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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 20, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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[applause] and today is my brother's birthday happy birthday elliot, miss you. [applause] that's all. thank joe, e "the fox report" with jon scott is up next. jon: the house impeachment investigation is hurdling forward as democrats prepare to grill the acting ambassador to ukraine. this as the white house does damage control after a fiery press conference from acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". mulvaney accuses the media of misconstruing his remarks on thursday, when he appeared to contradict president trump's denial of an attempted quid pro quo with ukraine. mulvaney says the decision to temporarily withhold military aid was not tied to any kind of political investigation, but that's not enough for democrats who are seizing on the controversy. and some republicans are also
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voicing concerns. >> i think it clears things up a lot more than they were before. you know, the president was saying no quid pro quo. i will give the guy the benefit of the doubt. i was hearing all the testimony at the impeachment hearings and come to find out, there was a clear quid pro quo admitted to by his chief of staff. jon: mark meredith has the latest from the white house. mark? >> good evening, jon. the president has repeatedly lashed out at house democrats for their work on an impeachment inquiry, but this weekend the white house remains in damage control mode after some comments the acting chief of staff made on thursday. it was during a news conference on thursday that the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney said one of the reasons the u.s. delayed sending foreign aid money to ukraine was because the president wanted ukraine to investigate the 2016 u.s. election. here's what mulvaney had to say. >> -- just described is a quid pro quo, it is funding will not flow unless the investigation is into the democratic server happened as well? >> we do that all the time with
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foreign policy. >> now, mulvaney tried to walk back those comments a few hours later. he said the media had basically misinterpreted what he was saying and the clip you were listening to, he put out a statement writing quote, the president never told me to withhold any money until the ukrainians did anything related to the server. the only reasons we were holding the money was because of concern about lack of support from other nations and concerns over corruption. for his part, president trump was asked about his acting chief of staff comments on friday. here's what the president has to say: >> -- clarify what -- [inaudible]. >> i think he clarified it. >> the acting chief of staff remains in his position. he's been in there since december of last year. jon? jon: what about the pressure the white house is also facing from lawmakers over its decision to pull u.s. troops out of northern syria? does the president appear to be fazed by any of the criticism? >> no, jon, he doesn't. the president says he stands by
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his decision to pull out troops from northern syria, but as you mentioned, there have been a lot of lawmakers, including republicans on capitol hill that say they are perplexed by the decision. there's also been some talk about what's been happening behind the scenes with the pentagon. we also had a chance to hear from the president when he was asked about what this could mean for isis in the region. this is what the president has to say. >> we have isis totally under guard. turkey is also guarding separately. they are watching over everything. so you have the kurds who we're dealing with and are very happy about the way things are going, i must say. >> one person who is not convinced is the former obama era national security advisor susan rice, she and the president got into a war of words on twitter after she made these remarks on hbo last night. >> we've given assad and putin and the iranians a green light to take over that territory that they have been long wanting to take. and isis is going to come back.
