all out there.hi that's why we have to be there at these transcribed interviews because if we boycotted them, i wouldn't even be able to share with you what really is -- what amounts to the other 99% of the story. >> laura: they are basically saying, if i'm hearing them correct, that you don't even need a quid pro quo. the gold posts keep shifting. they lied about was in the transcript. adam schiff made that up and nancy pelosi kind of repeated it
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later. it was all made up. it's obviously there was no quid pro quo. there was no link to aid ever in any conversation. it didn't happen. so now he's meddling in the next election or is trying to meddleh in the election, interfere with the 2020 election. that's where they are going with this, using a foreign power to interfere with the next election. so that's how they are moving. butor it doesn't matter because they don't have to put on a case. they don't have to put on any type of investigation or vote because they're just not going to do it because they know it's going to it's getting this bag, congressman scalise, that joe biden and susan rice are talking about you can't put stuff on the classified server. you can't put call transcripts on a classified server. watch. >> they tried to covered up by hiding the evidence, classifying like no other president has attempted to classify these conversations.
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>> unless they were legitimately in their content classified. >> laura: congressman scalise, do you find that rich given what happened during the obama years with private servers and stuff we never saw? >> i mean bleached servers. we can't even find some of the stuff that they did. joein biden is talking about integrity and he won't even answer questions about what was going on with his son getting not only ukraine contacts but china contracts. this whole thing stinks. lee zeldin has been doing a great job with jim jordan getting the facts out there. don't do this cherry picking stuff. you wonder why some of these transcripts -- by the way, when the president's actual to a foreign leader, the idea that partisans, people who, as we know and reports right now, the so-called whistle-blower had a natural partisan leaning and a tie to a democratic candidate
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for president of the united states. you wonder why they move this stuff to a classified server. the president is trying and if you look at the transcript which i've done and they have done, the president is trying to root out corruption relating to the 2016 election which obama was the president when the russians tried to interview. trump is trying to route it out or doesn't happen again. pelosi is the one trying to make it about -- >> laura: hold on. sorry to interrupt. i have to get to congressman selden. do you think adam schiff will be censured? yes or no? >> no, i think the democrats are going to cover for them. we are seeing the entire house democratic conference ripping the country in half right now. they are hijacking the priorities of my constituents and the american public to appease a highly radical base. they will cover for adam schiff's lies time and
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again. they made the man the point guy for this entire clamshell. i don't think there will be a censure because the house democrats when they are in the majority they will cover for it. >> laura: thank you so much. coming up, is hillary clinton really going to run again? you have to hear what she's telling the media about her chances. dan bongino and chris hahn debate next. what are you doing back there, junior?
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since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. >> laura: this impeachment push is creating some odd moments for the 2020 democrats. first up, biden is trailing for the first time in the real clear politics polling average and he's finally caving on impeachment. >> no president in american history has ever dared to engage in such unimaginable behavior. in full front of the view of the american people. donald trump has violated his oath of office.
