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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 15, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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[laughter] those agents. they sit and bed and they weigh 350 pounds and they complain. you're not playing very well today. come on. >> laura: he could have been a comedian. that's all the time we have. "fox news at night" takes it from here. see you tomorrow. >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news at night." i am shannon bream live in ohio. tonight the first democratic debate since the impeachment push against president trump. the first time 12 candidates face off on one stage and tonight it was all about taking aim at the progress of senator elizabeth warren. the candidates kicking off night taking turns and pledging their support for efforts to impeach president tromp, but moments before the debate, nancy pelosi said there'll be no official vote whether to begin the formal proceedings. we are to getting into all of that right here on "fox news at night," plus all the topics.
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former vice president joe biden's son are finally answering questions about the family business dealings, not a big night for bernie sanders. he is back after suffering a heart attack. did he do enough tonight to reassure his boaters? it was the first time elizabeth warren hit the stage as a front runner, surging in national polls. tichy capitalize on that momentum? we have fox coverage. bret baier is here, plus peter doocy is working the spin room and analyze any moderator's performance. let's go first to ellison barber right outside the debate home with the highlight so far. good evening. >> the first hour alone thing started talking about impeachment, things got heated, but when it comes to health care and the former vice president joe biden. he talked about his son, the very first kuester was on what you said, impeachment. an issue that every candidate supports. here's what they had to say.
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>> the speedy and expeditious impeachment process, they would have no choice, no choice but to bid again and impeachment proceeding which gives them more power. >> he has consistently and selling out the american people. >> it's a mistake on the part of republicans would enable the president whose actions are as defensible. >> if impeachment is driven by these hyperpartisan interests, it will only further divide. >> senator warren took the stage as more of a front runner than last time. she passed the former vice president joe biden in a number of polls. tonight some of the democrats on stage one after the senator, the candidate known for having a plan for that for not really having a plan when it comes to health care. listen here. >> your signature is to have a plan for everything, except for us. no plan has been laid out to explain how a multitrillion dollar hole in this medicare for all plan that senator warren is
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putting out a supposed to get filled in? >> at least bernie is being honest and saying how he will pay for this and taxes will go up and i'm sorry elizabeth, you've not said that. >> i've made clear what my principles are here and that is cost will go up for the wealthy and big corporations and for hardworking middle-class families. cost will go down. >> senator warren says she supports medicare for all but she has not released a comprehensive plan for her own. buttigieg supports medicare for all, he wants a public option that creates what he calls, a glide pass that one day will lead to medicare for all. others like biden and amy klobuchar talked about building on the affordable care act. heading into the debate tonight, his advisor said he did not want to talk about his son. that's a conversation president tromp wants democrats to have and the focus should
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stay on the president's behavior and bigger issue is that what is happening in syria. syria did come up in a big way, the former vice president called president tromp's actions shameful and said he would not have withdrawn u.s. troops, but since it has happened he would want a thousand troops protected. have them protected by air cover and work his way back to protect the kurds. >> i would not have withdrawn the additional thousand troops. i would be having a lockdown conversation with erdogan and letting him know that he will pay a heavy price for what he has done. >> when asked about his son, biden tried to pave it and he did what his advisor said he would do. he felt his son's statement speaking for himself and thinks the focus should be on president trumps corruption. >> shannon: we will check back with four more debate coverage. thank you. was it a make or break night for any of the 12 democrats altogether on stage? let's get some expert analysis from the anchor of
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"special report." bret baier joins us live. let's start with a couple of things. we are getting word that the congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who has become a face of the young, progressive wing -- it sounds like she has decided to endorse senator sanders. >> this is the event that bernie sanders was talking about. he was asked about his health and how he was coming back from his heart attack at he said, just wait and see. i will have this vigorous campaign event and this is what "the washington post" is reporting that alexandria ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman will endorse bernie sanders, trying to get that. i want to go through four moments if i could that stick out to me. one is vice president biden -- i did not seem like he had a great night from the beginning. there were some answers that were word salad. they were all over the map. >> i know idea what some of them meant. >> some of them started some