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>> but that was not the end of it. the president as well as susan rice trading jabs at each other on twitter late through last night. the president also very busy on twitter today but we haven't seen him on camera. jon? jon: mark meredith tat white house, thank you. -- at the white house thank you. president erdogan of turkey calling on kurdish led fighters to withdraw from the border as a clock ticks down on the u.s. brokered cease-fire. steve harrigan has the latest. >> despite the cease-fire signed in turkey by vice president pence and turkish president erdogan, it's clear that there is still violence going on along the border between turkey and syria. you can see the smoke plumes rise. both sides kurdish fighters and the turkish military accusing the other of violating that cease-fire. but you can see in key towns there is still small arms fire and shelling going on. the deadline for the pause in this fighting according to turkish president is tuesday. he vows that unless kurdish
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fighter aren't completely cleared out from a safety zone by tuesday, he will quote crush the heads of all the kurdish fighters. here is turkey's president erdogan. >> translator: if it works, it works. if it doesn't, the minute 120 hours expire, we will continue from where we left off and keep crushing the heads of the terrorists. >> turkey's goal in this military offensive was to create an enormous safety zone inside syria, 20 miles deep, 275 miles long with no kurdish fighters, while attempting to do so, they have also created a large number of refugees, more than 150,000 people on the move on the run, families really, trying to flee the fighting to get away any way they can. and as u.s. forces have withdrawn from this region, russia has been quick to fill the void. russian forces are patrolling in some strategic cities in between syrian government forces and the turkish military, acting as mediators between both sides,
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and we can see as early as next tuesday, turkish president erdogan going to sochi, russia, to meet with president putin of russia for further negotiations. jon, back to you. jon: steve harrigan, thanks. now to the u.k. where prime minister boris johnson has sent a letter to the eu to request a delay, even though he opposes the move. this as the parliament voted to delay a final decision on the brexit deal today. meanwhile the brexit leader say parliament is not representing the country as all. >> do you want to leave with a clean break brexit or remain in the european union? there is a very very comfortable lead for those who want to leave. my message for the prime minister is rather boris than pushing through a very bad new eu treaty, better to play for time, let's get a general election and then hopefully we get a parliament that reflects
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the country. jon: fox business network's ashley webster is in london with more. ashley: it certainly hasn't been the day that boris johnson had hoped for. british lawmakers were expected to vote on his freshly-minted deal struck just two days ago in brussel, but it never happened. an amendment preempting that vote and the government not wanting another delay withdrew its plan. another defeat for boris johnson, but he remained defiant. >> i will tell our friends and colleagues in the eu exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i've served as prime minister, that further delay would be bad for this country, bad for our european union and bad for democracy. >> johnson says he will not negotiate with the eu for another delay, even though the law as it stands says he must. and opposition leaders say he has no choice. >> the people who are outside this building right now will be
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heard and they deserve the final say along with millions across the country. so the most urgent thing right now, mr. speaker, is that the prime minister complies with the law. ashley: tens of thousands of antibrexit protesters marched on parliament demanding a peoples vote on any agreement that is finally approved. boris johnson says he will hope to get his brexit deal approved next week, and if he can do that, he says he may just well beat the october 31st deadline, something that seems more and more unlikely. jon, back to you. jon: ashley webster reporting, thanks. hong kong antigovernment protesters held a prayer vigil to call for international help today. it comes as the group plans to march tomorrow despite not getting approval for it from police. meantime, hundreds of demonstrator showing their support for hong kong protesters at an nba game in brooklyn last night wearing shirts that say stand with hong kong. the nba has been in a battle with china ever since houston rockets gm tweeted support for
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the antigovernment activists in hong kong. bernie is back on the campaign trail. vermont senator bernie sanders held his first rally today, since his heart attack earlier this month. he was joined in new york city by progressive congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez who is endorsing him for president. >> i look at this huge crowd, brothers and sisters, i have no doubt that the political revolution is going to sweep this country. jon: ellison barber joins us live from long island city, new york, with the latest on that. ellison? >> hi, jon. yes, senator sanders came back today with a major endorsement from congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez, not only did she endorse him today, but she introduced him at his rally this afternoon as well.
