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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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greg: we are out of time. thanks to our guests and studio audience. [cheers and applause] jon: president trump assails house democrats in face of escalating impeachment inquiry while ramping up his efforts to shift the spotlight to the bidens. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. house democrats poised to turn up the heat on president trump this week setting up interviews with current and former state department officials in hopes of putting new scrutiny on his phone call with the leader of ukraine. the president is trying to push back by painting the inquiry as invalid and an effort to overturn the 2016 election. >> impeachment, i never thought i would see or hear that word, with regard to me, impeachment. it's a witch hunt. it is based on a single phone
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call of congratulations to the president of ukraine, which they fraudulently mischaracterized to sound absolutely horrible. jon: president trump says he wants former vice president joe biden and his son hunter investigated for their business dealings overseas. today hunter biden said he will step down from his role on the board of a chinese firm. we have fox team coverage, molly henneberg is following the reaction from capitol hill. we begin with kevin cork who is live at the white house. kevin? >> jon, the white house bracing for another week of impeachment talk, even as there's great frustration here about the fairness of the inquiry, if you want to call it at this particular stage, not just for the president but also for his party. the president is talking about it tonight on twitter. the democrats are going to lose a lot of house seats because of their fraudulent use of
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impeachment. schiff fabricated phone call a crime. democrat senate seats will also be put at risk even some that were supposedly safe. look at louisiana last night, north carolina last week. president meanwhile also monitoring the situation in new york surrounding rumors of a possible investigation of his private attorney rudy giuliani. reports suggesting his dealings in ukraine including some at the behest of the president have drawn the attention of the investigators. but the former mayor still enjoys unbridled support of his biggest client who told fox news last night that he's not aware of a probe in new york. >> i know nothing of him being under investigation. somebody said they heard a report today. i can't imagine it. he's a man who looks for corruption. whatever he does, i know he's an honorable man. >> the president on the phone there. white house officials also criticizing congressional
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democrats in particular schiff in conducting interviews in secret in order to build an impeachment case against the president. >> i think what's going on with impeachment though is an absolute disgrace. adam schiff loves to be in front of the cameras, his favorite place to be. yet the one place he's not in front of cameras when he's leading an impeachment inquiry. that's so curious to me why doesn't he come out in the open. >> senior counsel to the president kellyanne conway there. all this jon happening ahead of a week in which we expect to see more government officials testify in front of lawmakers including the u.s. ambassador to the eu, and fiona hill. reports say that hill will complain that the nsc was circumvented. when i say others i'm talking rudy giuliani.
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also the doj's report could happen as soon as friday. we will keep an eye on that. back to you. jon: kevin cork at the white house. the house's impeachment inquiry into president trump pushes forward this week. democratic leaders are getting ready for more testimony on capitol hill, now the intelligence committee chairman adam schiff is saying the whistle-blower at the heart of the inquiry may not testify. >> our primary interest right now is making sure that that person is protected. indeed now there's more than one whistle blow their they are protected -- whistle-blower, that they are protected. it may not be necessary to take steps that might reveal the whistle-blower's identity to do that, and we will make sure we protect that whistle-blower. jon: molly henneberg is following this from d.c. molly? >> hi, jon. republicans say it is time to stop all the secrecy and let a little sunshine into the impeachment inquiry. >> if adam schiff wants to have it behind closed doors, my job
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is to pick the lock. mine is to open it up and say look at what has been happening here, look at the lies that have been told and the hearings and nothing has come from it. now that you don't like the results you take out behind closed doors. >> son of the former vice president hunter biden will step down by the end of this month from the board of directors o of a shanghai china based equity fund management company. if biden were to win the presidency, his son will agree not to serve on boards of or work on behalf of foreign owned companies. republicans say biden's international deals made when his dad was vp should be investigated. >> this is what people hate about the swamp. this is part of how donald trump won in the first place, saying that we're going to get rid of these sweetheart deals. we're going to make sure that we clean up the axis of power in a place like washington, d.c.