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way, the big moment was when he was asked about hunter biden which obviously is a story today because of the interview that hunter biden gives to a pc this morning. here's the exchange with anderson cooper. >> the question is, if it's not okay for presidents family to be involved in foreign businesses, why was it okay for your son when you were vice president? vice president biden? >> my son did nothing wrong. i did nothing wrong. i carried out the policy of the united states government and rooting out corruption in ukraine. that's what we should be focusing on. what i wanted to make a point about my son statement speaks for itself. what i think is important as we focus on why it's so important to remove this man from office. my sons statement speaks for itself. i did my job. i never discussed a single thing with my son having to do with ukraine. no one has indicated i have. we've always kept everything
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separate, even when my son was the attorney general of delaware. there will be no potential conflict. my son made a judgment and i'm proud of the judgment he made. >> i'm proud of the judgment he made. interesting in the freezing of the question, anderson cooper said, you did nothing wrong. you could argue there was nothing illegal, but as far as her wrong, if it was okay for them to be at that board while his dad was overseeing ukraine policy, that's a different phrasing. >> shannon: even if he is saying i had poor judgment and the vice president as saying, i respect his judgment, there is a lot there to unpack. what a good night? >> the best night was buttigieg. he steered the conversation in a number of different ways. being the alternative to joe biden. fighting for medicare for all, fighting with guns with beto o'rourke and fighting about foreign policy with
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tulsi gabbard. >> respectfully i think that is dead wrong. the slaughter going on in syria is not a consequence of american presence, it's a consequence of a withdrawal and a betrayal by this president of american allies in american values. you can embrace -- you can put an end to endless war without embracing donald trump's policy as you were doing. >> what is an endless war? >> please allow them to respond. >> what we were doing in syria was keeping our word. part of what makes it possible for united states to get people to put their lives on the line and to back us up is the idea that we will back them up too. >> overall i think he had a really strong night on a number of different fronts and that was just one of them. the other interesting part at the end of the debate, we had an exchange between the former vice president biden and elizabeth warren. by the way, senator warren had
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the most time as far as talk time, but here they're talking about when she worked for the obama administration and he got her votes for what she was trying to do. >> i got votes for that bill! i convince people to vote for that! let's get that straight. >> do you want to respond? >> i am deeply grateful to president obama who fought so hard to make sure that agency was passed. [laughs] >> president obama and that's where she stopped on that answer. >> somebody else got attention, senator amy klobuchar. she had plenty of air time. >> she had some good lines. i don't think anybody else broke through. tom steyer had some good answers but didn't really have the moment. andrew yang, tulsi gabbard, cory booker didn't factor into
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this debate. amy klobuchar had some moments, especially at the beginning where she had some great lines about protecting the election. >> i'm still waiting to find out from him how making that call to the head of ukraine and trying to get him involved and interfering in our elections makes america great again. doesn't make america great again? it makes russia great again. i want to give me give a realit, no one wants to protect billionaires, not even the billionaires want to protect billionaires. your idea is not the only idea. >> i think if you look at all the candidates on the stage, you have senator warren, senator sanders had big nights. i think amy klobuchar and mayor pete, joe biden did not have a good night. >> shannon: that she has surging and you are always a target. people came prepared to go toe-to-toe with elizabeth warren as we saw with biden as he was
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the front runner. you have to know when you surge ahead you have that target. >> she will have the turn in the barrel for some time as she goes up at the polls. >> shannon: that's how it works. what will we be looking ahead to do next time? do you think there is some tonight that it may have been the final debate? >> i think so. you start to have a higher bar to go over and it starts to -- look at the bank account too. how much money you are raising. we are 111 days away from the ohio caucuses and the countdown is on and on the candidates are looking at it. >> shannon: we always bundle up when we get together. we love the people, but it's cold in january. >> we might be also at the world series. >> shannon: don't get us started, because we are a couple of national fans. he world series and iowa. see you in the next hour. hunter biden breaking his silence about his overseas business dealings which have
