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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[applause] and today is my brother's birthday happy birthday elliot, miss you. [applause] that's all. thank joe, e jon: acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney defends his remarks saying he did not say the president was look foray quid pro quo back in july in his conversation with the ukrainian president. mulvaney fought back at critics who claim he acknowledged the president held up military aid to ukraine to pressure them into investigating democrats during the 2016 election. >> it's legitimate but i never
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said it was a quid pro quo. it wasn't a quid pro quo. the money flowed without any connection with the dnc. reporter: listen to what i'm saying now as opposed to what i said thursday. he appeared to say there was a quid pro quo in exchange for aid with ukraine that they would look into the bidens or dnc server related to the 2016 election. he says the aid eventually flowed. he's trying to walk the american people through what he was going to say. he said the aid was held up due to corruption in ukraine and the concerns about the level of european aid also going to ukraine. he didn't wants the u.s. to shoulder the load alone.
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he said the bidens and 2016dnc were mentioned, but they were separate issues. to all who say he all but admitted a quid pro quo. he says that it's simply not true. >> that's not what i said. the president had mentioned to me from time to time about the dnc server. he even mentioned it to president zelensky in the phone call. but it wasn't connected to the aid. that's where people got sidetracked in the press conference. reporter: we expect california congressman and intel committee chairman adam schiff to question ambassador taylor. as for impeachment, there is no official inquiry because there has been no vote on the house floor. that's the big complaint by
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republicans who are calling on speaker pelosi to in their words, end the charade. >> remember when she said we were going to move into impeachment inquiry? if she waited 24 hours until she read the transcript of the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine we wouldn't be in this mess. reporter: it's a bye travel week for the president coming up including trips to pennsylvania and south carolina. we'll keep an eye out just in case the long awaited doj report drops. jon: mick mulvaney also addressed the controversy over the location of next year's g7 summit. the president tweeted last night that he changed his mind and
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will select another location for the summit. here is mulvaney on why president trump backed out. >> he was surprised at the level of pushback. at the end of the day he considered himself to be in the hospitality business and he saw an opportunity to take the biggest leaders in the world and put on the best show, the best visit he possibly could. he was comfortable to doing that at doral and we were all surprised at the pushback. jon: you can catch the full interview with mick mulvaney at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. a kurdish military leader tells fox news u.s. troops need to stay in the region and says there will be a quote ethnic cleansing of the kurds if the planned troop withdrawal goes through.
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the top u.s. officials defend president trump's decision. >> i traveled to ankara after turkey made its decision against the president's desire to make an incursion into syria. and we put out a joint statement which we think will save lives. there is much work to be done to continue to implement it. but we are confident this administration's efforts to crush isis will continue. >> the u.s. secretary of defense saying the forces being pulled back from syria will eventually end up in western iraq. the goal to bolster the government of iraq and its security and to monitor the islamic state. there were widespread concerns about the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria that could lead to an insurgents of isis.