11:24 pm
to preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached. >> laura: has to catch up with the radicals. sensingg weakness in the 2020 field, hillary clinton just can't help herself. >> may be there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. i don't think anyone understands what motivates him other than personal grievance, other than seeking adulation.n. >> laura: is she joking, by the way? i can't tell. in this debate here tonight, we will get to the bottom of it. dan bongino, former secret service agent and fox news contributor, along with chris hahn, radio host and former aide to senator chuck schumer. all right, dan, polls are showing support for impeachment and the polls are not going in the way the president wants them to go. if you believe the polls or don't believe the polls,
11:25 pm
including a poll done by fox news. 1,000 registered voters called randomly on cell phones and home phones supposedly 51% say they want the president either impeached or removed. so is joe just riding the wave here? or what's going on? >> he is, but remember his approval ratings held relatively steady. president trump. i don't mean to make light of any of it. i don't mean to disregard poles but given the amount of misinformation in the media and the lies about donald trump, total fabrications about a quid pro quo that never happened. it is stunning that those numbers aren't higher. has any president been subjected to the litany of misinformation this president has? democrats can't tell the truth either. yet adam schiff in front of a congressional committee literally make up a narrative about what was on the phone call. so i wouldn't panic about any of those numbers. >> laura: chris, as a liberal,
11:26 pm
are you concerned about a process that does not allow witnesses, fact witnesses, to even bring agency counsel with him orit her doing an interviewn capitol hill? >> well, this is basically the grand jury portion of this investigation and, believe me, the defendant doesn't get to question witnesses. he will get his opportunity when there is a trial in the senate and there will be a trial in the senate and he will be impeached. i'm all for having a vote. let's give it of this stupid talking point. have a vote to open an impeachment inquiry let's do it right now. let's have congress not gone anymore vacations until they get through a full impeachment inquiry and send the bill to the senate for the trial headed by the chief justice of the supreme court. i think the american with they want to see it. the fox news poll says 51% want to seem impeached and removed. 55% want to seem impeached. the numbers have moved a great
11:27 pm
deal in the week. they don't like the fact that the president of the united states used his office to influence a foreign government to interfere in this election. it's ridiculous and this needs toan be heard. >> laura: that was never set in the transcript. never indicated in the transcript. >> i would like you to do us a favor though. >> laura: what chris just said is an example, dan, what's been quite successful on the part of democrats. repeating enough times a proposition that is not indicated in the transcript and that the principal players said did not happen. yet you say it enough times, people are busy with their lives. oh, i guess you can't do that. it's the public view. that's what's happened, dan. >> i wonder with chris sometimes. does he genuinely not know what he's talking about or is he just lying? i'm not even kidding, did he not read the transcript? chris can read.s.
11:28 pm
i mean, he's a smart guy. he's not stupid. the transcript, which by the way, the whistle-blower themself noted was a direct transcript. it's indicating something is in the transcript that isn't there. it's hilarious and he expects all of us to buy it. no, he asked for a favor to investigate biden. you didn't read the transcript. stop humiliating yourself in front of millions of people. you're lying. >> laura: put up the transcript. >> the president says i wouldea like to do us a favor. it was the president's own notes in the president's notes released by the white house indicate the president was withholding military aid over ukraine. i encourage everyone to read it. >> laura: chris, you are very impassioned. but there's a disconnect between
11:29 pm
the factual predicate. do you know what the javelins are that were referenced in the line before the president said i'd like you to do me a favor? what are javelins and what were they part of? >> they are part of a weapons package that ukraine was trying to buy from the united states of america. >> laura: rate. >> the president made that connection and said i would like you do us a favor though. >> laura: liberals tend to yyell over others. i'm not yelling. what i'm asking you is the javelin missile program that they wanted to buy marv had already been authorized. they merely wanted to buy more. this was not a controversial buy. the president was talking in general about corruption in ukraine. he started the conversation saying we give you aid. the javelins were a separate conversation. that's about buying weaponry. a it's not an aide. they are not giving us aid. what you proclaim so confidently, you must know the
11:30 pm
factual predicate what you don't knowow. i just demonstrated that. >> can you clarify something for me? is there one other american citizen that the president is trying to get investigated around the world for corruption other than his political opponents? because i would like to know who that can you clarify that for me? >> laura: we never had a vice president of the united states whose family members -- all right, chris and dan, thanks so much. raymond arroyo with "seen and unseen" next.
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>> laura: it's time for our
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"seen and unseen" segment where we expose cultural stories of the day. a comedian tries to be civil, somen dramatic politics and the pope considers overturning, no big deal, just church discipline. joining us as raymondd arroyo. all heck broke loose when ellen degeneres, who is pretty liberal, with george w. bush, who is also pretty liberal. he's a former republican president and a very nice guy. they were together at the football game. why are people so. upset about this? >> the problem was the partisans couldn't get past the idea that ellen, this hollywood liberal icon would dare to sit next to a republican president. so twitter exploded once that picture of the pair was out there. >> laura: he looks just like his dad.t it's eerie. >> out magazine tweeted ellen hanging out with someone who try to ruin our community.