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been under increased scrutiny. the former vice president saying he did nothing wrong while serving for the ukrainian gas company. >> i'm a human. today make a mistake? maybe in the grand scheme of things. did i make a mistake based upon some unethical choices? absolutely not. >> shannon: peter doocy is working they spend room for us tonight, talking to candidates and campaign about how that story is figuring into the debate tonight. >> no candidates just yet because they have to make their way from a debate hall to the spin room, but it will be interesting to ask about the very brief time that hunter biden was a subject of conversation. you can say secretary castro is coming in, but it doesn't look like he's ready to talk to us yet in the corner. hunter biden barely a topic of conversation. at one point the former vp said
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he was proud of his sons judgment which is an interesting thing to lay across what hunter biden said this morning which is that he may have had poor judgment at one point. another layer to this would be come a few minutes later cory booker butted into the conversation to say that he didn't think it was appropriate for democrats to be attacking joe biden, a statesman, and part of the reason that that is so interesting is because one of the only democrats on the stage and previous debates who attacked joe biden is cory booker. the democrats seem to rally around joe biden, we will have a chance to ask him why. once they get over here. jan n. >> shannon: we know you are perusing the room and we love that's one of the reasons we are so excited you are extra tall, because people cannot get away from you. you can spot them. peter, we'll get back to you. thank you. just ahead, softball, hardball,
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♪ >> expand a number of coverage and take on the pharmaceutical companies. that is what we should be doing inside of taking hundred 49 million people off of insurance and four years. >> shannon: face the 12 democratic candidates on the other side of the stage, three debate monitors and as frequently seen, they become art of the highlight reel too. let's bring in fox news media analyst and host of media buzz, howard kurtz. good evening. >> i think that amy klobuchar
8:19 pm
head on the key point there which is medicare for all which elizabeth warren and sanders would blow up private insurance. the moderators might have gone there and instead they got a run around. you will come back to that. i want to take a closer look at the most important moment. joe biden for the first time since inquiry having to answer questions about hunter biden any money he made in ukraine and listen closely to the way that cnn's anderson cooper appears to take sides in the way he frames the question. >> president trump has falsely accused dewar's on -- i want to point out there is no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you. if it's not okay for a president's family to be involved in foreign businesses, why was it okay for your son when you were vice president? >> my son statement speaks for itself. what i think is important as we focus on why it's so important to remove this man from office. >> i think that anderson should have let biden make the case on
8:20 pm
what he believes the president's accusations are false and when he says no wrongdoing, may be no criminal wrongdoing, but even in the good morning american interview that you played, he acknowledged that perhaps he had made a mistake. he acknowledged that perhaps there was poor judgment, but that he didn't do anything unethical. this was all orchestrated to air this morning on abc so that the candidate could say, my son statement speaks for itself. he wasn't willing to go as far as his son did this morning. >> shannon: with all that in mind it seemed like elizabeth warren not only took a lot of heat from the moderators as you would expect because now she is the front runner and there's going to be a lot of attention. it seems like at times they had to try to decide whether or not to intervene all the candidates also one after senator warren. we talked about this, when you are the front runner that's
8:21 pm
going to happen, but it adds another layer for the moderator. >> right. biden didn't tag take much flac. elizabeth warren question by mark lacey of the u.s. times, he tried three times to get an answer on the cost of the medicare for all program. let's take a look. >> you've not specified how you're going to pay for the most expensive plan, medicare for all. will you raise taxes on the middle class for -- to pay for it, yes or no? >> i have made clear what my principles are here and that is cost will go up for the wealthy and for big corporations. >> she ducted again. the moderators today fine job, but they packed a less punched on the nationals on their way to the world series. the reason this debate is not getting as much attention, impeachment has frozen the race. if amy klobuchar had a good
8:22 pm
moment, if beto gets at it with buttigieg, there was lot less attention. i think -- they may have had some good moments, i think that this was a good debate, only if your name was joe or elizabeth. the focus is on the two front runners. the race is frozen. >> shannon: we will see who is left for the next round, november 20th and georgia. thank you very much. we appreciate it. the hot topic in washington, they 2020 democrats did not hold back on the issues of impeachment. why is speaker pelosi saying there's not going to be a vote for now? more on that,, next. ♪ the veggies... the water. but i still have recurring constipation, belly pain, straining and bloating. my doctor said i could have a real medical condition called ibs-c. for my recurring constipation and belly pain from ibs-c... i said "yes" to linzess.