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where someone like hunter biden get a $50,000 a month retainer for ukrainian energy company when everybody knows that he doesn't have that skill set. >> today joe biden responded to questions about his son's business deals and suggested the president and his team are way off base. >> look, let's get something straight. first of all, no one, no one has indicated of any consequence that anything was done wrong or illegally by me or by my son. every major national, international and local news operations looked into it and said it is a lie. this is a president who is flat lying. >> the former vice president said he did not consult with his son before hunter biden put out that statement today. joe biden says the statement shows that hunter is a quote man of integrity. jon? jon: molly henneberg, thank you. so as tensions heat up on both sides of the political
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aisle, recent polling shows public support for impeachment is steadily on tin -- on the increase. 47.3% of americans backing the impeachment and removal of president trump. 46.9% oppose that outcome. joining us now white house reporter for real clear politics. we will get to the joe biden situation and hunter biden situation in a minute, philip. but first, on this impeachment thing, why is it that the support for impeachment seems to be on the rise? >> well, i think one of the reasons why is we have seen so much news in the last couple of weeks. you talked about polling a second ago. there was the fox news poll that had the anger of the president, but it certainly wasn't an outlier. we saw similar results from polling from the washington post and the "wall street journal" and like you mentioned a moment ago, our average over there at real clear politics shows that across the board, impeachment is up by 8.7 points.
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now, of course this could change as things continue. the most significant factor here is how does nancy pelosi actually handle the impeachment inquiry? because there's a possibility that voters could get sick of the circus and could just say well, let's wait for this question to be answered in the election, not in the house of representatives. jon: right, so if the public support is well pretty evenly split but there is a small plurality that favors impeachment according to the real clear politics average, if that is the case, then why does pelosi hesitate putting to it a vote of the full house? >> that's essential question here and it is interesting. not only has the white house legal counsel told house democrats they are not going to cooperate with an impeachment probe until president trump is afforded the parliamentary courtesy which has been afforded to every other impeached president, namely that house vote, some house democrats who are farther left, they are
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pushing for a vote as well. this is very interesting for two reasons, the first it will force a lot of the freshman democrats, democrats specifically from light blue districts to go on the record and say whether or not they support getting trump out of office early. the second thing which is very interesting is it raises the question of what kind of rights are going to be afforded to the minority party. is kevin mccarthy as minority leader going to have subpoena power? if he does, that opens up a whole new can of worms and we could see this impeachment inquiry go in a dozen different directions >> a congressman was on abc this morning and raised some of those concerns from the point of view of republicans. listen to this. >> the president wants there to be a process. the president is saying that there should be a vote for an impeachment inquiry. the president should have counsel present. he should be able to cross-examine witnesses. h he should be able to present evidence. there should be a process, but instead, what adam schiff wants is to get the united states of america drunk on his favorite
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cocktail, three ingredients one is cherry picking leaks, second is withholding facts and three is just outright lying. jon: it does seem that if democrats want to build up, you know, public support for impeachment, they kind of have their cake and eat it too right now because they are getting that support without putting foyt a vote of the full -- putting to it a vote of the full house. >> the question is how much is that going to last? if the americans get the opinion that this is another charade and another piece of political theater, that could sour very quickly. right now i think the administration has a strong argument when they are saying let's be transparent. even though if you looked at the transcript between president trump and the ukrainian president, even though there were some things in there that were a bit damming, at least he released the transcript. at least he showed he actually said that's the argument a lot of the house and senate republicans are making right now. they want to see the proceedings out in the open and that's a
