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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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for joining us i'll see you again, tomorrow. >> hello america i'm mark levenn special edition, the house goes rogue, so i thought i would go through this process that we're dealing with as american citizens. the constitution article one section 2, the house of representatives shall have the soul power of impeachment. in past impeach. s involving inquiries into presidents, it was a civil process. a rational process, a process
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that was actually bipartisan that involved both political parties. whether it was andrew johnson richard nixon or bill clinton. both political parties could call witnesses both political parties could cross examine, both political parties could get teptions so forth goal was to gets much of the body politic involved as possible. this has a first time in american history that we have a rogue speaker of the house and a small majority in the party in the house of representatives that is trying to drag our country in a different direction they have rejected completely and utterly the background of the impeachment process when it comes to president of the united states. >> remember this report -- remember this? wasn't that long ago. remember this? this is a mueller report. if the two and a half years of so-called russia collusion remember that two volume? year and year and year on this?
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hearing after hearing news story after news story -- it doesn't matter anymore. we've moved on, ladies and gentlemen, it didn't cut it that was their first impeach. report. then they bring mol or in. remember that? they bring this mueller in that was a hell of a hearing wasn't it? didn't even know what he wrote because he didn't write it well that went belly up. and they have all of these subpoenas what was it 2800 subpoenas it is they have 19 lawyers most of them partisans. 40 fbi agents and analysts. they went to or spoke to 19 different countries. in order to chase down nothing -- nothing this is the same house of representatives now. that is bringing up ukraine. all of a sudden ukraine we go from russia to ukraine how did that happen? the democrats, nancy pelosi, and six committee chairman i call them her bureau are running rough shot trying to and the
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president of the united states, the executive branch and so forth issuing letters that they call subpoenas and if the letters aren't replied to in a certain time they're claiming that it is obstruction of justice. or it can't be obstruction of justice they're not kiewrt they mean obstruction of the house. and so they're trying to set up the president and set up administration and the demanding are very onerous almost impossible to keep up with them but the process you see ladies and gentlemen, is a historical, and the president's counsel wrote a letter as you the -- members of the house and they said you've denied the president the right to cross examine witnesses to call witness, to receive transcripts of testimony. they have access to evidence to have counsel present in other words due process. basic due process, even though this isn't a criminal matter, serial murders -- get more due process than the in thes want to give to the president of the united states.
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terrorists get more due process than the democrats want to give to the president of the united states. in the past the right of the minority to issue subpoenas, it was upheld coequal subpoena power and so forth so i did a little bit of research and i found something look at this. what in the world is this? well -- this is from ok 7, 1998, it has report together with additional so what had kind of report? it is a committee of the judiciary. 1998 what was happening in 1990, oh -- a house impeach. inquiry of bill clinton and this judiciary committee which was run by the republicans, the chairman it was henry of illinois they decided to prepare a resolution. why were they preparing resolution for the full house of representatives? they said it is the intention of the committee that its investigation will be conducted on all respects on a fair and
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partial and bipartisan and nonapartment disan basis. in this spirit, pour to authorize subpoenas and other xruls rei process is committed to the chairman and the ranking minority member acting jointly if he declines to act other may had subject to the right of either to refer the question to the committee for decision priority issuance and meeting of the committee will be convened properly to consider the question in other words, the chairman -- and the ranking e member, democrat and the republican will have equal ability to punish subpoenas like you do jointly they can do it separately if there's a challenge full committee does it and it is done in public that's not happening today. the democrats are only ones who can issue subpoenas and call witnesses. and cross examine -- and all of the rest it went on. october five 1998 the committee met in open session and
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resolution precincted bay vote of 21-16. need per the resolution they write. because the issue of impeachment is of such overwhelming importance. the committee decided that it must receive authorization from the full house before proceeding on any further course of action. because impeach m this is them. because impeach system delegated soully to house of representative by the constitution the full house of representative should be involved in critical decision making regarding various stage of impeachment. you see how bill clinton was treated by a republican house of representatives? by a chairman of the judiciary committee of republic of henry -- also a resolution authorized impeachment inquiry into the conduct of a president is consistent with past practice they write. according to precedent, quote, impeachment of president johnson set in motion by a resolution. authorizing a general
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investigation as to the execution of the laws. they go on -- the impeachment investigation of president nixon wases explicitly authorized by the full house. during debate of 803 in 1974 and then chairman of the committee on the judiciary stated, quote, we've preached the point when it is important that the house explicitly confirm our responsibility under the constitution. we're asking the house to authorize and direct the committee on the judiciary to investigate the conduct of the president of the united states. he further says such a resolution has always been passed by the house. the committee has voted unanimously to recommend that the house of representatives adopt this resolution. this is necessary step if we're meeting our obligation. wow, andrew johnson richgd nixon bill clinton all treated completely differently than the president trump. why is that? we'll get to that in a minute.