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could have used a little salt. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. >> shannon: right off the bat 2020 hopefuls taking turns making clear they support the impeachment of president trump. right before the debates the leader of the house, the speaker
8:27 pm
says there'll be no votes on the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry just yet. let's turn toward cheap congressional correspondent mike emanuel for more on the speaker's announcement. good evening. >> the white house has opened an internal probe into the handling of the ukraine call according to "the new york times" with some expressing the concern there could be a search for a scapegoat paired on capitol hill nancy pelosi says there will not be a vote to formalized as impeachment inquiry, at least not now. >> we are not here to call bluffs, we are here to call the truths. this is not a game for us. this is deadly serious and were on a path that is -- taking us to a path to truth and a timetable that respects our constitution. >> the congressman is back after two weeks away with a whole slate of impeachment depositions. today it was george gant who raised concerns about pressure being directed at ukraine by
8:28 pm
rudy giuliani, president trumps private attorney. it's clear democrats are worried about forcing rudy giuliani to work with the probe. >> despite the fact that he is a private citizen thinks he is somehow covered by this cloak of privilege that the president thinks he can simply hand out to his friends. that's not the way the rule of law works in america. we have a lot of people who have been coming to testify who really respect the rule of law. it's a very moving thing. >> to the crisis in syria were turkish forces have rushed to fill the void after u.s. troops were removed, now the turks are targeting kurdish groups in northern syria to help the u.s. defeat isis. the senate majority leader urged them to listen to the anger coming from washington. >> it would be a tragedy for both of our nations if turkey's escalation and syria and perils our common fight against isis and embolden traditional adversaries like he ran and
8:29 pm
russia. >> mike pence is leaving for delegation to a turkey with the negotiation between the turkey and the kurds, but media says president erdogan has been defying saint u.s. sanctions won't force him to declare a cease-fire. south carolina republican lindsey graham says president trump did not give erdogan a green light. >> i would urge president trump to release to the public the letter he sent to erdogan urging him not to invade syria. it was a very good letter. the president did not wake up one day and tell erdogan, you can have syria. erdogan went into syria against president trump's and counseling and now it's up to president trump and the rest of us to fix it. i blame erdogan, not trump. >> members are invited to the white house for a meeting with president trump tomorrow afternoon. it is bipartisan and is expected to include key players in both the house and senate. shannon. >> shannon: i know you will
8:30 pm
have all the scoop for us there on the hill. mike emanuel, thank you. let's bring in the fox news contributors marc thiessen for some wonders and losing, some analysis. i want to start -- welcome to you both read a sound bite from the front runner coming in here, elizabeth warren. she took a lot of tough questions from the panel and from her fellow candidates. here's what she had to stay on the issue of impeachment which is the first and they spent a whole lot of time talking about tonight. >> donald trump broke the law again in the summer, he broke it again this fall. we took a constitutional and that is that no one is above the law that includes the president of the united states. impeachment is the way that we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without consequences. >> shannon: are you surprised that's a topic they started with out of the gate for this debate?
8:31 pm
>> no. that's only thing democrats want to talk about is impeachment. they been wanting to impeach. there was a story on january 20 with on "the washington post," the impeachment story begins. they been starting to impeachment and they thought the mueller report would give them anammunition to do it. in the case of the ukraine call, president trump did something wrong. he should not have been talking to the president of ukraine about investigating his rival and so they have a pretext that's given to them by donald trump to go forward with the impeachment. their problem is that they're pursuing it and such a partisan way by not having a vote. by not creating a unified staff like they did in the nixon impeachment, by not give the minority the right to subpoena. by kicking republicans out of depositions. by not allowing the president's council to be present to cross-examine witnesses, all these things that have happened and all three other presidential
8:32 pm
impeachments. they are behaving in such a partisan way and the rhetoric was so partisan that they will lose the american people or they will lose their chance of trying to make a case against donald trump. i don't think what he did was impeachable but i think it was wrong. they're coming across as incredibly part of sent a big mistake. >> shannon: jessica had there been warnings across the ecological spectrum for those who say democrats are putting too many eggs in this basket. if it doesn't pan out, the fact they're doing it in a way that has appeared to be one-sided without allowing republicans the same access to subpoenas and those kinds of things. they make the president's case for him that this whole thing is rigged. your advice democrats? >> my advice is to listen to nancy pelosi. she has not failed us yet and i don't believe she will. she is being very cautious announcing today that we would be taking a vote. i don't know if that indicates she doesn't have the votes or she knows how long it will take to actually get through that. i have no problem with how the democrats are running the impeachment inquiry.