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very persuasive arguments to a lot of americans who are getting sick of a lot of the partisan rancor. jon: biden announced today that he is stepping down from the board of a chinese financial services firm, hunter biden. doesn't that suggest that all of the heat that his father has taken over some of these foreign entanglements is having an effect on the biden campaign? >> the president asked where hunter biden was and his lawyer seemed to answer this morning with that statement. it is implicit admission of the fact that hunter biden at this point is a bit of a political liability. you know, regardless of whether or not what he did was completely legal, the question remains is this type of cronyism that he was engaged in, that's not something that democratic good government voters in a primary are going to enjoy, are going to like? americans don't like seeing someone get something for nothing, and this is going to be something that could perhaps dog vice president biden in the primaries going forward because
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every time you have a question about ukraine, every time you have a question about impeachment, you also have the question of what was hunter biden doing when his father was vice president? jon: phillip wegman from real clear politics, we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. jon: breaking news from northern syria. kurdish fighters say they will partner with al-assad's forces to fight against the turkish army advancing across the border this come as president trump's orders all of the roughly one thousand troops to withdraw from the area. we have more new developments now. >> good evening. major developments tonight in northern syria as turkey does continue their offensive against kurdish forces. we have been able to confirm that a deal has been brokered by the russian government between the syrian democratic forces, the allied kurdish fighters, with the united states just days ago they will now be partnering with the syrian regime of bashar al-assad. in this deal the syrian government will take control of syria's border with turkey along
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with some key towns previously controlled by the kurds. this will effectively ensure that u.s. troops cannot return, something that's been a goal of both the russians and syrians over the past two years. while the u.s. takes a hands-off approach to the developments, there is new evidence this weekend of civilians being targeted. war crimes being committed by turkish backed rebels and isis fighters escaping prison. president trump tweeted multiple times this morning about the situation saying he is dealing with congress about imposing sanctions on turkey. just a few minutes ago, senator graham said that he spoke with president trump today about those sanctions. turkish president erdogan claims that more than 20 kurdish villages have been taken over by his forces. he added that turkey will advance around 20 miles into syria to help maintain the country's territorial integrity. >> translator: we will divide a terror corridor of 480 kilometers down the middle, 30
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to 35 kilometers into a territory of a safe zone map as we have before. >> u.s. forces came under turkish fire. no american soldiers were injured but the group had to withdraw from their position. as these bombings take place the syrian democratic forces say isis fighters and family members have escaped a camp and imprisonment in syria that were hit with shellings. today at least 47 casualties are being reported since the beginning of the operation on the syrian side as well as 18 on the turkish side. the united nations says 100,000 syrians have fled amid this new round of violence that began last week. to give you a better idea of what is happening on the ground today, we understand that turkish forces have been able to take over a number of key roads in the region, something very critical happened today. those turkish-backed rebels actually pulled over a car of a prominent kurdish politician. reports indicate she was dragged out and executed on the spot. the worst of humanity is unfolding today in syria as
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president trump tweets congress considers sanctions in the future and the world watches. jon? jon: thank you, trey, from our mideast bureau. the pentagon is defending the president's decision to pull u.s. forces from the region. defense secretary mark esper says he wanted to avoid getting american soldiers trapped in a quote untenable conflict there. >> we're doing everything we can to get the turks to stop this egregious behavior, get them to go back across the line and stop. that's our message to them at this point in time. jon: garrett tenney has more on that. >> last night president trump ordered all u.s. troops to be withdrawn from northern syria. this am comes after he previously ordered u.s. forces to pull out of specific areas of the region which opens the door
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for turkish incursion. on fox news sunday, defense secretary mark esper defended president trump's decision >> what we're facing is u.s. forces trapped between a syrian russian army moving north to take on the turkish army that is moving south. it puts us in a terrible position and the protection and safety of our servicemembers comes first to me >> the president has received a lot of criticism for abandoning the kurdish fighters who have been the u.s. staunchest allies in the region if n the fight against isis, but this this morning he defended the move in a series of tweets including this one the kurds in turkey have been fighting for many years. turkey considers the pkk the worst terrorist of all. others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other. let them. we are monitoring the situation closely, endless wars. on nbc's meet the press, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee said there is nothing more disgusting than what the president is allowing to happen to the kurds.
