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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 16, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ >> shannon: wel >> welcome back to extended coverage, after the fourth democratic presidential debate this is extended coverage for 3 hours tonight, the democratic presidential hopefuls took turns attacking elizabeth warren on a number of policies. she is the front runner. a number of folks join us, tulsi gabbard, tom stier, a make or break moment for them, 2020 democrats taking on social issues like abortion which is one of the least talked about issues in previous debates but they got into and the debate
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ended up on a surprise question about friendships with people with different beliefs. in the debate on impeachment agree, nancy pelosi says there will not be a formal house vote for now but nearly all the 2020 democrats say they do support moving ahead on impeachment. team coverage continues, bret baer is back for expert analysis, peter doocy working the spending live. we go live to allison barber for more headlights from the latter half of tonight's debate. >> reporter: heading into the debate tonight a big question, how will former vice president joe biden handle questions about his son and his son's business dealings. advises for biden said he did not want to talk about better focus on it, they said they were hoping other democrats would handle it and not take the bait. they felt it was a debate or discussion donald trump wants candidates to have, they feel the focus should stay on donald
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trump and what they see as his corrupt behavior, joe biden was asked about his son and his business dealings, the other candidates were not but when asked about his son biden tried to pivot, did what his advisers said he would, said his son's statement speaks for itself, he did an interview with abc news and said the focus needs to be on donald trump and his behavior. also marks the first big event for bernie sanders since he suffered a heart attack two weeks ago. the top three candidates are all 70 or older, they were asked about concerns related to their health and age. >> i'm healthy, feeling great. mounting a vigorous campaign all over the country. that is how i can reassure the american people. >> one of the reasons i'm running is because of my age and experience. with it comes wisdom.
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we need someone to take office this time around who on day one can stand on the world stage, command the respect of world leaders from vladimir putin to our allies and know exactly what has to be done to get this country back on track. >> i can outlast anyone and that includes donald trump, mike pence or whoever the republicans get stuck with. >> reporter: in recent days two candidates, beto o'rourke and mayor pete buttigieg have gone back and forth on gun control. buttigieg called the gun buyback a shiny object, a distraction and something republicans would not do anything on gun control at all, he said we need to take more moderate action so republicans could get on board. beto o'rourke has pushed back on that in recent days suggesting
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buttigieg's proposal to been future sale of assault weapons, doesn't do enough. all the tension you've seen building back and forth on twitter and various interviews between those two came to a head on the debate in the latter half where both of them went back and forth on their opinions on what needs to be done in regards to guns. at one point buttigieg, seeming to feel he would be --'s integrity is being questioned by a work telling him he didn't need a lecture on courage. >> it was a moment tonight. thank you. for now let's continue expert analysis of tonight's top moments with special report anchor bret baer joining us live. a lot of people, a lot of buzz about mayor pete getting a lot of attention. >> you had amy klobuchar on, she had a good night. if you look at the consensus looking at the pundits joe biden did not have a good night. we talks earlier, there were a number of moments he thought
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himself, the last answer -- really got to one. his answer on hunter biden was so-so, he repeated himself numerous times. a couple other moments that raise some eyebrows. >> why in god's name should someone clipping coupons in the stock market make -- a lower tax rate than someone who is a schoolteacher and a firefighter. it is ridiculous and they pay lower tax but what i would do is make it real clear to bashar al-assad to where he is going to have a problem because turkey is the real problem here. >> it was the clipping coupons on the stock market, bashar al-assad talking about turkey. i don't think he had a good night at all and that hasn't affected him in the past but now with elizabeth for and clearly being the front runner it may start affecting him in some of these polls. >> he came in with the most name
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recognition, he was a beloved member of the obama administration but it seems some of that goodwill is trickling away as other candidates are having a better night tonight. >> mayor pete, south bend indiana mayor had a strong night on a number of friends. he confronted elizabeth warren, he confronted medicare for all, he talked about beto o'rourke and guns. >> you just made it clear you don't know how this is going to take weapons off the streets. the problem is the policy. i don't need lessons from you on courage, political or personal. >> that was a slave in the face to every single one of those groups and every survivor of a mass casualty assault with an ar 15. >> the point is he was in a lot of substantive conversations tonight and there's a competition between amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg to be the biden alternative because there will be a biden ln.