8:33 pm
i do have a problem with it being the first question at this debate. you are in ohio. talk about something ohio relevant like manufacturing or your neighboring, farmers. there are so many bread-and-butter issues having to do with the economy. the democrats to be talking about so republicans can make the argument as he just did that we have been impeachment hungry since donald trump's inauguration. i think that was a real shortcoming of the debate. there are so many issues that didn't come up until later from the appointment of the supreme court judges, women's productive health, except for kamala harris a shout out. the framing of it i don't think was to our benefit. >> shannon: they did hit on a lot of things like syria, gun control, abortion, the supreme court, trade and many other policies. what do you think was the other big topic of the night? >> i think you take away from the evening was that the winners
8:34 pm
were clearly joe biden and elizabeth warren because they're the front runners and nobody put a glove on them. with joe biden, the whole hunter biden thing seems to have coated him, nobody wanted to go after him. the moderators went after him with a soft globe and none of the democrats criticized him because it would be lined with donald trump. biden skated away scot-free in this debate from some very serious ethical questions and elizabeth warren, they went after elizabeth warren because she is the new cofront runner. i don't think they laid a glove on her either. she had good answers. i don't think the debate has changed the dynamic of the race because neither of the two front runners had a knockout punch or knockdown punch thrown against them. >> shannon: stick around both of you because i have similar questions for you. next we are going live to the floor behind me as the candidates now file in. stay with us.
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>> shannon: welcome back. we are live ohio after the fourth presidential debate. let's bring in andrew young fresh off the stage. how do you feel? >> i feel great. he debate went tremendously well and talking about our core issues and the fact that we are automating the most jobs the economy including hundreds of thousands here in ohio. we need to move our economy forward ever going to have any chance coming together. >> shannon: have to ask you about one of the more controversial moments. we talked about the legalization of some opioids, that struck a lot of people as an interesting thing to say. what exactly do you mean by that? let's clarify? >> i was in iowa and a high school student told me that his classmates had fentanyl patches on their arms already. what could we do? it stuck with me. i looked into it and said okay, what in other countries done in this situation? some of them have had massive
8:40 pm
successes with decriminalization of opioids for personal use. if you have opioids that you're addicted to you and you're using them and we catch you, we take the drugs away and then we refer you to treatment and not a prison cell. this has had a massive effect on reducing both overdoses and substance abuse is overall and countries. >> shannon: it would be criminalized, would it allow -- is there some form of the drug you would allowed to be legalized for people to purchase if they are a heroin addict and this is the life i choose to live? are you saying they should have access to that? >> there is a difference between decriminalization and a lack of regulations. alcohol and tobacco are examples. >> shannon: hair when i was very different. >> here one should be illegal, but we don't actually prosecute you. that is likely dominic happening when the police catch you with
8:41 pm
some of these opioids they actually are already choosing not to prosecute you. we need to free up our authorities to focuses, focused their resources. >> shannon: are you worried that takes away some of the effect of following criminal laws and cases like this? you talked about safe injection sites and we have talked to cities were adamantly fighting that. i don't think that will be the best situation. there are some taxpayer money that gets tied up in underwriting these times of things and they don't think that's a good use of money to allow people, even as their own personal choice to kill themselves. speak with her killing themselves now and safe injection sites will save lives because they truth is when someone hits rock bottom, to mike there is no coming back. we need to get people the help they need so if someone is a true addict incentive return them home where they will do something quite possibly self-destructive or lethal, we need to bring them someplace where they can be monitored and
8:42 pm
actually be able to service the addiction in a way that does not leave them in a place of no return. >> shannon: do you are that's the life they would have if there is a safe place they can go and shoot up? for that way to be prosecuted. they essentially -- or allowing them to be on that spiral with no hope of recovery. speak with the reality is that our communities are struggling with is right now and the criminal law is not working. we have to face facts. eight americans are dying of drug overdoses, so whatever we are doing is not working and this is a disease of the government had a hand in and so saying it's on the individual to recover from addiction when we know these addictions are left destroying, it's very hard to come back. we need to give people a fighting chance at what other countries have tried this, they have seen reduction in both use, abuse, at overdoses. >> shannon: we know there are no easy answers. there was a lot of conversation about holding the drug companies liable. is that something you would