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>> who again would trust the united states to be an ally of them? who would think that it pays for them to align themselves with us? >> the white house has warned turkey that if it goes too far, there will be consequences. including sanctions from the u.s. but so far the president and the administration have not defined exactly what too far looks like. jon? jon: garrett tenney, garrett, thank you. the unrest in hong kong now stretches into its fifth month, with violence breaking out across the city today. police in riot gear storming through crowded streets to disperse pro democracy protesters, some of whom built road blocks, smashed store fronts and threw bricks and gas bombs at officers. demonstrators also erecting a lady liberty statue atop the city's lion rock mountain, the nearly 14 foot statue had been spotted at several past protests. a frantic search underway
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jon: officials in new orleans now saying a second person has died after the partial collapse
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of a hotel under construction. six floors of the hard rock hotel suddenly fell into the street just outside the city's historic french quarter yesterday morning. rescue crews are still searching for one person missing in the rubble. jackie heinrich joins us with more. >> first responders believe that person might still be alive and until they are found, this is a search and rescue operation. then it will turn to a recovery effort for the bodies of two people still in the rubble. 30 people were taken to the hospital after the six to eight floors of the hard rock hotel collapsed in a southwest part of the french quarter sending clouds of dust into the air and debris on to the road. more than 100 workers were at the construction site at the time. one survivor talked to city officials from the hospital saying it happened in the blink of an eye. >> just could have been worse, and he wanted to make sure that his coworkers were safe. he was envisioning the two that were on the floor with him. i could not get him any
3:23 pm
indication at the time, you know, that one of them, that was still looking for wasn't a part of the three. >> three people are still in this wreckage on your screen. rescuers so far unable to reach the two dead and one missing because the site is so unstable. the city shut off electricity and gas to the area, also evacuating nearby buildings amid fears that a 270 foot crane could also collapse. despite the danger, first responders and rescue dogs vob risking -- have been risking their lives to rescue. >> although we have confirmed that two have passed on, but there's still a priority. their bodies matter >> there is still no word on what caused the collapse. but the hard rock hotel is quick to say they were not involved with the construction, saying citadel builders was on contract for the job. citadel expressed condolences for people affected and said it
3:24 pm
is investigating what went wrong. everyone who was taken to the hospital was treated and released except for one man who had to undergo surgery on his femur. officials have not identified the people who were killed. jon: what a strange and sad story. jacqui heinrich thank you. an american official's wife who was involved in a deadly car crash. accused of driving on the wrong side of a road killing a 19-year-old motorcyclist. she left the country afterwards, despite reportedly telling police she would not. her lawyer says she is devastated, but the teen's family says it is too late to apologize. >> -- some closure for our family, having said that, as it's nearly seven weeks now since we lost our boy, sorry just doesn't cut it. it's not really quite enough. jon: in a let tore the victim's
3:25 pm
family -- letter to the victim's family the british foreign secretary reportedly wrote that the u.s. agrees immunity is no longer pertinent. a white police officer in fort worth texas now on administrative leave after shooting and killing an afric african-american woman in her own home. yesterday's incident captured on the officer's body cam. it began when the victim's neighbor called the nonemergency police line to report the front door to the house was wide open. christina coleman is live in los angeles with details. christina? >> jon, new information just coming in at this hour on this shooting. the police calling it a quote tragic loss of life and unspeakable loss at a press conference moments ago. we now know that the officer who fired the shot did not announce himself as a police officer before firing his weapon and that the woman who died, 28-year-old woman was inside the
3:26 pm
room with her 8-year-old nephew at the time that she was shot. the body cam video released by the fort worth police shows the officer walking around the outside of jefferson's house with a flashlight. fort worth police responded to a call for service at that house after a neighbor reported that the front door to the house was open around 2:25 early saturday morning. an officer saw a person standing inside the house near a window, then fired through that window, striking jefferson. the fort worth police released a statement on the shooting. it says in part perceiving a threat, the officer drew his duty weapon and fired one shot striking the person inside the residence. officers entered the residence, located the individual and a firearm and began providing emergency medical care. now, the police department's press release does not give any further detail on the firearm located inside the woman's house. also texas is an open carry state. again, the woman who died has been identified as a 28-year-old
