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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 20, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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continued, this is weird but all fun, we'll see you next sunday what the next revolution will be televised. ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is life, liberty and levin, senator ron johnson how are you. >> great. mark: a pleasure, republican, wisconsin, two sundays ago, you tried to talk and explain yourself on "meet the press," chuck todd kept cutting you off. i thought it would be important to bring you here on my program, to hear what you had to say. but also because of your position in the united states senate. you are the chairman of a committee that sort of oversees
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the activities with ukraine. and the united states among other positions you hold in the united states senate. we have this document that came out, president's phone call, a transcript of it. with the president of ukraine. back in july. people are trying to democrats in media in particular, say that president was seeking a quid pro quo. i don't read this in here, you have some back ground on this. you had a meeting with president and others in may this year. >> in just that transcript, i read, that i think it is a gracious phone call on part of the president. i went to ukraine in may 20. to attend the inauguration of president zelensky, i went with secretary perry, gordon sondland and kirk volcker.
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we were the delegation. we felt it was important coming back, we were impressed with zelensky, he thought it was important to meet with the president, get him supportive of ukraine. we had a meeting in oal office may 23, this year, making a cup points. and appoint a ambassador that could get strong bipartisan support, we were encouraging president to show strong support for the people of ukraine. i was surprised at the president's reaction. which has been consistent throughout, he talked about level of corruption in ukraine. there is all kinds of spoke about milwauke mill hillary clin campaign. president zelensky got a mandated from ukrainian people to end corruption in ukraine. it is obvious, ukraine is a
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krupp place, any president should ask a hard question, is this a place where we should provide a lot of support to. secondly, and he has been consistent on this, why isn't europe stepping up to the plate? why are they not showing support. those of his two main reasons, the 4 of us left that meeting realize being have a sales job to do. that is first start of my knowledge that president trump had real reservations about providing full support for ukraine. mark: he had reservations about sending money to a corrupt. >> we were not even talking about that at that point. mark: not any support for a corrupt regime, he viewed it that, plus, where is europe. why was they not stepping? so that is since you point out consistent with how the president thinks about nato, why
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are they not stepping up or syria or whatever it is. seemed mutual in sense he was not seeking anything from anyone this was a view point. later youh a phone call with president august 31. >> i had a trip to visit president zelensky on september 5, a couple days before, i heard president was considering withholding the -- he has already provided this in was past, but now reconsidering, fiscal year end, first called up gordon sondland the day before, asking, what was happening, had was then. mark: the ambassador. >> ambassador son land, during that conversation. i can't tell you how gordon described it. but there was something in the works, trying to do something you know. president zelensky to do
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something in order to free up the support. anyway. i put in a request to talk with the president. he called me back on the august 31, the following day. i was trying to convince the president in that phone call to give me the authority a new days later to say support is on its way. tto the president into it. once again the president said, ron, we have -- you know how corrupt the place, this is, he made that point, then really hammered on lack of european support. talking about angela merkel, he said, ron, i asked her, why don't you fund these things, and she said because you guys will, he said, ron we're schmucks. is there something in the works, i said does ukraine have to show you something for the support to
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be released. that is where he made ad adamant angry devil denial. he said no way, i would do that, who told you that. i felt a little guilty, it was gordon, i went to record last friday. with the "wall street journal," laying that out after text between gordon son sondland and kirk volcker were made public. out of the blue, he didn't know i was going to raise that issue, his immediate reaction, adamant, angry denial, i would never do that. i thought it was important to get that fact out on the table. mark: this is crucial, i want to underscore the point in maemi me says i am concerned it is corrupt, why doesn't europe step up. you talked to him august 31, the
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same thing. i already told you, ron, he says they're corrupt. where the hella merkel and germany lets them provide them with support, never discussed with you any quid pro quo, correct? >> correct. i am the one that raised issue from my phone call with gordon sondland, i was not sure what in was works it is nebulous, i described it enough he got ticked off, he did not like hearing that and denied it. mark: not until, my recollection, september 9, give or take, it could have been leyter, we learn about the so-called whistleblower with leaking out of capitol hill, and document sent to them on 9th and inteligent committee according to timeline, not the president coming up with an after the fact explanation for what took place. it is the president of the united states doing what the president has said since. which is, now, they go the support, but i need to make sure