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it was sanders first official event back on the campaign trail since suffering a heart attack. ocasio cortez talked about sanders as a candidate of the people who have pushed for the rights of working people for decades. she said the current support for democratic party the more progressive policies like medicare for all is because of senator sanders. in her view he has elevated the playing field. >> i've grown to appreciate the enormous consistent and non-stop advocacy of senator bernie sanders. the only reason that i had any hope in launching a long shot campaign for congress is because bernie sanders proved that you can run a grassroots campaign. [cheers] >> i call him bernie. >> ocasio cortez is the second member of the so called
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progressive squad to endorse sanders this week. representative omar did that a couple of days ago in a twitter video. age has been somewhat of a factor in this race. more questions have started to come up since senator sanders suffered that heart attack. the current president, president trump is over the age of 70. the top three democratic contenders, all of them will be over the age of 70 on inauguration day. neither sanders nor his supporters see his health or his age as an issue. >> i am more ready than ever to help create a government based on the principles of justice, economic justice, racial justice, social justice and environmental justice. [cheers] >> to put it bluntly, i am back! >> according to sanders
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campaign, today's rally permit was for 20,000 people. they hit that number before senator sanders even walked on stage. the number that we're hearing is 25,872 people, at today's event. if that number is right, that would make it one of the largest events we have seen for any 2020 democratic candidate so far. jon? jon: ellison barber, thank you. florida congressman francis rooney is the latest republican lawmaker to announce his retirement. the two term representative tells fox news leland vittert he accomplished what he'd come to washington to do and added that his time is up. leland: put up a list of the republicans who have said they are not going to run again in 2020. do we add your picture there? >> yes, you do. yeah. i have done what i came to do. i want to be a model for term limits. you know, i'm the guy that came one the term limits bill that doesn't require a constitutional amendment. people need to realize as you said leland this is public service, not public life. jon: rooney joins the long list of 16 g.o.p. lawmakers who are
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calling it quits in 2020. democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard is firing back at former secretary of state hilary clinton. this after clinton made comments on a pod cast suggesting gabbard is being quote groomed by the russians and calling former presidential candidate jill stein a russian asset. former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove says the accusations are appalling >> what a charge after a single bit of evidence. i'm not fan of either jill stein or tulsi gabbard but they have every right to be upset this morning at the smear, the drive by character assassination by former secretary of state. if she has evidence that they are russian assets she has an obligation to go the fbi and turn over that evidence now or make it available to the american people. jon: garrett tenney has that story. >> tulsi gabbard had a number of
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things to say to hilary clinton starting with this tweet where she calls clinton the queen of warmongers embodiment of corruption and personification of the rot that's sickened the democratic party for so long. that comes after the 2016 democratic nominee strongly seemed to suggest during a pod cast interview that gabbard who is a military veteran is a russian asset along with 2016 green party nominee jill stein. >> i think they have their eye on somebody who is currently in democratic primary and grooming her to be the third party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways to have supporting her so far. and that's assuming jill stein will give it up which she may not because she's also a russian asset. >> it's important to note that clinton offered no evidence to support her conspiracy theory. she does have bad blood with both women, though, going back to the 2016 race, when gabbard resigned as vice chair of the democratic national committee
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endorse bernie sanders and believed the dnc was rigging the primary in clinton's favor. now the hawaii congresswoman is challenging clinton to get in the race herself if she wants to have this debate. >> this is about hilary clinton sending a very strong message saying that because i am and have long been calling for an end to our country's foreign policy of waging one regime change war after the next, you are sick and tired of hilary clinton's warmongering policies and corruption, come and join our campaign. >> as for jill stein, clinton and her allies blame the former green party candidate for their loss in the 2016 election. and today stein said clinton is apparently still desperately looking to blame anyone but herself for coming up short. >> this is just a -- it's a wild and insulting theory and i think it speaks to hillary's need to try to explain perhaps to herself, you know, why her campaign was not successful. >> despite clinton's theories and concerns about a third party
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candidate, it is important to note jill stein isn't even running in 2020 and tulsi gabbard has already said she will not run as a third party candidate. jon? jon: garrett tenney in washington, thanks. a three-yearlong state department investigation into hilary clinton's private e-mail server concludes that staffers did not engage in any widespread effort to mishandle classified information. investigators noted dozens of violations, but found that by in large, clinton's aides did their best to adhere to protocol. clinton's handling of e-mails during her tenure as secretary of state sparked a political firestorm during the 2016 election. an fbi probe ended with investigators declining to pursue any charges. more turbulence for boeing, amid troubling new details on the faulty flight system suspected of causing two deadly accidents. what officials might have known about the 737 max planes far before those two crashes.