3:27 pm
woman. a neighbor says he called the police department's nonemergency number to ask for a welfare check because the lights were on and the front door was open. >> i didn't say it was a burglary. i didn't say people were fighting across the street. i didn't say anything that would make them think that they needed to have a gun. all they needed to do was knock on the door and doorbell. >> the woman's family is now represented by nationally known civil rights attorney merit who was one of the lawyers who represented the family of unarmed man killed by former dallas police officer guyger. merit reportedly says that jefferson was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew minutes before she was shot. he says she was also a premed graduate of xavier university who was close to her family. merit is one of several community leaders who says the officer went too far. >> it was an overreaction by the
3:28 pm
fort worth pd. >> we went from a welfare check to a woman being killed by the cops. >> the officer who fired that gunshot has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. he is scheduled to be interviewed by investigators tomorrow. jon? jon: christina coleman, thanks. top 2020 democrats are speaking to union voters in iowa this weekend. joe biden among them. but can the former vice president escape questions about his son's overseas business deals? sending her daughter to the music school of her dreams. and you help her turn it into reality. principal. we can help you plan for that. start today at
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jon: the 2020 democrats are in iowa this weekend, courting union voters. joe biden responding for the first time after his son hunter announced he will step down from his role on the board of a chinese company. biden and the other candidates are shoring up support in the hawkeye state before gearing up for tuesday's debate in ohio. ellison barber is live in altoona, iowa.
3:33 pm
ellison? >> hi, jon. yeah, president trump did well among blue-collar union voters in 2016. it's been estimated that somewhere between 6.7 million and 9.2 million people voted for president obama in 2012. and then voted for president trump in 2016. democrats want those voters back. it's very possible some of them were in altoona today. >> when i talk to those folks, in my own state or in iowa, for that matter and ask them why did you vote for donald trump, they say we wanted to blow the place up. it was so unresponsive to achieve your objective. now what are we going to do as americans to make sure we provide an opportunity for the next generation of americans to inherit this economy. >> we heard from six candidates today. biden spoke second. he talked about what's happened to the kurds in northern syria, talked about voting rights, immigration, overshadowing all of it was president trump. former vice president joe biden
3:34 pm
spoke to reporters and immediately asked about his son's decision to resign from a board of chinese company. questions kept coming. biden got frustrated, but he did lay out some related rules if he wins in 2020. he also says that his son decided to resign on his own. listen here. >> what i'm not going to let you all do is take the focus off the problem. no one, no one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong. no one has asserted that i have done any wrong, except a lying president. no one in my family or associated with me will be involved in any foreign operation, whatsoever, period, end of story. >> there were a lot of other questions that were shouted and went unanswered. biden took questions from reporters for about five minutes. it was less than most of the other candidates who spoke with the press after finished
3:35 pm
speaking with union voters. >> i know bernie sanders is talking a lot. >> he appeared at today's forum via skype, and continues to say he is feeling good. he told abc news that his doctors say he will eventually be able to return to vigorous campaigning. it seems he's also trying to separate himself from senator elizabeth warren as she rises in the polls >> there are differences between elizabeth and myself. i think as you know she has said she is a capitalist. i'm not. i'm the only candidate who is going to say the ruling class of this country, the corporate elite, enough enough with your greed and your corruption. we need real change in this country. >> and warren participated in the forum hosted by the same union in michigan last month. senator amy klobuchar was at the michigan forum as well. jon? jon: all right, thank you very much. the louisiana governor race will be decided next month after the deep south's only democratic
3:36 pm