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president's procedural rights also in this resolution rpghting impeachment inquiry into bill clinton. prior to the october five committee meeting sun rays concern about procedural fairness and encourage committee to adopt rules similar to those that adopted by committee in 1974 investigating nixon. when were divide the president with with certain procedural rights -- after voting on the hyde resolution committee adopted by voice vote by a number of protections. protections for the president president being clinton. the president and his counsel shall be invitedded to teapgd all executive session in open committee hearing. the the president counsel may cross examine witnesses. the president's counsel may have objections regarding the pert then city evidence the president counsel to suggest that can't receive additional evidence. lastly, the president or the president's counsel l shall be invited to respond to the
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evidence by the committee and appropriate time. the provisions will ensure that the impeachment inquiry is fair -- to the president. october 7 respecting bill clinton went to the full house of representatives, this is how the republican controlled house the republican controlled judiciary committee treated, treated bill clinton. not like nancy pelosi. the president of the united states denied the right to cross examine witnesses to call witnesses. to receive transcripts of testimony to have accent to evidence and have counsel present elimination of due process this isn't way america does things this isn't the way our constitution is intended to work. the in the party is hijacked house of representatives. it doesn't speak to the full house because the full house hasn't spoken. the in the party is pushing this
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impeachment this is a democrat party impeachment. as i've been saying a silent cue effort. this is why they dispense with traditions involving last three presidents whop went through this process. and you know why else? you don't have anything. they don't have any, mueller report didn't give them anything the mueller testimony didn't give them anything and no russia collusion. there's no ukraine collusion which we'll get to in a minute. but it is even worse, ladies and gentlemen it is even worse. house democrats eager to protect the whistle-blower kind of a whistle-blower is this? kind of a whistle-blower is in hiding? we know name of all of these whistle-blowers they come out they blow a whistle they get lawyers and the public can see who they are and they make their case. kind of a whistle-blower is this? he's a -- he's a cia operative, he's a rogue person who decided to use his position over at the white house to essentially spy on the president of the united states.
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that's what he did. gathering information on the president of the united states. no first hand information whatsoever . none. so what is the house want to do the in thes house democrats eager to protect the whistle-blower who raised alarm over president trump pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political rival we'll get to that. are considering testimony at a remote location and obscuring individual appearance in voice, and extraordinary moves to prevent trump congressional allies from revealing identity according to three officials familiar with the discussion. that's not what they're doing. they want to prevent the president of the united states in his lawyers. from doing what lawyers do when had somebody accuses you of something. checking their credibility -- questioning them. looking into their backgrounds and so forth. but it is even bigger than that. we the people of america we have a righttop who this person is and if this person is going to be used and wants to be used by democrat party in the house to bring down a president of the united states.