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they were not basically run away with the money. abuses money, also we want surplus are on thsupport from o. >> there a fair road of u.s. support -- fair record of u.s. support getting wasted in ukraine, going to the banks and no one knows where it goes to. there a history of that. there is no dispute there is a lot of corruption in ukraine, this is a legitimate concern. >> united states senator, you hole a couple powerful position in senate, one is your relationship with ukraine. you have anyone been have several times, you kind of know the actors there. have you discussions with the president of the united states, in real-time. on this support, you try to lobby him to provide it he does. absolutely nothing to do with the whistleblower whatever. and yet your message is being drowned out, there is static out
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there, they would rather listen to adam schiff trying to connection the two, to push a quit prquit -- quit pro kuo, there is no quid pro quo in this phone call. you tell me, nothing of this sort came up, it was a consistent argument he made, they are corrupt, i don't want to just give them money, and where the hell are the europeans, is that correct. >> >> yeah. and you know, i listen to and rush, you know i am a fan. i have always known the bias in the media, what i really was -- really reinforced me is media in media is revealed more in what they don't report. they are not cleariu curious abe overt and really bias on what they do report. it really is, if they are not curious about something or nat reporting it, it is not a news story that drives conservatives and me drives you and president
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trump nuts. >> mm-hmm. mark: now, you have been looking into this ukraine matter for a long time. long before the last month or two. was ukraine involved in 2016 campaign on whose side and how? >> well this is according to politico, chuck and i have an oversight letter written by ken vogel, he talks about potential of hillary clinton campaign, dnc involvement, working with potentially krupp actors in ukraine trying to dig updater on candidate president trump. hillary clinton had a primary. there was one joe biden potentially getting into that race, is it applause able that maybe the -- applaus plus able ,
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trying to dig updater on joe biden back then, i am not making allegations, but there are so many questions that remain unanswered because by and large the press has no curiousty about getting the cancers. mark: what did hillary clinton campaign and dnc do with ukraine? feed them information? >> they encouraged information to be revealed by ukrainian actors. you have black ledger that showed paul man manafort being , and same black ledger people in sociodemocratic parties were paid but that was not revealed, that was -- to my knowledge, highlighted by the ukraine an officials, at that point this seemed to be one sided. mark: so back then. the corrupt older ukrainian government, was trying to help hillary clinton against donald
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trump? >> they probably made a bit, probably thought hillary clinton had best chance of becoming president. and to ukraine, the relationship with america is pretty darn important. so, you understand their mode motivation. mark:s irony, only connection between a politician and the russians was the hillary campaign and dnc paying for dossier, that's turn that on trump. you tell me now with ukraine again. hillary clinton campaign and dnc they try to turn that on trump, turn to an impeachment event. >> right, people say only campaign that was cooperating colluding with foreign government it was not trump campaign it was hillary clinton campaign. mark: i want to pursue this when we return. most week nights you can join me on levin tv, sign up by calling 844-levin-tv.
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mark: senator, you mentioned ken
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vogel, politico. headline, ukraine effort to sabotage trump backfire. and i want to read you a partial quote from the article, ukrainian government official try to help hillary clinton and undermine trump. did so by disseminating documents implicates a top trump aide i corruption and suggesting they were investigating the matter. ukraine official reportedly help clinton allies. -- that is dammable. it just, went under the radar, never heard about that. is it conceivable that a cia director, john brennan in particular this sort of thing goes on. and he would not know about? >> i suppose it is conceive i'le employed headline said it backfired, i would argue it did
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not backfire. look at what happened to trump administration. chuck todd cut me off when i started talking about de decembr 15. >> i am not cut you on you of, december 15, 2016, text from peter strzok to lisa page. think our sisters, the cia, have begun leaking like mad, scored and wary, they are kicking to over drive. >> during the transition. a little bit after the election. 6 days before that is the first story that breaks, cia actually adrew bitea. >> "boston globe," "washington post," cia russia tried to help trump win the cia concluded in a secret assessment that russia intervened in the 2016 election to help donald trump win the
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presidency. is that what you are talking about? >> precisely, one thing i had my staff july 2017, issued a report because of these leaks, i had a seasoned report or my staff, "washington post," we looked with a search, all these news stories that talk about a leak. in that, in 126 days, there were 125 leaks. you know, into the news mead yoormedia,62 to do with nationa, same time period 90 in bush administration, 8 under obama. -- 9 in bush administration and 8 under obama, that narrative began in december. trump campaign being aided by russia then turning into trump colluded with russia. to steal the election from