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democrats want to have that option. >> they do and it will be interesting. we have tulsi gabbard coming up later this hour. the two of them being veterans they really got into it on a couple things about syria and elsewhere so he has covered a number of topics and got drawn into all those conversations tonight. there was also a conversation about marijuana and bernie being back tonight. >> first time he has been back since the heart attack, trying to say he's going to run a vigorous campaign, has endorsements of alexandria ocasio cortez and other members of the so-called squad in congress and here's the exchange. >> i'm healthy, i'm feeling great. >> i want to start by saying -- -- >> senator sanders is in favor of medical marijuana. >> this debate does mark --
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>> good to know. >> it can help you -- there are a lot of nerves here tonight but you don't often see the big smile that lights up his whole face, usually very gruff, i'm tired of playing nice, important things to do but to see his face light up like that, i'm happy to be back on the state you could tell he was relieved and rested back here. >> expected him to do push-ups to show, he's going to have this big event and we will see where this campaign goes. >> why do you think if you have a gut feeling about why the squad decided to lie with them versus elizabeth warren a lot of people think has been picking up support to his detriment because they have many of the same policies that are very progressive, very far left. >> i'm sure there will be a camera somewhere that catches aoc or tom stier coming your way but i think bernie sanders will try to prove his campaign is going on.
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elizabeth warren clearly the front runner because of all the attacks she took. >> you are always a favorite until they take shots at you. the campaign is at stake and she seemed ready for it. not only from the moderators but her fellow candidates. we talked about it seems many of them this may be their last debate, november 20th will be here before we know it, the next round in georgia. she will be there in the something unforeseen happens but this field certain to dwindle down. >> tom stier has made the next debate. amy klobuchar needed a big night and may have gotten it but it will be smaller eventually. shannon: always good to see you. we take you alive to spin room 4, we are catching up with a number of candidates and right after that we will talk live to tom stier but what have you got?
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>> reporter: interesting what we do not have. candidates we have not seen so far will be tulsi gabbard, pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, we don't expect to see him, joe biden and if he does not come out this evening, the fourth debate in a row he has not decided to explain any part of his debate stage performance. senator kamala harris is over there. it looks like corey booker is over there as well. something notable about his appearance creating quite a stir, taking photos with her phone, booker, his actress girlfriend rose area dawson. we will catch up to them.e tom
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you. let's see if we can't catch -- do we see anybody? let's see if we can't get senator harris right here. okay, back to you. >> okay. we know it is a very busy room tonight and everybody -- peter doocy did a great job tracking them down. your first debate, how do you feel? >> a great opportunity for me. the whole point of a campaign is to try to get your message across to americans and here's my chance to get my message to millions of americans. >> glad to hear you with us tonight.