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how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. jon: new evidence appears to reveal the pilots were aware of egregious problems with the boeing 737 max years before a pair of crashes that killed
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nearly 350 people. alicia acuna has that story from denver. >> hi, jon. this information comes from a text exchange between two boeing pilots, one of whom was responsible for communicating with the federal aviation administration as boeing was trying to receive certification from regulators for the 737 max. the messages reveal a problem with the automated system used on the plane. in one text, mark forkner, the chief technical pilot, tells another about its behavior in the simulator texting quote it's running rampant in the sim on me so i basically lied to regulator understand knowingly. the plane is turning itself like crazy, i'm like what? this information not shared with the faa at the time. that was in 2016, two years later flight 610 crashed in indonesia. five months after that ethiopian airlines flight 302 went down, 346 people were killed in all. the mca was blamed for making it
2:22 am
impossible for pilots to stabilize the plane and nose dive. at the time, boeing said it did not believe that it was the cause or unsafe. boeing handed over the text messages to the department of transportation just this week. the backlash was immediate. the faa administrator writing in a letter to the company's ceo i understand that boeing discovered the document in its files months ago. i expect your explanation immediately regarding the content of this document and boeing's delay in disclosing the document to its safety regulator. the chair of the house committee on transportation and infrastructure congressman peter defazio released a statement referring to it as an outrageous message chain and saying quote boeing withheld damming information from the faa. the exchange is shocking but disturbingly consistent with what we have seen so far with our ongoing investigation of the 737 max especially with regard
2:23 am
to lack of candor to investigators. boeing heads to testify in two weeks. jon: thank you. a postponement of funeral services for a texas woman shot and killed by a police officer. atatiana jefferson was supposed to be buried today, but a dallas judge halted the ceremony at the request of her father who claims he had no control over his daughter's funeral and burial arrangements. she was fatally shot in her home by a fort worth police officer aaron dean last saturday. dean is now charged with murder. body cameras have been used to sort out incidents involving police. now a midwest-based company has come up with an idea that police say could provide better video. it is called gun cameras. we have a look. >> there are a total of seven cameras that the police officers in iowa use in their day-to-day operations. >> the one up front, you will have one pointing out either side. you will have one pointing out the back window.
2:24 am
and then on the transport. >> the body camera is number six, and the seventh camera is now on officer's gun >> the ultimate goal for us is to have an unbiased video of a critical incident. >> chief mark says dash-cam footage and body cameras come with limitations. he says weapons often block the full picture during critical moments, that's even if the manually operated cameras are rolling. that's where the gun cameras come in. as soon as officers pull their service weapons out of their holsters, the camera immediately begins to roll to capture an unobstructed view. >> it was really after ferguson and michael brown was shot and there was a bunch of protests and unrest because people didn't know what happened. >> the president of veridian weapons technologies one of a few companies in a country that manufactures the gun-mounted cameras. the company has sold the gun cameras to police departments in minnesota, texas, arizona, and
2:25 am
now iowa with hiawatha police department. he says not only will the gun cameras paint a clearer picture but they are cheaper than body cameras. >> our product comes along. it creates the fraction of the data. >> the lower cost is concerning for some activists across the state of iowa who are in favor of the gun cameras but are encouraging police to use them in addition to body cams. >> police officers rarely draw their weapon, and if we're just using just that as the information that we have to solve the entire case, you're missing everything that led up to that incident. >> for hiawatha police chief dennis marks he says the gun cameras will serve as a critical piece in use of force incidents. in iowa, fox news. jon: president trump's acting chief of staff under scrutiny from members of both parties now after a tense news briefing earlier this week. how mick mulvaney's comments could tie into the ongoing impeachment inquiry in washington. ♪