11:35 pm
disappointing, irresponsible, dangerous. that was one of theomty nicer tweets. it got so nasty that ellen dedicated her show monologue to the topic. >> here's the thing, i'm friends with george bush, and i'm friends with lots of people that don't share the same beliefs i have. we are all different. rithink we have forgotten that's okay that we are all different. when i say be kind to one another, i don't just mean the people that think the same as you do. i mean to be kindhe to everyone. it doesn't matter. >> laura: let me tell you, that's why she is a success. this is why, oprah, when she was not political, was so successful.ot people don't care about politics. i hate to break it to twitter. >> it's ridiculous so that we have to celebrate a public figure bringing people together just by being civil. there was a time when this was the norm for american life. in this political age where relationships have been destroyed,nd friendships have bn cast aside all in the name of
11:36 pm
politics, ellen is seen as a revolutionary. >> laura: she's always pretty nice to most people. but who cares if she's liberal? she's funny and has a good show. >> and she is a new orleans native. that's part of the connection. politics is in the back seat to everything else. now politics is being dramatized everywhere these days. cbs has announced that they have cast a new miniseries based on former fbi director james comey's memoir. actor jeff daniels will play comey. somehow they don't look alike. brendan gleason of harry potter fame will play donald trump. and maggie smith will play the role of adam schiff. we're kidding. >> laura: they do that with republicans.
11:37 pm
what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> i don't think anyone is going to this movie. not to be outdone, film staging of the text messages between lisa page and peter strzok was released this week. it's called "fbi lovebirds." it stars superman's dean cain and buffy the vampire slayer's kristy swanson. >> i just went to a southern virginia walmart and i could smell the trump support. yeah. it's scary real down here. >> vomit. vomit. vomit. vomit. vomit. >> having a really tough time with the election this morning. >> i brought "all the presidents men", figured i needed to brush up on watergate. meanwhile, we have our task at hand. >> our task at hand. it reminds you -- by the way those are verbatim texts from
11:38 pm
>>these two. >> laura: you need the one where he's talking about obama. he mentions obama. >> it reminds me -- the fbi agents and their devotion to leaking did the press and then say their names appear in the press. >> laura: is mccabe part of this are not? >> he is mentioned. you can see the whole thing. fbi lovebirds >> laura: why don't we do this? >> next time. >> laura: speaking of comedy and tragedy, the pope launched a vatican meeting of bishops focused on the amazon this week. as in the amazon, the people, and i'm not the company. the video of the kickoff event was frightening. as you see here, what, raymond, the prayer service? >> it features amazon tribes in front of the pope and the cardinals and at one point the amazonians bow down to these crude wooden carvings. some state that they are pagan
11:39 pm
idols. the organizers say they depict the virgin mary and elizabeth at the visitation. they claim it's actually an image of a fertility deity. some kind of earth mother. whatever it is, it's bizarre and gaining a lot of complaints. >> laura: what is the point of this? >> these three weeks is about looking at the amazon. they want to inspire morality of taking care of the environment. but the real focus of it, it's being driven by the german cardinals. what they want is to open up celibacy. they want to get rid of the celibacy discipline for the clergy. 1,000 near discipline. they want to wipe it away because they say the amazon doesn't have enough priests and to ordain married men, you will have priests available. >> laura: could you have divorced priests then? >> who knows. but it's whipping up controversy and concern. >> laura: there was something in that depiction of the earth
11:40 pm
mother. you left that out. >> you left -- there was an image. i will tweet it out. speech we will save that for another edition. raymond, i guess, thank you. up next, the christian case for trump under attack by the media's sharks. the tolerant left shows its true colors, this time on notre dame's campus. a shocking story of bigotry and defamation in moments. when we started our business
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...because xfinity stream tv week is here. watch shows like south park and the walking dead now through october 13th. >> our evangelicals are here tonight and they are all over the place. and what we have done for them and for religion is so important. you know the other side, i don't think they are big believers, not big believers in religion.