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the top questions were about impeachment, this is a long time commitment, two years in the making, what do you make of the news that nancy pelosi said there is not going to be a vote going forward. >> no doubt there is going to be an impeachment vote. what i'm pushing for is to get as many televised hearings in front of the american people. shannon: what about the closed-door hearings? >> the question is the verdict of the american people. i want us to be able to see what is going on. what i started was an $8000000 petition drive to drag washington to see this as a matter of right and wrong and do the right thing. what i want americans to see, democrats, republicans and independents, let's but the evidence in front of the american people, the american people decide what happens here. this is an american hill. >> democrats move forward with that vote so the hearings are
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open, access to subpoenas for both parties and is a more transparent process. the president is able to say, the wall street journal editorial that said this is behind closed doors and you make his argument for him this is a rigged attack or witchhunt on him. >> i have been pushing for two years to push this in front of the american people on tv so we can make up our minds. i travel around this country full-time for 7 years. i got to red states and blue states and purple state and talked to people across this country. americans are brave, compassionate and good. i trust the american people to look at evidence and understand the difference between right and wrong. that is why i did a petition drive. that's what i believe in. that is what i believe in going forward. let the american people see the evidence, let us make up our minds. shannon: do you think democrats in the house are making the wrong decision about this in the way they are conducting it? >> i don't want to sharpshooting
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their decision. as far as i'm concerned what i'm pushing for is very transparent very straightforward and i have been saying the same thing for two years. this is straightforward. to be fair this president is trying to stonewall this hearing in every possible way. obviously i think this guy long ago met the criteria for impeachment. i years ago said this is a question about patriotism. my dad prosecuted the nazis. >> you are equating this president and nazis? >> what he said was if you see something wrong in your society you should fight it. >> people will hear that and say that is not a comparison that should be made. >> there is something essential here. if you see something wrong at the heart of your society, at the white house then you have to
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respond and that is what i am saying. this is a question about right and wrong, patriotism, that has always been true, is true today too. my experiences when republicans see the evidence, even very strong trump supporters they always say i didn't know that, he is a liar and a thief. i would go to jail if i did that. shannon: a lot of people feel that way about democrats who got in trouble and are not in jail. do you think there's evidence the american people have an seen, things happening behind closed doors that would be helpful for them to see? >> no doubt we haven't had the televised hearings that will bring all the evidence from the american people so they can see it. that is what i believe. you are not old enough to remember this but i am. in watergate we all got to sit there together and it was a triumph of democracy. and it was really the republican senators who went to president
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nixon and said we can't protect you anymore because what you've done is wrong. it was republicans who looks at the evidence and made the decision and that is what i expect will happen now. the republican senators, republican voters would also get a chance to look at the evidence directly. >> you will need to convince 20 gop senators to vote and there are a lot of ifs. is there any scenario in which you would imagine that many gop senators will effect? >> if the american people decide. if their constituents come to the conclusion this president should be impeached and removed from office. that is what i keep saying. this isn't about republican senators. this is about the house. it is about the american people. i'm a grassroots person. i believe in the american people. that is who i believe in. i believe in their compassion and wisdom. that is why i keep saying put it in front of the people.
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that is what i believe will clean up the mess in washington dc. the wisdom and compassion and braver of the american people. >> the white house and the president believe you on the deck in that they think there needs to be much or transferred to, take the vote, give them access, let america have a look at this. we will see if you get your wish. tom stier, thank you for stopping by. >> what did they ask the former vice president about his son hunter and how did he respond? more on that next.
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12:22 am
took hits on all sides tonight. how did the former vice president do, he has been in that role the first couple debates. kristin anderson, welcome to you both. i'm going to start in the spin room tonight, his response on hunter biden after hunter biden's interview talks about having poor judgment, not doing anything legally wrong by his assessment but he could have made a better choice. did the vice president handle that question? he knew he was going to get it. >> he wanted to get in and out of that question. i'm surprised he didn't do more of what he did the other day which was say here is what a biden presidency will look like, no one in my family will work in the white house, no one in my family will have foreign business ties. i was half expecting him to do that but he wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible and what was interesting to me was rather than jump on that his opponents left it alone or in the case of cory booker came to