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include investigators are concerned that without such rare precautions republicans from the house intelligence committee can learn and then leak identity of the whistle-blower god for bid agreed to answer questions before the intelligence community and senate and overseeing logistic of the testimony for the house impeachment define rir rei are discussing location away from the capitol maybe at the dnc, as well as a staff only session that would prevent lawmakerses from attending and asking questions. aids of considered having the whistle-blower testify from a separate location. the video hookup in which camera would obscure whistle-blower image and alter his voice what the hell is this? you're going try to remove a president of the united states without the president without american people knowing anything about accusing xepght for democrat and media and lawyer want to tell us it is either that or they're creating blazey
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welcome back to the special edition of life, liberty and levin the house gone rogue. in addition denying this president, the same rights that prier presidents have had in this procedure johnson nixon and clinton more, more is going on that should raise your eye bros. for instance, msnbc adam shift went on the morning show there and lied through his teeth. he was asked by interviewers sam stein have you heard from the whistle-blower, with do you want to hear from the whistle-blower, quote, we have not spoken directly with the whistle-blower we would like to shift said. a flat out lie. we have other things going on with this committee, for instance they heard the testimony of the former u.s. special for the ukraine and they have cherry picked his text
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messages pushed them out to the media the media happily reported them. saying this proves there was a quid pro quo, when the republicans in the committee have demanded that shift release the entire transcript. that, in fact, his testimony ten to ten and a half hours -- underminds the narrative that the democrats in the media have been pushing out with respect to the president of the united states and the quid pro quo. amazing to me. the same democrats who want a grand jury information when had it comes to the mol per the report won't give us a deposition transcript when it come to this envoy and if they can redact it out give the american people all of the information. you see how different this is, from the clinton and nixon, and the johnson proceedings, it is totally different. now look what i have here. the transcript of the phone call --
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this is it. this is the transcript of the phone call this is apparently what controversy is all about. how did we get the transcript of the phone call? the president released it. he did what? president released it. wow -- and then president release such a transcript before, no. well that's quoit a coverup then. and i hear it said where do they keep it transcript? well they kept it in a secure -- on a secured server. classified server which shows healthed to cover up -- this is one of their arguments folk do you want the president of the united states? just say he's covering this but executive privilege and never see the light of the day there's not a court in america that would overturn his decision given that this is a discussion between one president to another president? doesn't matter if he had on a secured server or not. he could have it under his
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mattress if he wanted to the fact is constitutional party to prevent this from getting out forget about the the server and he didn't. he released it. why did he release it? it was exonerating remember the reports before -- oh, my goode he mentioned biden eight to nine time no he didn't oh there's a quid pro quo there had wasn't and remember all of that reporting? we're going take a little bit of time to go through these two paragraphses that the media are comingling in order to confuse you and con found you and lie to you in order to push impeachment. first let's look at this phage and reading directly from the transcript. okay -- the president i would like you to do us a favor and this is where the left and media and democrat all of the same did a favor. the president said do me a favor. president said i would like you to do us a favor. look into joe biden, no he
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didn't say that. get dirt on biden, no he didn't say that either. i would like you to do us a favor because our country has been through a lot and ukraine knows a lot about it and piengdz out what happened with this whole situation with ukraine. they say crowd strike i guess you have one of your wealthy people, the serve they say ukraine has it there's a lot of things that went on the whole situation, i think you are surrounding yourself with some of the same people. i would like attorney general to have you or your people and get to the bottom of it as you saw yesterday that whole nonsense is ended with a poor performance by a man named robert mueller and a confident performance but they say a lot of it started with ukraine whatever you can do it is very important that you do it if that's possible. i would like you to do us a favor. and look into this issue in ukraine and ukraine involvement
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in our election. attorney general is already investigating that. we have a u.s. attorney who is already investigating that. this is a nothing statement which is exactly why the media and adam shift at that hearing had to lie about what the president said. they're trying to link the word favor with biden, there is no link of the word favorite with wyden. they're trying to link the word favor with military assistance. did you hear anything about military assistance many that paragraph? no you did not. so they're lying the media as they have throughout the russia collusion falsehood and when we come back i want to read you another section of the actual transcript of the phone call to prove once again that the president of the united states did not say i want you to dig up dirt on biden or i'm withholding aid from you ukraine, we'll be right back.
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live from america news headquarters i'm jon scott sending momenting requesting a further brexit extension after losing today voting parliament. they also sent a letter arguing against the extension that e.u. counsel is now considering request it comes after british lawmakers passed an attempt forcing johnson to request a delay until the end of january.
4:27 pm
but johnson wants to reach a final deal by an october 31st deadline. kurdish official says forces will pull back from a border area per a u.s. brokered cease-fire, but they will only do it after turkey allows the evacuation of its remaining fighters and civilians from a town ravage by fighting this as turkey president pushes for syrian government force to move out of the area near border so he can reset two million refugees there. i'm jon scott now back to life liberty, and levein. >> welcome back,let get back to the transcript. of the phone call with the president of the ukrainelet get to the ore section they're siting, president good because i heard you have with a prosecutor who was very good and he was shut down and that's really unfair. a lot of people are talking about that. the way they shut your very good proximate result down by the way one of the people talking about it was joe biden on a video.