governor john bell edwards fell below 50% voter support in last night's primary in which candidates from all parties ran. he will now have to face republican businessman in a november 16th run off. president trump touting the results after he held an election eve rally urging voters to reject governor edwards. officials now investigating whether an electrical tower might have sparked one of the several wildfires burning across southern california. officials say the largest one, the saddleridge fire is at least 41% contained after strong winds fuelling those flames calmed down overnight. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking conditions there and across the country from the fox news weather center. adam? adam: hey, there, jon, we do continue to see good news across portions of southern california as far as the winds that have been fuelling the wildfires. these are the current wind gusts. you get to the 5 to 10 miles-an-hour range that's not a whole lot. the fires won't spread nearly as
3:37 pm
quickly. most of the activity has been happening north of los angeles. you get those winds around 10 miles-an-hour right now, that really isn't too bad. now, it does continue to be bone dry across the region. anywhere where you wart to see the deeper brown colors, that's relative humidity at 10% or lower. that is incredibly low. as i run through the next 24 hours, you begin to see maybe this peel back a little bit. so humidity levels there getting closer to 40%. now, that's still relatively dry, but for southern california, it can typically be a whole lot drier. so that's some good news. we will continue to see maybe that improve a little bit. they would love to see a little bit of rain. unfortunately, that's not the case. it is staying dry throughout the up coming forecast. really taking a look across the entire country, this is mostly a clear country. the one spot we're paying attention to, this was a blizzard a couple of days ago. it continues to wind down a little bit, but you still see the circulation. it is grabbing cold air and funneling into the northern plains and the upper midwest on the back side of this system. if you live in these areas, you
3:38 pm
know it's been on the chilly side. these are our current temperatures, all in all, pretty nice sunday, but notice just behind that system, currently sitting at only 43 degrees in minneapolis. otherwise temperatures widely in 60s and 50s across the country, but because of the center of the circulation i just showed you, we will see some cool temps over the next couple mornings particularly in the midwest and continuing back in the plains. here that is. you run through the future forecast, temperatures dropping down to freezing back across the plains and stretching into midwest. running in the mid-atlantic temperatures cooler in the morning. you warm up during the day but overnight again the temperatures will fall back down into 30s and 40s. a little bit of tease of winter as this fairly cold system continues to march off towards the east. this is going to continue to weakening, jon. winter isn't here to stay, but yeah folks getting a bit of a taste of it on this october weekend. jon: adam klotz from the fox weather center. thank you. rescue missions are underway
3:39 pm
after a brutal typhoon hits japan. that storm making landfall yesterday, just south of tokyo, killing at least 33 people. 19 others are still missing. the government saying more than 1200 homes are flooded. the debate over school safety continues in the wake of mass shootings around the u.s. district in one state say the solution involves putting more guns in schools, but not everyone is on board. ns ♪ ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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3:44 pm
school districts will -- florida school districts will soon be locked and loaded. a law allows teachers to carry concealed guns. this is a safety program introduced after the parkland shooting last year. >> the initial program was everybody except classroom teachers. >> one of seven school districts taking advantage of the new option to arm teachers. the assistant superintendent of the county says their first priority is protecting students >> you can't have a hashtag of putting students first and not want to use every opportunity to keep them safe. >> he says they already have several volunteers, one teacher who wished to remain anonymous due to safety concerns says they are ready for the responsibility. >> 20 years as a teacher, you know, you know your kids. you wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to any of them. you have to be willing to do what needs to be done. >> but gun control groups dispute the law, arguing teachers simply can't fill the
3:45 pm
role of law enforcement. >> we're worried about the accuracy of that teacher being able to shoot or to be able to shoot at all >> at this time, 39 counties including broward and clay county are participating in the program. major counties that include the cities of miami and orlando are not. beyond florida, at least eight other states like texas and louisiana allow teachers and staff to be armed. some parents who have kids enrolled in the district think it is a good idea. they say the new law will eliminate schools as soft targets. >> if all else fails and my child is sitting in the classroom with some psycho coming through that door, i want my child behind that teacher and i want that teacher equipped to do something to help themselves which is also going to help my child. >> school employees and teachers who volunteer to pack heat have a long list of requirements including passing drug tests, psychological exams and over 100 hours of training. in florida, fox news. jon: as beer sales decline in this country, some companies are