8:43 pm
support? do think executives need to go to jail? >> i do. americans who haven't had a hand in killing tens of thousands of america -- tens of thousands of americans are in jail right now for most lesser crimes that many of these executives are guilty of. >> shannon: andrew yang, always interesting conversation. thank you for stopping by. bernie sanders may be picking up some key endorsements after he returned to the stage tonight after suffering a heart attack prior to the debates. peter doocy catching up with candidates and campaigns. >> we are here with congressman beto o'rourke. one of the stories come must be 13 influential in your party will support bernie sanders. is that something that inspires people? we cannot change the race? >> have tremendous respect for them, but this race is about america and not one section or
8:44 pm
part of the democratic party. making sure that this country builds the promise in the face of the greatest set of challenges that we've ever known and i think i've been able to show to a number of congress that as a candidate for the u.s. senate that i can bring people in. democrats which turned out in record numbers in texas, but we also want independence. half a million republicans. that is the way we defeat donald trump and we were on the agenda and we have done this and tenant fearlessly. talking with the issues that matter most. that is what i will stick with. >> beto o'rourke as you can see. do we see anybody else? i think that candidate wise everyone might be currently occupied.
8:45 pm
we are having some luck getting the round. finding people fresh off the stage and we will have this story later. >> shannon: peter doocy live, thank you. we are back alive from the spin room and just a minute. amy klobuchar, she joins us live next. ♪ ♪ ted! goin' on a trip, huh? takin' it off road station wagon, eh? you know it's an suv! your family is duckin' and rollin'... while we stowin' and goin' but that's cool,
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♪ >> shannon: on a stage of 12 it's often hard to set yourself apart, but my next guest is getting a lot of bows. most notably because of taking on senator elizabeth warren. number of times and on her policy. >> the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something you can actually get done. i would give a reality check to elizabeth because no one on the stage wants to protect billionaires. not even billionaires want to protect billionaires. we just have different approaches. your idea is not the only idea. >> shannon: democratic presidential candidate at minnesota senator amy klobuchar joins us live. >> it's great to be here. >> shannon: you are one of the folks who did not hold back at all and challenging senator warren on a number of her ideas and how you think some of the further left editions of this party are playing with voters out there.
8:50 pm
what is your concern? >> i have a lot of respect for elizabeth and we do agree on a number of different things, but in this case i got tired of her saying we weren't fighting hard enough if you weren't going for her idea. i think there are other ways to make health care more affordable and to take on the pharmaceutical industry. i've made that very clear from the beginning. this is my opportunity to say out loud what i have said in various ways along the way from the very beginning when i announced in the middle of that. i wanted to make one other point that's key. that is that i don't like how donald trump's been conducting foreign policy. i don't like what he did with the number of things that i don't think is healthy people in the midwest including his foreign policy. trade policy and other things. there is a lot of moderate republicans that agree with me and a lot of independence and even some conservatives. my message was there more people watching the tv tonight than just our base and i love that fired up base. i had the highest voter turnout
8:51 pm
when i ran, but we need to bring people with us. if you're interested not have a donald trump president and there are some fox viewers that don't, come with me. >> shannon: we have a very diverse group of watchers. do you worry because the people who are surging in the polls are senator warren and senator sanders that are viewed as much more progressive. senator sanders had tonight when there was talk about whether you go all in on this medicare for all he said i get tired of people defending a system that is dysfunctional and cruel. basically it's time to blow the whole thing up. you've been cautioning the left, you don't want to kick almost people off of insurance, but they're the ones were resonating with the voters? >> it's a long campaign. one president named jimmy carter, no one knew who he was the last summer. bill clinton came out of nowhere from a small state. it takes time and that's the case that i have to make to the voters. i've always won and won big by simply being honest with people and why not just where it's
8:52 pm