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>> mick had a moment of truth and then realized that was not going to be good for the president and had to walk it back. i think it's pretty obvious what's going on there. >> we have seen the call transcript. we have heard from president trump, president zelensky, they have been very clear, no linkage, no pressure, no pushing, none whatsoever. jon: reaction from both sides of the aisle there as acting us who chief of staff mick mulvaney steps into the middle of the house impeachment inquiry with his comments on ukraine. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. mulvaney on thursday appeared to contradict president trump's denial of an attempted quid pro quo with ukraine back in july. he has since accused the media of misconstruing his comment ts -- his comments on the matter. let's bring in jeff mason white house reporter for reuters. jeff, did the president's chief of staff, acting chief of staff actually help the democrats with
2:31 am
their impeachment inquiry in those remarks? >> well, in some ways he probably did because he gave them more fodder for their investigation. i spoke to a former administration official last week, after mick mulvaney's comments who said if he wanted to speed up the vote on impeachment, then he probably helped doing that with that press conference that day. the acting chief of staff did indeed say during that press briefing that the president's call or that the president's desire for two things, one for other countries to provide more lethal aid or military aid to ukraine and his concerns over the possibility which has been debunked of a democratic server being in ukraine, influenced his decision to stop or to postpone that military aid. so that was the opposite message of what the president has been saying and his allies have been saying for some time, which was as you just said, that there had been no quid pro quo or no favor for a favor. mick mulvaney then tried to pull back that later, by issuing a written statement saying the
2:32 am
opposite of what he had said in the press briefing room, but what he said in the briefing room, even if he suggests that the media was misconstruing it was on camera and a quote that you could play right now. jon: in the meantime as democrats are pursuing their push for impeachment of the president, they are doing it in private with closed-door hearings. senator kennedy of louisiana says that's a mistake. here's his take on that. >> i hear speaker pelosi and chairmanship saying to the american people you're stupid and we're smart. i hear them saying to the american people you're so stupid, you can't govern yourselves. i hear them saying you're so stupid that you chose president trump over secretary clinton, and we've got to fox it for you. jon: there aren't many on
2:33 am
capitol hill who can create a sound bite like senator kennedy. what about that point, there's no more serious action than an attempt to remove a president in office, why do it in secret? >> indeed. that's certainly the argument that the senator is making there. that's in line with what the white house has said as well. a little over a week ago, the white house counsel's office sent a letter to speaker pelosi saying that it wasn't -- it didn't view this impeachment inquiry as legitimate because there hadn't been a house vote. so, you know, both the question of whether or not a house vote was required and what the senator is saying with regard to secrecy are criticisms that republicans both inside and outside the white house are making about the process. jon: perhaps no surprise that karl rove is also a critic. will be to karl rove's take here -- listen to karl rove's take here. >> there is a role for a private depositions or private interviews, but they have to be completely fair and honest, and these are not fair and honest. this requires statesmanship.
2:34 am
this requires somebody who will rise above hyperpartisanship. that person isn't adam schiff and he's ill serving our country and ill serving his political party by being so partisan and so fundamentally unfair. jon: if the impeachment inquiry is seen as being simply a partisan attack on a republican president, it is not going to go far with the american people. is that fair to say? >> i think that is fair to say. it undermines the process if people, in this case mostly republicans, are suggesting that it is not fair. whether it's not fair to the white house, not fair to the american people because of the way it's being conducted. the democrats of course have a different view of that and don't believe that it is unfair and are pursuing it the way they think is right and the way they think is constitutional required as well. but it is a -- it just sort of depends on which side of this question you are on, and we're certainly seeing criticism about it from the other side.
2:35 am
jon: i want to play you some of alexandria ocasio cortez's endorsement of bernie sanders for president today. listen to her. >> we right now have one of the best democratic presidential primary field in a generation. and much of that is thanks to the work that bernie sanders has done. an enormous amount of the house of representatives endorse medicare for all. that's thanks to bernie. jon: so medicare for all and some of those other policies are getting a lot of the attention among 2020 democrats. is that going to drown out the other issues in the race frankly? >> well there are so many things that could drown out the issues in the race right now. i mean the fact that debate happened this week and didn't end up being the main story of the week is pretty incredible.