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this could be a comeback from isis. the secretary of defense did not rule out any cross border operations into syria against isis, if need be. he says the ceasefire negotiated thursday negotiated by vice president mike opinions andered gains holding. >> we get reports of intermittent fires. that doesn't prize me necessarily. but that's what we are picking up and what we are seeing so far. reporter: tuesday is the deadline given by turkish president erdogan for all kurdish fighters to get out of a huge buffer zone along the syrian border. civilians have pulled back. 200,000 people displaced by this offensive. we can see key diplomatic
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pressure applied tuesday that's wethat's.jon: lawmakers discusse next steps to insure security in the region as the clock particulars down toward the end of that five-day ceasefire. mark meredith has that story from washington. reporter: lawmakers continue to speak out against president trump's decision to pull out of syria. nancy pelosi and 8 fellow members of congress met with jordan's king abdullah as well as u.s. officials. the speaker's office put out a statement late saturday. after the deepening crisis in
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syria, our delegation has ebb gaged in vital discussions with about the impact to regional stability. they say it could have anr a long-term impact on allies around the world. >> if we send a global message that we'll abandon those who fought alongside of us, then others in the world will say why should i do that when you are finished using me, you will let me die on the battlefield. reporter: house minority leader kevin mccarthy supported the measure. now he's calling for a briefing from the administration about the syrian strategy. >> i think what would be appropriate is to have the vice president and the secretary of state to brief us on where we are in this situation and what is the strategy going forward. reporter: lindsey graham spent
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the last week imploring the president to change course. >> i am increasing i optimistic we can have some historic solutions 2/solutions -- in syre eluded us for years if we play our cards right. jon: unrest sweeps across lebanon with tens of thousands of anti-government protesters. the government proposed attacks on whatsapp voice calls. the prime minister reportedly agreed to an economic reform package to address lebanon's economic troubles. >> we need to see how this is
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going to be paid for. right now, whether you copy paste the bernie sanders math or do it some other way. there is a hole amounting to trillions of dollars in how this is supposed to work. jon: mayor pete buttigieg with a fresh round of criticism for the medicare for all plan. buttigieg also slammed warren's attempts to explain how she would pay for the plan. garrett tenney has more on this from washington. >> mayor pete was one of several candidates to have a plan for just about everybody except for how to pay for her medicare for all plan. that pressure seems to have had an impact. at a town hall in iowa she brought it up herself. she indicated she has a plan on how to pay for it.
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>> we need to talk about the cost. and i plan over the next few weeks to put out a plan that talks about specifically the cost of medicare for all, and specifically how we pay for it. reporter: today tulsi gabbard continued to fire back at hillary clinton after the 2016 nominee suggested gab ashes is a russian asset that is being groomed to run as a third party candidate. gabbard is fundraising on hillary clinton's attack. >> if they can falsely portray me as a traitor, they can do it to anyone. that's the message they want to get across to you. but if you stand up against hillary and the party power brokers. if you stand up to the rich and
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powerful elite in the war ma she, they will destroy you and discredit your message. but here is the truth. they will not intimidate us. they will not silence us. reporter: the next democratic debate is pun month from today. 8 candidates have qualified. gabbard is one of 8 candidates who were on the stage and are still planning to try it again. jon: another brexit delay may be on the horizon. prime minister boris johnson looking to push the deadline to january 21 of 2020. the british parliament moved to delay a vote on his deal to leave the e.u. all this as anti-brexit protesters took to the streets of london. somewhat happened here big picture is we have a country
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that voted to leave in as national referendum by a clear margin. a country that still wants to leave. but parliament has broken all the promises they made to the people. they said your will is going to be implemented. they promised brexit would be delivered. jon: saturday's protests drew hundreds of thousands of people. canadians head to the polls tomorrow for the neck-and-neck race between justin trudeau and his political rival andrew sheer. david lee miller is in ottawa with the latest. reporter: if the latest polls are any indication, canadian prime minister justin trudeau is in danger of losing his job. he led this country for the past four years.
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he championed left with wing causes range fromr attorney gend she was pressured to halt criminal prosecution of a construction company in quebec. trudeau says he was only trying to you save jobs. there were photos of trudeau in brown and black face. he said it was ankerror in judgment and apologized. barack obama tweeted out i was proud to work with justin true dote. i hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term. trudeau said he stood up to president trump in trade talks during the last few months. president trump called trudeau at one point dishonest and weak. >> we were able to stand up to donald trump and his punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum.
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we were able to stand up when he wanted to tear up a trade deal that all canadians rely on. reporter: his opponent is andrew scheer. he has called trudeau a phoney and hypocrite. here is what he said soon after trudeau's black face scandal broke. >> i was extremely shocked and disappointed when i learned of trudeau's actions. wearing black and brown face is open' mockery and racism. reporter: under canadian law the party that gets the most of votes gets to selects the prime minister. but it's only guaranteed if that party gets the majority of the seats in par limit. if they fail to do so, then some of the smaller parties come into play and that could make the
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jon: the u.s. army says three soldiers were killed and three others injured at what the army calls a training accidents in georgia. an armored vehicle the soldiers were riding in rolled over into water during a drill. an investigation under way into the cause of the crash. a delicate and difficult mission in downtown new orleans did not go as expected. crews set off explosions reportedly to take down two cranes. the building partially collapsed more than a week ago.