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hillary clinton. that resulted in special counsel, and has done great damage, i would argue to this democracy. mark: you think that fbi and the cia set up this president? >> i have my suspicions, when you have got peter strzok, texting lisa page about his sisters of leaking like mad. what are they worried about? he talks about them being political, kicking in over drove, that is all i said, you have brenon on your show -- brennan on your show, ask him, what was he leaking or cia leaking remember what was he potentially worried about, chuck did not ask that question to ben brennan, i would like to ask him. mark: do you think this was pushed to take away from ukraine scandal, and vogel piece,
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writing, hillary and dnc colluding with a corrupt hillary clinton. >> or the exxonin exoneration oy clinton and her e-mail scandal, we yielded to inspector general who issued his report on that. i think there is real corruption in that. mark: this quote, from this ken vogel piece, january 11, 2017, ukraine effort to sack t taboo e trump backfire. that is what the president is talking about, he said this went on something took place, you can look into this, do us a favor, we're looking into this now we have a u.s. attorney looking into this. this is what he is talking about. >> if news media would have done their job, would have you know just paid 10% of the attention
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to this as whole russia collusion narrative, i think that is spoon fed to them, leak after leak after leak. mark: we know by senior level of fbi among others. >> precisely. had news media paid any attention, this could be a different story. mark: that is remarkable. we have the president of the united states, confronted by a democrat house of representatives, that is conducting an investigation, cutting out the republicans, go aaround process in place for three prior presidents who faced formal impeachment hearing, taking testimony behind closed-doors, cherry picking pieces to leak out to media, which is more than happy to just write when they give them, not allowing president's council too be present or not allowing cross-examining of witnesses,
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not allowing -- pushing this narrative on ukraine. when in fact the big story is hillary clinton and the dnc went to the ukraine, or their surrogates did to try to take out the president of the u.s. u.s. >> that is old news. you will be part of that now you air this that has been my concern, we began the e-mail investigation of our committee, you could not obtain the information there was criminal investigation, that always hampers congressional investigations. you know many years later,y still don't have all of the information, so many unanswered questions, but we develop it by the time we lay it outf public, why are you worried about, that is old news, you are conspiracy theorists this is my big concern, from my stand point, i
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heared at adam schiffs of the world talking about the ukraine call was greatest threat to our constitution, no, greatest threat is a duly elected president of united states having his administration sabotaged by former members of a previous administration, people potentially in cia in the fbi, what was insurance policy, why did peter strzok before agreeing to be part of mueller investigation before being fired, why did he say, his big concern, there is no there, there. here is main months later -- many months later, he thinks there nothing there but he is happy to join special counsel set of greg o invest -- investi. mark: i think this way they can control information what information gets out and
7:25 pm
pursued. it makes sent to do this behind closed-doors, they don't want questions raised by the republicans, many of whom know the information you know, they don't want to get to bottom of ukraine manner, that i want to use this phone call to sit up president of united states, i'll be right back. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. let's go to the cemetery! the♪lexus es... ...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. acting white house chief of staff mulvaney insisting there was no link between military aid
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to ukraine and investigation of the democrats he or sh he arguer mentioned a quid pro quo, his remarking last week were misconstrued and any request by white house to ukraine was for roots out corruption. in downtown new orleans, a controlled demolition topple two construction cranes dangling over a hotel under construction. the crannie cranes fell as plank to life, liberty and levin. mark: senator ron johnson, nancy pelosi is the speaker, she announces before the transcript of the phone call released she
7:30 pm
declared, like eva pa -- p paro, they will conduct a formal impeachment inquiry. she had to have known about the complaint, schiff knew from his staffer by then. she had to know. they thought they had the president of united states with second-hand cia operative, democrat with connection to biden complaint, then the president said, you know what, i'm going release this thing. he released the telephone transcript. after conferring with president of ukraine. in and of itself what does that do to a country, releasing a transcript. >> this is damaging. it drives me crazy to hear schiffs and pelosis of world talk about the phone call is greatest threat to our democracy
7:31 pm
and constitution. no, the threat you are really damaged any president's a bill y to conduct foreign policy. what foreign leader will speak candiecandidly to the presidente united states. the president has to have advice from his advisers, damage done to our democracy and our condiseuconstitution is being dy nancy pelosi, adam schiff, whoever started the whole false russian narrative that resulted in specia special counsel produd this. that is the problem with our democracy. mark: they have taken special counsel report, they don't bring did up any more, they throw it out, 40 million dollars, 2 1/2 years, american people dragged through this so-called legal