2:36 am
medicare for all is one topic on the democratic stage. you saw fellow democrats ganging up on elizabeth warren in that debate for not being able to explain or not wanting to explain how she would pay for her healthcare proposal. that's a reflection of the fact that people on that stage seem to have concluded that she's the front-runner. yes, jon, i mean, medicare for all, as it has been for the last few months of the democratic primary is going to continue to be a big question, and sort of emblematic of the tension between the progressive part of the democratic party and the more moderate part of the democratic party, as reflected on that stage. jon: and the real progressive wing is represented by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren when alexandria ocasio cortez chooses warren -- i'm sorry, chooses sanders, how big a hit is that to elizabeth warren? >> it's certainly a win for sanders, no question about that. i don't think it is a huge surprise, because those two have
2:37 am
been allied before, and i think that, you know, elizabeth warren is certainly doing very well in the polls, so i'm not sure this one endorsement will have that big of an impact an her, but it is certainly as i said a win for sanders and it comes at a good time for him after he has certainly struggled, you know, trying to show that he can continue in a vigorous way after having the heart attack that he had, which he has certainly shown with his debate performance and with this very big rally. having somebody who is a younger version of -- who represents the democratic socialist policies that he represents is obviously a good thing for him. jon: when bernie sanders was running for president a few years ago, tulsi gabbard left her post on the democratic national committee to endorse him for president. is that why the eventual nominee hilary clinton is so angry at tulsi gabbard? what's this weird charge of her being a russian agent?
2:38 am
>> yeah, it's a good question. i don't know the answer as to why secretary clinton suggested that in the pod cast that you played earlier, but certainly there seems to be some bad blood there. jon: it is not going to get any better any time soon or so it would appear. jeff mason, good to have you on. coming up tomorrow on "fox news sunday" chris wallace has an exclusive interview with acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. you will not want to miss that. he will also speak with 2020 democratic candidate and south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg. you can watch at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. violent demonstrations at subway stations halfway around the world from the unrest in hong kong. why protests have broken out in one major south american country and how the government is trying to stop them.
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jon: in spain barcelona's mayor calls for calm after the fifth consecutive night of violent protests by separatists. hundreds of radicals battled police setting fire to garbage cans and throwing rocks and bottles. it comes in response to monday's supreme court decision to sentence nine separatist leaders to prison for a failed 2017 secession attempt. last night's violence followed a mainly peaceful demonstration by roughly half a million people in barcelona who support the secession movement. a state of emergency declared in chile after angry protests over metro fare hikes rocked that nation's capital santia
2:44 am
santiago. protesters jumped turnstiles and vandalized stations in a wave arson. international correspondent ryan chilcote has the latest. >> been exactly 12 days since hundreds took to the streets and looks like the protests in chile are only getting bigger. yesterday santiago, the capital of chile, a city of 6 million people was quite literally engulfed in chaos as the protesters directed their anger at police stations, government buildings, police cars, stores, buses, even and in particular i should say subway stations, hundreds of thousands of commuters were trapped on the subway yesterday evening as they tried to get home friday night because the subway was shut down amidst all of the chaos. that appear to have been the last straw for the president of chile. he declared in the early hours of the morning, after a night of rioting, a state of emergency.