4:28 pm
and you have some very bad people involved. mr. giuliani is a highly respected man he was the mayor of new york city a great mayor. and i would like him to call you. i will ask him toll call you along with the attorney general. rudy very much knows what's happening and he's a very capable guy. as he could speak to him that would be great. the former ambassador from the united states the woman who was bad news and people sheafs dealing with in ukraine were bad news so i just want to let you know that. the other thing, oh -- st there a lot of talk about biden's son. that bide opinion stopped the prosecution and a lot of l people. the to find out about that. so whatever you can do with the attorney general qowb great. biden went around bragging he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it sounds horrible to me. what in the world is wrong with
4:29 pm
that everything he talks about is public. joe biden talk about stopping the prosecutor. the president of the united states raises -- and so the democrats and media say he was trying to interfere with the election. he was trying to draw the ukraine into interfering with the election. how so? how so? joe biden didn't do anything what's the problem? drawing ukraine into the election -- and what is this idea that if somebody is running for office they can't be investigated? he doesn't even use the word investigated here. he doesn't even say, look into joe bide opinion to see if he's corrupt. he's talking about -- joe biden's son. and what he did to cut off the prosecution for the whole world to see. there's no secret information. e he's not demanding anything. there's no quid pro quo. there's absolutely nothing. and so i have a question folks --
4:30 pm
why isn't united states department of justice the public integrity section of the criminal division or united states attorney investigating the bidens? >> i remember going over with our team -- to convention that we should be provided for loan guarantees now i went over i guess the 12, 13th time and i was supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee and yatd gotten a commitment from porsche shanko from to take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't so they were walking out to press saying no i'm not going to give you the billion dollar. they said the president said i said call them. [laughter] i said i'm tell you you're not getting the billion dollars i said you're not getting billion but i'll be leaving here and it was six hours i look and said i'm leaving in six hours had and
4:31 pm
prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money well son of a bitch. got fired. why aren't they investigating bidens how is it that hillary clinton can destroy thousands of e-mails that have been requested joe biden is on tape talking about blackmailing yew withholding money if they don't fire a prosecutor a prosecutor is is investigating a corrupt company that is paying joe biden son 83,000 dollars a month for god knows what. and a at the table are turn on the president of the united states. this doesn't do a damn thing to advance cause of impeachment. so what do they do? they go to their second impeachment document remember the mueller report? they go to their second impeachment document. wow, they claim by a whistle-blower we're told -- but then we've learned a few things the whistle-blower has no first hand information. the whistle-blower is a registered democrat, and the whistle-blower has reached out apparently or talked to a 2020 democrat who is running for
4:32 pm
president of the united states. why do we need the the whistle-blower's complaint? when we have the record of the telephone discussion? how are you a whistle-blower about something you never saw? we the people have this document, the raw evidence. why do we need it interpreted by a cia operative who in my view is gone rogue who is a in the who apparently has some kind of lincoln to a democrat running for president in 2020. where do we need this? we don't -- but the democrats do. the in in democrats need this. this is a joke. this is the document that was created to get around this document as i will explain in a moment but ladies and gentlemen, don't forget most weeknight you can watch me on levin tv, levin tv give us a call levin tv, or go to blaze, blaze
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welcome back, so here's the so-called whistle-blower's and never heard of a whistle-blower. you know there's some debate now over the form that whistle-blower used that form was changed by the inspector general. just in the nick of time so second hand information could be used this really needs to be explored because i think this is a complete setup from beginning to end. as i said last week on fox, there's no way this guy or tar ball wrote this document is written with a bunch of lords turns out no question about that and this document has no first hand information. you know what they do with the document like this in court? they do that. that's what they do with it. it has no value whatsoever. it is the original document that matter when is you're in court.