12:23 am
his defense and said we should not be circulating donald trump talking points here. he handled it fine for democratic party electric which is coalescing around him on this issue. he got in, he got out, focused on other things. >> we want to play something of a dustup between joe biden and elizabeth foreign talking about who gets things done in washington. here is that dustup. >> i got those for that bill. convince people to vote for it. let's get those things straight too. >> you want to respond? >> i'm deeply grateful to president obama who fought so
12:24 am
hard to make sure agency was passed into law. >> what do you make of that? these are the 2 front runners, they will have to go head to head at some point. >> it is clear that joe biden would like to be able to claim the obama legacy. barack obama is a popular person for democratic voters but elizabeth warren very savvy drawing that distinctions that she's not going to let him get away with taking credit for everything barack obama did. joe biden had a perfectly acceptable night. he has not been sliding in the polls as much as elizabeth foreign is gaining ground. i don't know the law changes because democrats were not interested in taking debate and going after him or his son over the ukraine issue. >> that is true. seems like a reagan to leave
12:25 am
that alone. it would appear were taking sides with donald trump if you're going after biden about these issues, more of that i'm sure to come down the road. another piece from the former vice president because there's been a lot of discussion about healthcare and all these debates. it heated up again about whether there should be medicare for all, single-payer situation and clearly there's a split in the party among the candidates about the far left progressive position on this versus those trying to have a more centrist position services what the former vice president had to say about this discussion about healthcare. >> the family having discussed is the biden plan, want to put forward, at a public option. their taxes will go up 10 grand. that is more than they say on this healthcare plan. >> this issue of whether taxes are going to go up. elizabeth foreign was pushed
12:26 am
again and again just say it, moderators said listen, senator sanders has admitted his plan will make taxes go up and biden is saying i've got a totally different plan that won't make your taxes go up but will get more people covered. how did he handle the healthcare issue which was a very big issue? >> one of the biggest issues in the democratic primary and he did fine. others did better. i think mayor pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar in the beginning of the debate knocked elizabeth warren off her stride on this issue in a way no one else has been able to. welcome to the big leagues, you are now the front runner, she didn't handle the incoming from them as well as i think a lot of people would have expected her to. biden did fine but the other two score points on this issue. >> final word in dc, new york. >> one thing elizabeth foreign does is instead of saying taxes she says costs. that's how she gets around talking about whether taxes go up. costs will come down. it is very powerful for joe biden to put numbers behind
12:27 am
that, $5000 a person and mayor pete comes in with the numbers, 150 million people kicked off their private insurance. >> one of those issues that divide the candidates. major daylight. we will be back with more loose live from the spin room next. i can't believe it. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. i got snacks! ohhh, i got popcorn, i got caramel corn, i got kettle corn. am i chewing too loud? believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we got to go. vacuum in the back, hallelujah! get 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,250 total bonus cash on the 2019 chrysler pacifica. ♪ >> shannon: >> live to the spin room floor, peter does catching up with candidates and campaigns and giving close contact to suit senator cory booker. >> senator booker who has been very gracious with his time with all the reporters in the spin room taking questions from student journalists, when he is done talking to the student journalists we are going to try to get a question to the senator who is one of the last people here. is a right now, senator booker and elizabeth warren and you
12:32 am
think that it is a really long day for them. 3 hours standing after a few late nights going through debate prep and he is still here more than an hour and a half after things wound down. so i think we might have a chance to question him once he is done with the students. there is a lot to ask them about. i don't want to give it away so that he hears it and we don't know, give him any time to think about it but we are going to try in just one second. senator booker, we are live, thank you very much, we are live right now. what happened, what changed between the senator booker who
12:33 am
challenged joe biden about his, justice record and tonight where you told everybody to back off a statement? >> you have a real difference in policy between joe biden and i and i will continue to call them out but look what happened tonight on a presidential debate stage, the second issue we went into, what elevated donald trump, the network hosting it debunked, gave them oxygen tonight. i have seen this play before, people kept having donald trump tell lies and lead the news with lies giving him more oxygen, more attention to the detriment of truth, of democracy and our candidate for president. i'm not letting this happen whether it is joe biden or castro or yang. i will call this out and tonight, the second issue before
12:34 am