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3:50 pm
crafty solution, nonalcoholic beer. fox business network's kristina partsinevelos visited the brooklyn brewery to see if the trend could take flight. >> consumer preferences are changing and breweries are starting to take notice. the brooklyn brewery is launching their first ever nonalcoholic beer. this is a craft nonalcoholic called special effects. it will be launched in november in eight states and then in january 2020, it will be aross the country in -- across the country in about 30 states. why are we seeing this trend? health and wellness. we spoke to the president of the brooklyn brewery as to why they are going after the younger demographic. >> the younger people can kind of see where this fits in their life because maybe they don't have some of the preconceptions that older generations had about nonalcoholic beverages so they are coming into a world with much more variety. >> health and wellness is clearly factor. this beer only 83 calories but overall the beer institute says that beer sales have declined 2.5% year to date. this segment, though, the
3:51 pm
nonalcoholic beer is climbing. in 2018, it was 20 million dollars. we're expecting it to jump to 80 million by 2025. i got to see, you know, the taste of this nonalcoholic lager. definitely does taste like beer. cheers. jon: they call themselves the modern day rosy the riveters how a pair of entrepreneurs are rolling up their sleeves to help fellow military wives and mothers. ♪
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crispy shrimp... ...tossed in a spicy rub... ...and drizzled with sweet amber honey. more shrimp more ways. endless shrimp's just fifteen ninety nine. hurry in. jon: simone biles making a record, winning her 4th gold on the balance beam. she won a 25th medal of they are floor exercise. it included the double twisting somersault that she alone has landed in competitions.
3:56 pm
two women founded a handbag company and it's helping the jobless rate among wiefts of veterans. reporter: two entrepreneurs change the lives of military spouses nationwide. >> we wanted a whole opportunity for the modern day woman trying to do it all. >> using a single scraps of leather and a single sewing machine from an attic? 2011, the wom company was born. >> named after rosie the riveter, this handbag company is helping the jobless rate among military spouses by allowing them to work from anywhere. lightbulb went on for us. what happens when my spouse moves or what happens when he or
3:57 pm
she is deployed. what about my job? >> the income for military spouses will be an incredible opportunity. reporter: a community of riveters custom sews individual parts of the handbags where they are assembled near a warehouse in fort back. >> this was named after margaret corbin. she was the first woman to receive a pension from the revolutionary war when she took over her husband's can noon husn after he fell. >> mrs. persons visited the
3:58 pm
company. reporter: for each riveter, the opportunity to work remotely has been life change. >> it gives me an identity. it gives me something i can take pride in. and knowing that this is going to be a gift. and somebody will be able to enjoy it for a long time coming. >> being a single mom sometimes with a spouse that's gone. they really do help us out a lot. they work around our scheduled. financially it helps because i'm able to keep my daughter in daycare. i also have a special needs child. >> this is for a great purpose. you are take on employment other people. it takes it to a whole other level. >> we have the same room,
3:59 pm
empower women. that's the root of what we do. we can inspire on thered people to grow that, that would be success in my book. >> our riveter is nothing short of an american success story. and just truly that drive to want to make a difference, and the passion for what you are doing. you can start taken from attic. and you can grow the business with just that. >> that is spectacular. what a great american story. that's how fox reports on this sunday, october 13. my younger son's birthday. i'mon scott. see you next weekend. try that .
4:00 pm
see ya. gillian: bye, everyone. chris: i'm chris wallace. there are now reports turkish-backed forces are executing syrian fighters while president trump declares he's an island of one for pulling back u.s. troops in northern syria. ♪ >> the kurds are tenninging to fit x that's good. let them have their borders. i don't think our soldiers should be there for the next 50 year guarding the border. chris: the president's move opens the way for turkish forces to launch an assault against the kurds, the key american ally in the fight against isis. >> nobody green lighted this operation by turkey, just the opposite. we pushed back very hard at all levels


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