4:38 pm
and it ought to be the same when it comes to impeachment. somebody is not a whistle-blower he's not whistle-blowerring on anything we don't already know. he's using newspaper articles he's making conclusion statements it is really, really complete farce that's why democrats need this guy. and yet the whistle-blower had a professional tie to 2020 democratic candidate this was in washington examiner by new york, quote, the ig said whistle-blower worked or had had a relationship with one of the democratic candidates. the i.t. said whistle-blower had a professional relationship on the 20 20 candidates than another person. what atkin ton inspector general said that whistle-blower was a registered democrat prier working relationship with the current 2020 democratic presidential candidate in the third person what kind of inspector general is this? that comes to you. he has secondhand information none of it is first hand he said look i'm a democrat i have a connection with -- with one or more of the in thes
4:39 pm
run for president in 2020. honest to god he said okay you're a whistle-blower. i've never seen anything like this before and the suspect i read he checked that first hand information when he didn't have first hand information. but there's even more no wongd wonder in thes want to keep this guy in the witness protection whatever basement he's in. here we have from fox news, ig could not explain 18-day window between ukraine call and whistle-blower complaint sources say. this so-called whistle-blower waits 18 days. until he files his complaint it is urgent you have to get it to the congress but almost three week, why? there's a lot of questions that people want to ask. bright bart diagnostic aaron and whistle-blower aid a small nonprofit helping for the so-called whistle-blower at the center of the impeachment movement targeting donald trump. is heavily tied to far left
4:40 pm
activist organizations and include politics, imagine that i assume that's something that people are going to want to look into as well what else do we know? well we know that this individual did not tell the inspector general that he had talked to adam shift staffer why didn't he tell him that? because he wanted to be a whistle-blower. adam shift didn't tell the republicans that this so-called whistle-blower had spoken to his staff why did he do that? well he believes in surprises that's all. there's a lot that needs to be explored with this whistle-blower and all of the rest. but what do we really talk a about here what -- let's go to the core of this. we have two presidents who spoke to each other on the telephone. we have the secretary of state who was listening in with our president we have the foreign minister of ukraine who also vouches for what his president says. ukraine foreign minister says there was no pressure in trump's
4:41 pm
call with ukraine president we have the transcript. says there was no pressure. we have ukrainian president himself, remember at the u.n., i think you read everything. i think you read text he said to gather reporters at the u.n. i'm sorry but i don't to be involved in democratic open elections of the usa. no you heard we have a good phone call it was normal. we spoke about many things. i think you read it. that nobody pushed me. there was no pressure -- ukrainian presi did he say? according to fox news, ukraine president says no black nail in phone call with trump. he told reporters his call with trump involved no bribe, blackmail or quid pro quo. so you have the two main witnesses two presidents of the united states who keep saying there was no pressure. you have the original document that show there's no pressure
4:42 pm
and both presidents said there's no pride quid pro quo but you see we have the whistle-blower. who knows nothing first handed and the whistle-blower says different and his lawyers they say different and democrats want it to be different and then we find this. fox news john solomon recently on hannity show, a newly released document show ukraine official opened a new probe into the firm length to hunter biden months before president trump's phone call with the country's leader solomon said that the u.s. government knew ukraine was planning to look again into activities at hold physician and energy company that employed then joe biden son as a member of its board. the u.s. government had open source intelligence and was aware as early as february 2019 that ukrainian government was planning to reopen the burisma investigation, this is long before the president ever
4:43 pm
imagined having a call with the president, he noted it is a significant shift in the factual timeline solomon said the information he obtained including documents was omitted from u.s. intelligence community whistle-blower complaint lodged against trump. wow. and one other thing, this is from "the daily caller" -- the ukrainian government reportedly did not know that president donald trump froze military aid to the country until a month after the phone call that was central to her whistle-blower complaint. how can you have a quid pro quo when the call sides doesn't know you're withholding money when it doesn't show up in the transcript when there's no link how do you have a qwo detail further complicates that trump pen gauge in a quid pro quo arrange. by threatening to withhold until ukraine agree to investigate former vice president joe biden.
4:44 pm
the detail was reported in the "new york times" but went with relatively unnoticed until after the release of the july 25 call transcript, and the whistle-blower complaint that times originally dropped the news this piece of information in the 13 president paragraph of the story about the aid freeze. much like their coverage of the holocaust dropping thingses in 13th paragraph. when the jews in europe were exterminated no question about it. read chapter six in my book as i spell it out there don't forget ladies and gentlemen join me weeknights give us a call 844-levin tv, 844, levin tv or internet go to blaze, blaze we would love to have you. we'll be right back. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut.