11:44 pm
>> that torqued off a lot of people. the evangelical vote was crucial. crucial to president trump's victory in 2016. according to pew research, 81% of white evangelical christians voted for him last time around. now, one of his prominent christian supporters, ralph reed, is under fire for thent original title of his new book. politico reporting "render to f god and trump" ralph reed calls for 2020 obedience to trump. while the title has since been changed, the controversy persists. joining me now exclusively to respond is ralph reed. this is obviously a ploy by you to send heads blowing off of the liberal bodies just so you get publicity for your book. can you just admit that right now? >> i wish i could claim to be that smart but all i was doing
11:45 pm
was referencing christ's teaching in the book of matthew when it was actually one of the last parables he told before hii arrest and crucifixion when the pharisees tried to trick him by asking him if jews in occupied judeo and samaria should pay taxes to caesar and said render to god what is god's and caesar what is caesar's. my point in the modern play is -- >> laura: if anyone can -- it's not that hard to follow. we only bring it up because people want to slam you. this is the goal. >> only the liberal media could take a teaching of christ in which he says your life, your heart and your soul to god and twist that into me telling people to be obedient to trump. but i'm urging them to do,nd
11:46 pm
laura, is to be obedient to the scriptural call to advance the good and resist evil. the good means the sanctity of innocent human life, religious freedom, the survival and prosperity of the state of israel and the sanctity of the traditional family. on those principles, it is undeniable that he has not only been a champion for every one of those greater goods, he has fought for them. >> laura: he has been the best pro-life president. i worked for president reagan , loved president reagan. trump is more pro-life than reagan was at least in results. ralph, they, the usual suspects on the left, are trying to tar the religious community for supporting trump, those who do.
11:47 pm
"usa today" specifically. sophia nelson writing "as an evangelical christian, is a generation of largely white male evangelical pastors and personalities destroyed destroy their credibility by attaching themselves to trump. i think the answer is a resounding yes." so that's the deal. anyone who is christian or a faithful catholic supports trump evangelical, you are done. you have no credibility and that's what they are doing to try to blunt the force of trump in that community as a whole. >> yeah, and as i discuss in my book which isn't even finished yet, so i think it was interesting that politico said what i was writing about when i'm still writing. my argument is that in the end, this isn't about donald trump. this is about the principles for which he stands and those principleshe preceded him by thousands of years, and they will live on beyond him for
11:48 pm
thousands of years. but we as men and women of faith are called to advance those things in season and out of season, whether they are popular and unpopular. i will tell you something else. they gave the lie to the fact that the smearing of trump is based on his tweets and the occasional insult. when they tried to take down a perfect gentleman and altar boy like brett kavanaugh, the fact is if you stand for life and religious freedom and the state of israel and the sanctity of the traditional family, they will try to destroy you and smear your good name and destroy your family. i don't care if you ever send out a tweet, it's open seasonn n those who hold to those principles. >> laura: ralph, thank you so much. i should say that evangelical sesupport today for trump is vey strong. he has a 71% approval rating. among evangelicals.
11:49 pm
ralph, i can't wait for your block to come out. great to see you. i can't wait to read your book. we have a lot more to get to. notre dame is known as perhaps the nation's premier catholic university but given some recent events there, many are wondering if the fighting irish are actually fighting faith, as in their own. a group of student activists put up these disgusting tposters around campus blaming students, faculty and certain alumni for violence against the gay >> mimicking the blood on the hands of traditional catholics. then they took a step further posting this sick video online. >> the blood on your names did not come from you or the hate groups that you've been inviting to speak on campus. it was ours and my loved ones.