7:32 pm
analyst going on and on the president the be indicted, and secret indictment, and campaign -- none. they keep work together they bring mueller it, mueller falls on his face. for be on rus obvious reasons, p working it, they went. then a get ukraine. they have a so call whistleblower, he tipped off adam schiff in his staff, he hires lawyers who were out to get the president of u.s united states. ascensecond hand guy getting information, he has ties with biden you about heard stuff. if you were a cia person, who gathered information on united states, who has no business gathers information on president of united states then goes to democrat on capitol hill, and blows it up in whistleblower in theratio reagan administration,e
7:33 pm
called that a spy, a spy. and you tell me, we are we ever going to get to the bottom of this. >> i'm certainly trying to. you know, we -- in our oversight capacity, we highlight text when page or strzok was talking to page about a intelligence community guy in the transition with vice president pence. trying to get a stool pigeon involved in the administration. we have got such a treasure trove of unvarnished testimony. quite honestly from the stock -- strzok-page text. it is unvarnished. backed up with other pieces of information that i think are quite revealing. and you know my whole goal in the process to layout the time
7:34 pm
line, going back to basically our investigation of hillary clinton e-mail scandal. and the texts that were being produced during that fa examination, how it morphed. did you realize fbi met with strifchristopher steel july 5. the same day james comey held his press conference exonerating hillary clinton. they went right from that. we really don't fully utilize the grand jury, not a real serious investigation, rail one about you know how do we exonerate hillary clinton to okay, now we make sure trump never becomes president. and when he became president, how do we use the same information to sabotage his administration?
7:35 pm
do i have all of the information on this, no, but i have a lot of smoke, the strzok-page texts are so unbelievably reveals, you take them out in a timeline, you look at news reports coming out this is pretty powerful evidence. mark: you look admittal nature of these -- at the political name of thesnature of these peo. comey, mccabe. leaking, that took place and brennan all over television. >> msnbc crypt crib -- contrib . all i said was, did not surprise me to hear secret society, it
7:36 pm
shows to me there are possible corruption in highest level of the five-ply fbi. i want to get to the truth, i think that american people deserve the truth, i'm tenacious enough to get it it takes a long time, i have no patience, i have been forced to have patience because of this process. mark: we'll be right back. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i waited to get treated.
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set yourself free with fleet. gentle constipation relief in minutes. little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling. mark: senator ron johnson. so, you see about what is going on. you are sitting there in senate, and watching. what your take on what is going on in the house again the president right now. >> >> all part and parcel of the same, just, their involvement in the sabotage of this administration. i warned voters prior to 2018 election, if you put nancy pelosi in charge of the house it will not be about effective
7:41 pm
governing, it will be about investigating and impeachment. that was easy to predict. that is what we're seeing here. it is unfair process. the fact that nancy pelosi announced they will start this impeachment process before we even knew what was in the whistleblower complaint. and trump by releases that transcript, he had to do it, it is unfortunate he had to, but that is real damage done. republicans in senate we see how grossly unfair this process is. if it comes up mcconnell said he have to take it up. but we will be in control. if it is unfair in the house, i would say, we'll take that into, count in terms of how we view a trial in senate. mark: my concern is senate not
7:42 pm
treat this as a serious event with extended hearings and the trial, and so forth, because you know even in the civilian judicial system, you get motions to dismiss. have you a situation going on here, where one party is driving this, they have a small majority of 37 members, several of them don't want to do this. you have 6 committee chairman pushing this really one. who is a liar who lead to american people about a number of things, hig high -- my conce, senate sits there, media is excited, c-span has its camera, we treat it like clinton time, nixon time or johnson time this is not. this is bogus. >> up to this point it has been
7:43 pm
a completely unfair process. >> because you know only body that completes the house, right now is the senate. that is what the framers had in mind when they set up the impeachment. house simple majority, senate super. there no discussion on how the trial to be handled we know that chief just i -- justice is the chief justice, you have had your rules that have been in place for some time. you have "nuclear option," you use with the supreme court. the "nuclear option" is, the parliament arian said you need a super majority to change the rule but a simple to overrule. >> i push back when people say we would news "nuclear option," it has only been used once that
7:44 pm
is by harry reid. republicans have never -- for my mind never used it, harry reid dwe followed his precedence, we have done it sparingly, we may part company on this i think 60 vote threshold that protected american from big government. mark: i'm talking about this specific the charges -- when they come to senate. you should use it sparingly, this is a time you should use it. >> my guess, i don't want to predict, i don't know what would require super majority, i think most of stuff can be dispensed without changing rules at all. mark: i will respond ago. >> i'm not sure we'll have to change rules, the rules may be procedural. >> is someone looking into this.