2:45 am
>> translator: in democracy, a state of rights, such as the one that all chileans in our country have built so much effort, there should be no room for the violence or delinquency we have known in recent days in our city. >> the protesters are angry with the government about it raising fares for public transportation. think about a ticket for the subway, used to cost about $1. it now goes for about $1.17. while that may not seem like a very large increase for you and me, it has clearly enraged the protesters, many of whom are high school and university students. chile, it's important to keep in mind, is one of the most prosperous countries in latin america, one of the most politically stable countries, but it's also one of the most unequal. there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor, and the issue of the rising cost of living is a very big one in that country. the police say they won't be able to open the subway until at the very earliest next week. that's because it was so damaged during the protests. as for the president, he says he
2:46 am
sympathizes with people over the hike in fares. yet he said there's no room for violence on the streets, and until that violence ends, the military will remain out in force. jon? jon: ryan chilcote, thank you. we're just getting word from a chilean general that a curfew is now in place in parts of the capital city there. unlikely agency helping schools prepare for active shooter situations. how border patrol agents are teaching teachers. so, i needed legal advice, and i heard that my cousin's wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him. but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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jon: new orleans officials are delaying an implosion to bring down a pair of cranes dangling precariously over the construction site of a partially collapsed hard rock hotel. the controlled blast now expected to take place tomorrow afternoon. those cranes have been dangling there since the collapse that killed three people, two bodies are still buried in the wreckage. the cause under investigation. after a string of mass shootings, schools across the country are training students how to respond, and getting some help from border patrol. we have that story. >> it is the main job of u.s. border patrol agents to keep watch over the nation's border, but with the recent string of mass shootings, they are coming
2:51 am
into schools, teaching faculty how to be ready. >> want to make sure that the scene is safe before you go in there. >> at this community college at the farthest northeastern point in the continental u.s., border patrol agents are passing along some of their training to teachers with schools being a major target. nearly 3,000 miles away near the southern border minutes after the deadly august shooting in el paso, texas, over 130 agents rushed to the scene, one off-duty border patrol agent was credited with saving a life using this training. >> our kids and our families work and go to schools, and we saw that there was a vacuum that needed to be filled as far as some training that could potentially help. >> just across this river here is actually canada. in certain remote parts of the country along the border like here in maine, law enforcement can sometimes take hours to get here. that's when border patrol agents step in. >> tourniquets are used to treat massive bleeds on extremities. >> a border patrol agent is teaching the faculty how to use individual first aid kits used by the military in combat zones. the kits come equipped with
2:52 am
medical basics like gauze and rescue blankets but the agent says the most important thing he hopes to leave with teachers is the ability to act quickly in situations where every second counts. >> i want them to feel comfortable with doing something because in these situations, the quick response of doing something will always be a benefit as opposed to feeling like they don't have the knowledge and they don't -- aren't able to help. >> you see on the news with all the other schools, where they always say it will never happen here, and i mean that's the mindset here and it could happen and this is good to know. >> with over 100 teachers in maine now equipped with the kits, u.s. border patrol and other law enforcement agencies hope to expand the training through communities elsewhere throughout the country. in maine, fox news. jon: history made among the stars yesterday how the two women who carried out the first ever all female spacewalk are inspiring a new generation of astronauts. ♪
2:53 am
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we're oscar mayer deli fresh your very first sandwich,m... your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh. >> max in orlando introduce us to one such florida tech student. >> this all female space walk is
2:56 am
inspiring and exciting per for women who want to go into the industry and i met a student at florida tech who is well on her way. >> in a historic moment for women achievement, two women astronauts went outside of the international space station and fixed some part. there have been 420 space walk since we began exploring but never an all women team the president calling to congratulate them. >> we all provide inspiration, and florida tech senior hannah is proud she recognizes this is important. her goal to become an astronaut and to explore our nearest neighbor. so as an astrobiologist i can look for sign of life that would be more of a thing for mars later on but i can see how life functions in lower than earth tbrafty environment so right now i do a lot of study on plant and growing our own food if you've seen the martian not quite that.
2:57 am
>> strawpghts in today all female space walk can serve as remindinger that women are in space and they'll keep going. >> i expect it to happen a little bit senior but something we're going to see more and more as it goes and an finally it will happen. as of today 15 women have done space walks we expect hannah name on that list someday. at florida tech i'm max, fox news. >> do you have the the need for speed? if so check out these hot wheels, luxury automaker bentley introduced a flying spur calling it the fast pest sedan in the world. it comes with a 214,000 price tag. but produces it 626 horsepower and features class pick flying bee hood ornament and go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds, and reach a top speed of 207 miles per hour. take a look at this, sooner
2:58 am
sconer topples and sending two spirit squad maintenance others inside wagon crashes to the ground it happened after oklahoma sooners fourth touchdown of the game. everyone is okay, including the horses we're happy to say. the sooners would go on to defeat west virginia 52 to 14. and before we go, one more reminder to tune into fox news sunday tomorrow for chris wallace excluesive interview with white house chief of staff mick mol i'm jon scott thanks for joining us i'll see you again, tomorrow.
2:59 am
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