comfortable, but uncomfortable including doing a fox town hall and that's what i'm doing. i don't want to kick hundred 49 million americans off their current insurance and i don't wo trash obamacare. what i want to do was build on obamacare that means making the premiums more affordable and having more competition with the public option and also allowing for less expensive drugs to come in from other countries. in minnesota we can see that from our porch and i want to bring in less expensive safe drugs to compete with the ones we have now. >> shannon: john delaney said a lot of similar positions. he did make the stage tonight. he has been running longer than anyone and i talked to him and his wife, they think the more moderate and centrist to try to be as you bed with many of your policies the harder it is to get people on board. people are responding to the extremes of the base, one way or the other. what is the uphill battle for you like and trying to be a more
8:53 pm
moderate senator? >> i am what i am at people find out about me at my website, but i've always been this way and people in my state know that. i have policies that are very much in line with the democratic party. i think we have to do something about climate change and i've been very clear about that. we can't let this sit like president trump has been doing. we need to see immigration reform as an economic imperative and we need to see this, not for free college for everyone because i don't think we should be paying for rich kids to go to school. we need to look at the jobs we have now and make sure people have enough minimum wage and able to afford child care because we have a shortage of electricians in this country. we have a shortage of plumbers and this country and we need to talk more about that. >> shannon: the issue of immigration, you been in congress for a while. why do you think it is that when democrats abandon control in the house of congress and republicans, now we are in a split and there is not the
8:54 pm
ability to get something comprehensive done. >> i think you need a leader that can do what and president obama did pass a number of bills that he came in the middle of a downturn and had to dig us out of that although i would also argue it's the workers and the businesses that were resilient and that got us to the place we are now. now when you have new challenges. you don't just gloat about what workers and businesses did which is exactly what donald trump is doing. you don't want and plan the head of the federal reserve and barack obama and the city of baltimore. he writes to those challenges. we talked about some of them today. i have the ability to get things done. i passed over 100 bills with republicans where been the lead democrat. i didn't get that in today, but i will now. experience matters. >> shannon: when this president points to a load unemployment, the stock market gains and things that are positive. what point does that stop being president obama's accomplishment
8:55 pm
and start being this president's accomplishment? >> here's my issue with that. this is about shared prosperity and there is a lot of people not sharing in this prosperity including democrats and republicans right here in the state of ohio. i'm very concerned about what he is doing to our farm economy. as a member of the agricultural committee with the soybeans that are mounting up in farmers bins. i don't know if they will get back some of those contracts and what does he do when he calls the president of china? one of the things he did reportedly is try to get dirt on a political opponent. i made that strong point about his foreign policy and i don't think it is consistent with what a lot of past republican presidents have done, both economically and when it comes to a foreign relation. >> shannon: because there are so many farmers, are you encouraged by the fact that the chinese seem to be committing to a higher cost of soybeans? >> let's see if it really happens.
8:56 pm
he has been so inconsistent with what he has done and again, i'm here to win back and build a coalition and make america what it should be which is a place of ideals -- ideas and ideals. >> shannon: we are back with more live from ohio, b next. ♪ but with less carbon footprint. can we have both? at bp, we're working every day to make energy that's cleaner and better. and we see possibilities everywhere. to make energy that's cleaner and better. do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, improve breathing, and can lower oral steroid use.
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together we'll reduce emissions and landfill waste by turning garbage into jet fuel. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. ♪ >> shannon: welcome back to "fox news at night," i am shannon bream a life in ohio after the fourth democratic presidential debate. the extended coverage for over three hours tonight, the presidential hopefuls took turns up attacking elizabeth warren on a number of her policies. she is a front runner. we have a number of folks who were slated to join us. tom steyer, two of the candidates on the stage, make or break moment for them. they 2020 democrats taking on social issues like abortion which is one of the least talked about issues with previous debates, but they got into it tonight and it ended on a surprise question about friendships


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