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laura ingle has the latest. reporter: the timed explosi dese massive cranes straight down' in place and have the arms of the boom fold down like a folding umbrella. incredibly only one of the towering structures made it down to the street below. here is a look again at how it went. the big red fireballs explode at the top and the middle what of ways known in the construction industry as the hammer head train crane. they said the idea was to have the boom pulled down to increase the food prints of the demo. you can see with that second crane there was some kinds of a hitch possibly in the way it implode. bystanders could not believe what they were seeing.
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>> i was concerned it was going to fall into the building. but when it did happen i got hooked on to the corner. man, is it going to fall on the street and destroy a bunch of stuff? i don't know. i was terrified. reporter: all of this a result of dealing with happened last saturday when something went more any wrong at the construction site in the french quarter district. the floors collapsed and and caked on each other as steel and concrete crashed down below. city officials just gave the news conference and said those lives lost are still their number of one priority. >> we are going forward with what we are doing now, and that leads into recovery. that's way it's about right now. rekroifer. our people who are still in that
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building. >> the city's fire chief said the situation at hand is way better than it looks right now. the fact that the second crane hooked on to a building was something they possibly wanted to happen and adds it gives them the possibility of bringing in another crane to take down the damaged one piece by piece. that further assessment still needs to be made. jon: the job of paramedics and emts is toy save lives. but often it's their lives at risk. now fire departments and ems companies are fighting back. dan springer has more. >> when paramedics responded to calls for help they use their medical training to save lives. usually patients are relieved to see them. increasingly it's the emts who need saving. >> trends are the risk for
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paramedics are increasing. the risk for violence-related injuries tripled within a decade. reporter: a drug overdose call turned deadly. after the patients was revised, he pulled out you a gun and killed one of his rescuers. this homeless man choked, stabbed and tried to bite a paramedic. the injuries so severe they have required hospital treatment. that's nearly twice as many as 2009. some fire departments issue bullet-proof vests to paramedics. and they are being taught self-defense. amr officials say a rising number of calls involve patients who are often unstable and drug
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addicted. >> those patients, we want to get them to a place where they can be treated and cared for, but we need to do it safely, and we need the police to be that physical presence. reporter: portland police admits they are often slower to arrest when dealing with the mentally ill. >> for whatever reason society decided police officers are the ones called to a crisis. reporter: some paramedics are refusing 911 calls to the most of dangerous neighborhoods unless they have police protection. first responders under attack, life and death decisions getting delayed. jon: more on the house impeachment inquiry straight ahead. lawmakers sound off as american troops in syria pack their bags for iraq.
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>> that's what people said i said. there were tw -- two reasons we held up the aid. first was the rampant corruption in ukraine. i mentioned in the past the president mentioned from time to time about the dnc server. he mentioned it to people publicly and he mentioned it top president zelensky in the phone call. but it wasn't connected to the aid. jon: that's mick mulvaney looking to correct the comments he head on thursday at a press conference. '.
3:31 pm
as you just heard, mulvaney said it is not the case that there was quid pro quo. he's trying to blunts criticism of what he said thursday. did he accomplish that with his appearance with chris wallace? >> i seem to doubt it. i have been looking on social media all day. there don't seem to be too many people buying this. maybe my social media feed doesn't reflect the audience the president is trying to reach. maybe mr. mulvaney is able to try and rewrite some history here. it seems on his face what he said when he said it. but maybe this will work with the president's base and assuage some of the republicans in congress who have started to get a little bit anxious this week.