7:45 pm
>> laurie dove, senator mcconnell looking at what they need, listen to what senator mcconnell talking about we'll have to take it up. we have to control chamber, we'll control the rule, senator mcconnell as been pretty fearless with making sure that we can appoint, and confirm good justices. not only circuit courts but the supreme court, give the leader a fair amount of credit for putting in real conservative judges on the bench,. mark: and remember that reagan used to say, trust but verify. >> i trust but i want to verify, i want to hear what u.s. sense also thsenatewill do, from a constitutionalist's perspective. this is allowed to go through this process will become precedent if not stopped in u.s. president, we willie nily go
7:46 pm
through -- willie-nillie about through a trial, a lot of americans are concerned about this and constitution allows one place to police this. that is the united states senate. and you tell me, you are up to it. >> i believe so, we'll be watching what the house does, and if it continues to be this unserious and unfair we'll treat it accordingly. mark: beautiful. you can matc watch me most weekt on levin tv. 844-levin,tlevin-tv. >> we'll be right back. g good c. you'll get there. ♪
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mark: senator we have talked about leaks, information in the paper, and the obama administration. it is truly possible that the only how manonltheonly human ino was not aware what was going on is barack obama. >> possible but not probable. you go back to the obama administration.
7:51 pm
the one that gets under my skin we never did find out lois lerner and tax exempt group within irs did where obama administration used one of the more feared agencies of federal government as a political weapon against their opponents. >> the tea party. >> right. i strang out o we never know whd here. i to to my investigation in clinton e-mail scandal. the statute that i believe hillary clinton broke but president obama. a second under. whoever having lawf lawful possn or control of any document relating too national defense through gross nec negligence,, permits to be re move or having
7:52 pm
knowledge it has been remove illegally removed and fails to make prompt report of loss. subject to fine up to 10 years in prisonment. inspector general of justice department came up with somehow that. intend in it none. store it in a place to -- i don't know where that came from. but that is to the person that is improperly through gross neg negligence handling this. what about the person who just has knowledge. i never got answer, what do the e-mails between hillary clinton and barack obama look like. did he see hillary clinton.
7:53 pm
classified or hillary, knowing this is not a secure site. the entire obama administration circled on wagons around hillary clinton because the president was cu culpable. mark: he had knowledge. >> yes. mark: you supposition he could have this knowledge. >> no, there was not sens scinta of scandal during the obama administration. mark: amazes me, he is president of united states, truman used to say the buck stops here, the buck never stopped at obama's
7:54 pm
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muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look. and whatever that look is. look like you... with fewer lines. see results at mark: senator ron johnson, the media, you saw chuck todd first conduct himself on "meet the press," i see this more and more, republicans go on program, they are attacked, and democrats go on, they are tossed softballs, you heard project veritas with cnn and jeff zucker, pushing, pushing, pushing impeachment. what do you make of this? >> first. let me say free press is crucial to democracy and freedom. but it should be unbiased. our press, our media is not, they are part and parcel of
7:59 pm
democrat party and liberal left. they made it obvious, they are they are not even hiding it any more. against as i said before, their bias is revealed far more in what they don't report. what they are not curious about. it is unfocit is unfortunate. good thing we are alternate media you and the internet. mark: think this president has been able to go around him with his tweets? >> i think the reason you had candidate trump so bold, and willing to poke a stick in the press' eye, that resonates with conservatives, we know how grossly unfair the press has been to us, that continues to endure him and actually trendine his support with -- strengthen his support with his main base. >> thank you,.
8:00 pm
mark: god les bless you, jonus - join us next time on life, liberty and levin. back war is just that. >> the really important. first meeting. >> three days and tehran was the clash of the titans. these are the most powerful man in the world had ever known. >> we cannot yet see


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