we got into issues of healthcare or child poverty or reproductive rights, we are repeating donald trump lies that have been debunked before. we should not do his work for him. the are in c was blissfully happy democrats were engaging with lies tonight. >> reporter: result is that? the other candidates, moderators or just the general atmosphere where everyone is talking about hunter biden? >> we all have a responsibility. people in the media and us, we have allowed this president come his last campaign until now to constantly tell lies that are butchering the truth. one of the greatest threats to our democracy, like george orwell's predictions, people start not being able to distinguish between truth and lies democracy suffers. this is a president that sends hours and hours at night tweeting out lie after lie after lie elevating lies and bigotry from other folks and the news media talks about it, give it oxygen. enough is enough, let's get back to truth, let's get back to fax, let's get back to science and unifying our country and not allowing the media to degrade
12:35 am
the character of someone like joe biden or anyone on that stage. >> reporter: something not policy related, the spin room debut of you and your girlfriend. i think we could get a shot. >> a night when your girlfriend overshadows you. go to and win a chance to have dinner with the two of us. >> reporter: shannon, a lot going on over here 150 feet away but we have a lot covered. >> peter doocy does it all. don't think you will ever get away with anything because he talks media coverage and relationships with the candidates. our thanks to you, good to see you. now for some other news back in
12:36 am
washington mike pence on his way to turkey with other top administration officials to negotiate a possible cease-fire as the turkish offensive against the kurds in northern syria and is a second week. mike emmanuel has an update in dc. >> reporter: top congressional leaders and committee members are invited to a meeting with donald trump wednesday afternoon. it is bipartisan and expected to include key players in the house and senate. the senate majority leader urged the turks to listen closely to the anger coming from washington. >> it would be a tragedy for both of our nations if turkey's
12:37 am
escalation in syria in peril our common fight against isis and emboldened traditional adversaries like iran and russia. >> turkish forces have rushed in to fill the void in syria after us troops were removed from the area. now the turks are targeting groups in northern syria to help the us to feed isis. mike pence is leading a delegation to turkey with the goal of negotiating a cease-fire between the turks and the kurds but turkish media says president erdogan has been defined saying us sanctions on turkey won't force him to declare a cease-fire. lindsey graham says donald trump did not give the turks a green light. >> i would urge donald trump to release to the public the letter he sent to erdogan urging him not to invade syria. it was a very good letter. the president did not wake up one day and tell him you can have syria. erdogan went into syria against donald trump's advice and counseling and now it is up to donald trump and the rest of us to fix it but i blame erdogan, not trump. >> another topic in washington, the white house opened an internal probe into the handling of the ukraine call according to the new york times with some worried it could be a search for a scapegoat on capitol hill. nancy pelosi says there will not be a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry, at least not now.
12:38 am
>> we are here to find the truth, this is not a game for us. this is deadly serious. it is taking us to a pastor truth and a timetable that respects our constitution. >> congress is back in town with a full slate of impeachment depositions after two weeks away. today it was judge kent, a senior state department official who raised concerns about pressure being directed by rudy giuliani, donald trump's private attorney and it is clear democrats are trying to turn up the heat on giuliani. >> rudy giuliani despite the fact that he is a private citizen thinks he's covered by this cloak of privilege the president thinks he can hand out to his friends. that is not the way the rule of law works in our country. we have a lot of people coming
12:39 am
to testify who respect the rule of law. >> at this stage giuliani is defining a house democrat impeachment subpoena. shannon: thank you very much. we will be back in a moment with live coverage from the debate in ohio.
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♪ >> shannon: house speaker nancy pelosi making a big announcement right before >> nancy pelosi making a big announcement, the house is not going to hold a formal vote for the formal launch of an impeachment inquiry. >> we are not -- why not call the administration's bluff? >> we are here to find the truth. this is not a game for us. this is deadly serious. >> impeachment was a big topic on the stage. let's discuss with leslie
12:44 am
marshall and byron york. great to have you with us. you are here -- byron is here with me on the floor of the spin room. what do you make of this? she said she started this inquiry in a way that should satisfy her base is something moving ahead and getting done but they are not allowing the republicans or the white house to have the other side of this which is subpoena, transcript and those things. >> we heard many times neither the constitutional rules of the house require that they do this. the reason to do this was a legal reason. of how subpoenas the white house the white house refuses the subpoena the house goes to court, the house can say to the judge we've got a big impeachment proceeding going on tantamount to a judicial proceeding because we all voted on it. that was important because pelosi has a lot of democrats telling her we don't need that.
12:45 am
we have enough stuff. the president confessed we have this evidence and we can go straight to impeachment without this long court case we might not win anyway. shannon: i talked to tom stier who made the stage tonight about the fact nancy pelosi, the speaker decided not to have this vote. he's been pushing for impeachment couple years and his argument tonight was this should be as transparent as possible because that's the only way to convince the american people to do something as serious as impeach a president. what you make of the difference, whether it should be completely transparent and republicans should have access to witnesses, shouldn't behind closed was, should be on tv? >> i don't think what they are saying is different. there is a difference between the cards and the horse and where they are.