3:32 pm
but i tend to doubt it. jon: congressman mark crawford is defending mulvaney. >> mulvaney can be blunts. i think the president is charged with the responsibility of getting to the bottom of where any election interest force originated so we can secure the 2020 elections. in order to do that, he has to look back at 2016. jon: democrats are still holding closed door hearings as part of this impeachment inquiry. republicans say the president doesn't get to answer any of the charges brought out presumably behind those closed doors. when do we get to see transparency in the process? >> the closed doors you are referring tor are the depositions being taken. my guess is we'll get public
3:33 pm
hearings sooner or later. it's an interesting strategy that they are essentially trying to hang on that so far mrs. pelosi has not done what the democratic leadership did in 1974 with the watergate impeachment proceedings and the republican leadership did in 1998 with clinton. that's definitely a precedent of two things. there is no true requirement for this. but it does strengthen the house of representative's hands on this. what is interesting for me to watch, i know from talking to some republicans. they want to see a little bit more of the evidence come out before they are forced to go on record and take the first key vote. to be sure. mrs. pelosi has nod had this vote because she does not have
3:34 pm
all the democrats lined up as well. what happens when she decides it is time to vote? this inquiry would pass along pretty party lines and maybe some republicans would go for this. then what is their strategy for come batting this. especially if some of their republican colleagues are going along. the real audience is the republican base, the president's own base. they seem to be buying this at the moment so that's what counts. jon: democrats like dean phillips on the house intelligence committee. he says it's all above board and he says republicans are getting their chance. >> i believe in process and transparency. i have been sitting in all the depositions. my republican colleagues, many of them friends, are sitting at the table and asking questions. the notion that it's an unfair
3:35 pm
process i simply don't buy. jon: when will we find out? >> i think what dean phillips is saying, he's not the only one who said this. mark meadows, the chairman of the freedom caucus has been in some of these behind closed door depositions. the republicans are participating in this. on the one hand they are saying it's out of the public view, but there doesn't seem to be any question but the republicans have been invited to participate in this and are mounting a defense of the president's behavior presumably in these meetings. when will we find out? it seems politicallies though mrs. pelosi wants to move impeachment along. i am going to assign -- it's more than aguess. but the trajectory is to get the house part of this process done. my guess is between thanksgiving
3:36 pm
and you christmas. what that would mean if there is an articles of impeachment are adopts. can't ventura guess on that. what we know this week, mr. mcconnell has briefed his colleagues and said this is more or less becoming a foregone conclusion. jon: it was a troubled week for the president. he's taking a lot of heat for his decision to pull troops out of northern syria. justin amash was critical of what's going on there. >> he's moving troops back into iraq. he's moving other troops into saudi arabia, and he's using our forces almost as paid mercenaries who will go in. as long as saudi arabia pays us some money, it's good to go. what happened to the american people having their voices heard
3:37 pm
through their voices in congress. jon: i stand corrected. he was a republican, and now is a independent. the blowback the president has taken on this syria policy, even republicans are jumping on board. >> there are also as i think we all know by now, there are some people at the pentagon who expressed some anxiety about this. there are veterans groups that expressed plenty of anxiety and annoyance. there are people on the evangelical right who expressed annoyance on this. many of the kurds are christians. this is a case of the president really spending a serious amount of his political capital within his own base on this. and and at sort of a risky time. we are seeing some republicans getting leery of the president's behavior with regard to ukraine. this is sort of an unusual time
3:38 pm
for him to decide to get under the skin of so many members of his own party who have been with i am for so long so loyally that he is now sort of tempting them to sort of weaken their resolve. so, you know, the president succeed being the president so far. he claims to operate by instincts. it will be interesting to see if his instincts serve him well over the long-term. jon: we'll see what happens after the ceasefire after it ends on tuesday. after wildfires ravaged homes up and down the state last year. up to 100,000 californians are eligible for money to help them recover. there are concerns up to 70% might miss out. -
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jon: as many as 70,000 people in california have until tomorrow to file claims for damages they suffered in multiple devastating wildfires. but a vast number of them have not yet filled out the paperwork. reporter: tens of thousands of california wildfire victims have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon to file a claim. an opportunity work for a court appointed group says taking 10-15 minutes to fill out the online claim application could be the difference between recovering enough money to rebuild the victim's home or getting nothing from pg & e it has been determined that
3:44 pm
pg & e's equipment caused fires last year in paradise and chico. >> if a person burned down your house. you would be filing a claim and you would be holding them responsible. >> pg & e burned down our houses. reporter: some victims assume pg & e didn't have any money due to the company's bankruptcy case. others got information about the claims but thought it was a scam. and some victims may not be aware you can file a claim. >> if your house burned dune your mailbox is incinerated. how do you get notice. a lot of people' moved out of the area for the lack of options. reporter: it cut power to 2
3:45 pm
million people in northern and central california, a move pg & e's ceo testified. >> we current prove our decision avoided fires. when i look back at last week one thing that stands out in my mind, we didn't have catastrophic fires in northern and central california. reporter: pg & e set aside 1.2 billion for payouts. jon: christina coleman, thank you. later tonight bret baier takes us inside the secret meeting that helped set the stage for victory in 1942. it's when franklin roosevelt and
3:46 pm
josef stalin and winston churchill' planned the end of the war. dress * by november as fdr tried to court stalin to meet, it became obvious to the soviet leader that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. churchill insisted they need weaken germany first. jon: "three days at the brink" airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. a storm named nestor remains a threat along the eastern aboardr board. -- the eastern seaboard. here, it all starts with a simple...