11:50 pm
your opinion seep into churches and culture, they diffuse like venomous gas from every outlet. that's the very nature of discourse. >> laura: joining me now as william dempsey, director of sycamore trust. one of the groups targeted by these radicals. you are head of this alumni group, conservative catholics trust.the sycamore your group was targeted. what is going on here? >> what is going on at notre dame is an awful business. our group is a group of alumni concerned about the attenuation of the catholic identity at the university of notre dame. of course we do support church teaching with respect to homosexuals and homosexual and same sex marriage and that teaching of course has two branches. it includes as primary teaching the obligation i to accord
11:51 pm
charity, justice, love and respect to homosexuals. and on the other hand, it opposes as intrinsically immoral homosexual sex. i'm not here to defend that. i'm talking to talk about basic civility on campus. the distressing thing about it, it's hard to imagine this at notre dame, nothing like this has happened at notre dame before. you might think of it as a more radical campus but the really distressing thing about it is, the inaction of the president of the university of notre dame. >> laura: we wrote to him asking for him to, i guess, take some action, paul brown. and he responded by saying when the sign first was displayed on campus, it was quickly taken down by the notre dame police department. a subsequent request for permission to display the sign on campus was denied by the university. now, bill, if this sign had been directed toward let's say
11:52 pm
a more politically correct group, and slurs or damaging comments, using the image of blood, do you think that is all that would have happened with mr. brown, is that all he would have done? >> those students would have been out of the dormitories with their computers thrown out the window after them, as soon as that hit the main building. this is really, really unbelievable. father jenkins is a champion of civility on campus. >> laura: he didn't give us the response. it was the spokesman. >> he said nothing, as you will observe come about that video. it should have been taken down immediately. but it was still out there as of yesterday. >> laura: you actually said this is tantamount because individual students were named who are currently at the school. your young man but you are not a student anymore. but these are kids who will try
11:53 pm
to get jobs, apply for jobs, want to work in the workforce.e i think this is an effort toin intimidate them, harass them, and smear them so they are unemployable deplorables. you say it's a violation of the intimidation statute of indiana. so i put it up on screen, this is section 35 through 45. the threat is communicated using property, including electronic equipment or systems of a school corporation. a threat means expression by words or action of intention to expose a person. threaten to hatred, contempt, disgrace or ridicule and who falsely harm the credit or business reputation of a person. i think both of those subsections are implicated in the way this was done. people think this was just a college campus, big deal. and you say to them? >> well, there are overtones of violence in these displays. they are talkinghe about the slitting of our loved ones
11:54 pm
throats. you have a beating by a crowbar, the images or the names of the student authors. on the video. beating with a crowbar. doesn't anyone think of virginia tech in this situationi isn't there an obligation to do everything possible to maintain the safety of students at the university? of course there is. >> laura: there is a double standard. and we all know it, and we didn't think it was going to happen at notre dame. i think a lot of people believe one president obama received -- >> honorary degree of law. >> laura: given his views on abortion and so forth that that was a shock to many alumni and traditional catholic students at notre dame. mr. dempsey, thank you very much
11:55 pm
for joining us. blackouts, no food in the stores, and gas lines for miles. it's not the apocalypse, just life in one liberal state. the last bite next. >> woman: what's my safelite story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. >> woman: hi! >> vo: with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> laura: it's time for the last bite. >> there are a lot of dim bulbs in the california government. now the bulbs aren't working at all because of idiotic policies?
11:59 pm
well, californians are literally in the dark. >> unprecedented number four . we will continue the phased-in power shut off because of the weather conditions in ground conditions that are occurring in northern california. >> laura: nearly a million californians are without power in anticipation of high winds and wildfires and it could be that way for at least a week. residents are obviously not happy. they are tweeting about it. here are a few of the tweets. "what's going on with the power outage? democrats want to turn our ocountry into a third world dumping ground." "this isn't cuba or calcutta. it's california. why do the people put up with this foolishness? pathetic and unbelievable. #poweroutage." this one, "help, power down the californians taken hostage by a bankrupt power company., there are a lot of jokes in the candlelight, the golden state
12:00 am
becomes a little bit darker. all the time we have today. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the power and they take it w from here. have all the power and they take it from here. ♪ >> shann shannon: donald trump opening a new door about cooperating with house democrats on their impeachment inquiry. what he is saying about what he would say and break down the latest on polling on impeachment. two isis militants believed to be part of a group that beheaded an american journalist are in us custody, moved out of syria as turkish forces begin


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