12:46 am
nancy pelosi said she needed a smoking gun and that is why she wants to have an investigation, an inquiry to inquire and get answers to these questions and she knows it is divisive to the nation and wants the public to be on her side and the side of impeachment in poll after poll, support for this inquiry and impeachment is growing even among republicans. third she wants bipartisan support. that is trickling in. she knows and adam schiff is talking about at the end the day of the house vote to impeach, constitutional obligation to do so, the senate will acquit. she's not ready to put the trigger on this yet. shannon: a number of sitting senators running for the presidency. they all have to vote on this and were asked if there's a conflict of interest. >> we saw all the candidates favor impeachment because 90% of
12:47 am
democrats in the latest poll favor impeachment but there was a scale between gung ho and caution and kamala harris was gung ho and we heard little bit of caution from andrew yang and cory booker saying we need to be careful about this. this would be incredibly divisive. we need to take care. shannon: they are going to tell us the winners and losers of tonight's debate next. ♪ head in now for applebee's new pasta & grill combos starting at $9.99. like very high triglycerides, can be tough. you diet. exercise.
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♪ >> shannon: let's shannon: we are live in ohio wrapping up winners and losers. leslie marshall and byron york are with us. who do you think had a good night? >> elizabeth warren was the winner because she seemed to be the leader. this is the first debate after joe biden was no longer the front runner. in may he had a 27 point lee. now it is gone. elizabeth warren is leading and she was the target because everybody could tell she has the momentum. heather: we have a soundbite from the person you think was the winner tonight. we will play that and get your reaction. >> people need together hands off of women's bodies and let
12:52 am
women make the decisions about their own lives. >> i don't think she was the winner of the debate over all but that was a breakout moment for her. a lot of people thought it was awesome that she was bringing up women and reproductive rights and she talked about her brother, a lot of us like me could picture our moms clipping coupons. shannon: these primary dbase there hasn't been a lot of discussion about abortion. planned parenthood earlier today or pro-choice groups wanted these candidates to talk about it. tell us now your decision for a loser tonight.
12:53 am
>> it was tulsi gabbard. she was going to boycott this event yet is standing there and in addition she was originally against impeachment and then in favor of it. a lot of her fellow democrats myself included were looking at her as a flip-flop or and it was hard to accept her being genuine for what she was saying on this stage. shannon: there was a lot of discussion between her and pete buttigieg about syria and beyond, a lot of foreign policy discussion. your loser for the night tulsi gabbard. we have a soundbite from the man who didn't have the best night. we will get your reaction. >> you don't even know who has those weapons. >> the weapon will be taken from them. the expectation is americans will follow a lot. shannon: a lot of discussion about guns tonight, confiscation, how to get the guns. he had to engage on that tonight. >> beto o'rourke made a lot of news when he said we are coming for your ar 15 go i'm going to take your gun.
12:54 am
tonight he was engaged with pete buttigieg about how he was going to do that and pete buttigieg cleaned his clock on this. o'rourke came out looking worse after the encounter. shannon: they talked about how this is going to happen, questions from the moderators about going door to door, how will you confiscate these guns, we have plenty -- we don't go door-to-door to enforce but he went on to say if somebody comes out at a public outing and has a gun with them they will be taken. so he went the extra step saying how this would go down. >> originally when he called for a gun buyback that is not an unusual policy and he said his would be mandatory. that leads to how are you going to enforce that? there are 5 million, ar 15s and
12:55 am
buttigieg called his bluff on that. he went back and forth between of course we are not going to pound on your door and take your gun but if we see you with that we got it. shannon: we see if that happens under president o'rourke. he did engage with elizabeth warren on one thing and a wealth tax, i agree with you on a lot of things but for away your policies are rolled back feel punitive in nature and you will not win people over. she said i'm surprised people view me as punitive. a quick comment before we wrap up. >> she finally answered the question about the middle class have an increase in taxes because she heard of that, and the upper echelon of income earners will be punished off of
12:56 am
earnings, punitive was right, these attacks against her with regard to her economic plan. shannon: you wrapped us up, thank you for being with us. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from ohio. i am shannon bream. there's a power in listening;
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