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jon: after heavy rain slammed florida, the remnants of tropical storm nestor slammed north carolina. laura? reporter: good evening. nestor continues to produce the steadiest rain along coastal
3:51 pm
mayorland and new jersey. the accuweather is calling for up to 2 inches of rainfall. there could be lingering showers early monday across the cape and island. past that point we can see it dry and clear out. in the midwest a powerful low pressure system. along and ahead of that's cold front associated with that powerful low will trigger strong and severe thunderstorms as we work our way through the rest of the evening and overnight hours. the bull's-eye with areas in orange, the mid mississippi river valley and southern plains. storms are lagging just a bit. but they are going to erupt
3:52 pm
after 7:00 local time. in time this line will advance from west to the east. this is mainly going to be a sunday overnight event going into the wee early morning hours. damaging wind and large hail will be a threat late sunday night and monday. jon: a nonstop flight from new york to sydney may be available soon after australian airline qantas successfully completed a test flight. it took 19 hours 16 minutes. the test is to study the impact of long flights on pilots, crew and passengers. >> the first one was researched. last night was 16,200
3:53 pm
kilometers. we landed here in sydney with 70 minutes of fuel. that was also against stronger head wind than we forecast. jon: a total of 4 people were on board for the 10,060 mile trip. the yankees season was over in a new york minute thanks to jose altuve who hit his game-winning home run last night. they now face the washington nationals who swept the st. louis cardinals. the nationals are known for their presidential mascot race. teddy roosevelt stopped by the set in washington. world series game one.
3:54 pm
new data shows religion's foothold is falling across the united states. how the change could affect the country in houses of worship and the house of representatives. [♪]
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. jon: the religious landscape has been changing that more americans are not affiliated with a particular original one - - religion is on the rise. chief religion correspondent has the story t to america founded on judeo-christian values is seeing a large drop in the percentage of adults who look at themselves as christians. a new research center survey conducted last year show 65 percent of adults say they are christian down from 77 percent 2009 while at the same time the number went from nine agnostic or atheist is now at 26 percent up from ten years ago this was the trend during the democratic debate when an ad ran from ronald reagan supporting an atheist group it became a top google
3:59 pm
search. >> i'm not afraid of burning in hell. >> according to the study the younger population is the trend away from religion. >> a lot of people when they become adults say they have no religion that is one of the number one answers that we get. i just gradually drifted away. those of the religiously affiliated but more so among democrats as some experts say those social policies may be more in line with their beliefs with a growing secular culture that christianity is unfavorabl unfavorable. >> christianity itself is a negative for. >> that could be shrinking but studies show it is growing in other parts of the world particularly in china and africa.
4:00 pm
fox news. lauren green. jon: that's how fox reports on sunday october 20th. i am jon scott. thank you for joining us. see you next week. d1 president trump challenged on two fronts setbacks to the impeachment defense and a tenuous cease-fire in syria. >> turkey is guarding separately watching over everything. >> vice president penson secretary of state pompeo negotiates a pause in fighting. >> this allows us to go from where we are today to establish a buffer zone. >> is it a cease-fire or surrender


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