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. welcome back this is a special edition of life, liberty and levin house gone rogue i want to remind you a little bit about the ringleader in this whole rogue operation against the president of the united states. nancy pelosi, let's take a look. go. access to initial public offers to buy a new stock at insider
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price just as it goes on the market. they can be incredibly lucrative and hard to get. if you were a senator steve and if i gave you $10,000 catch one or both of us is probably going to go to jail but if i'm a corporate executive and you're a senator and i give you ipo shares in stock, and over the course of one day, that stock net you 100 ,000 dollar. that's completely legal. in former house speaker, nancy pelosi and her husband participated in at least 8ipo's. one of those came in 2008 from visa, just as a troublesome piece of legislation that would have hurt credit card companies making its way through the house. undisturbed by potential conflict of interest the pelosis purchased 5,000 chairs of visa at the initial price of $44. two day later it was trading at 64. credit card legislation never made it to the floor of the house. congresswoman pelosi also declined our request for an interview, but agreed to call on
4:50 pm
us if we attended her news conference. >> i wanted to ask you why you and your husband back in march of 2008, accept and participated in a very large ipo deal from visa at a time that he was major legislation affecting their credit card companies making it way through the house. did you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> i don't know what your point is of your question is there some point that you want to make with that? >> i guess what i'm asking is do you think it is all right for speaker to accept a very favorable stock deal? >> well we did. participated in the ipo. i have of the house you don't think conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest but if you decide that you're going to have a elaborate on false premise but it's not true and that's that.
4:51 pm
>> i don't understand what part is not true. >> that i would act upon an investment if congresswoman pelosi pointed out that tough credit card legislation eventually passed. but it was two years later and it was initiated in the senate. >> hold my record in terms of fighting credit card company as speaker of the house or member about of congress. up against anyone -- corporate executives members of the executive branch and all federal judges are subject to strict conflict of interest rule. but not the people who write the laws. >> well there are laws now there are rules now that limit this sort of thing but i wanted to reminding you about the ringleader. and these members of congress and wanted to reminding you flesh and blood and imperfect people wasn't that long ago remember the me too movement. we found out members of congress had cut deals with taxpayer dollars to silence individuals who accuse them of sexual
4:52 pm
harassment? oh, yeah, so we hold up the house of representatives in the democrats who control it like they're noble. like they're really judges. like they're great jurors, when, in fact, they're politicians. and what they're doing is very, very problematic and they keep attacking the president of the united states you know this president if we look at the subpoenas that have been finished -- tacks have been subpoenaed, acting firm subpoena and accountant and bank records subpoenaed what hasn't been subpoenaed? all of their financial records have been subpoenaed. those of the children have been subpoenaed -- you remember seeing anything like this in american history, be constant attempt to tear down this president and then i see some people saying well -- congress has oversight responsibility, ladies and gentlemen, congress has to have a lingt oversight responsibility that applies to its article one tax cuts, legislation it is
4:53 pm
oversite responsibility is trying to destroy a the presidency and burden a presidency, and undermine a presidency and this has been going on since day one. with a in thes democrats in the house and media. we'll be right back.
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4:58 pm
the only one who is really colluded with ukraine again, the obama administration, ukraine, and biden on behalf of the son. trump didn't collude with the ukraine as i said where's congressional oversight that everybody talk about and they talk a about interference by -- may fourth, 118 robert mendez patrick writing general prosecutor of the yiewg crane and threatening him and among other things they say we respectfully request that you reply answering following question this is how they talk to foreign government has your office taken any steps to restrict cooperation with the investigation by special counsel robert mueller with, if so why they're juicing the ukraine to assist molar to take out trump that's what they're doing. did any individual from the trump administration or acting on behalf encourage officials not to cooperate with the investigation?
4:59 pm
was the mueller probe raised in any way during discussions between your government and u.s. officials including around meeting of trump and the president of ukraine and new york in 2017? three democrats senators ?oab sneezes over it here's another chris murphy of connecticut, all over tv attacking the president of the united states. he took the reverse are position. he basically threatened yiewg crane if you dare to open an investigation on joe biden support you get is bipartisan. well you know what? that's kind of a threat too isn't it, the support you get is bipartisan. you dare to investigate joe biden. meanwhile joe biden should be investigated his son should be investigated. he called for impeachment of the president of the united states the other day. now he wants an essence democrat party in the house to use the impeachment clause and house of representatives to advance his campaign by trying to take out the president of the united states. no, you want to talk about interference there's interference. all right folks, thank you for
5:00 pm
joining me tonight on life, liberty and levin and i'll see you next time. ♪ >> welcome to waters world, i'm jesse waters. remembering what's really important that's the subject of tonight waters world elections are almost determined by one thing >> i think when you make that decision might be well to ask yourself -- are you better off than you were four years ago? >> to put it another way it is the economy stupid moody an lit haddic produces election model that is predicted every single presidential winner since 1980 except one moody release a prediction this week here's the headline. trump is on his way to on a easy win in 2020.


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